Are you the next face of Xperia?

Now I normally don’t write contest announcements…






I think all my readers know I’m a big fan of Sony Xperia and their Z phones.  This was my first photo after getting my Xperia Z3 hahaha saying hi to the world!

The Sony Xperia Z is an awesome product that doesn’t get nearly enough hype in my opinion.  I’ve been using it since the Z1 and today I have the Z3 and I still love it.

I’ve also had a great experience with the Sony Xperia team and even if we stopped collaborating I’d still continue using my Sony yo.

That said, I must announce that Sony is looking for…


Sony is looking for unique individuals in South East Asia who have the ability to capture the extraordinary in the every day.

(Do I have what it takes since I capture my kids every day and they’re pretty extraordinary lolol.)

The faces of Xperia should be able to look further, for special moments just beneath the surface, remarkable beauty beyond sight and important sounds lost to the chatter around us.

There are seven unique Xperia propositions and each individual must embody the spirit, energy and attitude of the brand through one of the seven:

•          Waterproof: I can survive underwater




•          Low Light: I can see in the dark


(this photo was taken in an almost totally dark room.  The only light was coming from the bathroom with the door open about an inch.)

•          2 Day Battery: I can stay awake for days

2015-05-24 12.28.27 1

The face of someone who can stay up for two days.

•          Digital Noise Cancelling: I can silence crowds


She can with a shout of her own. Does that count?

•          Hi-Res Audio: I can hear things you can’t


She can hear me creeping out of the room FML.

•          Remote Play: I can run through walls

2015-05-19 04.40.02 1

Try me.

•          Smartwear: I can shape tomorrow



They who shape our future. :)

The Faces of Xperia have lots to look forward to!  Winners get:

  • The opportunity to participate in future Xperia marketing programs
  • A Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone and Sony Xperia Z4 tablet
  • Return airfare from the winner’s nearest capital city to Manila for a photography shoot
  • Hotel accommodation for the duration of the shoot

Contest ends 14 June so do hurry!!! Contest info and application HERE



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Love at first sight

So the other day I was pumping and reflecting.

You know you read articles and Facebook posts written by new mommas on their birth stories or seeing their babies for the first time.  And they always go something like this:

“…it was love at first sight for me.”

So was it really just me!? Confession time… it wasn’t love at first sight the first time I saw Penny or Fighter.  I never understood that saying.

I only realized this one day when I was playing with Penny and she was cooing and smiling back at me.  I thought how much I loved her and how I would do anything for her and her brother, and it hit me that truth be told, I did not feel like this on the day she was born.

The first time I saw Fighter I burst into tears because he was all tubed up in his incubator.  I cried because I felt responsible for putting him in that situation.  And I cared very much about him and I WANTED him of course.  But I didn’t feel the fall in love hearts in eyes feeling wtf.

With Penny, the nurses placed her in my arms and to be honest I don’t remember what I thought.  Probably something along the lines of “wah she so sticky” LOLOL.

Then later on when she was all cleaned up and we met again in my room, I again didn’t feel anything.  Meeting both my babies was like meeting someone new.  It was so weird!  I wanted them so badly when they were in my tummy but when I actually met them, it hit home that this was a new person, a stranger to me still.  Could I say I loved a stranger?

The love came more and more every day though.  Every day I saw them, fed them, bathed them, played with them and that’s when I started falling in love.  The more I get to know them, their weird baby habits and distinctive personalities, the more I love them.

And I think every day I still love them more and more.  In the beginning I may have loved them as an obligation  but now I love so deeply it slightly scares me because I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for them.

Was it really love at first sight for you?

Anyway random pumping thoughts aside!

Let me introduce to you Hula Penny.



Love, Bubsie sent me a whole bunch of costumes and outfits for Penny and this is the most hilarious one hahahaha.  Grass skirt, coconuts and flowers in her hair hahahahahaha I cannot handle the cuteness!

And where’s Fighter?

2015-06-05 12.32.52 1

Here he is!

To match his sister (and as part of my twinning obsession), Fighter is a tiny surfer dude today.  He’s decked out in green board shorts…


And sunglasses!

