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Things my two year old says


So Fighter has turned into a real chatterbox lately.

I think he understands nearly every word we say, and he’s also starting to form simple two to three word sentences now.  And he’s hilarious! Here are some gems he’s come up with.

Me: Yes Fighter?
Fighter: Light! *points at light*


I’m in the nursery putting Penny to bed while everyone else is downstairs starting to eat dinner.

Nanny: Fighter, you wait here ok? I’m going to call Mommy down for dinner.
Fighter: No no. MOMMY!!!! Jude call.


Fighter falls down, gets up and dusts his hands off.

Fighter: Jude down.


Fighter reaches for scissors/sticks his hand into his bowl of rice/makes a grab for my phone/does something he’s not supposed to

Me: Fighter! No!
Fighter: No! *retracts hand*


Me: Yes Fighter?
Fighter: Dark! *gestures to something vaguely dark*


Fighter: (holding on to iPad) Papapig! Papapig! Papapig! (Peppa Pig)


Me: Fighter, who is the most handsome?
Fighter: (interrupting) Me.
Me: Who is the prettiest?
Fighter: Baby.


Fatty lets out a fart wtf.

Fighter: Daddy poo poo.


We were washing Fighter up for bedtime, and he runs out of the bathroom stark naked.  Pulling on his penis. -_-

Me: Fighter! Don’t play with your bird!
Fighter: Bird! Bird! (points at Fatty) Daddy bird.
Everyone falls about laughing
Fighter: (points at grandma) Mama bird.
More laughter.
Fighter: (feeling confident, points at me) Mommy bird.  (points at nanny) Cee bird.


He’s been learning his letter and numbers and got most of the alphabet down, and can count up to 8 now!

One day, grandpa seats him at the computer and points out letters on the keyboard to him.

Grandpa: Fighter, what letter is this?
Fighter: H.
Grandpa: So clever!
Fighter: Fayth’s kar. (His auntie Fayth drives a Honda)


I’m also trying to teach him colors but he’s got a long way to go on them wtf.

Me: Fighter, what color is this apple?
Fighter: Red.
Me: Good! What color is this orange?
Fighter: Red.
Me: No, it’s orange.  What color is this banana?
Fighter: Red.


It’s going to rain. Thunder cracks.

Fighter: Cads. Cads. (Scared) *quickly comes over and sits on my lap.  If baby is there, baby gets pushed aside*


On a walk, we see a cat in our path.

Fighter: Eeeeee!! *points excitedly at cat and takes a few steps closer*
*Cat slowly advances to him as well*
Fighter: Cads! Cads! *runs around in circles*


Every night, lying on his bed, about to go to sleep.

Fighter: Kong kong (Fatty’s dad). Mama (Fatty’s mom). Daddy. Mommy. Mama (my mom). Papa (my dad). Cee (Nanny). Baby.

Fatty: Fighter, do you want to kiss daddy?
Fighter: No.
Fatty: Jude, do you want to kiss daddy?
Fighter: No.
Fatty: Then what do you want?
Fighter: Jude kiss mommy.



Our weapon against the haze and dengue


What’s wrong with this photo?

I took this photo just today.  The KL Tower which is actually smack in the middle of the sky is missing. Thanks a lot, haze. -_____-

The most essential household item right now in Malaysia is the air purifier.

I myself have two Sharp air purifiers at home already.

2015-09-30 02.48.25 1

And this is the third one!  This is the latest model from Sharp.

2015-09-30 02.48.18 1

I was at the launch of Sharp’s new purifier today!  Thank you for having me cos I love their air purifiers so much I keep buying ok hahahaah.  More on that later.

2015-09-30 02.48.22 2

Also had the chance to check out Sharp’s new Mite Catcher – whose purpose is to kill and eliminate dust mites.  Sorry I very auntie but I’m also very excited about this product!

2015-09-30 02.48.16 1

But my purpose today is to introduce the Sharp 3 in 1 Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier.

We bought one for our room a few years ago and this year we bought another one for Fighter and Penny’s room .  I think our kids inherited our worst traits – sinus from me and eczema from Fatty. T_T At the very least, they can sleep in clean air and reduce their sensitivities.

2015-09-30 02.48.28 1

We’re very satisfied with our two units so we were obviously happy to receive a third! This one is placed in our living room which is where we spend most of the day.

2015-09-30 02.48.12 1

It’s a 3-in-1 because it has three functions – Plasmaculster, Air Purifying, and… Mosquito Catcher. I’ve blogged about Sharp Plasmacluster technology before here.  In a nutshell, Plasmacluster releases ions which interact with airborne bacteria, mold and dust mite allergens, and neutralize them.

The Air Purifying function is just that of course.  Each unit comes with 3 layers of filters – A Micron-Mesh Pre-Filter, Deodorizing Filter made of carbon (which gets rid of smells), and a HEPA filter, which removes micron-size dust particles, including 0.3 Micron viruses!  This means that it effectively filters out smoke and haze!


Love the Haze mode.  Haze I kill you. T______T

The Haze mode whirs audibly but it’s a very comforting sound cos it means it’s doing its job hehe. On normal mode it’s quiet enough that I forget it’s turned on.

