Making Oreo muffins

Okay! After that last rabbit turd peanut butter cups disaster, Fatty incredibly requested I make more muffins.  Either this guy has a stomach of steel, is a masochist, or he’s The One wtf.

He asked for Oreo muffins specifically.  And recipe looked pretty damn do-able! So here goes.

Recipe taken from Kraft Foods.

1-3/4 cups  flour
1/4 cup  sugar
1 Tbsp.  Baking Powder
1/2 tsp.  salt
1/3 cup  cold margarine or butter
1  egg
1 cup  milk
16  OREO Cookies, coarsely chopped (about 2 cups)

PREHEAT oven to 400°F. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in medium bowl. Cut in margarine with pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

BEAT egg and milk with wire whisk until well blended. Add to flour mixture; stir just until moistened. Gently stir in chopped cookies. Spoon evenly into 12 greased or paper-lined medium muffin cups.

BAKE 15 to 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. Remove from pan; cool slightly on wire rack. Serve warm.


Here’s where I poured out the milk and broke an egg into it.  I chose the biggest egg I could find in the fridge cos I’m kiasu like that.

To my surprise the egg yolk dropped out in a solid orange ball. Huh don’t tell me this is a rotten egg!? DAMN TESCO SOLD ME A BAD EGG!

Asked my helper what’s up with the egg.  She glanced at it and said “that’s a salted duck egg” WTF.

Then in the spirit of waste not, want not, she drank the milk to see if still can salvage WTF.  Obviously cannot cos the milk turned salty right away hahaha.  And so I wasted a perfectly good salted egg and a cup of milk. T_T


Batter nearly done!


Added the chopped cookies.  Accidentally bought chocolate Oreos instead of the normal ones but I think they just make it more chocolate-y. ^^


Batter was quite watery compared to the banana muffins!  Spilled a lot fml. >_>


Done! I was quite horrified by how they turned out – why all lopsided and ugly one!? They looked like charred chunks of cancer-ridden flesh wtf.

Tentatively, I gave some to the guys to try.


Left is before taking a bite, right is after.

Okay that look of bliss means approved hahahaha.  Damn stupid his blissful face.  It helped that the muffins were still warm from the oven.

PhotoGrid_1421895298854The little one.

Left photo is eating while people are watching. Right photo is eating when he thinks nobody is watching LOLOL.

He realized he likes them and was trying to cram the whole thing in HAHAHAHAHA.

Verdict: The Tiah men love it!

This recipe is actually very easy!  I halved the sugar because I prefer less sweet foods and it was just perfect I think.

Less moist but that could be because there were no bananas in it wtf but good and Oreo-y. Hahaha.

Going to try it next time with regular Oreos!


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The making of more food

Emboldened by my success with my banana muffins, I decided to give another dessert making project a try.

(yes miraculously, the banana muffins turned out very nice! Must have took them from the oven at perfect timing cos the top was a little crusty but the inside was all moist and so good!  Everyone said the sweetness was okay – by everyone I mean Fatty and our helper – but I think a tad too sweet personally, although still good.)

So I asked Fatty, any requests? He said something with peanut butter.  So I googled, “Peanut butter” WTF cos I didn’t even know what I could make with peanut butter. >_>

Found a recipe for peanut butter cups though and it looked pretty easy so let’s go with that!

HomemadeReesesPeanutButterCups-11 (1)

Also pretty gorgeous right?


Laid out the ingredients. Butter, creamy peanut butter (although you can go with chunky), semi sweet chocolate chips, powdered sugar.  That’s all!

Recipe and above image source here.

Only four ingredients and four steps to it.  Unbelievably easy sounding.

Plus it was a no bake recipe, so it was really only a matter of melting the chocolate chips, layering the chocolate into cupcake liners, then freezing it for 10 minutes.

Then layering the peanut butter on top, and freeze it again for another 10 minutes.

And then, adding a final layer of chocolate.  Last step is to freeze the lot and you’re done!

It was so simple I didn’t even bother taking step-by-step photos.

So okay, melted the chocolate chips in the microwave, poured it into the liners, and froze them.


For the peanut butter concoction, I mixed the peanut butter, powdered sugar and butter into a bowl.  The recipe recommended using an electric mixer but not having one on hand I used  a fork and spoon wtf. #roughingit


FML why look like lau sai. T______T  This was where it turned difficult.

When I spooned out the melted chocolate, it was only a matter of dropping the paper cups on to the counter so the chocolate would settle evenly.

The peanut butter was a whole other issue.  The mixture was so thick it was nearly solid and impossible to make even. :(



This was the best I could make it.  And then it just went downhill from there wtf.  Because the peanut butter was uneven, I couldn’t even out the top chocolate layer either.


Also I underestimated the amount of chocolate and peanut butter I would need for each cup…

So just to recap.



