Our house tour is finally here!

I know I know! I’m so late with this.  But hor some people one year after moving in to their house also haven’t finished decorating ok wtf.  At least I have cushions on my couches (although they’re not even mine lolol my ID lent to me temporarily. :X)

But this is the long awaited blog post (and vlog!) about the final result of our house renovation.

Here’s the house tour vlog. It gives you a clearer insight into the layout of our place and our daily lives. ^^ Have fun watching!

And here are a bunch of photos I took of our place for illustrative purposes wtf.  A lot of people have been asking me about where I got this and that from so I’ll do my best to answer them here as we go along!

2018-02-10 11.31.36 3

Here’s our living room. Uh furniture is all mostly procured by our ID so I don’t know where to get sorry lol. :X Just after I said I’d answer here hahahah.

2018-02-10 11.31.36 2

Straight view of the TV.  Yea our house is Chinese New Year ready yo.

2018-02-10 11.31.36 1

The opposite side.  Our royal blue sofa is custom made by my ID and I love ittttt. I also love that little boy standing there hahaha.  Behind the sofa is the powder room, and stairs that lead upstairs *captain obvious.

2018-02-10 11.31.35 1

On the other side of the living room is the kids play room.  I banish all their toys here so they don’t make a mess wtf.  Shelves are custom made to fit the width of the wall.  (and yea they have a lot of toys.  Imma spring clean and donate some soon.  If you know anyone who needs old toys hit me up!)

2018-02-10 11.31.35 2

The playroom was originally part of the balcony so we had to install a new aircon.  Went for the Mitsubishi R410-R32 model cos it’s the latest technology from Japan!  Among its unique features is its super wide airflow system, which means that it’s really flexible when it comes to delivering airflow – it can handle a long narrow room or a wide open space with no problem.  Good for us cos our house is actually very open concept!

With a new noise-reducing design, the aircon is also quieter than other units.  But my favorite feature is the I FEEL control.  If it feels too cold or too hot, just tap the “Too Warm” or “Too Cool” buttons on the remote control and the aircon will adjust itself.  And it will remember your preferred temperature for future too! ^^

2018-02-10 11.31.26 2

This is the other end of the playroom.  Wall is white brick veneer from Suzuka.

2018-02-10 11.31.34 2

On the next wall (under the stairs) is an art piece made by Fighter and his friends for their art show last year.  The other kids did one letter each but Fighter did two – the D and the E – so I die also must win the auction for this wtf.  It looks so nice on their wall now!

2018-02-10 11.31.33 2

I like the white brick effect so much I used it on our balcony too!

2018-02-10 11.31.26 1

View from the opposite end. I love how low maintenance it is! Real brick walls can produce brick dust but no such problems with brick veneer.  Plus Suzuka quality is fantastic – feels and looks super real.

2018-02-10 11.31.34 1

Balcony view from the door.  Behind the wooden wall is our washing area – with washing machine and a sink.

Suzuka has a 20% off discount now running till end of the month btw for Kastone brick veneers so please go check it out if you’re interested!

2018-02-10 11.31.33 1

Our kitchen!  Yea damn messy la wtf.  The white counter peninsula is where the kids have their meals normally cos it’s the perfect height for their high chairs.

2018-02-10 11.31.32 1

Kitchen is quite small actually! But nice for us although it could use some more storage la hahaha.  2018-02-10 11.31.32 2

Our dining area!  I chose black metal chairs contrasting with a cream sofa (which is probably an unwise choice with two toddlers in the house lol) for seating.  Table is one of my favorite furniture pieces – from Art of Tree.  They are an environmentally aware company that produces furniture out of whole pieces of salvaged wood (from fallen trees or trees marked for removal) from Malaysian forests.  Their wood is gorgeous too – solid and unmarked.

I love it so much in fact I’m sitting right here writing this blog post hahaha.

2018-02-10 11.31.32 3

Our hallway (which leads to Fatty’s siblings’ units).  We custom built the cabinets on the side for storage.  Right now they’re used to store tools, shoes and random household things.

2018-02-10 11.31.31 2

Shelves I used for books and decorative knick knacks.  Bottom shelf is kids books and they’re always pulling out books that’s why so messy. -_-

2018-02-10 11.31.30 4

Fighter’s room!  The walls are dark blue cos it was supposed to be a night ski/outer space theme but all the star stickers I stuck dropped off WTF.  Stupid taobao shit hahahaha.

His house bed was bought from a local IG seller but aiya I know it’s from China too.  I wouldn’t recommend it though because you basically need a power drill to assemble it, it took forever to arrive, the quality of the wood is pretty bad, and the measurements all slightly lari one wtf.

2018-02-10 11.31.30 2

Opposite his bed is his bookshelf for his school bags and books.

2018-02-10 11.31.30 3

Bathroom!  We didn’t touch the bathroom in the renovation – just cleaned it up and added Daiso stickers to the toilet bowl lol.

2018-02-10 11.31.31 1

Now Penny’s room!  It’s super girly – I chose a mint green for the walls and added pink/peach accents for a more girly feel!  Her stuffed animals around her bed also I purposely chose the white and pink ones to add to the decor hahaha.

Canopy is from Ali Express.

2018-02-11 12.13.45 2

Stuck gold stars on her wall as well.  Also from Ali Express (as is the laundry basket at the foot of her bed) but these stars better, never fall off hahaha.

2018-02-11 12.13.42 1

The opposite side we painted a pyramid in dusk pink just to add more interest to the walls.  Her shelves are from Ikea.

