How Fighter inspired the passing of a law

Recently someone alerted me to the passing of a law in a country outside of Malaysia. The law covers harassment in the online sphere – including online sexual harassment, cyberbullying and unlawful stalking.

You know what the interesting thing is?

In the exact word during the passing of the law, here’s what the Minister of Law said:

In another case, cyberbullies targeted the baby of a blogger. The blogger had given birth prematurely because there was a life-threatening condition during the pregnancy. Cyberbullies called her baby an ‘alien’. They said the baby should be euthanised. This was really quite sickening behaviour. It comes from basic bullying instincts of some, unchecked by any notion of civil conduct, and aided by anonymity.

Wah!  My case leh!

Basically for those who are not in the know, when Fighter was born and was in the NICU, we posted his photos on Instagram because…. well because we loved him.  He was our newborn baby who we’d fought hard to bring into the world safely and he was doing a fantastic job fighting to be healthy and grow.

Obviously we were happy and excited and worried at the same time and we wanted to share it with our followers…. and then those two crazies appeared.

They suggested all sorts of things – like Fighter was an ‘alien’, that I was a druggie which is why Fighter was born like that, that Fighter should be ‘euthanized’. -_-  My full blog post on it here.

Anyway there was a pretty big uproar over the behavior those two subhumans, and it even appeared in the Singaporean papers!  Which is I guess why the Singapore government unanimously passed this law.

Quite cool right!!!! I can say Fighter and I contributed to the passing of a real life law in a real country okay hahahaha bucket list checked lol.

I sometimes think that there should be a higher level of accountability when it comes to online identities.

For example, you’re not allowed to register for a social media account or email address unless you can legitimately connect it to your real identity.  Therefore everyone is responsible and liable for what their actions, as is the case in the real world.

Obviously there’s a lot to consider and counter arguments to this as well.  Not gonna go through the ethics and logistical implementation of this right now la, but the truth is, people feel a sort of liberation when it comes to being online.

Why ah?

Is it some evil basic human instinct to wanna do something (online, it’s leaving comments) that will cause someone else pain or trouble?  Does that make people feel good about themselves?  Do you feel superior and happier when someone else is down.

And better still, you don’t have to be accountable! Wanna be Satan and create havoc online? Can ah and you don’t even need to answer for it!

Or is it when you’re hiding behind a keyboard and a screen and you don’t see your victim, it’s much easier to inflict pain?  Take for example an officer sitting behind a computer board.  All he has to do to kill is press a button and somewhere a bomb will detonate.  People die but you don’t see them so it’s like characters in a video game.  I’ve never been in this situation but I’m guessing it’s a whole lot easier than running up to someone on a battlefield and stabbing them with a bayonet, then having to see their dying face and knowing you caused it.

It’s the same when it’s cyber bullying.  You don’t physically see the hurt you cause your victim, so you’re absolved from the guilt and your conscience that would normally govern your behavior.  Just create an anonymous account and nobody will know it’s you and you can still have your good guy image.

Like those two horrible fellas who cyber bullied us.  I really cannot imagine anyone saying the things they did to another person, face to face.  Yet they clearly felt okay typing all this on Instagram.

MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) is actually running an awareness campaign about responsibility while being on the Internet – “Klik dengan bijak” and asked if I would share my story which is what got me writing this.

The Internet is the biggest part of our lives now (Captain Obvious) so I’m sure everyone has had some sort of encounter with cyber bullying and other irresponsible actions and has felt it.  It can be as small and petty as a comment saying “Ugly eyebrows” or something as serious as asking me to put my baby to ‘sleep’. -_-

Besides laws and fear of punishment, the only thing that’s keeping humans from doing the wrong thing is our conscience.  Without a conscience (and maybe intellectual thought), we’re no better than animals.

So click wisely.  Think before you leave a nasty comment – would you say this to the person next to you? How would you feel if someone said that to you? What are you hoping to achieve?


And to spite those haters, here’s Fighter now at 18 months.  Thriving and handsome yo!  And his theme song is Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive” hahaha.



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Life as a weighing scale

Which is what being a mom of more than one is about wtf.  Balance!

Two and a half weeks in and the one thing that really stands out being a mommy of two is….

The guilt.

Did I think it would be this pervasive? Nope.  Did I even consider I would be feeling this way? Not at all.

