Come drive with me

A long time ago (actually maybe 4 years ago?) I went on a test driving binge. I calculated my budget and went to a lot of showrooms to  look at car models that I liked.

This one was one of them.

The Ford Fiesta.

I think at the time, the Ford Fiesta was marketed towards girls? I am a sucker for marketing wtf.  But in my defense I thought the Fiesta was adorable.  I don’t know much about cars but I know the colors it came in was nice WTF.  Also liked the streamlined shape of it, and the fact that it was small.

(Small cars harder to bang. As Fatty likes to say, I bang his SUV now once every quarter.)

It was relatively small, but spacious inside!  Good for putting baby seat(s) hehehe.  It was a good drive too. I remember Fatty saying he liked it as well.

But in the end I ended up getting no car…. because broke. FML.

Our SUV is actually giving us a lot of trouble, so much so that we’re thinking of selling it and buying a van WTF auntie max.

But on the other hand, I’d never be able to drive a van and I’d like a small-ish car I can handle on my own (with Fighter. And Bump).

Anyway I got news recently that there the new Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost has a big improvement on its engine.  It delivers performance of 125ps and 170Nm, so it’s powerful with best in class fuel efficiency.

According to Ford, the new Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost comes with a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder turbo charged engine which is crazy small! I test drove a 1 litre engine car and it was really quite powerless. :X But the good people at Ford have said this will not affect its driving experience.

In fact, the new Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost is the first vehicle in ASEAN to be equipped with the patented 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which was named International Engine of the Year for three consecutive years (2012, 2013 & 2014).

Here’s how it works.

ford fiesta 2

For the mechanically dumb like me, it means that while the engine is small enough to fit into the overhead compartment of an airplane and the base fits that of an A4 paper, it’s powerful enough to compete with a 1.6 litre engine car.

In ASEAN, the 1.0-litre EcoBoost in the Ford Fiesta is joined with the advanced six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission, resulting in fuel economy of 5.3L/100km and carbon dioxide emissions of just 121 g/km2.

ford fiesta

Better fuel economy means smaller petrol expenses. Lower CO2 emissions = a more green car! Improved engine performance = a cooler car for less.

ford fiesta 3


Another cool feature is the keyless entry and push button to start the car! I’ve never driven a car like this hahaha *jakun. But it’s obviously damn convenient to not have to search the depths of my bag for my car key, especially when arms are full with Fighter and his diaper bag and stroller.

ford fiesta 4


And then there’s the Hill Launch Assist function which basically means that if you’re braked on an incline and wanna get rolling, the Hill Launch Assist will help you not to roll backwards before you can step on the gas. Lol.  Our car rolls backwards a bit which always makes me panicky and press the gas harder than I need to. -_-


Anyway. Hello! I will be going for a Ford Fiesta test drive on December 21, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm.  Who’s with me?

No seriously.  There are spots for six (6) readers to join me on the test drive. Let’s make a party out of it yo. Hahaha.

Luckily I got my license renewed in time WTF.  Come! It’ll be fun to take pictures and pretend we’re on a road trip wtf.  Just sign up for the test drive here and I will see you there!

Date: 21 December 2014

Time: 9.30 a.m.

Location: Sime Darby Auto Connexion Sdn Bhd (PJ Federal Highway)

Lot 5, Jalan 205, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Fighter’s first words

Someone else in the family fell sick which means no time to blog again. D:

This time it was Fatty who came down with a high grade fever that lasted a whole day and night. D:  He’s better now but we were worried it was dengue (bad cos he already got it once and getting it subsequent times is more dangerous) or influenza (bad if transmit to Fighter or me cos I’m pregnant).

Anyway this is a Fighter milestones post!


Age: 16 months
Adjusted age: 14 months

When Wendy visited maybe a month or two back she said Fighter could speak already! Cos when she said “Mama” he’d go “Mama” after her.

I said I know this! When we say Dada, he says Dada too but not all the time.  So I don’t consider it speaking la cos not all the time ma.  Then everyone was like wah then you expect him to speak in perfect sentences only counts as talking isit wtf #tigermom

But I thought because he didn’t repeat words after us every time, it was a coincidence when he did.  Cos he goes mamamama at random times unprompted too.

