The story of the baby hater

So as you may have seen on me and Fatty’s Dayres, we had a very unpleasant encounter with an Australian man yesterday on our flight back from Sydney.

(yes we were in Sydney. For a week.  With a baby and a toddler.  This warrants a post of its own which will be coming up after this wtf.)

So it was the end of a very stressful and harrowing week for us.  At the check-in counter we had already checked in three suitcases but we still had a crapload of stuff with us – I had Penny strapped to me in a baby sling and I was pushing her stroller filled with the world’s heaviest diaper bag, water and snacks for Fighter and miscellaneous items that fell out of our suitcase wtf.  Oh and my backpack.  Fatty had his backpack and was carrying Fighter.  We were bogged down but we were at the finish line! All I wanted to do was climb onboard the plane and endure the last leg of our trip so we could go home and rest.

Stepped on board and located our seats.  It turned out I was on an aisle seat and Fatty was in the seat across the aisle from me.

baby haterI drew a diagram for your reference.

Next to me by the window was a big Australian man, in his fifties.  He was talking on the phone when he saw me and said to his phone,

Oh god there’s a bloody baby next to me.


Fine I totally understand.  Nobody likes a crying baby on a plane and before having kids myself I was exactly the type of person whose head would whip around to locate the source and cock stare the poor kid and parents wtf.  So I get it that nobody wants a baby around on a flight cos of the high risk of high blood pressure and insomnia wtf.  In fact, I was considering buying candy to bribe my fellow passengers in case Penny or Fighter cried wtf.

Fatty and I settled into our seats and I noticed my neighbor going to talk to the flight attendants.  He was gesturing and I got that he was complaining about having to sit next to a baby.

He came back looking kind of dejected though so I assumed the crew probably told him he had to wait to see if there were any available seats or something.

I certainly didn’t want to make the poor guy suffer unnecessarily.  I noticed that there was nobody seated next to Fatty, so I said to him, “Excuse me, but don’t worry I’ll be moving to the other row to sit with my husband so you don’t need to bother about my baby.”

I don’t remember what he said exactly but something along the lines of how he has to transit from KL to London again and he’s damn tired and don’t want to put up with this yadda yadda. And then he said some other stuff in a grumbling tone which I kind of tuned out wtf.

I said, “Yes sure I understand.” But inside I was a bit miffed that I was doing him a favor and instead of saying thanks or sorry for the inconvenience, this man was just continuing to grumble about his misfortune of sitting next to me wtf.

Eh hello doing something nice for you leh need to keep harping on it??

Sadly for him, when I asked the crew if I could switch over and sit next to Fatty, they said cannot.  Because each row only comes with three oxygen masks and there wouldn’t be enough for all for us.  Which was why they seated us across the aisle from each other.

Too bad so sad for the baby hater.

I knew full well that Penny was going to cry at some point in the flight and started to feel quite uncomfortable sitting next to him.  So I asked Fatty to switch seats with me, figuring we had better chances with Fighter.

But noooo. Baby Hater’s eardrums too precious or something cos he then called over the head attendant and started haranguing him.

I couldn’t hear properly cos I was across the aisle by then but I pieced it together after it all.  According to Fatty who was sitting beside him, Baby Hater was complaining about how he’s some One World Emerald member or some nonsense like that, and was this how they treated special members?  By seating them next to a baby?

At this point, I saw Fatty’s eyes roll until can only see the whites wtf.

The head crew asked if he would like to switch seats away from the babies and he said NO. HE PAID FOR THIS SEAT (1A) AND BY GEORGE HE WAS GOING TO SIT IN HIS SEAT.

WTF. As if we didn’t pay for ours?!

(Actually we didn’t la, my fare and the kids were redeemed from points hahahaha but he doesn’t know that wtf.  And anyway you don’t pay for a particular seat what shit is this.  You can request it but you don’t pay extra to sit in a particular place la please.)

Then Baby Hater gestured at Fatty and said, “WHY DON’T YOU ASK HIM TO MOVE INSTEAD.”

Head attendant told him that wasn’t possible (because the baby bassinets were in our row so no way we could move to the back).

And Baby Hater said, “Why not? I’ve been an Emerald member for ten years blah blah always sit on Cathay blah blah how can you allow me to sit next to a baby yadda yadda been an Emerald member for so long and never been treated like this. And what is he?” (gesturing rudely at Fatty again)

This is when Fatty kaboomed.

He retorted, “I am to MAS whatever you are to your One World.  The fact is if you want to continue sitting here you’ll have to deal with it because both my kids are probably going to cry sometime in the flight.”

Baby Hater drew himself up and boomed, “Then maybe they belong in the back, in economy class, and you with them! My daughter is sitting in economy herself.”

