Pock and Roll

You know what one of my favorite snacks was when I was a kid?

pocky 1

You know what one of my favorite snacks is now I’m an adult?

pocky 2

Hahahaha. You get the picture.

Did you know that Pocky in Malaysia used to be called Rocky?

I didn’t! In fact I thought Rocky was a rip-off from Pocky and I steadfastly refused to buy lolol.  Cos must support original la! (I think this was the transition period where some Rocky-labelled boxes were still around)


For those in the dark (in which case I thoroughly sympathize with your childhood), Pocky is a Japanese snack that comes in boxes like this and are biscuit sticks covered in different flavors! This one is chocolate.

2015-05-11 02.07.33 2
The sticks come packed up in aluminium wrapper like this and the biscuit ends of it is on top so you don’t get your hands dirty.

2015-05-10 04.41.17 1

Comes in a huge array of flavors!  I have green tea, strawberry and double choco here (which is essentially a Pocky stick where the biscuit is totally covered in chocolate)

Guess which flavor is my favorite?

2015-05-10 04.41.10 1

OMG so cliched! Hahahaha.

Normally I don’t like strawberry flavored foods all that much but the Strawberry Pocky is yummy! Sweet but not too sweet (like Baby Bear’s porridge wtf) and the slight tinge of sour strawberry in it contrasts very nicely with the plain biscuit *connoisseur

Last time in school, we used to poke Pocky sticks behind our ears and pretend they were pencils hahahaha.

Chocolate Pocky on the other hand, is Fighter’s favorite! Um as though not obvious enough by this pic. Lol.


It was actually one of the first snacks I introduced to Fighter too.  Easy for him to hold by himself and eat and not that unhealthy as far as snacks go hehehe.


Did you know that the name Pocky comes from the sound of the crispy biscuit breaking off?



Fighter be like, “I give it five stars!”

Now this critter fighting me for it. -_- Lololol.


Pocky is available in chocolate, double choco, strawberry, green tea matcha flavor, milk, and banana flavors.  More new flavors will be released soon!


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Reading with McDonald’s



Me and Fighter at McDonald’s today.  Bought him a Happy Meal, of which fries I ate most of. O_O Oh god I’m turning into my dad hahahaha I used to get so mad whenever he ate my fries when I was a kid, and now here I am doing the same thing to Fighter. #noshame


We went to McDonald’s because I heard they were launching something called the Happy Meal Book Program.


Order a Happy Meal now and this is the ‘toy’ that comes with it.  It’s not a toy at all, but a mini book!

The one we received is about *jeng jeng jeng* elephants!  All books are part of the Watch Me Grow series by DK Publishing.


The book format follows a baby elephant from birth until it grows into an adult with all sorts of information about elephants written in a kid-friendly way.

I like it! Most age-appropriate books that I’ve found for Fighter so far are about groups of things – like numbers, animals, things that fly, shapes, etc so I always kind of doubted if Fighter really understood say, what a hamster or shark was.  But since Watch Me Grow focuses on just one animal it’s good for him to learn more in depth about one particular animal.


Fighter approves!


I also approve of this Happy Meal Program!

I love books and reading!  It’s a love that Fat Her instilled in me and Ooib.  I don’t think there was any point in my life where I’m not actively in the middle of a book (except for some stressful times in college lol where it was textbooks instead) and I would love to  pass on that love of books to Fighter and Penny.




I try to buy Fighter books now instead of toys.  He gets bored of toys very quickly anyway but so far he does regularly pull out his books from the shelf and bring them to me to read or to point out stuff to him. :D  So the Watch Me Grow series will be a nice addition to our collection!

I’d always harbored a secret wish to start my own bookstore – with different or rarer books than those you’d find in MPH or whatever – or a cafe filled with books where people could just drink coffee and read. :) But not very feasible because…. Malaysians don’t read. :(

In London or in Japan on the subway, I saw tons of people holding paperbacks or newspapers to read on their commute.  But in Malaysia where got?  There’s no reading culture here – the most you see people looking at their phones or sleeping on the train wtf.

Worse, according to a UN report, the literacy rate of Malaysians is at 93.2%, behind developed countries like Japan, Britain, the United States, Australia and Germany, which have literacy rates of 99%.


So I’m very glad that McD is doing this initiative!  Besides the Watch Me Grow Happy Meal series, there will also be activities like a story-telling competition, Book Time with Ronald McDonald and meeting with aspiring local authors.  More details and schedules can be found here.

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Party in our crib

Oh my god guess who’s awake?!!