But the other day, I was feeding him yogurt bites (which are sweet and therefore he will eat until kingdom comes wtf) and he was asking for more with his usual grunts.

I said, “Fighter, can you say please?

Fighter: “Nghhh!” *points at yogurt bag

Me: “Say please Fighter.  Then you can have more.”

Fighter: “Pwee! Pwee!”

And then on another day, he wanted to be let out of his playpen so he went, “Pwee!” and lifted his arms hahahaha.

Ok pronunciation not spot on but I can believe he’s finally starting to talk!

Figures his first word is something to do with food. >_> Figures he’d take after the father ee au lo kui wtf.

When Fatty was sick and couldn’t go anywhere near Fighter for fear of passing the bug to him, Fighter would gesture to our bedroom where Fatty was sleeping and say “Deh-deh! Deh-deh!”

He still refuses to call me though FML.

Oh and his third word is this.

I was carrying him and he kept pointing towards our dresser.

I thought he wanted to get down so I lowered him to the floor but he struggled and clung to me, saying “Nhghghghgh” wtf.

So I said, “what do you want? You want me to take you there? Can you say there?”

Fighter: “Dere! Dere!”


Ohai vampire baby.


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Rakuten Christmas shopping

If you’re a mommy, confirm you buy from Rakuten before.

If you’re not, you’ve probably also bought from Rakuten before hahahaha.

Rakuten is one of the shopping websites I like to surf to look for cheap deals on Fighter’s stuff!  And the best part, the delivery is satisfactorily fast because of the local merchants.

For Fighter’s birthday we got this.


A playpen!  Present also meant for me cos it means I can lock him in whenever I’m busy nyehehe wtf.

Great quality!  Sturdy yet light and comes with a play pad fixed with toys and a musical board that plays a bunch of different melodies hehe.


Fighter really likes it which is the most important!

Anyway, for Christmas, Rakuten is having a Super Sale!!!


DISCOUNTS UP TO 87% across the website!!

Good time to get your Christmas shopping done now with the crazy sales.  They also have a suggested list of Xmas presents you can get for men, women and kids.

Super Sale Main Event page here.

Erm to be honest I haven’t started thinking of Christmas presents yet but there are some awesome things I saw on Rakuten that would make great gifts!

rakuten 2


Like, who doesn’t want an Instax camera?  Not to mention a Hello Kitty one, hello!

rakuten 3


This Longchamp bag on sale is pretty sweet too.

Best thing is these things have high perceived value while actually going for discounts!rakuten 4


Tempted to get this for Fighter to wear for formal dinners too!

While I haven’t started my Xmas shopping, I have gone ahead and gotten this…DSC00172


A front facing car seat for Fighter!  This is Britax and it is solid! Unfortunately Fighter hates it (like he hates all things that strap him in) so FML.

Also planning to order this Christmas tree from Rakuten! I went to a department store to get a tree for our house the other day and nearly puked when I found out the cheapest is RM500. -_-

This Rakuten one is 4 feet tall plus comes with ornaments already ok!!! Erm if you’re interested, here.

Rakuten Super Sale will span 7 days from 9th Dec 2014 till 15th Dec 2014.  Some of the key highlight deals will feature best sellers –  smartphones, fashion, health beauty & home living products.

For more Christmassy present ideas, you can check the Super Sale Christmas page out here.

Oh and lastly but bestly!  Rakuten is giving shopping coupon aka RaCoupon to all my readers!! For Fourfeetnine readers, just key in the code RAKUFOUR20 when making your purchase!

* Total coupon value is RM20 with minimum purchase of RM120 (Does not include shipping fees).  Coupon may only be used once per person. The validity of the coupon is from 9th December 2014 until 15th December 2014 (00:00 – 23;59).

2014-12-07 10.50.13 1
As Fighter would say, buy ALL the Rakuten!

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Dressing the Bump

Ok because I’m vapid hor, here’s a blog post on Dressing The Bunp.

Again, must put disclaimer as with all fashion posts cos I don’t consider myself a maestro of styling or whatever.  My style is quite casual (and sloppy) and simple but being pregnant does necessitate a bit of extra thought when getting dressed each morning so here’s how I do it!

