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Lipstick on your collar

I received this adorable little paper bag from Estee Lauder the other day. And inside was lipsticks! So today Imma do a lipstick review. Notable because this is my first ever lipstick review! *waits for applause *gets none Anyway. *clears … Continue reading

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Fill me up buttercup

Time for another AudEveryday post which just means a random collection of pictures from everywhere that have been taken recently.  I have so much to blog about actually! I wanna write about Fighter’s sleeping and solids eating but Imma leave … Continue reading

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Observations from Teach for Malaysia Week

Last week was pretty eventful! For starters, it was Teach for Malaysia Week. If you don’t know what Teach for Malaysia is, you suck and should read this. TFM Week is basically a week where selected figures take on a … Continue reading

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With great power comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility comes shitty skin. When I say great responsibility, I mean motherhood. Lolol. Although I may look like I’m super unaffected by motherhood and still look glowing and slim and whatever, … Continue reading

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It’s not often that i write these sort of cryptic posts but I wanted to put it out here. I haven’t really written anything REALLY personal for a while so maybe this will be a start. And for the first … Continue reading

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Stand and Deliver

So you know how I’m like a serious fan of Tesco Online. So I was thinking about the convenience of getting groceries delivered right to the doorstep and it occurred to me there was another way of using it. It’s … Continue reading

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My grandpa

Exhausted.  Took a day trip to Penang to see my grandfather who isn’t doing so well. When I hugged him goodbye I was so aware that this could be the last time… Here he is, chilling with an ipad and … Continue reading

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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Before I start, I present to you… My face! Lolol.  No la just wanna show because I just redid my hair color to a very beautiful dark lavender grey (which I am totally keeping btw no more kam mou ok) … Continue reading

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How much sugar are you eating?

At the risk of sounding like an overly paranoid parent, I was glad the other day I got to sit down with Redmummy and Prof. Rahimah, an oral health expert working with Colgate to talk about dental health and hygiene, … Continue reading

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Fighter’s first trip overseas

So last week we took Fighter on a little trip – his first ever, in fact! – to Singapore for my mother in law’s birthday. Last week when we met Vivy and Fadza we asked them how was their experience … Continue reading

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