Fighter facts

I’ve decided to do a weekly segment called BabyBloomer (yaya real creative) to update on what Fighter has been up to lately and what he’s achieved.

(not that anybody really cares la wtf cos it’s only interesting if it’s your own baby from your own uterus but more for my own remembrance’s sake)

Fighter is now 13 1/2 months!  11 1/2 months adjusted.

Attended B’s birthday party



This baby more happening than me.  I haven’t attended anybody’s birthday in my own capacity for like…. this whole year. >.>

Here’s Fighter and B (exhausted from all that partying) dressed in matching colors!  Serendipity or what?

Actually LC told me the theme is garden floral so I gung ho dig out my only floral dress and wear.  Nobody else wore!!! So I basically looked like the most hiao mother thanks guys hahaha.

Anyway Fighter obviously has no floral clothes so I made do with a pale yellow shirt with a bee embroidered on it.  And turned out LC and B also wearing pale yellow!  Theme colors were yellow, peach and white which I didn’t know about.

Anyway Fighter’s OOTD:-

Shirt from Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Jeans from Baby Gap
Shoes also Baby Gap

Two teeth!


Fighter recently (finally!) grew a tooth.  Then like 1-2 weeks later the other bottom incisor surfaced.  Now they’re both half grown and about equal size.

First McNugget


This is not a McDonald’s ad wtf.  But I was eating some nuggets in the car for lunch and he rudely grabbed a nugget and started chomping (with one tooth).  Did pretty well too and demolished the nugget!

But… there you go, fast food virginity taken hahaha.  I’m not super anal about everything being organic and sterilized for my child cos I believe they should be exposed to just normal stuff to build their immunities.  Plus everything in moderation ma not like I always feed him fast food.  He ownself grab one hahaha.

Taking the stairs like a boss


Just two days ago, Fighter was crawling around on the floor when he arrived at the foot of our stairs.  Then suddenly like Sir Edmund Hillary, he started scaling Mount Everest.

I was so worried he’d topple over backwards but he didn’t!  He just kept putting his hands out, then knee by knee forward. *beaming pride

It’s his new hobby now.  Put him on the floor and he’ll clamber over to the stairs right away.  Never mind if he’s panting by the time he reaches the landing hahaha.

Knows what to do with his drum set (sort of)


Hui Wen got him this drum set for his birthday and the most he did before was gingerly touch the base or something.

But recently he’s learned to pick up the drum sticks!  And beat the drum, although not with the drumstick wtf.

Picked up his first chick

DSC_0605Actually technically his first chick could be LC’s grandma WTF.

At B’s party, Fighter kept making eyes at LC’s grandma sitting at the next table so of course grandma swooned.  Apparently she’s still talking about him now LOLOL.

Then today he upped his game.

We took him to his first day of baby class and he instantly clambered over to this little girl sitting near him.  (face blocked for privacy)

And then he put his hand on her leg…

Little girl was unfazed.  She waved hello at Fighter who stared blankly back.  Then she put her hand on his hand!

Is this… could I be witnessing Fighter’s first romance?

And then… the little girl leaned forward and tried to kiss Fighter.

I burst out laughing at this.  Too cute!!! But the both of them got surprised and stopped what they were doing hahahaha.

So I guess you could also say this was…

Fighter’s first cock block

Sorry darling.  Mommy will be more discreet next time.


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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?


Took Fighter to get his MMR jab today!

Okay so this is a topic I’ve been fairly obsessed about (until some of my mom friends got a bit scared wtf).  And that topic is vaccines.

It all started some time ago when somebody left an online comment warning me about vaccinations and autism.

Backtrack a bit.  When Fighter was born I was so afraid something would be wrong with him, being born premature and all that.  Then when we did the tests one by one and everything proved fine, I still wasn’t convinced wtf.  I kept thinking we went through so much, what if we’re not that lucky and something shows up later on?

That something that I fixated on was autism cos autism is not immediately detectable at birth ma, not like Down Syndrome.  Plus before he was born I happened to read books about autism wtf.  I googled extensively about autism and for the past year I watched Fighter closely for symptoms or signs that he wasn’t progressing socially/mentally etc.

Thankfully he seems okay and is developing very well socially.  But cos I read so much about autism already it remained a vague fear in me.

So when people started ‘warning’ me about the link between autism and vaccines I obviously got worried and restarted my Google campaign to find out as much as I could about vaccines.

What I read pretty much put my mind at ease about getting Fighter vaccinated.

1. Andrew Wakefield (the guy whose research sparked off this vaccine autism scare)’s scientific paper has been retracted. His research has been found lacking in a bunch of ways and his medical license has been revoked.

2. Since then further studies have been run but none that have conclusive evidence that can link autism and vaccines.

3. Why people think autism is linked to vaccination is cos regressive autism happens around the same time kids get certain vaccine jabs… Hence they conclude that hey it must be the vaccines! But from what I’ve read, these evidence so far has only been anecdotal, not scientific so unless someone could point me to a study that hasn’t been discredited?

4. Some people thought the ingredient thimerosal in vaccines was to blame in causing the rise of autism. But thimerosal was phased out of vaccines, and the autism rate continues to rise. Source

5. Apparently the number of diagnosed autistic kids have increased recent years so anti vaccine advocates say it’s cos of the vaccines. But vaccines have been implemented for decades why now only increase??

It’s also possible that the increase can be attributed to growing awareness and better diagnostic skills. Plus in the past doctors didn’t considered high functioning high IQ kids to be autistic but now they do so that opens up a whole…range of factors to be considered.