(As mentioned in a previous post, I’m actually finding it a bit easier this pregnancy than the last to dress, partly cos I have experience and partly cos I have leftover maternity wear)

That said, I don’t own one piece of maternity wear cos all the maternity wear in shops seem to be for UK 8 and above. -_- So I make do with baggy cut clothes and other stuff.

#1 No cropped or tight fitting tops



Here wearing a black chiffon shirt from Anticlockwise and elastic shorts from Topshop.

The shirt is loose without being baggy and I tucked it in to look a bit smarter.  The shorts are actually super casual but since they’re black can pretend to be a bit more formal.

Actually if you wanna wear a cropped top in pregnancy, go for it!  Just that I wouldn’t personally hehe. Cos I shy wtf.

#2 Flared cut tops/dresses



No brainer this one!  A top that’s cut in a flare will usually be able to accomodate a growing tummy.

Top from Fashionbloggerrr, pants (stretchy) from Foruchizu past collection.  This top comes in layers and is not clingy fabric so I think it gives some slimming effect :D  I also like the ruffle on top which makes it that bit more interesting.

#3 Big ass tops wtf




This one’s also stating the obvious.  Just make sure when you wear a big top to balance it out with skinny/tight bottoms!

#4 Shift dresses



Shift dress above from Anticlockwise.

I find shift dresses very convenient cos I don’t need to dig for pants that can fit me – just throw on a dress and go!  The bad thing about shift dresses is they usually have limited room for stretching (unless they’re made of jersey and then they’re not shift dresses anymore) so you can probably only wear them for a while before outgrowing ‘em.

#5 Elastics elastics elastics!

I know I said earlier I avoid crop tops but there are exceptions! I got this adorable Bart Simpson stretchy skirt from Kiss & Tell which goes best with a short top.

The cut of both the top and skirt is fitting but not too tight so the overall look is still streamlined and doesn’t make me look like a whale wtf.



It’s black…2014-11-26 02.53.25 1


It’s white…

I wasn’t very comfortable with my preggers body with Fighter so I never tried an outfit like this but glad I did cos it’s one of my favorite preggers coordinates this time!

Of course, the skirt is quite slim cut so there’s also a limit as to how long I can wear this.  But the aim is to be as fashionable as possible until as late as possible. :D



Besides tight skirts, skater style ones with elastic waistbands work too!  Skater style sometimes works great to conceal a baby bump and it definitely slims, cos the flare of the skirt will give you the illlusion of a smaller waist.

Here wearing skirt from Azorias and ankle boots from Anticlockwise.


Another elastic skirt from Fashionbloggerrr.  Paired it with a slightly flared and structured top which flatters Bump.

Sorry about Fighter’s wardrobe malfunction WTF dunno how his pants just dropped in public HAHAHAHAHA.

#6 Black

Actually this one is not really on purpose cos I don’t particularly like wearing black.  But so happen all the clothes that fit me now are either black or white. D: Why ah! Is it cos black is supposed to be slimming?

Quite true though wtf.

2014-12-04 08.27.10 1

Cannot see my Bump leh.

Bluff you wtf here it is.


Wearing an old dress from Miss Selfridge.  It’s made of jersey and is stretchy which explains why I can still fit in it!

#7 Tutu skirts


Never thought of wearing one for pregnancy before but it works!  Not if you want to conceal your tummy cos I find that tutu skirts actually emphasize the bump (cos of all the tulle I guess) but tutu skirts are usually elastic which makes them awesome for pregger coordinates.

Also like that you can still look dressy and quite elegant in them even though your abdomen is the size of a basketball.

OK that’s all I go sleep babai.



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Big Bump decisions

edit: Wrote this while Fighter was sick. He’s all good now!

Super quick post cos Fighter is still sick.

He was down with diarrhea and a fever which turned out to be roseola so the fever has broken but now he has a rash. *takes deep breath

Already updated about it on my Dayre here so not gonna do it again.

But today Imma talk about… baby decisions!

First up, transport systems.

We have a Bugaboo Bee and a Maxi Cosi baby carrier (that doubles as a car seat) so when Bump comes, the Maxi Cosi will go to her and we’ll get a new front facing car seat for Fighter.  Decided on a Britax Safe n Sound already…

But stroller leh?!