2018-02-11 12.13.43 1

The window facing her bed.  She has her doll’s cradle there and a baby puzzle box.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 1

Her bathroom!

2018-02-11 12.13.46 1

Upstairs is our study/guest room!  Everything in here is from Ikea hahaha.  Except my chair which is from a shop on Jalan Bangsar.

2018-02-11 12.13.44 2

My desk!

2018-02-11 12.13.45 1

Fatty’s side of the room.  His desk is exactly the same as mine except in manly colors wtf.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 2

Our room!  Bed was custom made by our ID.  Penny is crying cos her hair got caught in her bag strap HAHAHA.

2018-02-10 11.31.27 1

Side view with Bunny Bun Bun and that fugly La-z Boy hahaha.

2018-02-10 11.31.29 3

Walk in closet!  ID basically designed a lot of shelf space cos she thinks I got a lot of bags to display hahahaha. (I don’t wtf.)  I don’t remember where she got the transparent chair though.

2018-02-10 11.31.28 3

Another look.

2018-02-10 11.31.28 2

Bathroom!  It’s always been my dream to have double sinks (cos I hate sharing hahahaha) so ta dah!  Our bathroom is in an entirely colonial feel

2018-02-10 11.31.28 1

Oh one nice feature that complemented our bathroom style is our old fashioned brass fixtures!  They’re from Premtex if anyone is wondering and were on sale some more when I bought!  Shower and our taps and towel rails are all in this matte brass. <3

2018-02-10 11.31.27 2

Oh but the best feature of our bathroom is this Geberit toilet!  Hahahaha I learned so much about bathrooms this time wtf.  Geberit is a Switzerland brand with an awesome name in bathrooms.  Comes in white, red, gold, silver, navy, black and even patterned designs but I chose black to go with our bathroom.

I love how sleek the toilet tank is!  It’s only 11 cm so it saves a lot of space, in addition to just looking damn cool.  Traditional toilets normally can’t be less than 15 cm so this is considered groundbreaking hehehe.  Like other modern toilets, it comes with a dual flush, depending what your business is ahem.

Full name is Geberit Monolith Puro and I got it from Bina Warehouse.  They have other brands as well so you can go check it out.

Some of the items here are sponsored, others are not.  Thought I’d write a blog post to share at length cos I got tons of DMs asking me where I got this and that and where are the showrooms I visited.

Bina Warehouse was one of them.  I also got my lights from various lighting shops in Kota Damansara, and visited furniture shops along Jalan Tun Razak.

Leave any other questions you have in the comments! I’ll ask my ID and get back to you hahahaha.



New vlog!


New vlog up!  I am so efficient cos this vlog was filmed in Dec, more than a month ago HAHAHA.  Just pretend Christmas is around the corner ok and enjoy!

(Title is pretty self-explanatory, in a nutshell: Fighter gets a haircut, Penny refuses to cut her hair, and the kids open one Christmas present each cos we were going back to Penang for Christmas and didn’t want to lug the toys all back.)

Oh and bonus handsome photos of Fighter for all you aunties out there.

2018-02-11 12.43.59 1

Entau bah wtf.
2018-02-11 12.44.00 1

OMG dunno why his smile like this I’ve never seen this expression on him before in his four years hahaha.

2018-02-11 12.44.00 2

That’s better.


This is the way we brush our teeth

So my kids are pretty bad junk food eaters. -_-

Fighter turns out to have an incredibly sweet tooth and asks for “dessert” after every dinner.  I used to buy him and Penny small treats like Kinder eggs and tiny packs of M&Ms until I realized one day it had become less like a treat and more like a daily requirement. :X

So I’ve cut out sweets and junk food.  For dessert and snacks they get fresh fruits or the occasional slice of cake if there’s been a birthday.  Cos I’m daaaaamn paro about the kids getting cavities!

Fun fact: I’ve never had a cavity in my life *proud.  But the thought of the kids having dental problems freaks me out la how they gonna deal with the pain and the care!? Not to mention the host of problems after that – teeth shifting around etc.

Anyway I’ve always been careful with their teeth.  Since like a few months old I’d wrap my finger in a small towel and wipe their gums and tongue so they’d get used to having a toothbrush later.

Fighter is really good about brushing his teeth!  But Penny…. Penny’s hobby is eating toothpaste. -____- So I gotta watch her very carefully to make sure she doesn’t swallow bubbles or intentionally eat it wtf.


Just as well I received the new Colgate Naturals Toothpaste hahahaha.  They have three flavors: Pure Fresh (Lemon & Aloe Vera) which is for lasting fresh breath with a lemon taste, Real White (Seaweed and Crystalline Salts) which is for a whitening effect, and Gum Comfort (Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera) which is pretty self explanatory.

Colgate Naturals is a toothpaste with a twist – a nature based sensorial twist.  So every variant has its own unique taste for different purposes.  And it’s also child safe – if it’s accidentally eaten if a young child brushes their teeth — or in Penny’s case, eaten on purpose. -_-  (According to the packaging, children of 6 years and younger should only use a pea sized amount to minimize swallowing while brushing their teeth.)


Tried Pure Fresh for Penny.  To match her yellow toothbrush lolol.


Must open so big or not baby hahahaha.


*brush brush brush*


Koko’s turn to try!  Blue is his favorite color so… Real White it is.


Hahahahaha camera ready.  Saw my phone and smiled wtf.


Hahahahaha my cute boy.  To be honest, Fighter didn’t like it — he said it was too spicy (by that he means minty lol) but that’s actually a good thing because the normal kids’ toothpastes that’s usually fruit flavored?  They eat it as though it’s melted candy. -___-  So this one tasting less like candy, they definitely won’t simply eat hahaha and just brush with it.


