To infinity and b.yond



The other day I was playing with a Pulp Fiction themed makeup palette…. Got look like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction or not?  Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors yo.

Too bad I don’t have a short black bob wig!  And I tried to do shadow so my eyelids look heavier but dunno jadi or not hahaha.

Anyway since I started, I tried to do a few other movie characters…



Holly Golightly from Breakfast of Tiffany’s although I think this is very half assed wtf.  Pearl choker should be bigger with more pearls.  I should have a bejeweled hair clasp instead of a scrunchie!  I didn’t have black elbow gloves!

2014-11-19 04.55.39 1


Then! Princess Leia HAAHAHAHAH also very half assed.  What to do I got not enough hair for the two hair buns! I thought quite clever ma use my ear muffs pretend to be hair.  Got a bit of white in them so this is Princess Leia, middle aged.

Actually the reason I was inspired to do the Leia was cos I attended an Astro launch last week, themed “HD is our universe”.  Since it’s about universe, they decided to spoof Star Wars a bit!

Show you some photos first.



Set up with giant screens.  Impressive!


Got cameo from Darth Vader.  If I had the mask I’d cosplay Darth Vader and go to Fighter and say “Fighter, I am your mother.” HAHAHAHA.  Ok I shut up.



With Tzia and Adele!



Launch kicked off with a drum bit.



Also got cameo by Gandhi!!! LOLOL.  I was so taken by him I had to zoom in and capture this.DSC00120


Then the giant screens flipped over to reveal…


Stormtroopers! Lol very authentic.  They were bodyguarding Astro’s COO, Henry Tan.



Revealing… the entire Astro HD universe.

If you have a HD TV, or ever watched any production in HD, you’d notice the huge difference between HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition).

HD TV is the future as more and more productions produce stuff in HD rather than SD.   Astro is and will continue to populate their offerings with more and more HD channels until I imagine the norm will be HD one day. :)


10 more new channels launching on Astro!

8 are HD (making the total HD channels on Astro 48; they only started with 4 HD channels in 2009!) and 2 new SD channels: Fox HD, Fox Family Movie HD, Fox Action HD, FYI HD, Hits HD, Diva HD, AEC HD, Shuang Xing HD & Zoo Moo (SD) and Classic Chinese Movies (SD).

I don’t really watch Chinese channels (cos banana) but Diva HD is always good! FYI looks promising too – it’s a new informative channel. FYI is a new lifestyle channel with series focused on food, travel, property and style.  Ya sounds mad adult right lol.

Another channel is Zoo Moo! For Fighter.  Haha I’m trying to wean him off Hi-5 with this…

Astro HD customers can enjoy the 9 preview channels (8HD/1SD) from 16 November 2014 to 28 February 2015. All Astro HD customers can also enjoy a access to AOTG (Astro on the Go) from 1 December 2014 to 28 February 2015 (entitlement according to your packages). Channels available on preview are Fox HD, Fox Family Movie HD, Fox Action HD, FYI HD, Hits HD, Diva HD, AEC HD, Shuang Xing HD and Celestial Classic Movies.  Zoo Moo will be automatically added if you have the Kids package.

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Bump’s gender





We found out Bump’s gender!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha ok let me story you. Very kan cheong one wtf.

My 3rd month visit, I casually asked my doctor, can we check the gender yet?

Doc said we can try using the genital tubercle angle.

Basically it involves taking a sideway shot of the baby, and measuring the angle of the genital tubercle (which is what the genitals are before they develop into male or female genitals). It’s a method used to discern the gender at about 12-14 weeks.

So if the angle of the tubercle is more than 30 degrees, it’s a male.  If it’s less than 30 degrees or parallel to the fetus’s body, it’s a girl.

genital tuberlar



Photo source here.

I didn’t take a picture but…. when we scanned for the angle, it looked like it was 45 degrees wtf.

And I cursed Fatty’s sperm WTF.

But Fatty’s mom once took his birth date and time for a bazi reading (fortune teller reading) and Fatty told me he was supposed to have two sons.  And we believed it cos everything else that the bazi predicted about Fatty’s life came true.

So I accepted that we would be having another boy and we even decided on a name for him!  We planned on calling him Noah hehe.

Then came the fourth month’s check.  Doctor did the usual methodical measurements and checking and then said, “Do you want to confirm the gender?”

Me: “Oh ok sure go ahead.”

Doc: “What did I tell you it was before?”

Me: “Um a boy…”

Doc: “Well actually it looks like a girl now.”

Then she showed me the ultrasound.


Basically you’re looking at Bump from under her butt wtf.  On the right is her butt, the long thing protruding to the right is one of her legs, and the other leg is below it, not as obvious but there.

And in between the legs, no penis!

Either that or a very poorly hung boy?

Doctor said not to announce it or start shopping yet though and to wait for the fifth month check to confirm.

