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My quirky travel habits

So ever since I took my very first solo staycation a month or so back, I’ve been thinking – maybe I’m ready to level up and take a solo trip overseas by myself.

I don’t think I really posted any updates but remember this post? Well, one of the things I did in pursuit of happiness (or at least some peace) was one weekend when Fatty, my husband, was away for his marathon, I sent the kids to my parents’ house and checked into a hotel by myself.  There, I ordered room service, went for solitary swims, slept a lot and binge watched Netflix.  It was absolute bliss.  Nobody yelling for Mommy. No doing what other people around me wanted.  I only did what *I* wanted to do which honestly was a bit tricky cos I’ve nearly forgotten how to make decisions for myself. :X

Anyway it was just refreshing. So much so that I think I will make it a point to do solo stays or trips by myself maybe once or twice a year just to rejuvenate.

So I logged on to to check out hotels.  And it occurred to me that for the first time in years, it was up to me to decide where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to stay.

No need to think of kid friendly places, or double beds and cribs for us and the kids or if they serve suitable meals for under 6s. Whether there is a baby pool, and so on and so forth.


No more not-ready photos!

It also occurred to me that I’ve forgotten what I myself want when I travel.  To me, half the fun of travel is planning because as you plan your itinerary and place to stay, you’re already halfway there and you’re just living in anticipation of the actual trip.

So in an attempt to rediscover myself wtf, here’s a list of things I must have in a hotel.

  1. It must be 4 star at least! Not about being atas (i.e. high class) but I’m very particular about this because…. one time I went to NYC on a whim, and just walked into the cheapest hotel I could find on Times Square, which has all time won the Fourfeetnine personal award for Worst Hotel I’ve Ever Stayed In.  Ended up getting my first ever UTI from that horrible hotel because the bathroom was filthy. T_T  Then a year later I found out that hotel was voted worst hotel in the USA  and had the most murder cases and dead bodies found there. T____T

HTFOT 22. It must have decent shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer. HAHAHAHA. Sounds damn diva right! But I’m too lazy to lug shampoo and conditioner bottles around and god knows, my hair needs conditioner. So I really appreciate a hotel that supplies quality hair products that actually work.  Hairdryers are important too – none of that namby pamby hair dryers that feel like someone breathing on your head. I demand real dryers with power!


3. Crisp white sheets and feather pillow.  Okay la yea this is diva for sure hahaha but I feel like a proper hotel experience must come with fresh white sheets (preferably made from Egyptian cotton)


HTFOT 54. Free bottles of water or free access to water.  Some hotels are just annoying – providing like two bottles of water and then forcing you to boil water or drink their mini bar Evian.  But to be fair I haven’t noticed this in recent hotels so maybe the trend is changing.

Okay the above list is actually quite nitpicky la hahaha. But we all have requirements when it comes to choosing a place to stay when we travel, and the beauty of is that while it has thousands of choices on the website, it also provides so many detailed filters to sort out exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, I was thinking if I do a solo trip, it would be to Tokyo hehe. Since I’m so familiar with the city, I feel comfortable and safe enough to go by myself and I can go shop as much as I want without fearing Fatty will get bored. Plus if I go eat alone, nobody will judge cos a lot of salarymen eat by themselves too lolol.

What are your quirky travel habits?

For every weird hotel preference, I’m pretty sure will have you covered.

Check them out for your next travel destination and use this special limited time promo code to experience the fun: 8OFFHTFOTMY!

* Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please log onto here.

AudBaby AudBirthdays

My son is four!!!!

So Fighter turned four last Saturday.

Seriously four years!? Lemme count my white hairs. Okay still zero phew wtf.

Anyway this blog post is about his birthday party.

We’ve actually never did a proper big birthday bash after his first birthday, to which we invited like ALL our friends and family lol. Here’s a recap wtf.

1st birthday! Party theme was the Beatles because Jude. ^^

Also I think this was the day after I found out I was pregnant with Penny and was still in shock wtf.


2nd birthday. Haven’t recovered from the first so just anyhow brought cupcakes to school for him and called it a day lolol.

Third birthday I decided to celebrate it at an underprivileged kids’ home.  Ordered cake, party packs and Happy Meals and we had a party!

For his fourth birthday, I decided to finally do a proper party for him and his friends because (a) he’s finally old enough to appreciate what’s happening and (b) he finally has friends WTF.

(hahahahahah cos when he was younger friends didn’t seem to matter as much as now ma. last time Chase was the only friend he needed wtf)

So two weeks before his birthday, I got to planning.  It was easy to pick a venue this time because Colony!

I already knew what theme I was going to do – Psy and KPop. (earlier in the year, a strong contender for party theme was Ben & Holly but it petered out wtf)  Fighter is a huge Psy fan and has been listening to – and dancing to – his songs for … I think got one year already? And recently he’s branched out a bit beyond Psy to other KPop acts like Girls Generation, Hyuna and even MC Mong wtf.  So this KPop theme was a no-brainer la.

I designed an invitation – in shades of blue, Fighter’s favorite color (or so he says wtf) and a mustache on it because of Gentleman, a Psy song and also what Fighter calls Psy – and sent it to his classmates’ moms. Everyone responded very enthusiastically to the theme, I suspect because we’re all sick of Batman and Star Wars and Frozen parties hahahaha.