Fatty lost his temper. “Well then it’s not my problem if you can’t afford to fly your daughter business class!”

Woah woah Baby Hater going to explode at this point. He hollered, “I COULD BUY UP THIS ENTIRE BUSINESS CLASS IF I WANTED TO. I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IN SPOILING CHILDREN. You’re one to talk – you didn’t even have to pay to bring your kids into business!”

Which is totally untrue and just goes to show how little he knows.  Infant fare is 10% of the adults and they don’t even get their own seat.  Noob.

Fatty obviously corrected him of his stupid notion but he ranted on and on.  About how Fatty started it cos he wasn’t even talking to him, he was speaking to the attendant.  Fatty was like are you kidding me? You kept pointing at me and trying to ask the crew to make ME move right in front of me, how is that not rude and involving me?

I also got angry and spoke up, “Yes and I was trying to help you out by requesting to change seats and you didn’t even have the courtesy to say thanks or be nice about it!”

I can’t remember what was said after that but he ranted on for a bit and demanded compensation from the crew which they respectfully denied.  How? Already offer him alternative seats he still don’t want.  What else can they do?  The argument kind of petered out with the head attendant patting Fatty on the hand to calm him down hahahaha.

I was boiling at the arrogance and selfishness of this asshole.  I was still thinking of things to say back to him when suddenly Fatty turned to him again and said, “Look. Let’s start over.  I apologize for saying you couldn’t afford tickets – that was uncalled for. My issue is that I would like to move if I could but I can’t because the baby bassinets are here and I have to sit with my wife to help her with the baby.  What is your issue?”

Baby Hater more or less calmed down and started speaking in a nicer tone.

But across the aisle I was fuming and indignant.  I wanted to go over and make Penny gnaw on his head or something wtf.  Later on, I asked Fatty WHY DID HE APOLOGIZE!?

Fatty said he felt that he was out of line making personal insults and implying he was poor wtf.  Besides the flight was eight hours and Fighter was bound to make noise at some point, and he didn’t want to deal with more shit from Baby Hater.

From his end, Baby Hater explained he was trying to make a fuss to get compensation, hoping they would switch his seat and upgrade his daughter. And he was surprised why Fatty jumped in cos he didn’t think it concerned Fatty.

Ummm then it just means he’s too cheap to pay for a business class ticket for his daughter and wants to get a free upgrade by yelling and ruining people’s day???

And guess what?  After Fatty apologized, Baby Hater never did.  No apology for inconveniencing us, no sorry for being rude, and definitely no apology for the crew who got yelled at for nothing.

In fact he confided in Fatty that in his experience, making a big enough fuss would get you what you want on flights WTF.


I feel sorry for whoever has to service him.


This was a picture I took later to show you guys our seat positions.  I’m on the aisle, and the window seat next to Fatty is Baby Hater.


The happiest one of us hahaha in her bassinet.


Snapped this picture of Fighter drinking his milk and accidentally captured Baby Hater.  Flight crews, be very afraid. Lol.

At one point Fatty asked if I thought he should move seats next to Passenger X so Baby Hater wouldn’t have more reason to hate babies.  I told him, if Fighter is going to annoy someone, shouldn’t it be someone unpleasant rather than someone who didn’t do anything?” Hahaha.

The lesson learned is this.  Nobody wants to listen to a crying kid in a confined space.  Heck, I hate it myself.  But what to do, kids on flights are a necessary evil.  Obviously I’ll do my best to make sure my kids are as undisruptive (is that a word?) as possible but we have every right to be on a plane, same like everyone else.

Also, making a fuss will get you nothing.  Except a whole blog post dedicated to you. Hahahaha.

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My review of the Stokke Scoot

Some of you might know that I settled on getting a Stokke Scoot for Penny.

I’d deliberated between getting a double stroller to carry both kids, a single stroller for Penny, or buying a new pink canopy for the Bugaboo Bee and letting Penny ride in it.

Me and my Bee.

  • Double stroller – just too damn heavy.  Besides, Fighter usually hates being in any stroller or cart so it would just be a waste of space.
  • Keeping the Bee for Penny – what if one day Fighter wants to sit in his stroller again?
  • New single stroller – best option

So I settled on the Stokke Scoot!  One key factor was that it comes in pale pink hahahaha.  The one I got is a limited edition one though; there are two versions – pale pink or dusty blue with polka dots.  Obviously I chose the pink one.

I’ve been using it for a month or so now and here’s my review on it.  Note: Not a stroller expert so Imma compare it to the only other stroller I know, the Bee.

Fresh from the oven store!

So this is what it basically looks like from the front.

