A day in Aud’s life: 3 April 2014

Decided to do a Day in My Life blog post again, partly because Fatty’s always asking what I do every day, and I myself don’t even know how I spend my time and I never feel productive. *sad So! This is a step by step account of my day. As usual, Fighter woke me up in the morning asking for milk. As usual, I fed him with one eye open, one eye closed. No pictures of breastfeeding wtf.


Then it was bath time for somebody! He loves bathtime now and sits there like a little tyrant wtf.


Cover up that fatty nekkidness please! Fighter hates putting on clothes so we have to distract him with his rattle. -_-


And then I finally had time to brush my teeth and do morning toilette…


…do my morning pump.


…and grab some breakfast! Today’s breakfast was spicy tuna (yum) on bread and my usual cup of lowfat milk.


After breakfast it was time to get to work. Quickly checked my emails and revised some documents to send off. Where’s Fighter all this time, you may be wondering.


Taking his late morning nap, that’s where! Took a quick peek on him and there he was snoring gently away, legs akimbo. Then Fatty came home to pick me up for lunch. And away we went!


We drove all the way to Desa Petaling and found a coffee shop for lunch. I love hawker food lunches!!! I ordered what I always have – siew yuk fan.


The reason why we were in Desa Petaling was so I could so I could be there to receive and pay for the Tesco groceries delivery to a welfare organization called Ti Ratana.


Fatty decided to give some money too since Ti Ratana runs on public funding only.


We also brought some OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1. Ti Ratana runs old folks homes so we wanted to bring the senior citizens a little something. Not sure how many of them would be interested in candy and snacks and I figured coffee, an almost universally loved beverage, and a 3 in 1 version for easy preparation, would be perfect. Also brought along (for those who may like it cold) some cans of the same OLDTOWN White Coffee but no picture.


Good deed of the day done, Fatty and I get into the car to make our way home.   In the car we got a call that our friends Cheng Leong and Angeline just had a baby!


So we did a detour to Bangsar to pick up a gift for them and go see them at the hospital. Also picked up a new baby high chair for Fighter since he hates his booster seat. -_-


Welcome to the world, baby!


Home! Time for Fighter’s sole solid meal of the day and today is avocado day! Cut up a ripe avocado, mashed it and mixed in two teaspoons of milk.

He likes it!!! Yay Fighter! Rice cereal okay, avocado also okay. He’s getting really good at eating solids now. Tongue thrust reflex is gone, and he’s gnashing purees like a pro, although he still doesn’t take much each meal la. I think one avocado looks like can last him 4-5 days. Towards the end he started griping for a nap, so I bundled him off to bed again.


One of Fatty’s best friends dropped by in the afternoon cos he had a meeting near our place. Like a good hostess, I served him coffee and nga ku (arrowroot chips) left over from Chinese Near Year WTF. Still fresh ok hahahaha.

OLDTOWN White Coffee is like the quintessential afternoon tea drink hehe. We bought a few packs for ourselves too since it’s Fatty’s favorite coffee and 3in1 is so easy to prepare. It’s the true white coffee anyway! The original one from Old Town in Ipoh. #coffeesnob


The first time I heard about OLDTOWN White Coffee was when I went shopping at Low Yat Plaza with Fatty years ago. He fell in love with the white coffee after the first cup and since then OLDTOWN White Coffee has been in our groceries list wtf.

Then did the usual routine of pumping, checking emails again, and went for dinner with Fatty’s parents who are in town.


Played with Fighter for a little while before his bedtime.


And tucked him in when he got sleepy. Here he is clutching his beloved Winnie the Pooh to sleep hehehe. Then Fatty and I settled down and did our nightly tradition of some TV time before bed. This time it’s HIMYM! The series is over already now only we starting to watch the last season. NO SPOILERS AH!!! And that was my day. As it turns out it was quite packed with activities hahaha I’m not sure if that’s reflective of every day of mine.

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Lipstick on your collar


I received this adorable little paper bag from Estee Lauder the other day. And inside was lipsticks!

So today Imma do a lipstick review. Notable because this is my first ever lipstick review!

*waits for applause

*gets none

Anyway. *clears throat. A little background on my history of lipstick.

I (along with most of my generation) never wore lipstick until recent years!  It just wasn’t cool. Lipstick (usually red or brown) was for our mothers, and we might wear a dab of lip gloss here, a dash of colored lip balm there and that was it.

The only lipstick I used to wear was nude lip because I was super into gyaru style.


But in recent times lipsticks have come back with a vengeance and I’m glad. My makeup style used to be all about the eyes only  but lip colors are a great way to…

1) add some life to your face

2) finish a look with pizzazz

3) create different looks for different outfits


Anyway these are the Estee Lauder lipsticks I got.  The Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine lipstick range.

Is the packaging gorgeous or is the packaging gorgeous? Each tube is done up in Estee Lauder’s signature colors – navy and gold – and it all looks so glam and classic!


A cool feature is the magnetic feature in the lipstick that clicks it close without you having to cap it.