Asked the Competitive Aunties for baker recommendations and Hui Wen responded…. saying Soiree Lab wanted to help me style the party!!! Maybe they have no faith in my skillz wtf.  She and Teeny basically took over all the pretty things for me – decor, cake, and even party pack bags.  All I had to do was fill the party packs, invite the people and order food.

Let the photos do the talking!

I went to Colony two hours before to set up with Soiree Lab.  Meanwhile, Fatty and Grandma were busy prepping this critter and his sister for his big party.


I picked out this shirt and pants for him to wear before I left.  He was sooo excited about it!  Although two days before, he asked me for an Iron Man party WTF. I pretended I didn’t hear.


This was what greeted Fatty and my parents and the critters when they arrived!

Fighter went crazy! He shouted, “Gentleman!” then spying his name, “Jude!!!”


And when he saw this display his eyes popped out and he shouted again, “Gentleman! Korean words!”

Hahahahahaha as if Korean words is a holy miracle like that hahahahaha.


Looking at the cake in awe.

And yes, he’s wearing a blue Psy jacket from Gangnam Style. Hui Wen found a blue kids’ blazer and stitched it up to really resemble Psy’s.  When he saw it and we put it on for him, I think he went to heaven.


The birthday cake.  The figurine on top is Psy-ghter lolol. And the signs on it (and on the backdrop) say things like “Fighter Oppa” and “Happy birthday” and “Sarangheyo” hahaha or so I’m told wtf.


Cookies and cupcakes!


Personalized party packs! Hui Wen painstakingly cut the hair and glasses and stuck them on the paper bags. :O  Different shaped sunnies for the boys and girls.


Also personalized water bottles with Psyghter and Jude on them.


They also made these fan signs but we forgot to use them wtf.


An extremely happy Psyghter.


And his sister hahaha.


Shiok with his Gangnam Style jacket.



Psyghter eating these great egg tarts I accidentally found in Petaling Street.  Story later.


Party in full swing!

Rented a bouncy castle which was one of the best investments. Kids loved it and it was in use non stop.

Okay since the food table is in this pic (on the right) lemme story you about the food. So basically due to some er mistakes of mine that I shall not mention, on the day before the party, I ended up with no catering WTF.  I was on Petaling Street to get some stuff for the party when I found out and I stoned there for five minutes wtf.

Luckily I happened to be parked in front of a store selling egg tarts and other Asian pastries so I bought a bunch. Then I was planning to order some Korean fried chicken and cook Korean instant noodles and be done with it hahaha.


But!  Hui Wen who’s good friend owns Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, a fried chicken restaurant from Seoul in Pavilion, got Chir Chir to sponsor our party!  So means we were set!  I’d never tried Chir Chir before so it was quite a good opportunity too.


Their Honey Butter Chicken is their specialty and really good!


But Spicy Chicken has my heart wtf.

Their food was really good I’m so glad we got them for the party. <3 Thank you Chir Chir!!!


Javier came in theme too!


With our mommy gang – Aud Lim, Juvyn, Sieu Ee and Chileng.


Oh yea I also hired a clown!  Maybe not so much a clown than a balloon artist who also organized and ran games for the kids.

Instead of the usual clown outfit *fear* I told him to come dressed as Psy to fit the theme.

When he arrived (in sunglasses and a black leather jacket wtf a bit out la but passable), I told Fighter that this was Psy.

Fighter’s eyes widened and then he frowned. “Mommy. I thought Psy got white skin?”

Cos the clown is Indian shit me la hahahahahahaha.

The clown overheard and gave this cover line, “Uhhh uhhh. Because Malaysia is very hot. So I got burnt.”


But clearly this was enough for a newly minted four year old, because Fighter turned to me, eyes shining, and said, “Wow Mommy. Psy really came to my party.”

T___________T I don’t know whether to laugh at the adorableness of it or cry out of guilt for bluffing my son wtf.


Tanned Psy gave him a balloon gun which he was very pleased with.


Class photo with Tanned Psy and class teachers.

It was all chaos after that. What did I expect with a party full of preschoolers hahahaha.


Until the bouncy castle also nearly deflate WTF.  Kids went wild bouncing in there and wrestling omg.


One of the games was the kids had to mummify their partner with toilet paper.  Here’s Chase and Fighter attacking Chase’s dad hahaha.


And this is the resulting mess wtf. Luckily the next game is who can pick up the most toilet paper lolol.


Another game was the kids had to feed the adults a milk bottle of juice hahaha. Here’s birthday boy and his partner.


And me and a Mochi. Drinking from a milk bottle is hard -_- I have newfound respect for the critters wtf.


Hahahah I love this photo actually. Lay See and Javier intently working on their bottle. Sieu Ee and Kay also damn intense.

But those two at the bottom? These two damn kiasu hahahaha. I think they won.


The kids waiting while another game was being set up.


Oh just a picture of my very cute baby.


Fighter eating with one of his friends Kyra whom he mentions like all the time lol.



Family photo + cut cake time!


