The best apps for babies and toddlers

So I’ve been asked this question a few times now — what apps do we have on our iPad?


Sorry, from a purely parenting point of view ah hahaha.

I know I know.  Experts say that no screen time is good time for babies and children. I have friends who have a strict no iPad policy for their kids and I am super in awe of their ability to enforce that hahaha. Honestly, we haven’t been able to and we’re not trying very hard wtf.  

My philosophy to everything is “moderation is key” after all (except maybe my addiction to Candy Crush FML oh god just typing this makes me want to open the damn game already wtf) so I believe we’re all right as long as we enforce time limits and rules for screen time.

That said, I think certain apps have actually been  very beneficial to the kids.  In fact, Fighter learned his alphabet and numbers from the iPad! I never used flash cards with him but he astounded me one day by narrating every single upper case letter correctly when I so happened to open a box of ABC cards. D:

And Penny recently showed off her newfound knowledge of barnyard animal names too hahahaha.  And it’s really all from the apps we’ve been using. :X

So here are my favorite apps for the kids.

Best Storytime: 30 Stories & Songs


Category: Fairytales & Nursery Rhymes

Category: Pink Fong/SmartStudy

When I downloaded it, the developer used to be called Pink Fong but now in the App Store it’s SmartStudy.  But this app is super worth it cos we’ve been using it for two years and Fighter still loves it.  It’s all fairytales told in a very simplified manner, for babies and toddlers to understand.  Each tale starts with a little song about the story, usually sung with a familiar melody and using very simple words.

I bought the entire 30 stories which cost me USD 25 or something.  Pretty expensive but very value for money since they love it until now.  It’s Penny’s current favorite app.

Best Kids Songs


Category: Fairytales & Nursery Rhymes

Category: Pink Fong/SmartStudy

This app is the songs version.  I bought the whole set and combined with free songs that pop up for download now and then, we have 45 songs right now.

These two apps are the best for entertaining the kids when we’re out. :X

Peppa Pig 2


Category: Fairytales & Nursery Rhymes

Category: Pink Fong/SmartStudy

(I was on a downloading kick from this app developer wtf).

I got this because duh, Peppa Pig.  Fighter’s one true love wtf.  The only thing I’m confused about is that it’s called Peppa Pig 2 but I can’t find Peppa Pig 1 anymore! I don’t know if they discontinued it to be honest, cos the episodes even start from 27 onwards.  I have episodes 27-52 though and this is also a value purchase for us!

After some research though, this Peppa Pig 2 is actually episodes from Season 1.  There’s a separate app called Peppa Pig Season 2 (also by SmartStudy) which contains Season 2 episodes obviously which I am downloading as we speakwtf.

I like Peppa Pig actually! I think it’s quite funny hahaha and I like their proper accents and pronunciation.  Peppa herself is a bit silly but she does impart some pretty good lessons.

Toca Band


Category: Music

Developer: Toca Boca.

This app does nothing but make music.  There’s a main stage with empty circle stages on it and at the bottom of the screen are different characters that make different sort of noises – repetitive melodies, percussion, and so forth.

It’s baby’s job to select the characters to create a unique song each time.  I quite like playing with it myself and the kids are really good at coming up with “concerts” on Toca Band.  I see this as an introduction to music. ^^

Peekaboo Barn


Category: Vocabulary

App developer: Night & Day Studios Inc.

This is another favorite of Penny’s.  Fighter has outgrown this cos it’s really very simple — more suited for babies aged 1 to 2 I think.

Basically, baby taps the screen and the barn door opens, featuring a new animal each time.  The animal makes its expected noise, and a child’s voice narrates the animal name.

And that’s how this girl learned her farm animals. Lolol.

I think it’s great cos the graphics are colorful and clear, and it’s super easy to understand.  Plus babies seem to love the cause and effect of tapping and having the door open.  The only thing is, this app costs money.  If you’re not sure, there’s a Peekaboo Barn Lite that you can download first to check it out.

Fish School


Category: Letters & Numbers

App developer: Duck Duck Moose, Inc.

