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Collagen me maybe

So remember the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 drink I’ve been consuming?

Last week there was a Watsons DHC media launch to tell the world more about the product!

DHC Collagen Launch2


It was held in Fukuya.  One of the nicest launches I’ve been invited to purely because everything was Japanese themed lolol.



Star of the day!


Cheesie and I were invited as special guests to talk about our experience consuming Beauty 7000.  This was the last day I got to wear makeup and look nice before my LASIK. T_____T

Enjoy it while it lasts!


Besides the collagen drink there was also a display of skincare products under DHC.  I like the sakura details on the counter. 😀

DHC Collagen Launch1

There was also a skin analyzer counter where you could go for a free skin analysis.  I avoided this like the plague wtf.  Last year I went for one of these and got such depressing news that I don’t have the courage to go through another one again. T____T

Maybe if I take more DHC… hahaha.


BEST FOOD EVER.  Hahahahah.

I skipped lunch that day so this was my cue to EAT ALL THE FOOD.  Sorry ah very hungry.  But I was really very happy that we were provided such yummy awesome food.  Better than any other horse hors d’oeuvre.


Went a bit nuts with the fruit skewers too.


Promoter girls in short yukatas doing what they do – promoting wtf.


We took over from them for a photo!

Did you realize we’re wearing matching #addiction tops?  Both cropped sweater and shirt sets will be available on Foruchizu (when we launch that is, god knows when).



We both really love the taste. 😀

Interview and Q&A time!

DHC Collagen Launch3

Cindy who works at Watsons was the host of the day!  The lady in the white dress is the DHC client.

By then I had been taking the collagen drink daily for about a month.  We were asked about how we felt after a month and I answered that I’ve been drinking a lot more water now!  I don’t feel thirsty like how you would if you ate a lot of salt, but I just feel the need to drink more water. 😀  The DHC lady told me that it means I’m severely dehydrated fml, and the drink is just reviving my blood circulation and making me aware of my body’s lack of water. T_T

But all this water and collagen is slowly but surely changing my skin!  My skin feels plumper actually! Not as papery as before (T_T) and while I still have fine lines, I like to think they’re less pronounced now. 😀

This is a video they played detailing the benefits of collagen supplements, and our blog reviews on it.  I a bit shiok sendiri looking at my blog scrolling on the screen. Hahahhaa.

DHC Collagen Launch4

With the Watsons DHC team!

If you’re interested to try out DHC, print out this coupon and enjoy RM30 off the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil on your purchase!

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  • Yulihung

    I saw ur photo at newspaper too..SIn Chew..Thanks for sharing anyway^^

  • Kimmybunni

    I wonder where I could find such a drink.

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha where do you live?

  • Fourfeetnine

    Oh isit! For dhc?

  • Yulihung

    yaya.. saw it…I think at sin chew

  • AiLing

    OMG i love ur cropped sweater!!!

  • AiLing

    Dear audrey I really love your cropped sweater but I know foruchizu online shop is not available yet. How do I get one?