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What has Fighter learned today?

Continuing off my blog post last week on Friso Gold about introducing your child to new things, I’ve been trying to ask myself, what has Fighter learned today? Ok today!  Got something new! Today I took him to the supermarket. … Continue reading

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8 differences between the first and second pregnancy

Wow who knew I’d have enough pregnancies to write this blog post! So I’ve had four months plus experience of being pregnant the second round so I feel pretty qualified writing about this.  Here’s what I noticed has been different … Continue reading

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Baby Bloomer: 23 Oct 2014

Actual age: 14 months 11 days Adjusted age: 12 months 11 days Ok time to update Fighter’s growth again! First time wearing a dress (and probably last)   Not too happy about it if you can see hahahaha. A friend … Continue reading

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Wah so long haven’t updated properly! Ok the reason is because… I made a last ditch attempt at freedom and went to Nagoya for a short trip! Last ditch because after this bogged down with two kids under 2 I … Continue reading

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Of childhood body soaps

The other day I had an event to attend. Say hi to my date! We were at a baby skincare workshop called “Are You Caring for His Skin The Right Way?” by Johnson’s Baby. Our pose same as the mommy … Continue reading

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Bringing out baby

Saw this video on the  Friso Gold FB page.  There have been a couple of touching but heart wrenching videos about kids going around Facebook and… I’m quite pantang about things like this during pregnancy so I didn’t watch hahaha. … Continue reading

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On finding out… the second time

So….. This I was definitely not expecting. Pun not intended lolol. This is the blog post that I wanted so badly to write two months ago but had to put off until now. Truthfully, it’s not that easy to write … Continue reading

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The new Estee Lauder Anti Aging Cream Giveaway!

I was browsing my Downloads folder and came across… Old photos.  Just two years ago!  Photo on the left was taken the day after I left my first job (first day of freedom so very gung ho put on makeup … Continue reading

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What I learned from my friendships

Okay! Introspective post time!  Recently some stuff happened that caused me to have a good long think about friendships and myself. You know that personality test that goes ENTP or ISTJ or whatever? (Okay googled it’s called the Myers-Briggs test). … Continue reading

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Fighter facts

I’ve decided to do a weekly segment called BabyBloomer (yaya real creative) to update on what Fighter has been up to lately and what he’s achieved. (not that anybody really cares la wtf cos it’s only interesting if it’s your … Continue reading

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