This is the app that taught Fighter his ABCs!  The fish swim out in various choreography, making letters, numbers, and shapes, and colors.  Each different configuration is followed by a voice narrating the letter, number or shape.

There are also simple games – identifying different fish, finding matching fish and so forth.  

It’s also pretty interactive and engaging – touching different things will create a different reaction from the fish.

Peek-A-Zoo Lite


Category: Vocabulary

App developer: treebetty LLC

This is similar to Peekaboo Barn except that it’s zoo themed so the animals are from the wild.  I got the Lite version which has four animals.  The full version apparently has 15, and animal names are spoken in 5 languages – English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

The kids seem pretty entertained by the sounds the animals make but I don’t know why I never found the urge to download the full version.  Lite version enough already hahaha *kiam.

Baby’s Musical Hands


Category: Music

App developer : Streaming Colour Studios

This is basically a rainbow musical instrument wtf.  Each row is one instrument: red for drums, yellow for piano, blue for guitar.  And each square is a different sound for the instrument.

So baby can go wild and rock on wtf.  Hahaha.  To be honest both kids have outgrown this but it’s still a nice app to have and I think it will really entertain younger babies or those who have just gotten exposed to the iPad.

That’s about all our favorites!

I try to keep our apps educational obviously, yet fun with enough music, colors and cute characters. ^^  If you have any favorite apps, please leave a comment! (So I can download too wtf)


AudDisgusting AudSuay

Our home was infested with fleas. Here’s what we had to do.

Croatia was heaven in a week.  I had a fantastic time, with great food and company and I felt recharged and ready to come home and resume mommy duties.

But the minute I got home, poop hit the fan.

Fatty had brought the kids to Penang while I was away so we all arrived home on Saturday.

To our surprise, we received a warm welcome!  From guess who?

That’s right. Fleas.  Waving their teeny little legs at us and baring their bloodsucking fangs. >:((((((

Right before I left for my trip, we’d noticed sounds in the ceiling above the nursery – scrabbling and running footsteps, and what sounded like chirping.

Well, it sounded like chirping to me so I thought it was birds wtf.  But when my mom came over, she told me it sounded like rats and the chirping was the baby rats WTF.

When I called our condo maintenance, the maintenance guy confidently told us it was ‘musang’ or ferrets/civets WTF.

How did it get from birds to weasels in our attic!?

So I got a little agitated, knowing that there were creatures in our attic, directly living above the kids.  And they were loud!  What if they ran around until the plaster ceiling gave way and they fell through on top of the kids. O_O

The condo maintenance helpfully set up a trap for the musang but none were caught FOL.

So Fatty suddenly realized he had a friend who owns a company called Ridpest that specializes in pest control. We called them in and they set up musang traps.  However, nothing came out of those as well, and Fatty departed for Penang.

So on Saturday when we returned, it was evening and we hustled the  kids up to the room to wash up.  And that was when I saw tiny dots on the surface of our white wooden changing table. Curious, I reached out to tap one with my finger.  It jumped.

I freaked out! I knew exactly what they were and where they had come from.  The room had round ceiling lights which were embedded into the plaster ceiling.  The musang made the most noise from right above the light shining on the changing table so we presumed their nest was right there.  And the fleas had slipped through the hole, around the sides of the light to drop into the room. T__________T


Said light. So first thing I had to do was containment! I knew the fleas were dropping from the light so I filled a basin with water and added detergent. The detergent would kill them cos they don’t die in water those bastards wtf. They just swim around for a while and then climb the sides. IMG-20160627-WA0005


Every night it was literally hundreds of them.  The basin is huge and still others managed to escape.  They bounced off the changing table, and swarmed the room.

I went berserk wtf.  I couldn’t stand the thought of living side by side these wretched bugs wtf.  Fatty saw my slow spiral into insanity wtf and quickly made another appointment with Ridsect.

In the meantime, I obsessively checked my homemade traps.

Fleas are nocturnal and attracted to lights so I set up a desk lamp on the floor and placed a dish of detergent water in the spotlight.  The fleas jump towards the spotlight, fall into the soapy water and drown. *grim*


This was the second night  I set the trap.