But the truth hurts wtf.



They look like rabbit droppings T_____________T

Fatty dutifully ate a few then after that said he got sore throat wtf.

So I don’t think they were anywhere near good la. T_T  After all it’s only chocolate and peanut butter.

Sigh so baking project #2 not so successful.

But!  As part of cooking attempt #3, I tried making pan mee.  Recipe from here.



Ohhh so this is “braising”.  Had to google what it meant hahaha.



Frying the ikan bilis and fishballs.

Pan mee is not too difficult la although there are a lot of steps in it.  All the ingredients need to be prepared separately (hence the number of steps) then assembled together at the end.

So it’s essentially…

Boiled noodles/mee hoon kuih + stir fried ground pork and sliced mushrooms + fried ikan bilis + fish balls + pork and ikan bilis soup + baby spinach



Tadah! Not too shabby huh.  The soup was good!  And so was the spinach and noodles.  The pork a bit too much taste for me but I dunno which seasoning to reduce the next time wtf. *noob

Actually I had a LOT of help from my helper la hahaha.  I am the worst, most inexperienced cook in the world and don’t even know how to hold a knife properly.  My helper did all the slicing and dicing, showed me how to ‘braise’ and ‘stir fry’ fml and also made and kneaded the dough for the noodles.  I did the gathering of ingredients, added them, stir once in a while, and checked the temperature and timing wtf.



Oh just one picture with my happy critter.


Why you look so dubious when I kiss you!?

This cooking thing is fun!  What should I make next?

Next step: to actually do the ‘cooking’ i.e. turning on the fire, and moving the spatula around myself, etc wtf.

 all photos taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

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A very half assed attempt at baking

Truth be told, I hate cooking.  I have an irrational fear of fire and spitting oil so I might prepare the ingredients and all but I end up still leave the actual cooking itself to my helper. :X

(also why I don’t like steamboat — why pay to go out to a restaurant only to have to cook your own food!? Mind boggling wtf)

But my New Year’s resolution was actually to uhh associate self more with making food wtf whether it’s cooking or baking. Even if I don’t actually wield the spatula and wok, I figure it’s good to learn more about cooking and food la and try out more new recipes.  If I’m ever stuck on a desert island (and assuming I know how to hunt/forage) I can uhh cook myself some fish and I’d know when it’s really cooked (as opposed to still being sushi) wtf.

Which is why today I decided to start with something simple – banana muffins!

I’d actually saw a recipe for it before and it looked mighty simple.  But then I forgot about it until our Bangkok trip when Ming’s fiancee Patty showed up with a box of mini banana muffins!  And they were so yummy!  Fighter loved them too so ok obvious choice to start with.

Got my recipe off this website.  Not gonna bother recreating her recipe here because it’s mad simple and she deserves the credit anyway hehehe.



So okay!  Got my shit together. Lol.

Ingredients are super simple – flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sugar, banana, egg, butter.  Exact measurements are in the link above.

The recipe was for a 12-muffin batch and thank god I remembered just in time to halve everything cos my pan is for 6 muffins haha.



Told Fighter Imma make muffins for him and he gave me this face.  And then I screeched cos I realized he’d picked up my butter knife. -_-DSC_0144


Okay anyway!  First things first, mash some bananas.  Easy peasy banana squeezy.

Five minutes later…

Why these bananas cannot mash finish one I swear I’m making up new muscles in my arm.

In the meantime I also melted butter.

Had to google “how to melt butter”

(oh just put in microwave and defrost! …. which is the defrost button?)

And two seconds later, had to google “what is a cup” WTF cos the recipe called for measurements in cups hahaha.

Anyway I found a plastic cup with measurements on its side lying around and used that.



Mixed the banana, melted butter, a beaten egg and sugar together.  The recipe called for a half cup of sugar and I’d already halved it and it still looked like a lot!

Gestational diabetes, is that you coming for me?

At this point I worried cos I wasn’t sure if my mashed bananas were mashed enough.  There were still lumps floating about!  I knew that recipe was too easy — why didn’t they say if there should be lumps or not? How would I know!

Mashed as best I could and figured the lumps could be like a surprise for the eater wtf.  Like tadah extra banana for you! *furtive eyes

I mixed the flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder together in another bowl, then mixed the whole lot together to form a paste-y looking mixture.

And then I had to grease the pan.  Texted friends to ask if I should melt the butter before greasing. :X  They said no.

Asked what can I use to grease the pan?  They said a brush or greasing paper.

I asked what if I don’t have a brush or greasing paper?  They said a spoon? Or your fingers?



Tadah!  Pulled out Fighter’s Combi baby spoon hahaha.  Made of rubber and rounded so it wouldn’t scratch the pan!

But then I ended up using my fingers anyway to make sure the butter was evenly spread out.