Sizewise, the Scoot is quite large for a lightweight stroller, bigger than the Bee.  But that actually makes it feel more stable.  I don’t know the exact weight but it feels heavier than the Bee as well.  Bad cos I have no muscles and therefore prefer lighter models but good because the stroller feels tough and stable.


When you fold it up, it comes off in two.


I actually find the Scoot a lot easier to fold.  There are two big buttons to push on the side to unlock the seat and they are easily accessible and don’t require a lot of effort to press.

Just press them simultaneously and lift the seat off the chassis.

[pic of chassis lock]

To fold the chassis, simply push the button to the front, squeeze the whole button down, and the chassis swings close.  In theory this is very easy but as I am a muscle-less flabby person, I find this quite hard to do.  I also found the Bee hard to close initially but after prolonged use, the movements got smoother so I expect the Scoot to be the same.

When folded, the Scoot takes up more space than the Bee because it comes in two pieces.


The seat fits two ways – parent facing and front facing.  And both ways, there are three positions available – Sleep, Rest and Active.

In the picture above, the seat is adjusted for Sleep, extended all the way down.  I use this for Penny cos she can’t sit up yet.  DSC_0002

This is the seat raised up to Active mode.


I love how easy it is to adjust – you actually change positions by buckling two different length straps which will hold the back of the seat up to whatever position you want.



The handle is adjustable with three rotatable positions to suit different heights!  Just press the button on the handle to adjust.  It also folds up completely for easier storage.



Another thing I like is the huge canopy!  When Penny is asleep there it completely shades her from any light hitting her face and I hope it partially blocks out some sound too hahaha.  There’s also little net cutouts on the side so she gets fresh air in and can look out if she wants.



If you don’t want the canopy, you can push it back somewhere in between or all the way (like this).



Storage basket underneath is pretty spacious.  It also comes in a standard squarish shape which can take more things.  Very easy to put things in from the back (where I stand), as opposed to having to go to the front to put stuff into the basket.

In comparison, the Bee’s basket is rounded which looks cute but may not be as efficient for storing things.


Harness is adjustable for two different heights.  When baby gets bigger, simply push the harness straps through a higher set of slits on the seat to accomodate a longer child.

The big button on the harness lock makes it easy to unsnap too.  I hate it when kids’ seatbelt straps have to be ‘locked’ together first before you can insert it into the buckle (which is what our car seat does).  This one (and the Bee)’s straps can be buckled separately making it a lot easier to strap in a squirming child.


Another thing that is missing from the Bee but that the Scoot has is the leg rest!  Never gave it much thought but if I were a kid, a leg rest would be nice to have. Hahaha.

Scoot tires feel big and… bouncy? Haha. I imagine they absorb shock quite well and because they’re quite big, I feel safe running it over small steps or uneven floors.

OK here’s my verdict.  My verdict is… I like both the Scoot and the Bee equally much. Hahahaha. *diplomatic

Both are lightweight models which is what I prefer.  I like bringing both out with me but there are some differences.  You can use them to figure out which stroller is right for you and your family. :)


Like I mentioned earlier, the Bee feels lighter, and therefore easier to cart around.  However, the Scoot definitely feels more stable and secure due to the extra weight.


Sorry, Scoot.  Bee wins this one hands down.  The Scoot delivers a decent performance when it comes to pushing it and maneuvering it around corners.  But Bugaboo makers have perfected the technology behind its movement and rolling.  The Bee just rolls like a dream; I can push it with one hand and still retain full control of it without feeling like it’s going to roll away from me.  Unfortunately, after a while of pushing the Scoot with a baby inside, my arms start to tire a little. :(


Storage goes to the Scoot.  The shape of the basket underneath allows us to fit more stuff in it, and it’s easily accessible from all sides.  As for the Bee, I find myself having to move to the front of the stroller to stuff things into the basket.


It’s possible that Stokke used a lighter canvas material on the seat to reduce weight but because of that, the Bee’s thicker fabric feels more high quality, like it could go through a war and still come out intact and comfy.


Despite the lightweight fabric used, the structure of the Scoot makes it feel like I could drop it from the third floor and it would be okay.  The Bee feels more fragile for some reason.


This is purely personal and the Scoot with their limited edition pink polka dot seat and canopy put up a good fight. Hahahaha.  But I still love the quirky looking Bee with the rounded spindly legs (it really does look like a bug!)


The rounded shape of the Scoot makes it more comfortable, sorry Bee.  The Bee’s seat is flattish and while it’s okay for bigger babies and toddlers, young babies probably feel more secure in the “cocoon” of the Scoot.



Penny definitely thinks so!  She sleeps very well in it – half an hour at a time which is amazing for her wtf.

That said, Fighter slouches whenever he’s propped up in the Bee which makes me think the Bee really isn’t that comfy for toddlers after all.