God I swear to god buying a stroller is more stressful than getting a new car.  Why unlimited options one!?!?  We have 4-5 months to go (if preeclampsia doesn’t hit) and Fighter hasn’t started even standing on his own.  He’ll probably be walking when Bump comes but there will definitely be times I’d want a double stroller to pop them both in when we’re out.

So I’m looking at a double stroller, and then possibly getting a skateboard to attach to the Bee for when he’s older and would prefer to stand.

But wah so many options!  Plus more expensive than normal strollers some more wtf.

(We also have a Ergo baby carrier but Fighter hates it and I’m not really a baby carrying person either  - cannot withstand weight for a long time wtf so I prefer to dump everyone in the stroller and push.)

Here’s my shortlist.  Please feel free to share if you have experience with any of these, and if you know where to get them in Malaysia!

Phil and Ted’s Promenade.  Can seat a newborn and a toddler in 28 different ways wtf.  Can choose to fix a baby carrier or use the bassinet/seats that come with it.  Can’t find what colors the hood comes in though wtf hahahaha I’m hoping there’s pink and not just yucky black.

Not sure where to get it in Malaysia though haih.

Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller.

Looks too cool!  Some more got white which is pretty and elegant yet not too girly. *refuses to think how to keep it clean

Unfortunately this looks crazy expensive la (USD559 for just the stroller base, haven’t add the seat or sunshade yet -_-).  Also no idea if it’s available in Malaysia.

Bugaboo Donkey!  Can sit one baby, one newborn + toddler, or twins.

Also mad expensive although I know its readily available in Mothercare.  Also dunno if I wanna get another Bugaboo since we already have the Bee.

Mima Kobi Tandem.

Wah this one nice until I wanna punch something wtf.  Seriously why don’t pram makers make prams in more colors rather than black/grey/red/silver/dark purple/duck shit green???

I know Mamours has the Mima but Michiekins (who has a Mima) said they only have the Xari (which is a single stroller) so not sure if the Kobi is available.  Does anyone know where to get!! Or how much it is!!! *big shiny eyes

Contours Tandem.  Definitely available in Malaysia (they have a MY website), price less than RM2K so it’s quite affordable.  Design-wise…. okaayyy la hahaha but just not as exciting as the Mima. T_T

A lot of people have been recommending the Joovy so I guess it is available in MY.  Above is the Joovy Ergo Caboose – good for a baby and a toddler can sit or stand in the back.  Again, the price is probably reasonable but god it’s so ugly wtf.  All the photos on Google Images show it only comes in black yegads.  The babies will look like they’re riding in a hearse please.

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t even get a stroller and just change the canopy of my Bugaboo to pink. T_T Cos this stupid Fighter absolutely refuses to sit in his stroller now and screams the place down whenever we even lower him to it.  I bought a detachable snack tray to hopefully distract him enough to sit in it but haven’t tried it out yet. T_T

If Fighter still doesn’t wanna sit in a stroller by the time Bump comes, he’ll just have to make sure he learns to walk before that.  Either that or he’ll just be dragged along on a leash WTF ok jokes.

Ok that’s all for strollers.

Next big decision – baby names!

OK so I really wanted to name Fighter Jude so I reserved rights to name him and told Fatty he could name the second baby.  He wasn’t coming up with any and even suggested a name like ‘Betty’ at one point to my horror.

Anyway to preempt any naming disasters I came up with a whole list of baby girl names.

Trawled name websites for this but most of them is just cos I like the sound of them la wtf.