These two babies hahaha.


Verdict: Colgate Naturals might take some getting used to for children, but for adults, it’s a refreshing, natural take on the usual mint toothpaste on the market.

This post was written in collaboration with Colgate Naturals.

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Penelope’s guide to Universal Studios Singapore

Hello every buddy!

This is Penny.  If you don’t know, I am Mommy’s baby.  I am also Daddy’s baby and Koko’s sister.


Hi. Iz me.

Mommy is very tired today so Imma help her out.  Because I’m a big girl.  Today I will blog about… our trip to Minion Land!

Oh it’s called Resorts World Sentosa Singapore?

Okay whatever.

So the first thing we did when we got to RWS was go for lunch at a restaurant called Sessions.


This is what it looks like.


What the!? Mommehhhhhhh.  Why you always like this!?  Taking unflattering shots of me sleeping.  Fine I fell asleep and missed half of lunch.


Koko was having fun though.  You can draw on their table cloths!

[Mommy: It’s sheets of paper laid down for kids to draw.]


My favorite was this fried chicken. Iz so yummy!


No no wait I think I like this.


Mommy’s favorite was this chili crab.  I think it’s a grown up thing cos it’s so spicy but she and Dada gobbled the whole thing.


Then it was time to go to Minion Land Universal Studios Singapore!

Mommy took out her sunglasses so me and Koko fought to put ours on too.  Daddy already has glasses but his doesn’t have sun in it.


Look who we found!!! Her dress is so pretty I wanna be her when I grow up.


Mommy said it was a bit hot so she made us all go into the souvenir shop.  If you ask me, she just wanted to shop.  But I found more friends inside! Say hi to Elmo!


Koko found a fat unicorn! Iz so fluffy I’m gonna die!


Then we went to this place called Santa’s Workshop.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of this guy called Santa Claus but he’s cool.  Apparently his job is to give kids presents!


But hor warn you first.  The elves who are supposed to help Santa a bit lazy.  They kept asking us to do their work for them!  Find letters la, make toys la, bake cookies la whew.  Luckily got me and Koko around or else I don’t know what they’d do.


At the end of all our challenges we finally met Santa!  Koko is all happy but my face is like that cos I was trying to decide if I should tell Santa his helpers kept making us do their work. #snitch


Then we went for this Madagascar boat ride where we got to meet some animals!  Got lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe! All so cuteeee.


But a bit dark.  Mommy asked me if I was scared and I said no.  Actually I was but don’t tell anyone ok shhh my samseng image is at stake here.


This ride [King Julien] is cool though!  The animals came out to play and we went round and round!


BRB milk break.


See who passed out after that HAHAHAHA.

[Mommy: Don’t forget you fell asleep during lunch that’s why you could stay awake. -_-]


And missed the Minions!!!!  They finally came out to see us!!!


Suckerrrrr.  Wait till Koko sees this pic he’s gonna be so jealous.

Hello Mel, Stuart and Kevin! We are your biggest fans!

[Mommy: there are different shows and events at USS throughout the year yo.]


When Koko woke up, Daddy suggested we go in to this thing called Lights Camera Action.  Because Daddy said there’s a tornado inside and Koko would want to see it cos he loves natural disasters.



[Mommy: Yea so Fighter was really excited about witnessing his first “tornado” but didn’t realize it would be that loud and scary.  They both burst into tears and everyone around us judged us for bringing in babies hahahaahah.]


Here I am watching my favorite thing in USS.


The Christmas angels! They’re so pretty omg.  I asked Mommy how come the angels don’t come down and she didn’t answer me. 🙁


The next day we went here!  It’s called Adventure Cove Waterpark and it’s so awesome!


First we met some dolphins at Dolphin Island!  Mommy and Daddy were so excited about it and the trainer taught us to do hand signals to “talk” to the  dolphins.

But you know Mommy doesn’t even need to do hand signals and I will do what she says too. *proud*  I’m like a dolphin, but better.


We got to touch the dolphin!  I liked that.

But then the dolphin splashed us with his tail and Koko and I got all wet and then I didn’t like it very much anymore. T_______T


But then we came across this pool with a huge jungle playground and a slide and everything!  Koko and I shouted, “Swimsuit! Swimsuit!” until Mommy relented and changed us.


OMG OMG so fun.

Woah woah Koko splashing water!


Also me!

But after that Daddy brought me and Koko and we tried to go up the stairs and got caught in a huge typhoon.


So I decided to wait it out while Koko and Daddy play with the water. *snorts water out of nose*


Our favorite spot here – the beach!

[Mommy: Actually it was just a patch of sand where the beach chairs are hahahaha.]


Koko and Daddy went on this river float ride thingy [Mommy: it’s called the Adventure River] and got to see some funny looking flat fishes called rays.  The rays smiled at us! But I was pretty tired by now so I just frowned back at them.  I didn’t go either, just asked Mommy to carry me at the side.


But after that we went to Vivocity for shopping and I got very awake.  Because shopping <3


And then for dinner, the Resorts World cheh chehs took us to eat under the sea. :O Like mermaids :O


One more.


Mommy and Daddy got boring ol’ grown up plates but look! Ours got fish on them.


No restaurant is complete without fries! Mommy ordered me and Koko the kids meals – Koko had minute steak and I had fries with a side of fish.  And my unicorn ate some glitter.


Dinner conversation. We so civilized, look at us.


