that’s what she said

To the people who said things about my height because you truly believe you’re better than me, to hurt me (sorry, not you anonymous fuckers btw because you can’t stab someone standing too far away) —

well congratulations, you succeeded.

I doubted myself for a day.

  • Francesca

    see aud, uve got people who really care for u. they succeeded ? dont think so

  • valerie

    To insult someone based on appearance is definitely low class. You’re made of awesome Audrey every four feet and nine inches of you! Be happy!:D

  • sj


    Short people are da bomb-est when they are pretty, smart, witty, charming, have a great sense of humour, have got err 49 people (so far) backing them up, have got err a bf named timothy tiah, have got the prettiest hair, have got a name called audrey ooi!

  • cindy khor

    oh dear, are you alright now??? get a hug from tim, i’m sure it will make you feel tons better… or maybe do some crazy stuff to forget about them arrogant prick… love yourself ya… cuz you’d been created for a purpose in this world.

  • val

    i`m short too and some frens do tease me for havin short legs(not as if theirs very long wtf). it kinda hurts but so what if i have short legs?
    i guess in a way they insult us to make themselves feel better so just ignore idiots like these and cheer up!

    btw, we short people are cute ^^

  • SusanLee

    I’m only 152cm and I’m very comfortable with my height albeit being called a shortie by ppl around me. I’m happy and blissful for all that I’ve and being short doesn’t mean that we’re weaker or less capable that taller people. Life is too short to spend living up to others’ expectation. Just live your life the way that makes you happy with people that love you. Nothing else really matters. We only live once. We can’t stop other from what they have to say! We have no control of that! Just be reminded that you’ve tons of people around you that love you for who you’re regardless of your height! What really matters is what in your heart! You’ve inner and outer beauty! Audrey, do NOT ever doubt yourself! You’re beautiful just the way you are!

  • Eve

    the more you care the more that spiteful one will feel good bout it.Unless she is someone who means so much to you, otherwise, why care??
    *ganbatte* Audrey!gain ur confidence back! we are all here to support u~!!!

  • josephine

    WTF audrey ooi! its not like the taller you are the more brain you have! most smart people i know, fyi are short ok! so what if you’re only 4ft 9″? there are so much more taller people out there that are not half as successful as you ok! next time if someone say things like them, tell them at least you have more brains then them! ><“

  • silent regular

    i am 1.55 living in a western world so yes, it is strikingly obvious that i am short. im not going to say that oh being short is good because of bla bla bla because we all know that there are merits to both being tall(er) and ‘short’.

    what i DO want to say is,
    who the hell defines what is ‘normal’ anyway?

    it’s people like the ones who bring you down who catalyse the invention of stupid surgeries like breaking the legs to extend height.

    so go you and your four feet nine-ness. you are awesome and don’t let them tell you otherwise. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    if it cheers you up short ppl live longer. tall ppl are more dumb, they need to work harder to gain the same grades.
    in other words yr smart and u’ll have a long life wan wan shui wtf.
    it’s like God took away their brains to give them height hmm.

  • laura

    petite gals = very cute
    foul mouth = jealousy

    i think they are jealous so they said things to put u down….
    i’ve been reading ur blog for few months, i think u’re very pretty, smart and witty..
    cheer up gal..^^

  • Alright

    Well.. at least at some buffet place you can get discount! πŸ™‚

  • namz

    i’m 164cm and i’m so jealous of you because you’re super cute and just the right size. my bf is like my height and sometimes he looks shorter and i just keep wishing i wasnt so tall. it sucks that people tease you, but just tell them to shove it. the cliche that good things come in small packages is a cliche because its been used since god knows when. and its true for a reason! we love you audrey ((((:

  • Jing

    Aud, you may be small in size but BIG in personality! πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  • Angie

    babie my frds all try to wear Top as mini dress like me but they cannot ! I’d seriously rather wear top as mini dress than wear an actual long dress wtf

  • tze

    whats wrong with being short? why want to be hurt when people call u short? seriously its just an observation wat.

    kristy tiong im onto you WTF

  • vivian khoo

    hey,dont be sad just because of it. there is nothing wrong to be short,i’m short too but i dont feel anythin.My friends really take care of me because they think that i’m too small size til can get accident at any time.think to the bright side,we can wear high heels,as in really high.