Balancing attention

It didn’t seem like it then but having one newborn back then was relatively simple.  Sure there was a steep learning curve but when it comes down to it, all newborns need are regular feeds, burping, checking and changing diapers.  When it’s none of the above, they’re asleep for most of the time (unless they have colic la then touch wood and FYL).  And then you have your free time to stare at them, take lots of pictures and maybe google rniggling queries like “what’s the best way to burp a baby” or “why does my baby grunt at night”.

The second time round, you have to do all of the above.  But with a hollering toddler clinging to your knees.

So there’s the feeding, pumping, burping, changing diapers 4000x a day, wiping spit up, the daily bath. And then for the toddler, there’s the wrestling into and out of the bathroom for the bath, either chasing him around the house wielding a spoonful of food, or cringing when he tries to feed himself but most of the spoon ends up on the floor or down his clothes because he refuses to wear a bib.  And then the wrestling him back into the bathroom for his second bath thanks to all the food stuck on him. Or the careful watching while he stumbles around the house and praying he doesn’t put his hands into the toilet bowl again.

So the entire day is filled with these two.  And that’s fine.  I even have a nanny and confinement lady without whom I wouldn’t have survived these past weeks.

But the problem is, when I’m tending to one child, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not there for the other.

So if I’m feeding Penny in the room, I’m wondering what Fighter’s up to downstairs even though the nanny is watching him.  If he’s yelling happily downstairs I’ll worry I’m missing some milestone or if I happen to be hormonal, I’d be like “WHY IS HE HAPPY WITHOUT ME DOES HE LIKE NANNY MORE” WTF.

Or if I’m feeding or playing with Fighter downstairs and the confinement auntie goes upstairs to bathe Penny or change her diaper I’d be like maybe I should be there while she gets her diaper changed… even though I trust the auntie.  Or maybe I should sit by her basket and watch her sleep instead of chasing Fighter around the house.

It’s not rational but it never ends!  Any time I give attention to one kid, I instantly feel bad because I’m not there for the other.  Wish I could clone myself wtf.  So each kid has one mom to themselves hahaha.

Balancing the sibling relationship

It’s not just about dividing my attention either. Penny is obviously too young to know any better but it’s been a pretty precarious few weeks managing Fighter’s feelings and relationship with his sister.


He’s mostly neutral and indifferent towards her — she’s just a bundle sleeping quietly in the basket most of the time, after all — but sometimes he can be persuaded to touch her gently (he does this by stroking her head with one finger hahaha).  And tonight before bedtime he actually gave her a kiss on her head!

But other times when he sees me carry her or nurse her, he’ll try to pull her away from my arms WTF.  And then try to insert himself into her space. O_o  Or at the very least, if I’m holding her, he’ll come up and put his hand on my shoulder and try to get me to hug him too.

I’ve found that distracting him — talking and singing to him, and giving him kisses — while still holding her helps sometimes.  When that fails I gotta pass Penny to nanny and carry him to prevent a meltdown. :X

A lot of people told us to do the “present trick” – to buy a present, wrap it up and give it to him, telling him it’s from his baby sister.  But we didn’t do it because he doesn’t understand the concept of presents yet, much less enjoy it so it would defeat the purpose.

Balancing opportunities

Specifically, travel opportunities.  Fatty and I haven’t gone anywhere in nearly a year and we have cabin fever wtf.  We really want to take a nice break somewhere.  But do we go just the both of us?  Should we bring Fighter because it’s better to miss one child than to miss two? But isn’t it unfair to Penelope?   But she won’t know any better.  But then do we really want to start this habit of bringing out one kid over the other?  Can I really stand being away from my baby girl?

The guilt never ends. -____________-

Balancing husband wtf

This one not so bad yet but I need to keep reminding myself not to get too caught up with the two babies until I forget about Fatty wtf.  He once accurately identified my love language as spending quality time together.  And I never realized it but after he said it, it’s true!  I miss spending quality time as a couple without someone squalling in the background wtf.  But right now with confinement and still getting into the groove of things, we still have another 1-2 weeks to go.  But I want my quality time and I don’t wanna neglect him!!!

Because the guilt never ends. -____________-

So I guess that’s life as a mommy of two in a nutshell.  It’s all about the guilt.  And second guessing myself.  And it will probably never end wtf.



But then when I see scenes like this…



And this…

IMG-20150330-WA0025And this…

I guess it’s worth it. :)


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Life as a mommy of two

Hello everyone!

Last night I had seven hours of sleep (albeit broken up into three pieces) so I’m feeling gooooood.

