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2.  To everyone who commented on my last entry, thank you so much.  I didn’t have time to reply cos I was away for the weekend, but I read all of them (at least twice). Everyone was so insightful and so many of you had little anecdotes to share about yourselves which made me laugh and/or touched me.

Thank you!

I musta been crazy to be sad wtf.

Crappy Booze commented that he’s lost count of the number of posts on height on my blog.

Well, my blog is called fourfeetnine wtf.

To be honest, I don’t think I have talked that much about height actually.  I always thought I talked most about my hair wtf.

So let’s even the score.

I was always tiny.  My parents are both about five feet tall, and when I was  born, my mom said I was the size of a kitten WTF.

When I went to primary school, the teacher always made me stand at the front of the line during perhimpunan.

I’d stand there happily and think I was so lucky to be in front so I could see them raise the flags when we sang Negaraku.

Then when we hit age 10-11, everyone around me started having growth spurts.  I didn’t notice then but I didn’t have mine wtf.  Even when Ooib started shooting up it didn’t occur to me that mine was missing.  I just thought oh boys they grow so fast wtf.

And so I started life as a teenager.  I was in love with Lee Brennan and convinced myself he was my future husband because he was only something like 5’4 and very suitable for me wtf.

Then I started noticing real boys around me.  But they didn’t notice me because I was under their radar WTF (]too short. and quite ugly)

Once a boy said “Audrey is nice.  If only she wasn’t so short.” wtf.  Well anyway that guy turned out to be my first boyfriend wtf never say never.  This was obviously after I got braces and contacts.

By the time I was fully entrenched in my dating years, I was quite used to people shaking their heads and saying “too short” wtf.  I don’t know why I was still perfectly happy with myself though.  Self delusional la what else.  Even at my ugliest age (age 12-16, dark, bumpy skin, huge glasses, buck teeth, no boobs) I sitll thought every boy liked me WTF.

Not that I did anything about it la I just thought only wtf.

Not only boys, their parents too.  Some of my boyfriends’ parents didn’t like it that I was less than 5 feet tall.  That made me sadder than boys my age saying that maybe because I thought adults would be less judgmental than kids.

But aiya what am I complaining for.  Not that I really got discriminated for my height.  Maybe the only thing my height makes difficult is when I need to fax something in the office and have to climb on a chair to look at the fax machine properly.

And I don’t remember getting discriminated for any jobs.  Oh maybe just one — working in the mailroom and Mount Holyoke but only because they needed someone who could lift 25 lb packages without breaking a sweat.

It’s okay I got another fully physical job anyway — taking out the trash wtf.

And I think Fat Her loves it that I’m shorter than him.  So when he calls me “his little girl”, it’s actually true wtf.

Same height!  (with heels)

And a boyfriend who says if I’m taller he won’t like me ^___^ (and that it’s my stupendous combo of short + manly voice that really knocks him out wtf)

Ze end.

God I can’t even remember his name.  All I remember is he was the tallest guy in class and I was the shortest girl so it was funny to get us to take pictures together wtf.

  • carol

    RE: the fax machine in office HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

    love you look so gorgeous in the pic with mummy and daddy ooi!!! and fat her calling you his “little girl” is so sweet T____T


  • Bibiyin

    short or not. you’re still the cutest!

  • Solitary Rose

    I say better “little girl” then “gigantic person who eats alot aka daughter”…T.T

    Find someone who likes you for who you are…Like Tim! Kudos!

  • SusanLee

    Audrey, you maybe small in size, but big in personality ;P Forget about your height, or size for the matter! Just live your life to the fullest! NEVER EVER DOUBT YOURSELF, for you meant the world to those who love! Your smiles brighten their day! And mine too ;P

  • Elaine

    Audrey….Seee……..everyone love you so much…so you must love yourself too!!!

    You’re cute!! and adorable!!! Think twice again, if you think you’re short!!! 🙂

  • dolly

    Awww.. Audrey why are u so cute? Wtf..

    Eh.. Mummy Ooi and father Ooi give the correct height to the right children.
    It’s okay for girls to be tiny after all..
    I got a female friend, she is 175cm and in a quite big size while her brother is the one got tiny bone and skinny. =.=”, they both wish to every existed God just to exchange body with each other.

  • sweatlee

    seriously i think your height made you special and people who made fun of that clearly don’t know you at all.
    so why care about these people when people who do care think your height is what makes you unique!

    if you’re not that short you think i’ll help you carry your bags ar wtf. carry yourself lah so old edi but because you’re so tiny i feel a strong sense of obligation to ease that burden off you wtf

  • jay see

    seriously i rather be short than fat. not all guys fancy tall girls but every single guy dislike fat girl 🙁

    and seriously you’re pretty ok! and cute.

