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Second baby shower for Bump

So…. this happened on Monday. *hearts in eyes wtf   The second baby shower for Bump!  Fighter didn’t even have one hahaha. My friends were always talking about throwing one for me and Bump since we didn’t get to do … Continue reading

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Momazing milestones

A few weeks back I wrote about Scott’s Momazing TVC. I challenge you to watch see you got cry or not! (also Fighter has the same bedsheet as the little boy hahaha.) I mentioned before but Momazing is about celebrating those … Continue reading

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Bump at 33 weeks

#audfit – Azorias A-line qipao Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Best wishes and happiness for you and your families this 2015. ^^ This year we’re spending Chinese New Year in KL.  Normally we go back to Penang every year but … Continue reading

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Being Momazing

Remember this? It’s still sitting in our house and Fatty still takes a spoonful every day without fail.  I take it when I’m not too full from dinner hahahaha. I used to take it religiously when I was a kid! … Continue reading

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Last post so emo nemo about stomach flu.  And then in real life I was also emo nemo about my blood pressure (maybe another post on this later) so this post is all about happy things! Last Thursday I was … Continue reading

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Not so yummy in our tummies

edit: written a few nights ago Last night Fighter had a vomiting fit. T________T The entire day he seemed his normal cheerful self.  We brought him to a baby gym even where he was ecstatic and played like he was … Continue reading

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Room makeover with Nippon Momento

Okay so a couple of months ago if you read my Dayre, you’d have seen I updated about a room makeover (if you didn’t read I judge you wtf) for me and Fatty’s room, and Fighter’s nursery. Fatty’s brother used … Continue reading

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Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, and a little bit of Vegas

Wow I just realized I never finished blogging about our LA/Vegas trip last July. D: Fasterly post pictures first! Although I’m very sure I forgot most of what happened already. ;( So therefore I can guarantee you this will be … Continue reading

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30 weeks!

Guess who’s at 30 weeks now! This pregnancy actually zipped by in a flash!  I guess this is what happens with second pregnancies – you’re too busy with the kid that’s around that you don’t notice time zooming by. Cannot … Continue reading

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Making Oreo muffins

Okay! After that last rabbit turd peanut butter cups disaster, Fatty incredibly requested I make more muffins.  Either this guy has a stomach of steel, is a masochist, or he’s The One wtf. He asked for Oreo muffins specifically.  And … Continue reading

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