Another lazy-mazy picture post!



Finally reorganized my accessories box.



Did eye mask!  The lengths I’ll go to nowadays to preserve youth :(

Tried  to slap one on Fatty but he refused >___>



Photo of me that doesn’t look like me.



Went a bit crazy at the Topshop Personal Shopper launch the other day :X They gave us vouchers so I went mad wtf.

Bustier and denim jacket from Topshop, leather shorts from Azorias.




When I wasn’t looking, Fatty took my phone and changed his own name to this WTF.  Then he called me at work.

I took my revenge! When he was showering, I took his phone and changed a bunch of names HAHAHAHA.

My name became Throbbing Penis (HAHAHAHHA), Nicholas from Nuffnang had two contacts and I didn’t know which was the right one so he became Buttock Hair and Man Boobs HAHAHAHAHAH.  And Michelle (sorry Michelle) became Mama Mia Santa Maria because I heard Fatty coming out of the shower and panicked and simply keyed that in hahahahahaha.


Super love this EMODA hairband!


Same jacket! Bought few months ago but found myself wearing it repeatedly recently only!  Shorts from Bangkok, white tank top from Forever21 I think.



See jacket again.

Saved best for last!

No harm showing this la hahahaha.

A few months ago, Chloe from Queen Chloset contacted me and asked me if I had anything planned to wear for my registration of marriage (signing paper to be legally married, not real wedding) and I said no.

She sells corsets so she suggested putting together one of her white corsets with a skirt to mimic a short wedding dress.

I was worried about corsets looking too slutty but she asked me to try one of hers on.  The above picture (on the left) is a close up of it.  Quite sweet demure and not cleavage-y at all!

She let me try on a skirt she created herself which she thought would match me.  She is fucking talented and handmade the entire thing out of tulle!

It was very frothy and ballerina-ish!  I thought it was awesome but Mummy Ooi had her concerns about looking like a swan wtf.

So Chloe revised her design.


Tadah! I put it on and I was stunned.  Entire skirt is handmade!!!  It matched the corset totally it looks like a dress! I couldn’t believe it and kept asking her how she made it and what did she study was it retail wtf but she said marketing wor.

Where got people so talented!  I wouldn’t know what to do I’d just cut two pieces of cloth and sew them around my own pepet if it came down to it wtf.

This is still not the final version cos she has minor stuff to tweak but it’s like 95% there.

So now I have this pretty doll=like dress to wear to sign ‘I do’ to Fatty thanks to Chloe and Queen ChlosetThanks Chloe you’re amazing!!!  Check out her site for corsets all very good quality and pretty! I was thinking if I should get another one for uhh…wedding night. HAHAHA.



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  • Hannah

    love the dress *_________*
    also i’ll rush to a lingerie shop tomorrow morning and buy me a corset

  • Raine Lee

    So cute!! I love the whole ROM look very much. Unique :D Wish you & Fatty happy always!

  • Ash

    DAT DRESS. drools

  • QGirl

    The dress is super duper pretty!!!!! I think u will stunt a lot of ppl for ur registration… ^^

  • Theestherchew

    Hannah: don’t go lingerie shop. They don’t have as much variety as QueenChloset. Check Queen Chloset out, they have so much more designs and it’s all so gorgeous too *drools* . Link to it is in the blog post.

  • Nana

    All of your outfits looks super nice!

  • Chloe

    Woah, thanks! *shy*
    You just made me wanna make more dresses! =D *faints*

  • Meryl 董媚容

    omfg!!!! you looked like a fairy!!! :) the only thing missing is your wings and a tiara! :”> gaaahhh… wanna have a dress like that! it’s so much better than the one i wore during our prom way back in high school :| anyway, just dropped by to greet you a happy wedding! and if you’re visiting the philippines soon, i’d be glad to tour you around manila :) ciao!

    twitter: @frillypetite

  • DebbZ

    Cute like tinkerbell….yet very pretty Aud :)

  • KY

    your hair is half ur body length now, i’m guessing you had to be very careful not sitting on them in toilet lest u end up having stained ends. no?

  • Frau J

    LOVVVVEEEEEE the dress!

  • ErikaToh

    Wow, I love your dress! You look really pretty in it! :)

  • Peter

    A bit lolita-ish to me but overall its pretty :)

  • Janet Tiong

    You do look like Ayumi Hamasaki in some photos =)

  • Mona

    You’re so pretty :D And you HAVE to take a look at this, you look so much like Victoria from the korean girl group f(x)! I mean look at this:

    And she’s so pretty too!

    Just wanted to share that with you, love your blog~

  • Shan

    may I know what topshop model is your denim jacket? Super pretty! :D Also, what size are you? I’m about the same height and want to get one :)

    Thanks! :D

  • FiSh

    looking like a swan is cuteee! :) you should wear this during ROM

    Latest: Of Latest Hit: Sesame Ramen

  • TSAC

    Omg i love that denim jacket- NEED. And the corset is super sweet, but hot at the same time.And I’ve got a super important question I hope you can answer:
    Hey everyone! I’ve been reading asian blogs for a while now (I’m a chinese girl born in Singapore and moved to the U.S when I was 5) and noticed how skinny everybody is. I’m just wondering what BMI, or waist size is considered “normal,” or “skinny” in asia? I’m 43 kg at 152 cm, but I work out 6-7 days a week and have a 60.96 cm waist size. Would this be considered fat or normal in asia?
    Super super curious and in need of an answer before I head off to China this summer!
    Thanks sooo much!

  • Amelia

    Mama Mia Santa Maria. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i burst out LOL when I read that!

  • wendy

    The corset looks good on you especially when you’re petite. Audrey, do you mind posting more on your hair extension particularly on hair maintenance and any consequences (i.e. more hair loss?). Thanks.


  • Waterlily

    Your dress is nice! You look cute in it! :)

  • Val

    Hi Audrey! I love the way you do your brows! Can you do a tutorial on how you do them?? The colour and the shape is so jap-alike.

  • Sabbiegirl

    awwwwwww.. such a cute dress for registration!!!!

  • Sabbiegirl

    awwwwww… such a cute dress for your registration!!!!

  • elaine

    congrats on ur wedding.nevertheless, have u guys ever worried that ur future children might not be tall enough? i mean a daughter who’s 4feet9 might be cute but vice versa for a son.

  • Anne


    What camere are u using? Olympus? thanz…am planning to buy one, but cant pick THE one…any suggestion, am looking for semi-pro cam….
    U look awesome in ur dress! =)