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Penny’s first birthday party

Ooh lemme blog about Penny’s first birthday first before I forget.

I celebrated Fighter’s first birthday with a big party.  Inaugural birthday must make it special ok.  But his second one I was like whatevs hahahahaha he doesn’t know anything yet anyway.

So to be fair to Penny, I have to throw her a party for her first birthday too!  And it turned out even bigger and fancier than Fighter’s hahaha sorry Koko.

I decided on a heaven and angel theme (cos Penny is my angel la wtf) and went with the colors blush and gold.

And here I have to thank all our sponsors and wonderful vendors who came onboard to make Penny’s birthday such a beautifully done event.  You’ve seen my DIY right, there’s no way I can make such a nice shindig otherwise hahahaha.

Underground Société for hosting us and serving up such scrumptious dishes

The Party Project Malaysia for glamming up the space
Balloon Pixies for the stunning balloons
Batter.Batter for the too good to eat cakes
Shau Fun Sim for the gorgeous goodie bags
Gracious Little Things for the organic baby grains
And Onewaytix for the beautiful photographs :)

Penny's Birthday-1

This was what greeted us when we arrived.  Gorgeous signage to tell people the party is here!

Penny's Birthday-2

Reception area.  TPP and Balloon Pixies filled it with balloons and photos of our family.

Penny's Birthday-6

And the dessert table, cake and photo area. OMG so gorgeous until I forgot to breathe for a second hahahaha.

It was everything I dreamed of and more!  I never had such a gorgeous party so I throw it for my baby girl hahahaha. So elegant and sweet and princess-y and sophisticated yet girly *runs out of words

Penny's Birthday-7

Another look at the dessert table.

Penny's Birthday-9

Birthday cake by Batter Batter.  I loved Fighter’s yellow submarine cake but this is a whole new level of elegance and simplicity.


I’ve never seen clear balloons like this before! Balloon Pixies really surpassed my expectations too.

Penny's Birthday-12

TPP even glammed up the tables with crisp white table cloths and glittery gold runners.

Penny's Birthday-13

Pink lemonade in glass bottles and gold foil wrapped Ferrero Rocher. :)

Penny's Birthday-15

The food prepared by Underground Societe.  I honestly assumed they’d dump a pot of spaghetti and chicken wings on the buffet and I was fine with it hahaha.  But they really outdid themselves artistically too.

Penny's Birthday-16

See grapes also arranged so nicely! 

Penny's Birthday-116

Cupcakes with chubby angel wings hahaha.

Now for the guests!

Penny's Birthday-122

With my ohana.  Love this photo!

Penny's Birthday-101

With our family twins, Vivy and Fadza, and Daniel and Mariam hahaha.

Yup, Penny’s halo and the wings I’m wearing were prepared by the Party Project.  They basically prepared all these for the little girls to wear. 😀

Penny's Birthday-135

With my #dayremoms and #dayrebabies!! Some left already so couldn’t get their faces here. :(

Penny's Birthday-79

Juvyn and Chloe!  Hahahaha these two baby angels together too cute I cannot.


And one with Li Anne and baby S!  Juvyn and Li Anne were my high school mates and I’m so glad we got back in touch the past few years. <3


With Wei Zhi, Gin, Sam and Bobo! <3

Penny's Birthday-71

Fighter loves the balloons too hahaha.


The loves of my life.


And my vain little girl.


Kar Wai and Kar Heng, the brothers behind Underground Societe (and Coffee Societe and Garage 51) and Fat Her who’s sleeping wtf.


Fighter and his favorite Kuku hahaha.


Ally and Aud wtf.  We sound like a girl group.


And us with pretty Lay See!

Penny's Birthday-142

Then it was cake smash time.  The cake is also by Batter Batter.  Gentlest cake smash ever though – Penny just gingerly poked her finger in, and didn’t get down and dirty by smashing anything hahaha.  

At her first taste of sugar, she shivered AHAHAHA.

Penny's Birthday-161

She did very sweetly alternately feed me and grandma her cake though awwwwww.

