My eight month old Mochi

I haven’t done a Penny update in some time!


So this little one is eight and a half months now … and I’m in love. *hearts in eyes

The previous times I wrote, I think she was still being fairly difficult.  But now she’s nearly a different baby!  It’s like a changeling but in a good way wtf.

Her naps are still not fantastic – half an hour usually, 45 minutes if I’m lucky.  She still takes 3-4 naps a day.  She sleeps best in the carrier strapped to me so sometimes outings are a blessing cos it means she’ll nap more.

She still goes to sleep at 7-8 pm but before I’d be terrified to wake her cos she was such a light sleeper, and now she sleeps more soundly thank goodness don’t need to creep around like a burglar.

She still wakes up for milk every 3-4 hours FML.  She had roseola recently which really messed up her sleep I think; she was waking up every 1-2 hours FML.

She can sit up now obviously.  She started doing that at 4-5 months and became really stable around 6 I think.

She can also pull herself to stand and she’s very stable!  She can hold on to furniture and stand for damn long some more.  Can sing the Star Spangled Banner and I think she’ll still be standing.

A few days ago, I realized she can turn around, let go of furniture momentarily and grab something else to stabilize herself.

And Fatty and I both noticed on separate times today that she let go and stood by herself for a couple of seconds before grabbing on to something!!!

She’s also starting to scoot around while holding on to furniture.

She definitely knows her name.


She’s getting good at eating solids!  Not just pureed food but food with more texture, rice and baby pasta and other soft shapes. Much easier now cos I’ll just cook whatever for Fighter (usually rice + soup, or noodles/pasta _ soup, or porridge) and give that to her too.  If the veggies or meat is too tough I’ll blend it but normally she eats whatever he eats.

She’s developing a pretty sweet sense of humor. 😀  Today she sneezed and looked so surprised I laughed at her.  She looked at me and giggled in response hahahaha.


Okay not a milestone or skill but… she is getting so pretty!

Confession time!  I’d always imagined my daughter to look like me so when she was born I was slightly disappointed cos she really doesn’t look like me right!? But I wouldn’t have her any other way la and she’s getting so pretty in her own different way!

She used to be very timid and shy but she’s blossomed recently.  Last time when I took her out with me I had to tell everyone to ignore her WTF.  Cos if talk to her she’d burst into tears hahahaha kelian.


Now, although she rarely lets anyone carry her, if you talk to her and smile at her, she smiles back and leans her head on me (cos I’d be carrying her) like very shy like that hahaha.


Her nickname is now Mochi.  For some reason she’s daaaamn attached to me *humble brags wtf.  Even if I can’t carry her, as long as she’s touching me can already wtf.  Like when she wakes up in the morning and sees me still sleeping, she’ll roll and put her head on my shoulder hehehe.  (but sometimes very painful cos she bangs her head into my face wtf)

Penny now knows how to be jealous of Koko WTF.  She’s so clingy to me her nickname is now Mochi cos you know, round and sticky hahaha. So every minute of me carrying Fighter is a minute wasted to her.  When she sees me holding him, she’ll shout angrily omg.  Poor Koko ahaha T_____T

What else ah? Oh yea she’s learned how to clap and is clapping like a very enthusiastic audience member every day wtf.

She also seems to really like other kids and babies! Any time she sees another kid she’ll crow and excitedly try to reach for them hahaha super sociable ah.

But And the most annoying of all…

Nowadays she likes to do this horrible thing when nursing where she’ll bite down on me with her gums and then pull away. And then do it repeatedly annoying or not! Then when I chastise her she beams at me happily hahahaha haih.

(If you haven’t read my post on things you didn’t know about breastfeeding, go here.)


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The difference in visiting Disneyland after having kids

Not learning from our nightmare trip to Sydney, we made the brave decision this time to take another family holiday – this time to Hong Kong.

No la hahaha. This was a family trip with Fatty’s family, and we thought it would be better this time since Penny is older and the entire contingent came along – grandparents, uncles and aunts who could help out if needed.

It was much better!  The highlight of the trip of course was Disneyland.

Visiting Disneyland for the first time with kids was a very different experience!  Here’s why.

  1. No more scary rides

Most of me and Fatty’s youthful experiences in theme parks were going for the craziest rides.


Now this was the wildest ride we went on – the Slinky Dog ride at Toy Story Land.  We so wild, we went on it TWICE.*woohoo*

Yea twice because this boy loved it so much he cried when it ended so me and Fatty took turns bringing him on it.

2. We spent most of the time in Fantasyland and Toy Story Land

We had two whole days in Disneyland and we only managed to really cover these two lands (reason: babies are slow walkers).  Normally I’d skip Fantasy Land but this was the highlight of Disney for Fighter.IMG-20151125-WA0060

Toy Story Land where Fighter and Penny kept looking around in awe at all the colorful thingamajigs.


Fantasy Land which is fantastic wtf.

