How we weaned our three year old off his pacifier

This one confirm you all parents with chot chot sucking babies want to know right? Hahahaha.

Read on if you’re a parent with a pacifier addict for a child!

So Fighter fans would know that Fighter is pretty much addicted to his pacifier.

While playing with his doctor’s set…..

At the optician…

Eating also must hold pacifier in his other hand wtf.

All started back in his little incubator in the NICU.

Fighter has been a lifelong fan of the pacifier.  I can’t tell you how many pacifiers he’s gone through – especially after he had teeth cos he also had a bad habit of biting them through.

Mummy Ooi said never mind, let him take pacifier at four years old also ok.  I was like NO WAY JOSE wtf.  There’s nothing wrong with his teeth, thankfully.  They’re straight and white, and his speech has developed amazingly for his age too.

But I noticed that he was gradually getting more and more addicted.  We try to restrict it to sleeping time, car ride time, and maybe whenever he’s upset.  After he gets his comfort, he’s normally happy to hand back his pacifier.  But lately when I ask him for it, he refuses.

Hell hath no fury like a mommy scorned!!!!

Lolol no la but I started to think maybe his addiction was getting out of hand.

It was one morning, the day after his third birthday, idly watching him grab for his pacifier like it was a life jacket and he was drowning that I thought I should really take action.

I mulled over my next course of action.  Obviously I wanted a pain free solution where preferably no crying is involved.  I remember reading a thread on Reddit written by a dad on how he weaned his three year old off his pacifier — he built up to the third birthday by telling him he would be a big boy now, and convincing the son that he had to mail off his pacifier in order to get clues to embark on a special treasure hunt, secretly arranged by the dad.  Then letting the son pack his pacifier up in a box and taking him to the postbox to mail it off.  The first three days, the son still cried for his pacifier, but accepted it finally.

Very admirable, dad!  I really applaud his dedication in ensuring his son transitions painlessly… but gawd is it a lot of work. Lolol.

So I told nanny, “Tomorrow morning when he asks you for his pacifier, put vinegar on it.”

The next morning came.  Fighter toddled around the house, and finally came upon nanny.  “Auntie Nanny, where’s my chi chi?”

Like I’d instructed, Nanny had prepared a saucer of vinegar.  She surreptitiously dipped the pacifier teat in the vinegar and handed it to him.

Fighter took the pacifier.  He popped it into his mouth.  Started sucking.  The pacifier bobbed up and down.

Nanny stared at him.

Fighter sauntered away.  No comment.


So Nanny brainstormed.  And she started squeezing juice from a piece of ginger. XD

The next time Fighter asked for his pacifier, he received a pacifier soaked in ginger juice.

It happened in a split second.  Fighter popped his pacifier into his mouth.  And without pausing or taking his hand off, he immediately snatched his pacifier out again and threw it across the room in one fluid motion.


He shouted in indignation and confusion.  What had happened to his chi chi!?!

After he’d finished bawling into my lap, I told him:

Fighter, it’s okay.  You know how you’re three years old now? Well, that means you’re a big boy now.  And when you become a big boy, your chi chi turns bad.  That’s why it tastes so bad now.  You see mommy and daddy and grandma and nanny?  We don’t eat chi chi because we’re big and our chi chi’s turned bad. Chi chi is only for babies like Penny.

OMG this one is really lau ghee na (bluff children) hahahahaha.

Fighter asked why a few times but after repeated gentle explaining along that vein, he accepted it.

Over the next few days, sometimes when he was upset or wanted comforting, he asked for his ‘chi chi’.  But I’d simply ask, “Really?” and he would falter and say no. Hahahahaha OMG.

He fell asleep with no issues though! Nanny and I were expecting him to have insomnia problems wtf but he had no problem going to sleep.  However, when he woke up in the middle of the night as he tends to do sometimes and couldn’t find his pacifier, he would scream for me.

For two nights, I had very little sleep.  I say little because literally, I had to sleep with him in his little toddler bed FML.  Become human pacifier wtf.  Luckily I’m small enough.