Penny's Birthday-151

One of my favorite photos cos we all look genuinely happy (ok except the kids who look baffled).


Here’s my vlog of the party!


Nailed it!

Gel nails are kind of a hobby of mine! (Actually anything pretty is a hobby of mine wtf)

I’m not talented or artistic enough to DIY so I usually go to a nail artist hehehe. Her name is Helen and her work is amazing.

I did my nails all the time, design after design, for months at a time.


I’ve stopped doing them so often now though because I don’t have the luxury of time anymore to spend 2-3 hours in a nail salon, as much as I’d love to. Also, this.


T______T Not everything pretty is good for your health wtf.  Everything in moderation wtf. Gel manicures can take a toll on nail health so it’s just as well I take a break and let them rest and recover a bit. In the meantime, I have this to play with! C360_2016-03-20-22-07-58-671

The latest from Scholl – Velvet Smooth Nail Care System.

When I looked at it and saw so many pieces I was like um this looks difficult wtf.  Hahahahaha cos I’m damn bad with gadgets.


But it’s literally as easy as 123 hahaha. There are three tips for a three step process – 1 for nail filing, 2 for buffing and 3 for shine. It’s basically what your manicurist would do when caring for your nails but in a little electric pen form. All you need to do is just fix on the appropriate tip for whatever you wanna do. C360_2016-03-20-15-55-23-031

This is the tip for nail filing.  Most people at home would just cut their nails and be done with it (or is that only me wtf cannot be right.) If I’m clipping my nails, I don’t bother with emery boards or anything because… too much work.Also it takes a bit of skill which I don’t really have hahaha.


With this Scholl Nail System, it was so easy though!  Just snap on the file tip, turn it on and buzz away at the tips of my fingernails.  I managed to smoothen my nail edges and create round shapes to my nails.

Filing really makes a big difference in how professional the nails look actually!


For step 2, I clicked on the second ‘tip’ – the buffing one.  Can you see the difference?  My index finger nail has been buffed.  Compare to my middle finger! Buffing removes ridges and bumps in the nail to create a smooth surface.


All nicely buffed! Then I moved on to step 3, shining my nails. C360_2016-03-20-15-53-59-412

And this is the result! Quite cool hor!? Instant gloss on my nails without having to apply nail polish.  It really looks like it was done in a nail salon!

This is a really nifty gadget la! It’s so easy and quick to use and is practically idiot (or Audrey) proof wtf.  I think the whole process took me maybe ten minutes?  And the best part is that it’s really safe too – I didn’t feel any pain or friction even when I applied the device to the edges of my nails where my flesh starts.  I could have used it while watching TV or something and it would still work fine.


You can check out the Scholl website here and here on Lazada (they are offering RM30 discount until end of this month.)

This post was written in collaboration with Scholl Velvet Smooth.

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What you should know about traveling to Japan with little kids

This post is as much for my reference as for anyone else’s but I though it would be a good idea to pen down what traveling to Japan with kids is like.

Now I’ve been to Japan many, many times. I spent my junior year of college in Kyoto at Doshisha University, and I try to make it back at least once a year – usually Tokyo or Kyoto/Osaka, but I’ve made trips to Nagoya, Hokkaido, Kobe, Hiroshima, etc as well.

This however was my first time going to Japan with kids in tow. As a mom, I now notice many things about the country that completely missed my radar before. Other parents looking to visit Japan with their children may be interested so here they are.

  1. Baby rooms are the bomb in Japan

We were wandering around Daimaru (a Japanese department store) when suddenly we smelled something horribly familiar – Fighter had pooped. Went looking for the restroom (and hopefully a baby changing room) and found one. To my surprise, the room was incredibly well furnished!

First of all, there were two sturdy wooden changing stations complete with padding for use.


Here’s Fighter enjoying his new uhhh bed wtf. IMG_20160318_154708Secondly, see that white bin next to Fighter’s changing station? That’s the bin for dirty diapers.