If this was really due to vaccines, wouldn’t it have happened much earlier?

6. For every study I’ve read, there’s a well written article (if not a direct discreditation) refuting its findings. For example, take this study which supposedly found a link between aluminium (in vaccines) and autism rates. Frankly it scared me but then I did another search on it and unearthed this article which refutes quite reasonably that study was cherrypicking data and hence skewing its results.  Also that study was funded by an anti vaccination group. :X

Autism fears aside, these are some other fears that I see anti vaxxer parents cite often:

Too many vaccines, baby’s immune system cannot take it – On the contrary, a baby breathes in a few hundred thousand germs a minute so the 20 or 30 antigens received at each vaccination isn’t going to overwhelm the baby’s immune system.

Vaccination is not immunization – I don’t really understand this argument. It may not be immunization because sometimes a kid’s body might not develop the antibodies but isn’t vaccination a right step in the direction anyway?

Better to contract the disease than get the vaccine – Some people believe it’s better to contract the disease, recover and then develop natural resistance to it. Yea but is polio or whooping cough something you really want to contract? What if you don’t recover? *touch wood* And do you really want to put your kid and family through this suffering, spend unnecessary money and heartache to avoid something that has been proven to save lives?

Vaccines can cause severe reactions in children – Never say never and I have read there have been cases of children developing severe allergies or reactions to vaccines. However these are extremely rare, and considering the benefits of vaccines I’d say they far outweigh the risks.

Which is why I have chosen to continue vaccinating Fighter.

I’m not here to change anybody’s mind because god knows I get annoyed enough when anti vaxxers come to me and try to make me worry and convince me otherwise. But it annoys me because all the reasons they give so far to me have defied logic and evidence. The studies cited are also frequently junk science, poorly conducted research and experiments or financed by anti vaccination parties.

Illogicality is what annoys me the most about this actually. But I’m open to new information, as long as it’s scientific. Any parents here with thoughts on this?

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Return of Kempen Sopan Santun

More than a year ago I blogged this.

I haven’t really mentioned it since but I am keeping to my word!  In my quest to make Malaysia a more polite place, I’ve been speaking out whenever I see somebody behave rudely or inconsiderately in public, usually cutting queues.

But something happened yesterday which really boiled my blood.

Incident #1

I was at KLIA 2 to board our flight to Kuching for Kenny Sia’s wedding.  Popped into the restroom to pee while Fatty lined up to drop our suitcase off.

There were two other people in the line ahead of me – a white lady and a Malay lady with her daughter (about six years old?).

Now obviously the right way to line up for the toilets is that everyone forms one line, and as each toilet stall frees up, the next person in line goes.  So that’s how it was.

I was scrolling through my phone when suddenly I noticed two women in airline ground staff uniforms stroll in, and just enter the stalls when the occupants exited.

I was a little confused so I asked the Malay lady in front of me, did they cut the line?? She looked a little upset and nodded yes.

So I wasn’t in the best of moods when another woman, this time in a Malindo Air uniform strode in to the restroom, walked to the front of the line and  started pushing on toilet doors.

She pushed on a door with a cleaning sign in front and it opened. So I said, excuse me, the line is back here.

She looked back at me and said: “I need to go first first, need to go back to work quickly.”

And the conversation went like this.

Me: “We also need to go check in quickly what! How can you cut line like this!”

Malindo (feigning innocence, also changing the topic): But why this stall empty you all not using?

Me: “Cos there’s a no entry sign in front.  How are we to know it’s free?”

Malindo: “I’m just checking the stalls see which is free.”

Me (feeling annoyed cos she’s clearly just making up excuses): “If that’s the case, let this auntie go first la. She’s been waiting here so long and she has a little girl with her.”

Malindo: “If she wants to go, she go la! I never say she cannot!” (but still unmoving away from the toilet stall)

Me: “Auntie, you go first!  Take that stall.”

Auntie at this point is scared like anything. Another toilet stall opened and she hurriedly dove in with her kid.

Malindo (triumphant): “See! Got another toilet for her what.”  (makes as though she’s going to enter her stall)

Me: “Okay then this toilet should be for me then since you cut line.”

Malindo: “Take la! Take la!”

 Luckily for her another stall opened up next to her so I stomped there and said she could take her toilet la then. Forgot about the poor folks lining behind me. Should have told her to let the one behind me take that toilet since she cut her too.

After I finished in the toilet, I came out and she was standing at the sink, staring daggers at me in the mirror.

Wtf? Wrong already still cock stare me? Glared back at her while washing my hands wtf.

You know what happened then?  She continued giving me angry creepy looks, doing it very obviously, like she’d sweep her eyes away in contempt then fix them back on me in the mirror while simultaneously glaring.  She kept doing it so I finally lost my temper and said:

 “Kurang ajar.”

 The literal meaning is no manners or not enough education. But in Malay I think it’s a pretty harsh thing to say, isn’t it?  But I was so angry my Malay was stuck and I felt like the most accurate thing to say.

Cos she really no manners la! What shitty example is she setting especially for the little girl? Will she grow up thinking it’s okay to cut queues?

Plus she’s a Malindo ground staff, in an international airport. What impression of Malaysia is she giving tourists? Fuck her la.

 Anyway she predictably got offended I called her kurang ajar cos she can’t take the truth and started berating me.

Malindo: “So what if I’m kurang ajar! What’s your problem with that?”

Seriously? Can you believe the intelligence? She should have been a lawyer. Her reasoning skills are clearly amazing.

