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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Took Fighter to get his MMR jab today! Okay so this is a topic I’ve been fairly obsessed about (until some of my mom friends got a bit scared wtf).  And that topic is vaccines. It all started some time … Continue reading

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Return of Kempen Sopan Santun

More than a year ago I blogged this. I haven’t really mentioned it since but I am keeping to my word!  In my quest to make Malaysia a more polite place, I’ve been speaking out whenever I see somebody behave … Continue reading

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Of high tech beauty

  Me! My first time at a Panasonic Beauty event!  And I got it right first time by wearing pink *smug Geometric top from American Apparel, shorts from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell. Take two, with Bobo and lipstick. Bobo … Continue reading

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What’s it like to be married to an entrepreneur?

When Fatty came home after a long day at work, and we’d spent dinner and half the night dissecting his day, he asked me this. So that actually got me thinking.  A lot of people have a certain impression of … Continue reading

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Eyes on me

I posted this on Instagram asking to guess what product I’m reviewing today. Guess guess? Quite obvious la, but someone actually said acupuncture points HAHAHAHAHA. Somebody actually guessed it exactly right though. :O It’s the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair … Continue reading

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‘Orrible Ones

So. This is Fighter. About 50% of the time now. That’s right, his toddler tantrums have started. I know, right?  Barely a year old, in fact just ten and a half months adjusted.  First tooth just cut the gum, and … Continue reading

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Fighter’s first birthday

Whew Fighter’s first birthday party is finally over and done with. I wasn’t really thinking seriously of throwing a big bash, but it’s my first baby’s first birthday!  Momentous occasion!  My first anniversary as a mommy! (But to be fair … Continue reading

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I’ve been hit by a smooth criminal

My feet are the most uncared for part of my body. *remorse Every time my manicurist meets my feet, she curses me for not taking care of them HAHAHA sigh. Dry skin, chipped toenails, you get the idea. It’s true! … Continue reading

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Once you go black, you never go back

Remember when Liese Bubble Dye that everyone went nuts over before? Well it’s not only for cute bright Harajuku colors that everyone associates it with.  This product is Liese Blaune Treatment Cream Color that provides perfect grey coverage!  It’s formulated … Continue reading

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Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Time to write about our trip! LA is one of my favorite cities in the world to visit (besides any Japanese city wtf) so we were absolutely stoked!  The only cloud on the horizon is we couldn’t bring Fighter. T_T … Continue reading

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