2015-06-05 12.32.43 1


Hehehe one of the outtakes.

2015-06-05 12.32.41 1


“Hmm Penny, Mommy didn’t get you any sunglasses.”

2015-06-05 12.32.45 1


“You can have mine.”

2015-06-05 12.32.48 1


“That’s not how you wear sunglasses, sis.”

2015-06-05 12.32.51 1“Is this edible?”


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Another simply every day post

Not on purpose hor, but I’ve been so caught up in the day to day with the kids and everything I haven’t had time to sit down properly and write also. :’(

Here’s what’s been happening lately.  AKA the best photos compiled of late hahaha.


Fighter’s developed a specific preference for this onesie dunno why!  So every time he sees it in the laundry basket he snatches it up and brings it to us to wear.

I think I wanna burn this onesie already hahahahaha.



This OOTD is so much better okay!



Fighter’s also developed a streak of independence.  Here’s him helping to fill up his own bathtub. <3


And him attempting to feed himself.  Spoon handling skills nowhere near there yet but he’s trying!  And I bought him a full Rilakkuma set – plate, soup bowl, utensils and cup to encourage him.

Who cares about the floor!! wtf



Attended a Uniqlo shopping event with Dayre Mums and got lots of stuff for Fighter and Penny!


Finally picked up Penny’s stroller!  Isn’t it a beaut!!! Never thought I’d find a pastel pink stroller hehehe.

Went for the Stokke Scoot this time and I’m thinking of writing a review of it vs the Bugaboo Bee soon!


Took the kids swimming.


Of course only Fighter la Penny naps by the side for now hehehe.


Appeared on Bella NTV7 with Bobo and Raja Nadia for a segment on fashion bloggers :D



My side profile very nice ah WTF.

OOTD details – Vest from BCBG Max Azria, jeans from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.



DId more twinning outfits with these two!

This theme is white singlets with denim bottoms.


Marvel over how cute my Penny Lane is.



Fighter’s also very annoying recently cos he’s doing this thing where he doesn’t wanna look at the camera if we’re taking pictures.  See his kuai lan face hahaahha.



He’s also very into wearing glasses these days.



But not into the fact that Daddy needs to go shower.  WTF.  #reasonmykidiscrying #assholeparentfortakingabath



Fighter’s school term at Julia Gabriel ended so he “graduated” from his term hehehe.  Here he is receiving his certificate.



Cute leh his outfit.



On a day I bothered to put on makeup.



Fighter also damn loving to Penny these days *hearts in eyes

He’s always patting her gently on her head now and when we pretend to make her kiss him he gets super happy lolol.  Here he’s actually trying to feed her his raisins wtf.



Anther twinning outfit.  This is black outfits with white lettering.

Koko so generous trying to share his sunglasses with Penny. -_-




Penny’s solo OOTD. HAHAHA HER FACE. Blue gingham pinafore, blue shoes and mittens.



My baby can wink better than me. FML.



Attempted to make dessert…


Mango sticky rice! Very yummy and idiot proof. :D



Fighter’s also developed a thing for hats.



While Penny’s learned how to stand.  (well, nearly.)



Sibling staring contest ongoing wtf.




Just hanging out with these two critters. ^^



Took damn nice shots of these two!  Seriously Fatty should learn from me wtf.



Attended Perfecto launch with these two boys.IMG_20150527_211354OOTD details: Fig & Viper dress, Boy Chanel bag, JC shoes.

Busy or not!? See got legit reason for not updating lolol.  Proper blog post soon!!!


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All that glitters is gold

2015-05-18 12.23.09 1

Got a gold bar dropped off at my house the other day. #nobigdeal

Hahaha obviously it’s not a real gold bar!  But what do you think is inside?  Very unexpected one.

2015-05-18 12.23.13 1A gold toothbrush!  (not for brushing gold teeth)

2015-05-18 12.23.10 1

It’s the new Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush!

Gold because it’s the “Gold Standard in Whole Mouth Cleaning”

2015-05-18 12.23.12 1

Thank you Colgate for giving me the pink version hahaha how you knowwww.