So I have been a mommy of two for… *counts* fourteen days now.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

*gasp* What, I am two weeks old now? I sure wasn’t born yesterday wtf.

It’s still so weird to think I’m a mother of two!  People with “mother of two” titles are usually aunties (like uhhh my mom is a mother of two as well hahahaha) but maybe I’m in denial of my true auntie status. FML.

But I guess that I am, that I am.  I have a toddler (19 months old as of Penny’s birth) and a newborn. *clutches at own face

Obviously ever since coming home from the hospital things have been hectic and the days and nights are all melding together but honestly it could have been worse.  My confinement lady is here and she takes care of Penelope a lot, plus our nanny helps with Fighter (especially cos I’m now a full time cow) so I have a lot of support la!

I thought I’d be going to hell in a handbasket with two kids but so far so good.  Although ask me again in a few weeks when the confinement auntie departs you might hear me answer from below ground wtf.

Anyway here’s what’s been happening lately…

My recovery

I did a C section for both babies but surprisingly the recovery this time has been a lot quicker and smoother!  Even my doctor was surprised cos I’m two years older than I was before plus this is the second incision yo.

But she said I was very ill the last time which could have made me feel weaker and more in pain overall.  Also uhh this time I dutifully took my painkillers; last time I stopped them very early on cos I thought they didn’t make a difference.  Turns out they do wtf.

Last time it took me a week before I could walk upright (not even 180 degrees upright ok, maybe like 160 degrees) with minimal pain but this time, on the second day I was walking very slowly upright already!

My right side still hurts a bit though when I get out of bed in the morning but the doctor examined me yesterday and she said no infection or swelling so it’s probably a muscle pulling or something.

Fighter’s reaction



His first first reaction when he saw Penny for the first time ever was in hospital.  He went, “AYEEE!!!” and instantly tried to reach for her.

Unfortunately, toddlers don’t know their own strength.  He clawed at her face happily and uhh we adults may have panicked and raised our voices in fear a bit.  Then since then he’s been reluctant to touch her even if we gently hold his hand and guide him to pat her. :(

He was always pretty happy to see her in the hospital but when we brought her home and carried her, it finally occurred to him that THIS IS COMPETITION YO.

A few times whenever one of us carried Penny, Fighter would either whine or try to get someone else to carry him.  Lol damn kiasu cannot lose like that.

Once I was breastfeeding Penny in my room and Fighter woke up and cried for someone in his room.  So I got him to come in to my room, while I fed Penny.  I kept talking to him and paying him attention while I held her, and lo and behold he wasn’t unhappy!  He was smiling like crazy actually – I think he was just worried he’d lose the attention to her so he was probably relieved that even though mommy is carrying Penny, she’s still paying attention to him.

Nowadays if I feed her and he’s around, he just comes over and puts his hand on my shoulder or back, but doesn’t show any unhappiness. ^^

But most of the time when she’s sleeping in her basket or rocker he just ignores her wtf.

However!  When she vacates her rocker (which was Fighter’s rocker as a baby, but which I don’t think he even remembers sitting in)….

Fighter attacks!

Damn annoying seriously hahahaha.  Like I said I really don’t think he remembers this as his rocker but he just wants to try whatever she’s having.

He also tried to drink from her milk bottle once LOL.


Chilling in Penny’s rocker and watching TV hahahaha nonsense this boy.

Doing things for the second time

You’d think it’d be easier the second time round but not true! It’s like I forgot everything that I learned in taking care of a newborn and had to relearn everything again.  Having one kid doesn’t really prepare you for the next I think.

Penny’s style is quite dissimilar to Fighter’s.  Fighter initially didn’t know how to suckle (cos he was born so premature) but one day he just searched my chest with his mouth, caught on, and from then on breastfeeding was a breeze.

Whereas for Penny I nursed her from day 0 and for the first week or so, she didn’t latch well at all!  I dreaded every nursing session cos it’d be me against her struggling to get her to open her mouth wide enough, to suckle correctly instead of just sucking on the tip, trying to wake her up when she falls asleep two seconds later wtf.  We’d take sometimes up to an hour and I’d feel defeated and exhausted at the end cos she didn’t seem to have drank anything.  T_T  Then the nurses or the confinement lady would have to cup feed her to make sure she was full.