In true Japanese style, the bin is electronic and ingenious. You’re supposed to place your used (rolled up) diaper in the slot. It won’t fall in because there’s a plastic bag stretched taut just inside the slot. I pressed the button on the wall as shown, and the diaper slowly falls into the plastic sheet, is enclosed and sealed, and disposed cleanly inside the bin.

So clever and hygienic! No need to worry about smells, germs, or getting your hand caught in the lid when you’re tossing a diaper.


As expected, the rest of the baby room was spick and span! Nifty soap dispenser stood by the sink and there was a box of plastic bags for further use too. The only thing that was missing was paper towels and tissue paper I dunno why.

2. Japanese food is extremely palatable to my kids

Now this may not apply to everyone because I think it also depends on what your kids are used to consuming. But coming from an Asian background, Japanese food turned out to be extremely palatable to my kids and they actually ate even better than they do at home!

Japanese food is full of grains and I got two carbo monsters so everything is right up their alley hahaha.

IMG_20160315_114531They loved soba… IMG_20160315_114527And udon…

IMG_20160315_114854And nori…. At one noodle restaurant, they served nori as a free appetizer and these two walloped TWO boxes of it *hides face in shame IMG_20160314_114028Surprisingly Fighter loves shrimp tempura! I thought he wouldn’t cos he never liked beef and shrimp has a pretty strong smell too right? But he loved it and that half his meals he ate shrimp tempura wtf. I think it was the tempura that pulled him in la hahaha.

They also loved kamameshi (釜飯 – rice dish cooked in a pot), fried garlic rice… and Fighter LOVES wagyu beef omg why so expensive taste. *shivers It was so easy getting food for them too.

Convenience stores are everywhere and any time I could just easily pop in and get a snack or a drink for them. There are all these little bottles of flavored milk and yogurt and juices so I bought some and gave to Fighter.

They ate so well so I don’t think food is an issue at all in Japan.

3. Restaurants and malls generally are pretty kid friendly

Besides the awe-inspiring baby rooms, baby facilities are quite widely available. Most of the restaurants we dined at had high chairs and baby dining sets.


See got plastic cutlery and even baby straws for drinking.

However, maybe about 30% of the restaurants didn’t have high chairs but I think it was cos these were really hole in the wall places and people generally didn’t bring babies there.



There are tons of play areas too! In the places we went anyway.  These are in Isetan and Kansai airport.

4. Japanese look very kindly on little kids and babies

When Fighter threw tantrums I didn’t get disapproving looks wtf. Everyone around just tactfully looked away. And when Penny went up to random strangers (because she likes children) everyone would entertain her!

IMG-20160315-WA0042Even when she was being slightly annoying waddling around like a little drunk person and getting in busy people’s way, they’d smile indulgently at her and go “かわいい” lolol. Maybe because she looks like this in her little trench coat. IMG-20160315-WA0022 OK LA I FORGIVE YOU EVERYTHING 5. Bring lots of plastic bags and wipes OK wet wipes are a no-brainer when you have a baby but the thing about Japan is, it is crazy clean but at the same time it’s hard to find a trash can.  With babies come messes, so it’s a good idea to bring plastic bags with you to store trash until you find a bin. We found this out the hard way when Fighter upended his carton of strawberry milk on Teramachi…. and Fatty was forced to clean it up with tissues hahaha.  The streets are all so pristine and we didn’t want to be not civic conscious so we cleaned up as much as we could. IMG_20160317_155654

6. Do bring a stroller!

I  know sometimes parents decide not to bring strollers cos they’re afraid it will be too cumbersome.  Not in Japan! Everywhere seems accessible with strollers because there are elevators all around.


