Things my kids say #2

(Looking for Fighter’s pacifier)

Me: “Jude, where is your pacifier?”?
Fighter: “Upstairs.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Fighter: “Uhm!”
(We go upstairs but the pacifier is nowhere to be seen)
Fighter: “Pacifier not here.”
Me: “Yea where can it be?”
Fighter: “Downstairs.”

Fighter has recently become braver with cats.  We were taking a walk and saw a cat again.

Fighter: “CAT! CAT! MEOW!!!”


Tonight he uttered his longest sentence so far.

We  left Penny at home with Nanny sleeping and went out for dinner.

Fighter: “Aunty. Nancy. Take baby. Sleeping.”


Fighter (holding iPad): “Aunty. Nancy. Ipad.”
Nanny: “Sorry Fighter, no battery.”
Fighter goes and takes the charger. “Aunty. Nancy. Charge iPad.”


When meeting a friend.

Me: “Fighter, say hi.”
Fighter: “No.”
Me: “Fighter, say bye.”
Fighter: “Bye!”


Fighter is pretty obsessed over cars and driving.  But he doesn’t like toy cars, only real ones.  One of his favorite things to do is get into the driver’s seat of our car and pretend to drive.

Fighter (after playing with the steering wheel for a while): “Mommy, drive?”

So for a treat I let him sit shotgun while I drive in a circle super slowly around our parking lot.

Fighter: “Mommy. Go left.”

OMG since when did he learn left and right!?


Fighter’s learned how to count recently too.

Fighter: “Wan. Too. Hee. Four. Pie. Six. Seben. Egg. Nine. Ten!
Me: “Good job!”
Fighter: “Eleben. Twaf. Thateen. Fothin. Feeftin!

OMG since when does he know to count beyond ten!?

After a tantrum.

Fighter: “Mommy. Jude cry.”


I came home from Singapore after a day away for a wedding.

Fighter (runs up to me and pats me furiously): “Jude sayang mommy.”

Upon seeing something new (and interesting)

Fighter: “Oh?? Otis?” (what’s this?)

And this is what Penny can say so far.

Penny: “Tatatatatatatatatatata”

Some pics after the jump!

I was in Singapore with Hui Wen for Ally’s wedding this weekend!


All cleaned up wtf.

2015-11-01 02.30.10 1

Taken in the lobby of our hipster boutique hotel.

2015-11-01 02.30.15 1

With my date <3

Audfit details:

Top – Nasty Gal

Skirt – Azorias

Shoes – Esperanza

Clutch – Kate Spade


With the beautiful bride <3


With Eeflin whom I haven’t seen in forever! (and her co-host)


I’ve known these girls since we were young innocent and dating men wrong for us WTF.


In the taxi over.

When I came home, the kids were so happy to see me!!! I also happy la of course.

Penny giggled when she saw me and reached out for me.  She wouldn’t be put down and just clung to me the whole afternoon.

And Fighter ran up to me and did that whole thing – randomly pat me fast on the leg and said “Jude sayang mommy” Hahahaha never seen him do that before.


OMG sorry the room is a mess but the kids pulled all their hats and costumes out of the box.  I was looking for the cow horns to dress Penny up for Halloween.

But then Koko wanted to wear the horns instead wtf.


Penny looking on in bemusement at her brother.


Fighter is supposed to be a …. bullfighter LOLOL.

See his cow printed shirt? That’s actually Penny’s onesie (we have two of the same onesie). Copycat wanted to wear it. -_-


The baby cow doesn’t like her horns hahahahaha.



Argh bullfighter/cowboy doesn’t like his hat either.


I’d actually planned out a whole cowboy outfit for Fighter complete with plaid shirt and jeans but he wasn’t having any of it.  Apparently his sister’s onesie which is way too small for him is nicer.


Ok she forgot the horns are on her head.



It’s good to be home :)


How to DIY a foot spa at home

2015-10-08 12.05.41 2
Erm. How about my feet are an embarrassment to humanity. Hahaha.

I’m normally a person who takes quite good care of myself (or so I like to think).  With  one kid, I still managed to groom myself reasonably well.  

But with double the babies now, I’ve had to neglect my personal grooming (and sometimes hygiene LOLOL uh please still be my friend).