2015-05-18 12.23.14 2

What’s special about it (besides it being gold) is that its bristles are 100% antibacterial  which will inhibit bacterial growth on your toothbrush for up to 90 days.  And by then it’s time to change to a new toothbrush so you don’t have to worry about nasty dirty germs brewing on your toothbrush and going into your mouth.

The black parts on the other hand are charcoal bristles which can clean and remove stains on your teeth.

2015-05-18 02.01.33 1


Photo for illustration purposes only but it’s my current toothbrush now! (I forgot to change my old one since beginning of the year :X)

2015-05-18 02.01.37 1

Using it is super gentle on my teeth and gums!  I’m the type of person who presses unnecessarily hard when brushing (-_-) so I found Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal to be very nice and soft.  Its bristles are also 17 times slimmer than the average toothbrush which makes it easier to clean at the gumline.

2015-05-18 12.23.10 2If you want to convert your golden experience with the Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush into real gold, just play the game and join the contest at the Colgate website below.

colgate goldClick here to play!


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So recently I’ve been into doing twinning outfits for Fighter and Penny.  By that I mean coming up with outfit themes and matching pieces for them to wear.  And then doing mini photoshoots. :D

It’s been so much fun!  Now I realize the full potential of fun of having babies of both genders wtf.

Without further ado, let me introduce my models.



Male model: Fighter Tiah.  Aged 21 months.  Body shape circular.  Likes cars, french fries and light switches.  Dislikes being told no and people leaving the room without him.


Female model: Penny Tiah. Aged 2.5 months.  Body shape even more circular wtf.  Likes being tickled on her cheeks and getting her diaper changed.  Dislikes wind in the tummy and people kissing her on the head.

OK fashion show commences wtf.

2015-05-12 01.33.29 1

Theme: Minions!

Penny’s onesie: gift from grandma
Penny’s socks: Happi Kiddo

Fighter’s onesie: Carter’s
Fighter’s minion goggles: souvenir from Universal Studios LA


Theme: Pink

Fighter’s T-shirt: Wild Baby
Fighter’s shorts: Osh Kosh B’gosh

Penny’s tutu onesie: gift from a friend


Theme: Hello mom/Hello dad

Fighter and Penny’s boy/girl matching rompers: Baby Gap

Kelefeh Lamb Friend: Zara Home


Beanie on Penny’s head making her cry: mommy’s own, Japan


Behind the scenes wtf. Fighter hated the beanie but didn’t know how to take it off HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Theme: Glory Manchester United

Fighter’s jersey and shorts, Penny’s onesie and shoes: All from Old Trafford gift shop

2015-05-16 01.45.33 1

Theme: Japanese

Fighter’s yukata: gift from Japanese friend

Penny’s Kumamon outfit (complete with hat): gift from Cheesie


Theme: Stripes

Fighter’s onesie: Carter’s

Penny’s onesie: Mothercare


Theme: Navy with white polka dots

Penny’s dress: H & M

Fighter’s cardigan: Baby Style Icon
Fighter’s denim shorts: Baby Gap
Fighter’s t-shirt: Uniqlo


BTS.  Male model trying to force female model to wear his sunglasses -_- (Baby Gap)


Guest starring Mommy!!! I found a navy and polka dot dress in my closet too so I had to join in the fun!

Actually both dresses were a present.  My friends know that I’d love wearing matchy matchy with my daughter leh!

I also found an old bow of mine and clipped it to Penny’s headband for a matching hair accessory. :D

I had some time so I grabbed Fighter for an impromptu photo shoot outdoors (my female model fell asleep wtf)

2015-05-20 01.14.58 1

My handsome model!

2015-05-20 01.14.51 1

My handsome model running away from me (; ;)

2015-05-20 01.14.52 1

My handsome model shouting, “Kar!” (car)

2015-05-20 01.14.55 1

Hehe one of my favorite shots.

Mommy’s dress: H&M
Mommy’s shoes: Fashion Bloggerrr

Fighter’s shoes: present from Sherlyn
2015-05-20 01.14.54 1

I can’t model for nuts but Fighter is so good at posing already! (or is that mommy biasedness talking hmmm)

2015-05-20 01.14.53 1

Take two.