Our stroller was our saviour wtf.  Or else we have to traipse around lugging shopping bags, diaper bags, and two big babies wtf.  With the stroller, we could go anywhere we wanted to go easily and we just piled everything into the basket underneath or hung on the handles and dumped one kid into it and let the other walk hahaha. You should definitely baby wear too but that might make shopping for clothes a little bit tough. 7. They have the cutest shopping carts for babies! IMG-20160315-WA0040 At first I was like nuuuu where are the big shopping carts how am I supposed to seat my kids?  Then I saw. Oh. Ingenious.  The cart carries the shopping basket and there’s a seat in front low down so it’s stable and safe for babies! Fighter was super happy about it and helped to push baby around hahaha. 8. Tons of delicious baby foods! Move over, Heinz.  I am a huge fan of Japanese food products for babies!  I randomly stumbled across Meiji baby jar food in Tokyo a few years ago and bought some for Fighter.  Tried it and it was so tasty and fresh and didn’t seem canned at all!  The magic is, instead of puree texture, their baby foods are like pasta or risotto or porridge totally ready to eat.  All I need to do is warm it up.  And each dish is a complete meal – with grains, veggies, and fish or meat. I try not to feed them too much of course but these are extremely useful (and delicious) for times when I don’t have time to cook or for when we’re traveling. I recently discovered that Isetan in KLCC sells a limited repertoire of instant baby food from Wakodo but I knew Japan would have more! The first time I bought from a supermarket but this time I couldn’t find it in Isetan, Daimaru or Takashimaya.   IMG_20160317_142839I managed to find that the pharmacies or kusuriya (which sell way more than the usual pharmacy elsewhere) stock baby supplies including food and bought a lot.


My loot wtf.  I got cookies and crackers, gummy vitamins, baby furikake, instant pasta and meatballs (and other instant food).  Brands to look out for are Wakodo, Meiji and Pigeon. So there you have it.  If you’re a parent thinking of going to Japan with your kids, I hope this helped you make a decision.  We actually really enjoyed ourselves with the kids and I definitely consider Japan a baby friendly destination. :) C360_2016-03-17-20-47-37-588


To our Penny, on her first birthday

My baby Penelope,

Earlier today while washing you for bed, it suddenly occured to me – you are ONE year old.

It’s not like I didn’t know cos we just had your birthday party a week ago wtf. But it really hit me that a year has passed.

A year has passed since you came tumbling out into the world. A year filled with stress, tears (yours and mine), challenges, sleepless nights, prayers and just plain endurance. You, my high needs baby, challenged everything I thought I knew as a mom. You blocked me at every turn!

Other babies have their Terrible Twos, but your Terrible Twos started at two months wtf. Your fits of rage rivalled Daddy (and Grandpa) at his worst wtf.

You resisted sleep like Freddy Kreuger was in your dreams. Which made me sleepless for a year too, thanks. You were even tougher to breastfeed than Koko and HE was the premature one, not you. I only somehow pulled through with pumping, sometimes brute force, and cheating you into drinking while you were asleep.

Sometimes it felt like Love just wasn’t enough because no amount of holding you, rocking and hugging you would make you stop crying. We just had to endure.

Endure we did, and look where we are now. Today you are technically no longer a little baby, but a little girl.

You may not be as giddy and hysterical as Koko can get sometimes but you have your own cheeky sense of humor. You have the silliest laugh – sounding like a cross between a cough and a shout hahahaha.

You can’t hide your smile when you think you’re getting away with something mommy told you not to do. You know exactly what you want and have no problem letting us know.

Your will is iron clad and your curiosity knows no bounds which is why you learn and develop so quickly. Which is also why we will have a handful when you’re older hahahaha.

You are the most loving little girl, always toddling up to me for hugs and to lean on my shoulder. If I don’t hold you, you come up behind me and squeeze me from the back. You are also generous with your food, always offering it to us or Koko.

You adore and idolize Koko, beaming with happiness when he deigns to hug you. Even when he accidentally chokes you when hugging, you still smile happily hahahaha. At the same time, you have learned to fight back when Koko tries to bully you. You’re much stronger than you look; when Koko tries to push you, you grab his hand and fling it away which is hilarious hahaha.

You are so vain! Whenever someone says you’re pretty, you smile (with your tongue out) and put your hands on your head. Hahahaha. You clearly take after me because you love shoes HAHAHA. You’re always trying to put on my shoes, daddy’s shoes, Koko’s shoes. When we go shopping, you love reaching out and touching the fabrics of pieces hanging on the rack.

