I like to move it – Update

A month or so ago I wrote a post about the Rexona Move Social Movement.

Here’s an update of how it did!



The original target was to hit 10,000 KM all around Malaysia.  Instead everyone’s efforts put together hit 90,000 KM, 9 times more!!!

The intention of this campaign was to to help underprivileged children in every state in Malaysia.

So like how the KM started from Perlis, the Rexona team moved from Perlis to Kedah, Penang and so forth, picking one children’s home in each state to help.



One of the children’s homes.



Kids’ shoes!  Sorry I recently got obsession with children’s shoes. :X



Children’s beds. 🙁 Somehow this picture makes me feel quite melancholy.

For each home, a need is identified and the Rexona team goes in to address that need.

For example, in Perlis, Rexona provided educational toys to the home – Lego sets, Monopoly, Scrabble, chess sets, etc.

In Kedah, in keeping with the fitness theme, Rexona provided the kids with a 10 week program of swimming lessons.

In Penang, they organized a half day aerobic session for the kids.20130721_174404


Kids getting very into the aerobics hahaha.




Hehehe the kids very cute ah.

*reminds self to teach Fighter how lucky he is

20130721_175623One group photo!

The team has just finished Perak where they provided educational books worth RM3,500.  And they will continue on to each state in Malaysia.

Fatty and me at an orphanage in PJ.

Fat Her loves children and I remember even as a kid following him to orphanages already so I guess this is a cause important to me.  What more with Fighter on the way *clutches stomach wtf.  What separates him from the kids in underprivileged homes is just a different set of circumstances, nothing else.  I’m glad this is the cause Rexona chose to focus on.

For more info on Rexona Move, see here.




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