This range of lipstick comes in 16 colors all formulated for Asian skin tones.  Mine are……

This is Surreal Sun. Quite surreal and quite sunny la I must say. Hahaha.

When I first applied it it came out a sheer orange and I was slightly disappointed cos I love bright lips.  But I layered it on and it got brighter! The end result is a very playful bright (but not traffic cone bright) orange lip which reminds me of Style Nanda models a bit.

UntitledTo match the playful Surreal Sun, I created a playful audfit to go with it!

Jacket from F21, top from Nasty Gal, spiked shorts from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.  Beanie was a free gift from magazine woohoo.

UntitledNext is Mischievous Rose.  A rose by any other name would smell look as sweet.  Check me being intellectual!

Before I put it on I thought it would be a boring old fashioned shade but I was wrong! It’s a creamy pink brown color that results in a very sweet, understated yet finished look.  I wouldn’t call it mischievous; rather you look pretty and subtle yet like you took the time to do your makeup well.

I thought it would be perfect for wearing to work!  To important meetings.  To your kids’ school for report card day wtf.  To visit your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Best lip color for that.


To match this pink-brown shade I came up with a more demure professional look.  Hair up with chunky stud earrings some more.  Sheer plaid top from Younghungryfree, skirt from Topshop, heels from Japan.


The last shade is called Pink Dragon.  I’d recommend this color for someone who wants to look younger hahaha or a girl who’s just started experimenting with makeup!

It’s a very youthful shade – a fresh sort of pink that strikes the right balance between not too jarring a color, yet bright enough to draw the eye and not waste your effort. Lolol.

Another look at Pink Dragon under sunlight.  I normally stay away from pink lips cos most pinks look weird with my skin; I either look washed out or too dark.  But this pink just worked on me!  Maybe because all 16 shades of Envy Shine are formulated specially for Asian skin. :)

I think if you neglected to do eye makeup and just slicked on some of this lippie and run outside, it would work equally well! Because it’s so fresh and somehow innocent looking, you don’t have to do much to pull it off.


Which is why I chose a more cutesy girlish outfit for this.  Simple white tee and a butter yellow skirt with white polka dots, both from Twenty3, finished off with pastel accessories.


The Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is very impressive! My favorite thing about it is how it’s so moisturizing, and yet the colors are so vibrant and pretty. In my experience bright lip colors tend to be a bit drying which is a major problem for me cos I suffer from dry flaky lips.  But it’s super moisturizing on my lips; the technology in Envy Shine works so each time you press your lips together it reactivates the moisture droplets so lips stay soft, smooth and fuller looking throughout the day.  I definitely didn’t feel the need to lick them or mash my lips together.

I also like that the lipsticks also come with some gloss – I prefer a bit of shine on my lips cos I think it looks healthier.  If you get to try this lipstick, note how it really does sculpt your lips, my lips somehow look more well shaped…like more 3D wtf but not in a Dolly Parton way.  In a sexy Angeline Jolie way! Hahaha.

Aaaaand there are two contests coming your way!

(1)    Instagram #LipstickEnvyShineMY contest

Take a photo with your favourite Envy Shine lipstick, post it on Instagram, hashtag #LipstickEnvyShineMY and stand a chance to win a free Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick worth RM98. Like this.


Contest period: April 4 – May 16. 3 winners will be announced Friday of each week on Facebook starting from April 11. Photos with most likes will have higher chances of winning.

(2)    Estee Lauder ‘Be Envied’ Contest            

Estee Lauder is having 4 mall events from April 28 onwards. At these mall events, customers who purchase RM280 or more (inclusive of 1 lipstick) can join the Estee Lauder ‘Be Envied’ Contest and stand a chance to win a fashion spread in EH, Nuyou & Female in August, along with one year’s supply (!!!!) of products worth up to RM5000. Upon entering, you can get complimentary makeup done by an Estee Lauder makeup artist, hairstyling, wardrobe styling, and a professional A4 portrait photo with EH/Nuyou/Female masthead.

Behind the scenes pic of my homemade fashion spread lolol.

(3) Giveaway on Fourfeetnine.com


Hehehe. Estee Lauder is always so wonderfully generous to my readers! This time I am giving away TEN (10) Envy Shine lipsticks to ten readers! To win, comment on this blog post which Envy Shine lipstick shade you want, and why. Remember to leave your email so we can contact you.

The Estee Lauder lipstick range is available at all Estee Lauder counters nationwide from April 2014 onwards, for RM98 each.

Estee Lauder FB


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Fill me up buttercup

Time for another AudEveryday post which just means a random collection of pictures from everywhere that have been taken recently.  I have so much to blog about actually! I wanna write about Fighter’s sleeping and solids eating but Imma leave those for another day cos they deserve blog posts to themselves.

So where was I? *rubs hands

Oh ya pictures from recently! Lemme try to categorize them into events.

1. Fighter says hi.




HAHAHAHHAA SO DAMN CUTE I CANNOT DEAL. Backstory: Fatty came home from work one day and I decided to greet him by waiting on top of the stairs holding Fighter in a standing pose, like Fighter was waiting for his daddy to come home.