Suspense killing or not I ask you!?? First say boy, then say girl.  Which one then!!!!

I’d already started thinking of Bump as a boy and picked his name and everything suddenly this throws me into turmoil again wtf.  Maybe some new age hippie parents prefer not to know the gender but not me!!! I wanna know as much as I can about my baby please.

Anyway we waited an excruciating four more weeks.  Actually more like I waited an excruciating time, Fatty just sailed along cos he doesn’t really mind either way.

But I damn kan cheong ok.  The morning before my fifth month checkup which was two days ago, I was cuddling Fighter to sleep for his nap and my heart beat very fast at meeting Bump Girl or Bump Boy that I think Fighter could hear it and he couldn’t fall asleep hahaahaha.

Went for the checkup…



Yep no penis again!

Doctor some more very confident, she said can see the ‘hamburger’ which apparently confirms it’s a girl cos the three bulges are the labia and clitoris.  Her exact words, “You can start shopping now.”

Hear that Fatty? Doctor’s orders.



So Bump is a girl!

Still in a bit of shock but very happy!  Feel a bit unprepared for a girl now though cos I’d totally anticipated a boy – I made plans to touch up the nursery a bit and I was still opting for more boyish colors cos I felt that Bump wouldn’t be a girl hahaha.

I played it cool all the way out of the doctor’s office though.  Then the second we stepped out I punched Fatty out of joy WTF.

Having a son and a daughter is my idea of a perfect family! Maybe cos my own family is like that hahaaha.

DSC_0062After the appointment, I headed straight to the mall WTF.

But I exercised considerable self restraint ok.  I headed for all the girly stores I’d never had a reason to enter before but didn’t buy anything.  Only got some pink pajamas which were from the discount bin anyway and totally necessary as her first outfits in hospital and back. ^^

(Actually it was cos I was so overwhelmed by the vast array of choices I immediately backed out of the store and thought I’d try again later wtf.)

Now to think of a name!



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Fatty wins another award! And so do I, sorta

Wah what is this my blog is turning into praise Fatty forum wtf.

Never mind la since I got no career (T_T), I work for free as his publicist wtf.

Anyway, last Friday Fatty was honored under Prestige’s Top 40 under 40 gala dinner.  Every year Prestige picks 40 stellar entrepreneurs/icons/overachieving people to be awarded as their Top 4o under 40.  But this year special a bit cos it’s their 10th anniversary.  Instead of how they do it normally, this year Prestige picked the cream of the crop, the best 40 out of the total 400 people they’ve featured in ten years.  Fatty was one of them!

And then they picked the top 10 from the top 40.  Fatty was one of them again!

OKOK pictures first!



With the critter before leaving for the gala dinner.  Critter looking not too happy cos he couldn’t come with us.

This fella is like the Digi yellow man cos wherever we go, he has to follow.  If he sees me hoisting my bag or putting on my shoes he raises hell and clings to me and refuses to let us leave.  Unfortunately there are places we can’t bring him (like gala dinners and wet markets) so we have to trick him by bringing him downstairs to the car park with us (as though he’s getting into the car), and quickly passing him back to the nanny to take him back up.  And instead of ‘bye’ we must say ‘see you’ cos he knows what ‘bye’ means and it ain’t good.


Hair!  Thank you to Sato san and Sabata san of 76style Mont Kiara.  They anyhow pin pin pin my hair and I was like huh so boring one just half do ah.  Then they brought out a mirror and showed me this amazing concoction behind. :D :D


All dressed up with somewhere to go!  My dress is from Rent A Dress KL.  Fatty was reluctant to wear his tux but guys all dressed up look so nice right! It was black tie, so most everyone wore tuxes anyway.





With Bryan of Chatime and his wife Sally.  We were at Taylor’s together last time actually and I knew of them but weren’t friends.  Funny how our paths cross again after ten years.


The top 10!

Errr why am I up there like an awkward turtle?



I was there collecting my plaque WTF.

Fatty’s friend, Chung Lynn of Nando’s was one of the top 10 winners too but she couldn’t make it.  So she asked me to be her proxy to receive her award.  I agreed but didn’t know she confirm win!!! I thought in case only.

So when they called her name, I had to go up! Pai seh max cos the award isn’t mine obviously but I kena the glory and applause wtf.  They did announce that I was accepting it on Chung Lynn’s behalf but I think half the people there didn’t hear it.

So everyone kept congratulating me and I kept trying to say oh no no I’m just helping a friend collect this… but quite tough to say this too fast on stage so end up I just say thank you wtf.

To make matters worse, one of the sponsors or organizers smiled at me kindly and asked, “your mother couldn’t make it tonight?” FML.

I stared at him for a moment and went, “….uh ya she’s not here.” Double FML.

After that some more people came up to me and said, “Congratulations! I just wanted to tell you that I love Nandos!”