Plus I’d totally forgotten how it is to breastfeed. O_o I had to relearn holding techniques, what a proper latch feels like (not nipples on fire wtf), how to burp (still suck at it) and everything!  The only thing that came back to me like second nature was pumping wtf. -_-

Anyway, I think she’s stronger this week or something cos she’s latching much better!  Her latch is a lot stronger plus she drinks consistently for longer.  So I’m a lot happier and more relaxed too. :D


I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough milk this time but I guess I have nothing to worry about wtf.  Right now I only pump for 10-12 minutes every 4-6 hours cos I don’t want oversupply issues if Penny isn’t drinking a lot.  But I still yield 200+ ml each time wtf so okay milk spa yo.




Ok that’s all!  Going back to pumping wtf.


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Physiogel and me

edit: written while still pregnant

2015-02-16 06.10.12 1

As you know, being pregnant can wreak havoc on skin.  Some women get glowing skin, while others get acne FTL.

The skin on my face stays relatively the same but the rest of my body gets dry.  Already I struggle with dry skin on a normal basis, with pregnancy a bazillion times worse la. *cries

2015-02-16 06.10.03 1

This past few days my skin gets dry until I got rashes. T________T

Anyway besides pregnancy you know what causes dry skin (which can result in itchy uglier skin)?

1. Air conditioning

2015-02-16 06.10.08 1


No surprise cos you always wake up with dry skin after sleeping in an air conditioned room the whole night.

2. Swimming

Swimming so healthy but the chlorine in pools can also strip off the skin’s natural oils. :(

3. Sun exposure

Er not that we have a choice here in hot sunny Malaysia.  Also on the other hand, sunlight is good for Vitamin D too. :/

4. Haze/Pollution

There’s pollution and dust everywhere which is unavoidable.  This will irritate the skin, causing it to dry out and age prematurely. D:

5. Showers


IKR.  Dirty skin also cannot, skin that is too clean also cannot.  But showers (especially hot ones which I love) can dry out your skin too!  Hot water strips natural oils from skin faster than cold or warm water, while soaps and body washes also destroy your skin’s natural oil barrier.

Basically, the squeaky clean feeling you get after using soap means that your skin’s natural oils have been removed.  When this layer of oils (called the acid mantle barrier) is damaged constantly with soap, we end up with dry, unhealthy skin. :(

All these factors are part of daily life.  Some of them – like exposure to sunlight and showers – are not even necessarily a bad thing, just that the side effect is damage to our skin.

I’m not a big swimmer wtf but I sleep in aircon!  And I need to shower obviously wtf.

What to do?

Keep yourself hydrated (by drinking lots of fluids) and moisturized!

2015-02-20 09.46.37 1
I was recently introduced to Physiogel.

Physiogel is a skin care brand prescribed by dermatologists all over the world. It repairs, rehydrates and revitalises sensitive skin with the DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) technology.  Actually I’d always heard of it cos I have friends with eczema who actually use this brand for their skin but never tried it before.

Physiogel uses a special technology called DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) which contains lipids that are structurally similar to our skin’s natural lipids (oils).  Because it’s so similar, Physiogel more effectively rehydrates skin.

2015-02-20 09.46.43 1
My favorite product of the range!

There’s also a cream variant for dryer skin but I think my skin not so bad, still okay with lotion hahaha. Hypoallergenic, no colorants, preservatives, fragrance or emulsifiers. Goes on smoothly with no smell and no sticky after effect.

I like it that it’s a proper medical product and not just made of a good marketing campaign. :)


Thank you Physiogel!  Now my skin is ready for anything.

*This is a sponsored post. Products shown in this posting was provided by GSK for the purpose of this write up. All views expressed here are personal to the blogger.

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Labor, part deux

So here’s the story of my labor with Penny.  Way less dramatic than with Fighter but scary to me nonetheless hahaha.

Last week I was fully expecting to have a scheduled C section after my 36th week checkup.  Cos my BP was so far controlled by medicine only and we didn’t want to risk it further especially cos 37 weeks is considered full term already and IUGR babies have a higher risk the longer they’re inside.

So I was totally prepared for a scheduled C section where I could errr further prepare for it… in preparation wtf.

So my next appointment with the obgyn was supposed to be Monday to do some last minute checks and discuss a date for the C section.

On Saturday night (early Sunday morning) I jolted awake cos what felt like water was pouring out between my legs. O_O

At first I thought it was just heavy discharge (sorry TMI, men) and blearily grabbed a tissue off the side table and just wiped.  And closed my eyes again.

Next minute they popped open because I felt another gush. O_O  This was at 3 am.