Me: “My problem is that you’re kurang ajar la and cut line la!! What kind of question is that? What kind of example are you setting? No wonder Malaysians are known for being rude, cos of people like you!”

 Malindo: “Whatever!” (complete with hand signal, walking away)

Wow her linguistics skills. They really blow me away.

But at that point I also raging already. Die also cannot let her have the last word so I said “With your attitude I hope you get fired!!!” then I stomped away.

Ok la low blow but really damn angry. So mad I nearly followed her back to her counter so I can complain to her boss. I really think I should have.  After all, she’s representing Malindo in her uniform so shouldn’t her employer know of her disgraceful behavior towards passengers?

That was Incident 1.

Incident #2

We really mad suay.  Today at the Kuching airport, we were again lining up, this time to board the plane.

There was a chain barrier strung along the line so people could line up within it.  Fatty and I were at the end of the barrier and out of nowhere, this man of African descent came and stood next to Fatty, and discreetly tried to push his roll on suitcase into the line to secure a spot in front of us.


Fatty was on the phone taking a work call, and I knew exactly what this guy was trying to do.  Fatty looked distracted and I was worried the guy would successfully cut our line wtf.  The auntie in me cannot let this go so I considered asking Fatty to switch places with me so I could stand there and tell him off/stretch my arm out and hold the barrier so he cannot pass wtf.

But I should have known.  This is why we are married.

Fatty suddenly said to the person on the other line, “Hold on.  I need to scold someone.”

Then he turned to the fella and said, “Excuse me. The line is back there. You are cutting the line.”

Line cutter: “Oh but she already accepted my ticket” (referring to the Air Asia staff, who had come down the line to check our boarding passes)

Fatty: “I don’t care if she took your ticket or if she gave you keys to the plane. There is a line and you’re cutting it. So don’t be rude and get to the back of it.”

At this point Fatty complained to the Air Asia staff about him cutting the line and she told him softly to get behind.

When the line cutter ignored, she did nothing. And that pissed us off even more.

Fatty told him once again to get behind and the guy said: “I’m not cutting line. I’m with this guy”. (points to an old uncle right in front of us)

Fatty: “OH REALLY ?” *taps uncle’s shoulder* “excuse me uncle. Is this man with you?”

The uncle looked as nervous as the lady in the toilet with the little girl and shook his head no.

Fatty turned back to the black guy and stared at him.

Finally he said, “Ok fine. I won’t cut. I’ll just stand here until everyone goes in.”

Liar.  He didn’t cut us, but he cut the second guy behind us.  I saw him walking in two people after us.  I don’t even understand why you would cut line for a plane.  You have an assigned seat and the plane isn’t going to take off without you.  What’s the point!?


The line cutter

Two more things.

One, these line cutters are not only rude and selfish, they refuse to back down even after being told off.  Why?  Because they’ll lose face and they don’t want to admit wrong?  They’re also liars.  The black guy wasn’t with the uncle, and he lied blatantly.  Malindo woman wasn’t “just checking the toilets”, she intended to cut everyone in the line.


The auntie in the bathroom was terrified, maybe because she had her child with her.  But if my child was with me, I’d make sure she knows that cutting line is WRONG.  I wouldn’t just stand by and be taken advantage of like that.  What example am I setting to my child then?  That it’s ok to be bullied?

And the people in the line behind me.  Nobody spoke up to help, even when I’m clearly speaking up for everybody in line.

Likewise with the African man.  Nobody else said anything, they all just either stared blatantly or looked at their shoes.

And the Air Asia ground staff?  Thanks for nothing.  You of all people had the power to maintain queue hygiene.  You could have asked him to go to the back of the line and he would have to comply.  Instead you scurried off, relieved he’s not cutting your line.

Well, fine.  Someday somebody will cut your line too.   And it will be sooner rather than later, looking at the state of Malaysian courtesy.

This is what I’m the angriest about.  Why is nobody else speaking up?  Shame on them for letting such behavior go. You are in the right, why would you be afraid?  Afraid of what?  The fella punch you, you can file police report what wtf.

How can you live like this?  With not even rights to your place in line because nobody respects social rules anymore?  Since when did Malaysia turn into a barbaric state?

Please.  If you see behavior that deserves correcting, speak up.  It’s not that difficult.  Nobody is going to punch you.  You are in the right, and they are in the wrong therefore trust me, it’s much easier for you to talk than it is for them.

You may think it’s none of your business and you shouldn’t get involved.  Wrong!  It is entirely your business because everybody has at some point or other gotten their lines cut by selfish people who think their time is more valuable than yours.

And your kids.  What are your kids going to learn?  What are the tourists going to learn about Malaysians?  That we are all disgustingly rude and selfish?  Is that what you want?  Or do you want every time you line up to be a stressful and upsetting affair because people don’t know how to line up?

So please.  Say something.  Shame them into being courteous.  If you fail to do anything, you’re only perpetuating this bad behavior.

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Of high tech beauty



Me! My first time at a Panasonic Beauty event!  And I got it right first time by wearing pink *smug

Geometric top from American Apparel, shorts from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.


Take two, with Bobo and lipstick.

Bobo angry at me cos of the sign I was holding HAHAHA.


More and more people join us. With Povy!


Then Nana, tallest person in the world.


Panasonic has a huuuuge range of beauty products.  From hair care tools to skin to face to even nails. D:CIMG2883

The set up of the Panasonic Beauty Cafe.  Because there’s so many different sub ranges, there was a station set up for each sub range, and we were all given a ‘passport’ – when we explore each station we get a ‘stamp’ on the passport.