It was so cute when Fatty’s sister Fayth came home, I asked Fatty to do the same thing to her. These pictures were taken when Aunty Fayth came home hahahaha.

2. Fighter gets a haircut

No barbershops for Fighter. It’s go big or go home wtf. We did a mommy-baby photoshoot for ViVi magazine (coming out in May issue!) so I asked 76style to help me trim Fighter’s sideburns which were getting out of hand (and in Fighter’s case, out of face wtf). Apparently Hikky and Sato san were fighting over who gets to give Fighter his first haircut hahahahaha. Hikky said she always does my hair right from the beginning but Sato…apparently Sato is Fighter’s biggest fan wtf.

How we did it was I held him like this and Hikky would hold him steady and hold a towel around him. Then Sato would deftly grab the hair on the side of his head and snip.

Fighter would feel something so he’d whip his head around. And Sato would quickly grab the hair on the other side of the head and snip again. And Fighter would turn his head again. And the cycle continues. HAHAHAHA. His hair is super neat now which I love cos he’s even more handsome now! Totally unbiased mother here wtf.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Sato san sitting and playing with Fighter while I got my makeup done. Told you he’s a fan.

I said, “Sato san, teach Fighter some Japanese!”

Sato: “Japanese? Okay.”

Then can hear him mumbling at the back to Fighter, “おはようございます。こんにちは。僕の名前はファイターです。”


3. Pictures that don’t fit in a category

Just Fighter chilling in his high chair. I got him a proper chair cos he hates his booster seat. He seems to like this a lot better luckily. Cos this chair is quite expensive wtf. *clutches money. It’s Stokke’s Tripp Trapp and Wendy and my sister in law both swear by it so okay I follow!

Not sure why his face like this.  Maybe just got a scolding hahaha.

He’s learning to understand when he’s in trouble already!  The other day he went completely berserk I dunno why.  He was just screaming and yelling and flailing his limbs.  No amount of coaxing and soothing and carrying would appease him.  I knew he was just throwing a tantrum cos there was no tears and he was just being angry.

He yanked my hair hard until I had tears in my eyes wtf and I’m not the one crying ok.  So I got fed up and put him into his cot and told him sternly to stop crying because I know he’s just throwing a tantrum.

He immediately quietened down and looked at me wide eyed.  Like very wary like that cos he’s never seen me not smile at him.  I refused to smile and continued to talk to him sternly.

After a while I also softened and stroked his hair and spoke gently.  He see me like that he also smile and wriggled his body in happiness hahahaha.  Tantrum totally forgotten.

Last weekend while we were having dinner he again throw tantrum and couldn’t be pacified.  So Fatty spoke to him sternly and he understood again!

He sat quietly in Fatty’s lap and looked down meekly and played with his fingers, his cheeks jutting out cos he had his head down hahahahaha. My heart was melting at this point but Fatty and I promised ourselves we would always be united in front of our kids so I didn’t say anything.

Sorta like this.

Just me and Fatty. We take so many pictures of Fighter we forget to take ourselves already.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Roly poly is obsessed with eating his toes recently. I like his sheer faith and optimism here. So confident he can reach his toes that he already opened his mouth in anticipation hahahaha.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

What did I tell you wtf.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

He and his new Ram Friend. It’s round and fluffy and therefore very attractive to him.

4. Bought new bras wtf


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Went for a much needed bra fitting the other day at Triumph! Since you know my bra size has been catapulting around ever since pregnancy wtf. Anyway I have tons of lingerie but I always end up buying lacy colorful stuff which cannot be worn with 95% of my clothes. -_- I always end up wearing the same one black and one nude bra only wtf. So I desperately needed new ones and promised myself I’d be sensible.

Found the perfect lingerie for my needs from Triumph Body Makeup line! Comes in all pastel colors (also got nude and black la) and its key points are its invisibility under clothing and 360 degree smooth fit.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

I’m always suffering from obvious bras and visible underwear line wtf so I got like 5 sets!

5. Random outings with Bobo


Taken with Bobo’s awesome Sony camera. I love her camera and she loves mine wtf grass is always greener.


She’s like my event buddy TM.

6. I did fillers at DRx!

On my way there.

My left eye has always had an eyebag issue but lately it’s going from bad to worse.

WTF is this shit!? This was taken with my magic camera ok. Also known as the camera  who will not let any flaw or blemish through. And even the magic camera cannot handle the monstrosity that is my eyebag. Worse still I am not even smiling here wtf.  Imagine if I smiled!

Eyebags occur when the fat under your eyes sags downwards creating a hollow there and making dark circles even more obvious. I hate that I look older and haggard cos of this so I went to DRx for help.

Most permanent way to erase eyebags is surgery but I didn’t want anything so drastic plus I’m still quite young la ok (you. College student. Not talking to you wtf) if I do surgery now, in 20 years what am I gonna do!? A safer less drastic option is fillers which I chose.