Carefully ladled out the batter into the cups.  At this point feeling very dejected cos the mixture looks like lau sai la wtf and I can still see the lumps of banana. -_-  Also second guessing myself whether I halved ALL the measurements or just some only. O_O

And I’d thought I need to fill the cups up to the brim but there wasn’t enough batter. D: So each muffin would turn out a distorted different size. >:(



Popped it into the oven and set the timer!

Shit timer not working wtf.  Okay I’ll just check my phone clock and take it out when it’s done.

Then I uhhh went to watch Hi 5 with Fighter wtf.  And kinda forgot about it.

Only when my helper shouted it looks burnt did I rush back.  FML.  DSC_0149

Not yet twenty minutes yet as per the recipe though!  Scrambled for a toothpick to test moisture but whole house don’t have!

So I got my helper to take a kitchene  chopper to whittle a chopstick into a toothpick.  And then we realized whoops oven still running with muffins inside. D:


Anyway this is our homemade toothpick. I’m a lumberjack wtf. Not bad right hahahaha.  Luckily helper found a disposable chopstick or else I was gonna use a nice one wtf.

Yes, people told me later I could have used a fork or a knife. T_T  I didn’t know I thought knife or fork would create a big ugly gaping hole. T_T #noob

Doesn’t look too bad right!  Didn’t occur to me that muffins would puff up and everything will look nice and even!

Haven’t tasted any yet though, waiting for Fighter to wake up so we can eat together hehehe.

P/S: OMG after how long I can finally tag this as AudDomestic lolol.


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Fighter’s personality

Back from Bangkok!

Most of the small things that happened is on my Dayre already but basically Fighter had a ball of a time!

1. I think he was just happy to be out and about with us and that we didn’t leave him at home lolol sounds so pitiful

2. He enjoyed the new scenery and new things to look at, hold, smell, chew on wtf.  The entire time his eyes were darting everywhere and he was super interested in everything going on.


(us in BKK. Both sweaty cos was walking outdoors)

3. We found Thais to generally love babies!  And tourists too.  And Bangkok is full of them wtf.  So everywhere we went, we had people smiling or making faces at Fighter who lapped it all up wtf.  He’s crazy attention seeking one la hahaha so he was in his element wtf.  Every stranger was a great new opportunity to have fun and I think he did have a lot of fun playing around. ^^

Anyway it was our first proper trip with him (short trips to Singapore don’t really count) and I feel like we got to know him even more.  It’s weird cos I see him at home every day and night anyway so why wouldn’t I know him wtf.

But maybe at home we’re in the same controlled environment, and when we go out for meals or school (whoops speaking of which he missed the first week of school on account of being in Bangkok :X #laksamom) it’s also routines and environments he’s used to so his behavior is more or less configured to those routines.

So when we were out in a new place I felt like it was very obvious what Fighter’s personality is!  Here’s what he’s really like.  I don’t know if these are typical baby traits or it’s really his character so you tell me!

1. Super attention seeking and overly friendly to strangers


This was never more obvious while we were in Bangkok!  He’s hardly ever shy — sorry if he turns away from you means you too forward or he doesn’t like how you look WTF.  He does need time to warm up before allowing people to carry him, but he doesn’t mind people smiling or playing with him even if they’re strangers. >_> Recipe for easy kidnapping hou mou wtf.

Sometimes if people aren’t even looking at him he’ll still look at them anyway and try to catch their attention.  A lot of times I’d be carrying him and he’d be carrying on some flirtation with someone behind my back hahaha.  Like smiling at them and turning away as though shy hahahah please Fighter you don’t fool me wtf.

Also when he was in Bangkok surrounded by all Fatty’s colleagues he was damn happy being the center of attention and everyone cooing over how cute he is.

Anyway I really like this aspect of him cos with no stranger danger issues, it’s easy to bring him to new places and to meet new people. ^^ Also looks like a good omen for his future — sociable and good with people can only be a good thing right? (wah I used the word ‘good’ three times in a sentence)

2. Strong willed, wants what he wants, when he wants

I suspect this is probably true of all babies la. =_= I think he’s hit the terrible twos so the minute we say no (even if it’s in a calm, non-scolding tone) he’ll yell bloody murder. >_>  Then he’ll wait until he thinks my back is turned and try to reach or eat whatever it was that was off-limits.

Or if I tell him No eating!, he might just pretend to put the thing near his mouth like, “oh nothing just hanging out with this near my mouth” and then look at me out of the corner of his eye.  The minute he sees me look away, that thing goes right into his mouth. Hahahaha can’t decide if this is annoying or funny.

Conclusion: Very strong willed, and a bit sneaky also to get what he wants.  Also quite bad tempered for him to shout like that the minute I say no *frowns


Here he is, looking guilty cos he stuck his hand in my glass of ice.  Bet he thought he was going to get into trouble hahaha.