Awkward turtle max lolol.  So I said, “oh no no not me, I’m just accepting the award for her cos she couldn’t make it.”

And the fella dunno why didn’t hear! He went on, “oh you don’t know me but I’m just a big fan of Nandos!”

*crickets sound


Anyway, Fatty not only was one of the Top 10, he was also awarded the RHB Business Excellence award!!! He was the only one who got it so I think he was judged the best of the best. :D :D

Super proud of him! Dunno why up for so many awards lately, maybe Bump is good luck. :D

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9 things I will teach my future daughter

Next week is my 20 week appointment with the obgyn!

That means we get to confirm what gender Bump is. :3 :3

Last month, we already detected a gender, but the month before that, it looked like it was a different gender wtf.  Doctor asked us not to announce or start shopping yet and for us to only confirm on our 20 week appointment.

Gan cheong max I half wanted to schedule an earlier appointment so we can find out sooner, but also scared to find out cos ignorance is bliss wtf.

Obviously this time I want a girl.

With Fighter, I actually wanted a boy.  Straight off the bat, the minute we found out I was pregnant, I envisioned a baby boy inside me, and the doctor just confirmed Fighter was a boy in the third month.  Not sure why I felt so strongly about it either.  I rationalized that I liked the idea of an older brother taking care of a younger sibling but that wasn’t it exactly.  And none of our family members are particularly conservative must have a son type so it wasn’t that either.

Dunno, I just imagined having a baby boy!  Call it gut feel or what, but that was that, and I didn’t even mind not getting to buy pink baby stuff hahaha.

But with Bump, I really cannot tell.  All I know is now I want a girllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Is it cos my own family has one boy and one girl and to me that’s the perfect combo? Maybe but not totally also.

Some people asked why I wanted a girl and I said, “WHO ELSE CAN I PASS MY MAKEUP AND FASHION SKILLZ TO?”

They all went hahaha and chalked it up to my shallowness. -_-

It’s true ah!!! I didn’t hone my makeup skills for nothing wtf.

But not the full picture either.  It’s always mommy’s boys and daddy’s little girls but I would totally have such a great bond with my daughter!

I looooove Fighter and would die for him but there’s only so much I can teach him about being a man, because I’m not one.  However I have had 20+ years experience being a girl and there’s so many things I would like to tell my future daughter.

Take care of her appearance


Mummy Ooi taught me how to cleanse and care for my skin as a teen when I started breaking out.  Thanks to her I still have a strict skincare regime twice daily which I never skip no matter how tired I am.  Mummy Ooi never wore much makeup though besides the usual lipstick, maybe BB cream and mascara, so the rest of what I know I learned myself.

I’d teach her how to care for her appearance.  How to take care of her skin and hair, how to make herself presentable, how to dress to suit her body shape, how to give the world a good impression.  Because let’s face it, the world can be a harsh, judgmental place.

But also…

Despite all this, when it comes down to it, looks don’t matter

I’d teach her that even if the world defines you by your looks, you must never judge someone else based on their appearance.  Even more, you must never judge YOURSELF based on your appearance.

Wipe your makeup away and what you’ll have is the same person underneath.  You are the same person, with or without makeup on (for that matter, with or without money), not better, not worse. Looking better than someone doesn’t mean you’re better than them, kinder or smarter.  While it’s important to take care of your appearance, it’s even more crucial you take care of your heart and character.  Being a good person matters more than having a good face/body/hair.

Whether you choose to put on a makeup face every morning or not is entirely up to you.  Mommy will teach you if you’re interested but if you’re not, it doesn’t matter either way. When you remove that makeup, or if you choose to not put on any, remember you are still that same person.  Don’t lose your confidence over yourself or your achievements.  However you look, you are still you.

As a woman, there is nothing she can’t do

Courtesy of Mount Holyoke yo wtf. She wants to be an astronaut, can. She wants to be a housewife, sure.  Never think that because you’re a woman, there will be things off-limits to you.  If there’s never been a woman in that field, you can always be the first.  The world is yours.

Also, I would like you to attend Mount Holyoke but we can discuss this in fifteen years wtf.

Marry your best friend

Romance will fade and the butterflies in your tummy will eventually die down.  When picking a life partner, marry your best friend.  Marry the person whom you can genuinely talk to, laugh with, and the person you can do nothing with every day and still have fun.  Choose him based on his mind and his heart, not his looks or money cos god knows these won’t be yours forever.

Friends will come and go

If mean girls don’t want to be friends with you in school, TELL ME. I WILL ANNIHILATE THEM.

Remember that friends will come and go but that’s okay.  Have a cry and move on.  You will always meet new, sweeter, funnier, more awesome ones along the journey of your life. And there will always be that special few who will stick around for you.

For that matter, boys will come and go too

Again, cry and move on.  Your heart will heal itself faster than you think.  And there will be a better man.