This filler brand was just released in Malaysia and I think DRx is like the earliest clinic to have it. Apparently super good and the filler is of course hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in our bodies and thus isn’t harmful at all. Moisturizing in fact)


My left eye (which is the eye on the right) is done! The eyebag there has always been worse but now you see when I smile the eye pouch there is already higher than the other eye’s!

All done! Picture no filter/makeup mode/editing. It’s very subtle cos I don’t want those tear bags to be gone but I love it! My eyebags aren’t visible anymore and it still looks natural! I don’t think you can tell I did something if I didn’t say.

If you’re looking for a consultation on skin or face, check out DRx. Their doctor DR J

Okay dying of narcolepsy. Setakat ini sahaja kali ini.

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Observations from Teach for Malaysia Week

Last week was pretty eventful! For starters, it was Teach for Malaysia Week. If you don’t know what Teach for Malaysia is, you suck and should read this.

TFM Week is basically a week where selected figures take on a class each in a high need school.  They work with Teach for Malaysia fellows who are already teaching in those schools and come in during a class, talk to the students and ‘teach’ that class with the fellow.

These people are usually high flyers or icons in their respective industries – they’ve had politicians, movie stars, CEOs and all kinds of different people.  They’re almost always inspirational. And that’s the whole point of TFM Week – to inspire kids and to give them a peek into the world beyond what they know in their lives.  Also probably to make class more interesting wtf.

Suet (who was a TFM Fellow for two years) asked Fatty to be a guest! Initially Fatty was very reluctant because he didn’t think he would be able to connect with the kids – his first language is English and these kids would probably be speaking Malay or Chinese, and his job may not be interesting to someone outside the industry or someone who doesn’t know blogs.

But I thought it would be an amazing experience.  Education is something very important to me, especially with Fighter now and I wanted to help in some way.  Plus I thought it would be good for us to see a different part of society than what we usually encounter.

Also I am generally quite kepoh wtf.

So I exercised my wifely influence wtf and Fatty agreed to do it. Off we went to a public high school in Klang.

Here’s us inside the Bilik Gerakan before class.  Note Fatty’s faceception shirt hahaha.

It was mind blowing. When we parked our car under a school building, kids from above called out to us. Quite normal cos I remember in high school cheeky boys would do that to visitors too.

But then we passed by a group of girls who stared unabashedly at us wtf. One girl even put her hands together in like a prayer pose and said reverently. “you’re so beautiful!”

I don’t remember being like this at fourteen! I’m sure I was either awkwardly shy, or busy trying to act cool and definitely wouldn’t have said anything like that. I dunno if it’s because these kids are not as ‘worldly’ as we were coming from a big urban city?

Imma be honest. When we were in the Bilik Gerakan, the school and teachers put on a sort of welcome/launch to the TFM Week. They had speeches upon speeches and I thought it was a nice thought….until it went on to 5 minutes after class was supposed to start.

Then I remembered this was how it used to be when I was at school too. A lot of pomp and circumstance, as is the norm for all Malaysian government-related matters. It’s the Malaysian way. I was a bit annoyed because I heard that while we were in the airconditioned room listening to speeches and opening poems, the kids were all lined up outside their classroom waiting for their teacher before they could go in. I really think a lot of that energy and effort could have been put too far better use – shouldn’t the priority be the kids after all? – but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s Fatty prepping for his lesson with the TFM Fellow, Elizabeth, and Suet who now works for TFM.

Anyway we finally got into the classroom.  All the memories came rushing back to me! The oversized pinafores, the crazy heavy backpacks, the limp ponytails and sweat from playing outside at breaktime.


One thing struck me though.  In my school we had a more or less equal split of ethnicities and while we weren’t all like best friends, there was a lot of camarederie and unity as a class.  But this class only had max eight Chinese students or something (the rest were Malay) and the Chinese all clumped together, especially the girls who seemed to stay in their own dream world. :X

Here’s the view from where I was standing, next to the teacher’s desk.

I awkwardly stood there with a bag of snacks (to bribe the kids WTF) cos I’m super bad with kids. The only reason why I’m now okay with babies is cos of Fighter wtf.

I was also a bit worried for Fatty to be honest. If you know him in real life, you’d know he speaks SUPER fast. And the words he uses sometimes very chim I worried the kids wouldn’t understand and he’d lose their attention.


Me with my bag of snacks annoying Fatty wtf.

It turned out pretty good! Fatty and Elizabeth were very valiant in engaging the class and the class responded, despite them all being very poor in English.


I also got in on the action.  We were using computers to complete an English assignment and Elizabeth told us that these kids probably don’t have a computer at home also. :(

So my greatest achievement of the day is teaching them how to CTRL+V to paste something lolol.  They all went ohhh and looked at me in awe as though I invented Facebook hahahaha.

Elizabeth had shown the class our meme proposal beforehand, so the assignment was based on memes. Elizabeth said her kids had all sorts of ambitions but maybe due to a lack of exposure or naivete, had no idea how to reach those ambitions or what really went on in such and such job. So she assigned them to pick a job and create a What People Think I do meme.