Me with my unicorn and Koko with his banana.  RWS cheh chehs gave them to us! I like them already.


And then the next day!  We went under water again.  Mommy says this is the SEA Aquarium.


Where we saw… Baby shark du du du du du du~~~~


Oh sorry. Like any self respecting INFLUENCER, I must post my OOTD.

Dress – Next UK
Shoes – Zara
Stroller – GB Pockit
Sunglasses – free from Koko’s birthday party pack


We saw lots of fish and underwater animals!  Daddy says these are jelly fish but I don’t see any jelly or fish.  They look like mushrooms to me.


What is that!? Some new species of starfish maybe?


Oh it’s just a diver dressed as a Christmas elf. *confused*


We saw some real starfish after that!  And the uncle asked us to touch it too.  But Koko freaked out, struggled out of Daddy’s arms and ran away. LOL oh Koko you so silly.

Look! Here I’ll show you  — I’m going to touch it —-


OH EW WHAT IN SAINTS UNDERPANTS IS THAT!? *scrambles to get down and escape*

*freaks out* Mommyyyy why did you make me touch that T_________T


And that is why I refused to face front in this otherwise okay family photo.

That’s my review of Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.  Hope you enjoyed it and can make an informed decision to bring your kids (but don’t let them touch gross things/get water poured on their heads/get splashed by sneaky dolphins).  Otherwise we’re good.

Signing off!

Love, Penny.




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The day I was an asshole to our driver

Okay must put disclaimer first later people think I humble brag wtf.  So we’re very lucky to have a driver who’s a nice man at that.

But nice man or not, I still had to be an asshole to him wtf.

So when school first started for the year, and when I was still a bit unfamiliar with Fighter’s school’s complicated pick up and drop off system, our driver (whom we shall call N) would take me and the kids to their respective schools. Our route would be: drop Fighter off at school, then go home to get Penny and take her to school.  Then we’d go pick Fighter up from his school, and then drive over to Penny’s to get her.

So there’s always this long ass line to pick up from Fighter’s school.  Everyone is super kiasu cos we have to go in one by one, so most parents and transporters arrive before the gates open and just line up their cars outside.

One day, I suddenly felt the pressing urge to go to the toilet wtf.  I swear I have undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome la cos I forever get stomach aches that cannot wait one wtf.  So after cold sweating it out a couple of minutes in the car, I told N, uh hey why don’t you wait here in line and I’ll walk into school grounds and pick Fighter up personally cos I really need to use the bathroom.

N said he really needed to go to the bathroom too WTF.  But I was like sorry bro I go first ok wtf.  Cos what to do he doesn’t have the authorization to walk in to pick Fighter anyway. :X And somebody needs to jaga the car isn’t it. :X

So off I careened through the school gates.

Once inside and having picked Fighter up, my stomach churning subsided.  While I was contemplating if I should risk it or just go to the bathroom, Fighter suddenly piped up that he absolutely had to pee too. Oh god.

I asked a teacher where the nearest bathroom was, and she told me that while the boys’ was nearby, the girls’ bathroom was all the way across the school compound.  Made the executive decision to not poop after all and hustled Fighter to the boys’ bathroom, which was the high school one (his kindergarten is connected to a high school).

I’ve forgotten how bad school toilets can smell.  It stank so bad my eyes nearly started watering.

Fighter, completely forgetting his need to pee, backed out of the bathroom, yelling, “Why so smelly!? I don’t want to pee anymore!” WTF.

Fine fine fine.  If he can hold it, we can get out of there faster.  And if he can’t, well, that’s what the bucket in my car is for wtf.

Exited the school and found our car and got in.  Strapped Fighter in his car seat and settled down myself.  N suddenly spoke up, “Er Audrey, is there a toilet in school?”

Just at that moment when N asked me that, my stomach started spinning like a carousel again.  It occurred to me that N had sacrificed his chance to go to the toilet earlier for ME to go to the toilet.  And I didn’t go in the end, but now when he wanna go, I wanna go again WTF.

Now this is the part where I am a horrible person.

I was suddenly in intense pain and I thought I might drop a load there and then in the car.  So I lied.  I said, “Uh, the toilet is really far in, cannot go.  Why don’t you drive to Penny’s school and we can go there.”

N, being a very nice man, didn’t say anything and just kept driving.  Meanwhile, my stomach was doing the salsa and I was breaking out in cold sweat in the backseat.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to Penny’s school.

Thank heavens there was a petrol station coming up ahead!  I told N to stop there and to my consternation, N continued driving at his same, steady pace.  Maybe it’s his way of getting back at me hahahaha.

When we got to the petrol station, I hopped out of the car, shouting, “I GO FIRST! TAKE CARE OF JUDE!” because by then my sphincter muscles were doing overtime and I really thought I might collapse on the road in a brown puddle hahahahaha.

Ran-waddled to the toilet behind the station and…. oh sweet release wtf.

When I came out ten minutes later, there was a line forming in front of the toilet door. O_O

Brisk walked back to the car, keenly aware that not only did N have to wait for me to go, he also has to wait behind this bunch of people FHL max.

And before I reached the car, N was already jumping out and making a run for the toilet hahahahahaahha omg I am going to hell for this.

And that’s the story of the day I was an asshole (pun not intended) to our driver.  I’m not proud of it but I was thinking with my waist down by then wtf.  And poop stories are always funny hahahahah.

Anyway nothing was harmed in this incident wtf.  No accidents happened, not even Fighter who peed in the bucket lolol.  And N didn’t resign so that’s good hahahahaha.