Leaped out of bed, ran to the toilet to wipe and it just looked like a very clear watery substance. Then I felt more dripping out.

Could this be… my water breaking? O_O

All trembly, I went slowly back to my bed and started googling, “how to know if you’re in labor” wtf.

I still wasn’t sure at this point because movies always showed it as if the water just gushes out like from a drinking cup.  Mine was just coming out in small spurts and drips. But it said if in doubt to check with your midwife or to just go to the hospital.

So I gingerly tapped Fatty and said, “I think my water broke.”

And Fatty efficiently went to brush his teeth and change clothes wtf.

Meanwhile I was sitting on the toilet bowl cos water was still dripping out of me wtf, my bag half packed.  Fatty helpfully asked, “What do you need? I help you pack.”

“Uhhh… makeup” wtf.  Because I want Penny to see me pretty ok wtf.  And we need to take pictures ok hahaha.

Anyway, by the time we got dressed and ready I was starting to feel slight twinges in my back.  Which turned into definite waves of cramps by the time we got to the hospital.  4 am.

Checked into the labor ward, got hooked up to the machine that checks contractions.  Was told my obgyn would be coming in after seven only.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

Over the next few hours…. I was half in agony already.  I say half because it was probably one of the worst pains I’ve felt in my life… but I still knew there was more to come.  The cramps were coming in every two minutes and while the pains were bad, I knew it would get worse.  I also knew I wasn’t at the max of my tolerance yet but I didn’t know how much worse it would get.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3


At 6 am, the anesthetist (from my previous delivery) came and gave me an epidural.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

And in ten minutes the pain subsided. T___________T

Because of all this – the contractions and everything, I was expecting a natural delivery now, instead of a C section.  And I was frustrated and scared.  I’d prepared myself for another C section and had made peace with that but now with the thought of a vaginal delivery, I was terrified.  I didn’t know what to expect, having never read up on it and just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it.

When my obgyn came in, she checked my dilation.

I was at 1 cm WTF. And my water bag apparently hadn’t even burst!  I think it was just leaking a bit, but I didn’t ask more.

She told us, we could wait another 3 or 4 hours to see how much further I’d dilate.  And then we would decide if we were to try a vaginal delivery or just C section.  She wouldn’t push me too hard on going for a natural birth cos of my high blood pressure and the fact that I had a pretty recent C section scar.  Also, there was a significant amount of protein in my urine by then which meant the preeclampsia had kicked in big time.

The other option was to just go for a C section right away.

But if we waited 3/4 hours she estimated I’d be maybe 3-4 cm dilated and I’d have another 10 hours or so ahead of me to wait further.  I didn’t think I wanted to or would be capable of that to be honest. :(  And if I wasn’t dilated enough or anything else went wrong, I’d still have to do an emergency C section.

So we decided to just go with the C section.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

The anesthetist pumped me up with more anesthetic.  I kept telling him, “you sure I won’t feel anything ah?  Better give me more ah” wtf damn annoying hahaha.  Cos in my head, epidural was for vaginal births so what if it wasn’t strong enough for surgery!  Stupid dunno why I doubt a specialist lolol.

I think he must have been annoyed and given me enough to knock me out for two days wtf. #truestory

Surprisingly, this time the OT didn’t feel as cold as before.  And I managed to stay awake enough to note what was going on.

I was numb from waist down.  I remember my doctor asking if I felt her pinching me very hard and I didn’t.  I remember her saying she was cutting and soon I would feel some tugging.

I felt the tugging.

And then I think Fatty, who was sitting next to me breathed, “she’s out.”


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3



Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

I remember holding my breath, waiting for her to take her first.  Then I heard a lusty baby’s cry.

And then she was in my arms.


Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3

Penny’s first photo with us. :)

And that was it.  It was over in less than an hour.


IMG-20150322-WA0026 Taken with my Sony Xperia Z3


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Hello world, from Penny

OMG haven’t blogged in more than a week!

Got a very good excuse though.

I was away…

2015-03-20 10.57.44 1Having her. Ahem.

Hello everyone, meet Penelope.

With two kids under two, I got no time to blog!  BRB descending into the caverns of hell.


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Fighter goes swimming

On account of guilt that Fighter may just be rotting his IQ away at home doing nothing but walk around the house, open and close cabinets, pretend to read some books and the occasional bubble play session, I suggested to Fatty that we take him swimming last weekend.