  • Sloane – Fatty likes this and Quinn cos they’re both hot TV characters -_- (from Entourage and Glee) but I worry they’re too… unheard of for Malaysia
  • Quinn
  • Clover – I think Clover is adorable but it’s a weed. -_- Also Wendy said it’s a cow’s name wtf :X
  • Chloe – used to want to name my future daughter Chloe but it’s getting increasingly common nowadays so no
  • Clementine – I really like this! But Fatty doesn’t
  • Cecilia – Like this too but Fatty says he knew an unpleasant Cecilia wtf
  • Penelope
  • Pixie – cute but too outlandish, will probably have no friends in school
  • Lux – loved this name from the Virgin Suicides but later everybody call her “Soap” wtf
  • Ayla
  • Lola – like the rabbit in Space Jam lolol. Fatty rejected it on account of it being part of a Barry Manilow song
  • Sage – probably unacceptable in Malaysia too
  • Clea – I thought this was special but on second thought what if kids call her “Clit” FHL
  • Cecily
  • Cleo
  • Cosette – from Les Miserables! I actually thought it had a nice meaning cos Cosette is so beloved in the story
  • Lilou – Er I just like names starting with L but later everyone call her “Stitch”
  • Leonie
  • Axelle – Very prosperous sounding right? Like she’d excel at life lolol.  But then people might call her Microsoft Excel. -_-
  • Ariadne – super love this name! Can call Ari for short which sounds cute.  But Malaysians will probably mangle this name
  • Alva – can call Alfie for short.  You can tell I like short boyish nicknames
  • Athena
  • Alix – still rooting for this but Fatty finds it weird
  • Aria – nah. Too many Game of Thrones fans around
  • Lacey – like this too but too similar to a friend’s name
  • Primrose – ya from Hunger Games hahaha
  • Alisa – I loved the name Alyssa but my aunt took it for my cousin hahaha. So Alisa is a variation but the spelling doesn’t look as nice

What would you name your daughter?

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It’s the most! Wonderful time! Of the year!



I was invited to be a part of the launch of Sunway Pyramid’s Christmas this year.  (I was here last year too!) The theme is Hoopful Christmas, and as you can see, it’s very er hoopful. Hahaha.

Christmas decor is circus themed and very cheerful!


Arrived there a bit late cos of the horrific Friday night jam. T_T But managed to catch the opening speech by Sunway Pyramid CEO, Mr HC Chan..



Whee launched!  In Malaysia confetti = snow. Hahahaha.



Then got some Christmas carols being sung not by a choir (#joke) but by an artiste.CIMG3424


Me and Brian playing around with photo props.



The whole feel of is so cute and happy!CIMG3426


To add to the cheer, there was also a lucky draw…. of which I didn’t win anything wtf. *sad


Even the ornament balls hanging on the tree are circus style!  Talked to some of the Pyramid team and I think they really put in a lot of effort. *claps hands



There’s even circus style caravans set up in the mall which will be selling Christmas goodies!




What is Christmas, if not the season of giving?  For the Xmas season, spend a minimum of RM200 in a single receipt (RM100 for HSBC card holders – ahem I have a HSBC card!) and you could take home a new Mazda 2! My dream car ok!!! (but then last time cannot afford fml) Here the car is a cutout cos the actual car is really damn new and hasn’t even been launched in Malaysia yet.


That’s not all. From 1 Dec to 4 Jan 2015, if you spend a total of RM800 in 3 receipts at Pyramid (RM600 for HSBC credit cardholders) you get to redeem a candy dispenser!

A candy dispenser! In this picture, the popcorn machine was distributed in the launch.



With Brian and Dennis Yin and Leo (or Leona?) the lion lolol.  The two Xmas mascots, Leo and Leona will be roaming Pyramid giving out goodies too so don’t miss out yo.

And if you’re revving up to do your Xmas shopping, a free gift wrapping service by high achieving underprivileged students will be available at LG2 Orange Concourse.  Proceeds from this community service (and funding from Pyramid tenants) will go towards the education and household expenses of these kids. :)

For more info, check out Pyramid’s website.


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What’s your pH?

Ohai guys.

My first vlog in forever!!!! Please be gentle wtf.

I very very rarely do vlogs.  Fatty says the things I do are so stupid there should be a camera following me around. ¬_¬

But in reality, the minute you point a camera in front of me I freeze like it’s an Elsa attack. ¬_¬  Plus I hate my voice cos I sound like a hoarse man wtf.

dettol 3

Excuse the square face wtf.  Bump you did this to me T___________T


Anyway this vlog is about Dettol!  We’ve used Dettol for years… and the truth is it’s because Fatty buys it every time hahaha.

To be honest I’m not super particular about body washes so I don’t put much thought into it.  But Fatty is very very fastidious when it comes to personal hygiene (and a bit OCD about germs) so he prefers Dettol cos it’s an anti-bacterial formula.