I had never consciously thought about it but if I could have planned it, I probably wouldn’t want to have a second baby so soon. I might have waited a couple more years in fact. But I’m so glad the decision was taken out of my hands because if I had waited, we would not have this perfect little girl in our lives.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 34

To my darling Penny, Thank you for teaching me about patience, perseverance and love. 20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 02

Happy 1st birthday, from Mommy, Daddy and Koko.


We decided (OK I decided wtf) to do our first family photoshoot as the four of us sempena Penny’s first birthday! Worked with the people who did our pre-wedding shoot, One Way Tix.

Hehehe. Our shoot was Up themed and I still love the story so I decided why not do a continuation of the Up theme for our family? Some more photographer also the same wtf.

Our wedding shoot was done outdoors in a park but because there are two additional people who happen to be babies, and there’s also dengue wtf we decided to do it in the OWT studio instead.

When we got there, it really blew us away!  Their styling is really damn cute and vintage and nice and sweet and… *runs out of breath

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 02

True to the theme!  Fatty was Mr Frederickson and I’m Ellie, although a bit fail my outfit hahaha I just went with a demure retro-ish dress to reflect the adult Ellie.  (Dress from Azorias, shoes from Emoda). Fatty was a hipster Carl with bowtie (from Zara), skinny jeans (his own) and Converse shoes.

Fighter was Russell!  I got the yellow tee from AliExpress, khaki shorts from Mothercare and I made the scouts sash and badges myself with fabric glue hahaha.

And Penny was Kevin LOLOLOL. Too funny hahahaha she pulled it off though.  Her shirt is Mothercare but her tutu and headgear was made by a friend’s friend Jackie, who’s selling baby tutus.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 03

OMG this Kevin super in character, eating everything she can find.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 06

What’d I tell you?

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 08

My loving babies. <3

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 13

Fighter looks so grown up already! The quintessential balloon pose. 😀

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 20

Both of them yam seng-ed and proceeded to drink from the props hahahahahaha damn annoying.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 22

The best things I’ve ever done. :)

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 29

Fighter was in an unusually good mood too and super easy to direct!  Penny was kinda all over the place but OWT still got some really gorgeous shots.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 31

Like this one!  Dressed her up like a princess since it’s her birthday. 😀

Dress and crown headband both from Cotton On.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 37

Monkeys up to no good wtf.  Fighter’s suspenders shirt from Bardot.

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 38

My favorite-est photo of all!

20160227 - Tiah Family [ Selection ] - 39

And my favorite person.

Anyway announcement!  One Way Tix is offering my readers a RM100 rebate off Portrait Photography!  So if you have a wedding or wanna take family photos, go with them! Their rates are also super reasonable. I love their work and attention to detail and cannot recommend them more.

Offer is applicable for the first five (5) customers only so please hurry!

Oh and did you think I forgot to vlog at our shoot? Hahahaha. Enjoy!

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My scone recipe

2016-03-10 02.01.52 2

I haven’t baked in some time but something got me so frustrated this morning that I whipped out my baking stuff to vent some rage wtf.

Baking is very therapeutic! Something about the whipping and stirring and pounding with a rolling pin….

I decided to make scones.

I looove scones (especially with jam and studded with raisins – I draw the line at cream haha) and I’ve only made it one other time – with my friends at my baby shower. It was Suet’s recipe and I wasn’t really paying attention wtf but it turned out quite nice.

Anyway I was very excited to bake something too because I’d gotten a few new kitchen utensils from KL SOGO.


Like this Tanita kitchen scale!

I damn sad one okay, I never had a scale before cos I was always too #kiamiam to buy one hahaha. Decent ones are a bit pricey so instead, I went to Daiso and bought this lopsided tiny scale that was hopelessly inaccurate hahaha.

Finally got my Tanita because … KL SOGO got sale now hahaha. Until end of March!

So to mix my anger away, here goes!

2016-03-10 02.01.52 1

Got all my stuff together.