  • t3ngt3ng

    it’s ok to be short. as long as u don’t feel short about urself 🙂

    one of my classmate used to tell right in front of my face that i’m a good person just that i look freaking ugly wtf. there was once i had an accident on the way to school, he slowed down his car, watched and went off. after that he still happily told me that he saw me couldn’t get up but it was raining. he didn’t want to get himself wet wtf

  • xiangyun

    Ahh I love seeing pictures of you and Tim. Make me wanna be in love again =] I love your blog! You are a great blogger, don’t let your height get in the way of you achieving greater things in life!=]]]]

  • lucy

    “Even at my ugliest age (age 12-16, dark, bumpy skin, huge glasses, buck teeth, no boobs) I sitll thought every boy liked me WTF.

    Not that I did anything about it la I just thought only wtf.”

    Wahahaha! I totally understand it cuz I have gone through same phase too…I tidak sedar diri, was so dark,greasy face and funny haircut…i thought every boy liked me!

  • kellieleo

    I’m 147cm, my younger sis is the same height but my 14 year old bro is 166cm and growing 🙁 Sometimes the mean ones would just say ‘shortie’ or ‘flat’ and I’m offended as hell. I can’t help it, I can’t grow any taller I’m 23!!!!!!! T____T But anyways, if I can be a wee bit taller, I would love to, but I’m ok with my height since boys say I’m cute and they instinctively have that ‘lil-sis-must-protect-her’ attitude when we go out. But everytime I go clubbing I’m almost always get carded, such a hassle!

  • messi

    you guys dont have to crack ur mind and think too much about your physical appearances. it is not important. repeat, it is not important. you are born to be like that. not that you can choose to be born pretty,tall n slim or what not you prefer. remember, U R BORN TO BE LIKE THAT. even if u r not beautiful/tall/slim, u r always SPECIAL because there is no one that is the SAME as u. NEVER! I have a fren who was born with a big black birthmark on her chest, as big as her palm. But always a positive thinker, she thanked d God for not placing that mark on her face. No 1 is perfect forever. even if u r born almost perfect in physical appearance, one day all will disappear. At the meantime, treasure ur loved ones, ur frens n
    all who likes u 4 who u r. There is no USE to think of what you cannot attain/fulfill/what makes u angry/sad. Audrey, we cannot control how others think about ourself, but our thinking shouldnt be affected by their critics. Remember, what goes around comes around.

    and guys, be thankful that you are born in a better place with enough food etc. there is so much to appreciate in this life than to think of those bad experiences.

    wonderful day!

  • sasa

    “And a boyfriend who says if I’m taller he won’t like me ^___^”
    haha, my bf said the same ting with me.anyway,guy said this because he already in love with you, height issue(+ whatever) doesn’t important lol. i believe if Audrey taller than Tim, he will still crazy in love with you :)*wink* kekeke

  • olivia

    hahahahhaa your last pict is super cute! i’m 146 too so people would ask me to stand in between two very tall guys and they call it twin towers wtf.

  • Francesca

    yayyy u back !
    ru ok, aud ?
    aud, being short maybe is ur lucky charm, u kno what i mean.bring good luck ! our journey of life is not easy but we will get the prize at the end ^^

  • Amanda

    Somehow.. ur post about being short actually made me feel better about being short. 😀 Thanks Aud! It’s like you’re looking at more towards the brighter side of being short than the bad side.. 😉 I admire that attitude of yours..

  • gingerbreadwoman

    short people unite!!

    I think you’re very pretty girl. Being a shortie myself, i’ve come to realize it doesn’t really matter, even in areas where it seems like a disadvantage..but I’ve got a good Almighty who always equalizes things and the ones bullied will eventually emerge triumphant!!

    *muahahahahahhaahha* x 12

  • Joanne

    I am the same as you 4feet9.
    reading your blog actually makes me feel better about my height =)

    you are good & sweet,princess.
    Height is not an issue
    because you have all the things
    that others wont have.
    all the best ya

  • Winnie Sia

    Hi Audddreyy~ Dont care whoever “suan” your height lorr. Im very short myself too! And so “plum” somemore. hahah After I saw a pic of u with an angmoh friend, let me show you me and one of my friend.

    Dont LMAO when u see this. He is freaking like 200+cm? HAHAH im *shy* 150* shy..

    ahh~ dang.. ok la.. Im 147cmat the age of 19.. All my friends look like forest when they’re standing next to me. lol

    have a good laugh. =)

  • HQ

    Princess, you make the short ones like me proud of ourselves!! hehe..

  • celina

    i was born tiny too.. premature baby weighing 1.55kg = 3 pounds =D
    so my parents also said i was the size of a kitten.