2015-09-30 04.03.58 1 The Mosquito Catcher function is entirely new!  Sharp developed specially it for the Malaysian market because of our insane dengue rates these few years.   A lot of thought has been put into this!

First, the unit is designed black to ‘attract’ the pesky mozzies.  


Then there are these narrow slats which are entrances for the mosquitos, based on research that mosquitos prefer narrow spaces.  A UV light inside the unit further attracts them, and when they get close enough, the powerful airflow sucks the mosquitos in, where they stick to a strong glue sheet.

2015-09-30 04.03.57 1 The glue is very very sticky!  I paused for like a second to take this picture, and already left an imprint on the sheet.

Wahahaha hasta la vista mozzies.

I’ve tried other mosquito catchers before but after a while they didn’t seem effective, I don’t know why.  Maybe the suction not as powerful, but Sharp’s one is quite impressive!  Haven’t managed to try it out yet (because I swear the haze killed all the mosquitos -_-) but I’m looking forward to it. ^^

2015-09-30 02.48.13 1

With all the dengue cases around I’m especially afraid for Penny and Fighter.  Our adult immune systems, we’ll probably be okay but their systems are still underdeveloped, plus our area always kena fogging.  Means got dengue cases la. T______T

2015-09-30 02.48.21 1

So I’m very glad we have this 3 in 1 Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier.  At least I know I’ve taken precautions to prevent haze and mosquito related sicknesses for our family. :)


Honey, I mustard mit I French Cheese (fancy) you.

(omg my title pun so bad HAHAHAAH)

Hello! True blue red and yellow McDonald’s fan here.

No matter what their detractors say, I will always be loyal to you McDonald’s!!! Hahaha.

McDonald’s has been one of my favorite restaurants ever since I was a kid and celebrating my birthdays there.  And I always stick to the same two menu items – Chicken McNuggets and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

Some things never change… or do they?

I only eat my McNuggets with chili sauce because tomato is too mainstream and I don’t like the sauces provided.  But now what sorcery is this? There are two new sauces on the menu??????????

2015-09-17 09.54.18 1

Introducing Honey Mustard and French Cheese.

Both are fantastic! Totally did not expect this; I knew there were new sauces but I ordered them without expectation because like I said, I’m not a fan of the  original sauces.

As an adult I actually order the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe more often but I think these new sauces are gonna convert me back to McNuggets loyalty! 😀

2015-09-17 09.54.27 2

First I tried the Honey Mustard (because I normally prefer mustard to cheese).  How to describe? As you would expect from mustard, it was sourish, tart and slightly spicy (?). But the honey lent an interesting twist to it. Too much mustard can taste slightly bitter but the honey perfectly complemented it.  Pokoknya damn nice la hahaha.

2015-09-17 09.54.19 1

The French cheese next.  I ate half a box of Honey Mustard (cos very nice la hahaha) already before remembering I forgot to try French Cheese. :X

Anyhow dipped my nugget in… and this one also so yummy! Really wasn’t expecting much cos like I said I normally don’t like cheese but it didn’t have the pungent smell that comes with cheese normally.  It was perfectly salted and was such a good condiment to match a nugget!

2015-09-17 09.54.17 1

Fighter eat until close eyes see hahahaha. The Honey Mustard is a more complex flavor so I can see it being more of an adult preference.  But the French cheese I predict will be a hit with the kids!

2015-09-17 09.54.22 1

Penny wants some of that yummy McNugget.  Sorry Penny not until you’re a year old.

2015-09-17 09.54.23 2

Koko on the other hand goes wild wtf. Eh leave some for mommy please.  

2015-09-17 09.54.21 1

Taking more food thanks ah.

2015-09-17 09.54.26 1

Yep this was an outing with the whole family (Fatty was taking these pictures).  I think the kids had fun! I know I did. 😀

2015-09-17 09.54.24 2
The new sauces have been out since 15 Sept! Whatcha waiting for? 😀

Tapauing back the sauces. Hahaha.


Was Coco Chanel a feminist?

Well, she didn’t burn bras if that’s what you were thinking.


I got this book from Selfridge’s when we were in London.

While I like Chanel, by no means am I the biggest fan and I don’t know anything about Coco Chanel besides that she hooked up with a Nazi during World War 2. :X

So I thought ok let’s see what the fuss is about until there are musicals and movies made out of this woman wtf.

Read it and it was very interesting!  Coco Chanel had a pretty revolutionary career and led a very progressive life!  Some of the things attributed to her were unheard of during that time and it got me to thinking, was Coco Chanel a feminist?

Here are some reasons why I think Chanel was a feminist ahead of her time:

She made clothes for women’s bodies instead of men’s eyes

When she first started around 1920 (and I’m being very vague), women were still in corsets with big skirts.  Instead of hourglass silhouettes of the time, Chanel designed unrestrictive clothes which came in straight and sleek lines.


Women could finally breathe better and move easier in Chanel!

2. Chanel adapted men’s styles for women

Some women wore pants doing war work in WW1 but Chanel made trousers really fashionable.

From the Telegraph.  Chanel in the 1920s. I would wear this outfit today lo!!!