3. Curious

Thank goodness curiosity doesn’t kill babies cos I think all babies are like this? But everything also want to touch or see.  And taste. -_-  See case in point above where he die also must put his hand into glasses of liquids.

Coins, money, knives, dirty tissue paper… he also has a special affinity for dustbins wtf.  Once I caught him trying to put his hand into toilet bowl water too. O_O


Since he’s so kepoh about everything I’ve been trying to come up with new sensory experiences for him. Like today I filled up a suction bowl with uncooked rice and let him play.  As usual he tried to eat. >_>

Anyone got any other ideas!?

4. Drama king


Look at this face. >_>

All because he was rubbing his pacifier on the wall of the cabin and I told him to stop doing that.  I said very reasonably, “Fighter, don’t do that. You’re going to pick up germs and you don’t want to fall sick right?”

No scolding tone whatsoever.

And this is his reaction. Lolol.  Haih terrible twos are really here to stay.  Obviously fake because (1) no tears and (2) stopped after five seconds cos he realized I wasn’t actually yelling at him

Very good at acting this fella.

Here’s another example.

He hates getting wiped down and changing into pajamas. Think if he had his way he’d join a nudist camp already wtf.

So last night we were wiping him down and while naked, he struggled to escape my clutches and managed to crawl quickly over to his toy shelf.

(may I add dragging his kukuciao all over the floor while at it wtf)

Then he pulled out a book and pretended to read it, hoping I would leave him be cos I encourage reading. Hahahahahah annoying or what!?

Anddddd just cos it’s my blog here’s a bunch of photos of him at dinner being cute. :3
PhotoGrid_1420969116392Oh he has six teeth now! #fightermilestones

Looking at his personality now I wonder what Bump will be like.  Maybe she’d be the total opposite of him since me and Ooib are pretty dissimilar too.  So that means she’d be… shy, patient, well behaved, tall…. LOLOL.

But in all honesty, I really would love Bump to have the same sociability and friendliness that Fighter has.  But cannot be this lucky!?

I know I know. Everyone says it will never happen but I still worry that I won’t love Bump the same as Fighter. :X What if I’m used to loving a baby that behaves like Fighter? And Bump will be a different baby with a different personality – will I react to her the same way?

I know what I’m saying sounds horribly narrow minded and neurotic but I still think about stuff like this. And people will reassure me but I won’t really know until Bump shows up…

2015-01-12 05.06.54 1
Here’s a family picture of us though! Bump is 27 weeks her and I’m feeling absolutely ungainly and unattractive already. See you in.. (I’m okay with her coming out at 34 weeks lolol so…) seven weeks darling!

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Have a break

Went for the launch of Kit Kat’s new chocolate, Kit Kat Rubies the other day!


Coincidentally, I also wore a ruby colored top. :D  No la I know Kit Kat is red ma and Vivy sent me this top that fits Bump from Fashion Valet. ^^

Here with Huai Bin whom I haven’t seen in ages!


With Jane and Daphne!


Congratulations on the Rubies, Kit Kat!


Everyone loves a Kit Kat and Kit Kat Rubies is a more ‘atas’ version of the chocolate!  Each piece comes individually wrapped in an aluminium wrapper, in red, Kit Kat’s signature color of course.

The normal Kit Kat is a crunchy wafer covered in milk chocolate, but Rubies not only comes with the signature wafer, but also contains caramelized roasted hazelnut pieces and is covered with the yummy milk chocolate.  All my favorite ingredients leh especially hazelnut!!

DSC_0164Kit Kat Rubies are packaged in a two-tier ‘jewelry’ box, making it a very pretty present to give during Christmas and New Year’s. I’m thinking also CNY cos red = ong. Lolol.

After that, exciting!  We were given a chance to learn part of the chocolate making process and to try our hand at it!


Here the Nestle masterchef is explaining tempering.  Top quality chocolate are usually shiny, firm and break with a snap.  This is cos the chocolate has been tempered! Chocolate that isn’t tempered may be soft even at room temperature, or look dull, or have a spongy texture.  Not any chocolate I feel like eating wtf.

So tempering is a tricky yet crucial process to produce good chocolate.


Melted chocolate is spread onto a marble table (for cooling purposes) and spread around with his spatulas.  He worked it until it was at a suitably cooled temperature.


Daphne had a go!  She studied culinary arts I think so she must be damn good at this.  Me, I stayed at a safe distance lest they ask me to try wtf, can imagine spilling chocolate on people’s shoes. >_>


After the chocolate was tempered, the chef poured us all a cupful of chocolate each.  Looks so good right I nearly went to drink it. *wipes mouth with back of hand


Then we got to customize our chocolate!  I for one added about three big ladles of chopped hazelnut. ^^


Stir stir stir to mix the nuts in evenly.  Also added a dash of dried berries.DSC_0187


Then poured the mixture into the template.


