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2.  To everyone who commented on my last entry, thank you so much.  I didn’t have time to reply cos I was away for the weekend, but I read all of them (at least twice). Everyone was so insightful and so many of you had little anecdotes to share about yourselves which made me laugh and/or touched me.

Thank you!

I musta been crazy to be sad wtf.

Crappy Booze commented that he’s lost count of the number of posts on height on my blog.

Well, my blog is called fourfeetnine wtf.

To be honest, I don’t think I have talked that much about height actually.  I always thought I talked most about my hair wtf.

So let’s even the score.

I was always tiny.  My parents are both about five feet tall, and when I was  born, my mom said I was the size of a kitten WTF.

When I went to primary school, the teacher always made me stand at the front of the line during perhimpunan.

I’d stand there happily and think I was so lucky to be in front so I could see them raise the flags when we sang Negaraku.

Then when we hit age 10-11, everyone around me started having growth spurts.  I didn’t notice then but I didn’t have mine wtf.  Even when Ooib started shooting up it didn’t occur to me that mine was missing.  I just thought oh boys they grow so fast wtf.

And so I started life as a teenager.  I was in love with Lee Brennan and convinced myself he was my future husband because he was only something like 5’4 and very suitable for me wtf.

Then I started noticing real boys around me.  But they didn’t notice me because I was under their radar WTF (]too short. and quite ugly)

Once a boy said “Audrey is nice.  If only she wasn’t so short.” wtf.  Well anyway that guy turned out to be my first boyfriend wtf never say never.  This was obviously after I got braces and contacts.

By the time I was fully entrenched in my dating years, I was quite used to people shaking their heads and saying “too short” wtf.  I don’t know why I was still perfectly happy with myself though.  Self delusional la what else.  Even at my ugliest age (age 12-16, dark, bumpy skin, huge glasses, buck teeth, no boobs) I sitll thought every boy liked me WTF.

Not that I did anything about it la I just thought only wtf.

Not only boys, their parents too.  Some of my boyfriends’ parents didn’t like it that I was less than 5 feet tall.  That made me sadder than boys my age saying that maybe because I thought adults would be less judgmental than kids.

But aiya what am I complaining for.  Not that I really got discriminated for my height.  Maybe the only thing my height makes difficult is when I need to fax something in the office and have to climb on a chair to look at the fax machine properly.

And I don’t remember getting discriminated for any jobs.  Oh maybe just one — working in the mailroom and Mount Holyoke but only because they needed someone who could lift 25 lb packages without breaking a sweat.

It’s okay I got another fully physical job anyway — taking out the trash wtf.

And I think Fat Her loves it that I’m shorter than him.  So when he calls me “his little girl”, it’s actually true wtf.

Same height!  (with heels)

And a boyfriend who says if I’m taller he won’t like me ^___^ (and that it’s my stupendous combo of short + manly voice that really knocks him out wtf)

Ze end.

God I can’t even remember his name.  All I remember is he was the tallest guy in class and I was the shortest girl so it was funny to get us to take pictures together wtf.

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