Every time I went in to check, I’d see dozens of tiny dots jumping on the floor – it was so disgusting omg.  Couldn’t stand it so I went on my hands and knees, slowly plucked fleas off the floor and dropped them into my soapy dish. :X

And this is how I ended up with….I think a conservative estimate would be 60-80 flea bites on my body. :X


The only place they didn’t get is my face thank Buddha wtf.  They got my legs…


My torso… (sorry ah stretch marks hahahaha)


Feet had it the worst.  I counted 20 on my right foot, 18 on my left.  My toenail polish also chipped off in sad solidarity wtf.




Back. Means they were jumping into my shirt WTF HOW GROSS IS THAT


Fighter and Penny were not exempt. :(  Fighter got bitten on his legs…


Penny got bitten all over her face. T______T


I even sprinkled salt all over the room in hopes that it would dry up the flea eggs.

Didn’t work. I continued to get bitten.

For a week I had trouble sleeping cos I was so itchy all over I’d just wake up to scratch.  Out of the whole household I got attacked the most FML.  Fatty said they probably knew I’m queen bee hahahaha but the truth is it was cos everyone else mostly avoided the areas but I was the one who kept going in to check (and kill fleas).  Until I’d see fleas swarming my feet and the bottoms of my pajama pants FML.


This worked though. Since the fleas were coming from the lights, I asked our helpers to fill plastic bags with more soap water and tape the bags around the lights.

Removing the bags and looking at all the drowned fleas inside was the highlight of my week wtf.

IMG_20160627_155815 Finally Stephen from Ridpest came as scheduled!  He checked out the situation…. then turned to me and said gravely,

Wow, this is quite bad.

I know hahaha T________T But for a pest expert to say this, it’s really jialat!  He estimated there were thousands of fleas, larva and eggs in our house already and the source most likely was whatever animal was in our attic. Our house was so completely infested we had no choice but to do a complete extermination. This is what we did to prepare for it.

        1. Called our contractor to come and make a manhole into the attic since we actually didn’t have one
        2. Bag all the kids stuffed animals into trash bags and send to the laundry
        3. Remove all bedding to wash at the highest temperature
        4. Air mattresses

The next day the Fleabusters arrived hahaha.   Nobody is supposed to stay in the house while they do their job so I packed up the kids and helpers and drove to my parents’ house for the day.  Fatty stayed behind to handle the Ridpest team before leaving later too.

First they went up to through the ceiling but they couldn’t find the animals anymore.  They sprayed the whole attic anyway and then threw in mothballs to keep animals away.   A few days later, our contractor would go up and seal a gap between the roof and the wall with wire fencing, which was how animals were getting into our ceiling.


Spraying the ceiling and the light holes.


After that they misted the whole house too – a complete extermination!


We thank you for your service. ^^

We had to evacuate the house for six hours after the spraying and misting was done, in order for the poison to really set in and kill all those buggers wtf. Misting was done at 1 pm so at 7 pm we returned home.  Stephen gave us explicit instructions how to handle the situation:

      1. Cover your mouth with a wet cloth and open the front door wide.  Wait for ten minutes outside
      2. Go in and open all windows and doors, and turn on all the fans.  Then go back out and wait for another ten minutes.

 Only after that is it safe(r) to enter the house.  We had to start by mopping all the floors, and wiping surfaces like tables, chairs, cabinet tops etc.   To be safe, we also took out all the children’s clothes and threw them into the washer.  And we changed all the bedding in the house.


Stephen told us to wait another hour before bringing the kids in so the helpers had to go do the airing and cleaning while we waited downstairs with the kids. :X

I told them to open the door then come out to the stairwell and wave at me or else I’d think they died WTF hahahahaha #badjokes

And while the helpers were cleaning doggedly, we were just stuck downstairs. Our condo doesn’t really have any nice places to sit and wait so we just walked around and let the kids play.  And when they got sleepy, we took them to the swimming pool bathroom and washed them up, brushed their teeth and changed them into pajamas.


And camped out in our van like hobos hahahaha.