The first station I went to was Body Care!


Featured product was a Panasonic epilator.


Panasonic girl explaining with great gusto hahaha.


To use, must wet it and pour some body wash on to create a lather, so the epilator will run smoothly over your skin.


You can also change the top of the epilator and turn it into a foot file for dead skin too!

Next up was Face Care.


The device featured was the Facial Ionic Steamer.  In layman terms… it’s a mini home spa! The steam and ions released not only moisturizes skin but also helps to lift dirt and oil off your skin.

To show me how, they swished some waterproof liquid eyeliner over my hand.



Put my hand above the steamer for a few minutes…


Then when she wiped with makeup remover, the makeup vanished!  We redid the experiment without using the steamer, and it took a few swipes of the cotton pad to remove all the eyeliner.


Very tempting to get it!  The only thing is I don’t trust myself to steam my face often enough because I am lazy taking care of a baby takes a lot of time. Hahaha.


Hair care and styling!  The hair range is extensive – ranging from hairdryers to curling tongs and straighteners.


The new Panasonic 2000W hairdryer!  Matches my lip color! :D  Hairdryer is an essential item cos without it, my (thin) hair will dry and stick to my forehead. -_-

Always on the lookout for new better hairdryers and this one is pretty great!  Cute color, foldable handle so it’s compact, yet it’s 2000W so it’s powerful enough to blitz hair dry fast.

Other products! So many omg so fun playing around with them.


Electric toothrush!


Wah this one cool.  Do I look like Cyclops.  It’s an eye massager and vibrates gently so you feel damn shiok hahaha.


THIS ONE!  One of my favorite products – the head massager.  It also vibrates and comes with little rubber tentacles that massage your head WAH DAMN SONG AH.  Maybe I should get one for Fatty.


This one also feels damn comfortable.  It’s a face massager to make fats disappear and face smaller!  It warms up when turned on and you rub it on your jaw/cheeks.


This was the Mobile Beauty station.  Tiny devices that you can bring ‘on the go’ for everything from nails to eyelashes to shavers.


Electric nail file! Also buffs nails. D:


Eyebrow trimmer!


Lemme try! #kiasuauntie

CIMG2894I had a lot of fun learning about all these new products.  May look very bimbo but it wasn’t! Cos we got the chance to learn about all the new products and technology Panasonic has invested in furthering the beauty industry.

Thanks Panasonic for having us!

You can see their Facebook or their website for more info on Panasonic Beauty.


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What’s it like to be married to an entrepreneur?

When Fatty came home after a long day at work, and we’d spent dinner and half the night dissecting his day, he asked me this.

So that actually got me thinking.  A lot of people have a certain impression of entrepreneurship which may or may not be true…

Like this wtf.

Hahahaha. I’m not sure how much of the above picture is accurate la but while there is some accuracy, there are also misconceptions.

So although I only have limited experience (being married to only ONE entrepreneur wtf), I thought it’d be an interesting topic to write about.  Keep in mind that due to my limited experience wtf that this is not “what it’s like being married to all entrepreneurs” but more “what it’s like being married to this entrepreneur”.

1. It’s not all glamness

I remember writing a post about “rich kids” and getting a lot of shit from haters spitting that I’m just sitting around on my flat ass leeching off my husband’s wealth lolol.  And even people who mean well and some friends think that I got the life – being a ‘tai tai’ who doesn’t need to work and wonder why I choose to.

And then on Fatty’s end he gets put on ‘Top 10 Young Malaysian Internet Millionaires’ lists and nonsense like that.  Wah I type all this also feel very geli cos it sounds like bragging. -_-

And the truth is, yes we do live a very comfortable life.  We don’t struggle financially and we can afford whatever we need, plus some extra luxuries like overseas trips… or a Stokke high chair for Fighter wtf.

We also get invites to the happening parties (but turn down most to stay at home and party with Fighter wtf).  Fatty regularly appears in the media and I also sometimes make it too (yay wtf) so wah everyone thinks our lives look so nice and glam and perfect.

But here’s the other side of the coin (no pun intended).

2. Entrepreneurs never stop working

I don’t remember a single holiday we’ve been on… that Fatty didn’t at least once pick up his phone or laptop and do some work.  Whether it’s short trips back to Penang or month long trips to the US, he consistently gets in touch with the office and… just works.

It’s not even that people are asking him to jump in, but he just automatically checks his email and cannot resist getting in to make sure everything is all right at least.  No reason other than… I don’t think he wants to be a workaholic… but his work is his baby (besides Fighter wtf).

As a paid employee I definitely have much less trouble letting go of work while on vacation.

3. A bigger burden on shoulders

Someone working in a company may have to look after his or her team, but when it comes down to it, you really only have yourself to watch out for.  (I don’t mean managing directors or CEOs who are technically responsible for the whole company even if they aren’t business owners.)  You only have to answer to your boss and if you make a mistake, worst case scenario is you get fired.  You’ll be down for a while but eventually you get up and move to a new job.

As an entrepreneur, if you make a serious enough mistake, not only you, but all your employees may well lose their jobs too.  Because of that, they can experience a lot of self doubt.  It’s true that if entrepreneurs make it big, they can make it huge, but failure can be crippling.  Your responsibility is not only toward your boss and company, but to all your employees and their families.  And instead of losing a job, you lose everything you’ve invested and built over the years in one stroke.