3. No time spent in the stores

I used to shop a LOT at Disney; the merchandise was basically the highlight of the trip for me hahaha. Now between rushing for the next kid friendly ride, rushing back to the hotel for nap time and rushing to grab food, there was no time at all to go shopping FML.   The only time I managed to browse a bit was at the store in the Disney hotel, after the kids were asleep wtf.

4. Speaking of shopping, I used to buy new cute headgear every Disney trip


Wearing Stitch ears the last HK Disneyland trip


And that is buy complete costumes for my kids to wear HAHAHA.


Here’s Fighter dressed as Woody.


Complete with hat which sadly is too small for his head wtf.


And here’s Mochi White.



Never got a chance to order them till now lol. Now… EAT ALL THE CUTENESS.

6. Missing the fireworks

I used to stay back till the end to catch the amazing fireworks display Disneyland put on every night.  It never disappointed.

This time, as it is, it was hard enough to stay until the night parade (at 7.15 pm wtf).  Penny’s usual bedtime is 7 pm so on the last day we boh pian forced ourselves to stay until then to catch the parade, knowing Fighter would love it.  He did but I spent the entire parade with my hands clamped over Penny’s ears while she snored away in the baby carrier.  Then we went back to the hotel before the fireworks started wtf.

7. We now spend time hunting down the mascots

Last time, I’d siam the Disney characters like mad cos (A) super long lines and (B) better time spent on lining up for rides

This time, most of our day was spent hunting down the characters and taking photos with them.  Because while Penny is too young and only mildly interested in these funny looking people, Fighter LOVES them.  He becomes happy until crazy whenever he spots one hahahaha.


Had to take photo with Woody since Fighter is dressed as him. 


And Lotso!


We also went to have buffet breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel because that’s when all the characters come and say hi!  If you’re planning to go for this, please book in advance cos it can be difficult to get a table.

And here’s the biggest difference of all…

As a kid, Disney is magic.

When you visit Disneyland as an adult, you go there to enjoy all the cuteness and adorable-ness of it all.  Or you go there to relive your childhood and bask in nostalgia, and to study how Disney brings it to life in the best theme park in the world.

But when you go to Disneyland as a kid, everything there is real.  Including the magic.

Fighter didn’t walk down Main Street impressed at the level of quirky detail on the stores.  To him, he accepted the shops were all real and normal, as were the rides we went on.  Instead of a ride that looked like a teacup or an elephant, he accepted he was sitting in a real tea cup and a real Dumbo.


When he saw the characters, he shrieked in excitement because finally instead of being stuck behind a screen, he finally saw his ‘friends’ in person! When I realized that, I started looking at everything with new eyes.  

It’s an absolutely awesome experience, discarding the adult baggage that come with experience, and just enjoying Disneyland as kids do – with total acceptance and belief.

Maybe that’s how we should try to see the real world too. :)  

One thing I really loved was how hard the cast members of Disney work to keep the magic going for the kids.  Disneyland isn’t about the adults (although we’re the ones paying FOL).  It’s for the kids.

When Fighter spied Chip and Dale, he went crazy.  He shrieked with happiness and pointed at them and shook his little body excitedly.

We decided to line up to take photos with Chip and Dale then.  Suddenly we noticed Chip (or Dale) leave their post and my heart sank a little, thinking it was break time.

Instead, Chip walked towards us, waving.  Fighter saw him and went crazy again, shrieking joyfully and pointing.  And Chip gave him a kiss before going back to his photo post.

We happily settled back into line, with Fighter on cloud nine.

After a while, it was time for their real break.  I told Fatty maybe we shouldn’t wait anymore since Fighter already had his encounter with them.

But what happens next? Dale comes up to us instead on his way out. 


He beckoned Fighter over… and gave him a big bear hug.

That totally made Fighter’s day.  He was blissfully happy, all just from two simple gestures from the cast members playing Chip and Dale.

Here’s a snapchat of Fighter going crazy when he saw Chip and Dale.

And him being in awe after getting his hug from them.

The next day, I was holding Penny, standing around waiting for Fatty and Fighter who went to the toilet. We saw Donald Duck doing his thing nearby so I went closer to kepoh.


Again the same thing happened! Donald left his post to come over and tickle Penny and make funny signals at her.  Penny was enthralled and reached out to pat him on the beak.

So thank you Disney for creating magic for Fighter and Penny.


Here’s some family photos! With Aunty Fayth and our nanny.


And just the four of us.

Snapchats of our Disney trip.

To other parents of similarly aged kids –

If you’re thinking of taking them to Disneyland now, DO IT.  Don’t worry about whether they’ll be too young to enjoy or remember.  Maybe at Penny’s age they are, but at Fighter’s (two and above), they will love it.

Sure they may not remember much when they’re older but the younger they are, the more they believe.  The Disney magic can fade the older and more jaded they become but when they’re young it will be by far the best day of their lives.

Fighter was so happy and in wonder at all the awesome sights and experiences and I’m so glad we took him!


10 things you should know about breastfeeding

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on breastfeeding but I do have a PhD in Googling.  So in my total two years or so of breastfeeding I came across a lot of trivia!