She also appropriated fabrics like tweed and jersey which were traditionally used for menswear and created women’s clothes with them.  She adapted men’s designs for women – she merged the silhouette of a man’s sports coat with a cardigan, and introduced a men’s button-front jumper (see below)


Besides this, Chanel designed pockets on women’s clothing  previously were not a usual part of a woman’s wardrobe.   She actually started off as a hat maker and instead of the hats with large brims popular at the time, she made small, smart looking hats designed for comfort that wouldn’t hinder the wearer. And she also feminized the traditional men’s suit.

Yep remember those famous Chanel tweed jackets?  Jackie Kennedy was wearing a Chanel suit when JFK was assassinated…

All her clothes were essentially designed for a woman’s freedom – they weren’t restrictive, they were comfortable and they were practical.  All while still being super stylish!

3. Coco Chanel was the original #GirlBoss

She owned and ran her own business in a largely male dominated industry.  Heck, all industries at the time were probably male dominated.   She was financially independent and never had a husband.  All this made even more remarkable considering her humble beginnings.

She was even quoted as saying, “The moment I had to choose between the man I loved and my dresses, I chose my dresses.”

4. Chanel popularized costume jewelry

According to the book, Chanel wasn’t the first to venture into costume jewelry – Paul Poirot did it first.  But Chanel was the first to regularly design and commission unique costume pieces for her collections.  She had awesome timing because after the first world war, the rich avoided wearing precious jewelry for fear of looking unpatriotic and frivolous.  So they resorted to costume jewelry.  By wearing fakes, women proclaimed their independence (as opposed to being “kept” by a man) and did it fashionably.

So it sounds like Chanel was a feminist, doesn’t it?  Feminism at the time was more to do with politics, with suffragettes picketing for the right to vote etc, but Chanel was a trailblazer who emancipated women via fashion.

But then we have the other side of it. Chanel never married but she had a string of lovers.  Sounds very independent and emancipating… but her first few lovers actually gave her her start – either by funding her shop, or by introducing her to an elite crowd who became her customers. She was talented and resourceful, sure, but would she have made it without their patronage?

And if she had to rely on wealthy male patronage, doesn’t that make her anti-feminist?  Or was she, in a world where she is disadvantaged due to her sex, status and background, merely turning her assets to her advantage to advance her career?

Secondly, while Chanel designed comfortable clothing, she very much based her aesthetic on her own body type which was slim. The other side of the coin was that women who were curvy  wouldn’t look as nice in her outfits.

Apparently because women were eager to fit into her designs, (and also because a slim figure had become the aesthetic du jour), Chanel indirectly pushed women to start dieting to slim themselves down.  Back then it was thought that smoking would cause weight loss too, and tons of women picked up the habit.

Chanel herself didn’t seem very forgiving about it bigger body types, as is evidenced in this passage from my book.


So what do you think? Was Coco Chanel a feminist?


AudShopping Audvertorial

My GEMFIVE wishlist

But before that let me introduce myself.

Hi everyone. My name is Audrey Ooi and I am an online shopaholic. Hahahaha.

Kidding aside, I do NOT have an addiction problem la hahaha. I know when to stop wtf.  But I do love online shopping!

E-commerce has taken over the world and changed our shopping habits.  It’s so convenient to purchase with a click and we’ve all become global consumers in that we can technically shop anywhere in the world (provided they ship to your country of course).  Even then, there are now tons of shipping agents available to take care of that problem.

We now have incredible access to brands and products all over the world. I love it!

As a single girl I used to shop online for clothes but now as a mom with not much time on her hands, online shopping has become even more of a necessity.  Besides clothes (and flights + hotels), I now buy baby essentials, homeware, and even groceries online.

So….There’s a new shopping website called GEMFIVE and uhh… I want everything on it *whispers

There are some really good buys though.  They currently carry over 30,000 items (from 600 brands), including international brands that are not available in Malaysia  before.

Like Cheap Monday! (launching in Oct)

Local brands like Line 32 and Dipped Row are available too.

There are five main categories – Fashion, Electronics, Beauty & Health, Home & Living, Mum & Kids, and a new category – Lifestyle.

And great deals are available too. Promos and discounts up to 75% off can be found HERE. (Eyed some Tupperware there *auntie)

Anyway. Like I said, I need your help.  There’s a very urgent question I need answered.

What should I buy!?

First I went to the Mum & Kids section…


OMG? I always thought kitchen sets are quite expensive but this is really cheap! Fighter watches me or helper cook and bake and I think he would really like a play kitchen of his own!  Penny can use it too later on. 😀


OR OR ICE CREAM SHOP? But this one no cooking utensils only got cash register and a bunch of toy desserts.  The setup is super cute though.gemfive15

Or fast food stall!  This one has light and sound D: But bad part is not many masak-masak utensils either. On the other hand, it features his favorite fries.

I’d thought of making my own kitchen set out of cardboard but this is so affordable I might as well buy!


Monkey piano for Penny? She lovessss interactive sound-emitting toys now and VTech is a good brand.  But it’s 3 times as expensive as the play kitchen… :X gemfive3Goddangit.  If I’d seen this pastel set earlier I’d buy this over the beige play pen we got.