For those who don’t know, this is a sample of the meme. Source. I randomly chose this because funny hahaha.


The humor to it was a bit too sophisticated but some kids got it!



With the class!

Here’s some things I realized which I never did when I was at school.  And they’re all about the teacher. I guess because today we WERE the teacher. As a kid I never really thought of what a dedicated teacher goes through every day.

1. It’s exhausting!!!

Elizabeth is the teacher and Fatty was the guest. I didn’t do anything besides go around and check on their work and maybe guide them a bit and *I* was exhausted, what more Elizabeth! Sure you can be a shit teacher and ask students to copy stuff off the blackboard or read monotonously from the textbook but a good teacher would work the entire lesson to engage the students and to keep the energy level up. It’s easy to keep the energy up if you feed off other people’s excitement. But more often than not, students won’t respond so it’s up to the teacher to dig deep within herself and keep being excited/energetic about the lesson.

It’s like the teacher is the sun giving off unlimited energy and the students are the plants just absorbing wtf.  It’s exhausting being the sun wtf.

2. Having to balance between the slow and fast

Every kid has a different learning pace.  A teacher has to balance the slow and the fast learners, make sure the slower kids can keep up, and the faster kids are challenged and don’t get bored. And they have to do this every class, every day.

3. A teacher may feel demotivated but they can’t show it

It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. The heat in Malaysian classrooms is just terrible wtf. There’s so many ways a teacher could feel demotivated but if she is, she cannot show it. She has to keep on giving it her 101% because it’s not about her, it’s about the students. I can’t think of a more demanding job, except maybe the POTUS wtf.

Which is why…hats/caps/beanies off to the TFM Fellows who are taking two years out of their lives to make a difference to our (bad) education.

Also teachers should be paid more!!!  I speak for Malaysia only cos I dunno how goes it in other countries. There should be more rigorous standards to meet to become a teacher and they should be paid more, a salary deserving of the high standards they should be bringing to the table.  Teaching should definitely be conferred a higher status in Malaysian society too, and thought of as a proper career or profession*, not something for people who don’t have any better prospects or people who want long school holidays wtf.

*like how it is in Japan! I read somewhere that teachers in Japan are mostly male cos it’s a highly respected profession and the teachers receive higher pay than most civil servants, as well as have to go through a super stringent selection process.

That’s the first step for Malaysia I think.

Fatty and I can’t decide what kind of school to send Fighter to. We both went to government school but now we hear awful things about the standards of it now.  So TFM is really an awesome step in the right direction in terms of our education system.

Okay sorry for the long ass post!


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With great power comes great responsibility.

And with great responsibility comes shitty skin.

When I say great responsibility, I mean motherhood. Lolol.

Although I may look like I’m super unaffected by motherhood and still look glowing and slim and whatever, I assure you…it’s only my Casio TR15 magic camera doing its job well. Hahaha.

The truth is, my skin has gone downhill after having Fighter.  I didn’t realize before this but besides some occasional breakouts during my pregnancy, my skin was awesome. Glowy and supple and definitely not dry.

Not anymore! When the pregnancy hormones leached out of me, so did whatever made my skin awesome then. Haih.  These past few months I struggled with dry and flaky skin, especially around my mouth, sallow looking skin, and worst, fine lines ALL OVER MY FACE.  Not just in the usual spots like eye area, but on my cheeks also got WTF. I was damn worried cos I suspected my skin’s age was now older than my actual age. FML.

I guess it’s also made worse because sometimes when I’m rushing in the morning (always my busiest time of the day) I skip steps in my skincare routine wtf.  Skip here a bit, there a bit, I think eventually it built up and turned into a monster wtf.

Anyway I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin now! So a few weeks ago I went to DRx and talked to Dr Jason (the resident doctor) about my skin dryness.  He said I had a few options – blood facial (Kim Kardashian did it and I googled it and nearly fainted wtf) among others, and cryorejuvenation, a much less extreme option.

Cryorejuvenation is the use of a special cryo-iontophoresis machine to push active ingredients (in layman’s terms, serum and other good stuff) into the skin via electrical currents.

It results in a brighter and more hydrated complexion which is exactly what I needed.

Here’s how it went.


As like all other facials, first the beautician cleanses my face.

(wah without makeup why my mouth look so big)


Then!  This part is really interesting. Taking this thing which is like a metal stamp with many tiny sharp needles, the beautician gently presses it all over my face!

Like this. It doesn’t hurt at all because she does it really gently, and besides the needles are too small to penetrate the skin’s pain receptors. It even feels a little ticklish.

The reason she does this is so the needles will open up microscopic holes in my face – channels for the ingredients/serum to penetrate into the skin.


Then with one hand she slowly applied the serum onto my skin while her other hand, holding the cryo-iontophoresis handpiece to spread and massage the serum so it’ll be absorbed into my skin.



Feeling very shiok! The handheld probe is actually super cold! (temperature on its surface is -10 to 0 C!!!) It felt like she was using ice to massage my face, but without the wetness.