Also the Scoot comes with the leg rest which probably contributes to the comfort factor.

IMG_20150609_153122Ok the end wtf. Hope this makes your decision easier if you’re considering strollers!


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Mickey and Minnie

This is a complete filler post cos I haven’t finished typing out my Stokke Scoot review yet and I don’t wanna leave my blog unattended.

Going on a short trip to Singapore tomorrow so my Stokke review should be up by the weekend!

Anyway guess what today’s twinning theme was?

I give you a hint wtf.







Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

The only rodents I will not kill :X Hahahahaha.

(Fighter looks like he’s guilty caught doing something he’s not supposed to do.  Which is pull on the mobile like that la!)

The outfits are from Love, Bubsie too. They sent Penny the Minnie outfit and I saw they had a Mickey one too which I quickly ordered so I can do twinning for them again. :D



Actually they both hate the ears. -_-

Look at their faces hahaha.



Penny can’t speak yet so she’s just whining about her hat.  But Fighter is yelling at us for trying to put it on him hahahaha.



Explaining why he hates it. (It’s not cool and it’s itchy wtf.) *making things up



Back to messing with the mobile. -_-




So… who wore it better?

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7 superpowers parents have

Following up from my previous blog post on Panadol and “Unnecessary headaches parents face“, it occurred to me that parents are superheroes.  Now everyone knows that; it’s not a new revelation.  Moms and dads give things up for their children and put their kids on first priority.  If that’s not noble I don’t know what is.

But have you thought about the actual physical super powers a person develops once they become a parent?

Let me enlighten you.

Extra strong sphincter muscles


Your sphincter suddenly builds up overnight like Arnold Schwarzenegger and suddenly you’re holding your number twos in (or chopping them in half without further ado) like it’s your career.

All the useful to battle the dreaded Parent Toilet Curse – the curse that guarantees whenever you sit on the toilet for a number two there will come a scream from your offspring  that forces you to hold it in or finish up in 0.5 seconds and run out with pants around your ankles to fix whatever drama is happening.

I don’t know about you, but my sphincter muscle is practically ready for the Olympics, the amount of times I’ve had to run out of the toilet and tend to a screaming baby.

Ears like a bat 


It starts as soon as your child is born and I don’t think it ever goes away.  You suddenly develop the auditory talents of a bat and can hear your child’s cries even a mile away.  Supersonic bat hearing extends to even when you’re in deep sleep – the second your child cries, you’re wide awake and jumping out of bed to comfort the source.

However, sometimes this superpower can sometimes be overly sensitive, causing parents to tense up because they’ve confused another kid’s cry with their own child’s.  Or worse, hear your baby crying even when there’s no sound.

Movements at the speed of light 

Superheroes flash into action whenever a crime has occurred or someone calls for help.  Super Parents are no different.  The second they sense their child is in danger, an electrical current jolts through their body and they leap into action.  They can’t help it, it’s physiological. Lolol.


Very useful for times like when baby is falling off the bed.  Or reaching for a hot stove.  Once I woke up in the middle of the night (SuperParent sense tingling) and saw Fighter’s head dangling off the bed. O_O  Some more you know his head how heavy, it was only a matter of seconds before the rest of his body followed suite.

In a flash, my arm shot out and yanked him back to safety by the ankle.  And he continued sleeping through it all. -__-

Another time, Fighter actually fell off the bed. I woke up to the screaming with cold terror in my heard and couldn’t see him anywhere.   I leaped up and ran around our king sized bed in less than a second I kid you not and picked him up and cuddled him back into bed. I was pretty amazed at my own speed, to tell you the truth.

Ninja skills up

2015-05-19 04.40.06 1


Under normal circumstances you may be an elephant clomping around the room but enough times of your kid waking up after hours of rocking him or her and then finally putting them down and closing their room door a bit too loudly will change that.

One day you’ll be so adept at sneaking out of your kids’ room in total silence that congratulations! You’re ready to apply to be a member of the Society of Ninjas (must be one somewhere in the world)!  You’ll also memorize which door creaks, how to turn the doorknob a certain way so it doesn’t squeak and you also learn how to lip read cos all your nightly TV shows will now be on mute.

Human garbage disposal system

Diet be damned!  As a parent, your stomach is now ready for ANYTHING.  Anything your fussy kid rejects or leaves unfinished, you’ll end up eating so as not to waste food.

2015-05-19 04.40.08 1


Congratulations! You are now a walking talking human garbage disposal system.

A very strong heart

2015-05-19_16.59.24The most important superpower a parent possesses – a strong heart.  A heart that can take a beating from now until forever but will never be beaten down.

