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Kate kate-rs for me

Right before I left for San Fran, I received a whole set of Kate products to test!!

Happy cos I rarely get asked to review makeup – somehow I usually get skincare.  And Kate is always an awesome makeup brand.  When I was in high school and had no money, I used to lust after Kate cosmetics on the shelves of Watson hahaha and now I do use Kate products, latest being their eyebrow pencil.  (very blond, very nice)

Also, whenever someone mentions Kate, other people around sure say “Kate?  Their eyeliner is damn good.”  Like confirm without fail lol.  So that’s their reputation in Malaysia at least.  Good job guys wtf.


This time they’ve released a couple of new products!  A foundation called “Powderless Liquid for Cover”, complemented by a “Slim Create Powder” contouring compact.


Why powderless liquid?  Because it’s formulated so that within 15 seconds of application, the liquid vaporizes and turns into powder form.

Before I go into the review, here’s my current situation with face makeup.

1. I prefer liquid coverage to powder because powder seems to dry out my skin a lot more

2. I normally use tinted moisturizer because (a) lighter than foundation, I don’t like heavy coverage on my skin (b) much easier to apply than foundation; I find that I need to use brushes to apply foundation evenly, whereas I can just use my fingers for tinted moisturizer (c) gave up BB cream cos  it turns my face grey wtf

3. However, tinted moisturizer and BB cream are usually too light to cover my freckles and redness around my nose. 🙁  Plus they remain sticky on my face for very long.  I usually apply loose powder after to set it but even then it doesn’t work that great.  And finally, tinted moisturizer rubs off every time I blow my nose (which is damn often)


So anyway I started with cleansed empty face.  I always get snide anonymous remarks about being ugly without makeup fml.  True what I also never deny don’t waste your breath trying to tell me something I’m not shy about please lolol.  They always say it like they’re hipster and are the first person to realize it hahaha.


Squeeze a small amount on to my palm…  Actually on subsequent uses I realized I actually need less than half of this amount only – this product goes a pretty long way!


Dabbed it all over my face before using my fingers to smooth it all over.  You can use a brush or sponge if you like. I’m just lazy.


I actually applied it as fast as I could cos I scared 15 seconds is up and I haven’t finished patting it over yet hahahaha.

15 seconds is actually quite long.  Don’t need to rush haha.

I was waiting for some magic to happen like PUFF liquid changes to solid but no such thing la.  In fact, one second my face was damn with liquidy cream, the next it was smooth and matte already.

I didn’t even have to finish off with powder!

Verdict:  Very easy to apply – fingers are perfectly adequate, in contrast to other liquid foundations which streak or get splotchy if I don’t use a brush.  It also evens out as it dries so I didn’t have to blend that much. 😀

Coverage is naturally heavier than BB cream but nothing too bad (maybe because powder feels a lot lighter?).  Best part is, usually halfway during the day my T zone gets slick with oil, but I didn’t need to touch up with this at all.  The only drawback to this is I think I got the wrong color for myself wtf cos my face looks a bit yellow hahaha.

There’s 6 shades to choose from though so there should be something for everyone.

And because it gives such a matte finish, your face can look a little broad with no shadow/contouring.  Kate thought ahead and created this Slim Create Powder.



It’s a set of highlighter (use it to highlight your T zone, nose and chin, and bronzer to shade the sides of your face so you don’t look like the moon. ^^


Shading done!  I shaded right under my cheekbones and the sides of my jaw.  (my Botox is going away T_T)


Also got lipsticks and lip glosses to play with!  Yay!  As you might know, after neglecting my lips for so long I recently only got interested in playing with lip colors.

*lips say yay wtf

These are the colors I picked from Kate.


Beige nude.  This was my default color because I used to feel very self conscious about color on my lips (cracked lips more obvious, look like chinese vampire etc)

Still my favorite color today though! <3


Orange-pink!  (second from right) is another of my favorite colors on myself.

This one is a very sheer lipstick with a tinge of glitter in it, but the more I layered on the color, the brighter the color got. 🙂


The tube lip gloss!  As expected, it’s very sheer, but because the color is quite bright, it balanced out the sheerness with color nicely 😀


Beige-pink, far right.  This and the second from left looks almost exactly the same actually.  First time trying this color, very pretty but I think it looks a little bit icy on me.  Maybe suits fairer skin more. :X

Verdict: Lip colors are overall quite good quality!  Colors were attractive, and the best part for me is that they were very moisturizing!  Felt like lipbalm and it didn’t try my lips out.

Lastly, because I am such a naturally nice person, Fourfeetnine readers get a discount off the following Kate products!  Just click on and print out the e-vouchers I’ve pasted below, bring them to any Watsons and get a special deal for lip colors and foundation! 😀

(E-Voucher) Kate Lipstick Range

(E-Voucher) Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation

For more details on Kate products, check out [insert link]

P/S: excuse the eyebags T____T I blame jet lag!

  • Melissa

    This powderless liquid foundation, means I don’t need to use loose powder after applying it? nAiyo…me too hardly use lipstick or lip color these days. Usually use lip balm.

  • Candyce

    spore readers can’t have any discount [cuz its in RM] 🙁

  • tiffany

    thumbs up to kate eyeliners! those marker pen type eyeliners are a godsent to those who couldn’t be arsed to master liquid eyeliners.

  • Bleko

    Hmm your skin actually looks yellowish after using the foundation.. :-/

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea I think I did say right that I took the wrong shade for my skin. Also the photos were taken under yellow lighting

  • Bleko

    Oh ya..sorry was browsing too fast cos I was reading in the office. :p thanks for being honest!!! Hehe

  • naaaaa

    eyy!!! u forgot to remove the (insert link) part! and i think its Dry out ur lips, not try out. kekeke I love your extremely honest review!

  • elaine

    The shading powder is awesome! I’ve been using the eyebrow kit but it’s kind of hard because it’s so small.. I was hoping for a bigger version 😀

  • cy

    The my melody case is soooooooo cute! What is it? And can i know from where did u get it? Thanks audrey hehehehehee! 🙂

  • ahlost

    can even use in Kuching’s Watsans? Yay..

  • FionaChan

    I’ve actually never heard / noticed / seen this brand before! :O But I’m not observant either.

  • Trisha

    Hi Aud..I really like the orange-pink lipstick as well but I can’t seem to find it anywhere…do you know the name of the shade? or is it really just called orange-pink -_-“

  • jayne

    Oh dear babe! I love your hair. nHow do you style it? By blowing or?