Group shot with all the school mommies! We’ve really watched each other’s children grow up. :’)


Penny with Baby Whisperer Chileng.  All babies love Chileng! Even lansi babies like Penny wtf.  Although CCL why your balloon looks so obscene HAHAHAHA.


My feet propped up after the party was over.  I wasn’t even wearing heels and my feet were aching like a mofo omg. All that running around and staying on my feet and making sure everything and everyone was okay.

But would I do it all over again? Hell yes.


To see this little boy light up with joy at the sight of his idol, to hear his favorite songs blast over the sound system.  To see him so excited when he sees his friends and teachers.  To see him stand tough in the bouncy castle even and play hard with his friends – when he used to shy away from slightly rough behavior – even that touched me hahaha.

I’m so glad I decided to do this party and that I chose this theme. And that Soiree Lab did such a great job!  It really made his whole day. T3T

Dear Fighter,

You are now four years old.  You are an extremely precocious little boy.  You are so attuned to people’s feelings, seeking them out if you think they’ve been hurt or pushed aside. You speak like a lawyer sometimes, coming up with hilarious but always possible excuses to explain yourself.  You love your sister and always share with her and look out for her even though she doesn’t do the same for you.  You are friendly to everyone, stopping to say hi and talk to even strangers.  I think your EQ must be super high cos you sense what other people are feeling and adapt to them.

The past four years with you have been a blast.

I love you,


AudSlave AudSocialButterfly

Colony is launched!

OMG I am so behind on my blog posts. T______T ButI got good excuse mmkay. That’s cos Colony‘s launch party happened the last two weeks!

So the last you heard, we were slaving away at getting Colony up and running before our launch date.  Cos our launch party was also scheduled at the end of last month, we had to finish up all works AND plan a party at the same time. Some more both are under my scope wtf. Cos I was always in charge of design and renovation, I guess my role can be product development la lolol.  And cos of my advertising background I’m also suddenly in charge or PR and marketing (and PR events).

So in addition to scuttling around to put the finishing touches on Colony and clean up, I also had to order food and drinks, invite guests, plan the agenda, decorate the place, prepare goodie bags as a way to thank guests, hire emcee, photographer, videographer, and hope everyone has fun wtf.

But I had a looooot of awesome nice wonderful capable help.  So this post is to recap the launch and to thank the amazing people who really made it happen.

Photo spam ahead!


Not the launch but one of our first guests at Colony hahaha. Fighter and his best friend strolling the Corridor of Power wtf.


See this area? It’s part of the main event space, but the ceilings are low cos there are offices above it.  So we thought of creating a space that was more chill and cosy.  The tricky bit is how to make it chill and comfy and cosy yet also retain the luxury and classiness of the rest of Colony.

As part of the event space, I knew we would also have to move out the furniture here pretty often to make space for events so I asked our ID for light, movable beanbags and cushions.

She delivered beyond my expectations! It’s my favorite area in the whole of Colony. And the best part is that a day before the event, this space was completely bare wtf.  We had ordered the furniture but Maybank were using the space for their Go Ahead Challenge until the day before. So on the morning of the launch, Katrine the ID straight moved everything in wtf. *slow ovation


Our invitation said 5 pm onwards but the place started filling up at 4 pm (to my horror cos we were still rushing around, arranging things). It turned out a lot of people just wanted to skip the jam and came earlier hahaha but I was very touched that they went to this much effort to attend. Thank you everyone!

Oh and this pretty sign? Done by one of my best friends Hui Wen and her sister Teeny who have just launched Soiree Lab, an event styling business and they did such an amazing job. T3T

More on them later.


Here’s Fatty striding around Colony like er… the boss wtf.  And yea this is our black and white marble corridor that everyone loves.

Anyway see the glass windows down both sides of the corridor? They’re all private offices, some of which are still available for rent. *ahem.

When we were planning the styling of the event, we didn’t wanna overdo it cos what we wanted was for people to really focus on our space rather than the decor. So we decided to style all the rooms along this corridor, in different themes that Soiree Lab came up with.  So people could get a sense of what could be done with an office at Colony, and it would also present a view of different companies that could have a space here!


One of my favorites – the girly fashion room. For a fashion or retail compnay hehehe.  Maybe I’ll do a separate blog post on these rooms cos there’s so many!


Our front cafe space filling up with guests!  On the left are our cafe operators – Espresso Lab for coffee and beverages, and Bold Grains for cake and food.



Speaking of food, here are some of the canapes Bold Grains served up!


Table styled by Soiree Lab. <3


Soiree Lab also helped me get additional desserts and pastries to further zhng the table lolol.  They were going for a rustic, muted glam look so they chose these aptly colored praline tarts.


Cheese tarts.  When Hui Wen was ordering the pastries I was like, want meh so many can finish meh? Conveniently forgetting I’m the only weirdo who hates dessert hahahaha. But I think they were a hit and they really put the finishing touches on our buffet spread!


Marbled Colony cupcakes. <3


Drink station! Raspberry soda from Espresso Lab, and ok need to say a big thank you to Heineken and Strongbow who supplied the beer and cider respectively!


Kepoh chi peering into the styled offices lolol.


How could we not have our biggest work event ever and not have the critters there right!? Hehe here they are clutching their cheese tarts. A second after this Penny dropped her tart and cried wtf.