This heart will melt when your baby is placed in your arms for the very first time.  But it will be filled with love for your child.  You may think it may burst, so full it feels but it won’t.

Your child essentially holds your heart in their hands and at times they might even break it.  But a parent’s heart is resilient and it will always heal and it will never stop being filled with love and tenderness for their children.

Yes parents are superheroes (not saying that because I’m one now ahaha).  But I now realize how strong and amazing my parents are, now that I’m one myself and I do see the changes in me and Fatty since we became a mommy and daddy to Fighter and Penny.

P/S: Superheroes don’t get annual leave or MCs yo.  So imake sure your superhero powers are not affected when you’re sick with a Panadol!  When pain goes away, life takes its place.


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Over the weekend we were at Ming and Patty’s wedding in Bangkok.

We already planned not to bring kids cos it was just a weekend and I thought it might be too difficult and stressful to lug them there with us over just three days.  But then I found out it was no kids allowed so yay guilt alleviated hahahaha.

Nice to be on our own for a while!  I was looking forward to uninterrupted sleep but er that didn’t happen wtf.  Fatty and I were very relaxed though.  Until we were at the airport to come back and we were debating whether to extend the trip WTF.

But clinginess to the babies won wtf.

Anyway it was a beautiful wedding!  One of the most well planned weddings I’ve attended.  No surprise considering it’s Ming’s wtf.

Let the photos do the talking!



In the airport waiting to board.

The suitcases are our wedding present to Ming and Patty!  Suitcases symbolize their long distance relationship and always having to travel to see each other.  It also represents the journey they’re embarking on together as a married couple. :D  Nice lehhhh so symbolic hahaha.

We bought Rimowa suitcases and commissioned a local graffiti artist Cloakwork to jazz them up.



Arrived at the hotel, The Siam which was breathtakingly beautiful!  Ming booked the entire hotel for the wedding so in the corridor downstairs were all their wedding photos taken in Iceland all laid out.


The corridor inside our suite.  Super nice and won’t mind staying there again… but also super expensive wtf thanks Ming lolol.IMG-20150616-WA0015


Sitting area…IMG-20150616-WA0016

Sinks. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – our house next time will have double sinks!



Suite is massive!



Bath area.  Not bathroom cos it’s partitioned off with drapes only.


What I loved about the #mingandpatty wedding was that it was so intimate and personalized!  It was small and they managed to personalize so much of it to the guests.  Like this welcome gift basket.  A personal letter addressed to us, a Bangkok guidebook they designed themselves based on their own experience, traditional fans for the heat, mosquito repellant etc.  So lovely!



Celebrated Darren’s birthday…

Then after dinner Wendy and I made a run for Talad Rod Fai but we underestimated how far it was wtf.  Our hotel is by the Chao Phraya so we traveled like 45 minutes to get there and no time to shop much FOL D:



Next morning up bright and early for the traditional Thai engagement ceremony.  Wah lau everyone so dressed up I also feel underdressed in this outfit wtf.



With proud momma of the groom Mummy Tong.  She’s so glam and elegant I wanna be her when I grow old lolol.



And Jia Yi, sister of the groom :D


All the hemsem groomsmen. (why Fatty not here wtf)



Thai engagement ceremony starts with a ‘gatecrashing’ session too!  The groom and his entourage bear gifts and approach the bride’s family and go through some hurdles to get to the bride.



The hampers they carried were very elaborate and pretty!  One fella had to carry a hamper of sand though FHL must be damn heavy hahahaah.  Not sure what the sand represented – land ah?



Finally got the beautiful bride!  Patty is soooo pretty here!!



Receiving flowers and gifts from a representative of the Thai princess. D:  Actually I also dunno why wtf but someone told us one.



With the parents, while waiting for the auspicious time to exchange vows etc.



Oh sorry hahaha.


With Lay See!



And Wendy and Huiwen!



And Arya of Nuffnang UK! He said he always looks weird in selfies.  Like now he looks like his photo taken with a fish eye lens although no fish eye lens around at all HAHAHAHAH I GOTTA AGREE HAHAHAHAHA.



With the Sayres hehehe.


Vows done, time for tea ceremony!  Same as us!  The happy couple with Mummy and Daddy Tong.



Then a very nice part of the ceremony – guests poured water over the couple’s hands as a blessing. :) Sooo quaint and it feels like such a lovely gesture.

After that it was over and we went for lunch.



At Fatty’s favorite noodle place.



Then for massages! Thanks Pat (Nuffnang Thailand partner) for taking us around. <3



Then on our mission to get enough sleep we went back to the hotel and napped wtf *loser



Woke up and got ready for the wedding dinner!

Dress from Miss Selfridge!  Bought at the last minute cos my old dresses are still too tight for me FML.