2015-05-20 01.14.59 1

Trying to remove my glasses.

2015-05-20 01.14.51 2

So I removed his in return. Hehehe.

So much fun putting together their outfits and doing the daily photo shoots!  Already got a few other themes in mind for the upcoming days hehe.  Any shops wanna sponsor us and challenge me to come up with a twinning outfit photo feel free to contact me! Hahaha.

Which is your favorite outfit theme?

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Pock and Roll

You know what one of my favorite snacks was when I was a kid?

pocky 1

You know what one of my favorite snacks is now I’m an adult?

pocky 2

Hahahaha. You get the picture.

Did you know that Pocky in Malaysia used to be called Rocky?

I didn’t! In fact I thought Rocky was a rip-off from Pocky and I steadfastly refused to buy lolol.  Cos must support original la! (I think this was the transition period where some Rocky-labelled boxes were still around)


For those in the dark (in which case I thoroughly sympathize with your childhood), Pocky is a Japanese snack that comes in boxes like this and are biscuit sticks covered in different flavors! This one is chocolate.

2015-05-11 02.07.33 2
The sticks come packed up in aluminium wrapper like this and the biscuit ends of it is on top so you don’t get your hands dirty.

2015-05-10 04.41.17 1

Comes in a huge array of flavors!  I have green tea, strawberry and double choco here (which is essentially a Pocky stick where the biscuit is totally covered in chocolate)

Guess which flavor is my favorite?

2015-05-10 04.41.10 1

OMG so cliched! Hahahaha.

Normally I don’t like strawberry flavored foods all that much but the Strawberry Pocky is yummy! Sweet but not too sweet (like Baby Bear’s porridge wtf) and the slight tinge of sour strawberry in it contrasts very nicely with the plain biscuit *connoisseur

Last time in school, we used to poke Pocky sticks behind our ears and pretend they were pencils hahahaha.

Chocolate Pocky on the other hand, is Fighter’s favorite! Um as though not obvious enough by this pic. Lol.


It was actually one of the first snacks I introduced to Fighter too.  Easy for him to hold by himself and eat and not that unhealthy as far as snacks go hehehe.


Did you know that the name Pocky comes from the sound of the crispy biscuit breaking off?



Fighter be like, “I give it five stars!”

Now this critter fighting me for it. -_- Lololol.


Pocky is available in chocolate, double choco, strawberry, green tea matcha flavor, milk, and banana flavors.  More new flavors will be released soon!


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Reading with McDonald’s



Me and Fighter at McDonald’s today.  Bought him a Happy Meal, of which fries I ate most of. O_O Oh god I’m turning into my dad hahahaha I used to get so mad whenever he ate my fries when I was a kid, and now here I am doing the same thing to Fighter. #noshame


We went to McDonald’s because I heard they were launching something called the Happy Meal Book Program.


Order a Happy Meal now and this is the ‘toy’ that comes with it.  It’s not a toy at all, but a mini book!

The one we received is about *jeng jeng jeng* elephants!  All books are part of the Watch Me Grow series by DK Publishing.


The book format follows a baby elephant from birth until it grows into an adult with all sorts of information about elephants written in a kid-friendly way.

I like it! Most age-appropriate books that I’ve found for Fighter so far are about groups of things – like numbers, animals, things that fly, shapes, etc so I always kind of doubted if Fighter really understood say, what a hamster or shark was.  But since Watch Me Grow focuses on just one animal it’s good for him to learn more in depth about one particular animal.


Fighter approves!


I also approve of this Happy Meal Program!

I love books and reading!  It’s a love that Fat Her instilled in me and Ooib.  I don’t think there was any point in my life where I’m not actively in the middle of a book (except for some stressful times in college lol where it was textbooks instead) and I would love to  pass on that love of books to Fighter and Penny.




I try to buy Fighter books now instead of toys.  He gets bored of toys very quickly anyway but so far he does regularly pull out his books from the shelf and bring them to me to read or to point out stuff to him. :D  So the Watch Me Grow series will be a nice addition to our collection!