  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Lightly grease a baking sheet.
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Cut in butter. Mix the egg and milk in a small bowl, and stir into flour mixture until moistened.
  3. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and knead briefly. Roll dough out into a 1/2 inch thick round. Cut into 8 wedges, and place on the prepared baking sheet.
  4. Bake 15 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden brown.

Got my recipe from here.

2016-03-10 02.01.54 12016-03-10 02.01.53 1The recipe didn’t include raisins but since I love ’em I took the liberty of throwing in half a cup of these little guys.

The recipe also says it makes 8 scones but I think it means if you want your scones to be giant wtf. I made thirteen scones but even so they look much bigger than the ones we see in cafes.

Popped them in the oven and…


How how? 😀

2016-03-10 01.58.10 2OMG my presentation win liao lo.

2016-03-10 01.58.10 1

Thanks to this lovely porcelain? ceramic? dessert stand from KL SOGO’s Home Centre as well!  Totally matched my other tea set pieces (which were all presents hahaha).

It displayed my goods so well ahhhhh.

2016-03-10 01.58.11 1

Yea I kind of went nuts in the household department.  The dishes and crockery are all on major sale so I picked up plates and saucers and a couple of these dessert holders.

2016-03-10 01.58.08 1

Also this gorgeous utensil holder which I have been lusting over for ages. 😀

When I finished baking and staring at my nice new utensils, I swear I felt better LOL.

2016-03-10 06.39.03 1

Special thanks also goes out to my little helper who helped me watch over the oven with an eagle eye.

And then proceeded to yell for the scones she saw cooling on the rack. Hahahaha.

KL SOGO sales are still going on until the end of March so please hurry!

This blog post was written in collaboration with KL SOGO.


No school!

I had to pull Fighter out for a week from school because there was a case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and I wasn’t going to risk him catching it. So we take the critters to the mall with us!

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Estee Lauder Crescent White new range

Since I just turned 31, I’m very blessed that I’m working with Estee Lauder again for the launch of their new Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening extension!

(You know la Penny is now the sweet young thing in my house, not me hahaha. I need all the good skincare products I can get!)


Estee Lauder already has the Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening range and these four items are new additions for skincare.   Crescent White is a brightening range, but its properties also deliver hydration, and a translucent even toned skin.

2016-02-24 01.09.54 2

First up is the Full Cycle Brightening Milky Emulsion. It’s meant to help prevent dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone while maintaining the moisture of the skin.  I wear sunblock religiously  but I still got dark spots and uneven skin tone lo.

It’s a never ending battle. :(


Comes in convenient pump form..

2016-02-24 01.09.54 1

Emulsion is milky, just like its name hahaha.


I spread it over my hands and gently smooth it over my face.  I’m more used to using watery lotions and this emulsion is noticeably thicker and richer! Until I nearly forgot to apply moisturizer after that hahaha. Milky Emulsion is meant to be used day and night. 

2016-02-24 01.09.55 1

Full Cycle Brightening Rich Moisture Creme comes next.

2016-02-24 01.09.56 2

True to its name, Rich Moisture Creme is rich.


I don’t normally like face creams especially in the day cos I find them too rich and sticky.  And end up my hair sticks to my face wtf.  But this one absorbed pretty well.  By the time I applied my sunblock it didn’t feel sticky anymore. :)

This product can be used day and night.

2016-02-24 01.09.56 1

And then there’s this.  The Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Balm. Name so long omg hahahaha.

I generally prefer BB creams to foundation but I’ve never heard of BB in balm form!

My initial thought was, oooh a compact I’ve never had a compact to bring around hahaha. Cos I usually use BB creams from tubes ma.


Applied it and it’s like… applying lip balm but on the face haha.  I really like it leh! I don’t need to get my fingers messy and the sponge and balm are both really fine textured – so the finish is nice and smooth.


And coverage is excellent!  Light and even.

2016-02-24 01.09.57 1

And now… This is the star product – the Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Night Finishing Treatment. It’s a treatment but it comes in compact form?? What sorcery? The answer is, Night Finishing Treatment actually does double duty – it’s the last step in your skincare regime at night, but in the day, it can also be used as the last step to your makeup routine. Here’s how.