The end wtf.


Here’s a bonus photo of Fighter waiting in school with a friend, for the rest of his classmates to arrive so they can walk to class together. <3


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My 2017 in review

To be honest, my 2017 wasn’t great.  In fact, it’s probably the only year ever that I felt actively unhappy about things that were going on in my life. I did have a lot of great moments and good times of course, it wasn’t like I spent it in Azkaban wtf.  But something was missing.

I actually feel like a different person this year, and I don’t feel like I even know myself all too well anymore.  So it’s hard for me to try to write down what I feel, but what hasn’t changed is my inclination to record down personal parts of my life so here. Imma try.

This year, what changed?

I gained new friends, reconnected with old ones.

I always knew I was extroverted but this year confirmed it lol.  I got a lot of happiness from making new friends and hanging out with new groups of people.  I reconnected with old friends, some from college days, and remembered what being young felt like wtf.  A friend whom I had cut out of my life for the better part of a year didn’t give up; she kept trying until I saw what it’s been like in her shoes, and realized I wasn’t such a great friend myself.

I love my mom friends but this year I realized that I also needed to move out of my comfort zone and connect with people who are different – who would challenge me emotionally, intellectually, and humorously wtf.  Talking to more different people also caused me to start studying my life and what I wanted out of it.

I started work on Colony

Colony will always be Fatty’s pet but I’ve enjoyed working on it.  Not going to lie, work put an immense strain on our marriage.  Fatty is a very different person at work and as it turns out, so am I wtf.  He started off very abrupt when talking to me about work, and in turn, I got super defensive about everything.  I also had a lot of trouble juggling motherhood and the household, my blog, and work, even though I was on flexible working hours.  My brain is already like a sieve on normal days but now I forgot everything wtf F everyone around me’s life.  I got wonder if I had inflexible working hours, would I be better at managing since there was more structure?  I will never know.  I’m still struggling now – I write to do lists but sometimes I even forget to add items to the to do list wtf shit me. T3T

But I enjoyed creating the physical space of Colony.  Conceptualizing and working with the team to see it come to life – Colony is beautiful and we made it happen! 🙂  It made me feel like I could do something else besides just writing blogs or handling social media wtf.

I applied for a project that I felt passionate about and got rejected

Yea this was like exactly one year ago.  I submitted an application for something that I felt strongly about and got rejected.  I appealed and that got rejected too wtf.  It sort of set me adrift for a while – I had my heart set on it and I felt lost and unsure what to do next.  That’s why Fatty got me onboard to help out with Colony actually – to give me something to work on.

I actually started posting less on social media

Especially Dayre.  I used to post on Dayre every single day without fail but sometime this year I stopped.  I’d go weeks without updating and only within the last month or so have I been trying to post more regularly.  Being away from Dayre actually made me feel like less people were reading and I could be more honest with what I wrote.  So I try to write more to more or less document the humdrum stuff that happens every day that will matter to me ten years down the road.

But the reason why I took this half hearted break from social media is that I felt half hearted.  The truth is, this year I didn’t feel I had aim or meaning in my life.  Even the kids – I think I’m still a devoted mother but most of the time it was like I was on auto pilot mom mode.

So I posted less.  It wasn’t even that I was in introspective mode or whatever, I just didn’t feel like I had anything worthwhile to share.

What I’ve realized this year….

That I stopped learning

Sure, I learned a lot about building and renovation.  I learned some about interior design and how some old man contractors can be so sexist wtf.  I learned how tough it is to work with a spouse wtf.  But I have stopped challenging myself.  I stick to the easy routes and my comfort zone because it is just so easy.  This year I realized I stopped pushing myself and so I stopped growing.  And it is because….

that I’m sooo complacent

You see, my life is pretty damn easy.  Some might call it tai tai life wtf and it wouldn’t be that far off the mark, despite me being very defensive about the term wtf.  I don’t work to earn a living; I work but very very flexibly, and the compensation I receive is more than the time I put in to be honest wtf.  I don’t need to do housework.  My full time job is purely the kids actually, and that takes up most of my non sleeping hours.

My inertia to even get started on anything is so big because I just have it so easy.  There’s no reason or drive to push me to do something more.  Coupled with the fact that being a mom is a full time job, it’s so easy to say I don’t have the time and I would be justified.

I am just lazy and complacent wtf.  I realize that.

that relationships are a work in progress

Relationships are tough.  To be very honest, I think I’m good at connecting with people, and clicking with them and making good friends.  But I’m also lazy wtf.  Most of the time I coast along because I’m good with people, and the people I love also love me back wtf.

But relationships are hard and they need work.  What you have today could very well morph into something else tomorrow and it’s up to you to put in the work needed to maintain it.  I’ve also realized that I don’t know very much about human relationships after all.

But mainly I realized…

In 2017 I felt unhappy.  Early in the year I broke down because I was so tired.  I recovered but that was the catalyst for a lot of internal change.

This year I don’t know what came over me, but it was as if I just suddenly woke up, took a look at my life and asked if this is where I want to be.

All my life, I now recognize that I drifted.  I drifted into science stream in school cos it was supposedly more prestigious.  I drifted into the advertising industry because Fat Her thought I would like it and he recommended me to my first internship.  I knew I wanted to marry Fatty eventually but I also drifted into it because he proposed at that point.  I hadn’t thought if I wanted it then.  And I drifted into having kids because it was the thing to do.

Now the critters are older – they’re both in school! – and Fatty has a new venture he’ll probably be working on for the long term, I suddenly look around and think, what about me?  I ask myself that every day and I still don’t know.