Scoured the Fashion section and saw this French Sole ballet flats! I remember going with Bobo to buy this cos she said it’s super comfy, and I actually do need a staple pair of black flats.   gemfive6Um in my last post, you’d see I made some nasty looking tamagoyaki cos I didn’t have a non-stick pan hahaha.  Tempted to get this one. 😀


Or should I get this one for Fatty?  Fred Perry from the Men’s Fashion section. Maybe if it goes on sale hahaha.

For fun I clicked into the Home & Living category… and this is where I fell head over heels wtf.


Why didn’t I see this chest of drawers when I was still decorating the nursery! D:gemfive9



This chair is so quirky! 😀 If we redecorate, I want a dining table with mismatched chairs like this.  gemfive11 And this funky set of drawers! Can be used as a side table.  I don’t know much about furniture brands but I noticed this brand Kare is full of unique quirky designs. T____T gemfive10

Like this stool bucket wtf.  Damn hipster la ok and I don’t want my future house to be so hipster but still very cute hahaha.gemfive12

Really love this though!  If only I had a reason to buy furniture T____Tgemfive13And this sleek stylish bar stool.  Kind of on the expensive side but got discount already!

gemfive19This one also omg look at you so gorgeous in mint and all vintage-y looking! gemfive8

Hipster night stand.  If I had all the money in the world I’d buy out GEMFIVE. T____T

So. Question is, if you were me, what would you get?  Furniture aside la cos really no reason to buy those aih.

For those of us who DON’T have all the money in the world, here are some deals to sweeten the uhh deal.


Spend RM150 above on GEMFIVE and purchase a daily essential for only RM1!  You’ll get to access this deal upon checkout.  Valid till 30 Sept. 


Prep yourself before the big sale with pre-MYCYBERSALE, which will be running from 23 – 27 Sept 2015. Use these voucher codes for your shopping spree on GEMFIVE:

⦁ Get RM50 off with min. spend of RM150. Use code: G5MCS50 at checkout.
⦁ Get RM100 off with min. spend of RM350. Use code: G5MCS100 at checkout.
⦁ Get RM150 off with min. spend of RM550. Use code: G5MCS150 at checkout.
⦁ Get RM300 off with min. spend of RM1,500. Use code: G5MCS300 at checkout.

*Each code is valid for 1 time use per customer. Users need to register and sign-in to use the codes. Codes are not stackable.


What would you buy?



Making tamagoyaki (the recipe you don’t want to follow)

So I’ve recently been very inspired (by Pinterest no less) to put more effort into Fighter’s meals.  He eats well enough but I figure by making his food cuter, he’ll be more inclined to master eating with utensils rather than his fingers, and be more willing to try new foods.

Too cute!!!

So I went and got myself a bunch of cute food-making tools.  Cutters and moulds and presses, decorative picks and even a cute elephant shaped wooden plate.

He’s not a big fan of eggs and he automatically refuses all round white objects thinking they’re eggs. -_- So I theorized that if I made eggs unrecognizable to him. he’d try them and realize how yummy they really are.  And hopefully he’d be an egg lover convert wtf.


Thought I’d make some tamagoyaki *casually

I already have all the ingredients – eggs, dashi, mirin, sugar, soy sauce – and it doesn’t look too hard.  At least the recipe says it’s not hard wtf.


Even have my own little helper!  He was super excited watching me crack eggs and very eagerly helped me dump in measured ingredients hehehe.

Basically the recipe calls for mixing the eggs and seasoning together, then pouring the egg mixture into a frying pan.  When the egg starts to set, I should roll it up using chopsticks or a spatula. Easy peasy.


NOT. FML. Egg keeps breaking up! My motor skills suck or what ah with chopsticks also cannot, spatula also cannot roll nicely.

I was starting to think this is actually a recipe for scrambled eggs wtf.






Why is it every time I make food and it turns out ugly it always looks like a penis?! This one some more like charred and belonging to a zombie.’


Got look better if I cut it up? Feel free to lie.



I salvaged some dignity by using my new panda mould to make a cute rice panda. You know, to make up for all that d*ck egg. T____T

How? The egg can pretend is bamboo?

Well at least the panda was a hit hahahaha. Fighter squealed, “Bear!!!” and proceeded to demolish it. With his hands. -_____-

Oh well baby steps hahaha.

More cooking adventures coming soon wtf.

P/S: I know what I did wrong already anyway.  I should have used a non-stick pan instead of a steel one, and put the heat on lower.  And not added too much dashi cos the egg was mega salty sorry, kidneys. -_-

Original recipe from here.

AudShopping AudTourist

Eating in London

Today there’s a lot of crap going on in Malaysia but I will not dwell on negative things for the time being.

Realized I haven’t blogged about our London trip yet! So here goes. Our London trip in photos.

Disclaimer: We didn’t do anything besides visit museums, eat and watch musicals. Which actually sounds like a lot but for whom Malaysians, shopping is king so it’s quite fantastic we didn’t do that hahaha. Because this was when the ringgit dropped like sai and we couldn’t justify buying anything (except baby clothes uhhh). So a lot of our trip was about food!


Best business class to fly is MAS to London 😀 Thank you Malaysia Airlines for the flights :)

First thing we did upon landing was go out for English Breakfast! This was at a chain restaurant near the apartment we stayed in so it was decent but nothing to write home about (or remember the name wtf).