After applying the Rich Moisture Creme which is normally the last step in a skincare routine, use the brush to gently swipe the Finishing Treatment on your face and neck as a last pampering finale. The brush is too cute! Its bristles are nice and soft so it feels very shiok brushing against my skin hahaha. The Finishing Treatment contains anti-irritant properties to soothe irritations that occur during the day.


And in the morning, here’s how you use the Night Finishing Treatment.  When your usual makeup is done, just grab a sponge and dip it in.


Then dab it on areas you’d like to highlight, or all over your face for a glow.  The Night Finishing Treatment is formulated with sheer brightening pigments for a polished look in the day.  So when I applied it with the sponge, I could see the shimmery product in cream form, very much like a regular highlighter.   The product also says that it is suitable for all types of skin shades – including those of darker shade. Quite cool ah!!


Tadah! All done!


My finished look with the Night Finishing Treatment.


BONUS: Got Crescent White mask too!  True to expectation, the mask delivers a really rich punch. Haha.  After I removed it I massaged the remaining essence on to my face.

But ten minutes later it was so rich my face was still wet hahahaha. In the end I rinsed it off and continued with my skincare routine.  Even after rinsing my skin felt like it was still moisturized. :O

It is also said that with a continuous use of this mask for two nights a week, a fairer and more even-toned complexion can be achieved.

While testing out the products I was marveling at how far technology has taken us, even with cosmetics and skincare.  Now products can double up, next time Estee Lauder please launch an all-in-one makeup  kit where you throw at your face and tadah makeup is done. HAHAHAHA.

2016-02-24 01.09.58 1

Head on over to to learn more or visit Estee Lauder counters to get samples and try it out yourself!

This post was written in collaboration with Estee Lauder.


Fighter is afraid of swimming


I’ve been busy (and sort of lazy) so I haven’t actually filmed any day from start to finish lately – which is what I normally do for my vlogs. This vlog is a compilation of some of the things that have been going on in my life lately.

Fighter picked up a fear of the water suddenly over CNY. I went household shopping in KL Sogo which was super fun! Totally busted my budget but it was worth it. Also picked Fighter up from school as usual. And some clips from CNY and my Audruary celebration with my parents.

Enjoy and please subscribe!


Fighter finally gets a decent haircut

Last weekend, we had a family photoshoot!

However, there was no way in hell that I’d let Fighter’s Dumb & Dumber haircut be immortalized in our family portraits wtf.  So I manned up and took him to get his hair fixed by Sato san.

It wasn’t pretty but the outcome definitely was!  I think he’s sooo handsome with short hair hahahahaha.


But cutting hair is a monthly nightmare wtf.    I have no idea what it is — I suspect he hates the cut hair falling on him and pricking him, but he also refuses to wear the cape. -_-

I heard of a theory that toddlers hate cutting their hair because it’s cutting off a piece of themselves.  Makes sense actually hahaha.  


This is how he looks after!




HE IS ELIGIBLE WTF. Ok no I’m kidding.  No girls come near us please wtf.  Unless you’re Penny wtf.  

Vlog of his haircut is up!


Fighter’s first report card

Seriously, what is this!?

First his report card, next his college degree and before I know it, he’ll be running away with eloping getting married to some girl. *holds back tears

No, the truth is I was really excited when his teacher texted me and asked me to make an appointment for our first parent teacher meeting.

I had a hunch that Fighter (and other kids) would display a different side of his personality in school, away from us and I wanted to know what outsiders thought of him, as himself and not an extension of me and Fatty.


So here’s the four of us in conference with his teacher.  Whatever we discuss can be said in front of the whole family yo wtf.


The teachers whipped out this whole portfolio on Fighter! Complete with photos to illustrate each point some more hahahaha.


Teacher told us that the kids all try to be independent and do things for themselves, partly due to peer pressure LOL.  They apparently race to see who can put on and take off their shoes fastest.  Based on this report, it looks like Fighter wins at removing shoes hahaha.

No wonder he insists on wearing his loafers every single day to school!  Teacher said he feels very confident cos he can handle these pair of shoes well.