And it may not even be your fault!  The world, especially the digital industry changes so fast.  A kickass competitor comes in, or products and businesses become irrelevant overnight… then how?

Fatty definitely feels the burden.  So many sleepless nights turning over work problems in his head.  When he was a few years younger he’d break out in horrible acne whenever he was stressed and at one point he was even prematurely graying. D:

4. Work flexibility

Fatty doesn’t have a fixed daily job scope so he doesn’t have a true 9-5 job.  Based on what he tells me he does different things and fights different fires every day so I’m guessing it’s an interesting (if harried) life.  Based on that, and also cos he’s his own boss, he gets to take off days whenever he wants and goes on long holidays sometimes.  Although this is all negated cos he’ll work on holiday anyway wtf and he also takes calls and emails on most weekends. :X

5. Ethics come into play more than ever

I never thought about ethics as much as I have these past few years, being married to him.  Being his own boss means he gets to make all the rules and decisions.  What’s there to stop him from screwing everyone else over? Nothing but his ethics and integrity.  (Again, not talking about criminal breaches here la cos obviously the law would be the impediment).

We’ve heard of Internet companies (even local ones and in the region) running scams and cheating people (maybe cos the Internet is still a newish ungoverned frontier…?) don’t wanna say names la wtf but like… delaying payments… charging clients but not paying the influencers… concealing or faking info and results….  But I’m very proud of my Fatty for always trying to do the right thing.  Not just about doing the ethical, lawful thing, but even going out of his way to be honorable; to be as fair as he can and to keep to his word even though the other party doesn’t deserve it.

6. Business is personal

In our early dating days, Fatty’s temper used to be much worse. o_O.  He’s actually mellowed down a lot, but in the early days every problem or obstacle to his business was a personal affront to him.  He told me, “business is personal” but I did not see why he had to get so angry at an unscrupulous competitor or a vengeful ex-staff.

But over time as he mellowed I also started to understand his heart ache.  And all these things really do affect him emotionally!

The thing with Fatty is he always goes out of his way to help, if he can.  Even if he doesn’t know the person well.  Which is something that baffled me cos I think I’m a pretty nice person wtf but I don’t always think of extending help.  So when people return kindness with meanness, it hits him hard although I think he’s slowly getting numb to it wtf.

Try as you might to do the right thing, the fair thing, there will always be someone who doesn’t see it and tries to create trouble.  Or someone who tramples over you to get their own way although you’ve given them the best you can.  I know he has sincerely tried to do his best, not just ethically but morally so I get super furious, sometimes angrier than him when someone takes advantage of that or betrays him.

I haven’t seen as much of human nature as I have through his work and it’s disillusioned me a fair bit. :( Why do we try to do the right thing when everyone else isn’t? :( But as long as our consciences are clear that has to be enough.

So I guess this article is an insight into what happens behind the scenes with an entrepreneur (written from a wife’s POV of course).  If you make it, the perks are fabulous, sure.  You not only make money, you build a legacy.  But people rarely see the price that has to be paid sometimes for achievements.  Managing and growing a business can really take a toll on your peace of mind, stress levels and even your principles.

How it affects me personally?

Oooh I forgot about that wtf.  Obviously Fatty bears the brunt of it, not me.  How it affects me is that… I do worry about his health la every day so stressful.

Younger, I used to think that it doesn’t have to be the husband working and the wife managing the household.  Wives also work what, why must she be the one cooking and taking care of the kids? Why husband cannot cook and wash clothes?  Now I still believe in that, but I also believe in the importance of equality in a relationship.  Equality doesn’t necessarily mean both must do whatever the other is doing, but it’s doing your share in a marriage.

I’ve resigned myself that I’ll never make as much money as Fatty wtf (as long as he’s in business and doing well la) and he’s bearing the financial burden of our family.  So since I cannot compete with that, I try to manage everything household related, Fighter related, even playing responsible landlord to our tenant.  At least Fatty has the peace of mind that everything else is taken care of.

So that’s how it’s affected me – it’s changed my mindset.  Is that un-feminist of me? I dunno, maybe.  But I haven’t had to sacrifice my own (blogging) career or ambitions or time with my child, so.. no? What seems more un-feminist to me is being a princess and going along for the free ride.





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Eyes on me


I posted this on Instagram asking to guess what product I’m reviewing today. Guess guess?

Quite obvious la, but someone actually said acupuncture points HAHAHAHAHA.


Somebody actually guessed it exactly right though. :O It’s the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, from the Estee Lauder ANR range.

Comes in two versions – serum and gel.  The one I have here is the serum which I think would be more lightweight than the richer gel.  ^^

I’m 29 this year (*hyperventilates) and a MOM.  Not only do I have to deal with age wtf, there’s also sleepless nights and the usual stresses that come with parenting to contend with.

Cos my eyes are big, I always feel like the flaws in the area around my eyes is extra visible. :(  Eyebags, fine lines, crow’ feet, dark circles, puffiness (thanks Fighter) all also got.


Here’s a close up look at the lines under my eyes.


Skin and fat under my eyes also sagging already, creating double eyebags. :(

Aging is inevitable but it doesn’t mean you need to succumb to it! Which is why it’s imperative to take care of the eye area from young to prevent and minimize premature aging.   The eye area has the thinnest, most sensitive skin on the body so age and whatever problems show up there first. D:


Eye serum comes in handy pump bottle form.


My eyes big but eye area not so big so I usually use a teeny amount of eye product only.

As expected, the formula is light and not sticky.  Cos it is so light it’s actually quite refreshing.