It’s somehow very soothing though.  The coldness is to allows a more powerful electrical current to deliver the active ingredients into my skin while preventing burning or any discomfort.

So it was just this cold thing gently going over my face.  When the serum absorbed in, the beautician would apply more and use the device to go over again.  She did this for like 20 minutes and it was so soothing I nearly fell asleep.

UntitledRight after she finished!

The active ingredients in the serum are hyaluronic acid (for hydration and brightening), peptides for collagen synthesis, vitanin C and anti-oxidants.

Love love love my skin after it was done! No more tightness when I smiled, and my skin felt soft and supple to the touch. Really rejuvenated!

This is really one of my favorite facials because of how soothing and painless it was, yet with drastically obvious results. Can’t wait to go back and get it done again. :D

You can do cryorejuvenation as often as you want but DRx recommends it about once a month.  Anyone can do it but probably not if you have oily skin. In fact they recommend it for patients with dry skin or who are in their 30s or 40s (FML).  Cryorejuvenation however will not treat skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines and blocked pores.  It simply brightens and rehydrates skin, albeit with a huge difference. ^^

UntitledMy readers can take advantage of a promotion for Cryorejuvenation under DRx. Normal price is RM500 but you can try it for RM188 first time first trial. Readers also get to redeem RM50 voucher (to purchase products only) which can be used instantly.

Quote “Audrey Cryo RM188″ for the promo!  Call DRx at (603) – 6201 3088 for an appointment.

DRx website
DRx Instagram
DRx Facebook

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088
Fax : (603) – 6201 6033
Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


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It’s not often that i write these sort of cryptic posts but I wanted to put it out here. I haven’t really written anything REALLY personal for a while so maybe this will be a start.

And for the first time in months, years even, I will attempt to just write whatever pops into my mind. No filtering, no thinking does this sound good, does this sound correct. No rephrasing, just the words as they come.

My friend Stephanie used to say something along the lines of everyday you encounter 3 stupid people. And she’d go 1/3 every time she met one wtf. I think that’s an exaggeration – I don’t think we meet 3 stupid people every day do we? Maybe it’s because I work from home. If I met 3 stupid people everyday it’d be Fatty, Fighter and the nanny wtf.

Anyway. I don’t often meet someone I dislike so much that when i do, I’m surprised by the depth of my distaste. It’s different from getting so angry at someone you hate them on the spot. This is less emotional but much more pervasive. If I were angry, this would be a red sort of heat. something that blinds me to everything but my rage and my desire to say something calculated to hurt.

No, this is something much colder, detached. I look at things as if from up above, from a far away point of view because I’m not actually involved, and that view is crystal clear, unhindered by biased fury.

And what I see is a person who sees every fault but their own. Who refuses to see in spite of the evidence.  Someone who name drops. Someone who may not have a concept of loyalty. Somebody who puts their desires first. Someone who may not have the experience or aptitude to weather the most trying moments gracefully. Someone who may mess with someone else’s peace for their own gain. And then who convinces themselves they are seizing the dream. Carpe diem and all that.

That’s my view. I dare say I could be wrong, that I’m seeing things warped because I’m not floating directly above like what I thought, but hovering to the side, where the view isn’t so clear and things look different. But perception is reality. That person’s perception could be their reality and in their eyes I would be as wrong as I think they are.

In my eyes, this is the reality. The reality is that I don’t like you. I am disturbed by your delusions and I will not give you the satisfaction of dropping my name.

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Stand and Deliver

So you know how I’m like a serious fan of Tesco Online.

So I was thinking about the convenience of getting groceries delivered right to the doorstep and it occurred to me there was another way of using it.

It’s already mafan enough for me to get groceries for a household of eight, what more say someone who’s running a charity home for like…fifty people wtf.  And coincidentally a friend told me that a charity home she knew who had a monthly wish list of things they needed.

I decided to do something nice. So I got onto Tesco Online and bought a whole bunch of stuff and arranged to have them delivered to the place.

ti ratana


Aih I spent like 50% more of my weekly household budget and I don’t even feel like I made a dent in their wishlist. But I got all kinds of stuff from perishables to cleaning supplies to antiseptic cream and adult diapers.

Ti Ratana is a welfare organization that runs an old folks’ home, children’s home and a women’s shelter. They rely on public funding and they house and care for 200+ people in total so their wishlist is super long. :X


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1


So today Fatty and I drove to Ti Ratana to wait for the Tesco truck so I could sign for the delivery.

They’re  here!!


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1


Getting delivery of the items!


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1


Checking them off the shopping list so I know if the delivery is correct.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1


So much easier to just have them delivered here than buying myself and carting everything here. :D


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

Handing my credit card over.  I dunno why the delivery man looks so hopeless hahahahaa.

(wah this must be the blog post with the most photos of the back of my head wtf)

After that we took a tour around the home (they’re actually pretty big and take up a few buildings down a street). No pictures because they’re not allowed.