When an hour was up, we all trooped in… and saw tons of cockroaches and other bugs on the floor. :X The misting worked not just for fleas but other household pests!  Super shiok seeing all the dead bugs hahahaha cos it means our house is CLEAN yo.

Stephen told us to keep our homemade traps to see how many more we would be able to catch.

The first night after, we caught 25.  But when I entered the room, I saw fleas still dropping down from the hole in the ceiling, which meant the fuckers were still around!

We reported it to Ridsect who obligingly came the next day and sprayed the ceiling again.


And this was the trap result the following day. :)

Fleas are a notoriously difficult pest to rid of, and even if you kill the adults, the eggs and larva cannot be totally eradicated the first time, and a house may need a few cycles before they’re truly gone.  


After a few days of no more flea bites, we concluded we’ve won the war. 😀 And here’s the contractor patching up the hole.  We moved back in to our rooms (from downstairs) the next day. :))))

This whole flea saga has been immense.  I’d just come back from a great trip and the fleas were a horrible welcome home.  I was bitten all over, worried about my family, and due to the exertion of trying to catch them, my knee started hurting again when in Croatia, it was fine.

I couldn’t even sleep due to the stress and itching, and I remember thinking if this continued, I really might go mad wtf.

Calling Ridpest is something I’m so thankful to Fatty for.  Can’t say enough about Stephen and his team!  The team were friendly, helpful and professional.  Service was excellent — like they came back to make sure their job was done satisfactorily!

And best of all, we won World War Flea.

Thank you Stephen and Ridpest so much!

Ridpest not only does fleas, but other household pests like rodents, ants, termites and bugs as well.  I already signed up for a monthly extermination package with them; and cos we have kids, they have a special eco-friendly formula that’s gentler for children.

This is not an ad but we told Stephen we wanted to blog about our experience.  And Stephen said he’d give our readers a discount.  Just go to this page to get a quote and submit the code “Tim-10%” for a discount :)

I hope this blog post gives anyone who’s looking at extermination services a clearer idea of what goes on! And if you have a bug problem, get it fixed ASAP before it gets too bad to handle. :)


And we lived happily ever after wtf.


AudTourist AudVlogs

Truffle hunting in Croatia

Continuing my Croatia travel posts!

So on Day 2 we went truffle hunting! To be honest when I saw it in the schedule I was a bit like uhhh. I don’t know why la but the word ‘hunting’ evoked images of dogs and horses and rifles WTF HAHAHAHAHA

So I was like erm I don’t know if I want to be so violent WTF even though I don’t know what picking mushrooms has to do with violence hahahaha.

When we got there though, my ideas completely changed! It is super super nice and completely doable for a couch potato like me!

Let the vlog do the talking!

And because I spammed my camera, here’s more photos for you to be jelly at hahahaahha.


This was taken at Prodan Tartufi, the truffle …farm? Orchard? Hunting ground? I will actually never know what it’s called. OMG see the view also forget to breathe already.


Where we were greeted by these babies!  The smell nearly killed me hahahaah it was sooo good! And it’s my first time seeing truffles in their original form – sorry ah very sua ku I can only identify them by their scent hahaha.


And this little fella!  His name is Pico and he’s a hunting dog (in training)!  Our host Visnja told us that among some of the restrictions placed on truffle hunting (to preserve its continuity I guess) is that a hunter must go with maximum two dogs – and one needs to be in training.

But see this little fella!  So cute and playful we have doubts over whether he can really do his job hahahahaha looks like his talent is being cute only LOL.


Wanted a photo with him but he kept licking my face!


This is Visnja, our pretty host!  Prodan Tartufi is a family run business and from what I understand, besides holding truffle hunts (and a truffle feast!) for guests, they also bottle and make all sorts of truffle products!

So our hunt was super chill wtf.  I still had my leg brace on and I could keep up.  It was basically a walk in the woods with our hunting dog, Hermes (HAHA) while waiting for him to sniff out truffles.


And he did! Here’s Pear with win 1.


And me with win 2.


Our treasure!


Truffles are found underground so you have to brush them clean with water.


And this is how they look like!


