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Life as a mommy of two

Hello everyone! Last night I had seven hours of sleep (albeit broken up into three pieces) so I’m feeling gooooood. So I have been a mommy of two for… *counts* fourteen days now. *gasp* What, I am two weeks old … Continue reading

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Physiogel and me

edit: written while still pregnant As you know, being pregnant can wreak havoc on skin.  Some women get glowing skin, while others get acne FTL. The skin on my face stays relatively the same but the rest of my body … Continue reading

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Labor, part deux

So here’s the story of my labor with Penny.  Way less dramatic than with Fighter but scary to me nonetheless hahaha. Last week I was fully expecting to have a scheduled C section after my 36th week checkup.  Cos my … Continue reading

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Hello world, from Penny

OMG haven’t blogged in more than a week! Got a very good excuse though. I was away… Having her. Ahem. Hello everyone, meet Penelope. With two kids under two, I got no time to blog!  BRB descending into the caverns … Continue reading

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Fighter goes swimming

On account of guilt that Fighter may just be rotting his IQ away at home doing nothing but walk around the house, open and close cabinets, pretend to read some books and the occasional bubble play session, I suggested to … Continue reading

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35 weeks, Bump!

First, pictures!   Ohai little boy!   His tshirt says it all.   Very excited to be a big brother huh Fighter?   Here’s me and Fighter watching TV. His super cute outfit from Baby Style Icon!   Successkid.jpg   … Continue reading

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Hello from the Ford showroom! Got Vanna White feel or not? Quite surprised and flattered that Ford asked me to work with them for a test drive and a video review of the new Ford Fiesta.  Cos… I think I … Continue reading

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Second baby shower for Bump

So…. this happened on Monday. *hearts in eyes wtf   The second baby shower for Bump!  Fighter didn’t even have one hahaha. My friends were always talking about throwing one for me and Bump since we didn’t get to do … Continue reading

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Momazing milestones

A few weeks back I wrote about Scott’s Momazing TVC. I challenge you to watch see you got cry or not! (also Fighter has the same bedsheet as the little boy hahaha.) I mentioned before but Momazing is about celebrating those … Continue reading

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Bump at 33 weeks

#audfit – Azorias A-line qipao Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Best wishes and happiness for you and your families this 2015. ^^ This year we’re spending Chinese New Year in KL.  Normally we go back to Penang every year but … Continue reading

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