Notable because I know who is John Keats. Hahahaha. *philistine


Then Fatty had to get his Chinatown fried noodles fix. -_- We are so Chinese wtf.  I ordered Singapore curry mei fun that looks enough to feed Fighter’s class wtf.


Popped by Selfridges because I love the book section!!! Can browse forever if not for the dragon breathing down my back: “JUST BUY ON KINDLE!”


As a true blue auntie, I also spent ages in the Home section.




DOAN BRUFF. Their kitchen and baking products are gorgeous! Why do we not have prettier things here *laments


Obligatory trip to Borough Market.  Where we bought Malaysian curry for lunch yea I also wanna punch myself hahahaha. In our defense the curry is super fragrant and not really like anything we have here.


Pretty pastries.  There’s always something nice to see at Borough. DSC_0370_1

Then we took a walk down to the Shard, which wasn’t open the last time we were here!  We were meeting our friend Jay for lunch.


The restaurant is called Oblix and we were there for their Weekend Brunch.  It’s a three course meal; starters and desserts are buffet style, they give you champagne, and you order your main from the menu. Starters was just ok but my main was pretty good!  I had lobster tagliatelle.  Price wise, it was £50+ per person. The view is stunning!  If you have a chance, go to the Shard!


Also went to Portobello Market since I’ve never been there.

Uhhh waste of time to me. -_- I’m not into weed, rusty secondhand goods or handmade souvenirs meant for conning tourists so I really didn’t like it.  Although we did see this cart of old books (with some first editions) which was quite nice.

2015-08-16 06.24.57 1

This was worth it though! Passed by streets of these pastel houses on the way there.  

2015-08-16 12.08.19 1

Can I haz a pink or mint house too?!


On another day, we went to Wild Honey!  We wanted a Michelin restaurant experience but couldn’t book Gordon Ramsay hahaha. So we picked Wild Honey. If you want to try Michelin, you can find Michelin places for lunch – they often have lunch menus which are quite affordable.  For Wild Honey’s set lunch, we paid £30 each.


Gorgeous plating *hearts in eyes

(cuisine is French by the way)


Preliminary bread.  I ate and bread crumbs and dust fell all over the table like a hooligan wtf.


My starter was rabbit!  First time eating it and I really liked it! Tasted like chicken lolol no really.


My main which was fish… dammit I forgot exactly what already #failedfoodblogger Fish with white beans and chickpeas!


Fatty had the beef which he actually said was okay la not the best he’s ever had.  But the plating <3


My dessert was so good! And I’m not even a dessert person.  Fatty had the lemon meringue with ice cream which he said was quite good, but my raspberry tart was awesome! I ate the whole slice. O_O Dollop of cream and all. O_O


Then after that they asked if we wanted tea and I was all like sure! Green tea would be great. Be warned.  Do not order the tea if you want to keep it to £30. Because the tea is not included and it cost me £6 for this pot of green tea wtf.

It came with some chocolate cakes that honestly looked so weird I didn’t dare to try it.  I did nibble at the small chocolatey pieces scattered on the board though and they tasted like pieces of wood itself. ಠ_ಠ  Maybe I ate the decor. ಠ_ಠ Overall it was still a pretty great experience.


Also went to their toilet and bombed it sorry Wild Honey.

Had some intense diarrhea the entire week there FML.  Maybe I’m not used to the hard water.

Then for dinner we went to another Michelin star restaurant zomg.  We met up with “Fatty’s handsome friend Alex” who took us there.


It’s called Roka and omg I think it was actually the best meal we had in London this time.


Highly recommend the pork ribs and lamb.  But the best dish hands down was the black miso cod.  It beat Nobu’s flat. O_O

Must must go if you can!


Alex also took us to his private club for tea and dessert.


Me and my Fatty <3


Really nice ambience and a nice place to chill. Unfortunately for dessert I ordered some chocolate ice cream concoction with hazelnuts (which I love) and it turned out to be a Magnum studded with nuts. ಠ_ಠ Their marketing win liao lor.


Oh this is proof I went to Primark and came out empty handed.  I couldn’t deal with all the crazy shoppers inside hahaha.  Lines to pay circled the store! O_O

Ok told you our trip was mostly about food.


We also tried the Breakfast Club.


Interior is quite quirky and eighties.


I guess this is what a teen’s bedroom wall might look like?


My hot chocolate came in a cute yellow smiley face mug.

Fatty and I had the English Breakfast and berries pancakes to share.  The English was okay la (can’t really go wrong with it) but the pancakes were amazing!

Again I don’t eat dessert  but I ate a lot of this wtf.


Pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Drizzled with maple syrup, cream and powdered sugar omg.

There are mixed reviews on Breakfast Club depending on location.  We went to the one in Soho.


Went to Carnaby Street and bought sneakers for everyone (except Penny sorry Penny let’s learn how to walk first.)

2015-08-17 04.56.51 1

Spent a full day at the Imperial War Museum too.  It’s free entry and very worth it hahaha.


Walking around Leicester Square at night…




The next day was musical day!

Went to watch the Book of Mormon…


and Matilda!