Maybe 2018 should be the year I figure that out.



Fighter’s first day of Kindergarten and Penny’s first day of Nursery

Remember months ago when I went to register Fighter for kindergarten at the ungodly hour of 2 am?

Well the day is finally here.  School officially starts January 2 so today was his Orientation Day.  The school told us to come with the kids dressed in their school uniforms, and their lunch kit.


This is their tea kit! Hahahaha damn cuteeee although I think everything in there is from Daiso wtf.  Upon registration, the teachers presented each child with a cloth bag with a small food container, a fork and spoon, a cup, and a towel inside.  They need to bring this with them everyday so I’m assuming it’s part of the school’s syllabus for Independence lol.

The week before I kept reminding him that we have school on Saturday but Mommy would be going with him, and Chase would be there too. He agreed nonchalantly and seemed perfectly fine.


My handsome boy all dressed up in his new school uniform!  He likes it more than his previous uniform cos the sleeves are shorter wtf. #toddlerlogic

He wasn’t really unhappy here – he was trying to act cool LOL.


Found his classroom, met the teacher and got some materials.  Then we found a place to sit.  See his backpack is bigger than him FHL hahaha.  At this point he started to get slightly antsy, reaching for my hand as though scared I’d suddenly make a run for it. -_-


Chase arrived though so all was good for a while….

Both are four year old boys though and Chase would worriedly keep looking out for his parents.  Fighter on the other hand…. without warning burst into tears. O_O

Between sobs he stuttered, “I want when I’m studying Mommy stay here with me.”  And big ol’ tears kept welling up in his eyes and dropping down his cheeks. T3T

I had to carry him out of the classroom to calm him down.  I don’t even remember what I said cos I was just trying out telling him different things and one of them happened to work wtf.  He calmed down enough to accept that when school starts proper, I wouldn’t be around but I would be waiting to pick him up after school.

After that the teachers asked all parents to step out of class.  I assured Fighter I would stand right outside his classroom and he could see me through the window.  He started crying again but by the time I got to the window outside he had already stopped wtf.


Watching me carefully to make sure I’m paralyzed and stick to the window wtf.


Then orientation started!  Couldn’t really hear what teacher was saying, but she was probably explaining basic rules.  Then they got the boys and girls to line up separately, and ushered them all to the bathroom to wash their hands.


Teacher teaching them how to open their tea kit, remove the utensils, and pack back everything again lol.


Time to greet the teachers bye and go home!


Damn happy when finish school hahahaha.



Tomorrow is the first actual school day though – he will be going in to school and classes will commence proper.


Packed his bag tonight!  Sharpened his pencils, labeled all his stuff and wrote his name and class on his books.  Prepared his tea kit, his pencil case with stationery, even put in some color pencils, and a required handkerchief to go into his pocket haha.

Wish us luck!

Penny’s First Day of Preschool

edit: Adding this on because the day after, Penny started school too!  She’s been going to an independent play program since before she turned two but this year she’s turning three and due to start nursery!


This is my big girl, super proud of herself and taking a selfie dressed up in her school uniform.  She was soooo excited about her school uniform btw.  The day I brought it home, she insisted on putting it on already lol.  And the first day of school was actually PE day which meant the kids should wear their PE outfits.  But this girl wanted to cry when I took out her PE uniform….. so she was the only kid in class wearing this uniform while everyone else in PE clothes lolol.


While waiting for school to start….

Penny is used to being dropped off and fending for herself in school.  But this is after all, a new school, with new teachers and new classmates.  I wasn’t sure how she’d react and I steeled myself for the worst wtf.


She was totally fine.

Here she is, coloring before lessons start.  Totally happy in her new surroundings.

After a few minutes, I crouched to her level and said, “Penny, mommy is going to the market now okay? I’ll come back to pick you up when school finishes.”

She nodded and waved her hand dismissively at me WTF.


Pick up time.  She’s been doing super well la!  The first two days, teachers told me she cried during the second half, after snack and playground time wtf.  Maybe she cried cos all the fun parts are over wtf.

No la I think she cried cos she was tired already.  Her two year old school was only two hours long and she has to adjust to longer school hours.


She also really likes her laoshi so I think that’s a huge plus!  Her laoshi only speaks Mandarin to the kids and Penny doesn’t understand a word of Chinese wtf.  Once we were playing hide and seek at home and Fighter was in a Mandarin speaking mood wtf.  I was hiding and I could hear him call out, “Wo mama zai na li?”.  And apparently Penny ran along side him and asked, “Koko. What you saying?” Hahahahah.

But when laoshi spoke to her in Chinese, Penny was nodding along as if she understood everything LOL.



So that’s both kids’ first days!  So proud of them that they’re so big and independent now.  From the second day onwards, Fighter now walks in to school on his own after I drop him off at the school gate.   Penny waves bye to me calmly every day and goes about whatever business almost three year olds get up to in school wtf.

On the other hand, I have no helpless babies anymore. BRB crying in the corner.


Juggling a toddler and then another one

Hello! I wanted to blog about this so I can read back years later and rub it in to my kids’ faces how challenging it was raising them wtf


So when I first found out I was pregnant with this one, I cried wtf.  I wasn’t ready and Fighter hadn’t even turned a year old then!  I didn’t know how to cope – Fighter was essentially still a baby (and he was nowhere near walking or talking yet ahem late bloomer) and I didn’t know how I was going to handle another baby on top. T3T

These two are 19 months apart and today they are best friends (and look like twins wtf).  They do everything together; in fact, Penny wants to do whatever Fighter does.