    *high five*

  • Magnolia

    I laughed so loudly in front of my pc when I was reading this entry. Luckily no one was around or they will think I am ting-tong.

    Aiyoo, what is this height thing keke All I know is I always enjoy reading your blog, esp when you make fun of yourself… height or not height, boobs or not boobs. LOL

    And Oh, pls keep blogging cos it’s fun reading materials after a long day at work..

    Keep that SPIRIT up, Audrey !! 🙂

  • Audrey

    carol: awww thanks luv!

    bibiyin: hehe aww thank u~


    susanlee: your comment is so touching. thank u susan 🙂

    elaine: haha thanks elaine. ok i think twice wtf

    suet: ur comment is damn sweet i love u T__________T

    jay see: no i know alot of guys who do like chubby girls! cute ok

    tengteng: WTF! WHY SO ASSHOLE! i hope u yelled at him wtf

    xiangyun: haha when was the last time u were in love?

    lucy: hahahaha ya dunno why we could be so thick skinned!

    kellieleo: ya i always get carded too! if i don’t bring ID im dead.

    messi: very insightful & wise! /boo

    sasa: ya hahah i think they say that because they already like us too

    olivia: HAHA ya I GET THAT TOO

    francesca: yes im back! thanks for caring 🙂

    amanda: actually was all the readers here that made me feel better about myself 🙂

    gingerbreadwoman: hahaha so cute

    joanne: so many ppl my height! thank u n all the best to u too:)


    HQ: no it was all the readers here that made me (and everyone else i think) feel better!

    celina: yayyy *cilek

    magnolia: thanks magnolia! thanks for sticking up for me with kristy too

    dolly: eh ya that’s true i never thought about it that way! i only thought cos my bro used to play bball wtf

  • meili

    aww…glad you’re happy again..btw,sweatlee’s comment really damn best..i bet u were touched them.. 🙂

  • cindy khor

    i think being short has its advantages and disadvantages, but accepting what you are and how tall you are is probably going to bring the most happiness to yourself. the only way to block the critisism of others, to me, would be to stand tall and put your heads high.

  • Angie

    his name is Brandon and he’s gay wtf Sonohito also said he thinks my height is perfect and that he won’t like me if im taller /beg

  • Lisa Cheah

    I think you look awesome, just the way you are! 🙂

    In case this might cheer you up next time this happens, “they” say that the Japanese people are the smartest kind of people, because they don’t waste any of their nutrients for growth, instead it goes right to their brains!

    -Not like I know, if Japanese people are short but, perhaps?
    -source some std 3 English teacher. 🙂

  • gwan

    LOL -> I was in love with Lee Brennan and convinced myself he was my future husband because he was only something like 5′4 and very suitable for me wtf.

    u’re too cute aud!!

    ps. avid reader of ever-so-hilarious-and-pretty aud

  • pinky

    I think you are awesome lo! haha and you got huge huge eyes 🙂

  • elizabeth

    hey audrey, lolx, i was browsing your blog and found that you were sad a few blogs ago! anyway, always know that you are created to be the outstanding one, be proud of yourself! and always, you are gorgeous in my eyes. =) you are unique! and of course, good personality makes you shining among the crowds.. i’m proud of you!!! cheer up! ^^

  • ahlost

    I’m not tall either.. only 152cm O_o

  • liss

    i once saw u in bangsar and my first thought was ‘so pretty!’ 🙂

  • wen

    “And I think Fat Her loves it that I’m shorter than him. So when he calls me “his little girl”, it’s actually true wtf.”

    Now i understand why my dad is always in denial whenever ppl said that im taller than him..
    He always go “Nahh..Where got?? She is obviously shorter than me” lol!

    Anyway, just be confident with yourself..Im tall but sometimes i hate my height..
    I guess there are always pros+cons in everything so just be comfortable with yourself and knows that ppl loves u just the way u are..:)

  • lv

    i feel u… and most of the things u wrote above happened to me as well eg: standing at the front during perhimpunan…. haha!! and “I sitll thought every boy liked me WTF” hehehe… i thought the same too… y are we like that?! and i did take a photo with a very tall guy in uni last time that ppl thought i was a hobbit o_O

    anyways, short or tall it’s just an adjective and merely numbers. u got beautiful eyes and even beautiful soul 🙂 that’s make u YOU!!

    cheers to the petites… or the tiny…

  • vonblue

    got here from 148 n proud of it 😀 so many advantages wad.can hide n nobody can find u :p


  • goingkookies

    OMG! i didn’t know ppl get discriminated for being vertically challenged!

    that’s crap!

    dun care about those mean nasty ppl.. they’re probably just jealous of who u r.. n what u ve become.. yada yada yada..

    there will always be ppl like that out there.. ignore them.. not worth it…