3 chances

I promise you I’m not usually such a teeny bopper.

But I was talking to Fresh today and I randomly asked her who’s the top 3 men in the world that she’d do.  Ok la not so random, we actually started because we were talking about Yuen’s dream man, Hattrick Roshan (dunno how to spell).

And she more or less answered immediately!  (Justin Timberlake, Wentworth Miller etc wtf)

So now I know! I am not the only crazy one.

And I know all of you have it too!

A list of the top 3/top 5/(insert appropriate number don’t be greedy) top men/women/Twilight characters you’d like to do!

Ahhh don’t bluff la even if you don’t have a concrete list it’s there in the back of your mind.

I asked Wombeh just now “Eh who are the top 3 women in the world that you’d wanna shag?”

Wombeh: “Nobody!  I don’t like anyone else…”

Me: “Aiya faster don’t waste time just answer la” wtf.

Wombeh (immediately): “Megan Fox, Jessica Alba…”

Told you!

So without further ado, here’s mine in no particular order (at the moment, might change with introduction/birth of new cute guys <3)

(actually I think I’ve written about this few years ago – click here to see if my tastes have changed)


Jim Sturgess!

Oh how you make my heart flutter!

Did anyone watch Across the Universe? He sings there *swoon

Not to mention him suited up in 21.  He’s not as picture perfect as other celebs but there’s something charming about him! *swoons more

Also, is it just me or does he bear a resemblance to Paul McCartney? Whom coincidentally my mother used to like when she was a teeny bopper like mother like daughter wtf.


Needs no introduction. Oh hello fella *blushes


Last spot!

Originally it was Usher.

Actually it’s not his face *shy

Not his body either *shyer

Think it’s just the way he dances *shyest

But today i remembered somebody else! And he’s just elbowed Usher out of the top 3 wtf.

(wait forever cannot remember his name *googles)


Let us all bask in the perfection that is Joo Ji Hoon.

(knew his name rhymed with mee hoon)

The jaw! The nose!

God cannot be this biased so I’m sure his face is manmade! But whatever it is, it’s still a work of art wtf.

I get a sense that I like small eyes *shy

And sharp jaws and sharp noses.

You know how physical attraction is tied back to biological and evolutionary traits?  For example, men like women with curvy figures because I dunno they can give birth better.

But I cannot figure out why girls like guys with sharp jaws and noses.  Is it because they can use it to cut prehistoric meat WTF.

Ok la ‘fess up who’s your top 3? Don’t lie sure got wan.

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