Of sugary matters

You know how I’ve been saying that my self esteem has been taking a nose dive recently?

Oh I didn’t?

Well now you know wtf.

It doesn’t seem like that from recent blog posts la but within the last week or so, I think I’ve just completely blown up. T____T

Physically, not lost my temper wtf.

I feel super bloated everywhere.  My fluid retention is quite bad I think!

Feet have been bloated cos of water retention and the only thing I can wear right now is flip flops, which are havoc on my arches cos of the extra weight I’m carrying around now.

Wrists bloated cannot even wear watches now WTF.

And my calves also bloated up so scarily that my doctor made me do a scan for deep vein thrombosis wtf.  My leg was so stiff it even became a bit hard to walk but luckily it was another false scare. -_-

And don’t even get me started on food!

It’s a love hate relationship wtf.

I was never a foodie — I mean I had my favorite foods but I never got extremely excited or ever wanted to take photos of foods wtf. *looks pointedly at Fat Her Ooi.  Most of the time I ate until I was full then stopped.

Now I’m always hungry but when I think of food I feel even less enthusiastic than I did before!  My heartburn and indigestion is intensifying so the thought of most foods make me feel ill knowing that the heartburn will come immediately after FML.

I think the only food I really look forward to for some reason is chunky peanut butter toast wtf.

Oh that…. and sweet foods.

I used to hate sweet food and dessert leh!!! I don’t even like teriyaki sauce cos it’s sweet wtf.  I’ve never even eaten my own birthday cake but the other day as Mummy Ooi pointed out, I willingly ate a piece of her birthday cheesecake for the first time in 28 years wtf.

And I find myself wanting to eat Kitkats and mixing Ribena into my water, and yea eating cake (I used to feel nauseous even looking at cake true story).

My doctor is about to kill me so I’ve been trying very hard to eat fruit instead of dessert when I crave sweet foods.

I swear it’s Fatty’s sweet tooth gene in Fighter that’s causing this.

The other day as part of my sweet craze I went to tapau tau foo fa.  I asked for white sugar.  Because brown sugar looks like soya sauce to me ok wtf.

Came back and saw the stupid man gave me brown sugar!!!!!!


I wanted to drive back there, kill him then turn the gun on myself WTF.

Never mess with a pregnant woman’s food.


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