I used to go for pedicures every 6-8 weeks before to get my nails cleaned and snipped and dry skin sloughed and scrubbed off.  And if got time, get a gel manicure too since it lasts nearly forever. But I haven’t gone for a manicure/pedicure since Penny’s birth because it’s become too much of a time luxury. :(

So now my feet like this lo.  Nail polish half grown out, skin all dry, scaly and hard, and bonus – got flea bite scars from when we had an infestation at home FML.

So okay la like Muhammad, if Audrey won’t go to the nail salon, let the nail salon come to Audrey wtf.

Introducing, a DIY foot spa, by Aud.

I did some Googling and put some ideas together.  For my DIY foot spa, I decided there should be three parts – exfoliation, a foot soak, and a foot scrub, ending with moisturization.


Also known as remove, hard, dry pieces of skin. Our feet go through a lot every day, supporting our body weight (in the case of moms, their own and their baby’s weight), running or standing around, and getting squeezed into torturous heels.  2015-10-08 12.05.43 2

Check out my feet OMG.  Calluses and peeling dry skin.  Luckily no cracked heels only.

2015-10-08 12.05.48 1

For exfoliation, you can use a boring old pumice stone, but I chose to do it the easier (and cuter) way. I used my Scholl Valenka Express Pedi Hello Kitty edition.

2015-10-08 12.05.42 1

Foot spa is supposed to be relaxing ok!  Don’t need to use elbow grease; just switch it on, and let it grind dead skin away.

2015-10-08 12.05.42 2

Admire the hugely satisfying result – dust and dead skin cells on the roller.
2015-10-08 12.05.46 1

Calluses at this point are softer and thinner.

Next, is the…

Foot soak

2015-10-08 12.05.40 1

Scoop up a cup of rolled oats.

2015-10-08 12.05.40 2

Throw the oats into your blender or food processor and grind away.  A good tip is to make sure the oats are finely ground, so that they won’t clog up your toilet or sink when you dispose of it later.

2015-10-08 12.05.41 1

Add 2-4 cups of milk to the oats.  I used breastmilk HAHAHA because it’s good for skin okay!! (Also I have a lot of it) Normal people, you can use cow’s milk.

2015-10-08 12.04.26 1

Add hot water according to your desired temperature and soak those tootsies for 15-20 minutes.

Foot scrub

2015-10-08 12.05.45 2

For a scrub, I added sugar into the bath.  

2015-10-08 12.05.46 2

I put my hands in and used the sugar to scrub all over my feet – the soles and the tops of it too.

This is actually a lazy way, because after a while the sugar dissolves into the water.  For a more effective scrub, try mixing sugar (you can use brown or white, as long as it’s granulated) or sea salt with some olive oil, and then massaging into your feet.

After I was done, I rinsed my feet off, and for good measure, took a shower.

Update: Feet feel good!  The oatmeal helps to soften skin and soothe irritation, so my feet feel clean and fresh now.

2015-10-08 12.05.45 1

Since I’m pampering my feet, I might as well go all the way and cut my toenails hahahaha.

2015-10-08 12.51.39 1

The final touch is to slap on some moisturizer and put on socks before you sleep – the cuter the better hehehe.

Do this once a week and you should have permanently soft feet in no time!

2015-10-08 12.51.40 1
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AudBaby AudCamwhore

Of photos and siblings

Had a mini photoshoot the other day.

2015-10-23 07.48.52 1

With Malaysia’s Next Top Model here wtf. Hahahahaha i love her outfit!  I tend to dress her in pinks and whites so this is a refreshing look.  I call this look Punk Princess Penelope wtf. Her black tshirt which has a donut motif on it wtf and navy tutu skirt are both from Ali Express LOL. 2015-10-23 07.48.57 2

One of my favorite photos in the series.

2015-10-23 07.48.59 1

*whispers* Penny, why are you eating your shoe??

FYI, I do not starve my models ok hahahaha. 2015-10-23 07.49.01 1

You need to smize yo!