It’s been a week and we’re past that though.  Fighter is perfectly happy without his pacifier and he’s completely stopped asking for it.

However, the other day he found the cover to his pacifier; instead of asking for his chi chi, he just gazed at the cover in his fist, and said wistfully, “Ahhhh chi chi.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA my son the drama king.

That’s how we weaned Fighter.

If you’re looking for tips, here’s what I think worked for us.

  1. Concocting a story that’s related to growing up because he’s recently been identifying with ‘being a big boy now’ and turning three.
  2. NOT shaming him into giving it up, instead positioning it as a rite of passage of growing up
  3. Going cold turkey. (My mom felt sorry for him and suggested giving it to him for bedtime but it would have affected the consistency of my story. I.e. he would totally see through it and think of me and daddy as liars.)

Good luck parents!

In a year’s time, it will be this one’s turn.


Hao lian we finally got a Dyson!

Be honest.

When you were a kid, did you ever put your face very close to your mom’s table fan to feel the breeze, and say “Luke, I am your father” because a fan was essentially a homemade voice changer?

And now if you’re a mom or dad, do you ever get butt clenchingly nervous whenever your toddler goes near the standing fan because they might sneakily put a finger in through the slots when you’re not looking?  Or their hair might fly in and get caught? Or they might breathe in dust stuck on the spokes and develop asthma? Not to mention that these standalone fans are a b*tch to clean?

I’ll be honest.

As kids, these fans were fun.  Who doesn’t want to magically sound like Darth Vader whenever they go near a fan?

But as adults with responsibilities, these fans while useful, are sort of a safety nightmare.  Not only do we have the obvious risk of kids putting small body parts in, the ease with which they accumulate dust seems to be a health hazard of its own too.


So a Dyson fan is the obvious answer.   I’d always wanted to get a Dyson fan – streamlined design, doesn’t take up space and looks sexy as heck in your living room. HAHAHA.   But it was always a bit out of my budget so we never got around to it. Today though, Dyson has created their newest product – an air purifying fan. DSC03535

That’s right guys.  This is the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier.  It looks and functions like a traditional Dyson bladeless fan, but comes with air purifying capabilities to boot. It comes in two colors – white/silver and iron/blue.  I picked iron/blue because our house is super colorful already (with toys all over) so it should match hahaha.  


Air purifiers have become a sort of staple household item in Malaysia, no thanks to the haze.  Don’t say haze only, indoor pollution can be a bigger problem than outdoors too.  Warm and humid bathrooms = mould and bacteria, pets moult fur, chemicals and smells from household items, not to mention a whole lotta dust.

There are different kinds of air purifiers on the market, but if you’re shopping for one, get one with a HEPA filter.

Sorry to throw facts at you hahahaha but Dyson Pure Cool Link features a unique 360° glass HEPA filter (located at the base here) which can filter up to 99.95% of ultrafine particles – pollutants and bacteria as small as 0.1 microns.  Plus its active carbon layer filters toxic smells and fumes too (babai baby farts!)

This baby comes with a remote control too for easy operating.  Actually the whole thing is very simple la, buttons on the remote control are self-explanatory, and it starts with a push of a button. My favorite thing though is that the remote control is magnetized so it can be placed on top of the Dyson when not in use.  So nifty hehehe. Fighter especially is obsessed with the remote control though; he keeps plucking it off the air purifier -_- I’m so scared he’ll really lose it one day FML.

But actually even if lose hor, it’s okay! Because….


My phone can also be the remote control. :O :O  I just downloaded the Dyson app, linked my air purifier to the wifi and I can basically operate my Dyson from anywhere in the world (as long as got Internet).

Imma wait for one day when Fatty is home alone and he’s so going to get freaked out HAHAHAHAH.


Using the app, you can:

  • Check the air quality in your home – sei lo, why my air quality only fair better turn up to level 10
  • Measure and track air quality daily and weekly
  • Set timer and schedule for air purifier to turn on and off
  • Remote control – includes turning on and off, adjusting fan levels, setting timer, turning on and off oscillation, and setting night mode on.