I’d always harbored a secret wish to start my own bookstore – with different or rarer books than those you’d find in MPH or whatever – or a cafe filled with books where people could just drink coffee and read. :) But not very feasible because…. Malaysians don’t read. :(

In London or in Japan on the subway, I saw tons of people holding paperbacks or newspapers to read on their commute.  But in Malaysia where got?  There’s no reading culture here – the most you see people looking at their phones or sleeping on the train wtf.

Worse, according to a UN report, the literacy rate of Malaysians is at 93.2%, behind developed countries like Japan, Britain, the United States, Australia and Germany, which have literacy rates of 99%.


So I’m very glad that McD is doing this initiative!  Besides the Watch Me Grow Happy Meal series, there will also be activities like a story-telling competition, Book Time with Ronald McDonald and meeting with aspiring local authors.  More details and schedules can be found here.

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Party in our crib

Oh my god guess who’s awake?!!

Not you too!!???

The story is, at 9 pm I was burping Penny after her feed when I heard Fighter yell from his room. Penny was half asleep by then so I carefully put her down on my bed, on her tummy while I went to see to Fighter.

Turns out he woke up and couldn’t find his pacifier. -_-

Picked him up and he laid on my shoulder instantly.

Then I started having spooky thoughts. Shit why did I put Penny on her tummy. What if she rolls over on her face and suffocates without me knowing!?

I figured I would rather have a crying child than, you know, no child at all so I gingerly crept back into my room, still carrying Fighter.

To my relief, Penny was fast asleep with her head turned safely to the side.

But not for long!

Fighter got super excited at being allowed out of his room at night. He perked up and pointed at Penny and shouted, “HEY!!!”

And Penny stirred. FML. She started grunting in her usual newborn way and Fighter found it very funny. Double FML.

He started snickering which roused Penny even more and she began to wail her head off. Triple FML.

My consolation prize is I managed to calm her down while telling Fighter to lie down and go to sleep next to me. Penny calmed down and looked around at us with wide eyes. Like ooh what we doing mommy?


I thought her face was super cute though and being such a blogger, I snapped her picture (see above)

Too bad Mr Lack of Attention had to ruin the first attempt by trying to squeeze himself on my lap so he doesn’t miss out so my hand shook hahaha. #FOMO

And here he’s rolling around and trying to rest his head on any body part of mine just to manja. Lol.

Tried patting them both to sleep but to no avail. One would get excited, triggering the other off and kaboom Party people hey it’s Friday night wtf.

In the end I became a weight lifter and picked them both up and walked downstairs. To look for nanny. (I normally give her evenings off so she can rest and do her own stuff)

I thought I could put two babies to sleep together but I couldn’t. D:

Nanny took Fighter from me (Penny had fallen asleep again just by walking downstairs hahaha) and we both trudged upstairs again. But Fighter saw me going into my room without him and wailed.

So I exchanged Penny for Fighter and attempted to put him to sleep.

For three f*cking hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that look like a face that wants to sleep I ask you. He was rolling here and there and having the time of his life. -_-

Anyway my entire Friday night was spent lying on my bed avoiding eye contact and pretending to be asleep so my toddler would go to sleep. -_- Couldn’t even go to sleep for real cos I needed to pump milk still.

How was your Friday night? *forced smile

(all photos taken with my Sony Xperia Z3 in nearly complete darkness, only the bathroom light was on.  How good is the night camera!?)

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Take a chill pill

It’s hard being a parent.  In addition to the everyday tasks that come with having kids – making sure they’re fed, clothed and relatively clean at the barest minimum, you’ve also gotta grapple with the big stuff… like how to make sure your child grows up well and healthy. That’s a huge responsibility! And all that in addition to the other stuff you need to do as a normal adult.


So we parents know how tough it can be.  And we don’t need unnecessary stress that makes our jobs harder. >:(

Here’s a bunch of things parents DON’T need, off the top of my head:

1.  People judging our parenting

Be it the stranger in the mall who shakes their head at you while your two year old throws himself down on the floor screaming, or the put-together mom with the well dressed kids eyeballing you as you give your kid the iPad at the table.  Or even the well meaning but critical relative telling you to bundle your baby up although she’s sweating like a pig.