2015-10-23 07.48.53 1

Why did I choose this career it’s so hard being a fashion photographer wtf. See? Now she’s eating the rug. *throws hands up* I did not starve you Penny! 2015-10-23 07.48.50 2

Oh look who finally decided to show up.  My male model.  Punctuality is not a common trait these days wtf.

(asked him to sayang baby and he obliged hahahaha)

2015-10-23 07.48.48 1

Oh this is an outtake.  Male model putting on the wrong shoe and female model trying to crawl to eat the camera wtf.

2015-10-23 07.48.57 1

Now male model is finally looking at the camera but but… Penny! Where are you looking!?

2015-10-23 07.49.02 1

Oooh nice one, Penny. You’re  doing the booty tooch. Tyra would be proud!

2015-10-23 07.48.47 1

Penny looks good here but Fighter… *sigh*


Haha ok this is the best of the lot.  Fighter’s got the cool bad boy pose down pat, while Penny is extremely good in the role of “being in awe of her Oppa” ahhahahahaha.

Any baby fashion brands wanna sponsor my models please email me. I’m not only the photographer but also their agent wtf.

Mummy Ooi was  very amused by her grandkids’ twinning outfits so she dug up some old photos and sent them over. Apparently Ooib and I used to twin too!



Although to be fair, this is our kindergarten uniform wtf.


Wow my first bikini hahaha.  I actually think my smile looks like Fighter’s here!  And Ooib looks like Penny here.


But here Ooib looks like a thug wtf.  Check out our twinning outfits! Not exactly the same but similar color schemes hehe.


Twin until wear the same pants WTF.  We were wearing Fat Her’s pajama bermudas hahahaha and clearly we found it hilarious.


All suited up with our grandparents.


Matching jackets!


Think we were on the way up to Genting or Awana or something.


This was probably Chinese New Year cos we’re all dressed up. My outfit damn cute ah! Got stockings some more with transparent Cinderella-ish shoes.


Twinning but both of us looking like turds hahaha.


Supporting Mamee Monster since 1988.  There should be an award for this.


Matching lunch boxes.


*covers face with hands* HAHAHAHA WHY THEY MAKE US DO THIS WHYYY


BONUS: Two year old Aud, walking purposefully hahaha.

Do Fighter or Penny look like me? 😀


A surprise! (and my first ever vlog)

Ohai guys! So this happened the other day. *points below*

This is the first ever video I’ve created that wasn’t commissioned by an advertiser.

I’ve been thinking of going into video for some time now but put it off cos I feel like it would take up too much time, filming and editing.  Plus I don’t really have confidence in my editing and video storytelling skills hahaha.

But here’s me just biting the bullet! Don’t care la suck then suck la hahaha at least I’m practicing with every video made.

Anyway, the other day I was walking to meet Fatty who had Fighter with him at the mall. Little did I know they had a surprise waiting for me. :)

Watch the video to see!  I so happened to be recording and Fatty was also recording on his end so we have two points of view wah so advanced wtf. Enjoy!

(and sorry about the shitty video)

Some photos!

2015-10-22 11.22.58 1

2015-10-22 11.22.59 2

2015-10-22 11.22.59 1

I’m not a watch person but I love this!!!!

And I love my family. :)

AudBaby Audvertorial

My breastfeeding journey

Can you believe I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding for nearly three years now OMG.  Breastfeeding has been such a huge part of my life for so long that I don’t give it a second thought anymore but I thought I should write about it before I forget.

When I was pregnant people would ask me if I would be breastfeeding and my answer was always yes.  I never thought otherwise because everyone around me was breastfeeding too!  I didn’t even think about whether I would have milk or not – cos I don’t worry about things before they happen hahaha.

Breastfeeding Fighter

When Fighter was born, I even more didn’t think about it because my delivery was already very kelam kabut.  When I was in the hospital on bedrest, I made Fatty go out and buy a breast pump but immediately after giving birth, I was still half sedated and breastfeeding didn’t even occur to me.

Enter a lactation consultant, literally lol.  A nurse knocked on my door, introduced herself as B, and told me she was here to check if my milk had come in.  At that point, Fighter was in the incubator in the NICU and she told me the best thing I could do for him was to nourish him with my breastmilk.