As a kid I really wanted to be Matilda hahaha.

Matilda was okay la.  It’s a purely British production and the child actors were fantastic!  Production and set were good too but I didn’t really feel the songs.

Book of Mormon was hilarious though!  One of my favorite musicals now hahaha I really recommend it – super witty and funny and endearing.


Stumbled upon Shake Shack in Covent Garden so we die also had to have it!  Shake Shack in NYC was the best burger I ever had so I had to succumb and uhh bend my no beef vow for this. T_T

So not worth it. T_____T London Shake Shack doesn’t hold a candle to the original New York one.


We were out the whole day cos we caught two musicals hahaha.  So I brought my pump and nursing cover to pump milk.

Got weird stares from the Middle Eastern family next to us. T_T Sorry la but no baby rooms around, would you rather me hog a toilet?




Gorging on ice cream ahhhhh after London my fat percentage really went up when I weigned in at Marie France hahaha. 


At the Disney store in Covent Garden hehehe Tsum Tsum!


Another friend took us to Hawksmoor in Covent Garden. They’re renowned for steak but I was back on my no beef vow hahaha so I had the lobster in garlic butter.  Really yummy too!


Roast Scallops with White Port & Garlic, and Potted Beef & Bacon with Yorkshires.  Both very good as well!  (You can tell I copied and pastes this from their website wtf)

And those were the highlights of our trip!  It was a really good trip.  We didn’t do much except hang out and eat but we finally managed to spend time together as a couple and not as a mom and dad.  And we really needed it! :)


On the way back to Malaysia to see the critters.


Our shopping haul LOL.  Seriously all for the kids only. I think I raped nearly every Zara in London wtf.



Ode to my grandparents

To the man who drove us to and fro from kindergarten every day.

To the woman who cooked mushy porridge I hated and who would have to run after me with a bowl and spoon every meal.

To the man who loved Manchester United and watched every game until his death.

To the woman whose way of showing love was by asking if we had eaten.

To the man who pat me to sleep at night.

To the woman who sewed our pajamas and pillow cases.

To the man who played mahjong every Sunday and cussed like a sailor when he was losing.

To the woman who cooked up a storm of our favorite dishes whenever we went back to Penang.

To the man who walked down the street to buy me koay teow th’ng.

To the man who recorded all the 5.30 pm cartoons on video so we could rewatch them over and over.

To the woman who had to sit behind in the backseat between my brother and my cousin just so they wouldn’t fight.

To the man who loved all technology German (I never found out why) and kept a pristine Volkswagen Beetle with no aircon inside but a tiny fan on the ceiling, which he’d drive himself and his wife to the market in.

To the woman who spoke no other language besides Cantonese so we had trouble communicating.  To the woman whom this did not faze – she prattled on to us regardless.  Always asking us if we had eaten, if we wanted drinks, more coffee, anything she could give.

To the man whom my brother and I were so afraid of losing to his smoking habit, we made picket signs and staged a No Smoking protest.  We replaced his cigarettes with candy, not knowing he was diabetic wtf.

To the woman who spoke the loudest in Hakka whenever she was talking on the phone to her relatives.

To the man who made up the most elaborate stories to tell us.  And they all invariably involved poop or fart jokes for some reason.

To the man and woman we served tea to every Chinese New Year.

To the man who had such a big heart helped anyone he could, and as a result, was mourned widely at his funeral.

To the man and woman who took care of me and my brother on weekdays, bathing, feeding, clothing us, sending us to school, while our parents worked in KL.

To the man and woman who picked us up on the weekend to give the other grandparents a break, who took care of us each weekend and let us play to our hearts content.

To the man who had a heart attack at home when we were in Thailand for a holiday.  We never got to see him before he went.  He had quit smoking but it was too little, too late.

To the woman who cried for two years after his death.

To the woman who fell down and then developed dementia.  From slowly forgetting our names and faces, she started to forget how to do things for herself.

To the man who would get irritated at his wife’s deteriorating memory but agonized when she was hospitalized.

To the woman who, despite having dementia, when she knew her husband was coming home from the hospital, asked for a comb and a mirror so she could beautify herself before he saw her.

To the man who as soon as he was able, asked to go home from the hospital because he wanted to see his wife.

To the woman who said she would be happy when she passed because she would meet her husband again.

To the man and woman who still held hands after 70 years of marriage.

To the men and women who raised their families to the best of their abilities despite poverty and strife.

To the woman who said her only wish was to see me graduate, and then she could go in peace.  When I graduated, she said her only wish was to see me get married. When I got married, she said her only wish was to see the birth of my first child.  Now I have two and she has gone.

The last of my grandparents – my paternal grandmother, Mama – passed away last week.

This post is in memory of my four grandparents.  Not to think about their deaths but to reflect on the impact of their lives.  They weren’t famous or extraordinary, but to us, they were great people who left behind a legacy.

My grandfather on my mom’s side.  We called him Ah Kong.

And this was his wife, my grandmother.  We called her Por Por.

This is my dad’s mother who passed away last week.  We called her Mama.

In the center is my dad’s father.  We called him Yeh Yeh.  Not many photos of him because he died before social media was invented wtf. (Guess which one I am!)