All done and ready for setting!


After that I did drink the leftover chocolate HAHAHAH.


With fellow chocolate makers hahaha.

The finished product?

2014-12-30 09.53.47 1

Nice! Of course I say nice la I make myself one hahaha.

But I think the Nestle people who made Kit Kat still got a bit more skill la hahahaha.

Kit Kat Rubies are available at your local supermarket now!


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A new year

Okay so there was this thing going on for like half of 2014 with me.  I never blogged explicitly about it but I guess I dropped hints here and there.  If you hadn’t already guessed, it was a fight I had with a friend.

I didn’t want to air dirty laundry in public, but at the same time it killed me that I wasn’t getting closure!  Maybe to other people, closure is just walking away but to me, closure means talking it out, telling the other person my side and listening to theirs so I could figure out what went wrong.  Whether or not we manage to mend the relationship after that is irrelevant but normally I find that when two people talk it out in a calm manner, it almost always ends well.

(well for me it does anyway, cos I like to think my strength is I don’t have that much ego that I cannot see and understand a point of view different from mine.  On the downside, I am very easily swayed and cannot join debate team or be a judge or lawyer cos Imma be like ‘oh ya true true good point’ wtf and have no rebuttal fml.)

But cos I didn’t have that closure, it drove me nuts.  The more time passed, instead of calming down and forgetting, I got more and more upset.  From a medium sized issue, it blew up into a huge thing inside my head and resentment kept piling on. All because I didn’t get to talk it out!

I guess I slowly started going crazy wtf.  I raged that this person couldn’t even give me the peace of mind to move on, and I was stuck in this negative vortex of resentment.  It didn’t  help that this person was in my inner circle and I still had to see her at gatherings which further pissed me off. It bothered me so much I started to drop hints here and there that things weren’t right in this aspect of my life. It was as if everything was just simmering and now was threatening to boil over; in fact it did start to boil over and spill out in bits and pieces on my blog and Dayre already.

Maybe I subconsciously did it on purpose.  Maybe I wanted to keep poking and poking so that the other person would finally have enough and agree to talk to me and I could let it out.

And on New Year’s Day, that happened.

We sat down (with a mediator, no less) and talked.  I let out what I was feeling this whole time and then I listened.

And I realized that… she wasn’t really wrong.  In my head, I’d built her up to be this super villain – this person who wouldn’t listen to reason, who did selfish things with no regard to how it would affect me, who was unethical, etc etc.  But when I actually listened to her and found out the full story from her point of view, it wasn’t like that at all.  A lot of it turned out to be horrible miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Sure, she had a part to play in exacerbating things since she was terrified of confrontation and therefore never spoke to me directly, resulting in tons of misunderstandings.  But I wasn’t completely innocent either – I was emotional and rash.  I didn’t realize it but I misphrased some things which came out sounding horrible and worsened the situation.  And I placed blame without bothering to find us a proper solution.

For six months I convinced myself I was right and now I found out I wasn’t, totally.  I wasn’t wrong, but neither was she.  It was like we were both staring at a mug that had a different color on each side; we both saw the same mug but in a different color and while we were both right, we couldn’t agree what color it was cos we only saw things from our individual stand points. *philosophical

So that got me thinking.  I’d always thought I was a good person.  But in this case, while I won’t say I’m not a good person hahaha, I definitely didn’t do the right thing all the time. I was going to say next time I wouldn’t be so sure I was right in an argument.  But it won’t be true.

It’s human nature to always think you’re right or that you’re good.  If a bad person does a bad thing, do they think they’re wrong?  No they’re likely justifying their actions in their head so their self perception still remains ‘a good guy’.  For example, the hater in my previous post – he probably justified leaving hate comments for me as, “oh I don’t like her. I think she’s a bitch. Therefore she must be a bad person.  Bad people don’t deserve nice comments.  Therefore I am going to leave her a nasty comment HAHAHA! It’s okay to do it cos I’m a good person and she’s not.”

Or they may not even realize what they did was bad at all.  Like me, in this situation with my friend.

Crimes aside, it’s not always straightforward deciding who’s good and who’s bad in a conflict.  Most of the time both are a bit wrong and a bit right.  Which is why I believe the best thing to do is to talk it out calmly and resolve it rationally.

Anyway, the talk was very therapeutic for us both.  She’d never done it before so she said she felt ‘amazing’ wtf.  Me, it was what I wanted so of course I felt awesome too.  I apologized and she apologized.  Once I talk it out and resolve things, I’m ready to forgive and forget immediately.  It’s like a rainbow coming out immediately after the storm wtf.  So that’s one relationship saved.