So mission was a success, next we sat down to a truffle brunch.DSC03019

Appetizer was bread with different kinds of truffle related food!  Truffle cheese spread, truffle olives, truffle cheese slices, and truffle salami.  OMG this was good enough I would have died happy here.


But then next dish was truffle scrambled eggs! I helped to cook them *proud (refer to video wtf)

The eggs were heavenly!  Prodan also rear chickens so their eggs are farm fresh.  They were also made with truffle olive oil I believe.  And then on top, we poured more shaved truffles !


Here’s me shaving truffles.  Our guide Alen and Visnja kept shouting at me cos they damn scared I shave my fingers off WTF. Hahahaha but when Pear did it nobody shouted FML.


The end product.

I was in absolute bliss.  


Just when I thought I could take no more, dessert was served.

Cream cheese with truffle honey drizzled on it, and a truffle shaving on top.


Place is so beautiful I just had to take a photo.  But Pear photobombed me AHAHAHHA.  She run like Olympic sprinter ok! To the car to get her bag hahahahaha.


Then Pico came and photobombed me again!

After truffle hunting, we visited Hum, which is supposed to be the smallest town in the world.


It dates back like 1000 years :O


Here’s Wendy.


And here’s the prettiest house ever.  I don’t think anyone could live here and not be contented.


I didn’t know it was a house though and nearly barged in until I saw a woman cooking in the kitchen ahahahahah.

Then next stop was for lunch (which was at 4 pm wtf) and it was another truffle themed restaurant! *wipes saliva


Sorry I’m a terrible food blogger but I don’t remember what this dish was hahaha.  Truffle mousse…something?


Main was truffle pasta OMGGGG. After this we so fell in love with truffle pasta that we ordered it as often as we could hahaha.


Truffle ice cream.  Their sweet combos sound damn off but in reality they’re all delicious!


And on the way home… we saw a rainbow!DSC03141

And it just got bigger and bigger until we could see the whole thing! Another first in my life :))))

And that was Day 2.

More coming up! #shareistria #nuffnangxistria


Goodbye to breastfeeding

Penny is fifteen months old and not to sound braggy or anything but she’s been a fully breastfed baby.

Really nothing to hao lian about!  I’ve always been lucky with milk production and I didn’t have to work very hard to maintain my supply.  Also for selfish reasons, I persevered in breastfeeding cos it burns calories lolol.

So really, it’s a matter of me and Penny’s interests being aligned. ^^ But no la I am really glad we made it this far.

When I went to Croatia though I thought it might be a good time to wean.  I mean she’s already fifteen months which is three months past what Fighter had, and my milk supply was finally dwindling (cos I suddenly started getting one cracked nip so I stopped feeding from there and it just plummeted wtf).  I also didn’t really want to bring a pump to Croatia with me, and I didn’t want her to get too used to feeding cos it’d be harder to wean later; now whenever she sits on my lap she tries to pull up my shirt wtf.

So I didn’t bring my pump to Croatia.  My supply was already pretty low so it took me two days to get engorged!  I couldn’t take it though, and hand expressed much to the amazement of Wendy who was my roommate hahahaha.

And every few days I would hand express all throughout the trip.  Just to get rid of the annoying full feeling.

When I came home, I realized I still had milk!

So when she stirred at midnight, I eagerly picked her up to nurse.  Even though I planned to wean her, I couldn’t resist hugging her and feeding her… just a while more hehehe.  Breastfeeding may be a pain – pumping, waking up every 2-3 hours, cracked nips, but a little pain makes everything else seem sweeter wtf.  I don’t actually know what I like la – the bonding? Or the satisfied feeling I get when my boobs get drained wtf.

But we don’t plan on more kids at the moment and I knew I would miss this.  So I wanted to prolong it a little longer.

I picked her up and held her to my chest.  Instead of nuzzling and honing in on my boobs, she just lazily stretched wtf.

I directed her gently to her target.  She opened her mouth, then she closed it again wtf.  I pushed my nip to her again.  She opened her mouth, then turned away with her eyes shut.


Wah lau this bottle can really spoil market lo wtf.