My Ah Kong at our wedding.

Mama during one of our family gatherings.

Mama during our ROM.  (She permed her hair for the occasion)

Ah Kong and Por Por.  They had just reunited after Ah Kong spent five days in the hospital.

Shortly before Ah Kong passed away.



This photo was taken 26 years ago!  At my aunt’s wedding.  I was four and Ooib chose the wrong time to scratch his balls. *shifty eyed

Rest in peace, Ah Kong, Por Por, Mama and Yeh Yeh.  You will not be forgotten.

AudAngry AudVerbalDiarrhea

BERSIH in the eyes of racists

In the aftermath of Bersih 4, I was surfing Facebook and came across some choice gems of photos.

This Facebook page is named “UMNO New Era” and as everyone knows, UMNO is the leading party in the coalition Barisan Nasional that currently governs Malaysia.

However I doubt UMNO is officially affiliated with this page cos they cannot be so stupid as to post the kind of things these people are doing.



Rough translation:

85% of Chinese rise to oppose Malay leaders and they are enthusiastic with intent to control the land that belongs to the Malays. Malays are still fighting (?) among themselves HAHAHA GOOD TRY DAPIG

(DAPIG is their oh-so-witty play on the acronym DAP which stands for Democratic Action Party, a leading opposition party)

Erm. Where did they get the number 85% from? Who said anything about them “rising to oppose Malay leaders?” -_- Or “wanting to control the land?” WTF are they smoking!?

As an ethnic Chinese, I can assure you that we as a race are not interested in “opposing Malay leader” or “wanting to control the land”, as you so eloquently put it. -_-  Stop making everything about race. If this statement is not seditious or incendiary, I don’t know what is.


Rough translation:

LATEST FROM SOGO.The kiasu monkeys of Bersih are starving. They don’t want to eat the free food prepared by the Bersih organizers. (and then it refers to Bersih as Bershit wtf) They are eating delicious food in an airconditioned place… but the Bershit Malays are eating chicken rice at the side of the street… homeless. (it mentions the word ‘bangsat’ of which meaning I’m not sure but from people’s reactions, it’s a very bad insult.) Admin (I assume they’re referring to themselves) was offered the free food. But admin rejected because the source of donation for Bershit is Jewish. Admin does not want to eat food sourced from Jews! We pity those Malays…

OMG. This caption is so stupid it’s bordering handicapped. They deserve a disabled sticker to stick on their cars.

First of all, so what if Bersih participants prefer to go to a restaurant and eat?? What’s the crime here?

Secondly, what proof do you have that Malays (again bringing up race) are eating by the side of the road? And WTF is wrong with chicken rice? I love chicken rice wtf.  Does eating chicken rice make you homeless? Wow the genius of this all is too much for me.

Thirdly, the tall tales they’re spouting is unbelievable. What proof that Jews have anything to do with Bersih? Again they’re trying to fear monger by implying that Jews are a part of this.  Because the religious, abiding Muslim is supposed to be afraid of Jews? To hate them? Is that what they think?

Fourthly, if UMNO Era Baru doesn’t want to eat food from Jews, then why are they posting this on Facebook? By their logic, Facebook is a Jewish company, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who’s (culturally, at least?) Jewish although I’ve read he’s an atheist.

Then don’t eat Dunkin Donuts or Haagen Daz cos they’re Jewish too. Don’t buy Estee Lauder makeup cos she’s Jewish.

Don’t use Google cos Sergei Brin is Jewish.  (Actually pretty sure they’re not googling for anything, considering how stupid they seem.)

Don’t drink Starbucks coffee or buy your kids toys from Toysrus cos they’re Jewish too.

And you better not be updating Facebook from your Dell laptop cos Michael Dell is Jewish too.


Rough translation:

This is the meaning of ‘Bersih” (clean) for the opposition

Sorry after that I didn’t really understand what they mumbled about cos I’m not familiar with a lot of Malay slang.

But the big blue box reads: BERSHIT BERSIH DAPIG monkeys’ work, you pussy!

Nice. Real classy. This photo could be real.  But it could also be faked, taken at another time.  There’s no way to determine the legitimacy of it.

However, there are many other photos depicting that Bersih rally goers were civic conscious and strove to keep the streets clean.

Packing garbage into garbage bags for smooth disposal…

Cleaning up.

It could be true that some irresponsible participants littered anyway.  Out of thousands of attendees you can’t expect a 100% cleanliness record.  But the post just reeks of anti-Bersih racists desperately trying to paint a bad picture of the rally.



Rough translation:

Since 8.30 pm, many Malay participants are searching for something to lie on by the side of the roads and in the crevices of buildings WHILE the Chinese participants return to their hotels to rest comfortably.  I’m so disappointed that how stupid Malays are so easily manipulated.

Seriously after every caption I go WTF. 1, I love how conclusively these idiots dare to say that ALL Chinese stay in hotels while ALL Malays sleep on the road wtf.

You want to talk race? Ok there.  Stole this photo from Suanie.  There’s tons of these circulating. Are these people Malay?

Aiya if the Chinese all slept on the street, these UMNO Era Baru losers would say something like “damn Chinese dirtying the pavements” la.  They’d always have something bad to say.