(Oh yea and I stopped his school for now cos I was worried I’d deliver early and couldn’t take him to class)

So we packed his swim diapers and towel.  And blew up his swim float for the first time.  It was a present from my ex-colleagues and at first I thought it was a donut float which would probably be too big for this ex-preemie.

But it turned out to be this little boat thing, complete with steering wheel!

Fighter was completely enamoured with it hahahaha.

So much so that he insisted on carrying it with him in the car on the way to the pool WTF.

So we got to the pool… and straight away Fighter’s eyes widened and he started gesturing towards it.

I’m too preggers to fit into my swimsuit so I stayed at the edge with towel and camera while Fatty did the honors.



Here’s Fighter gingerly testing water lolol pun not intended.

As a kid Ooib drowned like five gazillion times so I was predictably nervous about my own baby boy going into a pool for the first time.  I kept shouting to Fatty, “Be careful! Don’t drop him! Don’t let him drink water! Lower him down very carefully! Don’t scare him! Let him test water first!”

I’m surprised Fatty didn’t turn around and punch me wtf.


So anyway Fatty carefully lowered Fighter into the pool (as per shouted instructions wtf).  I needn’t have worried cos Fighter loved it!

He stood in the pool which came up to about his waist waved his hands about enthusiastically in the water.  I think in his mind he was ‘swimming’ hahahaha.

And then ZOMG.  He suddenly thought it was a good idea to crawl in the pool and dropped to his hands and knees.  Fatty quickly yanked him up but he was spluttering, face all red, with water dripping from his mouth, clearly having drank a mouthful hahaha.


After that he was scared to go in again!  He clung to Fatty and whined.  We were worried this would give him a water phobia so I told Fatty to sit with him at the pool edge and just let him dangle his feet in the water.



He actually calmed down pretty quickly and took to the water again!  Waving his arms around and convincing himself he was swimming hahahaha.



The float that he loved on ground?  He hated sitting in it omg.

I don’t think it was fear or anything, but on the float he was sitting above water when all he really wanted was to be in the water, swimming. *cough*


So for most of the time Fatty had to carry him around like a giant float lolol.

When it was time to go, we lifted him up out of the pool, much to his displeasure. #babyangst

Wiped him off, and put him down on the ground. And this is what he did.

HAHAHAHA T___________T

If Fatty had not reached the pool first, Fighter would probably have dunked in and drank more water. Some more at the end you can see him grabbing Fatty’s nipple FHL HAHAHAHAHA.

Pulled him out and again he did his usual toddler tantrum of arching back and crying but he stopped after I told him we’ll bring him back next weekend lolol.



Happy baby is happy again. :D


And then the next morning, he insisted on bringing his float with him to bathtime.


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35 weeks, Bump!

First, pictures!

2015-02-27 11.58.07 1


Ohai little boy!

2015-02-27 11.58.12 1


His tshirt says it all.

2015-02-27 11.58.10 1


Very excited to be a big brother huh Fighter?



Here’s me and Fighter watching TV.

His super cute outfit from Baby Style Icon!






This was taken at 34 weeks!  I’m wearing pinstriped boxy dress from Azorias! The dress is not for maternity hor but got ruching at the side which makes it perfect to fit a Bump hehe.



Also at 34 weeks + in case you didn’t think my bump was that big.

And in case you think I’m still super slim and (like what some of my friends said) that my bump looks fake cos it’s so neat hahaha…



In a week I ballooned up to this WTF.

Say real one hahahaha I didn’t even need to arch my neck too much to get this effect. D: D:

I think it’s the water retention la cannot be fat right!!! (although I have been gorging on ice cream lately FTS but it’s the best remedy for heartburn for me T3T)

Anyway…today I am 35 weeks!  I’m damn amazed I made it this far actually.

Bump is really rocking it yo.

It’s been slightly still a rollercoaster although nothing compared to Fighter’s time of course.  After our last scare (ahem), last Friday night instead of attending Wafu’s open house, Fatty and I headed to the labour ward cos my BP was 150/100 which was the level my ob-gyn said I was to come in.

In hospital, my BP by manual check turned out to be 160/110 WTF.  I had to provide a pee sample to check for proteinuria (protein in pee – sign of preeclampsia) and thankfully the amount was negligible enough for it to not be considered.  If got protein I’d have to be hospitalized immediately but since there was none, the doctor released me with BP medication and a promise to keep checking my pressure at home.