Visiting the home was a huge impact on us.  They’re running out of space so some of the old folks’ beds had to be put in the kitchen.  And… most of them just sat around listless or slept.  I asked the caretaker how they all ended up there and she told us it’s usually either they have no kids or family to look after them, or the kids don’t want them, or have no means to care for them.  I looked at them and wondered how must have their youths been? Did they imagine they would spend their last years this way? Does anyone?

While the kids and babies in the home were mostly from single moms who may not even know who the fathers are. The caretaker told us that their moms couldn’t take care of them so they deposited them there.  And those kids would grow up there until they finished high school when they could leave if they wanted to.

Fatty asked, “Does anyone get adopted?” The caretaker answered, “Yes, but we don’t really encourage it.  We’ve had a few cases where the adopted parents returned the child because they ran into financial problems. Or they were childless, but suddenly conceived their own flesh and blood and decided they didn’t want the adopted child anymore.”

WTF?!?! BAD ENOUGH YOU RETURN PETS TO THE SPCA BUT HUMAN ALSO WANT TO RETURN? You think a child is your plaything!?!?!?!?!? You think got return policy and money back guarantee!?!?! It should be a jail-able offense.

My blood boiled. I thought about our Fighter safe at home who will never live a day without love, and if we can help it, will never want for anything.  How lucky he is. And for that matter, how lucky we all are.

Please don’t say wah you so noble or anything cos it’s…awkward wtf.  I feel like this is selfish kindness wtf cos I just think that if the roles were reversed, and I didn’t have the privileges I do, I’d want people to help me out.  The least I can do is this.  Maybe next time if I need it, someone will come to my help too.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1

To be honest I feel a bit ashamed that I only thought of doing this cos I was thinking of my own grocery shopping at Tesco.  But I’m glad I did.

If you want to help out too or find out more, here’s the Ti Ratana website.  And if you want some Tesco delivery, here’s their website too.


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My grandpa

Exhausted.  Took a day trip to Penang to see my grandfather who isn’t doing so well. When I hugged him goodbye I was so aware that this could be the last time…


Here he is, chilling with an ipad and a portable speaker I brought down from KL. He was dozing in his armchair, and my mom turned on the music – a song recorded in the 1950s. Immediately he lit up, his face softened, and his eyes fluttered close again. But he put his hands up and started clapping softly. When he tired of clapping, he continued to lie there with a smile on his face and his right hand curled loosely into a thumbs up sign.

He told my mom, “I’m very happy.”

I wonder what memories he’s connected with this song. A lost love? Friendships as a young man?

The biggest mistake we make with old people is forgetting that they were once young too.


Just checking in because I miss my blog.  Also also sorry to bebipolar here but I gotta announce the winners of the passes to the Herbal Essences neo gal party. They are:

@suangyee on Instagram
@sharonxx28 on Instagram
Jia Jia on my blog
Flora C on my blog
@hermeschan_ on Instagram

Please comment with your email addresses here so someone can contact you. Congrats and see you guys on April 13!

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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Before I start, I present to you…


My face! Lolol.  No la just wanna show because I just redid my hair color to a very beautiful dark lavender grey (which I am totally keeping btw no more kam mou ok) and freshened up my rainbow extensions. Thanks Hikky!


Above photo was taken on the way to the Expedia Partner Appreciation and Awards event.  Here’s me with Proudduck Vivy and Wei Zhi from Kampungboycitygal. We’re all wearing Expedia colors!

The awards were about recognizing Expedia hotel partners efforts and achievements which although not so relevant to us who were there as bloggers, was still interesting cos I think I learned quite a lot about the travel industry and the way people make holiday plans!

But mostly it made me feel ultra itchy about traveling. I NEED A TRIP!!! *broken record



With Wei Zhi whom I  haven’t seen for ages!


And Vivy!  Hehe they had silly signs and props to take pictures with.  Sorry Fats you’re on your own tonight.



Travel is about fun and relaxation so there was a massage booth set up for us to take advantage of.  I’m smiling here but inside (in my muscles) I was in intense pain wtf.  Masseuse said my back muscles are all knotted up and she asked if I had any numbness in my hands. Yes! I do! It’s the stupid knots that came from stress causing it.  She said if I don’t do anything the pain will spread to my neck and lower back haih.

I need a holiday!!!!


Speaking of holidays, I present to you the Expedia Vacationizer.  It reads your mind and tells the travel destination for you!



Put it on your head and the Vacationizer will detect your heartbeat and they show you images of different travel locations and it tells you when your pulse speeds up means that’s the location you wanna go to.


I got Paris!?!?!  Maybe my heart skipped a beat cos I remembered the awesome foie gras we ate there wtf but I swear my soulplace is Japan hahaha.  Or a beach island.


With Vivy before the awards started.


Hehe blue and yellow.


Hotels and flights giveaways omg.  Desperately wanted to win a trip to Japan…  but not so lucky aih.  But cannot ask for so much la cos Expedia took us on our girls trip last time to Taipei and Tokyo. ^^


Presentation starts!  Here’s something I thought was really interesting – most of how we access the internet now is from smartphones, 52% of the time in 2013.  Is that why I get more comments on my Dayre now than I do my actual blog? Hehe.