The Dyson features ten levels of air purification – level 10 is expectedly louder of course but nothing jarring.  For a closed room, a constant of 4 is recommended. There is also an automatic mode – the Dyson senses the air quality and switches on the appropriate purifying level.

And there’s a night mode too where the LED light dims and the fan’s whirring is kept to a minimum – so the babies can er… sleep like babies. LOLOL.


Penny: Then my baby can also sleep like a baby?

It’s especially important to note that the Dyson filters out 0.1 microns sized particles — 0.1 microns means it’s small enough to enter our bloodstream and babies and children with their still developing organs and systems are particularly at risk.  So yea I hope you sleep well Penny!


Fighter and Penny love the “new fan” as they call it!  Their mommy loves it too, don’t need to say hahahaha.  I love how sleek it looks and how it complements our interior decor.  It looks like a centerpiece more than an appliance leh!


This will be the start of our Dyson collection. :)))))

This post was written in collaboration with Dyson.


Fighter’s favorite song

No prizes for guessing what Fighter’s favorite song is.

It’s Hey Jude hahahaha. When I went for the Beatles Let It Be musical, I bought the West End recording CD and put it in my car. Fighter remembers Hey Jude from the early days when I’d sing it to him while rocking so he wanted to listen to it in the car.

Again and again. And again.

FML from one of my favorite songs Hey Jude suddenly became damn sien to me hahahhaah thanks ah Fighter. Anyway, this vlog is titled Hey Jude because Fighter tries to sing it. Key word is tries. Hahahah.

Enjoy and please subscribe if you like my videos!

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Today I feel like a bad mom.

Today I feel like a bad mom.


I feel like a bad mom because Penny is sick.  She’s been having a fever and a cough for four days now and she’s been very clingy, only wanting mommy all the time.

I feel like a bad mom because maybe she got sick because we took her out with us for Fighter’s sports day and she spent a whole morning in the heat.

I feel like a bad mom because while Penny is sick, I’m preoccupied with her and I have no time for Fighter.

I feel like a bad mom for shouting at Fighter when he whines.

I feel like a bad mom because when I spend time with Fighter, I’m distracted, thinking of the deadlines, and backlog of posts and vlogs I have.

I feel like a bad mom because I could have done my work at night when the kids are sleeping, but instead I went for dinner with my husband and friends, and watched the Olympics.

I feel like I’m a bad mom because maybe if I slept less, I could get more done. Because I feel like I have so many obligations and I’m spreading myself thin, I’m not giving my 100% to anything.

I feel like a bad wife because sometimes I don’t have time for Fatty.

I feel like a bad mom because I don’t have it together.

Because I keep making the same old meals for the kids until they sien.

And then I feel like a worse mom because I’m still trying to get my shit together, but I see other moms on Instagram even got time to make cute food art for their kids. And they have time to stage home photo shoots for their babies and their kids never make weird faces or try to snatch my camera.  And their living rooms are spotless and white and don’t look like this. *forced smile*


Today I feel like a bad mom.


My son is a big boy tonight.



Tonight while I was putting you to sleep, Baby woke up in mommy and daddy’s room. She realized she was alone and burst into tears and started wailing, “Mommeh! Mommeh!”

Auntie was over on the other side so she couldn’t hear. As I rushed out of the nursery to Baby, I heard you say brightly, “I wake up!”

I burst into our room before Baby could fall off the bed trying to get to me and picked her up. She stared at me tearfully and clambered into my arms. Meanwhile, you had climbed down from your toddler bed yourself and made your way down the hallway to my room.

“What happened, mommy? Did Baby fall off the bed?” You asked.

“No, Baby just woke up. Mommy is going to bring baby into your room and you both sleep in your beds ok?” I said, patting you back into the room, with Baby propped up on my shoulder.