For myself, I don’t really care as long as I feel clean but with Fighter I’m a bit more fussy hahaha.  As a baby, his skin is sensitive so even leaving food crumbs near his mouth also he gets rash. :X And that day in class we played with chalk and I rinsed his hand with water but he still got an allergy from the chalk because there were residue on me.  Should have washed with a proper cleanser. :X  Now I realize it’s super important to keep ourselves clean to avoid skin irritation and rashes for Fighter especially.

I got to learn a bit more about Dettol – not only does it work to keep our skin germ-free,  it’s pH level is specially formulated to match skin’s natural pH level, which is slightly acidic at 4 – 6.  Anti-bacterial products tend to be drying on the skin but having a pH level that’s equal to natural skin means that it keeps skin germ-free, healthy and moisturised.

My skin has always been damn dry to the point of scaliness fml.  So much so I should have been born in the Year of the Snake.  If I were in Hogwarts I’d be in Slytherin wtf you get the idea. So that’s a big plus!


As part of the vlog, I conducted a pH test on Dettol (on the left) and another anti bacterial wash on the right (Brand X).  The black thing in my hand is a pH pen!

Sorry ah I’m so impressed with the pH pen (science class in school only got litmus paper!) I went around the whole house drawing on things to see the pH wtf.  Wanted to draw a mustache on Fighter but he crawls too fast.

dettol 6

Doing the test.

The pH pen works on damp surfaces so first I dampened the top of my forearm (near my wrist) then I drew on it with the pen.  Then under it I dabbed some Dettol and drew on that.  Lastly I dabbed on Brand X and drew on it.

dettol 4


Tadah!  As is clear, the pH for Dettol is close to the skin’s natural pH while random Brand X found in our guest toilet is a horrifying harsh green.

dettol 5

Can see the pH color chart? The light orange – which is what Dettol got is slightly acidic, orange (like what my skin got) is also slightly acidic.  Green is definitely alkaline.

You can also watch the vlog to check out the full pH value demo.

So… that’s it! Results are in!


The complete range of Dettol pH Balanced Bodywashes.  My favorite is Cool cos I’m cool wtf.  No la I like the cool feeling la very song and refreshing hahaha.

For those who wanna stock up on their body wash, a RM5 discount voucher for all Dettol body washes can be downloaded HERE (link).  Redeemable at Guardian outlets only!

I am also giving away 5 sets of Dettol product to blog readers!

Leave a comment and tell me why you think you deserve the prize. 5 most creative answers will be chosen! Oh and remember to leave me your email so that you can be contacted ya!

Good luckkkkkkkkk


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To infinity and b.yond



The other day I was playing with a Pulp Fiction themed makeup palette…. Got look like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction or not?  Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors yo.

Too bad I don’t have a short black bob wig!  And I tried to do shadow so my eyelids look heavier but dunno jadi or not hahaha.

Anyway since I started, I tried to do a few other movie characters…



Holly Golightly from Breakfast of Tiffany’s although I think this is very half assed wtf.  Pearl choker should be bigger with more pearls.  I should have a bejeweled hair clasp instead of a scrunchie!  I didn’t have black elbow gloves!

2014-11-19 04.55.39 1


Then! Princess Leia HAAHAHAHAH also very half assed.  What to do I got not enough hair for the two hair buns! I thought quite clever ma use my ear muffs pretend to be hair.  Got a bit of white in them so this is Princess Leia, middle aged.

Actually the reason I was inspired to do the Leia was cos I attended an Astro launch last week, themed “HD is our universe”.  Since it’s about universe, they decided to spoof Star Wars a bit!

Show you some photos first.



Set up with giant screens.  Impressive!


Got cameo from Darth Vader.  If I had the mask I’d cosplay Darth Vader and go to Fighter and say “Fighter, I am your mother.” HAHAHAHA.  Ok I shut up.



With Tzia and Adele!



Launch kicked off with a drum bit.



Also got cameo by Gandhi!!! LOLOL.  I was so taken by him I had to zoom in and capture this.DSC00120


Then the giant screens flipped over to reveal…


Stormtroopers! Lol very authentic.  They were bodyguarding Astro’s COO, Henry Tan.



Revealing… the entire Astro HD universe.

If you have a HD TV, or ever watched any production in HD, you’d notice the huge difference between HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition).