We don’t need your judgment because we are doing the best we can.  There’s no one right way to parenting, and every child is different.  Every momma is different too.

And how would you know what happened right before the tantrum took place? Or why that mother isn’t picking up her screaming baby?  Maybe she’s tried everything but the baby just won’t stop crying.  Maybe she’s sprained her back.  You would not know the full story from outside so it would not be your place to judge.

All parents are already doing their best and they know their kids the best.  Having people throw judgment at us is just an unnecessary irritation we don’t need.

2. Parent’s guilt

Don’t say other people judging parents, moms and dads often judge themselves the harshest.  Our children are precious so naturally we want to do our best for them.  And of course we should!  But when it comes to the small stuff, don’t sweat it.  So what if we don’t create the nicest bento, go out for a nice lunch with girlfriends without them, or forget to let them wear socks with their sneakers?  THAT IS OKAY.

Your kids will not grow up into monsters because you gave them Mcdonalds for lunch instead of a home-grown, home cooked nutritious meal.  Or if you let them go out of the house with unbrushed hair.  Or if you want to have a nice meal with your spouse once in a while at a place that doesn’t have a kids menu.

In the long run, all this doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that your kids know you love them and are there for them.  And that they have a happy mom rather than a stressed out miserable one.

3.  Someone banging the door just when you’ve put the baby to sleep

Do I need to elaborate. T_T  Worst is if you’ve just spent the last forty minutes rocking baby until you can’t feel your arms anymore, shushing like a steam engine, and you’ve finally managed to ninja your baby into her crib without waking her.  You’re just about to sneak out of the room when your hand slips off the doorknob… and the door slams shut.

GG. Hahahaha.

4. Inflexible bosses

I haven’t had personal experience in this, thankfully but I have mommy friends with unreasonable bosses who mark them down for leaving the office at 5.30 pm on the dot  to go pick up kids from daycare.  Even though they’ve finished their work.  Just because they look “lazy.” Whaaaat.

5.  Baby falling sick

This is the mother of all.  When a child is sick there is no rest for the parents.  Anxious trips to the doctor, force feeding of medicine or insertion of suppositories, staying up all night sponging or checking temperature every five minutes, wiping off vomit, going crazy with worry that the illness will escalate, when it comes to crap parents don’t need, kids falling sick is second only to…

6. You falling sick

When kids are sick you wish you could take on the sickness and suffer instead of your kids.  The irony is that when we’re sick, we still worry because who’s going to manage the kids if you’re down with fever or a headache?

I used to avoid pills and medicines at all cost… until I became a mom.  I’d just suffer in bed and wait out fevers and headaches (more serious sicknesses or infections no choice la have to take meds).  But now with Fighter and Penny, no choice.  If I feel a headache or fever coming, the most sensible thing to do is to swallow a Panadol and get on with life.  Sure, I can ask nanny to take over but I don’t want to if possible.  Fighter won’t understand why I’m cooped up in bed instead of hanging out with him and I’d rather much prefer being downstairs with the two of them than having to quarantine myself in my room.



For the other nuisances, there’s no magic pill to make them go away, but for physical headaches or just feeling under the weather, all it takes is a Panadol Actifast (which btw absorbs twice as fast as regular paracetamol and is gentle on the stomach, leaving the body naturally in 24 hours), whatever it takes to get the pain out so you can c0ntinue to live life well. :) #LifeReplacesPain #PanadolActifast


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Having faith in face

2015-04-28 07.34.53 1


This post is going to be very straightforward hor.  How many of you ladies use facial masks regularly put your hands up?

*arms stay firmly at my sides wtf

I’m not too bad at my skincare routine.  I NEVER go to bed without removing my makeup, and I always do the usual three steps – cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Also apply eye cream religiously because big eyes means big eye bags, big dark circles and big wrinkles wtf.

But when it comes to masks…. they all stay packed away in my drawer. :X

I receive tonssss of masks from friends or from brands and I hardly do anything with them.  I even usually reject when online shops ask me to review.  They always seemed like such a hassle – put on and then cannot do anything for a while waiting for it to be done.  And effect also not very obvious I might as well just slather more moisturizer on.