This happened on New Year’s Day, after six months of turmoil.  I don’t normally trust in these things but I think it’s symbolic that resolution came on Jan 1.  If what happened on the first day is a sign of things to come, I think I’ll have a very good 2015. :)


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Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

How did I spend New Year’s Eve?

How I spent most every night of 2014. ^^ Which is by eating at home, putting the critter to bed, watching a movie and just nuah-ing around.


We’re so old now that Fatty even wanted to sleep first and set his alarm for midnight HAHAHA.

Can just imagine him staring blearily out of the window to see if got any fireworks remnants we can catch, then muttering “ok goodnight” and trudging upstairs to bed again hahahaha.

That was our New Year’s Eve! At first I was wondering if we should do something but New Year’s is just the first day of the rest of the year.  And I honestly don’t mind doing this every night the whole year. <3


Anyway I think 2015 is gonna be fun! A lot of things to look forward to.

1. Fighter is going to be two!!!

I cannot believe it la two years!!! I remember the day after he was born I was visiting him in the NICU.  And on his incubator there was a sign that said, “1 day old” lolol it felt so surreal that this human has only been in this world for a day.  Like I can literally tell him, “what do you know, you were born yesterday.” #trollmother.  And he’ll be two this year.  My baby is growing up too fast. D: D: But issokay cos we have another one coming to relive those newborn fatty baby days.

2. Bump is coming!!!

Very excited for her arrival!  Even though it means my life (and sleep) will officially be over.  And my title will change to “mother of two” omg sounds so advanced wtf.


All’s good on the blood pressure front so far so hopefully although I can’t wait, she won’t show up so soon.  I’m 26 weeks now and the preeclampsia hit at 28 weeks last time so I can’t help being a bit nervous.  If it comes at 28 weeks or later I’d feel like never mind, I expected it.  But if it came before I’d collapse. T_T So every day with normal BP is an additional win. ^^

3. My birthday is coming too!!!

Actually I rarely get excited about my birthday wtf.  But it’s my big 3-0 yo.  So maybe I should have a party this year for the heck of it.  Count it as one last bash before two babies suck the life out of me wtf.

Speaking of which….I delivered Fighter at exactly 31 weeks right.  Bump at 31 weeks exactly is on my birthday itself. O_O So who knows, my party may not even happen what if I’m in the hospital then. O_O

Also thought of doing a baby shower cos last time’s baby shower got canceled on account of me being hospitalized.  So if do also should do earlier on to avoid the above.

Never mind!  Still a lot of things to look forward to!

Erm what else ah.  Actually that’s about it la hahaha.  Just feels like a lot to me cos everything is happening earlier part of the year.

But I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!  And lemme tell you, I never feel like this for any other years wtf.

Ok just realized this blog post is very rubbish.  Lemme tag it as AudRubbish wtf.



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Can you smell the sakura?

So… I have completed my ascension into…. auntiehood.

If you’re not an auntie, nor do you do your own laundry, you might wanna stop reading right here.

If yes, welcome! I show you something aunt-citing. LOL.


Tell me, is this not one of the cutest bottles of fabric conditioner ever?  Omg just this sentence I feel like punching myself hahahaha.

Now I don’t often buy fabric softener.  Cos I’m lazy like that and just want to dump in detergent and dust my hands off it (pun intended).  And when I do buy fabric softener, I usually go for more “macho” scents like citrus etc so Fatty won’t raise a stink (HAHAHA I SO PUNNY TODAY).


But uhhh this baby pink Downy bottle with the heart shaped flower logo had me at hello. :X  CIMG3563

This is the Downy Innocence of Parfum Collection.  Based on it’s super feminine look, it makes scents (HAHAHA) that the fragrance is of a sweet and floral bouquet.  The pink bottle in particular is a cherry blossom scent!

The scent is expectedly sweet and very girly!  It’s also quite strong so for one load of laundry, I used just half a cap of conditioner.

My clothes all smell sweet and sakura-ish now hehehe.

Makes me miss sakura season in Japan. T_________T

If you want to smell the real cherry blossom, here’s how you can win a trip to Japan!

Purchase any Downy 900ml bottle at all participating stores to join the national contest and stand a chance to win a trip to Japan.

Contest details are:


More details on contest here.


Good luck!

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My 2014 in retrospect

It’s that time of the year again!  The time of the year I usually hate because it means…the year is nearly over! I like the old year, what’s wrong with the new? Lol.

Also cos It means I’ll be another year older hahahaha.

But every year around this time I try to make it a point to look back and reflect on my year… What I did, what I learned, any big stuff that happened.  So here goes!

1. I learned to be a mom

Truth be told, I don’t really feel like I did a lot this year.  Most of my time was tied to raising Fighter and while you know, everyone says it’s a huge job, noble task, etc, it doesn’t sound like much to say that’s what I did for most of the year.