Not you too!!???

The story is, at 9 pm I was burping Penny after her feed when I heard Fighter yell from his room. Penny was half asleep by then so I carefully put her down on my bed, on her tummy while I went to see to Fighter.

Turns out he woke up and couldn’t find his pacifier. -_-

Picked him up and he laid on my shoulder instantly.

Then I started having spooky thoughts. Shit why did I put Penny on her tummy. What if she rolls over on her face and suffocates without me knowing!?

I figured I would rather have a crying child than, you know, no child at all so I gingerly crept back into my room, still carrying Fighter.

To my relief, Penny was fast asleep with her head turned safely to the side.

But not for long!

Fighter got super excited at being allowed out of his room at night. He perked up and pointed at Penny and shouted, “HEY!!!”

And Penny stirred. FML. She started grunting in her usual newborn way and Fighter found it very funny. Double FML.

He started snickering which roused Penny even more and she began to wail her head off. Triple FML.

My consolation prize is I managed to calm her down while telling Fighter to lie down and go to sleep next to me. Penny calmed down and looked around at us with wide eyes. Like ooh what we doing mommy?


I thought her face was super cute though and being such a blogger, I snapped her picture (see above)

Too bad Mr Lack of Attention had to ruin the first attempt by trying to squeeze himself on my lap so he doesn’t miss out so my hand shook hahaha. #FOMO

And here he’s rolling around and trying to rest his head on any body part of mine just to manja. Lol.

Tried patting them both to sleep but to no avail. One would get excited, triggering the other off and kaboom Party people hey it’s Friday night wtf.

In the end I became a weight lifter and picked them both up and walked downstairs. To look for nanny. (I normally give her evenings off so she can rest and do her own stuff)

I thought I could put two babies to sleep together but I couldn’t. D:

Nanny took Fighter from me (Penny had fallen asleep again just by walking downstairs hahaha) and we both trudged upstairs again. But Fighter saw me going into my room without him and wailed.

So I exchanged Penny for Fighter and attempted to put him to sleep.

For three f*cking hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that look like a face that wants to sleep I ask you. He was rolling here and there and having the time of his life. -_-

Anyway my entire Friday night was spent lying on my bed avoiding eye contact and pretending to be asleep so my toddler would go to sleep. -_- Couldn’t even go to sleep for real cos I needed to pump milk still.

How was your Friday night? *forced smile

(all photos taken with my Sony Xperia Z3 in nearly complete darkness, only the bathroom light was on.  How good is the night camera!?)

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Take a chill pill

It’s hard being a parent.  In addition to the everyday tasks that come with having kids – making sure they’re fed, clothed and relatively clean at the barest minimum, you’ve also gotta grapple with the big stuff… like how to make sure your child grows up well and healthy. That’s a huge responsibility! And all that in addition to the other stuff you need to do as a normal adult.


So we parents know how tough it can be.  And we don’t need unnecessary stress that makes our jobs harder. >:(

Here’s a bunch of things parents DON’T need, off the top of my head:

1.  People judging our parenting

Be it the stranger in the mall who shakes their head at you while your two year old throws himself down on the floor screaming, or the put-together mom with the well dressed kids eyeballing you as you give your kid the iPad at the table.  Or even the well meaning but critical relative telling you to bundle your baby up although she’s sweating like a pig.

We don’t need your judgment because we are doing the best we can.  There’s no one right way to parenting, and every child is different.  Every momma is different too.

And how would you know what happened right before the tantrum took place? Or why that mother isn’t picking up her screaming baby?  Maybe she’s tried everything but the baby just won’t stop crying.  Maybe she’s sprained her back.  You would not know the full story from outside so it would not be your place to judge.

All parents are already doing their best and they know their kids the best.  Having people throw judgment at us is just an unnecessary irritation we don’t need.

2. Parent’s guilt

Don’t say other people judging parents, moms and dads often judge themselves the harshest.  Our children are precious so naturally we want to do our best for them.  And of course we should!  But when it comes to the small stuff, don’t sweat it.  So what if we don’t create the nicest bento, go out for a nice lunch with girlfriends without them, or forget to let them wear socks with their sneakers?  THAT IS OKAY.

Your kids will not grow up into monsters because you gave them Mcdonalds for lunch instead of a home-grown, home cooked nutritious meal.  Or if you let them go out of the house with unbrushed hair.  Or if you want to have a nice meal with your spouse once in a while at a place that doesn’t have a kids menu.