I lay Baby in her cot while you obediently climbed back up into bed and settled down. Baby flipped over, hugged her cot bumper and closed her eyes. You, on the other hand, started singing. I don’t remember what — your usual repertoire of nursery rhymes I suppose. It’s your bedtime ritual — that and nonstop chattering — before you fall asleep.

I shushed you but not too loudly because I didn’t want to wake Baby. Unfortunately, she woke up anyway. She sat up and raised her arms, asking to be picked up and rocked to sleep.

I carried her and shushed her too, patting her on the back while I lowered myself into our rocker. Half held my breath in anticipation — you always want to be carried to sleep too although I tell you you’re a big boy now, and you usually get mad when I carry Baby and not you.

But not this time.

Tonight you flipped over and looked at me and Baby rocking in the chair. Then you settled yourself down. You turned left and right a little bit, then stayed still. Minutes later, your breathing slowed and stayed regular. Leaning heavily on my shoulder, Baby had fallen asleep too.

I am writing this because tonight you were a big boy. You could have cried and demanded mommy, and I would have to shout down the stairs to Auntie or Daddy to take baby while I pacified you. Maybe I would have to rock you to sleep too. Instead you tucked yourself back into bed, soothed yourself and slept on your own. You didn’t make a fuss, you just let mommy take care of baby while you took care of yourself.

Tonight you acted like a real big brother. Mommy is very proud of you. I love you. :)


Love, Mom.

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Spending our 4th year wedding anniversary with two lampposts

Last week was our 4th year anniversary!

Here’s how we spent the day – with two lamp posts wtf.

It wasn’t an ideal situation – Fatty was bogged down with work and I had the worst migraine in recent years.  The last time I had a headache like this was when I had preeclampsia wtf. -_-

But we still had fun.  We took the kids out to a mall kids’ carnival where they went slightly nuts, my parents came over to spend time with us, and then our friends Sieu Ee and David took us out for dinner. ^^

A marriage is not just about two people coming together; it’s also the union of two families and two groups of friends. And it’s making a new family out of two people who love each other.  I think how we celebrated our 4th year of marriage best reflects that.

Here’s to 40 more years of life with my Fatty, our critters, the Tiahs and the Oois and our friends. 😀

In the meantime, here are more photos that we took last week.


Critter 2 looking suspicious on her airplane.



Mommy and Mochi OOTD.

Mommy’s details:

Shirt – Ralph Lauren
Ripped jeans – Emoda
Lace up flats – Fashion Bloggerrr



Wah pensive pose


Baby’s details:

Shirt – Zara Baby
Overalls – Matalan
Lace up flats – Zara Baby
Flower hair clip – Red Bow
Sunglasses – Bloom & Grow


Also took the kids to Hsin’s baby James’ first birthday! They’re obsessed with balloons wtf.


Penny’s OOTD:

Top & jeans – Zara Baby
Shoes – Seed Heritage


OK I think Fighter’s whole outfit is form Zara too hahaha.


Penny’s fascinator headband is from Lucy Loves Ribbons (IG: @lucylovesribbons)




That’s better.




Think I’m going to make it a point to take them to bookstores to hang out from now on.


What our family photos normally look like. Hahahahahah.

Till next time guys!

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Things my kids say (2 years 11 months)

I haven’t updated Things Fighter says in a while and now I can include Penny cos she’s also starting to talk a little bit!


These are all things that Fighter has said in recent months, and if you read carefully the sequence, you’ll notice that his speech and grammar continue to improve. ^^

Fighter at 2 years 11 months

Penny and Fighter were climbing the stairs in our house and I was worried.

Me: Penny, be careful.
Fighter: Jude, be careful (cos he was also climbing lolol)


Me (while driving past the Malaysian Bar Council): Oh look, the Bar Council got a facelift.
Fighter: What’s Bum Castle?


Fighter (after throwing a tantrum): Jude naughty.


Fighter (asking for Pierre and Lay See): Where Uncle Pew and Auntie Zee Zee?


Fighter (before he was potty trained): Mommy, Jude pangsai.
Me: You want to change your diaper?
Fighter: Not yet.