While Fighter more or less spoils Penny like the baby sister she is. They get into regular fights and rival in the way only siblings can, but many times I’ve also seen him talk to her gently, instruct her (albeit bossily wtf), and give in to her (not every time, but pretty often).  He’s even told me that his favorite person in the world is Baby.

Penny loves her Koko too, but the main highlight of her life is Mommy wtf.  Since birth, Penny has been super duper oompa loompa attached to me.  When people asked, I just attributed it to her being a colicky and horribly difficult baby and I was the only one who could stand her screaming and took care of her those dark days wtf haha.  But there it is.  When I’m around she doesn’t want anyone else, when I’m out she goes from room to room calling for me.  We thought it was a phase but it’s been going on for 2.5 years already wtf.

Penny is also extremely posessive wtf.

When she sees Fighter going to me, she hurriedly throws down whatever she’s doing and hurls herself at me, sometimes even shoving Koko to the side WTF.  She’s always negotiating to be carried, so Fighter either settles for holding my hand, but more often lately, he seeks out Fatty or our helper, Gaston*

*not her real name wtf

She insists I do everything for her – feeding, bathing, washing up – then dilly dallies so long when I do it that Gaston ends up doing the same chore for Koko.

It’s actually been happening quite consistently for the past six months or so, but I assumed it didn’t bother him that much because Fighter has always been so generous and uncomplaining with his sister.  I even stupidly thought, wah my son is so mature, only four years old and knows how to give in to his younger sister.

But lately, I opened my eyes a bit more.  I saw Fighter start toward me, then immediately turn and run to Fatty.  When he wanted me for something, but Penny spoke up (usually loudly), he’d just quietly relent and go off.  More strikingly, when he needed help, he started to not look for me and just ask someone else or not do it at all.

This forced independence hit me right in the stomach.

I realized that I’ve been neglecting Fighter’s emotional needs in favor of Penny’s. T_____T Just because I thought he was older and therefore more mature, I unfairly assumed he would be able to handle it.  But he’s only four. T_____T

So that night, when I was putting him to bed, I cuddled him and told him,

“Jude, I’m sorry that Mommy is always so busy with Penny.  I thought you’re a big boy already, but I miss doing things with you.  Even though Mommy has to take care of Penny sometimes, I want to tell you you’re a good boy and I love you very much.”

“How much?”

“I love you one million much.”

He said, “I love you twenty seven billion much!” And then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

So I’m trying to make up for it in small ways.  When I put him to bed, instead of rushing him to sleep and telling him ‘no more talking!’ wtf, we chat about his day and his thoughts before he finally goes to sleep.

Last night, Fatty and I left Penny in bed at home and took Fighter out with us to a wedding dinner and just spent time with him, which was nice.

And this morning, when Fighter woke up (early as usual), instead of bringing him downstairs, I was too sleepy so I asked him to climb into bed with me instead.  For an hour, when I opened my eyes to peek on him I found him just looking at me, and smiling when he caught my eye.  I hugged him to sleep and he hugged me back and would have stayed there if I didn’t get us both up for breakfast.  (Penny was already downstairs with her grandparents.)


This is to remind me that while tending to one child, I cannot forget about the emotional needs of another, no matter how loving and obedient (and low maintenance wtf) he is.  To my baby boy, thank you for teaching me wisdom in parenting.


AudTourist Audvertorial

The best way to do Christmas (without bringing your kids to the North Pole)

The answer is Resorts World Singapore (RWS). Hahaha.

This past year we’ve been pretty busy with work (hi Colony looking at you) and also saving money hahaha so we’ve foregone fancy long haul holidays and spent more time exploring our own region.  We went to Bali, Legoland, and Singapore several times.  We’d always wanted to make a trip to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and recently Resorts World Sentosa Singapore contacted me for a Christmas trip to RWS!

We not going to snowy countries for the year end holidays never mind!  We have USS and RWS which turned out to be super fun!

Here’s us at the entrance of USS (right after the giant globe).  Penny wasn’t too keen on taking the photo as you can see.


Stepped into USS itself and behold! Christmas decor galore!  Love how festive everything looks!  Cos we put up Christmas decorations for Colony and it’s really nice but also maxed out our budget so I keep wondering how much everyone else’s decor cost now HAHAHA. #auntie

Anyway I was gonna write it’s my first time in any Universal Studios during Christmas but it’s not!

I have photographic evidence wtf.  This was in Universal Studios Japan.


And now my kids are the ones posing with Hello Kitty!!! God I feel old.

I was scrolling through my old pictures and I feel like USS is even more Christmassy than Japan where it’s actually cold in December.  They have tons of Christmas related activities and attractions happening.


Like this Santa’s workshop!  Basically it’s a walkthrough attraction where we learn how to be elves to help Santa for Christmas hahaha.

Because guests enter in batches it can seem like a slightly long wait.  But USS funned it up by sprinkling fake snow on us while we waited hahaha.  The kids were highly entertained…. until they realized the snow keeps coming.


Entered and you get this! Omg am I giving away too much wtf.


Sit Santa’s sleigh first.  Kids very obliging ah!


One with the elves!  Fighter damn sien already itching to start hahaha.


And one more with Dada who came along for the ride! (literally lol).


So basically the whole thing is a series of challenges that the elves give us and we have to complete each challenge…


Here’s a robot building challenge.  I dunno why Penny like this hahahaha.


Before we can meet Santa in the end!  You see this samseng Penny’s face lolol.


