Happy CNY!

Just got back from Penang so this is one of my lazy Instagram updates!


Happy Chinese New Year from the short and the fat!

Look quite shitty here because I was sick during the holiday. -____- Caught a terrible cold from Hokkaido which lasted a week, then had indigestion and now got heartburn WTF FML.



Angpau packing time!  This year novelty la especially cos our red packets are all damn cute.  Next year sure very tedious must hire some kids to pack for me wtf.

In addition to the Hello Kitty ones, we had Jipaban packets and Netccentric ones (the  one with the Nuffnang/Churp Churp logos).  Then got boring but classy looking ones from the bank.

And in case anyone needs clarification, the RM50 notes haven’t been changed into smaller denominations.  I’m saying this because someone on Fatty’s blog accused him of showing off the RM50s -__________-

Show off what! We have to pay this out leh, not like we’re getting richer from it wtf.   I don’t see how this is showing off when it’s something that every married couple has to do.  And we’re only giving back what people have been giving us before.  Don’t tell me people give you RM50 you give them back RM5 ah wtf.  Damn idiotic.


Oh ya new shoes!  But haven’t broken them in yet.  Ya I jumped on the bandwagon like a year late*sheep.  But there was a magnificent discount on them if not I wouldn’t have gotten them.Untitled

Mcallister Mansion in Penang!  They refurbished it and turned it into a hotel/club/restaurant/cafe very very gorgeous.


And there’s a poolside bar!  To be exact, there are chairs in the pool so you can sit in your swimsuit and have a cocktail!  Sorry I very jakun but never see before like that except in MTV videos!


And got funny details like this ceramic cat peering down from the canvas awning hahaha.


My grandparents from Mummy Ooi’s side.  They’re both in their 90s already and Ah Kong is 97 D: D: He’s weaker now and maybe more forgetful but still ok overall!  Only problem he has is heart congestion and that’s cos he’s 97 wtf.

Here they are, listening to Cantonese opera songs on Youtube on my mom’s ipad hahaha.  Damn cute my Ah Kong was pointing at the screen and showing my Poh Poh the songs (although I’m not sure she heard anything cos she’s deaf :X)


My aunt’s dog who’s also 90+ in dog years haahahah.  Mummy Ooi said it’s an old folks home WTF.

She’s also senile already and when my aunty lets her out of the house to poop, she forgets what she went out for, walks around and comes back in again WTF.  Then later have to beg to be let out again hahahaha.


Finally a picture where I have makeup on.


Oh yea it was my birthday first day of CNY!  Fatty brought me breakfast in bed!  Roti canai, an egg and milk.  He didn’t make any of them though hahaha. Untitled

Got handmade cards from Fatty’s niece and nephew also damn adorable ahhhhh.  I like how James has no sense of word spacing yet hahahaha.  And Zoe’s pink unicorn named Rainbow wtf.

They also gave me a Hello Kitty bracelet (think Zoe had a jewelry making kit) it’s actually quite nice I wore it twice already wtf.



Got this top for RM15 in Bangkok. D:


Best makeup base ever!  Got it in Japan and it basically makes it so your skin is totally smooth, pores or bumps are invisible and your foundation goes on damn smooth.  Love! I asked Maybelline Malaysia but I don’t know if they’re gonna bring it in here though.

  • Eeva

    May I know what is heartburn? I have a friend having it and she seems to be in a very serious condition.

  • Sara

    Audrey you look so different without the iris enlarging contacts! definitely a more natural look compared to before lol! but this look cant pan cute anymore :(n

  • Yulihung

    Really like your blog post ^^..nLook forward to next post too..nif you don’t mind, welcome you to visit my blog

  • Siq

    You have the most sweetest birthday. CNY + Cute gifts.nAnyways, super love the bangkok top.

  • Fourfeetnine

    i think you google it easier ah! or if your friend has it she can tell you better what it is ma haha

  • Fourfeetnine

    very different right! 🙁 yea i guess my pan cute days are over for good hahahah

  • tauyanm

    wow my bday’s Feb too! Glad to see those JC’s! Planning to buy one in Thailand too! YOu’re not alone being late to this kind of thing I am too! haha Happy CNY Audrey!

  • Nana

    Happy Birthday, Audrey. Stay amazin gand gorgeous 🙂

  • Vivien Tee

    The first pic i see your mom in you! When u smile like that, u look like mummy ooi!

  • Rainbowjaz

    Baby Skin Sounds a lot like Benefit Porefessional, you might have better luck finding Benefit products 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha got meh!

  • Fourfeetnine

    thank you nana!

  • Fourfeetnine

    yea i heard they’re quite cheap in thailand!

  • Vivien Tee

    Yeah have have! Really! No bluff you

  • Ebonykeys

    Cool beans! We share the same birthday! Happy belated birthday to you :).

  • Melody

    Hi Audrey, your grandfather looks very young ya !!! like 70++ in the picture. hehe. Happy belated birthday thou !

  • Fourfeetnine

    happy belated birthday to you too!

  • Shiela Zaemar

    Hye there, may I know where did you buy your jeffrey? Is there any store in M’sia or through online? Thanks in advance!

  • Celyx

    Wahlao the ang pau packets damn cute weihh!!! And so is James gift to you hahaha! nnCelyx Limn