Hokkaido fair

Again credit for organizing this trip goes to Expedia who put us up for flights and an amazing hotel in Tokyo.

Cheesie’s danna told us there was a Hokkaido fair in Yoyogi Park the next day so we decided to go!


That day’s look.  Think I’m getting uglier I definitely don’t look like this now. >___>IMG_8912

It had to rain. ಠ_ಠ

Check out Wendy and her Liz Lisa suitcase!  She brought it along so she could fit her shopping in there and not have to carry all that weight around (her baby bump is heavy enough lol)

In front of the Hokkaido fair entrance!


Got ponies for kids to ride!

It was rainy and gloomy but the entire fair was packed to the brim.  Lines and lines for every stall and everything was super festive. ^^IMG_8924

Testing food from one of the stalls.  Dunno why the fella looks so hopeless here hahahahah.


Look at all the ojisans and obasans chilling very happening right!


White corn which is Wendy’s and Cheesie’s obsession.  Wendy was looking forward to it even though it’s supposedly not in season anymore and they found it!

But sadly I think it wasn’t so nice ah *whispers

Dunno I didn’t try cos it looked like it would be dry and husky.IMG_8936

Happy stall keepers!

Oh my god is that guy digging his nose WTF.


Pork skewers so they stuck dough piggy heads on them awwwwwww presentation you get A++++++ la!  Dig nose also never mind!

Did you notice even the snouts are all different shapes hahaha attention to detail, I like.


Then this Qiu wandered around… and found this shop selling melon… with soft serve icecream on top. #inglip.jpg


Yummiest shit concoction ever!!!! Don’t want to say shit cos it was definitely not shitty.

This is Wendy being very happy with all her food (and the melon).


Me and the melon!  Star of the day wtf.

We found this arena area to sit at and eat, and there was a mini concert going on!


I think the performers were all amateurs or just starting out and it was an opportunity for them to showcase themselves/get more people aware of them.


Look at all the aunties and young girls enraptured by the very cute boyband looking singer hahahaha.  All super respectful also, when the performer was singing, NOBODY talked, everyone faced front and clapped along supportively to the music. D: D:

I think we were the rudest people there already, sat in a circle among ourselves and ate and talked. >___> Kempen sopan santun fail.



Roasted sea urchin which we lined up for ages to buy!  It was so popular that one of the stall owners came down the line and asked each and every person how much we were planning to buy so they could figure out if they had enough for everyone.

Once they counted the demand against their supply, they told everyone at the back of the line that they would be out so those customers wouldn’t waste their time lining up.

So touched thinking about it again.  It was unnecessary effort on their part just to be nice T_______T  If there’s one thing the world (or Malaysians specifically) can learn from the Japanese, it’s consideration and manners.



Turned out roasted sea urchin is not as good as the raw ones you get in sushi. :X


Ngahahahahah stupid looking dogs. ಥ◡ಥ

So well behaved they just sat there quietly in their pram like twin babies. *melts



Cheesie and Qiu while waiting for me and Wendy to buy more food.  Posting this cos they look very pretty here!

Post more of Qiu cos she always take photos of us only hahaha.

After we ate our fill it was….


Ichi Maru Kyuu time!IMG_8989

Dunno what I’m doing here when everyone else so pretty.  Equals sign eyes wtf.


There was a mini event happening outside 109 and we spotted these three models.  Pretty die me nothing bad to say about them also even though I am trying hard. Lol.


Then we were too busy buying ALL the stuff that we didn’t take photos until tea time… Freshness burger!

All Halloween and orange again.  A feast for Qiu’s eyes hahahaha.


This is my first time at Freshness. :X :X

Even though I stayed in Japan for a year. :X :X  And I have never eaten Mos burger either. :X :X

Aiya it’s because I used to not like burgers and only recently discovered the joys of it!

Then had to detour and buy flats cos my shoes were killing me.  I always do this! Every time I go overseas I end up buying shoes (although I really do love shoes) because my feet ALWAYS hurt no matter what I wear.

The last trip I went on was to Singapore and I didn’t buy shoes… but I ended up wearing Huiwen’s flipflops the entire time and back to KL WTF.  Huiwen I give you during CNY ok!!!

Then we went to meet up with Cheesie’s danna who again did research and brought us to eat mindblowing yakiniku.  Thank you Cheesie’s danna for being such an awesome host even though you were busy!!!


Gyu Tan.  Cheesie’s brother wtf.

Don’t really like cow’s tongue lah but the beef was soooo sweet and juicy and soft and melty and tender and………. I have a stupid smile on my face now.  Wendy’s baby damn lucky not even born and get to eat this wtf.


And the egg with mentaiko on top was sooo yummy omg this one my mouth also watering.  Qiu doesn’t eat beef (only cos she thinks it’s weird WTF) so she ate mostly this which was very worth filling up stomachs with.IMG_9054

Then dessert was frozen strawberries filled with condensed milk.  We had an instagram contest to see who was more artistic at photography.

They all saw mine and said I have other talents. Hahahahahahahah damn bad.


Then went to Tokyo Sky Tree cos none of us have been except Cheesie!  But by the time we got there, tickets were sold out.


so we had to contend ourselves with taking pictures outside it lolol.


I was trying to capture the top with my face still in the photo HAHAHAHA.

IMG_9065Then went back to our hotel for a fruit party.  Melon was very nice and sweet but my favorite was the muscats!

We all eat until very ugly.  The melon was so juicy all the juice kept dripping off my elbows and I ended up slurping juice from the plate wtf.

Then Cheesie was eating with a mask on.

And Qiu too tall or what, squat on the floor with her elbows out and ate while looking like Gollum HAHAHAHAHA.

Wendy was laughing at us saying she’s the most dignified eating with fork and knife then she dropped her fruit on the floor hahahahaha.

That was Day 2 in Tokyo!

Sponsored Mention

Me at the HiShop launch!  Smile until so big need or not ah.  Some more wearing shades indoors HAHAH cos my eyes are extra sensitive to light now. T_T


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    I thought you are the girl with pink colour dress(left) on the mini event photo before I read the caption. You both look alike, which means equally beauty! You’re very beautiful okay! 😀

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    Hey Aud! Love your travel posts! 😀 I hope you get sent abroad more often so there would be more to read soon! :)nnIn any case, since you’ve convinced me that Japan is worth the visit, where would you recommend one to visit for their first ever trip to Japan around Nov/Dec time? 😀

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