There’s a very faint fragrance to it too but not noticeable if you don’t sniff hard hahaha.


I usually apply eye products by spreading it on my ring fingers, and tapping on my eye area gently.  Ring finger cos this finger is the weakest of all, therefore ensuring no unnecessary force is used on the eye area.

Also, never pull the skin there!  Gently tap can already.  (Same goes for removing makeup; pulling skin will stress it and create more fine lines)


Okay so as expected, the serum is pretty light.  It goes on watery and very quickly absorbs into my skin, leaving a very clean feeling!


There are no miracles of course – in fact I’d be wary of a product that gave instant results – but it’s a matter of ‘insurance’ for my eye area.  I do like the feeling of it – not too heavy or oily.

CIMG2947Goes well with my Estee Lauder Micro Essence. :D

CIMG2946Who wants a piece of this?

You can either click here to redeem a free trial sample of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum…

Or answer this question and I will give 3 lucky winners one Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Crème (worth RM220) each!

How do you take care of your eye area?

Since I have Facebook comments, we can message you on FB now if you win, no need to leave emails!  Just make sure you check your inboxes.  Contest ends this Sunday, 31 Aug 2014.


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‘Orrible Ones


So. This is Fighter.

About 50% of the time now.

That’s right, his toddler tantrums have started.

I know, right?  Barely a year old, in fact just ten and a half months adjusted.  First tooth just cut the gum, and just mastered crawling…. and now his temper tantrums have started. O_O

Didn’t expect this to start this early!!! I thought it was Terrible TWOS, not ‘Orrible Ones wtf.  But they’re definitely here.  Take away something he was playing with (usually one of our cell phones / TV/aircon remote control / laptop) and he tantrums.  Try to change his diaper (-_-) and he’ll tantrum and try to flip over so it’s nearly impossible to get a diaper on.  For some reason he hates being made to lie down on the changing table. :X



Here he’s wailing cos I took my phone away (and used it to snap this picture).  You’d think I tortured him with…. food deprivation.  Or Brown deprivation lol (his favorite teddy bear).

IMG-20140824-WA0027FUNNIEST AND UGLIEST PHOTO EVER HAHAHAAHAHA.  This is him having a temper tantrum in his car seat.

The story is, Fighter’s turned out to be a very greedy critter and recently whenever he sees me eating something (fruit or some other small snack) he’ll shout at me and look outraged that I never offer him some. Lolol damn no manners.

So last night Fatty was having a Magnum and Fighter saw and wanted some.  I figured he’s already a year old, can be introduced to chocolate and ice cream so I told Fatty to go ahead and give it to him.

Wah! He loved it.  No doubt he’s the son of a Fatty wtf.  After every bite he’d smack his lips and wave at Fatty, beckoning for more hahaha.  But I guess he doesn’t yet understand the concept of food finishing cos when the ice cream was all eaten up, he got pissed that THERE WAS NO MORE ICE CREAM. The horror!

He started throwing a tantrum in his car seat BECAUSE THERE IS NO MORE ICE CREAM! We didn’t want to take him out of his car seat when the car was still in motion so I could only pat him and tell him there’s no more  But he wasn’t having any of it!  He kept screaming all the way home. -_-

We tried speaking firmly, then scolding, then ignoring, then patting him but nothing worked.  Only when we got home and I picked him up did his cries taper down.

Parents, what do you do with your kid when he tantrums?  Do you ignore him?  Hug him? If you hug him will that spoil him further?  Advice appreciated!


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Fighter’s first birthday


Whew Fighter’s first birthday party is finally over and done with.

I wasn’t really thinking seriously of throwing a big bash, but it’s my first baby’s first birthday!  Momentous occasion!  My first anniversary as a mommy! (But to be fair hor looks like I need to do something equally nice for my secondborn wtf)

Anyway I was still thinking vaguely about it and wouldn’t have done anything if Fit For 2 hadn’t approached me and asked if I’d considered where to do Fighter’s birthday!

Fit for 2 is a mommy+baby friendly place located in Bangsar Village 2!  They have a cafe (complete with kids’ toy corner and breastfeeding nook) serving healthy food suitable for both adults and babies – the children’s menu is extensive!  They even have special baby food for babies who have just started on solids.

There’s also an attached studio providing exercise classes for pregnant moms and moms with babies/toddlers.  You can bring your kids into the classes with you cos everyone there is a mom and therefore understanding. ^^

I’ve been going to Fit for 2 since I got pregnant for exercise and after I had Fighter, we’d both go there for lunch or class and I’d always felt very at ease there.  So it was a no brainer to have Fighter’s birthday there.

So I have Fit for 2 to thank!  For mommies who are looking for an easy place to hang out with their babies, meet other mommies and just generally relax, you can check them out at Bangsar Village.  Facebook page which is updated with their weekly activities HERE.



The signage outside Fit for 2 for Fighter!  Yep, his real name is Jude in case anyone forgot hahaha.

I went with a Beatles theme for his birthday because…he’s too young to have any real preferences yet la wtf.  Because I actually named him after  the song and his favorite song really is Hey Jude (from me singing it to him all the time in the NICU), it only made sense.

The people who did the decor and everything for the party is Think Party Thoughts, by Angeline and Jessica.  Angeline was my ex colleague and I didn’t know she (and Jessica) was so talented!


Here’s us setting up before the party.  Hui Wen and Tze came early to help out. <3

Let me show you around the place first!



In keeping with the theme, placemats were made to look like vinyl records.



Wording on the record.  Background is chevron in the four theme colors – yellow, light blue, orange, and deep pink.