She then proceeded to wield a syringe, maul my boobs and really extracted colostrum!  Normally this would be considered very violating but I was too amazed by the fact that I was producing milk.

And so I started pumping and storing milk for Fighter.  After I was discharged Fighter stayed in the NICU for another month so every day I would religiously pump and bring milk to the hospital.  Fighter was born too premature to have developed his suckling instinct, so the nurses fed him with a cup.

I thought I would be an exclusively pumping mom because for a week after he came home, Fighter flat out refused my boobs. T____T  I tried everything and was on the verge of giving up when suddenly one day he decided he did want it and suckled like a pro!  I think his suckling instinct just finally kicked in.


And ever since then, we had a very smooth breastfeeding journey.  Fighter would accept the bottle, but he always preferred his milk fresh from the source hahaha.

I weaned him when he turned a year old. Blog post here.  (I was pregnant with Penny then and my obgyn recommended to stop since breastfeeding can cause the uterus to contract and I don’t wanna take any chances with Penny!)

Just went back to read my blog entries and I remember all the good times!!!!

…after Fighter has his fill, he pulls off the nipple, looks up and me and gives me the most beaming smile I’ve ever seen.  The smile says, thank you and I’m soooo happy you’re my mommy because really your milk tastes awesome and you make me so happy, did I already say that?

:) :) :)

Breastfeeding Penny

Breastfeeding Penny turned out to be a much bigger challenge!

Her birth was relatively uneventful so the nurses brought her immediately to my room to nurse.  And you think about it, that was my first time feeding a newborn!  When I nursed Fighter, he was already more than a month old.

Penny presented a different set of challenges.  She would frequently fall asleep at the breast and take up to an hour to drink.  Fighter latched on correctly from the start and never looked back, but Penny and I went through a bad first week cos she latched correctly only half the time.

After a month, she more or less got it but many times when it was feeding time, she would shriek and wail like I’m killing her fml. We chalked it up to a bad temperament but I never figured out why.

On our trip to Sydney I direct latched her 24/7.  Then it was as if she just got so tired of it that when we came home she went on breast strike.  Until now FML.

The only time I can nurse her now is when she’s half asleep. #foiledbyababy

So what I have to do now is at night I wash her up and change her and put her to bed.  When she’s falling asleep I fasterly put her to my chest and feed her.  Then she’ll drink happily.  And midnight feedings are ok too cos she’s sleepy.

But the moment she wakes up in the morning, breastfeeding is impossible. T_T So now I just pump in the day and bottle feed her.

I was very disappointed and upset that she was rejecting breastfeeding.  It felt like she was rejecting me as her mom #postnatalhormones

I persisted for weeks because I know she’ll benefit the most from direct latching but every feeding time I would get so stressed and sometimes cry, and Penny would be screaming herself blue in the face.  She’d only calm down when nanny took her from me (and away from the dreaded breast) which hurt even more.

I gave up cos I realized that while breastfeeding is very important, us being happy and not in a constant state of stress is equally crucial.  I would love to direct latch her fully because she would receive the full smorgasbord of nutrients and vitamins but I’m looking on the bright side. At least I can pump and give her some of that goodness in a bottle, and still direct latch her at night.

So here we are.

Penny is seven months old now and is already eating solids!  But milk is still her main source of nutrition and I plan to breastfeed her until at least after her first birthday. (Cannot lose out to Koko wtf)


But when done right, the benefits can be so rewarding!

From providing your baby with the best possible food for him to meet his nutritional requirements at any given point, to saving on formula hahahaha. The convenience of not having to pack milk out or washing bottles, or not having to wake up and stumble to the kitchen to prepare formula.

But my favorite bit is always the bonding.  Your baby will confirm want you cos you’re the source of food what hahahaha. Not to say moms who don’t breastfeed won’t have the bond – of course they will, breastfeeding is just one element of motherhood.  But it’s something looking down at your baby on your breast and knowing only you can give this to him.  And the way baby smiles at you when they’re satiated. :)

Plus it’s the best mute button when baby is crying or fussy HAHAHA.  Just stuff it into their mouth and they shaddup lolol.

Breastfeeding is not easy but I’m thankful I managed to BF both kids for so long.

What’s your breastfeeding story?