And because I’m a trivia nerd, I’m compiling a list of things I learned and making you read it wtf.

10. Breastfeeding puts baby to sleep

Every mom knows the easiest way to put a baby to sleep is stick a boob in his mouth and eventually he’ll drift off to dreamland.  But do you know why?  Here’s where you insert a lot of science jargon but basically it has to do with the hormones in the milk.  At night, higher amounts of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone has been found in breast milk than in the day time, which makes putting baby to sleep easier.  And you can get the rest you need!

9. Breastfeeding puts MOMMY to sleep

There is a proper reason besides you being so exhausted that you just fall asleep the minute you sit still.  And that is that breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin which can make you feel relaxed, loved and sleepy. :) I like to think of it as our bodies taking care to make sure we get enough rest to with a baby around.

8. Breast milk is tailored to baby’s needs

Right after you give birth, your breasts produce colostrum, a special milk which is lower in volume but high in nutrients.  Colostrum provides special antibodies needed by a newborn immediately after birth. And as baby grows, breast milk composition changes to match what baby needs.

Heck, it even changes during lactation! During the first few minutes of a feed, foremilk is released which is thinner and more watery to quench baby’s thirst.  The later milk is called hind milk and is fattier, which will satiate the baby and keep him full.

7. Your diet doesn’t affect the composition of your breast milk

So for example, even if you don’t eat oranges, your baby will still get her full quota of Vitamin C. Hahaha. That’s because your body prioritizes the needs of your baby and makes sure your milk contains the full complement of goodness your baby needs to thrive.  The bad news is that if you don’t eat well, you will deprive your own body of nutrients because the good stuff is all going to the baby.  So eating well and healthily is still a must; it’s just that you do it for yourself.

6. Breastfeeding is not just good for baby, it’s good for mom too

Research has shown that breastfeeding may help ward off breast and ovarian cancers! BRB shoving boob into Penny’s mouth.

The oxytocin released during breastfeeding helps the uterus contract, helping you return to your pre-preggers figure.  And prolactin, the hormone linked to milk production makes you feel happy and fuzzy, keeping post natal blues at bay.

And let’s not forget that breastfeeding is supposed to burn 500 calories a day!  This (and Marie France) is what I attribute to helping me lose my baby weight so quickly.

5. No period!

The milk-making hormone, prolactin, suppresses ovulation which means no period!  I actually never got my period until I got pregnant with Penny.  And my period is still MIA right now which means I haven’t had it since… Dec 2012 LOLOL.  I love it because it’s one less thing to worry about.
6. Breastfeeding is not birth control
However, breastfeeding is not a reliable method of birth control ok.  As I found out the hard way wtf.  I did not have my period but I apparently ovulated anyway because… we conceived Penny hahaha.
5.  Kissing your baby changes your breast milk
Whaaat? According to an article I read, apparently the irresistible urge to cover your baby in kisses serves a biological purpose. When a mother kisses her baby, she samples the pathogens on baby’s face, which then travel to mom’s lymphatic system. Mom’s body then creates antibodies to fight those pathogens, which baby receives through breast milk. Astounding!
4. Breast milk has the power to neutralize HIV. 
This was also something I did not know until recently.  Researchers found that isolated antibodies from B cells in breast milk, “can generate neutralizing antibodies that may inhibit the virus that causes AIDS.” Source.  The findings were discovered in an effort to learn why only 1 in 1o HIV positive mothers transmits HIV to her baby via breast milk, when breastfeeding provides so much exposure in spreading pathogens.
3. You will have nipples of steel
There is no doubt that breastfeeding is crazy hard, especially in the early weeks!  You will swear your nipples cry actual tears but don’t worry they will man up!  If you still feel pain after a few weeks, the latch could be wrong and you should probably seek medical advice.
 2.  Pumping and latching are different

I know a lot of moms worry about not having enough milk because when they pump, only a certain amount is produced which may not seem enough.  But a baby is the best extractor of milk so what you pump out is not a good gauge of what your baby is really consuming.  If baby seems contented, that’s enough. :)

1. Your mom level does not depend on breastfeeding alone

Every mom’s breastfeeding journey is different.  It may be happy, bonding, frustrating, depressing even.  Whatever it is, my guess is it is almost always emotional.  Breastfeeding can be the most rewarding thing you’ve done or the most taxing and depressing.  Whatever it may be, remember that how you feed your child does not determine your worth as a mother.  You are the only person who knows how to be the best mom to your child.

2015-10-19 04.21.49 1
This post is in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


Things my kid says #3

Fighter (drinking from his water bottle filled with diluted Ribena): “Jude drink wine.”

Penny is sitting in her walker and apparently Fighter wants to sit in it instead.

Fighter: Mommy. Mommy. Carry baby.

I pick Penny up from her walker and put her on my lap.

Fighter climbs in himself.

Fighter: “Baby sit mommy lap.”


When Fighter is sleepy, he loses his balance HAHAHA.

Fighter is walking around the house when he stumbles.

Fighter: “Jude fall down. Jude sleepy.”