(and I clearly never iron my pants.)

(also clearly color blind cos the theme is gold & black and when I got dressed my closet area is yellow light so I thought my pants were gold hahahahaha)


Everyone looking so well dressed <3


Careen was our host! When I was thinking of emcees, I didn’t want anyone but her *hearts in eyes* and she did such an amazing job on such short notice!


Here’s Fatty giving his passionate speech wtf.


Aerial view.


PR shot of Fatty on the rooftop of our building wtf.


Place really filling up! Really very touched so many people came for us. <3



#INFLUENCER Arnold Loh and girl whose name I did not catch but who came dressed so fitting to the theme!


Daniel and Fadza (without Vivy) (and Brian and Kittie at the back lol)


Espresso Lab owner Joshua and Sara of Bold Grains!


L-R: Teeny, Hui Wen, Bobo, Sieu Ee and Ally.


Minus Bobo plus the only other friend I have who’s also named Audrey hahaha.


Dianna and Linda very serious!


Wah my mouth so big why do I bother having cheeks WTF.


Linda and Kai Siew <3


David with my daughter hahaha she very layan him normally she’s super lansi! Apparently she was ordering him about some more.


Our team of interior designers of Hoe & Yin!  Katrine, Jason and Jocelyn.


And one more with the Colony family.

Clockwise from top left: Victoria, Jocelyn (from H&Y), Nick, Song, Jason (H&Y), Joshua, Suet Li, Ji Mun, Aarie, Fatty and me wtf, Elvina and Nitaya.


Oh and all these photos?  Taken by official photographer Kehrol (who’s an old friend all the way from US college days) and her friends from 90K who did videography for us!


Taken after the party was over and we can all relax hahaha.

Anyway like I said, I really couldn’t have pulled off this launch party without the amazing people we worked with. Here’s a shoutout to them because they really deserve the credit.

Soiree Lab – for being our eye for beauty and the talent behind the party.  For conceptualizing and creating all the gorgeous offices, for conceptualizing our goodie bags, for styling the food and drinks tables so beautifully.

Espressolab – for providing the yummy soda of which I had a lot lolol. Of course we had to get our beverages from you!

Bold Grains – our in house cafe operator who served up canapes that not only looked good but tasted great, I heard people gushing over them!

Careen – for agreeing to host our party at such short notice and for less than what you’re really worth. You did such a flawless job!

Carol Yong Photography and 90K Studio – for being so on the ball and capturing such perfect moments among our friends and guests.

Hoe & Yin Design Studio – without whom we wouldn’t have this party at all wtf. They were the force behind what Colony is today, and worked unflaggingly to produce what I unabashedly think is the most beautiful coworking space in Malaysia.

All our guests, our family members and friends – you were the people we wanted to celebrate with. Thank you for being there!

The media and influencers – Sad that we didn’t manage to get photos of every single one of you! Some of you are our friends, some we’ve never met before. Nevertheless you guys took the time to attend and for that I am so so appreciative. Thank you for your support and I’m glad that I met so many awesome friendly people.

The Colony family – what would we have done without you guys!? You guys worked late nights to set up and prepare, took on menial jobs just to ensure the event is a success.  Everyone chipped in wholeheartedly, organizing the logistics of the event, running tours, and even making the effort to go down on the road to greet guests. You guys are the backbone of Colony.


AudDisgusting AudParenting

A story of some kiasu parents

This is the story of last weekend.

Fighter has been in Chiltern House – a bilingual preschool – for two years, and for kindergarten I’d actually planned to send him to a fully Mandarin school.  Cos I’m a complete ‘banana’ so I’m already not much help wtf. I want him to be exposed to Mandarin from an early age so it’s hopefully easier for him to absorb.

I’m not gonna say which school this is (but some of you may already probably guess) but Registration Day was on Saturday, 8 am onwards.

The catch is that we heard there was only 50 or so spots available for the morning session. I definitely didn’t want the afternoon slot and the morning confirm more popular anyway!

Being kiasu, Sieu Ee and I decided we’d go earlier, like at 5 am wtf.  Doesn’t matter if people call us kiasu no way was I gonna spend the next two years of my life ferrying Penny to school in the morning, THEN driving Fighter to his school in the afternoon. I might as well become an Uber driver then if Imma spend so much time on the road.

So on Friday night, I joked to Fatty that maybe I should just wear normal clothes to sleep and just wake up and go.  I climbed into bed at 9.30 pm, and carefully set my alarm. And I went to sleep.

Somehow, through the dredges of sleep I heard it. My phone buzzing. Shot wide awake and snatched my phone off the nightstand, convinced I’d overslept and it was morning and I’d be driving a Sunlight cab next year wtf.

It was Sieu Ee. She said, “I think you better come to school ASAP.”  Another mom had called her and told her to get her butt over as soon as possible and to call me too.

It was 1.15 am in the morning.  Remember, registration starts at 8 am. At 1.15 am, there were already 20 people lining up outside the school gate WTF.

Jumped out of bed and made it to the school gates at 1.45 am.


Behold! The sight that greeted me wtf.  The fella at the head of the line is actually a friend. I think he was enjoying himself thoroughly, smugly pointing people to the back of the line wtf.