Blame the babies

So #thetruthis, Fatty is a farting monster wtf.

I basically married my father hahahaha because if farting was a sport, Fat Her Ooi would have won the gold medal.

Fart never mind, everyone farts.  But what’s lethal about Fatty’s farts (and I don’t mean this lightly) is there’s not only sound, there’s also smell. T_____________T And smell and smell and smell wtf.  It more or less lingers on forever. T_____________T And it’s crazy pungent! Like you smell it and you think you’re under terrorist gas attack wtf.

I think I’ve smelled his fart at least once a day now.  Considering that we’ve been together for seven years, I’ve smelled at least 2,555 of his farts now FML.

So anyway I would like to recount to you all two incidents.


Just yesterday, we were at Publika for lunch with Fighter and Penny. My in laws, and Fatty’s grandma and uncle came along too.

They happened to enter an elevator. (FTL wtf)

Fatty’s uncle suddenly exclaimed, “Oh goodness, what’s that smell?!”

My dad in law’s head snapped up and he said, “Ah! Fighter must have pooped!”

Then everyone went into a minor tizzy trying to smell Fighter’s butt to check if he really pooped.

All the while, poor Fighter just stood there looking confused.


With a face sort of like this.

Smell smell smell, we finally figured out that, eh, Fighter didn’t poop after all.

Meanwhile, the culprit just stood there silently against the side of the elevator wtf.


Again the same lunch in Publika!

We bumped into a friend of Fatty’s whose dad coincidentally knew my dad in law too. So everyone was chit chatting, making small talk.

And Fatty let loose another 7.4 on the Rectum Scale. Silent but deadly one wtf.

Fatty’s friend who was unsuspectingly holding his three month old baby boy, was hit by the ass thunder.  He never knew what hit him.

He shouted, “OH NO! I think Baby took a dump!”

Again everyone went into a minor panic, and the poor innocent baby was passed around in chaos and quickly whisked away to the changing room.

I can only imagine the surprise on the nanny’s face when she sees there’s no poop also.

Meanwhile, the culprit snickers quietly in the corner wtf.



To my silent assassin wtf,

I’ve smelled your fart nearly 3,000 times but what’s another 30,000 more right?

Happy 7th anniversary, my darling Fatty. :)


Who, me? Exercise?

I never thought I would say this.

In fact, I thought the only way I would ever is if I was at least forty years old with no other options wtf.

I have started working out.

I know right! Shock! Horrors!

In fact, a big reason why I chose to take on a Marie France package is because I didn’t WANT to exercise.  I’m willing to look for any other option as long as I don’t need to work out hahahahaha this is how much I hate exercising.

But my grandma’s death recently shook me up a bit.  By the end she was more or less bedridden because she’d had a few bad falls and her bones were so weak.  After she was cremated and my parents went to pick up her ashes, they told me her bones were apparently extremely jagged and porous cos of the osteoporosis.

I read somewhere that osteoporosis can be hereditary, and it occurs a lot among women of East Asian descent.  Which is me la!

Then I flashed back to my obgyn who kept telling me to make sure I drink 2-3 glasses of milk at least a day while breastfeeding and exercise to prevent osteoporosis later on.  I am drinking LOTS of milk but what good is that if the calcium isn’t deposited properly on my bones right!?

So yea I figured I’m already 30 this year so exercise sounds like a better idea necessity now.

When I was preggers, I was envious of Bobo’s perky butt hahaha cos she was doing Kayla’s BBG routine.  I was feeling ungainly and ugly then and I consoled myself that I would start this BBG once I was done being pregnant.

I’ve not been pregnant for six months plus now so I guess I better get going wtf.

(For those who don’t know, Kayla‘s BBG is a 12 week program with specific cardio and other workouts.  It’s quite regimented in the sense that there are specific instructions of what to do within a certain amount of time.  I don’t know the first thing about exercise so it sounded good that I had specific instructions to follow.)

How has it been so far?

Well, I impulsively decided to just go for it and start, one fine day and I didn’t prepare any uhh… props? Tools? What do you call it wtf.  Oh workout equipment right?

Yea so anyway I jumped into it feet first without preparation.

Instead of a yoga mat, I used a bathmat. LOL.