Bump is still growing too slowly though.  At 35 weeks she’s supposed to be 2.4 kg or something like that, but she’s only 1.7 kg. :( So based on this and the escalating BP, she’ll be out the latest by 37 weeks.

That’s two weeks at the most!!!!

Quite surreal (and frankly frightening) that Imma be a mommy of two in two weeks. *boggle eyes *loud violin music


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Hello from the Ford showroom!


Got Vanna White feel or not?

Quite surprised and flattered that Ford asked me to work with them for a test drive and a video review of the new Ford Fiesta.  Cos… I think I know as much about cars as Fred Flintstone wtf.  (when I was a kid I used to think his rock car with the hole for his feet was the epitome of cool ok hahahaha).

But I think I represent the average consumer right!  Not necessarily knowing a lot about technology but I thiiink I know what I like in a car la hahaha.

The model I test drove was the Fiesta 1.0 L Eco-Boost.

Exterior is similar to the old Ford Fiesta, still a hatchback hahaha.  I prefer driving hatchbacks cos I don’t have to worry about hitting something when I reserve. :X Also hatchbacks are cuter hehe.

I didn’t know how to see but the Ford team explained to me the sporty body kit fitted on the Fiesta too which makes it look snappier than before.

2014-12-29 12.04.29 1


Here’s the interior! 2014-12-29 12.04.30 1

Streamlined looking dashboard.

2014-12-29 12.04.35 1

Backseat.  Hello camera man!  The Ford Fiesta is pretty small so the legroom may be a bit narrow for basketball players but I was personally comfortable with it hehe. 2014-12-29 12.04.32 1


Comes with ISOFIX for child car seats! :D  Good to know, good to know.

2014-12-29 12.04.33 1

Also got voice command, bluetooth, MP3 capabilities and 6 speakers in car.

2014-12-29 12.04.31 2


And keyless ignition, the funnest part!  Hahaha I very sua ku hor.  Every time I got out of the car or we switched drivers I’d be like “WHO HAS THE CAR KEY?”



Steering wheel and dashboard.

Comes with 7 airbags too for increased safety.

Also very convenient is the auto headlamp and rain sensor.  Good so I don’t have to panick looking for the wipers or lights when it rains/gets dark haha.



They see me rollin’ they hatin’.

Obviously taken when car was at a standstill.

The Fiesta was pretty nice to drive!  I test drove 1.0 L cars before and when I pressed the gas, the car doesn’t really accelerate one, it putters on like Flintstone’s car. >.>

But the Fiesta is also 1.0 L but with the EcoBoost it accelerates very fast!  When I put my foot to the pedal, the car just zipped front easily!  Apparently the torque per liter is more than a Bugatti. D:

Anyway besides doing the drive myself, I had some readers who came along to check out the car too!  I was actually very scared nobody would come wtf cos it was scheduled for Sunday morning but they actually turned up. T_______T


Here with May and Jade (and Bump).



They were actually considering buying a Ford Fiesta and already test drove it prior to the shoot, but came again for a second look. :D   Thank you guys for coming!


With Winnie and Ivan who are both engineers.  Ivan is a car freak and he said the Fiesta was very fun to drive. :)  But I think the Fiesta fits Winnie more hahaha it just has a cute vibe la.



With Jacklyn who signed up last minute but still came!  Thank you again everybuddehhhhh


Also special thanks to my manager Melissa for being there the whole time. <3

And here’s the finished video! I every time think I wanna start doing Youtube videos but when I see myself on the screen I feel like punching it wtf. Why I talk so much and look like I’m high wtf. But anyway here it is hahaha enjoy.



The Fiesta comes in three colors – black, white and red.  You can check out the Ford website for more info and for a test drive!

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Second baby shower for Bump

So…. this happened on Monday. 2015-02-23 10.13.53 2*hearts in eyes wtf


The second baby shower for Bump!  Fighter didn’t even have one hahaha.

My friends were always talking about throwing one for me and Bump since we didn’t get to do it with Fighter.  But since the past few weeks I kept getting scares and we also dunno when Bump would make her appearance, we decided no need la. Instead we were just going to have a baking session at my place (which was what Bobo and Hui Wen had been talking about forever) to make use of my Kitchenaid mixer (birthday present from Fatty hehe).

Or so that’s what I thought wtf.

