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Bump’s gender

So………………       We found out Bump’s gender!!!!!!!!! Hahaha ok let me story you. Very kan cheong one wtf. My 3rd month visit, I casually asked my doctor, can we check the gender yet? Doc said we can try … Continue reading

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Fatty wins another award! And so do I, sorta

Wah what is this my blog is turning into praise Fatty forum wtf. Never mind la since I got no career (T_T), I work for free as his publicist wtf. Anyway, last Friday Fatty was honored under Prestige’s Top 40 … Continue reading

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9 things I will teach my future daughter

Next week is my 20 week appointment with the obgyn! That means we get to confirm what gender Bump is. :3 :3 Last month, we already detected a gender, but the month before that, it looked like it was a … Continue reading

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Too many roles

You know the kids’ song (and I now know a lot) Que Sera Sera? It goes like… When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, What would I be? As it turns out, I would be a … Continue reading

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Fighter gets his first proper scolding

It’s Fighter milestones time! Actual age: 14.5 months Adjusted age: 12.5 months Now that Fighter’s hit a year I realize he’s picking up a little bit more everyday. It’s quite amazing the things I realize he knows now! D   … Continue reading

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How to prevent balding jeng jeng jeng

(if you all dunno, DRx is the aesthetics and beauty clinic I work with.  I love their facilities and treatments and the fact that their in-house doctors and beauticians are super professional and don’t just push treatments to earn more … Continue reading

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What has Fighter learned today?

Continuing off my blog post last week on Friso Gold about introducing your child to new things, I’ve been trying to ask myself, what has Fighter learned today? Ok today!  Got something new! Today I took him to the supermarket. … Continue reading

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8 differences between the first and second pregnancy

Wow who knew I’d have enough pregnancies to write this blog post! So I’ve had four months plus experience of being pregnant the second round so I feel pretty qualified writing about this.  Here’s what I noticed has been different … Continue reading

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Baby Bloomer: 23 Oct 2014

Actual age: 14 months 11 days Adjusted age: 12 months 11 days Ok time to update Fighter’s growth again! First time wearing a dress (and probably last)   Not too happy about it if you can see hahahaha. A friend … Continue reading

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Wah so long haven’t updated properly! Ok the reason is because… I made a last ditch attempt at freedom and went to Nagoya for a short trip! Last ditch because after this bogged down with two kids under 2 I … Continue reading

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