Very nice but I don’t think I’ll wear it again so…. does anybody want to buy a preloved dress HAHAHA.  It’s still a New Arrival and only worn once!  Email me at fourfeetnine [at]!



Wow at the decor.



Registration table with our suitcases as decor lol.



Congratulations Tong family!!


With Wendy.  So glad she was there and we could go out together!   We’re also the only two in short dresses wtf dammit must level up already.

Some more I dunno was I packing blind or what but I forgot half my stuff!  Didn’t bring lash glue, concealer (OMGWTF), hair curler or any hair accessories at all!  Thought I’d have to go for dinner with bird’s nest hair but thank god for Wendy who had hair pins I could use to simply pin up my hair. Turned out ok from the front just don’t see the back hahahaha.



With Beatricesays hahaha first time meeting her and she’s so pretty!



With Kathleen, Ming’s friend from HK, Pat and his super cute girlfriend! She’s super pretty and cute leh! If I’m a guy she’d be my type WTF. *creepy

2015-06-14 08.25.08 1


With table mates Lay See and Kelly.IMG_20150614_204638


Sorry again. Hahahaha.


Gorgeous table decor.


Wedding speech.  Hehehe very happy for them la I think they’re perfect for each other.  Ming and Patty, may you have a wonderful life together filled with love, happiness and lots of kids. Lolol.



They flew Cole Page in to perform!  He’s not very famous I guess but he’s amazing.  He does a lot of work with Manchester United and performs at VIP functions at Old Trafford.  We saw him last time and I loved him hahaha.  Good choice guys wtf.



Pranked some of the best men by making them come onstage with him to duet hahaha.



Surprise performance by popular Thai artistes New and Jiew.



I dunno them obviously but clearly they are super famous.



Main course!



One more with Mummy Tong and Jia Yi!



After party where this bride and groom rocked the stage.  Dunno where they get their energy from Fatty and I concussed after our wedding dinner hahahaha while our friends went to party.DSC_0004


New & Jiew were there too so we took pics with them like groupies hehehe.

And that was the awesome wedding of the year.

CIMG4172Oops last one of the Short and the Fat.


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Five ingredients for the perfect movie night

Now as you all know, Fatty and I are hardcore partiers.  And weekends are the best time to party our brains out.  When the kids are asleep, it’s time for the parents to come out and play! Woo hoo!

Off come the contact lenses and makeup.  We shrug away the worries of the week as easily as we shrug off our work clothes (or in my case, vomit spattered tshirt) and put on clean home clothes.  We may even have a shot or two of milk.  And if we’re feeling extra bad ass, we’ll stay up an hour later, and maybe sleep at midnight.

So you know since I’m such an expert on having the most happening Friday nights, and I’m very generous, I’ll share with you my Aud-patented recipe for having a Friday night that all your friends will envy.

Okay so here’s what you need.

1. One set of baggy comfortable pajamas

2015-06-01 10.26.28 2


Check.  Mine are printed with a unique iconic print – a generic bear.  Also striped delicately in my favorite color pink.

Optional: Slip your feet into your softest bedroom slippers are you’re ready to paint your house red!

2. A sleeping baby2015-06-01 10.42.10 1


Two sleeping babies are even better!  Not easy to achieve as it involves a lot of milk, shushing, rocking and a prayer of two.  But once you’ve got it, the night is yours!

3. A working broadband connection and a subscription to Netflix2015-06-01 10.26.55 1



So many movies, so little time!  Just pick a movie or show to set whatever mood you want for the night. *wiggling eyebrows* My personal favorite is Mean Girls.  Or The Office.

4. A willing partnerDSC_1673


In my case, the love of my life gallantly gave up his Starcraft in order to spend a romantic movie night with me.

(The electrical plug for the computer in my hand has nothing to do with it.)

2015-06-01 10.26.27 1

And there you have it… Five great ingredients for the perfect movie night. :)

Wait, what?  I only wrote four you say?

Well how could I forget?  The last piece of the puzzle – one more crucial ingredient for the perfect movie night is…

5. A Perfecto Popcorn2015-06-01 10.26.28 1


2015-06-01 10.26.26 1


There.  Now we have everything. :) 2015-06-01 10.26.25 1

You thought you could only get good popcorn at movie theaters? Nope, you can now have it at home to complete your perfect home movie experience.

IMG_20150527_200042Perfecto Popcorn comes in three flavors – French Vanilla, Chocolate In Love and Ultimate Caramel.  Our favorite is French Vanilla!

Unlike movie popcorn which may not all be coated, each kernel in Perfecto is fully coated for a yummy tongue-enlightening experience.

(at the Perfecto Popcorn launch recently!)

