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Wedding preparations again

The usual update post!

Ok get pictures out of the way first wtf.


Me and Fats at Vivy’s wedding dinner.  I read somewhere that suits to women are what push up bras are to men.  So true. Hahahahaha.

(yet another sign of growing up.  When I was a kid I used to think checkered shirts layered over a tshirt was the epitome of men’s suaveness ಠ_ಠ)



Me and Pang in the toilet wtf.



With Redmummy who is also a new mummy!


It was Mumsy Ooi’s birthday!  She is uhhh 25 years old.  Yea she developed early wtf.



Family photo! And Sherlyn who is pseudo-family now wtf.


Wearing: EMODA top which makes me look pregnant T____T


Another family photo!  Taken with Mumsy’s new phone which was her birthday present *counts coins



Went tiara shopping with Bobo and Ringo.  This one nicer but cost RM150 cos the crystals are Swarovski.



This one was RM40 from Sinma wtf.

But in the end I bought another one la hahaha.



Rifled through our old childhood photos for our wedding video montage and found this.  This face could have sold a million diapers if only my parents thought to put me in ads *touches own face delicately WTF

Hahahaha next post Imma post our pre-wedding shots and our baby photos!


Best men bowties!  Fatty got these made in Bangkok so I’m very happy he got these out of the way for me!  The ties are supposed to match the bridesmaid dresses so I guess you can imagine what our entourage is going to look like 😀

Got a lot of other updates wan but no time to do them today!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll update this post wtf.

Now need to go call the planner!  And the band.  Aghhhhhhhh



  • J_Fish

    If the one from Sinma is RM40 I would get the other one because it’s more value for money. >________< You can pass it down to your daughter/ daughter-in-law (hopefully) next time. =D

  • ShaolinTiger

    Your mom and dad look so young it should be illegal.

  • Plain

    Love your dress. Where did you get it?

  • kei

    omg haha i used to have a major thing for guys who layered their t-shirts with a checkered shirts as well!! lol now for some reason it’s suits or just layering t-shirts with a blazer *drools

  • Carol

    Heh, I think you meant “suits to men are what push up bra are to women.” :p

    by the way, congrats on ur upcoming wedding!

  • cindyrina

    expecting colorful wedding from aud and tim 🙂

  • Mindy

    Your mum looks like a cool mum!!

  • hanneebuff

    whoa! your mom looks young. i remember your blogpost about her telling you to take care of your skin. I guess, that will be the result when you are older.

    And your wedding is a few weeks (or is it a week?) away. How’s your stress level?

  • CL

    The shoulder part of Emoda top is super cool though! 🙂

    Love your shoes at Vivy’s wedding dinner, love your hair on family photo, love your braid on tiara photo, love your baby photo, love mumsy’s birthday cake!

    I’m listing things I love from this post lolwtf.

  • FiSh

    colorful bow ties! i saw you uploading it on instagram, but didnt know that it was for the bridesmaid… must be a very colorful wedding there!

  • Raine Lee

    You look like your mom!! Pretty as always. And the baby you is so cute hahaha. I’ve said this before but I wish you & Tim a happy & blessed marriage!! <333

  • Hana

    I’ve been reading ur blog for a while and I’m soooo excited for ur wedding!! It’s gonna be the best ever with that theme!!! Also I really love u and ur way of writing, can’t wait for new posts everytime! my fav blogger ever!

  • Kim

    LOL its funny because I never liked the checkered shirt + t shirt on most people.. only looks good on skinny guys for me. But suits… *drool* and I’m not old ok!!!

  • tze

    why you never post the best picture of all

  • John

    Does anyone else think Sherlyn resembles Suet?

  • Audrey

    j_fish: i didn’t think about that D:

    shaolintiger: hahaha you’ve met them before what!

    plain:some online shop i don’t remember already. i got it years ago

    kei: yalo the boyband days right hahaha

    carol: haha it works both ways with slightly different meanings! i meant suits make a man attractive to women, that’s why ‘suits are to women what push up bras are to men’

    cindyrina: *pressured

    mindy: she is!

    hanneebuff: ya i hope so! stress level is increasing but still manageable lol

    cl: ya it is! hahaha why you so loving wtf

    fish: it’s for the best men, not the bridesmaids!

    raine: thank you!!! <3

    hana: yay i love it when people say i'm their favorite blogger hahaha

    kim: then i think you're too young! checkered shirts were a 90s fad haha

    tze: too precious to show

    john: nah not really. but my parents think their voices sound alike wtf

  • Anh

    I think you and cheeserland looks alike haha :0