So there ends my breastfeeding journey. T_________T

I know I know I planned to wean already so this is really my objective achieved.  But I am still feeling a little grief.  That an era is over.

That I would never have the means to nourish her again.  That she won’t wake up in the middle of the night with her arms up for me, and melt into my hug like I’m the best shizzle ever.  That it won’t just be me and her snuggling in a quiet room.  That now I have to buy milk powder HAHAHA.


Thank you boobs for bringing me and Mochi this far.  Maybe next time I’ll give you a lift job. HAHAHAHA.



Zwitsal and babies

When Zwitsal first approached me to collaborate, I felt a strong sense of deja vu!

I was like what brand is that?  Why do I not remember seeing it around but yet it sounds so familiar!?

Did a quick Google and found this image on their website.

ZOMG I have seen this before! In my grandparents’ house in Penang!  Like 27 years ago or something believe it or not.

I remember this packaging very clearly from when I was a little kid, growing up in Penang. Our grandparents took care of Ooib and me and I actually remember seeing this baby powder lying around the house lolol.  It’s a brand my grandparents used on me as a baby!  Which is why I was on board for this hahaha.

To be honest, I don’t remember seeing Zwitsal on shelves recently so I was happy to find out more.


Zwitsal sent me their full range!  The baby shampoo, baby bath, baby lotion, and in the travel kit, more baby bath and baby shampoo, as well as floral scented baby powder, baby oil and a rubber duck!


Busy bee helping me arrange wtf.

Zwitsal products are made out of natural ingredients, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, and are an extra soft formulation, making it safe and gentle on sensitive baby skin.


So I ran a bath for Penny to try out the products.


Baby shampoo on.  (Erm Penny is holding tight on to her favorite thing in the pack)

I love the smell of the products actually!  You know how you can tell if artificial scent has been added to hygiene products? Hint: They smell too perfect.  Like lavender smells super flowery and sweet, orange smells very fruity and tangy that kind wtf.

The Zwitsal products smelled… complex.  Like layers of subtle scents combined evoked a natural not unpleasant scent.  Made me think that artificial fragrance wasn’t added. :) Turns out they contain celery, candlenut and aloe vera!


Baby bath was a watery milk which lathered up softly.  Penny’s skin is super sensitive and prone to eczema and it didn’t seem overly dry afterward either which is another plus point.



This though, is my favorite of the bunch.  The baby lotion.

Because it comes formulated with citronella oil! Which means I KEEL YOU MOSQUITOS. No la not kill la hahahaah but citronella is a natural mosquito repellent and comes in most natural mozzie creams and sprays.

It also contains chamomile extract which is supposed to help with itching.


Penny being very interested in the lotion hahaha.


We haz a winner!!


I really like it that the baby lotion contains citronella. :) We have a tough time with mosquitos near our house but I would like the kids to have outdoor time daily for fresh air and sunlight (also so they tire out and sleep faster WTF) so this lotion is really handy!

It smells like fresh yummy citronella too so I just slap it on them and let them roam.


With no worries! Hakuna matata!


Us and the two beautiful lights of our lives 😀


This post was written in collaboration with Zwitsal.

AudTourist Audvertorial

Hello from Croatia!

Yup, I am in the beautiful region of Istria in Croatia!!!!  On a tour of Istria by #shareistria with Xiaxue, Peary Pie and Rachel Wong right now….


Ohai wtf. While I miss the kids, they seem perfectly fine without me wtf.


Hahaha terrible Fighter is laughing with his mouth full. I’m trying to do a daily vlog of each day in Croatia because I wanna save and remember everything that happened.  The tour schedule is very well thought out too and I think the vlogs will be a great guideline for what Istria has to offer for anyone who’s thinking of going!

So here! Day 1 is here.

Proper blog post with photos probably when I’m back!  


AudBaby AudVlogs

Penny’s first kiss


Last weekend we attended Fighter’s friend Chase’s birthday party.  Chase is a huge fan of trucks and fire engines so it only made sense that his mother, Sieu Ee throw his party at a fire station!