51% of all bookings made on Expedia are within 24 hours of the trip.  You all last minute kings!

It’s all from mobile though so I guess most people use the Expedia app last minute cos it’s so easy and also great for emergencies and last minute plans.


400 airlines and 200,000 hotels working with Expedia!


With the other bloggers and the CEO of AirAsiaExpedia, @kathleentan


All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go~~~~

Can’t imagine making travel plans without Expedia! I remember my parents going to travel agencies to book but now Fatty and I just  have to go online on Expedia and book hotels and stuff.

I didn’t know Expedia had an app too so after the awards I downloaded it.


Hehehe.  Bobo and I have really been discussing making a short trip somewhere since she and Huiwen know I’ve been wanting to get away.  So we’ve really been on Expedia looking through hotels and the app makes it even easier!

Can filter how many stars hotels and some other criterias…



Click on the hotel and check out the details and photos. Even more user friendly than the Expedia website! :D



You can also pick from the range of rooms available at the hotel.UntitledAnd it will tell you the total price.  The only thing left to do after this is log in to Expedia on the app and make the booking.

 There’s even special deals available on the app only. Now we only need to coordinate our timings aih.

Wish me luck!!

For more info on Expedia and travel deals go to Expedia Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, @ExpediaAsia.

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How much sugar are you eating?

At the risk of sounding like an overly paranoid parent, I was glad the other day I got to sit down with Redmummy and Prof. Rahimah, an oral health expert working with Colgate to talk about dental health and hygiene, and pediatric dental issues.


Me looking very serious.


And truth be told, a bit scared.

As adults, most of us think we know all there is to know about teeth and dental hygiene. But I don’t think most of us have given teeth much thought beyond maybe our teenage years when we had braces. Most of us just go on auto pilot when it comes to dental hygiene – brush twice a day, floss or mouthwash.  Maybe the more hardworking (cough Fatty cough) will use a tongue scraper.


But because Fighter is starting solids now and is bound to start teething soon, I’ve been quite worried about children and teeth.  Cos even when I was a kid I used to see other kids with black spots on their milk teeth and think what’s going on at home why is nobody brushing their teeth for them.


So it was a good opportunity for me to talk to an oral health expert.

Here are some key points we picked up:

The difference between caries and cavities

Caries is the process that causes cavities, which are holes in the teeth. Caries is caused by bacteria that’s present in everyone’s mouths which converts carbs and sugar to acid in our mouths.  And this acid erodes the enamel on our teeth through a process called demineralization. Saliva remineralizes the teeth, but if the teeth loses more minerals than can be put back, you get a cavity.

Brushing, flossing etc will keep your teeth clean to avoid overpopulation of bacteria but the bacteria will always be there and caries is always occurring in everyone’s mouths because most foods contain some form of sugar. Scary huh?

How to take care of your teeth?

Within 5 minutes of eating, the bacteria creates the acidic environment in our mouths already. And it takes saliva 30 minutes to neutralize this acidic environment.  And if you eat very frequent meals this process goes on and your mouth doesn’t get a chance to neutralize.

Therefore to prevent caries, you need to brush teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride.  Or drink fluorinated water (instead of sugary drinks) cos fluoride slows down the demineralization process.  Cut down frequent consumption of sugar.


And use Colgate Maximum Protection Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste. Hehehe.

As mentioned in my previous post, the toothpaste works to neutralize sugar acid in our mouths (assisting your saliva) to prevent caries.  It’s the first sugar acid neutralizer toothpaste EVER.

How to take care of baby’s teeth?

Wah this one a bit stressful.  For now, since Fighter has no teeth yet but tons of sugar in his mouth from his milk, Prof Rahimah advised me to take a clean cloth and wet it with warm water, then gently rub his gums with it.  You can do it after every feed or just do it in the bath which sounds a lot easier.  The point is to get baby used to caring for his teeth and inculcate good dental habits for the rest of his life.

When kids have teeth, the Colgate Maximum Protection Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste can be used for them too. :)



Redmummy and I!  We were served a special lunch at the briefing.



Digging in.


This is what we had.  Malaysian style cuisine. If you don’t know what we had, it was kerabu mangga, kangkung belacan, pandan chicken, sweet and sour fish and sambal belacan.  Also had tom yam soup and ice lemon tea.  For dessert, sago gula Melaka.

Then after lunch, the Colgate revealed how much sugar is actually in the meal (and probably present in most local dishes too).



They asked us to guess and I grossly understated.  RM said confirm I don’t cook cos I think there’s so much sugar in everything and I blindly followed her advice.  But she was wrong!!! She must cook super healthily.

Shocking how much sugar we consumed in that one meal omg.  38 teaspoons of sugar for lunch is insane.  Felt a tremendous urge to go brush my teeth after that.  And then check my blood.


Me in shock. Hahaha.

The Colgate Maximum Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste is available in all supermarkets and pharmacies now!

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