(Don’t tell your dad, he might drive out with his golf club.)

Men will respect you as much as you respect yourself

Hold yourself in the highest respect, men will follow suit.  If you do not value yourself, nobody else will either.  Don’t let your self worth and happiness ever depend on someone else.  If he doesn’t appreciate you, sucks to be him wtf. There will be smarter, wiser men out there who will appreciate you for who you are, and not what you have to give them.

Education is numero uno

For the first 20 years of your life at least.  I don’t want you to be a tuition/extra class going child with no time for fun, but you will learn, and learn well.  We will give you the best educational opportunities we can afford because education is your stepping stone to the future.

Also, I hope you will love reading because that will be one of your most enriching experiences.  Never stop learning, no matter how old you are. It will make you a better person I promise.

(OMG I am such a kiasu Tiger mom already.)

You can always come home

No matter where you are, what you’ve done or what has happened, you will always have a place with us.  Never be afraid to come back cos you will always be loved.

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Too many roles

You know the kids’ song (and I now know a lot) Que Sera Sera?

It goes like…

When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother,
What would I be?

As it turns out, I would be a mother myself. Hahahaha.

Something I’d always assumed I’d be eventually, but I never thought too deeply about (although my friends joked my kids would be on the back of a milk carton. ¬_¬)

Now that I’m actually one, it’s all the things that they say it would be of course.  Exhausting, fulfilling, joyful, heartbreaking, life defining all.

I am enjoying being a mom and raising my baby.  Every day is filled with stuff to do and time just flies by.

But the other day a friend who was a bit down over the state of her love life said she wished  she was over this stage and she had a family, like I did.

I said, “Well I wish I had my career… like you have.”

The grass is always greener on the other side wtf.  I’m damn lucky that I have this choice of leaving my full time job so I can take care of him.

I don’t regret being a full time mom and choosing to work part time from home.  In 20 years when he’s all grown up and doesn’t need me anymore, I know I’d hate myself if I wasn’t there to nurture and guide him…

But at the same time, in twenty years would I hate myself for not having anything else to my life after the kids are all grown?

I’m in my late 20s now so all my friends’ careers are really starting to take off.  And I can’t help feeling this is where I would be too if I didn’t give it up.

But then again, it wasn’t an option to stay in my old job, working the hours I did.  Many of my ex-colleagues do that even now with kids of their own and they’re so amazing at juggling I can’t even.  But I know I wouldn’t be able to do my best for either my job or my mommy role and I’d probably be absolutely miserable.

So I chose a part time role where I could work from home when Fighter is asleep.  With it ok la, can still earn steady although obviously nowhere near my old salary.  But it’s not a career.  The work I’m doing used to be done by the juniors in my team.  It’s easy work, if time consuming but I’m not building a career.  With this role I will never grow and I will never have a personal legacy – something that I can look back on and feel proud of how I’ve progressed.

Now with Bump on the way, it’s even less possible to return to a full time role.  Ahhh why can’t we have our cake and eat it!?

(Don’t say blogging hor because how many people can be a full time blogger? Besides, blogging as a career path is still quite unstable.  Who knows what will happen in the future?)

And this dilemma only applies to women if you think about it.  Men where got think aiya should I give up my career to raise my kids wtf.  No cos their role is very clear cut – traditionally they are the family’s provider.  And most men take it on staunchly.

But women also work now.  And we still want to be there for the kids as much as we can.  So how? Career intentionally stunted whether by not taking promotions which require more work, or by leaving sharp at 5pm everyday? Leave the raising of the kids to grandparents and helper?

So hard to find a balance that we’re all satisfied with, isn’t it? :(

CIMG3341Okay la nothing just wanted to end with a picture of myself wtf.


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Fighter gets his first proper scolding

It’s Fighter milestones time!

Actual age: 14.5 months
Adjusted age: 12.5 months

Now that Fighter’s hit a year I realize he’s picking up a little bit more everyday. It’s quite amazing the things I realize he knows now! D



Last week we had water play in school!  The last time there was water play Fighter refused to even stand by the side of the tub and just whined to be picked up. D: Much to my annoyance cos he normally loves bath time at home.

But this time he totally got into it! Splashed water like a hero while his friend Kimberly continuously scooped and poured water out hahaha.  End up by end of class their tub was only half full of water. *shifty eyed

But I was talking to Kimberly’s mom Jean and she said Fighter has shown improvement since he started school!  His favorite time used to be snack time only wtf but now he’s much more participative!  He still got love-hate relationship with the puppets used in class wtf but he also interacts with the other babies a lot more and joins in most of the activities with gusto.

Also seems a lot more sure of himself now and navigates the classroom and playground confidently enough.



Started doing this thing where he lifts his butt high up in the air!  Means what ah! Is he going to start walking soon? My arms rejoice!