Milk break after getting their elves certificate hahaha.  We stopped outside Mel’s Diner and listened to this jukebox quartet perform Christmas songs.   FEELS.


Sorry had to do this.  Main Street is my favorite part of Universal Studios!  My tastes in music and fashion date back 30 years before I was born I swear hahaha and Main Street is so retro and nostalgia evoking!


Because look who we bumped into on Main Street!

Before we went to USS I told Fighter and Penny that we were going to meet the Minions (one of their favorite characters) and Fighter was soooo excited about it.  But look what happened when we actually saw the Minions HAHAHAHAH.

Don’t blame me leh I tried to wake him up but he promptly fell asleep again.


Angry cos he missed his heroes hahahaha.  But it’s ok cos we managed to catch a Christmas show on Main Street too!



I think he couldn’t fathom how come these characters dressed like this hahahaha.


Penny was pretty in awe though.


I think this was Penny’s favorite part of USS.  When the illumination lit up the entire street and there was a Christmas fairy (who was really an acrobat) gliding and twirling in the air above us.  And then all the angels lit up!

Her eyes were wide and she was just staring up in amazement.  And then later on when we were heading back to the hotel, she kept asking me where the fairies were hahahaha.


Right before we exited though, we bumped into another Christmas parade!  Wanted to stay longer and watch but by then both critters were whining and rubbing their eyes already.

So bye bye Universal Studios Singapore!

But wait there’s more.


We also managed to make a trip to the SEA Aquarium where the Merry Fishmas program was going on!  The kids got a piece of paper with stamp boxes and as we made our way through the aquarium, we had to find the sea creatures that was in the paper and stamp to receive a prize at the end.

Here’s Sepet Baby and her SEA Aquarium hat haha.


Christmas elf cleaning the tank LOLOL.  For the first time ever, Penny ran up to him and asked me to take photo for her.  I think she was as impressed as I was by the dedication of the diver, wearing an elf suit above his diving suit hahaahha.

Very glad we took the kids there in time for Christmas!  I’d heard that Universal Studios is less suitable for toddlers their age cos the rides tend to be a little older and there’s minimum height requirements (92 cm for most rides FYI) but it didn’t feel like a problem to us.  Bringing little kids around can be pretty slow at times so we didn’t set a fast pace anyway.  The few rides that they could go on was enough, and we filled the rest of the time just looking at things and meeting the characters and watching shows.

Plus the fact that it was Christmas, there was quite a lot extra going on so our whole day was packed yo!

Go check out USS if you have time!  And watch out for my Instagram cos Imma be giving away passes to USS!!!

This post was written in collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.


It’s the school holidays. What are you doing with your life?

Fighter is super happy about it being school holidays (except that he misses his friends) but I can slowly feel life ebbing away from me wtf.  Hahahahaha no la but I suddenly find myself with a lot less time on my hands.  My carefully balanced juggling of work, school runs and errands totally flipped on its side already hahaha.

I still try to allow the kids mostly free play time, but I’ve also been trying to plan for some structured activities so they pick up new skills too.


Like doing activity sheets…. (aiya don’t say tiger mom la ok he hasn’t touched it since that first day lolol.)


Making trips to exhibitions and art installations…

And I also registered them for toddler gym classes for something physical to do.


And another thing we can do together is learn how to cook!  Inspired by this story I heard of recently of a five year old Japanese girl called Hana, whose mom before dying of cancer taught her how to cook at four, and now she cooks for her dad T____T, I thought ok let me teach (or at least expose) my kids cooking in case I die WTF touch wood.

I’ve baked with them a couple of times but this is the first time we’re doing cooking so I was slightly nervous.  Dah lah my cooking also subpar one hahaha and I’m as likely as the kids to cut my own finger off.  :X

So pasta it is!  I chose spaghetti bolognese because easy la hahaaha.

Started off with boiling Prego Angel Hair pasta in a pot of water and a dash of olive oil.


Then the usual steps – fry minced garlic on medium heat; add onions, then minced meat.


Then add my Prego Mushroom Tomato sauce.  And add salt and sugar to taste.  The kids took turns stirring the sauce around hahaahah.


When the sauce was done, I smothered the angel hair pasta in lots of butter, then added the still warm sauce and got the kids to toss the pasta.

(Totally regretted wearing white that day)


Plating pass boh!?  I think not bad wor! And no blood shed over this hahaha kiddingggg.

Because it’s December, I got all extra and told the kids we’re making pasta Christmas trees hahaahha.  Cut up slices of carrots to decorate the tops of the “trees”.  The plating and food art were the hardest for me please haha.  If you close one eye and squint with the other, the carrot stars don’t look so bad shaped right hahahaha.


Sadly, they still wouldn’t eat their carrots. T3T

But I think it’s a really simple yet festive dish for the year end.  Unless you’re on a low carb diet, I don’t know anyone who would turn down a nice plate of pasta haha and kids definitely love it.  I think there’s loads of ways to decorate and serve up pasta dishes which would suit any celebration and make it all the better. 🙂

In the spirit of the year end celebrations, Prego Malaysia is running an online contest on their Facebook page HERE.

Step 1: Snap a shot of your cooked pasta meal using the app available on the Prego FB page

Step 2: Frame the photo using special Prego frames and upload.


Like this.

Step 3: Create a slogan OR a 4-line quatrain which consists of the words “Simple”, “Special”, “Delicious” and “Prego”.

Step 4: Submit with details and receipt number of your purchase.

Prizes worth up to RM80,000 to be won. ^^ To join, go here.

This post was written in collaboration with Prego Malaysia.