The basics I learned last year – how to change his diaper, how to nurse him, how to bottle feed him, how to bathe him and put on diaper cream and powder him.  But all this is easy peasy compared to what comes next.

I got to know him better and found out he’s a real person and not just a potato lying there!  He has likes and dislikes and a distinctive personality.

I found he’s allergic to fish.  Figured out which eczema/rash cream works for him (It’s Atopiclair btw, not Aveeno).  Got to know his favorite foods – French fries, bread, and baby biscuits.  Weirdly he doesn’t like mashed potato, pasta or cheese. -_-  He likes rice and soup though so we definitely have a little Asian on our hands wtf.

I realized he’s bubbly and cheerful and talkative but also has a bad temper and can be very willful when he doesn’t get his way. D:  Sometimes I can coax him into doing things but if he doesn’t want to, it’s a battle of the wills.  One which I’m determined to win wtf *fist bump.  On the other hand he’s also super loving and sweet, kissing me every morning and giving me hugs when he’s in the mood.

And…. I got to learn more the more HE learned.  When he learned to climb the stairs I learned how to follow behind him with my arms out in case he fell.  For tantrums and fits of temper, I devised a naughty corner to put him in.  Learned what’s funny to him (weird noises and faces wtf babies) and now in his eyes I am the world’s funniest comedian wtf.  Learned how to soothe him when he’s upset.  Learned how to speak to him and was amazed by how much he understands.  Also amazed by his current stubbornness to say please wtf rude lo this baby.

So many other things la! And the thing is, every year I will keep learning more and more.  More and more facets of his personality will show up which I will need to learn and adapt to.  Every step of his growth and maturation I will need to learn new ways of relating to him and raising him.  So I guess this point – learning to be a mom – will stay with me my whole life. *gulps

2. I wish I had more time to blog

I think I do fairly well in updating… but I wish I had more time to focus on it.  As a college student with a thesis I feel like I didn’t have as much to think of as I do now.  Either that or my multi tasking skills went down the drain wtf.

But thanks to a Fighter and work commitments as well as blogging work, I ended up not having as much time as I’d have liked to think about what I wanted to blog about and like every year I feel like I’m crafting haphazard blog posts which I could have done better.  But oh well every year also I say the same thing wtf.

3. Traveled a little bit

Compared to one year BC (Before Children), we didn’t travel much!  But we still made it to…

Tokyo for a short trip (Fatty had a conference)

To LA…and Vegas (Fatty had another conference hehe)


Nagoya with Bobo

4. Had a  fight with a friend,

It wasn’t even a fight to be honest.  It started off as a disagreement which I thought we were in the process of talking over but then it escalated quickly wtf.  I do blame her for handling things the way she did though and for effectively ruining a friendship that could easily have been saved.  As it is, because she avoided working things out and kept doing more stuff which didn’t help, the friendship is effectively over.

Mummy Ooi commented she was surprised I couldn’t forgive and forget cos I normally do that damn easily wtf.  But it’s because this time I didn’t have closure.  I need to have it out with the other person, hear their side of the story and then I can move on.  But since I didn’t have this, it still eats at me.

So I guess a lesson to be learned this year is to move from conflict without resolution.  It will take me years confirm wtf but there ain’t nothing I can do about it. :X

5. Threw Fighter a birthday party

And probably the last wtf.  Too much work even though I had awesome sponsors hahaha.

But still it’s a must-do la!  And I’m still marveling at the fact that I even had a one year old to throw a party for. :O

6. Found out we’re having another baby

Yes I may have cried when I first found out wtf.

It was a huge adjustment.  I felt like I haven’t even properly settled myself sometimes and I already have to take care of a toddler who can’t even walk yet wtf and now I have the life of another helpless baby in my hands. T___T

And… OK I was crazy and hormonal ok hahaha.  But you know what I was thinking during those few days of disbelief?  I thought with one baby I can still be a cute young mom.  But with two?? I’d be damn old and auntie la WTF.  My illogical logic was that with two kids or more I’d seem damn old and haggy cos I’d been in the baby-making business long enough to not have one, but two kids. Hahahaha.  Thankfully I got over that stupid frame of thought.

I’m so excited I have Bump growing inside me now.  Hello Bump when you come out I fist bump you ok wtf.

7. Actually became less vain

I used to be obsessed with taking photos of myself and admiring them WTF.  But I gotta admit… Fighter is way cuter hahaahha.  So why waste memory space on me when I have this perfect little guy here who doesn’t need makeup or filters to look this cute!

I still love dressing up and doing makeup all but sometimes at the end of a long day I be like har still need to remove makeup ah next time don’t do better wtf.

But something happened last weekend and I was a bit angry at myself wtf. See, for some reason we keep bumping into Fatty’s cousin and his girlfriend at the airport.  Three times already!  The last two times we were all on the same flight to and from Penang together.