Hasn’t started walking yet but finally coasting along furniture!  Quite mobile now which means nothing is safe from those chubby hands. T______T

He can stand by himself for a few seconds but then he gets scared and fasterly grips the nearest furniture or lets himself sit down quickly.

Learned how to climb stairs sometime back and now he knows how to move backwards and go down stairs too!  But balance still not very balanced wtf, if he goes down more than one or two steps at a time he’s bound to lose his balance and fall backwards lolol.


Photo unrelated but his smile damn cute here. :3

He’s also starting to show he understands not just words (“NO!” equals tantrum fml) but full sentences!

Last night he took my phone so I went “Fighter, where’s mommy’s phone?”

He turned around, fumbled for a bit and lifted up my phone with both hands to show me.


Sorry ah new mom excuse me while I marvel. But then he show me only don’t wanna return it to me. .___.


Also starting to understand the concept of right/wrong and scoldings now.

(this is his face after getting scolding)

Last night we put him in his car seat as usual which he hates so he started shouting and being a brat the whole trip home.

I was sitting in the front so Fatty who was in the back with him started ignoring him.  And he kept on wailing. *covers ears

Reached home, Fighter, still crying, reached for me and stopped when he got to me.  So I thought he had calmed down and passed him back to Fatty to talk to him.  I thought it was important that Fatty explain why we ignored him and tell him what he did (tantrum-ing) was wrong.

Lo, he started screaming in Fatty’s arms again and trying to reach for me or the nanny.  Fatty said in a loud stern voice, “Fighter! Stop crying!” And he screamed even louder.

End up I told Fatty to bring him into the room (away from us and other outlets for sympathy) and I could hear Fatty talking to him seriously.  And Fighter sniffling and finally being quiet.  Then Fatty gave him a drink of water and Fighter emerged very quiet and well behaved the whole night. :3

I always worried he wouldn’t understand what was happening but I guess now he does!  I gave him his milk bottle after that, and normally he shouts and thrashes around when he sees me holding the bottle (scared I won’t give to him like that WTF) but this time he just patiently waited for it and took it like a good boy hahahaha.

Parents 1, Fighter 0.

Short mention

Speaking of development and progress, here’s more from the Friso Gold’s Facebook page.

Hehe the little girl with the bunneh now going wild with a water sprinkler.  Enjoy!

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How to prevent balding jeng jeng jeng

(if you all dunno, DRx is the aesthetics and beauty clinic I work with.  I love their facilities and treatments and the fact that their in-house doctors and beauticians are super professional and don’t just push treatments to earn more money.  Also they’re super nice!)


In the taxi!  Impressively, DRx arranged a concierge service for us!  Not only drive us around but will run errands for you too if needed! Like buy food/groceries, drop off laundry etc.  Like a personal butler la.

But ah… the fella who fetched us a bit weird FOL.  Keep eavesdropping on our conversation and injecting his own opinions never mind.  Then keep glancing at us in the rear view mirror and asking personal questions.

And then insisted on coming out from the cab and taking photos with us WTF.  Took more than one some more. ಠ_ಠ Oh yea he also selfie-d with us in the car.  I dunno la, if you’re 50+ and asking 20+ year olds to take picture with you, there’s just something uncomfortable about it la.

And not that he knows us ok, he just kept gushing about how pretty we are. ಠ_ಠ



The restaurant!  I forgot the name but it’s at ION on a crazy high floor and has an amazing view.



Check it out yo!



One interesting feature was the little nuggets of weather info they had pasted on the windows.



Our table! Sorry I already messed it up with my zillion bags wtf.



Personalized menu!  Damn atas lo.  This is like the tai tai trip of all tai tai trips.  CIMG3212


Tastiest calamari ever.  Served with miso mayo which was quite spectacular.



I had the fish for mains.  Also good but I was still in my first trimester and was totally turned off fish and chicken omg.  Fish seemed like the lesser evil here (other options were vegetarian – cannot sure hungry one – and steak – also cannot cos swore off beef).  It was good but I think I’d have enjoyed it better without those pregnancy fueled hormones. >:(CIMG3214


Dessert!  Cheesecake and sorbet.  Finished most of it. O_O and I normally hate dessert.  Bump is that you??



Gorgeous 1, Gorgeous 2 and Auntie.



After that we adjourned to DRx (located on Orchard) to start our pampering.



As always, need to fill out a short personal and health history first.

Because I’m pregnant, DRx decided to play it very safe cos not all their treatments (especially if they include ultrasounds) may be suitable *sad.  So for me I went with tricho treatment (which is for hair and scalp) since this service isn’t available in Malaysia yet (but it will be soon!).

Very interesting cos it’s my first visit to a tricho center so everything is new to me!  The consultant explained the basics of hair growth and deterioration and balding.