With my everything buddy. Thank god she called and woke me up T3T Even saved a spot next to her what would I do without you wtf.


Here’s the line snaking behind us after maybe an hour.  We even brought stools and provisions so we just sat there watching other parents pull up in their various cars, get out and walk briskly toward the line of us, suppressed panic on their faces lolol.


I brought Ikea stools only but other dads brought proper foldable camping chairs ok hahahahaha. And even mosquito coil HAHAHAHAHA. I’m made of 200% mosquito bait so the dad was nice enough to bring one over for me.


At 4 am they opened the gates wtf.  The teachers ushered us into the carpark to continue waiting.  Took a pic of the poor saps behind me hahaha.  It turned out I was number 20 – not too bad!

The whole process was extremely well organized and orderly I was even more impressed with the school.  The teachers were so cheerful and warm too despite it being 4 am and that they were surrounded by crazed kiasu parents.


Luckily we came prepared WTF.  Sieu Ee the queen of planning, brought a whole Ikea shopping bag of snacks – cup noodles, chips, nuts, chocolate, packet drinks and even bottled drinks WTF.  I only brought a powerbank, stools and flasks of hot water for us to make noodles.

I also brought along my makeup bag because priorities.

Anyway stupid Sieu Ee took this photo of me making noodles hahahaha.  Mamee Cup naturally because we scared Mamee royalty got spies around watching us wtf.  As soon as I poured the water in, the smell soared up in the carpark and the man behind me even gave me a thumbs up sign wtf hahahahaha. #solidarity

To cut a long story short, I waited more than 6 hours in line to register my son for kindergarten and to pay the deposit.  I stayed up the whole night – something I haven’t done since college – and I didn’t even get concert tickets at the end lol.

If you’re wondering why the fuss for just kindergarten. Well it’s a very reputable school with limited slots.  Also a few early bird parents who went, snapped photos while waiting in line, sparking everyone else’s kiasu-ness, and creating a frenzy to go sit outside the school gates and wait.  The teachers said apparently this is the worst year in the history of school. :X  And this stampede involved a lot of Chiltern parents so now we have a reputation for crazy wtf.

We heard a carload of parents were heading to go wait at the school too, and they came into a police road block LOL.  Police stopped them and asked where they were heading this time of night.  The parents answered, to register for a school lolol lamest answer ever please.

And the police said, “oh *insert school name* ah? Last year also like this.” *waves them off*

Hahahahahaha like this also can!

I’m laughing in most photos cos it’s so ridiculous!  David came with Sieu Ee but kept retreating to the car to nap.  People were watching Korean dramas on their phones while they waited.  One mom apparently was pissed nobody called her early enough so when she got in she glared angrily at everyone ahead of her. Hahaha.

Definitely an adventure to tell people at parties la hahaha.  Even if I did miss a whole night of sleep and am still recuperating.  There must be a better way to do this because parents are just going to go earlier and earlier!  The first parent actually started camping out at 3.30 pm the day before WTF.  When it’s Penny’s turn in two years how!?


I feel so gross that I’m so kiasu also ok hahahaha.  The teacher I worked with for the registration, when told I’d waited since 1 am, told me I was very noble to do this for my son.  No lo! I’m doing it so I don’t have to be 24/7 chauffeur next year lolol she’s damn positive ok.

Whatever it is, I got the slot I wanted #kiasu #maximumauntie. My kids’ schedules are aligned wtf.


Colonial updates


I haven’t blogged in more than a week and it’s all because of Colony T____T Pang sai also no time wtf what more blog. (Luckily I got diarrhea cos that way it’s faster WTF)

We are officially launching next week so things have been crazy.  Our ID team and contractors and workers also been working at breakneck speed and even working through weekends. I can’t tell you how grateful and touched I am to have these people on our team. *tears

We had sooo many problems some more! Cannot say too much la but we had to deal with some very difficult people (and even some misogyny and ageism wtf) – some reasonable and some unreasonable. But I guess I learned quite a lot – about handling people and about just a whole new field so I’m good. ^^

Anyway we’re at the end now.  Just cleaning up, decorating and styling, and picking up loose ends.  Here’s some in progress photos to show you guys.


The view from our coworking space.


Colleagues assembling the toy kitchen for the kids’ play area hahaahah.


Break: Mommy busy Penny also busy.  She damn funny nowadays cos she keeps grabbing my laptop and phone and telling me, “I do work.”


When I went to choose lighting for the place.


Spray painting the counters for the cafe area.


Staining the timber floors. I never knew staining was so labor intensive and manual.


Eh why this pic so blur. *can’t be bothered to change it

With my boss wtf.


Signs are up!


Hahaha this was sent over my Katrine when we were planning the pictures to put up.  You can totally tell we like hipster animals.



I was so happy when I found this picture online! It’s a map of the Spanish colonies hahaha geddit geddit.


Doors to the phone booths installed.


Another photo Katrine sent. I ended up choosing this table light hybrid for the breastfeeding room. ^^


The first customers at our kids area already wrecking the place lolol. Got in and instantly started fighting over toys FML.


Took our families – both Tiahs and Oois – to visit Colony today!  Ooi side of the family here (Fatty had to rush to a meeting)


Damn menyampah hahaha.