Perfecto can be picked up at any supermarket and be consumed anytime, anywhere.


(with my two boys)

For more info on Perfecto, visit their Facebook Page and Instagram @perfectosnacks



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Are you the next face of Xperia?

Now I normally don’t write contest announcements…






I think all my readers know I’m a big fan of Sony Xperia and their Z phones.  This was my first photo after getting my Xperia Z3 hahaha saying hi to the world!

The Sony Xperia Z is an awesome product that doesn’t get nearly enough hype in my opinion.  I’ve been using it since the Z1 and today I have the Z3 and I still love it.

I’ve also had a great experience with the Sony Xperia team and even if we stopped collaborating I’d still continue using my Sony yo.

That said, I must announce that Sony is looking for…


Sony is looking for unique individuals in South East Asia who have the ability to capture the extraordinary in the every day.

(Do I have what it takes since I capture my kids every day and they’re pretty extraordinary lolol.)

The faces of Xperia should be able to look further, for special moments just beneath the surface, remarkable beauty beyond sight and important sounds lost to the chatter around us.

There are seven unique Xperia propositions and each individual must embody the spirit, energy and attitude of the brand through one of the seven:

•          Waterproof: I can survive underwater




•          Low Light: I can see in the dark


(this photo was taken in an almost totally dark room.  The only light was coming from the bathroom with the door open about an inch.)

•          2 Day Battery: I can stay awake for days

2015-05-24 12.28.27 1

The face of someone who can stay up for two days.

•          Digital Noise Cancelling: I can silence crowds


She can with a shout of her own. Does that count?

•          Hi-Res Audio: I can hear things you can’t


She can hear me creeping out of the room FML.

•          Remote Play: I can run through walls

2015-05-19 04.40.02 1

Try me.

•          Smartwear: I can shape tomorrow



They who shape our future. :)

The Faces of Xperia have lots to look forward to!  Winners get:

  • The opportunity to participate in future Xperia marketing programs
  • A Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone and Sony Xperia Z4 tablet
  • Return airfare from the winner’s nearest capital city to Manila for a photography shoot
  • Hotel accommodation for the duration of the shoot

Contest ends 14 June so do hurry!!! Contest info and application HERE



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Love at first sight

So the other day I was pumping and reflecting.

You know you read articles and Facebook posts written by new mommas on their birth stories or seeing their babies for the first time.  And they always go something like this:

“…it was love at first sight for me.”

So was it really just me!? Confession time… it wasn’t love at first sight the first time I saw Penny or Fighter.  I never understood that saying.

I only realized this one day when I was playing with Penny and she was cooing and smiling back at me.  I thought how much I loved her and how I would do anything for her and her brother, and it hit me that truth be told, I did not feel like this on the day she was born.

The first time I saw Fighter I burst into tears because he was all tubed up in his incubator.  I cried because I felt responsible for putting him in that situation.  And I cared very much about him and I WANTED him of course.  But I didn’t feel the fall in love hearts in eyes feeling wtf.

With Penny, the nurses placed her in my arms and to be honest I don’t remember what I thought.  Probably something along the lines of “wah she so sticky” LOLOL.

Then later on when she was all cleaned up and we met again in my room, I again didn’t feel anything.  Meeting both my babies was like meeting someone new.  It was so weird!  I wanted them so badly when they were in my tummy but when I actually met them, it hit home that this was a new person, a stranger to me still.  Could I say I loved a stranger?

The love came more and more every day though.  Every day I saw them, fed them, bathed them, played with them and that’s when I started falling in love.  The more I get to know them, their weird baby habits and distinctive personalities, the more I love them.

And I think every day I still love them more and more.  In the beginning I may have loved them as an obligation  but now I love so deeply it slightly scares me because I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for them.

Was it really love at first sight for you?

Anyway random pumping thoughts aside!

Let me introduce to you Hula Penny.



Love, Bubsie sent me a whole bunch of costumes and outfits for Penny and this is the most hilarious one hahahaha.  Grass skirt, coconuts and flowers in her hair hahahahahaha I cannot handle the cuteness!

And where’s Fighter?

2015-06-05 12.32.52 1

Here he is!

To match his sister (and as part of my twinning obsession), Fighter is a tiny surfer dude today.  He’s decked out in green board shorts…


And sunglasses!

2015-06-05 12.32.43 1


Hehehe one of the outtakes.

2015-06-05 12.32.41 1


“Hmm Penny, Mommy didn’t get you any sunglasses.”

2015-06-05 12.32.45 1


“You can have mine.”

2015-06-05 12.32.48 1


“That’s not how you wear sunglasses, sis.”

2015-06-05 12.32.51 1“Is this edible?”