In the long run, all this doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that your kids know you love them and are there for them.  And that they have a happy mom rather than a stressed out miserable one.

3.  Someone banging the door just when you’ve put the baby to sleep

Do I need to elaborate. T_T  Worst is if you’ve just spent the last forty minutes rocking baby until you can’t feel your arms anymore, shushing like a steam engine, and you’ve finally managed to ninja your baby into her crib without waking her.  You’re just about to sneak out of the room when your hand slips off the doorknob… and the door slams shut.

GG. Hahahaha.

4. Inflexible bosses

I haven’t had personal experience in this, thankfully but I have mommy friends with unreasonable bosses who mark them down for leaving the office at 5.30 pm on the dot  to go pick up kids from daycare.  Even though they’ve finished their work.  Just because they look “lazy.” Whaaaat.

5.  Baby falling sick

This is the mother of all.  When a child is sick there is no rest for the parents.  Anxious trips to the doctor, force feeding of medicine or insertion of suppositories, staying up all night sponging or checking temperature every five minutes, wiping off vomit, going crazy with worry that the illness will escalate, when it comes to crap parents don’t need, kids falling sick is second only to…

6. You falling sick

When kids are sick you wish you could take on the sickness and suffer instead of your kids.  The irony is that when we’re sick, we still worry because who’s going to manage the kids if you’re down with fever or a headache?

I used to avoid pills and medicines at all cost… until I became a mom.  I’d just suffer in bed and wait out fevers and headaches (more serious sicknesses or infections no choice la have to take meds).  But now with Fighter and Penny, no choice.  If I feel a headache or fever coming, the most sensible thing to do is to swallow a Panadol and get on with life.  Sure, I can ask nanny to take over but I don’t want to if possible.  Fighter won’t understand why I’m cooped up in bed instead of hanging out with him and I’d rather much prefer being downstairs with the two of them than having to quarantine myself in my room.



For the other nuisances, there’s no magic pill to make them go away, but for physical headaches or just feeling under the weather, all it takes is a Panadol Actifast (which btw absorbs twice as fast as regular paracetamol and is gentle on the stomach, leaving the body naturally in 24 hours), whatever it takes to get the pain out so you can c0ntinue to live life well. :) #LifeReplacesPain #PanadolActifast


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Having faith in face

2015-04-28 07.34.53 1


This post is going to be very straightforward hor.  How many of you ladies use facial masks regularly put your hands up?

*arms stay firmly at my sides wtf

I’m not too bad at my skincare routine.  I NEVER go to bed without removing my makeup, and I always do the usual three steps – cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Also apply eye cream religiously because big eyes means big eye bags, big dark circles and big wrinkles wtf.

But when it comes to masks…. they all stay packed away in my drawer. :X

I receive tonssss of masks from friends or from brands and I hardly do anything with them.  I even usually reject when online shops ask me to review.  They always seemed like such a hassle – put on and then cannot do anything for a while waiting for it to be done.  And effect also not very obvious I might as well just slather more moisturizer on.

But then Faith in Face approached me… and I was a sucker for their packaging hahaha.

2015-05-05 09.35.23 1


Faith in Face is a brand that originated in Korea. They are now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand and from April onwards are now here at all major Watsons outlets in Malaysia as well.

They’re launching with their range of hydrogel masks – the five pictured above.

So here’s my review of Faith in Face.


This is what the mask looks like! (ignore my fingers dunno what I was doing)

It starts off like any other mask – rip the outside packaging and pull the mask out.  The mask itself is wrapped with sheer pieces of paper to protect it and keep the essence in.

My first impression was that the mask is damn heavy.  Much heavier than other masks I’ve tried before.

Second impression is that not only is it heavy, it’s also very slippery.  It was in fact a little tricky to pull out of the package.

Why? Because the mask is not made of cotton or paper but a thick smooth bouncy, gel-like material.  Later on I found out that this is a hydrogel mask.  See the picture above?  You can see it’s slightly shiny and gel-like.

Because of the hydrogel material, the mask actually contains more ‘essence’ compared to other types of masks, and stay moist and hydrate the skin for longer.

Over the course of a week I managed to test out the different masks.  These are my favorites!


HOLD ME TIGHT is a lifting and firming mask.  It promises to let you hold on tight to your youth! Sounds like something this auntie needs yo.


Carefully put on the mask… It actually comes in two pieces – one for the top of the face and another for the lower part.  I’m guessing it’s so it will be a better fit generally.

Then I chilled with my book for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes I removed the mask and noticed the mask is noticeably lighter!  Either that or I buffed up in the last half hour wtf.

