Today I got angry at somebody because I thought he wasn’t doing his job well.

I complained to Desmond while crushing my pillow with my hands, and he reminded me that I used to make a lot of simple mistakes especially during my first six months.

And I felt terrible.

I’m very sure a lot of people were very patient with me when I first started working, which couldn’t have been easy because I didn’t have a clue about anything that was going on around me.  I got email addresses wrong, forgot to include attachments, and after every task I did, Desmond had to remind me what I had to do next.

I could argue that the person I was angry at should know better by now.  But he might not have been exposed to the same learning opportunities that I’ve had over the past year  or so.  And who am I to begrudge him some patience and coaching.

Which is really what I need myself right now.  A lot more patience and a lot less irritability.  I always felt proud that I tried to treat people how I want to be treated but I think I forgot about it.

If I were religious I would pray to god to be more forgiving but I’m not wtf.

So I guess it’s up to me to solve this wtf.

Not only with people I work with but the people close to me.

I promise to breathe in a bag take a deep breath whenever I feel myself getting annoyed…

and remind myself about my blood pressure wtf.

  • SusanLee

    Way to go, Audrey! Practise makes perfect 😉