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Another simply every day post

Not on purpose hor, but I’ve been so caught up in the day to day with the kids and everything I haven’t had time to sit down properly and write also. :’(

Here’s what’s been happening lately.  AKA the best photos compiled of late hahaha.


Fighter’s developed a specific preference for this onesie dunno why!  So every time he sees it in the laundry basket he snatches it up and brings it to us to wear.

I think I wanna burn this onesie already hahahahaha.



This OOTD is so much better okay!



Fighter’s also developed a streak of independence.  Here’s him helping to fill up his own bathtub. <3


And him attempting to feed himself.  Spoon handling skills nowhere near there yet but he’s trying!  And I bought him a full Rilakkuma set – plate, soup bowl, utensils and cup to encourage him.

Who cares about the floor!! wtf



Attended a Uniqlo shopping event with Dayre Mums and got lots of stuff for Fighter and Penny!


Finally picked up Penny’s stroller!  Isn’t it a beaut!!! Never thought I’d find a pastel pink stroller hehehe.

Went for the Stokke Scoot this time and I’m thinking of writing a review of it vs the Bugaboo Bee soon!


Took the kids swimming.


Of course only Fighter la Penny naps by the side for now hehehe.


Appeared on Bella NTV7 with Bobo and Raja Nadia for a segment on fashion bloggers :D



My side profile very nice ah WTF.

OOTD details – Vest from BCBG Max Azria, jeans from Topshop, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.



DId more twinning outfits with these two!

This theme is white singlets with denim bottoms.


Marvel over how cute my Penny Lane is.



Fighter’s also very annoying recently cos he’s doing this thing where he doesn’t wanna look at the camera if we’re taking pictures.  See his kuai lan face hahaahha.



He’s also very into wearing glasses these days.



But not into the fact that Daddy needs to go shower.  WTF.  #reasonmykidiscrying #assholeparentfortakingabath



Fighter’s school term at Julia Gabriel ended so he “graduated” from his term hehehe.  Here he is receiving his certificate.



Cute leh his outfit.



On a day I bothered to put on makeup.



Fighter also damn loving to Penny these days *hearts in eyes

He’s always patting her gently on her head now and when we pretend to make her kiss him he gets super happy lolol.  Here he’s actually trying to feed her his raisins wtf.



Anther twinning outfit.  This is black outfits with white lettering.

Koko so generous trying to share his sunglasses with Penny. -_-




Penny’s solo OOTD. HAHAHA HER FACE. Blue gingham pinafore, blue shoes and mittens.



My baby can wink better than me. FML.



Attempted to make dessert…


Mango sticky rice! Very yummy and idiot proof. :D



Fighter’s also developed a thing for hats.



While Penny’s learned how to stand.  (well, nearly.)



Sibling staring contest ongoing wtf.




Just hanging out with these two critters. ^^



Took damn nice shots of these two!  Seriously Fatty should learn from me wtf.



Attended Perfecto launch with these two boys.IMG_20150527_211354OOTD details: Fig & Viper dress, Boy Chanel bag, JC shoes.

Busy or not!? See got legit reason for not updating lolol.  Proper blog post soon!!!


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All that glitters is gold

2015-05-18 12.23.09 1

Got a gold bar dropped off at my house the other day. #nobigdeal

Hahaha obviously it’s not a real gold bar!  But what do you think is inside?  Very unexpected one.

2015-05-18 12.23.13 1A gold toothbrush!  (not for brushing gold teeth)

2015-05-18 12.23.10 1

It’s the new Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush!

Gold because it’s the “Gold Standard in Whole Mouth Cleaning”

2015-05-18 12.23.12 1

Thank you Colgate for giving me the pink version hahaha how you knowwww.

2015-05-18 12.23.14 2

What’s special about it (besides it being gold) is that its bristles are 100% antibacterial  which will inhibit bacterial growth on your toothbrush for up to 90 days.  And by then it’s time to change to a new toothbrush so you don’t have to worry about nasty dirty germs brewing on your toothbrush and going into your mouth.

The black parts on the other hand are charcoal bristles which can clean and remove stains on your teeth.

2015-05-18 02.01.33 1


Photo for illustration purposes only but it’s my current toothbrush now! (I forgot to change my old one since beginning of the year :X)

2015-05-18 02.01.37 1

Using it is super gentle on my teeth and gums!  I’m the type of person who presses unnecessarily hard when brushing (-_-) so I found Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal to be very nice and soft.  Its bristles are also 17 times slimmer than the average toothbrush which makes it easier to clean at the gumline.

2015-05-18 12.23.10 2If you want to convert your golden experience with the Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush into real gold, just play the game and join the contest at the Colgate website below.

colgate goldClick here to play!


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