Fighter (singing): Dingle bell, dingle bell… away! Ah what fun is a rat… Hey!


Fighter: Mommy, Jude naughty. Jude play mommy lipstick. Jude hand all red. No!


Fighter was running around after dinner.
Me: Jude, don’t run after eating.
Fighter (stopping): Jude tummy pain pain.
Me: Yea, that’s why you cannot run.

Fighter starts running around again.
Me: Don’t run or else tummy pain!
Fighter: No lah.

First recorded use of lah by Fighter hahahaha.


Fighter: What is Jude doing? Jude is sitting car seat.


Fighter (trying to get a glimpse of daddy): Jude connaught see daddy.


Fighter: Gosh I’m tired.


I am trying to get him to wear his Woody from Toy Story outfit for a costume day at school.  Fighter doesn’t want to. Fighter: Woody outfit don’t need. House clothes not don’t need.

Fighter’s favorite tshirt is a black one with a Christmas tree picture on it.  He wears it too much so I normally hide it away. But he suddenly spies it in his drawer.

Fighter: Oh my god forgot!


Fighter: Mommy, you look so beautiful today.

For some reason he says this every day. Even when I’m wearing pajamas with no makeup and bed hair.


Fighter (wielding his toy phone): I’ll call grandpa grandma. Hello grandpa grandma yea yea can you come to my house? Ok bye.


The morning after Fatty returns from a business trip.

Fighter: Mommy, I think I feel happy.
Me: Why? Fighter: Because my mommy and daddy are here.


Fighter: Mommy, I’m very sad.
Me: Why are you sad?
Fighter: Because my grandma and grandpa not here.


Penny is having a tantrum for god knows what reason.  Normally after a few seconds she finishes and gets up and acts like nothing happened wtf.  But when she’s melting down, I worry she’ll hurt yourself so usually I try to hold her.  She flails about and accidentally smacks me lightly on the shoulder. Fighter is watching nearby and suddenly his face changes – his mouth turns downwards and he comes to me with his hand outstretched.

Fighter (lip trembling): Mommy pain pain.
Me (thinking he wants some attention and made up an injury so I can sayang him): Where pain? Your finger? Come, mommy sayang.
Fighter (sadly): Baby hit mommy, mommy pain pain. I rub for you. (puts hand on my shoulder and rubs me)


Penny at 16 months

The kids have a chair of their own for eating breakfast and watching TV. One morning, Fatty sat on Penny’s chair.

Penny (rushing up to daddy, waving index fighter in the air): Nuh nuh! Nuh! Nuh!


The service men have just collected our massage chair for servicing so there’s an empty spot in the living room.  Penny walks up to where the chair used to be.

Penny (pointing): Huh? Mo moar? (no more?)


Penny (pointing at a flower): Fawa!
Penny (pointing at a tree): Fawa!
Penny (pointing at a picture of koi fish swimming together): Fawa!


Me (rubbing Penny’s belly): What’s this Penny?
Penny: Baby!


Ah, what would life be without you two?

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Yachting off Pula City

Day 3 of Istria!  We went yachting!!!

I have to say the itinerary was amazingly planned by the guys at Tourism Istria.  They basically got to know us via our social media channels (not as creepy as it sounds please hahaha), guessed at our personalities and preferences, and came up with this kick butt holiday itinerary for us which is basically everything we like – beautiful places, great food, a lot of opportunities to take pics wtf and a lot of relaxed fun, and even some shopping.

This was the yacht we had.  It set sail off the marina in Pula and tours the archipelago around the coast.

I REALLY DROVE (? steered? flew? maneuvered? what’s the word for it?) the boat!  Wendy was very unnerved though and kept nagging me to hand the wheel back to the captain hahahaha.

We were greeted with snacks and wine (but of course)

Overexposed but still beautiful.


Overexposed but still beautiful. Lolol.  With Marko, Goran and Oliver, the wine guy.

Leo, where are you!?