Just had to take this photo for Ooib wtf. :X

Sadly, Ooib and I got our hair genes from Mummy Ooi (not sure who she got those from) and our hair has always been super thin and fine.  And now Fighter has the exact same hair type FHL.  Ooib is worrying about balding right now so maybe I should ask him to visit the DRx tricho clinic opening soon in KL!!!

The consultant showed me several case studies of people whose hair loss they’ve managed to stop and reverse! Very impressive leh!

Luckily I am not balding (yet wtf) but my hair has always been super fine and I wish it could be thicker and stronger!


The consultant took some photos and scans of my head to show me how things could be improved.



FML show the top of my head where the parting can be smaller.  (Some more I got mole somewhere there one then my friends used to think it was a fly WTF)

Also the sides!  The red lines show where my hairline can be (lower) and around the yellow lines, hair can be thicker.  This is with regular tricho treatment at DRx of course.

Consultant also magnified and scanned my roots.  Shampooing, styling products, environmental pollutants etc can build up on our scalp which weakens hair.  So it’s important to cleanse the scalp and roots thoroughly!


Head cleaning time!  They also rubbed a tonic on my head but I forgot to ask properly what’s it for cos too busy relaxing. :X


Rub a dub dub.

There was another step after this which involved massaging the scalp with a special tool but I skipped it due to pregnancy as well.


See the difference! Cannot achieve at home one.

Top two photos are before.  The white stuff are dirt etc stuck on my scalp.  The consultant said the state of my hair isn’t too bad actually – each hair follicle actually has 2-3 hairs per piece.  The goal would be to get three hairs per pore and to have each hair grow thicker (you can see some hairs finer than others).

Apparently the back of my head is in awesome shape – hair and follicles there is healthy and thick but on top of my head is where it gets weak and depressing wtf.  So the aim would be to work on the top of my head!


That’s Jocelyn from DRx behind getting her hair done too hahaha.

Ooh and I’m wearing a shift dress from Anticlockwise.

Mad woman wtf. I was exhausted at this point (we were on the flight back to KL the same night) cos it was still my first trimester!

Last photo of us.

Ooh announcement! DRx is opening a new branch in KL – in Boulevard Midvalley. Besides their aesthetics clinic, there will also be a tricho (hair + scalp) facility there.  Cannot wait to get regular scalp treatments!

These are the opening promotions they have!  The Signature Facial is awesome as is the Scalp and Hair Purifying Treatment which is what I did.

The official launch is 20 Nov which I will be attending but operations have commenced so you can make an appointment any time!  Promos applicable until 31 Dec 2014.

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What has Fighter learned today?

Continuing off my blog post last week on Friso Gold about introducing your child to new things, I’ve been trying to ask myself, what has Fighter learned today?

Ok today!  Got something new! Today I took him to the supermarket.  Usually if I go buy groceries I leave him at home with nanny cos it’s just much easier for me to run out myself, grab the groceries and rush home.  But I thought, aiya poor Fighter has been home all day and what’s a little extra time and baggage (carrying him lol) for him to go out and see things?

So okay! Packed up the nanny and him and off we went to the mall.

He loved it!!! I felt a bit bad for not doing this earlier. :(


I put him in the trolley and immediately he started turning his head left and right, wide-eyed.  He absorbed everything!

He gripped the trolley handles and scrutinized the metal bars.

He kept swiveling around to look at the colorful packages on the shelves as we rolled past.

I pointed out signs and labels to him and he looked intently at them.  Then drooled a bit. Lolol.

I gave him two packets of cheese with different packaging and he stared at them with super interest hahaha.  And then he tried to chew on one of them. >_>

But the point is!  I brought him somewhere new and he was so enthralled! I really wish I did it earlier but at the same time I’m glad I did it now.  All the mundane boring things that we adults take for granted, kids absorb in wonder and it was actually very fun for me to look at the supermarket through a toddler’s eyes.  All those shiny bottles and bright lights!  The sudden cold coming from the meat freezers!

Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos this time cos my hands were busy pushing the shopping cart.  Also very scared to take my hands off it in case somebody snatches him away. >.> (normally when we take him out he’s in the stroller and strapped in securely)

A video posted by Audrey (@fourfeetnine) on

But I do have this video!  Playing tickle monster with Fighter hehehe.

When I did this to Fighter for the first time he shrieked with laughter, probably out of reflex and also astonishment. He started laughing like crazy for a brief moment at the new yet foreign sensation. After that, he tried so hard to flip over so his stomach is out of reach hahahahaha.

So what has your child experienced today? :)

You can also visit Friso Gold’s FB page for more info and check out what other moms are up to!

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8 differences between the first and second pregnancy

Wow who knew I’d have enough pregnancies to write this blog post!

So I’ve had four months plus experience of being pregnant the second round so I feel pretty qualified writing about this.  Here’s what I noticed has been different this second pregnancy.