Aih. I’ve been really busy so most afternoons I’ve been at the office, leaving this girl and her brother at home with the nannies.  Penny is always super happy to see me even if I’ve only gone to the toilet for five minutes so I didn’t think too much about how she always greets me with a run and a hug when I come home.

I didn’t realize how much she missed me until when I was feeding her dinner and she laid her head on the nearest body part she could reach – my knee – and just stayed there, chewing her food. T________T

Just a little bit more Baby. Then Mommy will come home.


Hired our new security guard wtf.

Anyway we are actually still looking for more interns! So I can go home earlier to my critters please lolol. Minimum three months preferable.

If you’re interested, hit me up! Audrey @

Can’t wait to show you guys the full full final product!!!!


“I kiss you.”

The door tore open with a bang. A second later, small, quick footsteps pattered across our bedroom carpet.

If my eyes were open, I’d have rolled them.  But they were shut, glued together with sleep.  Which I didn’t have enough of cos I had insomnia again the night before. T____T Instead, I just pulled the covers over my head, praying that they wouldn’t see me, and cursing Fatty for bringing the kids in so early to wake me.

No point wtf.  Under the comforter, I felt the bed sink in two spots as two critters clambered on to the mattress, chanting “Mommymommymommymommy”.   One made herself comfortable on my bladder, making me feel like peeing the bed.  The other one settled on my right arm, numbing it.

The comforter over my head whipped open and two critters cheered as though they’d found some buried treasure.  Fighter was the one sitting on my arm and he’d pulled open the comforter.

He informed me, “Mommy, it’s morning. Time to wake up.”

And then he lowered his head and planted a kiss on my forehead.

“I kiss you. Like the prince and princess in my iPad.  The princess hurt her finger then she sleep and the prince kissed her and she woke up.  So you can wake up now.”

Was there ever a more adorable alarm clock!? T______T All annoyance vanished. I cracked open an eye and pulled both him and Penny in for a snuggle.

Later on, Fatty told me what really happened that morning.  Fatty wakes up earlier than me on most weekends and he normally tries to keep the kids away from our bedroom so I catch a couple more hours of sleep.

So apparently they were hanging out in my brother in law’s side of the apartment when Fighter suddenly piped up. “Daddy, can I go take my (toy) sheep? It’s at the other side.” (referring to our side of the apartment.)

Fatty unsuspectingly said sure and opened the door leading to our side of the apartment.  Immediately, both critters jumped up and dashed through the door, hollering, “MOMMY! I SEE MOMMY!”

Fatty kena tag team conned HAHAHAHAHA. Critters 1, Daddy 0.

He sprinted after them, but they were already halfway up the stairs and banging on my room door. Lolol.

And you know what happens after that.

I’m blogging this so that…. on days where I feel I’ve had enough, I will remember today and remember what makes it all worth it.



With my loves the other day at lunch. <3

AudVanity Audvertorial

Hair’s a solution for you

So if you’ve been reading my blog since before the beginning of time, you’d probably be well versed in my hair woes. T_____T

My hair has always been straight, fine and limp.  Then you know my penchant for coloring my hair right. I color it nearly every month and although Hikky gives me beautiful color and she takes care and treats my hair very well, the chemical treatments definitely take a toll la.  So my hair is also quite weakened now and frizzy. :X

And worse, sometimes I kena dandruff!!! Or dry scalp or something la I don’t know. But sometimes when I reach up and scratch my head, snow falls. FML.

At the same time, I also have oily scalp. Scalp, y u troll me!? Suddenly dry suddenly oily wtf. I normally combat this by switching shampoos regularly cos somehow product seems to build up less in my hair and I get more volume.

So hello, new shampoo and new conditioner.


It’s my first time trying out this brand! Botanist is an award winning shampoo and treatment range from Japan and is available in all Sephora outlets in Malaysia!  I love the packaging already *hearts in eyes*

! No wonder the packaging so cute and minimalist. <3

It’s ingredients also can say minimalist with 90% consisting of water and natural plant derived ingredients.  For example, the shampoo is silicone, sulfate, and paraben free.   Also, vegetable extracts are selected to bring back the natural hair elasticity, and refresh and cleanse the scalp.


So if you’ve got dry and itchy scalp, or dandruff (like me aughhhh)


Or a smelly head (like Penny HAHAHA she super poor thing when she sweats her head becomes so smelly I want to faint)….

IMG_20170620_154942Give Botanist a try ^^

(HAHAHAHA I am aware this pic is super corny! But I ran out of ideas hahahah.)

Anyway I gave it a try. The apple scent is actually quite heavy but after the first whiff I didn’t really smell it anymore.  The shampoo, being made of more natural ingredients, didn’t lather as easily as I’m used to but it gets the job done la hahaha.

The treatment is really good! I expected it to not be as ‘effective’ so I pumped a lot into my palm. I really didn’t need so much cos it smoothened my hair like crazy! I hardly needed to drag it through my hair.


Hair after wash. 🙂

In a nutshell, Botanist is not one of those high tech shampoo and treatment ranges that promise like…miracles. Hahaha. But it’s a decent, clean, light product that does what it’s supposed to effectively – clean my hair and leave it soft and smooth and feeling fresh. ^^


Botanist retails for RM78 each at all Sephora Malaysia stores and Sephora Malaysia Online.  Comes with a gift with purchase while stocks last!