HD TV is the future as more and more productions produce stuff in HD rather than SD.   Astro is and will continue to populate their offerings with more and more HD channels until I imagine the norm will be HD one day. :)


10 more new channels launching on Astro!

8 are HD (making the total HD channels on Astro 48; they only started with 4 HD channels in 2009!) and 2 new SD channels: Fox HD, Fox Family Movie HD, Fox Action HD, FYI HD, Hits HD, Diva HD, AEC HD, Shuang Xing HD & Zoo Moo (SD) and Classic Chinese Movies (SD).

I don’t really watch Chinese channels (cos banana) but Diva HD is always good! FYI looks promising too – it’s a new informative channel. FYI is a new lifestyle channel with series focused on food, travel, property and style.  Ya sounds mad adult right lol.

Another channel is Zoo Moo! For Fighter.  Haha I’m trying to wean him off Hi-5 with this…

Astro HD customers can enjoy the 9 preview channels (8HD/1SD) from 16 November 2014 to 28 February 2015. All Astro HD customers can also enjoy a access to AOTG (Astro on the Go) from 1 December 2014 to 28 February 2015 (entitlement according to your packages). Channels available on preview are Fox HD, Fox Family Movie HD, Fox Action HD, FYI HD, Hits HD, Diva HD, AEC HD, Shuang Xing HD and Celestial Classic Movies.  Zoo Moo will be automatically added if you have the Kids package.

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Bump’s gender





We found out Bump’s gender!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha ok let me story you. Very kan cheong one wtf.

My 3rd month visit, I casually asked my doctor, can we check the gender yet?

Doc said we can try using the genital tubercle angle.

Basically it involves taking a sideway shot of the baby, and measuring the angle of the genital tubercle (which is what the genitals are before they develop into male or female genitals). It’s a method used to discern the gender at about 12-14 weeks.

So if the angle of the tubercle is more than 30 degrees, it’s a male.  If it’s less than 30 degrees or parallel to the fetus’s body, it’s a girl.

genital tuberlar



Photo source here.

I didn’t take a picture but…. when we scanned for the angle, it looked like it was 45 degrees wtf.

And I cursed Fatty’s sperm WTF.

But Fatty’s mom once took his birth date and time for a bazi reading (fortune teller reading) and Fatty told me he was supposed to have two sons.  And we believed it cos everything else that the bazi predicted about Fatty’s life came true.

So I accepted that we would be having another boy and we even decided on a name for him!  We planned on calling him Noah hehe.

Then came the fourth month’s check.  Doctor did the usual methodical measurements and checking and then said, “Do you want to confirm the gender?”

Me: “Oh ok sure go ahead.”

Doc: “What did I tell you it was before?”

Me: “Um a boy…”

Doc: “Well actually it looks like a girl now.”

Then she showed me the ultrasound.


Basically you’re looking at Bump from under her butt wtf.  On the right is her butt, the long thing protruding to the right is one of her legs, and the other leg is below it, not as obvious but there.

And in between the legs, no penis!

Either that or a very poorly hung boy?

Doctor said not to announce it or start shopping yet though and to wait for the fifth month check to confirm.

Suspense killing or not I ask you!?? First say boy, then say girl.  Which one then!!!!

I’d already started thinking of Bump as a boy and picked his name and everything suddenly this throws me into turmoil again wtf.  Maybe some new age hippie parents prefer not to know the gender but not me!!! I wanna know as much as I can about my baby please.

Anyway we waited an excruciating four more weeks.  Actually more like I waited an excruciating time, Fatty just sailed along cos he doesn’t really mind either way.

But I damn kan cheong ok.  The morning before my fifth month checkup which was two days ago, I was cuddling Fighter to sleep for his nap and my heart beat very fast at meeting Bump Girl or Bump Boy that I think Fighter could hear it and he couldn’t fall asleep hahaahaha.

Went for the checkup…



Yep no penis again!

Doctor some more very confident, she said can see the ‘hamburger’ which apparently confirms it’s a girl cos the three bulges are the labia and clitoris.  Her exact words, “You can start shopping now.”

Hear that Fatty? Doctor’s orders.



So Bump is a girl!