Fighter had a late night, finally falling asleep around 11 pm with Fatty.  The next morning, nanny talks to him.

Nanny: “Fighter, what time did you sleep last night?”

Fighter: “Eight thirty.”

Me: “What time did you wake up then?”

Fighter: “Eight thirty.”


When he wants us to unlock the iPad for him.

Fighter: “Mommy! Eight nine ten!”

My password is not 8-9-10 wtf.

Me: “Fighter, mommy is going to the market.  Do you want to go to the market?”

Fighter: “Mmhm.”

Me: “What do you want to buy at the market?”

Fighter: “A B C D food.”

Fighter was trying to poop and he doesn’t like an audience when he’s doing the deed.

Fighter (holding daddy’s hand and flinging it away): “Daddy. Walk.”

I showed him our wedding photos on the computer.

Fighter: “Ooh wow. Pretty. Mommy pretty.”

Me: “Mommy pretty? Thanks Fighter.”

Fighter: “Daddy pretty.”


On seeing this big bear… or anything fantastic in his opinion.

Fighter: “Amma goat!”

After some moments of confusion, we realized he was saying “Oh my god” hahahahaahha.


On our last trip back to Penang, Fighter was being a huge brat in the car, whining and crying about everything.

We put on the Frozen DVD for him and he even whined at that and kept telling me to turn it off. Finally I could bear it no longer.

Me: “Fighter stop crying! Mommy is watching even if you’re not! If you don’t want to watch, look out of the window or close your eyes.”

We had five minutes of blissful silence before I peeked at him.

He had his hands over his eyes.


Driver told us he peeked on Fighter in the rear view mirror too and saw him steadfastly looking out of the window.  Then when he wanted to look in front (where the TV was) he closed his eyes. HAHAHAHAHA.


As I mentioned, Fighter was being an absolute brat in the car.

Me (to Fatty): “I can’t take it anymore. I’m this close to smacking him.”

Later on, Penny was squalling in the car.

Fighter (mumbling): “Smack baby.”

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A guide to taking your children to dinner

Here’s a simple guide to bringing your kids out for dinner and back. Follow these instructions and you should have a pleasant fuss free night.

  1. Pack diaper bag(s)
  2. Realize you forgot their dinner and turn back.
  3. Scoop two year old’s porridge from the stove into a Thermos and place into diaper bag.  Thankfully you’ve already fed the eight month old her puree dinner.
  4. Fill toddler’s water bottle.  Add a dash of Ribena so he’ll be more likely to drink it.
  5. Wash up baby and change her into footsie pajamas. You may be back past her bedtime and you’d like to put her to bed right away.
  6. Finally leave the house
  7. Strap both into their car seats
  8. Pass the toddler his pacifier so he’ll stop whining
  9. Shush and pat the baby so she’ll stop whining
  10. Arrive at destination, release both from their seats and start walking to restaurant
  11. Toddler alternates between asking to walk and asking to be carried. Go along with it; it’s called picking your battles.
  12. Get seated, ask for two baby chairs.
  13. Wrestle both into the chairs
  14. Pick up a pacifier from the floor.  Pick up the toddler’s left shoe. Pick up baby who’s crying to be carried.
  15. Try to open menu but baby is now reaching for the butter knife. Hastily push utensils to the furthest corner possible.
  16. Snatch pepper and salt shaker out of the toddler’s fist.
  17. Finally order food
  18. Pick up more pacifiers off the floor.  Make a trip to the restroom to wash them off.
  19. Come back and pick color pencils off the floor and hand them back to toddler who’s “coloring”.
  20. Snatch pencils out of toddler’s fist while barking at him to stop drawing on the table.
  21. Carry baby because she’s whining again.  Stand up and bounce her.
  22. While bouncing, bark at toddler for trying to get to the damn knives.
  23. Pick up paper napkins from the floor.
  24. Ask passing waiter in strained voice, WHERE THE HECK IS OUR FOOD?
  25. At this point, waiter may have mercy on you and gives you a teaspoon for baby to play with
  26. Baby starts eating the spoon and you have five minutes of peace
  27. Ask the waiter for a new spoon when baby drops hers
  28. When food arrives, it’s finally time to break out the iPad because toddler is slowly going stir crazy in his seat and has mysteriously lost all his color pencils.
  29. Eat as fast as you can.  Chewing is optional. Indigestion be damned.
  30. You may need to eat with one hand while the other clutches the baby.  This is okay because you’ve gotten really good at this.
  31. Ask the waiter for a new spoon when baby drops hers (again)
  32. Alternate shoveling food into your mouth and shoveling food into toddler’s mouth.
  33. Pick up baby’s pacifier from the floor.  Put her back into her high chair and head for the restroom to do another round of washing.
  34. Come back and be horrified because baby has somehow managed to squeeze her butt out the back of the chair and is hanging on for dear life.  Readjust her and pick her up again.
  35. Nag toddler to drink more water.
  36. Bark at poor unsuspecting sister in law for talking too much during dinner and not eating fast enough.  Baby is flinging herself around because it’s an hour past her bedtime.
  37. Still chewing, ask for the check.
  38. Yell at toddler to sit down and stop taking off his shoes.
  39. Ask for the check again.  It’s been five minutes!
  40. Pay, throw things back into diaper bag and get out of there.
  41. Snap at toddler for resisting getting into his car seat. Strap both in and go go go.
  42. Once home, tag team it with Daddy so that he gets toddler ready for bed and tucks him in
  43. Carry baby into your room where she promptly closes her eyes and falls asleep.
  44. And then because you’ve overtired baby, be prepared to be woken up by her every hour until 5 am, which is when she is up for the day.