Baby bump showing

First pregnancy: I think it took me a good five months before I started to show really obviously.

Second pregnancy:


Tadah!  16 weeks yo.

Until some people on Instagram started asking if it was twins WTF.

The risk of Down Syndrome

First pregnancy: A Down Syndrome test in utero although highly accurate is not 100% definitive (like most things).  But the test can tell you your chances of having a DS baby.  The lower the chances the less likely it is to happen.  For my last pregnancy, my chances was something like 1 in 8000+ which was very unlikely.

Second pregnancy: Just two years later at 29, my odds had dropped to 1 to 1000 or 2000 I forgot.  Still very unlikely but it was pretty shocking. Why so fast one my body become inhospitable! In a way it’s good that I’m getting the babies out of the way earlier before the risks pile up… *comforts self

Nobody cares… sad but true!

First pregnancy: The slightest hunger pang, the teeniest wave of nausea and family members will fawn over you.  Trust me.  Everything will be handed to you… on a silver platter.  You will be treated like a precious jewel (or the casing of a precious jewel HAHAHA). Kidding!  It will be a wonderful time.

Second pregnancy: You can be vomiting with your head in the toilet for maybe half an hour then only your husband will remember to call from the next room (far away from the puke), “Eh are you okay?”  You will then have to quickly finish puking, wipe your mouth and run over to a wailing toddler to see what he wants.  If toddler bounces on your stomach, HOLD YOUR PUKE IN.  Or else you’re gonna be wiping vomit off and changing your kid for the bazillionth time that day.

And if porridge makes you nauseous, you just gotta suck it up (ok not literally, by suck it up I mean hold your breath for half hour or however long it takes) cos that’s what you need to sit there and feed your first baby with.

Carrying heavy weights

First pregnancy: Life is a breeze!  It’s literally weightless.  People open doors for you and give you their seat lest you exert your uterus.  If you’re buying groceries, people run out and help you carry shopping bags!

Second pregnancy: Oh bag of rice?  That’s lighter than your 7 kg baby right? OK see you later!

Feeling tired

First pregnancy: It’s totally normal to feel tired or drained when you’re pregnant – your body is making a new human being after all!  Take as much rest as you can and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Second pregnancy: Rest? Okay I’ll try to get some in the car in between trying to entertain my first child and fishing out different snacks to keep his mouth busy enough so he’ll stop screaming/trying to get out of his car seat.

Dressing the Bump

First pregnancy: In anticipation for the growing belly, go out and buy tons of stretchy leggings, baggy tops and empire waist dresses.  Fret because nothing is flattering and resign yourself to a year of looking frumpy.

Second pregnancy: Good news! After nine months of looking frumpy, you don’t care anymore how you look. HAHAHA.

While I’d always loved dressing up, my outfits were never super elaborate to begin with and now they’re even simpler.  I dress down all the way to Chinatown yo wtf.  I used to take really good care of my hair, curling and styling it.  Now it’s lucky it gets to see a comb wtf.  Luckily it’s always bobbed and I don’t have much hair anyway so not much daily maintenance required.



It’s only recently (i.e. last week) that I felt comfortable enough with my schedule and juggling Fighter to decide to grow my hair out and start styling it properly again.

But the real good news is (and this is my personal experience only of course) is that while the first pregnancy I struggled with trying to dress in my usual style, this time I’m more confident in what flatters the Bump and me.  It’s like pregnancy #1 was a trial run so pregnancy #2 runs a lot smoother in terms of fashion.  Plus I’ve got a bunch of leftover maternity wear from before so I don’t need to shop for more.

Being chill

First pregnancy: We were paranoid about everything.  Every new food item on my plate we’d be Googling to see if this was safe for pregnancy.  Can go for manicures?  Dye jobs? Can paint the house while pregnant? Doctor appointments were forever seared in my brain and up to a week before I’d be hopping up and down in excitement over getting to see our baby again.  I even rushed to the hospital once to have an emergency ultrasound because I “didn’t feel pregnant” anymore.

Second pregnancy: I forgot my last doctor’s appointment. -_-  Got a call from the doctor’s office asking if I was coming in and drove like a madwoman to the hospital.  Then the doctor was surprised because this was the second time in a row Fatty didn’t come with me, whereas he came every single appointment the last time. :X :X

The anticipation

First pregnancy: We couldn’t wait to find out the baby’s gender so we could start shopping.  So much excitement over furnishing the nursery and getting the cot and stroller and other baby essentials.  The pregnancy was a countdown to meeting our new baby and falling in love!

Second pregnancy: I still can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender, although more out of curiosity’s sake because Bump is gonna be using most of Fighter’s things.  Unless she’s a girl hehehe then in that case let the shopping begin wtf.  Nevertheless, this pregnancy is still a countdown to meeting Bump and falling in love. :)



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Baby Bloomer: 23 Oct 2014

Actual age: 14 months 11 days
Adjusted age: 12 months 11 days

Ok time to update Fighter’s growth again!