  • Agnes

    honestly, short but with such a big nice personality like you. i rather be short than tall.


    those people can’t find anything else to bring you down except for your height. I pity them for their childishness.

    long live Audrey wtf.

  • susan

    it’s not a matter of height, pple will still make fun of others even if they are tall. i get called names for always being the odd one out, to the point that i never dared to wear heels when i am out with my friends who are not of my height. so hugs! dun let these ppl bring you down. and i’ve got a song for you to listen to everytime these ppl try to bring you down, listen to lily allen’s fcuk you very much. πŸ™‚ it makes these ppl WAY A LOT smaller than they are. πŸ™‚ hugs babe!

  • http://yuhhui, yuhhui

    cheer up! Height is not important. Honestly, I would go for brains than height. =) Remember, nobody has the right to hurt you as you know yourself best and you shouldn’t let them hurt you either. Ignore what those shallow people said. I believe you’re a strong person and you can deflect all these nasty comments off !! Smile !!

  • lilser

    dont let it bring you down, pretty!

  • tzia

    audrey, cheer up.
    only bitches bitch bout others. =)

    you look great! definitely. *smile*

  • snowie

    I don’t comment often but I must say that your height is really unique! Not in a bad way, cuz it makes you look really cute =DD


  • joanna

  • yonghsin

    Yo, being short is not a bad thing, AT ALL. People are beautiful the way they are. You are a good example of that statement.

    Don’t let people (possibly with less than average common sense) bring you down.

    I’m always here to see happy posts and laugh.

    I don’t like it when people make aud emo.

    aud emo = emo post = no happy posts = no funny posts = πŸ™

  • apple

    you sd be smiling luh! aiyoyo.. tsk tsk pple resort to giving really unconstructive criticism when they get insecured of themselves (for some reason duh)that u have a much prettier face than them, & blessed with many many things they dont have πŸ˜›

    if you sd sigh,sigh for ’em the pitiful ones who find the slightest satisfaction from leaving a mean comment in the slightest hope of feeling ‘superior’ okays? πŸ˜›

    teehee πŸ˜€ hugs hugs!

  • ahlost






  • grace

    what the person says shows who s/he is. i believe everyone can change to better person if they want to.

    in my opinion, everyone is unique no matter how they look! so? u r unique!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LJY

    It’s not something we can help, so we just have to keep reminding ourselves no matter what people say, there’s nothing we can do to change the situation, even if we wanted to.

    So let their words become meaningless, because it’s not as though we can take their words as criticism and try to improve from it.

    Besides, short is just another characteristic. πŸ™‚

    4 feet 11

  • celina

    audrey cheer up!!
    after reading so many comments above, i’m sure u would know by now..that so many ppl are backing u up. dun be defeated by lousy comments. u are loved by so many =)

  • carol


    Aud don’t pay attention to them. One day is bad enough, don’t let it ruin more than that.

    YOU are who you are and countless people love you for it.

    To those jealous people, well, TOO BAD, SO SAD. Your life sucks. Take it out somewhere else.

    Like on yourself.

  • carol

    and love, your personality and character couldn’t be personified and contained by an 8-foot giant. it is way, way, bigger than that and shines so bright.

    i love you πŸ™‚

  • carol

    ya and kristy tiong with the super fake pan cute face and ugly straight long died hair you can just go throw yourself off a cliff.

    you’re just jealous of aud, aren’t you? oh well. too bad.

  • hiew10y

    Height?? what’s the big deal?? I’m tall.. SO??? Tall or short won’t effect the way we live… screw that ass hole that make fun of people’s height!!!!