That’s all there is to it! Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Feel free to follow this guide for a easy family evening out. ^^

Love, Fatty, Shorty, Fighter and Mochi Tiah.


Doing Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide

SO. Exercise. The bane of my existence.

I always knew I’d have to exercise someday.

Whether to to be healthy or stronger, or tp keep slim when my metabolism finally breaks down on me wtf.

When I was younger, I promised myself maybe I’d start exercising when I’m old. Like 30. HAHAHA.

And sweet Jesus, I’m 30 now. O_O

I have finally accepted my own mortality wtf.  Which is why I’ve started working out for the past two months actually.  I jumped on the Kayla’s BBG bandwagon because Bobo started doing it a year ago and I was super impressed with her results.  I was pregnant with Penny then and I said I would start it when I’m all done giving birth.

Well guess what I am wtf.

So I embarked on my Kayla journey.  To be specific, my Kayla journey to hell.  Cos that was what it felt like hahahaha.

Obviously I’m not a fan of exercise.  But I know people like me who, once they got into it, started to have fun.

Well guess what. It’s been 7 weeks and I’m still not having fun fml hahahaha.

I’ve gotten sliiightly better but the beginning was horrific. Kayla is intense!!!!!

For starters, I had no equipment or preparation at all.

I used Fighter’s shampoo bottles as dumbbells.

I used a bathmat for traction (and got carpet burn)

I used my toilet bowl as a bench for step-ups WTF.

(You can rightly conclude I exercised in the toilet wtf)

Exercise savvy friends were horrified hearing this hahahahaha.  They were like, WOI DON’T USE TOILET BOWL VERY HIGH AND DANGEROUS.

I was like no worries, next to my toilet bowl is my towel rack so I held on to it. Hahahaha.

And friends be like: “….”

Anyway, since then I’ve improved.  I borrowed a yoga mat from my sister in law.  I bought two sports bras from H&M which are used in heavy rotation wtf.  I bought two teeny dumbbells which weigh like two pounds each wtf.   I appropriated Fighter’s Ikea stool to use as a stepping bench.

But occasionally I still feel like puking wtf.  I used to get headaches after workouts but thank goodness those have stopped. I still contemplate suicide hate myself for starting this regime and curse Kayla for concocting horrible Cirque du Soleil type exercises hahahaha.

But I’ve been sticking to it.  I haven’t missed one day so far and while I’ve cheated (cut short a few times by a few minutes cos I really thought I might throw up wtf) I haven’t let myself skip anything because I know once I start I won’t start again.

That said, here are a few ways you can cheat at Kayla and tell yourself you’re not cheating WTF.

  1. Turn on the timer then slowly go open the file/booklet to look at the first exercise wtf.
  2. Once in a while, pause because it’s absolutely crucial to check the timer cos you know, you need to know how much time you have left wtf.
  3. Put your weights in the furthest corner so when it’s time to use, you have to go there to take them wtf.
  4. Halfway, adjust your sports bra  wtf
  5. Or retie your hair wtf

I’m like the worst BBG practitioner cos I don’t do any of the low intensity or high intensity exercises besides her recommended circuits.  And I definitely don’t eat clean because I very scared I lose too much weight so I eat even more WTF.

The other day I ate a fried rice portion for 2-3 people fml. And the day before I ate a whole regular pizza by myself + garlic bread wtf.

So maybe my results won’t be as obvious but quite surprised still got!


Before starting BBG VS 6 weeks in. img1445618516490

Before and after.

Got a bit of difference right!! 

So while I hate it…. BRB while I choke my hatred down and get back on the yoga mat. Hahahaha.

P/S: I am now in week 8.



How to entertain your kids with a printer

Ohai everyone.

Here’s every parents’ dilemma: How to entertain your kids at home?

Normally I’d bring them for a swim, or fill up their inflatable pool and let them splash around in the evening.  Or take them out for a walk or to the playground.

With the haze so bad these days, I don’t dare to take the kids out of the house anymore. T_____T


You guys very bored hor?

I don’t like them watching too much TV, or playing with gadgets unless it’s absolutely necessary (like I need some space to eat a meal).  Even now, Penny is always trying to grab my phone. -_- Fighter don’t need to say. We read of course (and Penny tries to eat the books), and sometimes I break out the Playdoh.   But Penny wants to eat it again wtf and Fighter is not very interested; he’ll just squish them a bit but I don’t think he’s at the developmental stage where he knows how to fashion things out of dough yet.   2015-09-23 06.04.51 1So these lazy hazy days, this has been the saviour of my sanity.  It’s a gadget but the right kind!

