A few friends

Wah I was looking in my drafts for any unfinished posts that I could take up and post and came across this:

kathy says:
u have such little friends! all your photos are with angie, cheesie or ur bf or family.

That’s all wtf.

Apparently this Kathy, being very presumptuous in her position as blog reader with no actual contact to me, felt certain enough in her assumption to leave this comment.

She don’t know me in person, never mind!  She doesn’t see what I do everyday, how many people I may meet or don’t meet, never mind!  She still believes enough in her assumption to say this.

I can’t tell whether she meant to be insulting or not but give her benefit of the doubt la ok.

My  friends are not just my family, Fatty, Angie and Cheesie la of course hahahaha.  Not so loner ok.

timaud-30-1Hello friends!

I didn’t pay them to be in this picture with me ok WTF.

Kathy, just because I don’t post their pictures as often or don’t tag them on Twitter does not mean I don’t have other people in my life who I meet and talk to regularly and go through life with.

It just means that I’ve grown out of the phase in my life where I have to document every single thing I do or every single person I meet.

When I was younger, every single outing was a reason for dressing up and snapping photos.  Also because the people I was friends with (Angela and Mild) had their cameras surgically attached to them and would take photos of everything hahaha.  Not complaining, cos I love taking photos too.

But as I grow older, I guess I’ve lost that compulsion.  I wasn’t very camera-prone before so now that my friends around me have also outgrown it, I’ve forgotten about documenting outings even more.

(also because the person I’m with the most, Fatty, takes the most horrendous photos of me wtf.  I think I’m generally quite photogenic EXCEPT in all Fatty’s pictures.  So I’ve given up asking him to take pictures of me.)

I don’t know.  It just doesn’t seem that important anymore and to be honest I can’t figure out why either.  Is it because I’ve gotten less vain?  Less preoccupied with myself and more interested in what I do than documenting it?  Or is it that going out with my friends is no big deal anymore (because I’m an adult ahem) and I can go out anytime I want wtf.

I only remember when I see younger girls’ blogs and they’re all filled with like fifty photos of one dinner or one party (twenty of them will be of their own face) and I’d be like Oh yea I used to do that too.  Hahaha.

That said, Kathy is right too because if I compare my friends (the ones I catch up with on a regular basis or talk to on messaging apps) now to the friends I had before when I was in college I think they’re ten times less now wtf.

So!  What happened to my parents is now happening to me!

When I was in school (and especially when I came home for summer vacation) I’d meet up with a different friend everyday wtf.  Right now I only have a handful of friends that I really make effort to stay in touch with and go to for everything,  and they’re all girls wtf.

Yea the only guy friends I have are Fatty’s friends… or my friends’ boyfriends.

When I was younger besides four or five close girl friends, the rest of my friends were guys wtf.  Dunno why it just seemed easier to hang out with guys and less pressuring.  (Don’t talk about Mount Holyoke of course all my friends there were female wtf.)  Maybe I needed some gender balance so most of my friends in Malaysia were male.

Then somewhere along the way I started preferring the company of girls more.  My guy friends also all got attached and moved on with their lives and it turned out to be not so nice anymore if I go catch a movie with them randomly.  And there were just more things to share with girls anyway!

And then… we got older and busier.  And the busier I got, the less time I had for friends.  So what little time I had I made sure I spent it with people who really mattered.  I do miss the people I’ve drifted apart from/don’t see so often anymore but that’s what I have to do or else I’d never get anything done wtf.  Not sure if it’s like this for everyone else but it’s the same for Fatty too.  At some point he also realized he preferred hanging out with all guys, and he only bothered to make time for the people who mattered the most to him.

That’s really enough for us.  It’s the quality that counts, not quantity. :D

So Kathy whoever you are, I’d guess you’re probably really young. (and probably quite judgmental lol).  Give it a few years and you’ll see.




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