(I promise this story is relevant to the title wtf)


Fighter and Chase are kind of like BFFs. They’re among the more talkative kids in class and therefore gravitated towards each other I guess hahaha. It also helps that both are friendly and unaggressive and peace loving wtf. S o sometimes I bring Penny with me when I go pick Fighter up from school and Chase always seemed very interested in this bald baby in my arms. He would shout, “Penny Penny!” whenever he saw her hahaha. But he and Fighter are so good friends and Fighter would also point out Chase’s baby sister when he saw her, so we chalked it up to mutual interest in their best friend’s family. Anyway, leading up to his birthday party, Sieu Ee told me that Chase would ask, “Is Jude coming? Is Penny coming?” And we mothers laughed about it to ourselves. But then this happened. DSC02836

Penny was sitting next to her Koko on the tarpaulin when Chase suddenly plopped down next to her.

Next thing I know, they’re having a very pleasant conversation in Babylish wtf.


And then!  Suddenly they both looked away while smiling shyly WHAT IS THIS HAHAHAHAAH. DSC02844

And then later on the firemen distributed uniforms for the kids which explains Penny’s coat and Chase’s jacket.


Then this Chase came up to Penny and tried to hug her!!!

Look at them!  While Penny stared tenderly into his eyes hahahaha.

So that was encounter #1.  Fatty, Sieu Ee and I were falling about ourselves laughing at their antics.  How come so young already he knows that he’s supposed to like girls? How come he knows to hug her?

It’s the school holidays  now so some moms arranged for a play date yesterday.  When Chase saw Penny he immediately ran up to her….


…and started tickling her WTF hahahaha.

But his tickling not very effective la cos Penny just stared at him in a mildly surprised manner and just watched him continue tickling her shirt wtf. But Sieu Ee told me that before the play date Chase was telling her, “I want to tickle Penny.”

Then when Sieu Ee asked him why he likes Penny, he said because she is cute hahahaha.


And then! No photo evidence cos we were all stunned but somehow Chase put his hands on Penny’s face….

And kissed her.

On the lips.

Penny’s first kiss gone liao! Hahahahahaha.

Fatty better buy his shotgun early wtf.

Here’s a vlog of the fire station birthday!

AudSappy AudSuay

Stomach flu is for the weak!


Down with stomach flu again.

Penny is suspected patient zero cos she threw up twice last Thursday.  I suspected it was the cafe we visited the day before because they had a massive play area with tons of toys and the kids were going nuts over it.  

But she seemed perfectly fine even after she vomited.  She had a big dinner, milk and went to sleep and was as good as gold the next day.

This morning I woke up feeling nauseous. I started throwing up and felt too terrible to even get out of bed.  Anything I swallowed came straight back up again.  So I basically stayed in bed curled up like a ball of lint wtf and tried to sleep it off.

Apparently the kids had some form of it too!  It’s been two days since Thursday but suddenly Penny started having watery poop. And Fighter vomited three times. :X

But they must be super human because they are completely unaffected!  Fighter would puke and cry for a bit but once he’s wiped up and in fresh clothes he would go back to playing wtf.  Fatty told me he saw them chasing each other around the house (Fighter importantly told Fatty, “I chasing baby”), playing tricks on each other (Penny held out Fighter’s toy phone only to snatch it away when he reached for it WTF) and generally being very boisterous hahaha.

So thankful they seem well!  Or else I think I die already wtf.  Still eating and drinking well, with wet diapers and toilet breaks so we’ll just let them recover on their own. Thank you Fatty for supplying me with bananas, 100 plus and Pocari Sweat.  For readying a bucket by the bed so I wouldn’t have to run to the toilet.  For patting my back to sleep.  For being my hot water bottle when I was shivering under the covers.  For bringing the kids in and out to see me so I would have a few happy moments out of a tiring, sickly day.

Fighter came running up to my bedside and asked me “Are you okay mommy?”  And he tried to hug me but was too pleased with himself for being so thoughtful he ended up just jumping up and down in delight wtf.

Penny came in multiple times.  Once I was sitting on the toilet bowl wtf but she wanted me to pick her up anyway.  She sat on my lap with her head on my shoulder quietly wtf. :X Other times she crawled up to me on the bed and rested her cheek on mine and lay there like that.  

