Mebbe it’s Maybelline

There’s a reason why I don’t vlog.  I’m horribly awkward in front of the camera (did you watch Project Alpha? Cos I didn’t wtf) and I lose my train of thought a lot and stutter wtf dunno how people like Xiaxue and Bongqiuqiu do their Click Network shows man.

So when Maybelline approached me to do a makeup tutorial for them, I was like


But then they said they’d prepare everything and all I had to do was show up!

So I thought it would be fun…. I mean I don’t think I have to talk and since its not a TV show, I can retake as many times as I want.

So a few weekends ago I went and did it.


Here’s the starting of it – totally no makeup besides eyebrows.


Turned out quite fun!  Because we needed to focus on the makeup, the stylist pulled my hair back and used water to slick it down wtf


The tutorial is all the way from how to apply foundation to putting lipstick as a finishing touch.

But the star product was Maybelline’s new mascara, Falsies!


Me trying out Falsies!


Entire crew who worked on the video!  Thanks everyone!


Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara.

Called Falsies cos duh you can use it to replace false lashes.  For more info, go to their Facebook page.

Actually most of the time I don’t use mascara in my makeup routine.


While my lashes are long, they’re also really fine (as is the hair on my head fml) and it’s tough to find a mascara that gives as much oomph and volume as a pair of fake lashes.

So I usually just slap on fake lashes, and if I use mascara at all, it’s for my bottom lashes.

But sometimes I do need mascara!  Like when I have to look nice for an important meeting but I can’t wear fake lashes cos it’s a bit overkill and I don’t want clients to think I’m going clubbing after this wtf. Or that I’m too obsessed with how I look and will have no time to do work for them.

Please.  Don’t bluff there are loads of stereotypes out there about girls who wear makeup.  For example, one of my readers actually thinks there’s a possibility that because I take care of my face and hair I will abandon my kids’ hygiene next time. -________-

So. Need mascara sometimes.  But haven’t found effective mascara that can give the volume and length that fake lashes can.

I told a Maybelline rep about it that’s why she asked me to try Falsies.


So try lo!


Pretty nice!

What I like about it is that I find the mascara comes off darker than other ones I’ve tried.  It creates a bigger contrast around my eyes and makes it look like I actually took effort with my makeup

(cos other mascaras I tried are so shit that sometimes it looks like I didn’t even wear mascara)

The more coats you apply the darker and er bushier it becomes too.

Most people prefer subtle makeup (as opposed to me I guess wtf) so this mascara is quite perfect for making your eyes pop yet not being too over the top J


Another view. Contrasted the picture so you can see clearer.


All ready to go!



Oh ya here’s the finished product.  I look extremely awkward but I’m old and past caring.

  • Nicajoice

    the finished video is really nice! not awkward at all..! 🙂 good job audrey!^^

  • polka

    lol, why are all your last pictures with 1 sided smiles???

  • vicky

    u look freaking cute lahhhhhh

  • Liz

    No lar, not awkward at all! Makes me wanna go out and get Falsies to try! xD

  • Frau J

    The Falsies looks amazing. Oh, may I know what magical eyeliner you’re using in the video!!! You make it looks so easy applying it on!

  • Nana

    Audrey you look so refreshing and ravishing. You did an amazing job projecting and communicating without having the need to talk. Kudos to job well done!

  • Racheal Tan

    The outcome is really nice and you look stunning and very natural. Good job!

  • Risa

    Y Aud so cute how come my eyes nat so big augh

  • Kate

    Your eyes are truly big. *xianmu*
    Will get falsies to try out. 🙂

  • kimby

    ok i know the main star is the…and you :] but really what kind of eyeliner is that one????

  • Jay

    Nice one but i notice your smile is always one sided. 🙂

  • Ginny

    Omg ur lashes became so bushy.. Like this!

  • Rachel


  • kayley

    video was good. i got the falsies because of you! 🙂

  • Richard Allen

    Enjoyed the vid, Audrey. Turned out good. I think maybe with more exposure you can get past the issues you face with speaking while on cam. I can definitely see you up there with Xiaxue. Look forward to more from you.

    Richard from Texas aka Team America

  • yuuna

    hi, dear aud, i already got the hypersharp because of you, now gonna get the falsie also because of you, Maybelline is too smart and they know what girls’ thinking, they know we love you!!

    “) good job~~ very sweet and cute

  • Angie

    like a star /beg/beg

  • cinnamon

    Hi aud~ were you born with big eyes? or your eyes grow bigger as time goes by? just curious wtf because my eyes are really oval and near to sepet

  • Zen

    Is Falsies an improved product? Because I remember buying Falsies (with the same tube design) 1-2 years ago.

  • strawberry

    actually i think you look prettier without makeup! like very girl next door!

    that’s it! *bangs table

    thou shalt go without makeup on your wedding day wtf

  • Courtney

    Soooo, you don’t have to approve this, etc, but I tried Falsies a few months ago and wtf no, made my lashes SUPER long, but like, scary. Way longer than false lashes. I’ve used Japanese mascara Fiberwig Imju Dejavu for close to 4 years now (maybe 5) and it is the ONLY mascara I have ever liked. I’ve tried mascara by every brand (from $3-$50) and they all suck and hurt my eyes, but Fiberwig is so amazing I could cry (and not ruin my makeup! *ba dum tss*). Available at, haha…the only way I can get good makeup in Canada T-T

  • Loversville

    🙂 nice

  • Audrey

    nicajoice: awkward leh! smile also crooked fml


    vicky: why you so freaking niceee

    liz: haha try and see!

    frau j: i was using maybelline hypersharp liner 🙂

    nana: awww thank you! actually i don’t think i did much it was the people who filmed and edited the video who did a great job 🙂

    racheal: thank you!

    risa: not so big eyes are better! you don’t get eyebags and can do smoky eye

    kate: haha whats xianmu?

    kimby: it’s maybelline’s hypersharp liner!

    jay: ya dunno whyyyyyy T___T

    ginny: haha not to say bushy la! but not bad 😀

    rachel: yes!!! thanks for coming to see me <3

    kayley: woohoo let maybelline know!

    richard: hahaha nah its ok i dont think im really cut out for doing photo or video shoots..

    yuuna: zomg isit!! hahaha thanks for being so sweet T_T

    angie: ur head la /shy/shy

    cinnamon: erm no actually your eyes don't grow but your nose & ears grow your whole life wtf. i was born with big eyes haha look like goldfish

    zen: i think it's been around in malaysia for some time but still not that long ago! i think sometime last year?

    strawberry: no!! its the bright lights and concealer that hides all the age T_T don't rob me of my makeup!

    courtney: haha why is it scary if it makes it long? i've tried fiberwig but i didn't find it added any volume to my lashes, maybe different ppl get different results 🙁

    loversville: thankew 😀

  • bendan

    So cute… so natural. U’re awesome Audrey!! Love the video!! Gonna get the mascara soon. RAWR

  • MoonFlower

    Hi audrey, whats the brand of the lenses youre wearing in this post? Thanks!! =) x

  • Stella

    The video’s super cute leh! Awkwardness is cute now 😀 When my Maybelline Cat Eyes finishes, I’m definitely gonna try Falsies as a replacement!

  • ShaolinTiger

    Damn cute leh the video!

  • Lola90

    Hi Aud! May i ask how did u get blonde brows? Did u dye them urself using bleaching products or….? I just dyed my hair a very light colour and i need lighter brows to match them. Thanks!