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Gel Nails 101


So Cheesie and I itchy backside went to do gel nails in January (before Tokyo Kawaii ahem).

Hers are the orange ones and mine are (predictably) the pink.

Anyway although I thought I was the last person in the world to try gel nails – besides Cheesie fol – (cos I saw all the Singaporean bloggers do gel nails until very shiok) a lot of people still stared in fascination at my hands.  Especially children and older people.

Anyway because I’m kind of bordering comatose right now wtf I decided to not think too much about deeper issues and tell you some basics you should know about gel nails.

  1. Gel nails are just that – gel applied on top of your nails and shaped and extended from your own (short) nail.  Then they put it under UV light to harden.  When it’s hardened, it’s actually harder than nails (hahahahaha)
  2. Once you get these, you may get addicted wtf.  Not only because they look so pretty, but because after you take them off, you discover your real nails have nearly gone to pieces and when you push them with your finger they bend in like a bendy straw T__________T Then you panic and faster commission another set of gel extensions to cover your dying nails.
  3. Depending on your lifestyle (and how much housework you do wtf) these gel nails can last for up to three months.
  4. Gel extensions are really so much harder than real nails! The ones I have anyway.  Don’t have to worry about them breaking I can pull open heavy doors with just my nails WTF.
  5. You lose the joy of scratching wtf.  Gel extensions are thicker than real nails so when I scratch an itch now it loses its oomph and the itch doesn’t feel relieved -______-
  6. You cannot dig your nose anymore WTF.  I couldn’t anyway.  Gel extensions are also bigger than my real nails and while you would think that it increases efficiency because the surface area is bigger and thus able to scoop out more (WTF) it just doesn’t work that way.  So you’re stuck pushing tissue up your nostril and hoping some snot will stick on the tissue (very unsatisfactory)
  7. Wiping after you go to the toilet however, is not an issue.  I have no idea why so many people asked me if it’s hard to wipe!!!!! Why!? Y U THINK THAT?
  8. Typing on a computer keyboard and on a Blackberry is no problem either although some adjustments have to be made to the way you type.  I type on my BB with my knuckles WTF.
  9. Removing contact lenses is also very easy.  And washing hair is no problem. It’s called skill.
  10. However, things that require delicate finger motorskills like picking up coins off the floor, picking dry skin, opening soda cans, picking vegetables off my teeth WTF, are nearly impossible -_- Also impossible is opening makeup compact cases where you have to push in the bottom of the latch so the top can pop open.  I usually use tweezers to jack the top -_-

Anyway these are just things to consider if you wanna get nail extensions.  If you read through the whole list and still (like me) want them, we got ours done in Sungei Wang 😀  Forgot the name of the salon but I think more than one place there does nail extensions (with 3D nail art).

  • Jay

    One of the hardest thing I found is undoing buttons & zipping up. You have skills…contact lense is impossible for me! xx

  • Huai Bin

    I don’t know why but I’m suddenly reminded of this guy that made a video of himself applying hair conditioner multiple times to his nails until it’s soft…and then he pulls them out. :S

    He even came out with a tutorial for it, but it was years ago and I can’t find it anymore.

    Your nails looks good though. I like the bow but it looks damn fragile.

  • sweatlee


    as if reading about digging nose and wiping shit not bad enough i have to read that too T__T

    ya i like your nails a lot! but u forgot to mention they’ll only look good on slim slender fingers, not fat ones like mine wtf

  • Stephanie

    haha #7 so funny !: But everything you just said is true.

  • Gloria

    My difficulties is the same as Jay–contact lenses. I also can’t stand gel nails long term because I need to be able to use boxing gloves…and actually box. Gel nails not gonna work! So nowadays I use a bunch of those cheap ass fake nails, decorate them and just paste them on whenever I need to glam up. haha.

  • Tracy

    price Aud?

  • hui wen

    I just did gel nails! But just on my real nails, not the nail extensions… Due for a removal soon though!! And is very nervous after reading what your wrote… The nails will really become very soft and weak ar… T_T

  • hui wen

    *And AM very nervous (anal about grammar wtf)

  • julian

    Well they look quite impressive, but they sound like a real hassle to wear, IMHO.

  • KY

    so poor tim had to dig nose for you?

  • Joce

    Gel nails are undeniably pretty but it really does spoil ur real nails 🙁 and the process of removing it hurts coz they jus slowly file them off! If they file too long u will feel like ur nails are burning and sometimes when they don file properly, we might end up with some skin tear and scratches below our nail..
    What i normally do nowadays is to get 3d design done on my nails with transparent glitter base.. so it has the gel kinda effect but of coz not as good! 🙂

  • Bob

    Palmist say ah, if your palm got lots of cracks/ ridges ah, you… you…..

    …… need to use lots of hand moisturizer la!

  • yumii

    urghh JUST not a fan of 3D nails/ nails extension. no offense, but just wanna be honest with u!!! bahhaahha but it does look nice on your fingers, coz your fingers so dainty. Mine’s like a man’s fingers, that’s why i dun think it will work for me. ahah

  • fresh

    omg thanks aud for reminding me again why i’m not born to be a girly girl T___T

  • strawberry

    omg the conditoner nail thing is damn gross!!!! pull out for what!! won’t painful meh?
    anyway audrey, i thought gel nails were quite bad for the nails? i don’t know leh i remember i read it somewhere before about it destroying your nails underneath overtime cos of the stronge chemicals they use leh? better don’t use it too much!!!!!

  • Huai Bin

    sweatlee: I wish I can still find the video and link. It was way back in the early days of the net. I also remember another grisly video of extreme body modification – this man used a knife to slice off the first segment of his index finger. Just like that – *chop

    It was very compelling stuff. One of the more intriguing body mods I’ve seen.

  • mel

    wiping shit is difficult cos you cant use your finger to clean your ass**** the gel ext gets in the way 😡

  • Jane

    where you did this gel nail?? can i have the shop detail? TQ