But then Faith in Face approached me… and I was a sucker for their packaging hahaha.

2015-05-05 09.35.23 1


Faith in Face is a brand that originated in Korea. They are now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand and from April onwards are now here at all major Watsons outlets in Malaysia as well.

They’re launching with their range of hydrogel masks – the five pictured above.

So here’s my review of Faith in Face.


This is what the mask looks like! (ignore my fingers dunno what I was doing)

It starts off like any other mask – rip the outside packaging and pull the mask out.  The mask itself is wrapped with sheer pieces of paper to protect it and keep the essence in.

My first impression was that the mask is damn heavy.  Much heavier than other masks I’ve tried before.

Second impression is that not only is it heavy, it’s also very slippery.  It was in fact a little tricky to pull out of the package.

Why? Because the mask is not made of cotton or paper but a thick smooth bouncy, gel-like material.  Later on I found out that this is a hydrogel mask.  See the picture above?  You can see it’s slightly shiny and gel-like.

Because of the hydrogel material, the mask actually contains more ‘essence’ compared to other types of masks, and stay moist and hydrate the skin for longer.

Over the course of a week I managed to test out the different masks.  These are my favorites!


HOLD ME TIGHT is a lifting and firming mask.  It promises to let you hold on tight to your youth! Sounds like something this auntie needs yo.


Carefully put on the mask… It actually comes in two pieces – one for the top of the face and another for the lower part.  I’m guessing it’s so it will be a better fit generally.

Then I chilled with my book for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes I removed the mask and noticed the mask is noticeably lighter!  Either that or I buffed up in the last half hour wtf.

The nutrients from the mask had actually left it and absorbed into my skin which is why the mask was thinner and lighter after I was done!

Massaged the remaining essence into my skin and then carried on with my usual makeup routine.

CIMG3934 1

Verdict: Skin felt moisturized but not much different from usual days.  But then when I applied my sunblock and BB cream, I noticed my makeup glided on more smoothly than usual.


Wah so young already! Am I dreaming? *pinches self / *pinches young cheeks wtf


HOLD ME TIGHT contains copper tripeptide that helps firm and liven the skin, and rooibos and red ginseng extract, a popular Korean ingredient which works to reduce stress and improve firmness to the skin.

2. After Shower Look


I was pretty excited to try this one out!  I like the feeling of my skin when I just get out of the shower – all damp and soft, very shiok and can bluff myself it feels like Fighter’s skin wtf.


Again put on the mask for 30 minutes and relaxed (all this done while babies were napping)



Here’s a close up of my skin after removal of the mask and massaging the essence in.

Skin didn’t feel damp per se hahaha.  But that might be because all nutrients were absorbed by the skin, because it felt… QQ.  Don’t even know what the proper English word for it is… bouncy?



Yes haha.  Expectations of damp, soft skin not really reached, but my skin felt pleasantly bouncy and firmer to the touch.


AFTER SHOWER LOOK comes with an intense hydration formula of Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturising super-agent, and natural Camellia Oil that locks in moisture.



This would turn out to be my favorite!


Did my usual mask application.  Here I put on only the top part to give you a sense of what it looks like.


Done!  Love this mask!  At first I didn’t notice anything but after I finished doing my makeup I noticed… my skin damn glowy can!?

You can expect a mask called NOURISH ME to come with tons of moisture/nourishment for the skin which is what I expect lends my skin that slight shine afterwards.  Realized when I was taking photos that it looked damn healthy and radiant. :)

NOURISH ME combines Ceramide 3, which generates a protective layer over the skin and is one of the most important lipid compositions of the stratum corneum, with Broccoli Extract and Olive Oil.


We have a winner!  For me at least haha other people may have different results or opinions. depending on their skin type and conditions.

Interested in trying out Faith in Face for yourself?

I’m giving away a Faith in Face hydrogel facial mask goodie pack!


Just follow the below steps:-

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*Faith in Face is now available at major Watson’s outlets at RM11.90 per piece (inclusive of GST)


Learn more about Faith in Face on their Website and like them on Facebook  !!

p/s: Website is in Korean language, so visit their FB Page for English information


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