So the day came and Bobo and Suet arrived first!  We planned a whole tea menu so I was gonna make my usual butter cookies, Suet was making scones and Bobo would make sandwiches. IMG-20150223-WA0042   The prettiest mixer in the world!  Mixing the dough for the cookies.  And yea my apron is Totoro wtf Fatty got it for me together with a whole other bunch of miscellaneous baking/cooking stuff too. Some of the Nuffies (Adrian, Melissa, Denise) got me a very canggih looking cookie cutter for my birthday so I was also dying to use it!  The box proclaimed it ‘the last cookie cutter you’ll ever need’. IMG-20150223-WA0041   WTF is this shit LOLOL. I was like either this is not the last cookie cutter I’ll ever need or I’m the last person who should be using this cookie cutter hahahaha. Turns out it’s the latter FML.  Used it wrongly and my third batch of cookies are uglier than ever. Suet and Bobo went ahead with the scones… IMG-20150223-WA0043 The recipe called for sifted flour.  Here they’re using my tiny sieve from Daiso – think they hated me cos it took forever to sift the flour hahahaha.


This was after lunch so I was still munching on my Mcds fries and ‘supervising’ wtf. They said I damn annoying cos I was just eating and offering un-useful advice – “Put less sugar! I like more butter!”



Ally brushing on egg wash on the scones.


Raisin scones done!  Turned out pretty good for a first attempt!

And then the doorbell rang.  And Hui Wen clattered in with armfuls of flowers and balloons and other random props. D:

2015-02-23 10.13.57 1

Voila the final set up!

I was so surprised cos I really expected a baking session with shorts (I was still wearing pajama shorts wtf) but the girls really outdid themselves. T_________T

2015-02-23 10.14.09 1


Look at this gorgeous set up!  They even had a poster with ‘baby shower’ written on it and borrowed an Ikea frame from me to put it in wtf.  Pink deer figurine is from Hui Wen’s house hahahaha.2015-02-23 10.14.00 1

And tons of fresh flowers and other pretty decor.

2015-02-23 10.14.04 1

Apple crumble made by Ally! 2015-02-23 10.14.01 1

Scones made by Suet and Bobo!  Savory pastries underneath were brought by Hui Wen.

2015-02-23 11.17.17 1

Tuna sandwiches by Bobo!

2015-02-23 10.14.12 2

Macarons bought by Sherlyn!  My fugly butter cookies underneath not even bothering to take a close up shot of them wtf.

2015-02-23 10.14.05 1

Hui Wen even brought the white tea pot WTF. Pink tea cups were given to me by her and Bobo for my birthday hehehe.


Thank you girls for putting in so much effort and making me and Bump feel so loved. T_____________T Bump better be a girl WTF.  Cos my baby bump is very sharp and neat la I kept asking my doctor “confirm still a girl ah?” wtf.


Cheesie came with Junya later too!


With Hui Wen <3


And Ally. <3

Meant to take individual photos with everyone but got too caught up with eating. :X


Got one with BB Junya though who looked very stoned fml.2015-02-23 10.13.55 1

The babies meet!  When I see Junya I remember how Fighter used to be!  Like still a bit floppy and sweet and not as strong willed.  Fighter is a sturdy toddler now and very adamant in his likes and dislikes sigh.  2015-02-23 10.13.58 1

Anyway Fighter noticed Junya fiddling with his animal puzzle and I think he was trying to show off as a big brother – he very quickly pulled all the animal pieces out from the puzzle as though trying to show Junya how to do it lolol very show off.

2015-02-23 10.14.03 1

Then the puzzle got music one!  Music started playing and immediately Fighter dropped the puzzle and started clapping hahahaha automatic reflex. -_-2015-02-23 10.14.08 2Playing with Junya ok.  But if I or nanny carry Junya, all hell breaks loose. T_______T  Can’t see properly in this picture but Fighter is actually shouting and staring angrily at a stunned Junya. T____T

His jealousy is so horrible! It’s actually getting worse the older he gets.  Nobody can carry any other baby except him wtf.  Nobody can even leave the room without him getting antsy wtf.  It’s like all of us must be around him at all times. -_-

Worried for Bump now fml.

Oh well Fighter is just going to have to suck it up.  And all of us will just have to close our ears when he screams wtf.

2015-02-23 10.13.59 1
Anyway it was a fabulous day, thank you guys. T________T I have the most awesome friends yo. We don’t get together often anymore cos of all our hectic schedules, especially not in such big groups so it’s even more fun when we have a reason to!  Makes me feel like a carefree student again when we can hang out for hours on end doing nothing.

(Only got to do it this time cos at home and all baby necessities are there wtf)

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