Anyway every time I see her, the girlfriend is perfectly made up.  They’re still in the honeymoon phase and even at the airport she looks damn good.  Perfectly tousled beach waves hair, carrying some designer bag on her shoulder.  Ray Bans perched on her head and super cute sandals.

Me? Carrying a wriggling toddler with my shirt half hiked up cos he’s pulling on it. I’m wearing big baggy shirt and leggings and flats cos I wanna be comfy on the flight.  Hair is half straight half curled cos it was from the day before and I couldn’t be bothered to redo it for the plane hahaha.   On one shoulder is a diaper bag, on the other shoulder is a cloth shopping bag as handbag (cos can put on plane floor without worrying about it getting dirty) omg my logic is also so auntie I can’t even hahahaha.

Worst of all, the trip to and from Penang I was wearing the same outfit WTF.  She must think I damn gross never wash clothes la hahahaahha.

I told Fatty this and he said, “what about me?”

He was wearing his pajama tshirt HAHAHAHAHAHA. What has parenthood done to us.

So that was my year to date!

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Rosie the Riveter for Christmas

Last week, Fatty’s company threw a Christmas party for their clients!  The theme was Jingle Bell Rock so the dress code was 50s style/rock and roll.


Here’s what I wore!  Bandanna in my hair, checked shirt, a big skirt, bobby socks and pumps.  Haven’t dressed up for theme parties forever (and I used to loooove doing them with Angela!!!) but I decided to give it a shot and it was soooo fun!  Apparently I won best dressed but then I wasn’t around so they gave the prize to someone else wtf.  But that person was very deserving also!  As was Bobo who also super fit the theme.

Anyway I thought I’d do a makeup and hair tutorial for my 50s take that night.  Sorry if photos very half assed cos I took all these in the 45 minutes that Fighter was napping. :X

Start with the usual basic skin routine.  For me, this is BB cream and eye concealer.


50s style brows are all about being dark!  But I don’t have any black brow pencils so I made do with my usual brown one that matches my hair.  I normally draw them pretty straight but 50s eyebrows have a very distinctive arch so I also try to follow.

My brow drawing skills. T_T I bet you can do better wtf.


Then using a very light shade of eyeshadow, I dusted my lids.  I’m using Virgin from Naked I palette (which is a very soft sheer metallic beige.


See cannot see anything which is good cos 50s style makeup doesn’t focus on eye shadow color.


Next up is eyeliner!  Eyeliner in the 50s was the bolder the better so must use dramatic black.


My black liner can be super jarring if got mistakes so I took my brown eyeliner first and lined my eyes as a guide for the black liner.


Then I took my black liquid eyeliner and ran it on top of the brown.  Remember to do the cat’s eye flick at the end!


The longer and thicker, the better.


Finish up with mascara.  I opted not to put falsies cos I thought it’d be too much with the signature red lip of the 50s.  But actually I think can!  In fact I’m pretty sure 50s housewives wore fake lashes all the time wtf.


Put on some light pink blusher just for a bit of color.



Get the biggest, boldest red lipstick you can find!



Paint the town red wtf.  I purposely emphasized the cupid’s bow. :D



Then curl your hair!  Doesn’t matter how the curls look as long as your hair is curly so it’s easier to style.  Your hair will be put up anyway.



I have bangs which reach my eyes so I also took some longer pieces of my hair from my crown and brought them to the front.  This is so the front pouf of hair is easier to make.

Curl the bangs and the long pieces of hair too.



I stuck my bangs into a roller while I worked on the back hair.  Back hair quite simple, just take the hair from top and create a small beehive on top by pinning like above.  The rest of the back hair I put in a (curly) ponytail.


The trickiest part for me was making the bangs into a pouf.  I did this by using hair pins underneath to secure the hair into a roll but it took a few tries.  Be liberal with your hair spray to make the hair roll stay up.



Finish off with a bandanna!



Change clothes and hello Rosie the Riveter!



Another view of the side to show what the hair looks like.


And yes that is a fake mole HAHAHA.  I actually have a real mole in that spot but I used black eyeliner to enlargen it.



The makeup I used!

Full list coming up…

2014-12-22 05.49.56 1

Base -Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin
CC cream – Chanel Les Beiges All-in-one Healthy Glow Cream
Concealer – Magic Concealer (got from Japan and I dunno the brand! But it’s THE best concealer I’ve ever used)
Loose Powder – Givenchy Prisme Libre, Rose

2014-12-22 05.50.02 1

Brow pencil – Lancome Le Crayon Sourcils
Brown eyeliner – Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner pen
Black eyeliner – Sephora

2014-12-22 05.50.06 1

Blush – Dior Rose Tahiti Paradise Glow
Lipstick – Sephora, The Red


Very simple right?  Maybe I should try doing more themed makeup looks. :D  If you do, leave a comment and show me!!!


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