Fatty wins another award! And so do I, sorta

Wah what is this my blog is turning into praise Fatty forum wtf.

Never mind la since I got no career (T_T), I work for free as his publicist wtf.

Anyway, last Friday Fatty was honored under Prestige’s Top 40 under 40 gala dinner.  Every year Prestige picks 40 stellar entrepreneurs/icons/overachieving people to be awarded as their Top 4o under 40.  But this year special a bit cos it’s their 10th anniversary.  Instead of how they do it normally, this year Prestige picked the cream of the crop, the best 40 out of the total 400 people they’ve featured in ten years.  Fatty was one of them!

And then they picked the top 10 from the top 40.  Fatty was one of them again!

OKOK pictures first!



With the critter before leaving for the gala dinner.  Critter looking not too happy cos he couldn’t come with us.

This fella is like the Digi yellow man cos wherever we go, he has to follow.  If he sees me hoisting my bag or putting on my shoes he raises hell and clings to me and refuses to let us leave.  Unfortunately there are places we can’t bring him (like gala dinners and wet markets) so we have to trick him by bringing him downstairs to the car park with us (as though he’s getting into the car), and quickly passing him back to the nanny to take him back up.  And instead of ‘bye’ we must say ‘see you’ cos he knows what ‘bye’ means and it ain’t good.


Hair!  Thank you to Sato san and Sabata san of 76style Mont Kiara.  They anyhow pin pin pin my hair and I was like huh so boring one just half do ah.  Then they brought out a mirror and showed me this amazing concoction behind. 😀 😀


All dressed up with somewhere to go!  My dress is from Rent A Dress KL.  Fatty was reluctant to wear his tux but guys all dressed up look so nice right! It was black tie, so most everyone wore tuxes anyway.





With Bryan of Chatime and his wife Sally.  We were at Taylor’s together last time actually and I knew of them but weren’t friends.  Funny how our paths cross again after ten years.


The top 10!

Errr why am I up there like an awkward turtle?



I was there collecting my plaque WTF.

Fatty’s friend, Chung Lynn of Nando’s was one of the top 10 winners too but she couldn’t make it.  So she asked me to be her proxy to receive her award.  I agreed but didn’t know she confirm win!!! I thought in case only.

So when they called her name, I had to go up! Pai seh max cos the award isn’t mine obviously but I kena the glory and applause wtf.  They did announce that I was accepting it on Chung Lynn’s behalf but I think half the people there didn’t hear it.

So everyone kept congratulating me and I kept trying to say oh no no I’m just helping a friend collect this… but quite tough to say this too fast on stage so end up I just say thank you wtf.

To make matters worse, one of the sponsors or organizers smiled at me kindly and asked, “your mother couldn’t make it tonight?” FML.

I stared at him for a moment and went, “….uh ya she’s not here.” Double FML.

After that some more people came up to me and said, “Congratulations! I just wanted to tell you that I love Nandos!”

Awkward turtle max lolol.  So I said, “oh no no not me, I’m just accepting the award for her cos she couldn’t make it.”

And the fella dunno why didn’t hear! He went on, “oh you don’t know me but I’m just a big fan of Nandos!”

*crickets sound


Anyway, Fatty not only was one of the Top 10, he was also awarded the RHB Business Excellence award!!! He was the only one who got it so I think he was judged the best of the best. 😀 😀

Super proud of him! Dunno why up for so many awards lately, maybe Bump is good luck. 😀