Detail on the photo corner.  Angeline and Jessica thoughtfully prepared a baby chair so babies could sit and take photos too hahaha.


Dessert table!

Background colorful squares also done by TPT.  Food was provided by Fit for 2 while I prepared the snacks and candy and goodie bag contents.


Another look at the dessert table.


From the top.



Beatles goodie bags hahaha.  If anyone’s curious, the treats inside were a Mamee Monster pack, a chocolate bar, box of raisins, a jelly cup, and a box of hard candy.

And here’s the spread that Fit for 2 laid out for us!  I went with the Luxe Tea Pot package which is high tea style – finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.


Fruit tarts!


Tuna and egg sandwiches.

Food toppers by TPT.  It’s still a first birthday party after all, so the Beatles motifs I picked were all cute – octopus (for Octopus’s Garden), strawberry (Strawberry Fields), submarine (Yellow Submarine) and Sun (Here Comes the Sun).


Scones!  With clotted cream and jam.  Food names were thought up between me and TPT to gel with more Beatles’ songs hehehe. Spot the Beatles references in the names!


Hold Me Tight Vietnamese rolls.


Mango pudding in shooter glasses.


Moonlight Bay’s Salmon Bites.


More Marmalade Skies Fruit Tartlets.


Blackbird Meatballs.


I also got bottles of water and wrapped them in customized wrappers.


Did the same with two finger chocolate bars.


More photos of the awesome spread by FF2!  Oh ya on the far right got Ribena juice boxes.  I named them Hey Juice. HAHAHA.


Fairy Cakes cupcakes by FF2 who have a working relationship with Bisou.IMG-20140810-WA0131

Oh ya also got curry samosas which we named Happiness is a warm samosa. HAHAHA.

Very very pleased with how things turned out!  The food from FF2 was a very nice variety and yummy to boot!  Food toppers and decor by TPT gelled so well too.


My little family at the photo corner.

TPT also printed out appropriate Beatles props. Which everyone forgot to use. T3T

Now for random party and guest pictures!


With my grandma, Fighter’s great grandma.


“You mean I am one year old???”



With Fatty’s HELP gang.  AKA the uncles who are going to buy Fighter a Ferrari for his 18th birthday cos he’s the firstborn son of the group.  IMG-20140810-WA0084


With Fat Her! Fat Her was the only grandparent who could make it unfortunately. :( Mummy Ooi is in Penang caring for my grandparents who aren’t doing too well. :(

And my in laws were actually in Singapore because my sister in law just had a new baby!  I think actual birth date trumps 1st birthday hahaha.  Never mind, hopefully we get to celebrate with all the grandparents soon.



Mummy Ooi was present via Skype wtf.


Family!  Everybody looks nice… except Fighter. ಠ_ಠ


With Cheesie!  Who is dressed the most in theme possible lol.



With Sin Thean and Hui Yuan!  Also relatively sixties vibe hahaha.  Look at Fighter going for people’s spectacles.



Laksa moms!! From L-R: Twentylittletoes, Jigglypuff, Notaitailife, Tinkitalks, Yuetchitan, Awendyy, Omamee and their respective babies.  Especially funny are Lil E and B look at them!



Fighter and his grandpa.  The minute he saw Fat Her, he wriggled to get out of my clutches into Fat Her’s arms lol.



In ecstasy with Grandpa hahaha.

Nice or not Fighter’s birthday outfit? Shirt and blazer are from Poney (bought in haste cos I didn’t have anything prepared for him to wear), pants are Baby Gap.  Shoes are Ralph Lauren from Tze!



With Zhon Wei, our most enthusiastic guy friend when it comes to Fighter hahaha.  He’s good husband material confirm wtf.IMG-20140810-WA0116


What’s with the puppy dog eyes Fighter?



Aunty Hui Wen who die also must pose with her present.  It’s awesome btw!!! A baby drum set, so in theme!IMG-20140810-WA0117


Auntie Bobo and Auntie Hui Wen.



Auntie Tze and a predatory looking Auntie Hui Wen hahaha.



Auntie Ally!



With my ex boss Joanne (who is one of the nicest people I know <3), her husband Wai Sun and boys Jared and Jake.  Fighter ruining the photo again. -_-



With Lay See and Javier!  (Kay running around somewhere wtf) Lay See’s outfit also so sixties and adorable!



With his second mom hahaha.IMG-20140810-WA0135


He doesn’t do it anymore la wtf but when he was younger I think he used to get confused between me and Bobo, like which one is mommy? Hahahah.IMG-20140810-WA0136



Can’t believe we’re all married/engaged/with kids now! Look at this Junya sleeping like a log next to his mom hahaha.IMG-20140810-WA0159


Fighter was very engrossed in Baby Junya’s carrier lol damn disturbing ah.



Our favorite photo!  So happy with the balloon and his second mom haahah.

Then it was cake cutting time!



Of course the cake had to be a yellow submarine.  Did you expect anything less?



Scrabbling to get a hold of the candy.IMG_1780


Hahaha this photo because his pose is too cute!



Here’s Fighter giving his thank you speech: “Aaaaack! Dadadada gruuuu”


Okay tank you everyone.


Happy birthday darling!  It’s been an amazing year with you and you’ve grown so much from a fragile skinny little preemie to a boisterous cheeky almost-toddler with a huge personality.  Nothing but the best for your future and you. We can’t wait to go through every step of life with you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy.