Another time she marched up self-importantly, wielding a scrap of paper with a shopping list written by our helper so I could order groceries online hahahaha. I asked Fatty if he could get me another banana so Fatty asked her, “Penny, do you want to go get mommy a banana?” She grunted in affirmation so Fatty took her downstairs with him.  Minutes later, they both came in again.

Like before, Penny marched up importantly to my bedside, brandishing a banana.  I said “Thank you, darling!” and took it.  She continued to stand there expectantly, looking at me and the banana. Even did a little jig on the spot which is what she does when she’s anticipating something. Hahahahaha.

I asked her, “You want to eat the banana?” She answered very empathetically, “MMM!”


When I offered my banana to her, she immediately tossed her pacifier. Into my vomit bucket WTF.


And ate half of my banana in one bite hahahahaha.


I am the mommy and I’m supposed to be the one kissing a boo-boo and wiping a sick brow.  But I was sick today but these three made it all better. (plus my parents who kept calling to check up on us! :D)



AudBaby Audvertorial

Imagine all the people

The other day, Fighter and I had a conversation. It went like this.

Fighter: Mommy! Are you a princess?
Me: No… I’m not a princess. But baby is a princess!
Fighter: Baby is a princess! And Mommy is a princess too!
Me: Oh okay I am a princess. How about Jude? Is Jude a prince?
Fighter: No I am a king.
Me: Oh sorry you’re a king.

A while later…

Fighter: Mommy, where my husband?
Me: You don’t have a husband, Fighter. You’re a boy. You’d have a wife, not a husband.
Fighter: Where my wife?
Me: You don’t have a wife yet. Next time when you’re big and you have a wedding, then you’ll have a wife.
Fighter: (digesting new information) I go to wedding dinner and I have a wife.
Me: Hahahaha you can’t go to anyone’s wedding dinner and get a wife. You have to have your own wedding next time.
Fighter: Next time when baby is a princess and I am a king I marry baby.


I had to keep a straight face and say: “No baby is your sister. Your wife will be another girl, a pretty girl who can be your princess.”

And that’s the extent of Fighter’s story telling hahahaha.

I was hoping he could craft a story out of his imagination for Disney Junior Asia’s Animate challenge.

Does your child love telling stories and comes up with extravagant fabulous tales?  (Um not telling lies la hahaha but making stories and adventures up)

Disney Junior will pick a story and bring it to life!

To Animate Your Imagination,

  1. Visit
  2. Tell Disney Junior your child’s imaginative story using one of the following three themes: Pirates, Princesses, Space Adventure
  3. To help Disney Junior imagine it, you may even share a photo of their drawing, or a video of them narrating the story
  4. Tune in to Disney Junior to see the animations!


Disney Junior sent us a nice big package to assist in storytelling!  Fighter thinks it’s his birthday present hahahaha. IMG_20160606_110315

Loving all the goodies!  There’s a box of paints, a pack of brushes and sponges, a set of Sofia the First stamps, Crayola crayons and washable marker pens, a magnetic drawing board and even a Dinosaur coloring and sticker book.

I asked Fighter if he would draw a picture of a princess and he brightly said YES.


….. IMG_20160606_110658

Hmm very abstract. Stand aside Picasso wtf.

Okay Fighter is still a little too young I think.  He definitely has the imagination but not the words and mental capacity to string them together even if he did.  So we’ll wait for the next time but for you guys with older kids, make their dreams come true literally on Disney Junior!

Visit Disney Junior to participate.


With my prince and princess.

This post was written in collaboration with Disney Junior.


Two new vlogs!

Woooo catching up on posting vlogs here.

First there’s a video of what we did on Mother’s Day weekend. Which is nothing much wtf.

I didn’t get any presents besides poopy diapers but it’s okay! Hahaha I will bide my time until they’re old enough and then I expect BREAKFAST IN BED. On a diamond plate wtf.


Second vlog is of Fighter’s first ever school field trip. It’s themed Teddy Bear’s Picnic because they essentially have a picnic at Lake Gardens and all the activities are bear themed.