Still in a bit of shock but very happy!  Feel a bit unprepared for a girl now though cos I’d totally anticipated a boy – I made plans to touch up the nursery a bit and I was still opting for more boyish colors cos I felt that Bump wouldn’t be a girl hahaha.

I played it cool all the way out of the doctor’s office though.  Then the second we stepped out I punched Fatty out of joy WTF.

Having a son and a daughter is my idea of a perfect family! Maybe cos my own family is like that hahaaha.

DSC_0062After the appointment, I headed straight to the mall WTF.

But I exercised considerable self restraint ok.  I headed for all the girly stores I’d never had a reason to enter before but didn’t buy anything.  Only got some pink pajamas which were from the discount bin anyway and totally necessary as her first outfits in hospital and back. ^^

(Actually it was cos I was so overwhelmed by the vast array of choices I immediately backed out of the store and thought I’d try again later wtf.)

Now to think of a name!



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Fatty wins another award! And so do I, sorta

Wah what is this my blog is turning into praise Fatty forum wtf.

Never mind la since I got no career (T_T), I work for free as his publicist wtf.

Anyway, last Friday Fatty was honored under Prestige’s Top 40 under 40 gala dinner.  Every year Prestige picks 40 stellar entrepreneurs/icons/overachieving people to be awarded as their Top 4o under 40.  But this year special a bit cos it’s their 10th anniversary.  Instead of how they do it normally, this year Prestige picked the cream of the crop, the best 40 out of the total 400 people they’ve featured in ten years.  Fatty was one of them!

And then they picked the top 10 from the top 40.  Fatty was one of them again!

OKOK pictures first!



With the critter before leaving for the gala dinner.  Critter looking not too happy cos he couldn’t come with us.

This fella is like the Digi yellow man cos wherever we go, he has to follow.  If he sees me hoisting my bag or putting on my shoes he raises hell and clings to me and refuses to let us leave.  Unfortunately there are places we can’t bring him (like gala dinners and wet markets) so we have to trick him by bringing him downstairs to the car park with us (as though he’s getting into the car), and quickly passing him back to the nanny to take him back up.  And instead of ‘bye’ we must say ‘see you’ cos he knows what ‘bye’ means and it ain’t good.


Hair!  Thank you to Sato san and Sabata san of 76style Mont Kiara.  They anyhow pin pin pin my hair and I was like huh so boring one just half do ah.  Then they brought out a mirror and showed me this amazing concoction behind. :D :D


All dressed up with somewhere to go!  My dress is from Rent A Dress KL.  Fatty was reluctant to wear his tux but guys all dressed up look so nice right! It was black tie, so most everyone wore tuxes anyway.





With Bryan of Chatime and his wife Sally.  We were at Taylor’s together last time actually and I knew of them but weren’t friends.  Funny how our paths cross again after ten years.


The top 10!

Errr why am I up there like an awkward turtle?



I was there collecting my plaque WTF.

Fatty’s friend, Chung Lynn of Nando’s was one of the top 10 winners too but she couldn’t make it.  So she asked me to be her proxy to receive her award.  I agreed but didn’t know she confirm win!!! I thought in case only.

So when they called her name, I had to go up! Pai seh max cos the award isn’t mine obviously but I kena the glory and applause wtf.  They did announce that I was accepting it on Chung Lynn’s behalf but I think half the people there didn’t hear it.

So everyone kept congratulating me and I kept trying to say oh no no I’m just helping a friend collect this… but quite tough to say this too fast on stage so end up I just say thank you wtf.

To make matters worse, one of the sponsors or organizers smiled at me kindly and asked, “your mother couldn’t make it tonight?” FML.

I stared at him for a moment and went, “….uh ya she’s not here.” Double FML.

After that some more people came up to me and said, “Congratulations! I just wanted to tell you that I love Nandos!”

Awkward turtle max lolol.  So I said, “oh no no not me, I’m just accepting the award for her cos she couldn’t make it.”

And the fella dunno why didn’t hear! He went on, “oh you don’t know me but I’m just a big fan of Nandos!”

*crickets sound


Anyway, Fatty not only was one of the Top 10, he was also awarded the RHB Business Excellence award!!! He was the only one who got it so I think he was judged the best of the best. :D :D

Super proud of him! Dunno why up for so many awards lately, maybe Bump is good luck. :D

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