On hindsight I should wear proper rubber shoes? Instead, I worked out barefoot on my bedroom carpet and got minor carpet burn WTF.

Halfway during the time sensitive workout, I realized I needed dumbbells or some sort of weights to lift.  So I used Fighter’s shampoo bottles WTF.

And then I also need a step to do step-ups.  There was a stool in the kids’ room but no way was I going in there and risk waking the sleeping dragons.  So… I stepped up on my toilet bowl. HAHAHAHA.

When I told Bobo what I did, she was horrified hahahahahaha she said please don’t cos it’s very high and dangerous wtf.  I said it’s ok what my toilet bowl is next to my towel rail so I could hold my towel for support hahahahaha.

After the first workout, I wanted to vomit WTF.  And I walked like a crab for two days after.

After the second workout, I had a headache which felt like a hangover WTF.

I’ve just finished the second week and honestly, every workout still feels like hell.  I keep checking the timer like a madwoman wtf, and I always regret halfway like why am I doing this!?!? My body not so bad to deserve this kind of torture what.  I think I can live with having a big waist and no ass la hahahahaha.

My abs still hurt like crazy so I can’t even laugh in peace now fml. Every workout session I question my sanity. And I don’t even know if I’m doing the exercises correctly.

For example, when I’m doing planks or push ups or commandos or whatever hellish thing, I presume my body should be straight as a er, plank right?  But my butt inches higher at every turn, and at one point I noticed it was swaying from side to side FML.  So who knows if it’s effective?

All I know is that it feels terrible. T____T Exercise is everything I feared and worse wtf.  People ask me how I feel after completing a session, expecting me to say I feel tired but great wtf.  That I feel a sense of achievement.  But #thetruthis, no lor hahaha.

I hate it hahaha. It feels like self torture and I feel like an idiot doing it because it’s so not in me to work out.  When lactic acid is shooting through my legs and my lungs are on fire, I hate the world.  And the only reason why I’m continuing is because I don’t want to have suffered the previous workout sessions for nothing.  It’s like a cult lol. So I continue…

I have ten more weeks to go.  Let’s see how far I go…

(omg I don’t even have a blog category for this. So I’ll put it under AudAngry HAHAHA)


A Marie France slimming review

A lot of people (on Dayre) have been asking me to blog about Marie France Bodyline.  So I thought I’d blog about each treatment I receive, since there’s always been some confusion about what goes on in a Marie France Bodyline center.  Heck, I myself didn’t even know what it encompasses. Most people associate it with heat wraps which is true to a certain extent but there’s more to it.

Ever since my blog post here, I let my scar heal a bit, then I started visiting Marie France Bodyline.

I went for a consultation and they reviewed my body issues and problems.  Then they devised a treatment plan for me that encompasses six months.

Cos I had a C section, the plan takes that into account too!   I waited six weeks before starting treatment.


Here’s the VVIP area! So what happens is first they give you a robe, some disposable undies and slippers.  You change out of your clothes and put your belongings into a locker.

Like this!


And then I enter the treatment room. And then I fall asleep. Hahahaha. #truestory


It normally starts with a welcome massage, followed by the treatment itself.


Depending on the area targeted, it’s usually a combo of either a massage, a mask applied on my skin, getting wrapped in a plastic wrap, or in a thermal blanket.


A seaweed mask.


Or zapped with a machine! Hahaha.

When I realized that for the treatment to be most effective, I have to go for twice weekly sessions, I felt some guilt because that’s four hours total at least a week that I have to leave the babies.  With that much time commitment isn’t it better to exercise? Lol.

But the truth is, the treatments are super soothing and relaxing.  I normally don’t have time to nap but because of this commitment, I could take the treatment time to nap and recover some sleep and not feel guilty I’m neglecting Fighter and Penny hahaha.

And physically, the results are very reassuring!

There’s different types of treatments for different problems so today Imma review the first treatment I was subject to. It’s called the FMS-Essential Lymphatic Treatment Therapy (FELTT) and SLTB – Essential Lymphatic Treatment Therapy (BELTT). Wah what a mouthful hahahaha.