The nutrients from the mask had actually left it and absorbed into my skin which is why the mask was thinner and lighter after I was done!

Massaged the remaining essence into my skin and then carried on with my usual makeup routine.

CIMG3934 1

Verdict: Skin felt moisturized but not much different from usual days.  But then when I applied my sunblock and BB cream, I noticed my makeup glided on more smoothly than usual.


Wah so young already! Am I dreaming? *pinches self / *pinches young cheeks wtf


HOLD ME TIGHT contains copper tripeptide that helps firm and liven the skin, and rooibos and red ginseng extract, a popular Korean ingredient which works to reduce stress and improve firmness to the skin.

2. After Shower Look


I was pretty excited to try this one out!  I like the feeling of my skin when I just get out of the shower – all damp and soft, very shiok and can bluff myself it feels like Fighter’s skin wtf.


Again put on the mask for 30 minutes and relaxed (all this done while babies were napping)



Here’s a close up of my skin after removal of the mask and massaging the essence in.

Skin didn’t feel damp per se hahaha.  But that might be because all nutrients were absorbed by the skin, because it felt… QQ.  Don’t even know what the proper English word for it is… bouncy?



Yes haha.  Expectations of damp, soft skin not really reached, but my skin felt pleasantly bouncy and firmer to the touch.


AFTER SHOWER LOOK comes with an intense hydration formula of Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturising super-agent, and natural Camellia Oil that locks in moisture.



This would turn out to be my favorite!


Did my usual mask application.  Here I put on only the top part to give you a sense of what it looks like.


Done!  Love this mask!  At first I didn’t notice anything but after I finished doing my makeup I noticed… my skin damn glowy can!?

You can expect a mask called NOURISH ME to come with tons of moisture/nourishment for the skin which is what I expect lends my skin that slight shine afterwards.  Realized when I was taking photos that it looked damn healthy and radiant. :)

NOURISH ME combines Ceramide 3, which generates a protective layer over the skin and is one of the most important lipid compositions of the stratum corneum, with Broccoli Extract and Olive Oil.


We have a winner!  For me at least haha other people may have different results or opinions. depending on their skin type and conditions.

Interested in trying out Faith in Face for yourself?

I’m giving away a Faith in Face hydrogel facial mask goodie pack!


Just follow the below steps:-

Step 1: LIKE Faith in Face Malaysia FB page & share my blogpost up on to your FB (Screenshot both)

Step 2: Email the screenshots with your name, contact number, IC No. and address to enquiries@whitedge.com.my

Step 3: Winners will be announced via Faith in Face FB page on 31 May 2015. You’ll also be notified by call & email on how you can redeem your prizes!

There’re only limited Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask Goodie Sets to be redeemed – every 10th participant who emails will be the lucky winner!

*Faith in Face is now available at major Watson’s outlets at RM11.90 per piece (inclusive of GST)


Learn more about Faith in Face on their Website and like them on Facebook  !!

p/s: Website is in Korean language, so visit their FB Page for English information


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Penny’s full moon

Yay talking about happy things today – Penny’s full moon!

The truth is, I wasn’t planning on having a full moon.  I didn’t plan one for Fighter either but my mother in law insisted cos she said she must be fair to all her grandkids and threw one for Fighter back in Penang.

For Penny I also didn’t really consider having one but then Betjeman and Barton said they wanted to do one for Penny!

Betjeman and Barton is a new tea place in KL! They are tea merchants from Paris and have been around since 1919.

Their first outlet in Malaysia is in 1 Utama, which is where we had the full moon. :)

2015-05-06 10.18.21 2


Arrived at the store and everything was ready for us!

2015-05-06 10.18.22 1


A look around the store first…

Ignore Fat Her Ooi wtf.

Love their pretty red decor scheme!  The walls are lined with shelves of tea cannisters – crazy amount of different types of teas from around the world!

2015-05-06 10.18.21 1

The other side.  There are glass cases of special handmade desserts and chocolates by Betjeman and Barton.  Some of the desserts are even tea-infused, keeping to their commitment to the beverage.

Okay so at first I thought it would be a small low key affair – just an afternoon tea with our closest friends and family and everyone would just gather to put up legs and chit chat wtf.

But then La Memoria stepped up and offered to do the decor for party! :O  They are a pretty well known wedding and event decorating company so suddenly the party became super glam omg sorry Fighter Penny win this time hahahaha.

