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All that glitters is gold

Got a gold bar dropped off at my house the other day. #nobigdeal Hahaha obviously it’s not a real gold bar!  But what do you think is inside?  Very unexpected one. A gold toothbrush!  (not for brushing gold teeth) It’s … Continue reading

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So recently I’ve been into doing twinning outfits for Fighter and Penny.  By that I mean coming up with outfit themes and matching pieces for them to wear.  And then doing mini photoshoots. It’s been so much fun!  Now I … Continue reading

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Pock and Roll

You know what one of my favorite snacks was when I was a kid? You know what one of my favorite snacks is now I’m an adult? Hahahaha. You get the picture. Did you know that Pocky in Malaysia used … Continue reading

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Reading with McDonald’s

  Me and Fighter at McDonald’s today.  Bought him a Happy Meal, of which fries I ate most of. O_O Oh god I’m turning into my dad hahahaha I used to get so mad whenever he ate my fries when … Continue reading

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Party in our crib

Oh my god guess who’s awake?!! Not you too!!??? The story is, at 9 pm I was burping Penny after her feed when I heard Fighter yell from his room. Penny was half asleep by then so I carefully put … Continue reading

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Take a chill pill

It’s hard being a parent.  In addition to the everyday tasks that come with having kids – making sure they’re fed, clothed and relatively clean at the barest minimum, you’ve also gotta grapple with the big stuff… like how to … Continue reading

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Having faith in face

Hello! This post is going to be very straightforward hor.  How many of you ladies use facial masks regularly put your hands up? *arms stay firmly at my sides wtf I’m not too bad at my skincare routine.  I NEVER … Continue reading

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Penny’s full moon

Yay talking about happy things today – Penny’s full moon! The truth is, I wasn’t planning on having a full moon.  I didn’t plan one for Fighter either but my mother in law insisted cos she said she must be … Continue reading

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To the girl who judged me without having even seen me in person

A couple of nights ago I received this extremely offensive and batshit comment on my Instagram. Wait where did this come from? I’m not going to lie — her comment pissed me off.  If she was trolling she succeeded la … Continue reading

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Penny’s surgery

Last Monday began like any other day. Took Fighter back to school after a long hiatus cos I was busy having Penny and then in confinement. Hehehe my handsome well dressed boy.  Tshirt from Wild Baby. I left Penny at … Continue reading

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