I was there!

So this was my first view of the crowd waiting for Maxis’s iPhone 4S launch at KLCC last week.

Coincidentally, this was my view of the Maxis crowd last year at Gardens hahahaa.

Again I got invited to attend the Maxis iPhone 4S launch this year *self importance launches through roof


Got into special VIP area.


While crazy lines snaked outside!  Super admire the dedication of these people!

Maxis took up like most of the KL Convention Center to stage their launch so space was massive. No cramped or organizational issues too all very orderly and calm.

I really really want a (white) iPhone 4S too but I think I’m too lazy to do anything like this so these people have got amazing focus and determination.

Huai Bin asked me what I would line up for.  I thought and said if the world was ending and the only way to survive is to line up/fight way through crowds to get on a spaceship that will leave Earth to a safer planet wtf.  I’d win too cos my self-preservation level is damn high apocalypse sap sap sui.


Another view of the VIP area.

I heard that Maxis had the best organized launch so yay them!  We had a comfy VIP room with dinner to chill in to wait for the launch.


But inside also got people clambering to sign up to register to get their iPhones.


Me and Huai Bin!


Went outside to check out the crowd again.  Aih now wish a bit I’d lined up too to get a phone.

Stupid iPhone cult is damn good at convincing me that I need to get a 4S even though I have a 4 and it’s still quite new.  Luckily I have no money anyway wtf.


VIP entertainment room with a great live band and free flow drinks.


Me and Shin Yee (taken with my 4)


Elaine Daly and Henry Golding (not in view, probably busy being mobbed by girls) emcee-ed.


Loved this band and their song selection and energy!  Dunno why nobody else seemed to respond much lo -_- Unresponsive Malaysians are unresponsive.


With Steph and HB.

Then they announced that the iPhone was gonna be launched in a few minutes!!


Faster went outside and saw this.

Crowd getting all excited for the launch!  Event was super well organized they thought of everything!  They even had radio DJs there to entertain and hype up the crowd.



All swarming in to get their phones.


Maxis was really sooo organized about the launch!

They had booths set up around the entire hall.  People just went to one booth (according to alphabetical order) and got their number then went to another booth to collect their phone and pay then done!  Very efficient.


Just to show I was there!  Just me and my iphone.

(shit me always look damn sloppy)

So the iPhone 4S (in black…and white sigh) is available now at all Maxis centers worldwide.  See Maxis website for prices and contract rates and renewals.

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    In Unrelated comment.. Meme Porposal on Youtube

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    Audrey, you hair looks really good like a doll’s hair. Very smooth and shiny. Any tips for us ?

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    i miss your china iphone! pink karler!

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    Your hair looks great.

    I am too lazy to participate in any long snake queues.

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    I love your hair!! 🙂


  • Amanda (Ai)

    You are beautiful, I love your bangs ♥

    I have a forlom Nokia Navigator and I was considering buying an iPhone too. Even though I’m in love with flip-open phones (such as japanese Sharp phones), I think I need to be more connected. With a smartphone.

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    I really enjoy reading your blog and I honestly would love to get mine to your level. Keep doing what you do and congrats!

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    hehehe… hehehe u dont look sloppy u look so cute (like a school kid)

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    I am japanese.
    I watched japanese TV
    Audrey is very cute.