I never really had much use for a printer at home before.  If I wanted something printed, I’d just go borrow the machine at Fatty’s office hahaha.  Now only I realize the advantage of having a personal printer.

Here are three things I accomplished with my HP Printer.

Print out activities for children!  

2015-09-30 10.49.46 1

If you prefer using your phone, there is a HP Printables App!  You can download it on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The printer I’m using is the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 which has a wireless function.  Basically you can connect it to the same WiFi as your phone and print from the app. 2015-09-30 10.49.48 1Fighter very kan cheong about his activity papers hahahaha.  He was very fascinated with the printer! I guess that can be an activity by itself.

We went through different printables on the app and he chose for himself.

2015-09-30 10.49.50 1

Printing in progress! 2015-09-30 10.49.47 1 Coloring in progress! I’ve never seen him so excited about coloring before to be honest.  I think it was the whole process of having the freedom to pick what he wanted to color, and having it print before his own eyes. 2015-09-30 10.49.49 1 Masterpiece wtf. Ok ok Fighter still has some way to go. 2015-09-30 10.49.45 1 Printed out a second sheet for the day – a Disney one.  Besides coloring, the HP Printables App has other printable activities too – 3D origami, spot the difference and memory card games. Go wild yo! Fighter preferred coloring though, maybe still doesn’t grasp the concept of the others yet. 2015-09-30 10.49.47 2Guess what this is?

Print out homemade flash cards!

2015-09-23 06.04.53 1

Fighter actually really likes them. (maybe cos he’s quite good so he very proud to show off his knowledge hahahaha) I have numbers and letter flash cards already so I printed out a natural elements themed one instead.  Also cos the illustrations damn cute la hahaha. 2015-09-23 06.04.51 2After painstakingly cutting them up.  To make the cards last longer, you could print them on thicker paper or cardboard.

I printed on normal A4 paper but I’m planning to laminate them. :)

Print out pictures for walls!

2015-09-23 06.04.52 1Went off the HP app a little bit and found these illustrations.  Printed them out and put them in frames.  These will look so cute on the nursery wall. :)

As you can see, it’s actually possible to entertain kids indoors without resorting to electronic gadgets, and without spending too much.

Wanna take up the #10daychallenge?


The #10dayschallenge is a challenge to spend time with your children without having to resort to your smartphones and tablets and engage them with the HP Printables for 10 consecutive days.
I challenge you to spend some quality time using the HP Printables with your kids, take a picture of them playing and upload it on to the HP Malaysia Facebook page with #10dayschallenge to win free entry to the Kids Day Out event.

20 pairs of tickets will be given out to the best entries to enjoy “The Good Dinosaur” movie at GSC Signatures, The Gardens during the Kids Day Out event on 28th November 2015.


Contest starts from 5th-19th November and winner will be announced on the 12th and 19th November on the HP Malaysia Facebook Page.

Good luck!



What’s in my diaper bag?

I just realized – two kids in and I never wrote a ‘What’s in my diaper bag’ post!  I did do one on Dayre some time back but not a proper one so here it is.

(Actually tried recording a video for this too. But it came out too ugly FML. I used my computer’s webcam and it was damn bad la I’m ashamed to call it my work hahahaha. So into the dustbin it goes wtf.)

So with two kids now there is obviously even more things I have to carry with me.

I used to just use a tote bag of mine to lug stuff around in but with two kids, this ain’t cutting it no more.

There are three categories of baby stuff that most parents carry around – entertainment, feeding and changing.

So… what’s in my diaper bag.  Items are obviously a mish mash of a baby’s and toddler’s.


1 – Skip Hop chevron diaper bag. I love this bag too much! It’s a decent size yet not too cumbersome to carry around.  It comes with tonssss of pockets and compartments like every self-respecting diaper bag should. The shoulder strap is padded so it doesn’t feel heavy even when full.  The strap can also be unbuckled on one end to thread through a stroller handle so you don’t need a hook.  And the pretty chevron design too of course <3

2 – Rattle for Penny. Sorry, dunno the brand cos Mummy Ooi bought this in the UK.

3 – Books.  This one will change obviously so Fighter won’t get bored. For Penny, just a resilient board or fabric book that she can chew on hahaha.

4 – iPad. For when books or toys fail don’t judge hahaha.  We try not to give Fighter the iPad but if we’ve been sitting at a meal for some time and he’s already tired of his books then out comes the iPad la so we can eat in peace.


1- Baby Wipes. So necessary it goes without saying.  I used to exclusively buy Pigeon wipes only but with baby 2 anything goes hahaha. This Hello Kitty wipes was from Guardian.

2 – Baby blanket. You never know when this will be useful! In a cold mall, as a cushion, as a mat…

3 – Diapers.  Also no need to say la wtf.  I carry two sizes, for Fighter and Penny obviously.