More info available here at Botanist Official.

This post was written in collaboration with Botanist.


Colony Co-working Space KL: Working moms have it the toughest. Here’s how I want to help.

So you’ve all read Fatty’s blog post on Colony, the coworking space we’re creating right now. How he conceptualized Colony, to his whole process in bringing his vision alive.

My turn to talk about it from my perspective!

So Fatty asked me to join him and help him start up Colony.  And I agreed.

Putting aside issues like how it affects our relationship and marriage, my life basically turned upside down.

I became a working mom. *jeng jeng jeng*

I don’t have to go in every day from 9 to 5 but here’s what my schedule looks like these days –

  • wake up, get ready, send the kids to school
  • while waiting for kids, either run errands, go wet market, or just hang around near school doing work on my laptop
  • pick kids up, send them home and get them started on lunch
  • sneak out, head over to office for meetings, catch up with other office people, review the work done, etc etc
  • rush back home to see kids
  • spend the next couple hours trying to finish up more work while entertaining them (because already super guilty never spend quality time with them the whole day)
  • dinner, wash up, bedtime stories, put them to sleep
  • At night, Netflix with Fatty or draft blog posts/do more Colony work
  • Rinse and repeat

My schedule already considered very flexible cos still can take kids to school and go market and sometimes sneak in a workout while they’re in class.  But I still feel the mom guilt, guys.

And that’s me with a nice stretchy schedule! I salute you full time working moms how do you guys do it. T______T

So when we were planning out Colony, I wanted to make life for working moms a little easier if I could.  And this is what we came up with.

  1. Lactation room

When I was working full time, I was young and unmarried wtf, as were most of us in our department.  However, our boss was a mom and she’d just had her second baby.  And she was breastfeeding.

Every day, she’d pull out her Medela Freestyle and storage bottles.  And she’d holler to us all that she was gonna pump so nobody come near her cubicle.  Then we’d hear the pump going WHOK WHOK WHOK and nobody would dare walk near her place wtf.  When she was done, she’d take her breast milk and stash it in the fridge where we kept our beer. Hahahaha.

Being young and stupid, we all thought it was hilarious and the jokes lasted for years lolol my poor boss.  But as a mom now, I can totally imagine the pain.

Which is why, I told Fatty we need a lactation and nursing room.  We’re creating a small room with plug points and a comfortable chair, and a small freezer to store expressed milk.  No more pumping at your desk while discreetly trying to protect your modesty, or worse, pumping in the toilet. -_-  And if you happen to bring your baby to work, you can just nurse there!  It shouldn’t be so hard for a working mom who just wants to feed her baby.

2. Kids play area

I don’t know how many companies actually allow their employees to bring their kids to work.  But I think if I were a working mom — eh wait I’m technically one now HAHAHA. Well, if I had to drop by the office for just a while, or come in on weekends or something, I’d love to bring my kids with me.

So we’re creating a safe area (behind a glass door) for kids to hang out and play!  There will be a designated children’s section filled with toys and probably a TV running cartoons – somewhere you can safely leave your kids and have peace of mind while you settle whatever you need to do.

Inside that room I plan to put tables and chairs, maybe some couches so that you can also sit and watch your kids and have a coffee or something. Which also brings me to the fact that there’s going to be a cafe too! 😀


Here’s a 3D rendering of it.

Our cafe will actually be open to public so you guys can come over any time 😀 Which also brings me to my next point…

3. Tiffin carriers at the cafe

We have two vendors – EspressoLab for drinks and maybe some snacks, and Bold Grains by The Healthy Food People for proper meals.  They specialize in healthy, home cooked food and we thought another way to ease the burden of working moms is to provide tiffin carriers and give moms (or anyone else, really) the option of taking food to go so that they don’t need to go home and cook dinner for their families.  You can also bring your own container obviously, but hopefully it will take one less chore off you guys.

There’s other things I’d love to implement. For example one day, a childcare center attached to our coworking space. 😀 You can bring your child to work with you but just drop them off in the childcare and pick them up after work.  If you miss them you can go see them anytime hahaha.  And if they’re sick it’s so easy to go get them.  This is my ideal situation yo.

Butttttt this is just our first location. Hahaha hopefully got more la ok fingers crossed if all goes well. When we gain more experience I think there’s lots more I could do.

Working moms have it the toughest I think.  The world has advanced enough that women can work and aren’t confined to house and home, but at the same time, while women work full time, as much as their husbands, women still take on the bulk when it comes to domestic chores, and children.  (and this bothers me a lot! Lolol)

We still have a way to go to get to full gender equality but in the meantime, I’d like to help create something that makes things easier for women and moms. 🙂

Some other 3D pictures of Colony!







If you want more info, ask me! Hahaha. Or check out our website here la.  Or our Facebook page.

We’re launching next month!


Have you checked up on your health lately?