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I’ve been hit by a smooth criminal

My feet are the most uncared for part of my body. *remorse

Every time my manicurist meets my feet, she curses me for not taking care of them HAHAHA sigh. Dry skin, chipped toenails, you get the idea.

It’s true! My feet are what literally support me my whole life…


Especially now I’m running around taking care of a baby…


And what do I do? Go on holiday and walk like crazy…while wearing heels wtf.  Ok to be fair they’re wedges but doesn’t mean they’re much better for my poor feet’s welfare.

I spend loads of time and money on hair and face all but totally neglect my feet! Even if I do pedicure I always opt for just nail services without the scrub, massage and care because I’m cheap like that wtf.

Well now I regret it cos my feet are all gross and scaly.


Enter Scholl Velvet Smooth! It’s a handheld device that will gently scrub away hard skin and sometimes even callouses on your feet!  It operates on AA batteries (included in the starter kit) and features a micralumina roller.


Just fit in the batteries, turn the switch (the silver ring) and start exfoliating!


The roller starts spinning at a pretty rapid pace.  All you need to do is hold the roller to the bottom of your foot or wherever your hard skin is and let it do its job!

Remember to make sure the device and your feet are dry.

It’s painless, and the most you might feel is some ticklishness lol.  If you don’t like it you can always adjust your grip and don’t press it so hard into your skin.  Actually if you press too hard, the auto stop safety feature will kick in so you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself!


Here’s my foot before I applied the Scholl Velvet Smooth device. See all the white bits especially on the area under my toes?  That’s the dry hard skin.  Sexy leh.


After thirty seconds of giggling through the process.  Hard parts shaved off and it looks much smoother!


Thought I’d try it out on Fatty next!  He’s a willing participant ok cos he was quite fascinated with the device lol.



This is Fatty’s feet before.  Hope nobody is eating while reading this wtf.  I thought my feet were bad I don’t know how his is this much worse! He doesn’t even wear heels; he wears sneakers every day.

Dunno what he does with them. Maybe sharpen knives with it or something HAHAHA.


Big big difference right!!! Especially on the heel!  We were both amazed and Fatty proceeded to continue rolling away my Velvet Smooth on his feet.

Luckily Scholl sells refills for the micralumina roller!  Each refill comes with two rollers at RM49.90.  The device starter kit itself is RM129.90

CIMG2497So convenient! Beautiful smooth feet is now easily achievable at home without needing to go out to a salon or spa. ^^

Best part is you can use it every 1-2 days to maintain softness between visits to the salon. It’s easily portable so you can just drop it in handbag and bring with you.

It can also be shared by your husband/wife and friends! Rollers can be replaced or washed and used by many people so it’s more cost effective.  Each roller can be used up to 12 times (for both feet), and  one roller pack contains 2 retailing at RM49.90.  So if you calculate,  each treatment will only cost the user RM2.080 (RM49.90/ 24 treatments)!


You can find out more info About Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi on their websiteFB page, Instagram (@schollmy) and hashtag #myvelvetsmooth.


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Once you go black, you never go back

Remember when Liese Bubble Dye that everyone went nuts over before?

Well it’s not only for cute bright Harajuku colors that everyone associates it with.  This product is Liese Blaune Treatment Cream Color that provides perfect grey coverage!  It’s formulated with a 60% treatment base so hair also gets nourished in the coloring process.

It comes in the signature Liese cream based bubble foam form so it’s no mess and super easy to use.  And only takes 15 minutes so it’s perfectly suited for quick touch ups. In fact you can use it for multiple touch ups – product can be kept and used again when grey hair grows in.


There’s five different shades of brown to choose from – 2,3,4,5, and 6.  The ones I have are 2!  The three main hair care ingredients involved are lanolin acid (gloss retention extract), royal jelly extract and seaweed.

The girl from The Journey is in their TVC!


There’s also a Color Me Young contest on Liese Facebook!  Just upload a selfie photo of yourself…. or upload for your friends if you really love them. Lol.



Like this hahaha.  And answer why you’d like to have a makeover with Joanne Yew.  The Photo Contest Period will run from 27th June 2014 to 31st August 2014.

10 (ten) shortlisted contestants will be picked to attend the makeover session with Joanne Yew (sometime in September 2014).


It will include a hairdo, makeup and fashion makeover!

Prior to the makeover session, the 10 (ten) shortlisted contestants are required to dye their hair with Liese Blaune.
After the makeover session, 10 (ten) shortlisted contestants will be placed into Liese Malaysia Facebook for voting with the period of 2 weeks. 60% of the votes will come from public votes while another 40% of the votes will be from our panel of judges. Each person can only vote ONCE in the Contest

Here are the prizes!
Phase 1: 10 (ten) contestants will be shortlisted for a makeover session with Joanne Yew
Phase 2:

Grand Prize: RM5,000 cash + RM5,000 Diamond Necklace Pendant Set.  (Picture for illustration purposes wtf this necklace came free with a dress lolol)

1st Runner Prize: RM3,000 cash prize + RM2,000 Whitegold Bracelet (Bracelet here also for illustration purposes only haha)

2nd Runner Prize: RM2,000 cash prize + RM1,000 LINE 32 Fashion Boutique Vouchers

Consolation Prizes: Kao Hamper worth RM200 x 7 (Photo for illustrative purposes.  This is the contents of the Liese Blaune box)

10 (ten) shortlisted contestants will walk away with 10 items of clothing during the makeover from Line32.

You can join the contest here!

Liese Blaune retails for: RM28.90 and available in leading pharmacies and

hypermarkets nationwide

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