4 – Cardigan. For if Penny gets cold.  None for Fighter because he hates layering. -_- If I know we’re going to a colder place I just make him wear a jacket out the door.

5 – Diaper cream.  This particular tube is Melvita but I use Sudocrem at home.

6 – Hand sanitizer.  I never used to use hand sanitizer but now this will do in a pinch when I need clean hands when Fighter or Penny suddenly demands food wtf.  Or if I change a diaper and there’s no water around wtf it’s better than nothing.

7 – Mosquito patches.  Only in Malaysia.  Damn scared of dengue la please they’re still so young!  But anyway mosquitos seem to love me more than them, if we go out and we’re all wearing the patches I’m the only one who gets bitten wtf.  Good la they avoid getting itchy or sick.

8 – Headbands. For Fighter WTF no la for Penny hahahaha.  She still has very little hair so in order to look like a girl she needs hair accessories hahaha.  She’s usually in pink, so can’t go wrong with a pink headband in the bag.  The green one was left over from a birthday party some time back.

9 – Antibacterial wipes.  Not for wiping baby butts, I use this to clean pacifiers and utensils, and restaurant high chairs and surfaces they may touch.  Don’t play ok last time Fighter played in a contaminated indoor playground and contracted the stomach flu.  Then he passed it to the entire family including nanny and grandpa wtf.


1- Food jar for Fighter. This one is from Thermos and I love the colorful yellow ducks on it!

2 – Milk powder container – this one is from Clevamama. It’s tiered so I can keep more than one portion of formula in it for Fighter.

3 – Fork and spoon. This is from Oxo Tot and I initially got it for Penny, cos Fighter already has his own.  But Penny is a long way from feeding herself and I really like the design of this!  The handles are round and easy to hold and it’s rubber backed.  The spoon and fork itself are curved and seems to make it easier to pick up food.

4 – Bib.  Hit or miss cos Fighter got mood whether want to wear or not.  Penny is on a bib strike now so …. more laundry for us wtf.

5 – OXO Tot snack cup. The handle is also curved and rubbery so it’s easy to hold. The lid has soft rubber flaps so kids can reach into it easily but the snacks won’t fall out.  My only gripe is that because it’s not airtight, snacks won’t last in there.  What I do is replenish the snacks before we go out and store them in the original container when we’re back.

6 – Milk bottle.  Penny’s milk bottles are from Doctor Brown.  Cos Penny is still refusing to latch during the day aih. But as long as she’s drinking I can pump!

If you haven’t read my blog post on my breastfeeding journey, go here.

That’s all the essentials in my diaper bag!  Not a lot I think cos I know other moms carry a lot more hehe. What’s in your diaper bag that I don’t have in mine?

AudDomestic AudSocialButterfly

Potluck and how to make a strawberry fruit tart

2015-11-03 08.58.16 3

My masterpiece a few weeks ago!

The Competitive Aunties had a girls only potluck dinner at Bobo’s place a couple of weeks back. Each of us had one menu item to contribute and mine was dessert.

They all damn kiasu asked me to make cake cos “it feels more like dessert” wtf what nonsense is this please hahahaha they just want me to make something difficult, being competitive hahaha.  And I’ve never actually baked a cake before (cheesecake doesn’t count).

Well suckers! I managed to find a cake-like recipe that actually turned out to be pretty easy to make.  I don’t actually like cake so this recipe is even more win.

I made a fruit tart. 😀

Got the recipe off here and adapted it to suit myself.

Did a how-to video for it too. 😀

Some things to note!  You can actually prepare the dough and the custard separately the day before serving.  Refrigerate both and they can keep for 1-2 days.  On the day itself, just put the dough into the pan, bake, let it chill then pour the custard in.  Chill the whole thing until serving for max yumminess.

For some reason, my custard was a bit lumpy wtf.  Didn’t stir fast enough? Anyway after chilling the tart, I didn’t notice any lumps so… CHILL ALL THE TARTS! Lol.  I guess you could also sieve it too.

The last decorative step would be to glaze the strawberries.  Simply mix strawberry jam with water, and paint the strawberries a nice shiny layer.  I skipped this step because I was running late.

2015-11-03 08.58.17 2

Nah another show-offy picture hahaha.  Very pleased with my first attempt! 2015-11-03 08.58.12 4

And here’s us aunties taking plating very seriously.

2015-11-03 08.58.13 4

In order to achieve this photo! Everything looks so good omg take me baaaaack hahaha. IMG-20151019-WA0005 First is pumpkin soup made by Wei Zhi.  It was thicker than normal and she said it’s like puree lolol but it was really good!  Just the right amount of salt and pepper hahaha. 2015-11-03 08.58.12 3 Then stuffed mushrooms with cheese and bacon by Hui Wen! This was too good la had to grip my own hands so I wouldn’t overeat and deprive the rest hahaha. 2015-11-03 08.58.18 6

Pomelo salad by Wei Zhi again!  This food blogger really damn overachiever hahaha.  I’ve never had it before and it’s quite nice!  I think it was pomelo plus crushed nuts and mint?  When I ate, all I can think of is how much work she had to put in to break up the pomelo pieces hahahaha.