  • meili

    audrey..dun be so upset k!why let this kind of things bother us..i’m short too..fat summore..damn a lot of people comment bout me too but there are a lot of other things for me to bother instead of this!people are just too jealous of you cute-ness so why’s too short to spend one day being sad in this issue!so cheer up k!*HUGS*

  • sharon

    Petite girls are cute. You’re cute. Seriously, height doesn’t mean everything. Your attitude means it. so what if you are tall but your attitude is that poor? Aww, pathetic.

  • jess

    You look soo adorable with your height! It’s true =)

  • Jessie

    Short then?
    Taller then?

    This kind of person really 吃ι₯±ζ²‘δΊ‹εš. princess am reader from Tim’s blog. You know, it doesn’t matter how ppl look at you, just be who u are, what for minding those mean words? Ignore them.

    me considered tall girl (175cm) and what the heck to use height to attack ppl?! this kind of person – he/she is definitely IMMATURE!

    Anyway, princess, what I admire from you is, you always be who you are!

    Be happy always princess. πŸ™‚ and wish you have a good days ahead!

  • Patricia

    dont worry, karma, karma. their children are probably going to be WAY shorter than you and dont even look half like ayumi.

    u rock πŸ™‚

  • JolineBaby

    You know…

    I am 168 cm myself! I hate to take picture with ppl shorter than me because I will look like a giant to them wtf!

    Sometimes, I wish I am shorter.

    This is why human is just weird. But to say something to hurt somebody is just pure evil.

    Mother F them!

  • janice

    hello audrey!
    im fourfeetnine too!! πŸ˜€
    i hate it when people keep pushing the height issue and asking why am i so short!seriously, this kind of stupid thing also can ask -.-
    wtf,i always tell them to ask my parents. genes what.
    anw,my point is, cheer up! they dont deserve any of your attention!
    besides, we cant always please people in life! stay awesome, small is beautiful! (:

  • twinkle

    Hi Aud… Relax la babe…. rendah means ‘comel’ and ‘huggable’. Me myself is 152cm. But I have great heels!!! Hehehehehehehe… We look a lot younger too! Trust me, I am 32 this year and people thinks that I am 24. Bangga gitu… I wonder if I wear school uniform, can be Form 5 student taking SPM? Heheheheheehehe

  • Sun

    well, i believe u’ve felt better now after knowing there are so many ppl are same faith as you.

    So i dont need to tell how short am i, and how annoyed am i secretly when ppl also using my height to tease me. well wtf i dont work in a bomba or model agency and i dont phuking need to be tall πŸ™‚ so well fuck them off!!

  • sy

    it cannot be denied that height does play a role sometimes. as we know, first impressions matter (ie. looks, height, weight)

    i am only 153cm and i get my fair share of people looking down on me. it is unfair because it is genetics, i cant change anything about it. what? you want me to break my bones to satisfy you?

    so, all we can do is look at the bright side and be positive. there will be days where when your mood is not so good and people try to pull you down. but we still need to carry on and that is what friends and family are for.

    chin up! petites unite!

  • jac

    What’s great about you is the fact that you’ve a great sense of humor and is a very likable person with many great friends (from what I notice in your posts). I think that’s most important. πŸ™‚

  • MangoBun

    Jealousy is the greatest form of praise. πŸ™‚
    They just want to be like you!

  • Shundy

    Aud, you live for yourself and no one else. Don’t be hurt. You can’t stop people from hurting you but you can help by stop hurting yourself. Cheer up babe.

  • isabell

    oh well, i’m a short girl myself and i always thought short=cuter. ^^

    some ppl just like to make fun of my height. but the problem is, the joke wasn’t even funny. wtf.

    i’m only pissed at them because they couldn’t get that i don’t mind being short. LOL.

    and you’re cuter than me, so you should be more proud than me. ^^