Essentially it’s heat detoxification therapy and Thalasso treatment. Heat induced lipo detox is proven successful in removing fat-stored toxins from the body. It raises the body temperature above the normal 37 degrees C.  If you’re not a regular exerciser (like me ahem), you may not have enough energy reserves to raise your body temperature, so heat treatment will create a ‘fever’ to burn off toxic fat. And Thalasso which means marine minerals (such as those found in seaweed) helps to prevent further toxic build up. The sea mineral, when applied on the skin, extract toxins from the body. These are the benefits of this treatment:

    • Aids the irrigation of fatty acids
  • Reduces orange peel appearance (OMG I NEED THIS)
  • Immediate lightness and inch loss due to water reduction and skin tightening
  • Enhances total lymph system cleansing
  • Improves vascular flow, which in turn, enhances oxygen, nutrient, and lymph exchange at the cellular level
  • Increases cell metabolism
  • Relieves muscular aches & pains and reduces muscle spasm (good to have but I don’t really have aches…maybe only if I carry kids for a long time)
  • Decreases rigidity in joints
  • Improves skin & body tone (skin tightening for a toned effect)
  • Hydrates dry skin (ya my skin super dry FML think Penny inherited this)
  • Relieves stress, leaving the body feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. (yes cos the treatment is usually so relaxing I fall asleep HAHAHA

For me, my focus areas were my hips and thighs.  I didn’t do tummy cos this is my first treatment and the MF team wanted to give more time for my tummy to recover.

Each treatment session takes about 2 hours!  I did this treatment for about 3 months.

Note: FELTT & BELTT should not be used if the person has heart problems, low and high blood pressure, fresh wounds (duh), heat sensitive skin conditions, other skin disorders and any heat related issues.

OK the truth is when I first embarked on this Marie France slimming treatment I was quite skeptical – how effective can it be by just applying seaweed mask on my skin?

After three months of FELTT & BELTT, this is the most obvious result:

2015-04-12 10.52.32 1

Before (taken from my previous blog post)



Very much reduced cellulite!!!!!  I was honestly quite shocked!  I know my weight was coming down but I attributed it to breastfeeding and just natural recovery post-pregnancy.  But before I wrote this blog post, I just went to the mirror and pinched my upper thigh again to check on my cellulite since it’s the most obvious indicator.

And really nearly gone! I still have a bit on the back of my thighs but the sides (which was where most of it was) are pretty much cellulite free!

A survey conducted by Nielsen showed 93% of the ladies who have undergone the treatments for a period of 6 weeks  “realized that their clothing weren’t as tight compared to before treatment.”

Marie France Bodyline is currently having a promotion of the month where you can experience 3

sessions of Body Sculpting Therapies at only RM78! So head over here and check it out if you are interested.

For more info about Marie France Bodyline Treatment, please visit

Wait for the next treatment post for an update. ^^


My happy fix


When you’re down, and troubled….  

And you need a helping hand…

(Yea really I do. 6666 I’m carrying 17 kg worth of babies hahahaha)

And nothing, whoa, nothing is going right..


Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there… to brighten up even your darkest nights.

2015-09-21 02.21.35 1

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am,
I’ll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there, yeah, yeah,
you’ve got a friend.


This is my friend. Lolol sounds very loser like that. Please la ok! I have real friends hahahaha.

But when I’ve had a bad day…


When my toddler runs off with the toilet paper…


When he insists on eating with his bare hands and drops food all over the floor…


When my eggs turn out like this…


When the kids get into a fight…

2015-09-21 02.21.35 1

This is the best pick-me-up. :)

Who doesn’t love ice cream!? After an exhausting day dealing with the kids, my favorite thing to do when they’re asleep is break out the ice cream!  For that purpose, we keep pints of it in our freezer. 😀

Today’s ice cream is Meadow Gold! 😀

2015-09-21 02.21.40 1

This is my first taste of Meadow Gold and I’m pretty impressed at their luxurious flavors.  No boring neapolitan for them!

There’s four flavors:

Lush Red Velvet (chocolate ice cream with marshmallows omg)
Bold Chocolate Decadence (Chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate fudge)
Heavenly Macadamia (vanilla ice cream with macadamia nuts)
Delectable Caramel Pecan (vanilla ice cream with pecans and caramel ripples)

2015-09-21 02.21.43 1

Here’s what Lush Red Velvet looks like.

