Babai 2011 Haro 2012

Each year I dread getting older…

But each year gets better and better!!!

I die die wanted to post something about the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 so here I am.

Ok my annual reflections!!! Why am I so sheeplike everyone do I also must do T___T

When I was younger I assumed life stopped after university.  You got stuck in jobs that suck your life away, you have to worry about bills, your collagen production slows down, etc.

But thankfully I was wrong.

Sure you get all the stuff above.  But what I didn’t think of was the freedom to decide and handle your own life.  The independence to manage your own income (and buy whatever you want… or not).  The ability to take your own future into your hands and make it happen.

Or maybe that’s the optimism of your twenties speaking?

I don’t know but I had an amazing 2011.  I’m pretty sure bad things happened this year of course but my selective memory fails me -_____- I could be wrong but maybe that’s how we should live life?


I made some wonderful new friends and strengthened bonds with my existing ones.  My only wish was that I had had more time with friends this year :(

I learned not to care so much.  I felt ready to give up relationships that I felt were one sided or destructive and felt so much happier for it.  Oh and 2011 was the year haters stopped bothering me!  They still try la wtf but I don’t know why finally this year whatever they said didn’t make me upset anymore compared to previous years.  I think it’s cos I finally got it that they didn’t really know me and their opinions don’t matter.  And also most of what they said didn’t make sense cos they probably just wanna try to upset me. Like shoot in the dark hoping they’ll hit me like that.  So yay it doesn’t bother me anymore! Most of the time they just seem a bit pathetic D:

My family stayed healthy and happy and awesome and extremely supportive as usual.  Ah Oois I love you.

My job leveled up in awesomeness +840983535.  I got the chance to specialize in something I love and I also got to head up my own team at work!  My team is also made up of the nicest people to work with so ya. *fist bumps god.  I only wish I could have done more with what I had.  Next year will be different!

I got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 Seriously never thought this would happen to me WTF.  Before Fatty, I was always the #foreveralone one with all my friends.  Like go on trips also I have to be the one who sleeps on mattress outside cos all the couples took the rooms wtf.


So Fatty, say hello to the rest of our lives together! You have to see this face for at least 50 more years ok.

Next Year resolutions:

I never make them seriously but this year I actually thought of a few I want to keep.

1. Blog more.  For real. I’ve missed blogging what I think and not just photos of things I do so hopefully I will get to do more of this this year.

2. Change my blog layout -______- Current layout is 4 years old and my “Why am I so cute” section is so outdated so much of it is not even true anymore.

3. Get more time.  The reason why I don’t blog as often is cos I have no time.  A lot of people have asked how do I juggle my full time job and boyfriend and blogging and family/friends and the answer is: by not resting a single moment wtf.  No la got rest la but I have very very little free time to just do nothing or to watch TV or lazy stuff like that.  This year, I am going to change that!  I don’t know how but I will have a more balanced life.

4.  Take up creative writing again? A bit scared.

5.  Plan my wedding nice nice.  Fatty said he did the proposal and he got an A+ for it so now my turn.  Challenge accepted.

6. Not die during end of the world. Be sole survivor and repopulate Earth.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope your 2012 is even better than my 2011 was!

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