2, If someone chose to sleep on the street (since it’s an overnight rally) SO WHAT? Their choice la! But no, UMNO EB crazies are accusing manipulation.  Who’s really trying to manipulate who here? UMNO EB?


Rough translation:

The kiasu communist tribe is trying to play with fire again.  They have all sorts of hidden agendas. Today, this racial provocation is played up again. (in reference to the racial riots of 1969) What is this demonstration trying to incite?

Talk about seditious.  Bersih is a movement for clean elections, governance and anti-corruption.  Which is probably why those people in the photo were holding brooms, to symbolize cleaning. Trust these mofos to compare it to the racial riots of 1969, where people possibly carried brooms as weapons.  I cannot believe how racist and incendiary these crazies are. In fact, the Bersih 4 rally was peaceful and orderly, with no major incidents. Source


Rough translation:


Like helping a trapped dog… help them and they bite the hand that feeds them. Tribe of crawling dogs DAPIG pussy

Wow this level of coherence is outstanding.  Somebody give them a Pulitzer already!

Same old same old. Bringing race into it again. I don’t want to get into this can of worms but basically saying the Chinese should be grateful (to who? Your guess is as good as mine) but instead they are not, since they are taking part in this rally.

I decided to take screenshots and post these pictures because I want people – whom I hope are educated, fair and good enough to see the hate and lies and hypocrisy behind these posts – to see. Read and judge for yourself what this FB page is trying to achieve.

Fatty and I have many wonderful friends and colleagues who happen to be Malay.  We get along well and race and religion have never been a problem.  So of course I’d like to think (and I hope I’m right) that this is just a minority.

But it’s crushing to see that there are people out there who are fueled by so much hate as to post such awful things online.  Why? Just because we are an ethnicity and a culture different from you?  Even though we’ve been living together for centuries?

Or is it just for a political agenda?  Is it because the easiest way to unite a people is to nominate a common enemy to vanquish?

That’s how the Holocaust started.

Now, if we could chalk it up to crazy extremist racists just spouting off, it would be more bearable.  But many of our politicians remain silent on this and allow racist talk like this to continue.  Some have even been known to say similar things themselves.

So I spent two days sad and contemplative wtf.  What’s in our future here as non-Malays? Do we have to migrate? I kept thinking, will they only be happy if all non-Malays simply left? Is that what they want?

That’s not what *I* want. This is my home and I love Malaysia! Even despite our problems.  This is where I was born and bred.  And it’s where we started our family. I don’t want to go anywhere else because this is home.  And because this is home, I want to make it a better nation, for myself and for my children.

But I scrolled through that hateful page again and this time I read the comments.

Among the vile replies supporting their disgusting sentiment, I was heartened cos other comments disagreed and scorned their crazed rantings!  We are smarter than they think.

Also saw comments similar to this:



Our people, don’t be played by UMNO anymore.  We Malays are clever.  Two days at BERSIH KL.  That was when I felt we were 1 Malaysia.  To not judge by race, I hope that every day, we are 1 Malaysia, without looking at our race and religion.

One comment like this is worth more than ten despicable hateful comments.

At BERSIH, when the crowd sang Negaraku at midnight to usher in our National Day, I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  I’d grudgingly sang the national anthem as a kid at assembly (cos it wasn’t cool to be patriotic wtf) but I couldn’t be more wrong.

Negaraku is our anthem, and Fighter and Penny deserve to feel the same pride and love singing it.

I only hope they get that chance.



Meal times


Here’s what Fighter had for lunch recently. Hello Kitty pasta! Hahahaha. He loves Hello Kitty and calls it Kiki wtf.  HK is the first cartoon character he recognizes probably cos I have so much merchandise lying around at home. :X So when I saw the Hello Kitty shaped pasta must buy la! I don’t believe in gender stereotypes wtf if my son likes Hello Kitty he can! Predictably he got super excited when he saw the packaging.


And this is how he eats his pasta.


Every time it’s pasta on the menu he sure use hands to eat one. :X Some more refuse to wear bibs giving me heart attacks every time he smears or drops food.  I should just get him to eat naked wtf.


And what’s on the menu for Penny?


Hahahaha yes she’s ready to start solids!

She’s currently five and a half months old. I was going to wait until she is officially six months but…


Can sit up on her own? Check.


Interested in our food? Check.


Got some rice cereal and mixed it with some warm expressed breast milk. And dusted off Fighter’s old utensils hahaha poor second baby and hand me downs. ^^



Wow wow slow down Chubby.

She loves it hahahaha.  Tongue thrust reflex has totally disappeared and she was just sticking out her tongue as far as she could to get to the spoon before it reached her omg.


And she was gripping my hand so hard I thought she wanted to eat it too wtf.


She just wants to make sure that spoon doesn’t go anywhere. Hahaha.


Om nom nom nom. Gumming like a pro.


Erm obviously I want some of that cereal too.


Hahahaha look at her shiok face!


When I withdrew the spoon TO SCOOP MORE CEREAL HELLO she got angry at yelled at me FML.

Okay la Operation Eat Solids is a success. 😀

Congratulations Penny Lane!  To reward her Imma go buy her more waterproof bibs wtf 😀