I thought it was just some weird quirk about his outfit that he had!  Turns out my son is so kiasu he wants these shoes so he can win at shoe wearing every time. -_- Hahahahaha.


OMG our fears are unfounded!  Remember when he was starting school and I was so afraid he would be bullied or taken advantage of?  It turns out that Fighter is very popular HAHAHA.  And his classmates protect him because he’s the smallest awwwwww. That’s the thing about Fighter though.  He likes everyone he meets; he remembers everyone’s name and he gets upset whenever someone leaves.  So much so that he’s adored by both sides of the family.  I chalked it up to him being cute, precocious, and related to us wtf, but it’s also his personality that makes him so lovable. And I’m not bragging hahaahha you’d have to meet him to know. IMG-20160229-WA0035 Two of them entertaining themselves while mommy and daddy discuss important matters. Here’s some other stuff we learned.

      1. He’s become very independent!  At home, I noticed he insists on feeding himself now, when a few months ago he was super lazy and wanted us to feed him.  He’s clearly been practicing at school and he’s actually pretty good with a spoon now!  He does this thing where he opens his mouth as wide as he can to accomodate the spoon (and reduce chances of missing his mouth hahahaha) which is damn cute. The teacher chalks this up to peer pressure because everyone else is eating on their own.  Teacher told me about three weeks ago he started refusing to let the teacher help him and eats on his own now.



    • He used to hate art because he hates getting his hands messy.  Now he doesn’t mind working with glue.  He still doesn’t like paint too much but he tolerates it because he knows that the teachers will clean his hands when he’s done lol.  He used to insist they wash his hands right away but now he tahan until the end of the art class wtf.



    • He remembers everyone’s names!  Unbelievably, he remembers all the teachers’ names (even those who don’t teach him) and all the school staff too.  If he sees whoever, he’ll sing out, “Hi, (insert name)!” As a result, everyone’s got a soft spot for him and apparently people regularly drop by his class to check if he’s there. LOL.


    • I kept him home from school last week cos there was a HFMD scare and Teacher told us his presence was greatly missed.  At first I thought she was just saying that cos she has to lolol, but she said really, the class was super quiet without him and other kids asked about him. 😀



    • Only two kids in his class know their letters and he’s one of them.  Teacher asked if I worked with him on them at home and I said I did.  But then I remembered I only started doing flash cards with him when I noticed he was reading out letters he saw on signboards!  And then I realized he was learning his alphabet from ABC songs on Youtube. :X  He knows all the upper case letters but not that good with lower case though.  This year they’re focusing on lower case or else he’d be even more impressive hahaha.  He also knows numbers 1 to 0 but I forgot to ask teacher about that.



    • Teacher said he’s very observant and has a good memory.  Actions or words they taught in the last week, he’d still remember the next week.  And we notice that at home too!  He not only knows our names but all our car names wtf.  And he knows the sounds that go with certain letters.  Like H sound is huh, K makes the sound kuh etc wtf.



    • At home he’s very impatient and cannot even sit to hear out a story if I’m reading one.  He has no patience at all with puzzles and gives up the first second if a puzzle piece doesn’t fit immediately.  I told Teacher who seemed surprised.  Apparently in school he loves story time and quietly listens to everything – even the Mandarin stories.  And he’s good with crafts too – he sits and finishes his work.  And today he made a necklace for me by threading a piece of yarn through cut up pieces of straws.


IMG_20160229_172818This is one of his artwork which I think is something to be proud of!  The teacher showed him what a face is supposed to be like – where the facial features all go – and he made this by himself, sticking on the facial parts in the right places!

I’m so proud of Fighter!  There I was, afraid he’d be picked on, wondering if I should pull him out because he cried every day before school for two weeks, but he’s thriving!

I’m so proud that he’s developed this wonderful personality and that he’s so well liked.

I’m so proud that he overcame his fears (of paint and school wtf) and is handling himself well.  That he’s independent now and doing things for himself.

If he (and Penny) keeps growing well like this, there’s nothing that would make me more contented. :)