Learning about wine from Oliver wtf.  Sadly my brain is a sieve and I only remember there were three types of wine there – sparkling, red and rose lol.

With Pear. Her every outfit also on point one!

Me and Wendy erm being very mature lol.

The water was insane – so clear omg! Pear’s camera captured schools of fish ok!  And we also threw bread crusts into the ocean which the fish gobbled up.  (see more in my vlog!)

Somebody trying to be mermaid lolol. But the rock very sharp hahahahaha.  I was so scared she’d lose her float and have to swim back to the boat by herself!

Back on land we went for lunch!  We were on the coast so it only made sense we ordered seafood – which is all crazy fresh!  This was  sardine and octopus appetizer.

OMG this looks like mee tai mak or what hahahahha. Incidentally, I love mee tai mak hahahaha.  This was fresh homemade pasta with seafood in a cream tomato sauce.

This was the second course.  Croatians are so good at chilling I tell you.

The main course!  All sorts of seafood goodness in one platter – more sardines and octopus, plus shrimp and roasted potatoes and a very yummy garlicky spinach.

Back at our hotel, catching the sunset (which was at 8.30 pm wtf)


Trying out Snow app hahaha.


Oooh outfit details before I forget.

Denim jacket – Topshop

Bralette – H&M

Tutu skirt – Nasty Gal

Vlog up ahead!

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Dream big, princess

To my darling baby girl Penelope,

Hello princess. :)

Today you are 16 months old.  You can walk and even run after your Koko now.  You’re doing a pretty amazing job at feeding yourself, and you’re even trying to talk!  You can say so many words like “Ta Ku” (thank you), “Ma meh” (mommy), “Haaaayo”, (hello), “Yaaaaaa ngh” (yam seng), “hawa” (flower), “cuckoo” (clock) and you communicate non verbally beautifully.

You are a joy to be around and an absolute princess. Speaking of princesses, you are already half in love with Sofia the First from Disney Junior and I fully expect you to be completely immersed in the world of Disney Princesses in a year or two. That’s fine; mommy was a huge Belle fan herself.

But here’s what I want you to remember.

You are always mommy and daddy’s princess

Mommy was Grandma and Grandpa’s princess and you are our little princess. Nothing will change that. Know that we love you to the moon and with us you will always be safe. Princesses need to go out and explore the world too but if you’re ever tired or just need to come home, I will be waiting for you with open arms.

Act like a princess

We went to the Astro Circle Disney Princess Dream Big party the other day and I could see how awed you were when Cinderella and her pretty dress waltzed into the room. Princesses are beautiful, aren’t they? So are you.

They’re not just pretty on the outside, they’re beautiful on the inside too.

There may be mean girls at school who won’t ‘friend’ you and give you a hard time. There may be mean girls around even when you’re all grown up too! In fact, you may face all sorts of unpleasant experiences and people in your life. That doesn’t mean you have to act the same. Don’t stoop to their level.  Act like a princess.  Repay meanness with kindness, stupidity with intelligence. Carry yourself with grace and laughter.

Above all, I will help you to develop your conscience and principles. If you stick to them, your heart will always be strong and at peace.

Dream big!

What is a princess? A princess is not just a beautiful lady who lives in her castle waiting for her prince. A princess is much more! A princess means being whoever you want to be. It’s not waiting for a boy to come save the world – it’s saving the world yourself! Or with him, whatever.

I can’t stress this enough. As a girl, you may face in life subtle discrimination. That maybe you’re not good enough or smart enough because you’re a girl. You may receive average lower pay or have your opinion discounted because you don’t have XY chromosomes. You may feel pressured to play down your intelligence to fit in at school. You may get passed over for promotion because you had to take maternity leave.

You will definitely feel pressured to do it all as a woman – to have a kickass career, loving husband, perfect kids, and a Pinterest worthy home. And to look flawless while doing it all.

This is part and parcel of being a woman although I have high hopes of change in your lifetime. But you must never take these as an obstacle to what you want to do. Figure out who you are and go for it. Wanna be a fashion designer? Or social worker?  Or firefighter or astronaut? Can!!!

