My son is a big boy tonight.



Tonight while I was putting you to sleep, Baby woke up in mommy and daddy’s room. She realized she was alone and burst into tears and started wailing, “Mommeh! Mommeh!”

Auntie was over on the other side so she couldn’t hear. As I rushed out of the nursery to Baby, I heard you say brightly, “I wake up!”

I burst into our room before Baby could fall off the bed trying to get to me and picked her up. She stared at me tearfully and clambered into my arms. Meanwhile, you had climbed down from your toddler bed yourself and made your way down the hallway to my room.

“What happened, mommy? Did Baby fall off the bed?” You asked.

“No, Baby just woke up. Mommy is going to bring baby into your room and you both sleep in your beds ok?” I said, patting you back into the room, with Baby propped up on my shoulder.

I lay Baby in her cot while you obediently climbed back up into bed and settled down. Baby flipped over, hugged her cot bumper and closed her eyes. You, on the other hand, started singing. I don’t remember what — your usual repertoire of nursery rhymes I suppose. It’s your bedtime ritual — that and nonstop chattering — before you fall asleep.

I shushed you but not too loudly because I didn’t want to wake Baby. Unfortunately, she woke up anyway. She sat up and raised her arms, asking to be picked up and rocked to sleep.

I carried her and shushed her too, patting her on the back while I lowered myself into our rocker. Half held my breath in anticipation — you always want to be carried to sleep too although I tell you you’re a big boy now, and you usually get mad when I carry Baby and not you.

But not this time.

Tonight you flipped over and looked at me and Baby rocking in the chair. Then you settled yourself down. You turned left and right a little bit, then stayed still. Minutes later, your breathing slowed and stayed regular. Leaning heavily on my shoulder, Baby had fallen asleep too.

I am writing this because tonight you were a big boy. You could have cried and demanded mommy, and I would have to shout down the stairs to Auntie or Daddy to take baby while I pacified you. Maybe I would have to rock you to sleep too. Instead you tucked yourself back into bed, soothed yourself and slept on your own. You didn’t make a fuss, you just let mommy take care of baby while you took care of yourself.

Tonight you acted like a real big brother. Mommy is very proud of you. I love you. 🙂


Love, Mom.

  • Ann Suey Ling

    I am tearing reading this. As a mom myself, this is one of the biggest gift we could ask for.

    I am sure you have done a great job yourself too 🙂

  • lynnsaccharine

    Omg I love Jude so much. T_T He has always been such a happy spirit since he was younger. and it’s so surreal to see him develop such a distinct personality. Go Jude koko! and go Mom & Dad!

  • Py

    I am tearing up I am not even a mom and I don’t even like children but Fighter is such a lovely boy and a caring brother <3

  • Tina Beanie

    I loved this! I am not surprised I was not the only one who teared up while reading. Fighter is such a cutie and I am happy to see that he is growing to be a big boy so fast!!

  • CT Bayya

    Ok, I teared up. Nowdays, my little girl takes up so much of my attention that I’ve failed to look at her elder bro and see what achievements he’s had. My attention to him had mostly been negative and I really, really want to notice him for more positive situations. I wish I can be less tired and then, less frustrated with his antics.

  • confused

    Audrey, what is happening now with qiuqiu? why is Tim’s company suing her? I read the churpchurp statement and Qiuqiu getting work independently of nuffnang / churpchurp isn’t wrong and she has every right to do that. it doesn’t make sense that your husband’s company can own someone’s entire income stream?? Isn’t that an unlawful contract in itself? I just feel like this doesn’t bode well for nuffnang at all.

  • fourfeetnine

    I don’t actually know much about the case so I guess I will comment based on my own knowledge and experience as a blogger. I like all other Nuffnang talent bloggers signed a contract with Nuffnang and Churp Churp. What NN & CC do is they invest in growing a talent. Everything from helping you grow followers either by getting you into the press or creating video content for you or many other ways. More importantly they grow the bloggers’ awareness to clients who may not have heard of you before. This leads to a stable stream of income. In return, what they ask for is exclusivity for their social platforms for a certain period which means referring over clients who may contact them directly and not going behind their back for deals. This is not “owning someone’s entire income stream”; if Qiuqiu decided to do something else, it would not fall under the agreement at all.

    I, like Qiuqiu and all NN bloggers and influencers have agreements like this. It’s kinda similar to how talent agencies work with talents or Maker Studios work with Youtubers.

    Anyway from my understanding, CC fulfilled their obligations but Qiu doesn’t want to. CC have said they’ve tried to resolve it but to no avail so they decided to let the court handle this matter.

    As a talent, I can understand that it’s sometimes tempting to want to cut CC out of the deal after they’ve invested in you because you don’t have to share revenue with them. However, when you enter into a contract, it becomes a legal matter. And for me personally, if I’ve signed a contract, it’s a promise and breaking my promise when the other party has fulfilled theirs compromises my integrity and the worth of my word.

    Hope this makes things easier to understand? I feel like many people don’t really understand how talent agreements work so I hope this clears it up at least a bit.

  • fourfeetnine

    It’s okay, we are human. The other day I scolded Fighter for not sleeping too and he cried. >_>

  • fourfeetnine

    Thank you!!!

  • fourfeetnine

    Hahahaha I don’t like kids either HAHAHAHAH

  • fourfeetnine

    Thank youuuuuuu

  • fourfeetnine

    Thank you!!! Yea things like this makes it all worth it 🙂

  • confused

    Oh wow. thanks for clarifying Audrey 🙂

    I didn’t know that talent agreements meant that the company has exclusive control of their talents’ social platforms. Though it still sounds kind of screwed up and unjustified because I wouldn’t necessarily attribute a talent’s popularity on social media to the company that manages them.

    The company is lucky to have people who already have a following. Like Nuffnang and xx (who already had a following before being signed to nuffnang). I mean I would understand the lawsuit if it were a “talent” that didn’t have much of a following beforehand and gained popularity because of churpchurp or nuffnang’s efforts. However, it’s Qiuqiu we’re talking about… churpchurp and nuffnang were lucky to even have her on the team in the first place. You can’t attribute her popularity to the efforts of churpchurp or nuffnang because by and large she got it pretty much on her own merit. I mean just look at the many other “talents” CC and NN have signed: they’re simply not gaining traction, churpchurp or nuffnang’s support in the “growing of their awareness” is clearly not working for them.

  • disqus_Z3v0jFUk5i

    I’m not siding CC but I don’t think what you said is right at all. Essentially, what you’re saying is, it’s ok for an artist to breach terms of a contract as long as he/she is successful on her own and bring fame to the agency. It also sounds to me like you believe it’s a contract that benefits only one side, and in this case CC, so it’s ok for QQ to breach terms of the contract? We do not know the extend of work that CC has done for QQ and I’m sure in some way it’s a mutually beneficial contract, otherwise QQ would not be so dumb to sign a contract with CC.