2015-09-21 02.21.41 1

But my favorite is Heavenly Macadamia.  It’s very heavenly. Haha.


I have pretty simple ice cream tastes and I prefer less complex flavors but with a twist.  Heavenly Macadamia is is sweet simple vanilla peppered with tasty macadamia pieces inside.  I love nuts in my ice cream!

2015-09-21 02.41.19 1

The best way to eat ice cream is with a cute spoon.


Made with real dairy ingredients, Meadow Gold comes at a reasonable price at RM21.90 inclusive of GST.  Don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for a happy fix. 😀

2015-09-21 02.21.38 1

Available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets now.

2015-09-21 02.41.17 1

I actually had a  very bad day yesterday cos Fighter was being a complete brat. T___T Throwing tantrums when I didn’t let him snatch my phone, pouring water from his bottle all over the playmat, snatching toys away from Penny. T__T I was cranky and exhausted. So this scoop of ice cream was the highlight of my day. :)

AudBaby BabyBloomer

Things my two year old says


So Fighter has turned into a real chatterbox lately.

I think he understands nearly every word we say, and he’s also starting to form simple two to three word sentences now.  And he’s hilarious! Here are some gems he’s come up with.

Me: Yes Fighter?
Fighter: Light! *points at light*


I’m in the nursery putting Penny to bed while everyone else is downstairs starting to eat dinner.

Nanny: Fighter, you wait here ok? I’m going to call Mommy down for dinner.
Fighter: No no. MOMMY!!!! Jude call.


Fighter falls down, gets up and dusts his hands off.

Fighter: Jude down.


Fighter reaches for scissors/sticks his hand into his bowl of rice/makes a grab for my phone/does something he’s not supposed to

Me: Fighter! No!
Fighter: No! *retracts hand*


Me: Yes Fighter?
Fighter: Dark! *gestures to something vaguely dark*


Fighter: (holding on to iPad) Papapig! Papapig! Papapig! (Peppa Pig)


Me: Fighter, who is the most handsome?
Fighter: (interrupting) Me.
Me: Who is the prettiest?
Fighter: Baby.


Fatty lets out a fart wtf.

Fighter: Daddy poo poo.


We were washing Fighter up for bedtime, and he runs out of the bathroom stark naked.  Pulling on his penis. -_-

Me: Fighter! Don’t play with your bird!
Fighter: Bird! Bird! (points at Fatty) Daddy bird.
Everyone falls about laughing
Fighter: (points at grandma) Mama bird.
More laughter.
Fighter: (feeling confident, points at me) Mommy bird.  (points at nanny) Cee bird.


He’s been learning his letter and numbers and got most of the alphabet down, and can count up to 8 now!

One day, grandpa seats him at the computer and points out letters on the keyboard to him.

Grandpa: Fighter, what letter is this?
Fighter: H.
Grandpa: So clever!
Fighter: Fayth’s kar. (His auntie Fayth drives a Honda)


I’m also trying to teach him colors but he’s got a long way to go on them wtf.

Me: Fighter, what color is this apple?
Fighter: Red.
Me: Good! What color is this orange?
Fighter: Red.
Me: No, it’s orange.  What color is this banana?
Fighter: Red.


It’s going to rain. Thunder cracks.

Fighter: Cads. Cads. (Scared) *quickly comes over and sits on my lap.  If baby is there, baby gets pushed aside*


On a walk, we see a cat in our path.

Fighter: Eeeeee!! *points excitedly at cat and takes a few steps closer*
*Cat slowly advances to him as well*
Fighter: Cads! Cads! *runs around in circles*


Every night, lying on his bed, about to go to sleep.

Fighter: Kong kong (Fatty’s dad). Mama (Fatty’s mom). Daddy. Mommy. Mama (my mom). Papa (my dad). Cee (Nanny). Baby.

Fatty: Fighter, do you want to kiss daddy?
Fighter: No.
Fatty: Jude, do you want to kiss daddy?
Fighter: No.
Fatty: Then what do you want?
Fighter: Jude kiss mommy.