(Although obviously I’d be quite worried for safety la if she does anything dangerous hahaha).

But the point is I will support you in whatever you choose to be. I only ask that what you do has to be beneficial, and that you do it the best you can.

I have so many dreams for you, even more so than for your brother, if I’ll be honest.

And the reason is it’s because you’re a girl. You will face unique challenges, sure but because of where we live and what we will hopefully provide you, you will also have many wonderful opportunities and chances at happiness.

Dream big, little one. Be a princess who can do anything she sets her mind to. I will be behind you all the way.




This post was inspired by the Astro Circle Disney Princess Dream Big event we attended a month back.


I’m a lifelong fan of Disney and increasingly, I like how Disney has been producing stronger, more diverse princesses of late – who don’t need a man to rescue them – Merida, Elsa, and Anna, etc. Especially when I have my own little girl who will look up to princesses as role models now!

That’s what I want for my daughter! To know that she’s worth more than her pretty face, housekeeping skills or… hand in marriage. That intelligence, kindness, bravery and loyalty matter more than wealth, status or a prince lolol.

Anyway if your kids are big Disney fans, do check out the Disney Kids Club under Astro Circle, Astro’s loyalty program. Register as a member and you’ll receive privileges such as:

        • Access to movie screening events for new Disney feature presentations such as Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory, The BFG and Pete’s Dragon
        • Special themed experiences and events exclusively for Disney Kids Club members
        • Priority access to exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with Disney characters
        • Exclusive membership goodies, including birthday treats in the form of Disney giveaways

 Register and find out more at the Disney Kids Club page here.  You can also check out the Astro Circle Facebook  or their Instagram at @astrocircle


Penny’s a fan hahahaha.

This post was written in collaboration with Astro Circle.

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Mommy pain pain

So a few days ago, the kids were playing in our living room and Penny was pushing around this stroller.


Just when I glanced away, Fighter snatched the stroller from her. -_-

Thus ensued a full blown tantrum from Penny of course. I quickly made Fighter hand over the stroller but too late, Penny was deep in the throes of a meltdown. And when Penny is in a meltdown, nothing can calm her. Give her twenty seconds or so, she’ll let everything out of her system and then she’ll be fine, as though nothing happened wtf.

So I just held her tight, waiting for her tantrum to blow over. She flings herself around during a tantrum (-_-) so I didn’t want her to hurt herself. So she was flailing about and in her anger, her little palms smacked me on my shoulder.

Tantrums I can accept, but hitting I cannot abide. So I said sharply, “Penny, no hitting.”

Suddenly, Fighter’s – who was watching the proceedings with interest – face changed. His head drooped, a frown creased his face and his mouth turned into an upside down U wtf. Inside my head, I rolled my eyes wtf. Great, Fighter (who can be super sensitive) probably thinks I’m scolding him too and now I get another toddler to console.

Fighter advanced towards me, who was still sitting on the floor holding a struggling Penny. He held out his hand.

“Mommy, pain pain.”

“Did Penny accidentally hit you, Fighter? Where pain pain?” I reached for his finger and pretended to rub the pain away.

In a weepy sort of voice, he said, “Here.” And he put his hand on my shoulder.

I watched in surprise as he said again, very worriedly, “Mommy pain pain here. I rub for you.” And using his index finger, he rubbed my shoulder where Penny had struck.

I thought he was putting on an act to get attention from me while I was tending to Penny. In actual fact, he was troubled when Penny hit me and he was trying to rub away the pain, like how I attend to him when he has a fall or hurts himself.

My almost three year old has so much empathy, much more than I gave him credit for.

With my free hand, I took his little toddler fingers in mine, smiled at him, and told him, “Thank you darling. Mommy no more pain.”


In other news, here. A vlog hahaha. Haven’t done a daily vlog in a while and the kids have actually developed so much since the last one! Watch and you’ll see how Fighter is speaking now and how much Penny is interacting with us (without words wtf)!!!!