The Original Sin

(Today Imma go all lecture theater on you)

The Original Sin, according to a doctrine in Christian theology, is humanity’s state of sin resulting from the Fall of Man.

And the Fall of Man refers to the transition of the first humans (Adam and Eve) from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience.



Because of the damn sumptuous apple, that’s why.


Look at it in all its red shiny juiciness.

No wonder Eve couldn’t resist taking a bite.

The apple was the Temptation Du Jour of the ancient times.

Today it’s ice cream!


Ok fine it’s not just ice cream.

But ice cream is definitely one of the more fun and innocent and harmless temptations!

(although maybe your hips might beg to differ)

For a good dose of Temptation, come to 7atenine at The Ascott, KL for Encore’s Temptation party!


From 9 pm – 12 am on 27 October, you’ll be tempted (ngehehe) with 4 Encore signature cocktails – you get to mix your own cocktails too! – entertainment and live acts, and of course lotsa ice cream!

New Folder

I have 20 invites to give away to 10 readers (a pair each) who wanna come join me, Wombeh and Cheesie party with ice cream at Temptations! Just leave a comment with your full names to say you want passes and you can collect your passes at the door when you register under my list.

Like the Encore HSE Facebook page here for more info


Resistance is futile.

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