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How Fighter has changed me

(title sounds like an essay topic or not hahahaha)

But I was doing my usual baby research — this time on diapers — and I came across Drypers.

Before I couldn’t even differentiate diaper brands — they all seem to have a picture of chubby cute babies naked except for a diaper on the front only hahaha.  But a few of my mommy friends mentioned they use Drypers la so I went to look for more info.

drypers edit

Wah diapers also can be so high tech one ah! Ok la sign me up.

dryperDrypers is also running a campaign “How has your baby changed you?” (hence the title of this post)

I’m not even a mom yet (well technically since Fighter is not out yet) but I already sense so many changes in me.  It’s so weird because… well I never thought this would happen to me.  Some of these I’ve already blogged about.  For example…

1. Thinking about the future

All my angry/emo posts about Malaysian politics and the state of the country?  All because I worry about the environment Fighter is going to grow up in.

2. Wanting to set a good example for Fighter

Cue my existential crisis blog post about being a capable enough person — someone my baby can look up to and who deserves to lead him and raise him to be a good human being.

3.  Worrying about Fighter’s safety and health

Wah this one I tell you.  I never used to worry about myself at all.  I’m a very live in the moment type of person and at the back of my head I think I’m immortal, as opposed to Fatty who worries about everything and plans ahead.

Then the other day — this was a few months ago — I wanted to take a shortcut in our apartment parking lot.  So I climbed over a waist high wall and jumped down.  I was carrying extra weight by then so the landing impact jarred me quite a bit.  And my knees hurt after that wtf.

Didn’t think about it until after an hour later when it occurred to me that I’m not supposed to do high impact stuff like that!  Then I started worrying about the effect on Fighter. T_____T  Of course nothing came out of it, but from being an extremely thoughtless person I now can’t stop worrying about this baby’s wellbeing. T_______T

First three months everyday worry like crazy about miscarriage.  Every time I go to the toilet I cross my fingers hope I don’t see blood when I wipe.  Then when Fighter started kicking, I worried if he DIDN’T kick.  Then worry about whether he’s growing well.  Whether or not he will be short fhl.  Started worrying about his education now (true story.)

And he’s not even born yet!  I can’t imagine when he is lol.

So from those three changes above, it sounds like… I’ve turned into an un-fun worrywart.  Thanks Fighter lol.

But I guess this is all part and parcel of parenthood?  And eventually it will all be worth it.  I very hormonal now I think that my parents must have gone through all this and more for my sake I wanna cry.  Thank you Mummy and Daddy T____T

Here’s what some other mommies have to say.

Mommy readers, what changes have you made because of your baby?

drypers2Tell your story to Drypers here and win cash prizes!


As for me Imma keep recording my changes here.  Fatty and my journey has only just started!


  • isabellmiao

    I’m not a mom. Not even married. But I feel you… haha. I may sound crazy but I took care of my little brother and watch him grow up like my son so.. hahahahha… Abrupt end. Wish for Fighter’s well being!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Aww heheehe. You must be super mature hahaha

  • JZ

    Fighter will be so thankful to you eventually(: Thanks for posting about this, made me appreciate my parents more. If they had told me what they went through to raise me, I would have been a better child. I’m only 19, many more years to show them my gratitude! (: Keep recording all these and let Fighter read them later on in life! (:

  • Jane

    I totally feel u.. But I didn’t have as much worry as u when I was pregnant.. I worry so much more when baby is out. It’s like baby sleep too long, worry, too little gets frustrated, no poo today, worry, poo too much today also worry.. What also worry lo.. I guess all mums the same; after becoming a mum, whatever they do, they will think of their little one first then lastly themselves.. That’s y they say mom is the greatest! 🙂 n honestly, I have used dryers diapers before, it’s the worst for me cause it leaks easily..!

  • mela

    Childbirth changed my life forever. It turned me off food that I used to love. About a quarter of my naturally thick hair fell out after 2 kids. My hair texture and my body shape were changed forever. So fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes? Try not to have any expectations. Even if you get into them, they just don’t fall right anymore.nnBut oh well, you just learn to cope and get on with the program. Corny as it sounds, it’d all be worth it.nnI actually don’t like Drypers.My favourite diapers for newborne is Pampers. Then when they are older, Mamipoko. Drypers’ stickers are horrible and it leaks! You don’t wanna change sheets everytime you get up in the morning.

  • fyen

    haha…we have the same thought. I thought I’m the only one who have that over-worried feeling…I just passed my first 3 mths…from the beginning of my pregnancy until now, I still worry whenever I go to the toilet, like what u said hope not to see any blood when I wipe >.< nI had spotting on my early pregnancy and it scared me to death…I cried a lot huhuh…but luckily baby is good n healthy 🙂 nIt makes me love and appreciate my Mama more :Dn

  • Fourfeetnine

    Wah first trimester!!! All the best! It does get better in the 2nd trimester 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    Thanks for the product feedback! But how come your hair fell out? D:

  • Kristine

    Hi Audrey, since we’re on the topic of diapers, ever considered cloth diapers? Do check out Tiny Tapir. They have a lot of those. These days cloth diapers are quite convenient to use ade it seems. And comes in many cute designs too! I’m not a mummy yet but I’m really considering to use them when the time comes. Cloth diapers better for baby’s skin plus it’s much much kinder to the environment

  • mela

    It’s post-partum hair loss :(.nnWhen the baby is about 3 to 6 months old, some people will have clumps of their hair fall out because of hormonal adjustment. The Chinese believe that it happens when your baby starts to see the world in colour. It only stops when your baby turns 1 year old, unfortunately. Luckily I had a lot of hair to tahan it 2 times. Instead of thick hair, I now look like I have a normal amount of hair haha.

  • ahlost

    so many mummies here… 🙂

  • Jean

    Mela: Its horrible!! I was so sure I was going bald! Anything I do to/with my hair also drop so much hair .. when I let it air dry also can feel it dropping strand by strand .. good lord ;OnnNow I look at my babies’ scalp and can see new hair growing and then I look at my own scalp and I see the same too… uhm, at least its growing aha..

  • Fourfeetnine

    Hi Mela, I was thinking since you said you don’t think Drypers are good, maybe you could give your feedback to the Consumer Careline at 1-800-88-9988? Help them improve! Or if you want I can pass your contact on to Drypers 🙂

  • Momo

    The only person havent become a mom is cheesie.. Haha n im also soon gonna b one.. I love this inspirational girls (:

  • sgrmse.

    Okayyyyy.. I wrote a comment and submitted then the stupid thing dunno came out some error message – wasted niaaa. So *ahem* as I was saying.. Both you and XX are incredible blogging inspirations to me. I love how you both are in this stage of your lives now (read: mommyhood) and still keeping the blogging up. It has been so epic following both your journeys and definitely makes me want to keep writing till I’m superly duperly old and grey. Thank you very much and you look AMAZING! All glowy and pretty.. So please don’t be so bummed out on the self-esteem.nnCan’t wait to meet Fighter!! 😀