The older I get, the more aware of our mortality. Of me and Fatty’s health. All the more crucial right now because the Two Critters TM are entirely dependent on us. At morbidly emo times, I’d think what if I passed away right now Fighter would maybe remember me faintly but Penny would probably no memories of me at all! Then I’d be sitting on a cloud (or in flames underground wtf) getting sadder and sadder cos I’d miss out on being there as they grow up wtf #overthinking

This thought is worse than me and Fatty getting a divorce hahahaha.

Anyway, I am adulting so hard now yo. As part of my relatively recent role of responsible mom and wife *cough*, I subjected myself to a full blown health screening, courtesy of Beacon Hospital.

Beacon Hospital is a small hospital tucked away in Petaling Jaya and it was my first time there.  Made my way to the health screening department….


And found a cosy waiting area filled with quirky furniture lol.


And this! A buffet breakfast spread hahaha very thoughtful! Since most people there are probably fasting in anticipation of their checkups, the Beacon people prepared this breakfast station for us. 😀


I was totally eyeing the curry bao wtf.


The screening I’m doing is called the Ruby Women Wellness Lite (<40), for women aged below 40. It’s super comprehensive la! With blood tests (that required FIVE vials of blood from me omg), a full ultrasound for abdomen, pelvis and breast, an X-ray, vision test, BMI, ECG, Lung Function Test (which I think I only borderline passed :X), pap smear, and a doctor’s consultation.

I was also screened for diabetes, cancer markers, anemia, gout, and infectious, and autoimmune diseases.  Also assessed for heart, liver, thyroid issues, among others.


Turquoise is the new black lolol. Everyone is given scrubs to wear and women are thoughtfully also given a scarf to drape over our shoulders and chest for max modesty wtf.


While waiting your turn for the various tests, Internet stations are thoughtfully set up for patients to while away the time. ^^


Doing my BMI screening where I found out I’m actually 1 cm shorter than I thought FML.

Anyway everything is clear with me. I got my full medical report on the same day itself! Which is a very convenient perk of Beacon health screenings, no need to come back to collect report.

Except that my cholesterol is slightly high. T_______T A few years ago not like this one T______T I don’t even really eat a lot of terribly unhealthy foods and I generally avoid fried foods anyway although McDs is a weakness of mine. The consulting doctor said a large part of it is genetic *stares daggers at Fat Her*

Aih anyway good to know la so I can monitor and take charge of my own health.

Beacon Hospital is running a Time Ticker Deal promotion right now and certain health screenings are now offered at special rates.

a. MSCT Heart Scan – RM299

This screening is specially dedicated for individual aged 40 years old and above. MSCT Calcium Score is a non-invasive medical test of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the Coronary Arteries. This is a Parent’s Day promotion that focuses on screening for heart disease.

b.      Bone Dexa Scan – RM29

This package is specially dedicated for individuals aged 40 years old and above. A bone dexa scan measures how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone, to detect osteoporosis and to predict the risk of bone fractures. This is a Parent’s Day promotion that focuses on screening for osteoporosis.

c. Father’s Day Comprehensive Health Screening – RM899

This medical check-up caters for elderly parents  50 years and above. This package focuses on screening the major issues faced by elderly people, like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and glaucoma.

d. Mother’s Day Comprehensive Health Screening – RM999

This medical check-up caters for elderly parents 50 years and above. This package focuses on screening the major issues faced by elderly people, like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and glaucoma. For women, it includes screening for female cancers such as pap smears and mammograms.

The cool thing about Beacon health screenings is that you can purchase whichever health screening you’re interested in on the website itself.

Just add to cart like you’re online shopping. 😀

After that you can also make an appointment for your health screening on the website.  Just create an account (if you haven’t) and log in to your account.

And click on Make An Appointment.

Aaaaand I have a discount code for you guys! It’s limited to the first 500 customers but just key in this E-coupon code AudBHM when you’re buying your package online to get RM500 off HERE. (code expires 31 July 2017)*

*T&C apply:

  1. This discount e-coupon cannot be used to exchange for cash or Gift Card.
  2. This discount e-coupon may be used only for goods and services at Beacon Hospital Mall website (
  3. This discount e-coupon is transferable but cannot be used together with any other promotional packages, Time Ticker deals or discounts.
  4. This discount e-coupon can only be redeemed once by the same individual (cannot be redeemed again if the same individual has redeemed the discount e-coupon before)
  5. This discount e-coupon can be redeemed on a 1st come 1st serve basis, subject to a maximum of 500 e-coupon redemption.
  6. This discount e-coupon is valid for individual aged 18 years and above only
  7. This discount e-coupon redemption period is from 1 June 2017 to 31 July 2017.
  8. Beacon International Specialist Centre reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Terms & Conditions.
  9. I agree to let Beacon International Specialist Centre to contact me by email, SMS, Whatapps or phone. I can stop receiving all relevant promotional communications at any time.


Take care of our health guys!

This post was written in collaboration with Beacon Hospital.


Of Hide & Seek and swimming


So yeah like I said, I’d decided to stop vlogging but I think Imma try to stick to at least one vlog a month now.  Cos I realized that Fighter and Penny basically use my vlogs for mealtime entertainment WTF.  Hahahahaha. They think it’s hilarious watching themselves and to be honest, it is pretty awesome having video footage of the kids at their various stages of childhood.

Once a month is absolutely doable la. 😀

So hello Tiah TV is back!