First time wearing a dress (and probably last)



Not too happy about it if you can see hahahaha.

A friend had an animal themed birthday party for her son and I remembered Fighter received this Kumamon onesie from Cheesie for his birthday.  It came with a black hat with bear ears on it and I thought it’d be totally appropriate!

Then when I put it on him… hmmm why the bottom although shorts look so poofy one.  And the sleeves a bit frilly hor…

But I asked Cheesie and she said it’s unisex! So okay la let him wear this once.  I figure if there’s any time in his life he can wear something approximating a dress without getting too much flack, it’s now.


Super cute in it though!!! And he suddenly looks exactly like me as a baby. O.O

My mom asked me if I dressed him like this on purpose I think she was wondering if I did that hoping the girliness would rub off on the next baby. :X

Getting pretty good at emulating what we do




He saw me lifting the beads on the curvy wire and dropping them and immediately followed to see if the same thing would happen. Hehehe.

Also learned recently to do the blinking stars gesture with his hands when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Funny thing is he’s always surprised by this ability and stares at his hands as though they’re not connected to his body hahahaha.

Learned cause and effect

Learned how to switch on and off lights and is always insisting we carry him over to light switches so he can turn the lights on and off over and over again. -_-

Also learning the consequence of falling over and hitting his head hahahaha.  Unfortunately not much help cos he’s still as clumsy as ever and continues falling over.  But the good thing is he doesn’t cry as much anymore when he does!

Getting better at standing



He’s been standing holding on to furniture for some time but now getting better at it!  Very action-ly stands with one hand clutching a toy/remote, the other holding table/shelf/whatever.

I think he’s also beginning to be able to stand without any assistance just that he’s too scared to do it wtf.  Yesterday he was standing holding on to the playpen side and I was standing behind him.  He turned to look for me and let go of the playpen!  Stood like that for a few seconds before he realized and hurriedly held back the playpen hahahaha.

Celebrated his first Deepavali



Hahahahaha happy belated Deepavali! His PlayNest had a mini party for the occasion and asked the kids to dress in Indian outfits.  One of the moms brought a whole pack of bindis so we got one too hehehe.



Eating monster only concerned about food. >.>  He must be in heaven cos all the parents brought different snacks so he had loads to pick from.



Some romance going on hahahahah.  Coincidentally he and his uhh girlfriend wtf wore the same color.  She’s so damn cute in her outfit I cannot!!! Got necklace, bangles and the little hair accessories.  She even had a jewel sticker on her nose hahahaha.

Learned to be a disruption wtf



Fighter’s great weakness is electronics. I know most babies love remotes all la but Fighter especially loves this sort of thing (including light switches and doorbells wtf) so imagine his great delight with the keyboard in school.

All the kids are fascinated by it but Fighter is the only baby when teacher is playing, goes over and presses some button so the piano sounds change into synthesizer or drums WTF.  *covers face with hands

Music portion is usually spent dragging him away and apologizing to everyone wtf.

Started baby self feeding

During the Deepavali party, I saw Fighter’s friend Kimberly (who’s only two months older) scooping and eating yogurt without dropping any!  I was so impressed I thought it could be time for him to learn how to self feed.  Imagine the free time I’d have! *stretches toes

Did some googling on how to start so here’s what I did.

1. Bought suction bowls (so he won’t tip them over) and easy grip baby silverware.  The suction bowls are from Munchkin. :)

2. Started by giving him a spoon to hold and play with while I still fed him with another spoon

3. After a few days, I put a bit of food into a small bowl for him with the rest in a separate bowl I held.  If he spills any food, at least I can make sure he still gets most of his nutrition from my bowl.

4. Held the spoon but also made him hold or at least touch the handle of the spoon while I manuevered it into his mouth.  This one he was pretty willing to do!

When he gets better at holding the spoon himself can let him gooooooooooooo



So far so good….




For the first few spoons he’s fine ‘feeding’ himself.  After that it’s more fun to dip his hands into his bowl and spread the food on the table. T______________T



I’m not even OCD and I get super tense watching the food get smeared around.  And I already have a helper to help clean up!

Never mind only for a few months…. right?

Oh and here’s a Fatty update…

Fatty is one of the top nominees for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014!

2014-10-20 09.35.22 1

Congratulations Fats!  I had no doubt he would be nominated and didn’t get why he was so pessimistic about it… until I realized past winners were people like Tony Fernandez wtf and it’s apparently a big deal! Then I was all like oh yeaa…. cannot even be nominated… *chugs water

But he did! So proud of him. :D

Oh ya and a Bump update…

Detected a gender today at my 16 week appointment!  But it’s not the same sex as what we saw last month wtf so still not sure which it is.  Argh cannot wait for next month to know for sure!!!!!


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