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Another pointless entry about myself and my shallow life!

HAHAHAHAHAH Wafu (my name for Lee Fen – see the influence of Akiraceo) sent me this video of Pan-kun & James, a chimpanzee and a bulldog from Japan.

Someone teaches Pan-kun to take a train and he does so beautifully T_____T

Got other videos too!  Pan-kun makes ramen, Pan-kun does some farming hahahaahhaahah too cute T____T

I want a Pan-kun too! (or Doraemon will do)

Club photo from weeks back!  We regrouped at Sushi Zanmai right after work which explains the hopelessness of my appearance wtf.

I also stuck out like a sore thumb I dunno why all 3 of them decided to wear black cardigans while I turned up in a bright pink checked shirt.

This is one of the dresses I bought in Sg Wang for RM25!!!

Damn cheap but also damn low quality.  The other day I got water on it and the red leopard print started to bleed dangnabbit.

I think Imma just wear it like ten more times then throw it away. 🙁

With Suet and her color contacts.  I didn’t have on enlarging contacts and I think I look cock eyed without them wtf.  Like Suet said, the bad thing about these lenses is that you get so used to having them on that when you don’t you think you look like a mummy reincarnated wtf.

And I got a new cell phone strap!

It’s a chocolate bar so LG Icecream + Chocolate = chocolate icecream.

I didn’t think it was that great a line but Desmond put it on his twitter *proud

Tim went to go buy his cousin a remote control helicopter for his birthday.  Very cool, very cool.

Until he tested it out and landed it on my foot FML.

Quite painful ok don’t underestimate plastic chopper blades.

Tim always does this to me ok T3T Injure me unintentionally.

The other day he accidentally pulled a strand of my extensions and I was so angry with him I cried *shifty eyed

Then half an hour later he was too engrossed with his Xbox that he didn’t see me on the couch and sat on me FML.

But but then he also went and bought me a pink bag from Paul Frank to keep my laptop in  cos he knew my old gold bag was flaking off and turning into an orange cloth bag *eyes shining

And then he went and bought himself 12 million or so tshirts too ^^

Was at Artistry for a while last weekend.

With Suet.  I’m getting a bit tired of my hair *shifty eyed

Not the extensions but I can’t stand it being black anymore why did I think it was a good idea to dye my hair black T3T

The minute these extensions come off Imma dye my hair blond *decisive.  Or at least as light as my opis will let me go anyway.

With Mr Hyper.  Whose voice rivalled the rappers when he was shouting “WOOOOO” and putting his hands in the air T_T

With Ringo who doesn’t need fake hair for hers to look so nice *envious.

And Jam behind HAHAHAHAHA Latat are you strangling her! wtf.

Suet & Jammie <3  I think I was a bit tipsy by then.

And Jolene her skin looks so nice!  Standing next to Tomato Woman no la my face not red it’s just reflecting Jo’s outfit wtf.

With Yvonne and Eileen!

With baby and Yvonne.

This was like right before some moron girl fell behind me and


It was a halter dress so my whole back and dress AND SHOES got wet.  Even my underwear was wet FML la T______T

Damn cold somemore cos got ice wtf hate drunk people!!!

I think it was the one in red behind Yvonne wtf.

  • puripuri

    everyone look so pretty in The Club pic! 😀

  • Solitary Rose

    Hahahaha….I hate to do this (laughing at your misfortune) But you made it sound so farnie!

    Btw…it’s great to look pink/red/tipsy. IMHO, it makes a person very pretty. Drunk nonetheless BUT PRETTY!

    either that, or because of all the alcohol, it impaired our judgement to think we are pretty. wtf!

  • chefmel

    maybe the girl jealous you got a handsome bf and pretend to be drunk then purposely spill the drink on you . hahaha. You look gorgeous in the dress you wore for Artistry tho =D

  • Jess

    omgosh -_- now that u’ve mentioned, i keep trying to think of who that girl in white is.. since she’s in the S section, i bet she’s also a blogger? hmm.

    and lol we chatted but didnt take pichar wtf. UR HAIR IS FINE LA BABE FFS! 🙂

  • Pomme-Pomme

    Wua~ Thanks so much for the pan-kun link! It was too cute!! Totally made my day! Nvr lol’ed that loud in my own room in the middle of the night before. :p

  • Pomme-Pomme
  • carol

    love T____T you wore the same dress to Maison last year during that memorable night out wtf and your hair was long too then albeit lighter in color and you made the same face too and now i miss you a lot T____T /morose

    when i come home we go out. /decisive. just preferably not a place where i have to wash my hair four times the next day to get out the smokey smell.

  • Jessica

    by the way love love LOVE your yellow bow sandals in the pink paul frank bag picture….. sooo cute!!!

  • Elaine

    Oh gosh~ That lady must really spoiled your night huh~ )#%**(#$&^_(#$*@()*$

    Drunk kaki~ I hate them too~ If want to drunk, then drunk properly la right~ Tsk tsk tsk~

  • Boss Stewie

    hehehehe baby so cute when she drinks

  • dolly

    hahaha.. your face get so red~

    and I read from fb about how Tim injured u unintentionally also..
    hahaha.. The way u describe sounds lil’ bit pity but more on funny + cute. =P

  • sweatlee

    eh u drank one glass only why so red edi! i drank one glass also but it’s apple juice only WTF
    hahahahhaha what was jam and tat doing hahahahha
    /boo artistry so fun cause got u all! ooib left me for so long also i didnt mind!

  • josephine

    aud, can i kno where u got ur shoes ah.. the yellow bow and the gladiator.. vr pwetty leh

  • Kitsie

    Omg thats Pan-kun and James from tensai Shimura Doubutsen! I love that show<333 So adorable. xDPan-kun is super smart wtf. xD

    And eee! I like your Gladiator shoes. I can’t find proper one these days. T-T

  • jammie

    HAHAHA why do i look like an idiot!

    five minutes into watching pankun and james and i’ve already decided to save up for the next 10 years so i can bring them both home with me /boo

  • Ren

    why that pregnant gal (red dress) come party like that…
    she din care about the child a… some more almost fall down…

    yeah…. she really look like pregnant at that picture =..=

  • Angie

    hello nice talkin to u on msn wtf

  • Tey Cindy

    din c u & suet @ artistry… )=

  • chill

    Ivin Low, the girl in red dress.
    I`m pretty sure she didnt do it intentionally, it was merely an accident. Afterall, its Hennessy.
    The party of the year where goers reunite with the same motto for the night, have great fun & get pissed drunk with friends.
    There`s bound to be accidents.

    You look like a nice girl, dont get fret over such small lil highschool-drama, it will only make you look shallow.


  • Audrey

    chill: hahaha eh u know her ar? ask her to buy me new panties la wtf.
    altho i wouldn’t call that high school drama but i guess i do sound quite whiny and overreacting. i shall edit it then. thanks for the headsup!

  • Waifon

    audrey, thank you SO much for embedding that video on your blog. it’s an amazing video <3 i want to channel MJ and make a chimp my pet. it’s afterall cheaper than rearing a chihuahua that needs a nonsensical bag to be carried around, my chimp can walk and walk my dogs too wtf.

  • The Envoy

    Pan-kun is actually quite kawaii, despite his looks.

  • Happy

    maybe the monkey could take my kids to school someday:)