2015-11-03 08.58.18 5

Chicken wings from Careen!  We excused her from cooking cos she’s pregnant so she tapao-ed Dominos wings hahaha. Erm after you deliver we fully expect you to go back to the kitchen ok Careen WTF. 2015-11-03 08.58.13 3 Main course of seafood aglio olio by Bobo!  When she told us earlier she simply throw things inside I was like what is there to throw in – oil ah wtf.  Cos aglio olio ma hahahaha.  But she actually added tons of shrimp, mussels and scallops in and it was delicious! IMG-20151019-WA0013

Oh yea this is the sacrifice behind the scenes to take nice flatlay pics hahahaha.  OMG we damn loser and auntie-ish I cannot.

2015-11-03 08.58.15 4

Stand on chairs until Bobo’s dog Nacho suddenly thought it was ok for him to get on the chair too hahahaha sorry ah we spoil your training Bo.


But still quite pretty for aunties right wtf. *persistent


Overdosing on OD

Even at two years old, Fighter has very definite preferences.

He likes is arguably obsessed with the minions from Despicable Me.

Even as a baby he was into minions…. hahahaha. (no la bluff one, here I made him wear #twinning outfits with mommy of course)

But he really really likes them!

His first Halloween costume hehehe.

Normal days also want to wear his Minion glasses.  I got it for him when we visited Universal Studios in LA!

When Penny wears HER Minion onesie, he gets agitated and wants her to take it off so he can wear WTF.

He asked for a Minion backpack for the last birthday… and named it Nana (for banana)

And the one time we caught Despicable Me on Astro, he stayed still and watched it continuously until the end. D:  I was super surprised cos at that age he never stayed still watching anything for more than five minutes.

So what to do when your son is such a huge Minion fan?

Make full use of On Demand by Astro of course. Hahaha.

2015-10-08 05.37.08 2

At the launch of the new On Demand Entertainment.

With OD, you have three options:

  • OD Free: Astro customers who connected their PVRs to their home WiFi will be able to download from a collection of popular TV series for free! You can pick the latest seasons of popular TV series like Empire, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Heroes Reborn, Quantico, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Game of Thrones, The Blacklist, The Voice and many others, all at the same day as its US premiere.The latest episodes of local content like Akademi Fantasia, Classic Golden Melody etc. are also available. This entitlement is based on your own subscription package.
  • OD Plus: On Demand access to a vast library of movies, complete box-sets of TV series and children’s content, at just RM15.90/month.Honestly, we are a culture of instant gratification so with OD, we basically get to not only watch what we want, when we want, but to also binge watch!  Binge watch your favorite TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Flash, The Big Bang Theory or movie franchises like the Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings series, or Korean TV series like Infinite Challenge, Just Married, etc at home or on the go.
  • OD Store: If binge watching is not your thing and you want to catch the latest movie while nuah-ing in bed, you can download the latest cinema releases from a wide range of languages, including Malay, Chinese and Indian.  For example, current offerings on OD Store are The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Inside Out and Fast & Furious 7


Here’s how to get On Demand.  Press the home button on your Astro remote control and scroll to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi.


If you’re not already connected, scroll to new Connection, key in your password and that’s all.2015-10-26_09-55-01

Then go back to Home, click on On Demand and browse the available categories.

If you’re like us and need to entertain a toddler during long car rides, I can now download Despicable Me on my iPad with OD and let Fighter watch. OMG now that I think about it I’m totally doing that on our next trip to Penang.

2015-10-08 05.37.08 1

And yes, Fighter will be glad to know Despicable Me is one of their offerings hahaha.

Think I was nearly as excited as Fighter would be when I saw the Minions at OD by Astro’s launch party.  Cos it’s the Minions la who wouldn’t be excited!!

Wish we had brought him hahahaaha.

Astro brought together famous characters from the TV shows and movies available On Demand.  Can you guess which show or movie from the following photos?

2015-10-08 05.37.10 1

Halloween-esque cupcakes…

2015-10-08 05.37.04 2

Ok this one very obvious.  Saw Fighter watching this the other day too.

2015-10-08 05.37.04 1

Hahahaha cannot tahan these two, too idiotically cute lolol.

2015-10-08 05.37.02 1

The two in front should be pretty obvious too.

2015-10-08 05.37.19 1

Confirm know!

2015-10-08 05.37.13 1

Actually I cannot tell what movie/TV show is this from… besides Aladdin wtf.

2015-10-08 05.37.18 1

This  one also… Little Mermaid?

2015-10-08 05.37.15 1

No need for me to tell you hehehe.  Yes Star Wars is available too. 2015-10-08 05.37.22 1 With Wei Zhi and Elly. 

2015-10-08 05.37.16 1

Astro subscribers who connect their PVR now to their home WiFi before 31 Jan 2016 will enjoy 3 months’ free access to OD Plus’s content!  Say other people, let me go do it myself too hahahaha. For more information please log on to :)