He had me at hello

Here’s a compilation of the cuuuuuutest photos of Fighter we took recently.

And if you’re wondering, yes I’ve become that crazed adoring mother as seen (and heard) in one of Fatty’s Instavideos (not saying which one) in which I squeal and talk in baby voices to Fighter because…. he’s getting too fucking cute!!!

(okay have to stop swearing now so Fighter doesn’t pick it up)



Hello darling!  This was actually a video still from this video.  Fighter was in Fatty’s arms and I noticed him struggling to open his eyes.  Thinking it could be too bright for him, I shaded his face with my hand.  Right away he opened his eyes and looked up at us. *goes crazy from the cutenessUntitled


Fighter has graduated to drinking milk from the cup instead of the tube!  We’re working on breastfeeding him but when I’m not there he drinks milk from a cup like a baby boss.  The hospital doesn’t encourage bottle feeding cos of nipple confusion so they pour the milk into his mouth bit by bit so he can get used to swallowing.  Sometimes he gets tired or sleepy though and they switch back to tube feeding.

This picture above is of him getting burped.  His expressions are hilarious when he’s getting burped HAHAHAHAH.  Here his face is like “are we done yet? No? Okay…”



Ahhhh his eyes.  He’s wearing Angie’s minion shirt which is a dress on him lolol.

His mittens are preemie mittens and even then they had to tape the wrist up to fit him hahaha.



“If I smile now will you leave me alone later?”



“HAHA! They’ll never find me now!”

The nurse positioned him in the usual crouching position (apparently babies are most comfortable with it) and covered him with the giraffe blankie.  I left the room to go to the bathroom.  Came back and saw he’d kicked the blanket all the way to the side and burrowed himself under it hahahahah.

P/S: the Giraffe Friend is actually the size of a handkerchief.  So you can imagine how small he is actually haha.



Fatty posted this on Insta.  Caption was “Okay okay I give up” HAHAHAH his grumpy face is priceless.



Eating his own fingers. -_-



Holding MY fingers ahhhh don’t do this to me Fighter *swoons


One of the nicest pictures I’ve taken.  Daddy + son bonding going on.  Look at Fighter’s face like telling the daddy about his day.  “And then I had some milk and fell asleep.  Then I woke up because wowee what is that wet feeling in my diaper?  But then I fell asleep again… It’s not easy being a baby.”


My attempt to take a family camwhore shot.  Fighter never look at camera. -_-

UntitledUs on a day when Fighter was fast asleep and we didn’t want to wake him by picking him up.

Fighter is doing well!  All tubes are off him except his feeding tube and patches stuck on him to monitor his vitals.

He only has three more goals:

1) gain enough weight (1.8 kg or more).  Today he’s 1.55 kg.  He’s taking a huge amount of milk now though, for a baby of his size — 35 ml every 3 hours.

2) master feeding on his own so he doesn’t need the tube anymore

3) be able to regulate his body temperature on his own without the incubator

Only three things on his to do list come on Fighter!

Oh and confinement ends tomorrow yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



  • Adeline Chee

    It feels really great to be reading stories about fighter and seeing him get chubbier as days past! Keep fighting! Hope he can discharge soon and go home sweet home! ^.^

  • Catherine

    He is too adorable

  • msbulat

    he’s getting so cute that even the word cute is not enough to describe the cuteness level that he has (okay…haha) fighter ganbatte!! 😀 & finally you can do your hair!

  • Timothy Tiah

    Fighter. He’s our man. If he can’t do it , no one can ! *chants*

  • Merry Chillaz

    Hi Audrey!! Congrats on Fighter`s recovery! He looks super cute! But I decided to right for other reason…I looked at all the photos and in the last two photos with you and Tim, it`s just my imagination or his upper lip mole has changed places in the two photos? Lol!! In the 1st one…the mole is on the left side, and on the 2nd one, is on the right side…lololol! Don`t get me wrong…I´m not making fun of Tim or anything…but it looks super weird! ahah!nnThat`s all! Congrats again and good luck 🙂 Kisses**

  • ore

    yay!! glad he is doing well!! he’s looking healthier and healthier by the day 🙂 Jia-you Fighter!!

  • Tracy ong

    Getting so cute~!! hope he can discharge soon and go home with daddy n mommy ~ <3 following and reading about stories of fighter daily here in korea.. stay strong and healthy fighter !

  • Caryn

    loll, tht sock is just way tooo big on him hahah, love photo no.4nnbest wishes to u n ur family audrey!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Haha the photo editing app just reversed one of the images!

  • xxtrinox

    Hi Audrey, nnI understand your happiness and excitement to share about Fighter’s growth and development as he has gone through so much to be where he is right now, but do take some time to read this article: the best in your life journey with Fighter and Fatty which has really just begun. 🙂 nnCongratulations!

  • pearly

    hey!! his double eyelids are starting to show!! esp in the vid where you shaded his eyes and he opened them big big! the little tyke is looking good! =D

  • zihwye

    so much <3333 in this entry.nand your fingernails hahaha i didn’t think you could keep long nails if you had a baby! XD

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea couldn’t go out and get my nails done xos of confinement hahaha

  • alicia

    hahahahaha I was laughing and squee-ing at pictures of Fighter! The photo you uploaded of him burping, my thoughts were along the lines of Fighter going, what you waaaaannnt…? but your caption was hilarious. He is getting super adorable, and bigger too! He has a lot of hair too! He’s going to be a heartbreaker for girls :3 hope he gains the necessary weight and grows healthier and healthier so he can go home with y’all. 🙂 nnmuch love

  • Ribka

    Hey Aureyd, I think Fighter look more like you than Tim…By the way Hello Fighter you’re looking very awesome day by day…Cute boy!

  • Rena

    lol…couldn’t help smiling at picture # 4 where he lost one of his booties!! my baby always loose either his mittens or booties sleeping. & he likes to kick away his blankie too 🙂

  • sgrmse.

    When I look at Fighter, all I see is you.n:3n/melts into a puddle

  • Lin

    If his hair is any indication, fighter is definitely getting stronger each day! his smile is amazing!!ncongratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E

    “i give up” picture really looks like a very small old man!! hahahaha but in the cutest way possible la. i wasn’t born premature but i was kinda wrinkly and old-looking as a baby so in a weird way i find this kind of heartwarming haha

  • veron

    I don’t know how I see it , but fighter looks like hugh jackman to me. 🙂

  • blue

    Hey. Im finally commenting for the 1st time. nnYour baby boy is adorable and im happy for u that his health is improving each day. He looks gd !!! (: nStay strong and jiayou to ur family <3 fighter is very fortunate to be your child.

  • sn

    His eyes is beautiful! Just like yours!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Yea I think that’s why he received so many “fighter looks like fat her” comments hahahaha. Small old man ma

  • Fourfeetnine

    Got or not!!!

  • Fourfeetnine

    Does that mean you like me /shy

  • michellesy

    His eyes are huge, like yours!nps: Yay for end of confinement too

  • Avril

    Fighter was asking u to bite off ur finger nails if u don’t have a clipper

  • Fourfeetnine

    No actually he was asking you to stop playing with your pubic hair.

  • Anonymous

    he has the same blur look as you la aud!! uh oh!!

  • Sassy girl

    Omg he’s so cute when he smiles!

  • Noppi Neko

    fighter’s eyes are so much bigger than penny’s ahaha. So cute. 😀 I wanted to see how tiny fighter was and uooohhh still veh cute (altho wrinkly hahahah)