2015-04-26 10.26.03 1

I told them La Memoria I wanted a pink and princessy theme… obviously!! I’ve been dying for an excuse to throw this kinda themed party my whole life wtf.  So they came through with a gorgeous pink and gold scheme.

This was the photo backdrop!  Actually the style reminds me of Sofia the First hahaha.

And hehehe Fatty and Princess Penny are super in love with each other here wtf.

Also excuse how I look wtf.  Full moons should be held at least three months later to give the momma time to look presentable again hmph wtf.

2015-04-26 10.18.17 1

The decor at the buffet table!

2015-04-26 10.18.15 1

And the buffet table itself.  All catering done inhouse by Betjeman and Barton yo!2015-04-26 10.18.16 1


One of the desserts!  Actually I was so busy talking to everyone and tending to Penny I didn’t eat a thing. :/

2015-04-26 10.18.19 1


All desserts in pink too hehehe.  Got cupcakes, macarons, croissants and pink pastries I don’t know hahaha.

2015-04-26 10.18.17 2


They even had a cake for us!!! Unlike the trend nowadays for mock fondant cakes, this gorgeous princess cake was entirely edible.




With my confinement auntie!  Penny came suitably dressed in the theme btw.  Actually she was super pink and floral la hahaha more pics later.



Me with a critter who was busy stuffing his face (literally) with macarons. >_>

2015-05-02 04.23.42 2


Party in full swing. :D Can tell a baby’s party by the strollers hahaha.

2015-05-02 04.23.45 1


Another pic of the four of us. :) We super awkward standing like this cos didn’t wanna block the cake and decor lolol.

2015-04-26 10.18.18 1

One more of the pretty buffet table.

2015-05-02 04.23.43 1


With Jojo and Lay See!  La Memoria also provided princessy photo props which the kids loved hehehe.  The adults mostly forgot to use dammit wtf.

2015-05-02 04.23.38 1


Hehehe love this photo of Lay See with her son Javier (who’s Fighter’s classmate!)

2015-05-02 04.23.42 1


With Fatty’s college friends. :)

2015-05-02 04.23.44 1


And Bobo who rushed back from her holiday to attend. <3

2015-05-02 04.23.41 1


The Oois!  Fighter is super attached to Mummy Ooi so Fat Her staked his claim on Penny already hahahaha.

2015-05-02 04.23.37 1


Joanne (my ex boss) and Jammie!  Fighter playing the good host and letting people take photos with him wtf.

2015-05-02 04.23.34 1


With the girls Gene, Reva and Wendy.

2015-05-02 04.23.28 1


Another set of girls – all mommies hehehe.  Juvyn and Li Anne (high school friends whom I recently got back in touch with yayy) and Lay See.  And Li Anne’s baby Shane!

Look at this Juvyn pregnant but don’t look pregnant one good genes or what!

2015-05-02 04.23.29 1


Yew Kuan disturbing Fighter from the looks of it hahahaha.



Ooib and Sherlyn!



Janice, Desmond and Fayth. Industry people… and my sister in law lol.

2015-04-26 10.26.07 1


Haha super cute la this picture!  Lexi, Javier and Kay playing around with the props.



Fatty with Terence & Li Anne, Janson & Juvyn and roly poly baby Shane.

And where was the star of the day?

Very busy.  She had a packed schedule of naps and milk drinking. Hahahaha.

C360_2015-04-27-17-29-04-527Happy one month darling!

Actually as I write this she’s nearly eight weeks old now zomg. And laying on my lap, fast asleep lolol.

Thank you again to our sponsors Betjeman and Barton, and La Memoria!  They did such a good job with Penny’s full moon that now I don’t know what I can do for her first birthday hahahaha.


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To the girl who judged me without having even seen me in person

A couple of nights ago I received this extremely offensive and batshit comment on my Instagram.


Wait where did this come from?

I’m not going to lie — her comment pissed me off.  If she was trolling she succeeded la hahaha.

Her ignorance, her incoherence, her lack of understanding, her judgmentalism (is that a word wtf).  I wanted to reply her but to be honest I didn’t even know where to begin cos she was so off she might as well be in outer space wtf.


This is what I replied.  Very angrily I might add.

But there’s actually a lot more I’d like to say to her.  She has since deleted her Instagram/changed her username although I cautioned my readers not to flame her, but I’m pretty sure she’s still reading my Dayre and blog.

So here’s an open letter to her.

Dear @Shirlingaling/ @S.Lingaling,

You are right, a LOT of moms read my Instagram and Dayre, and you know what?  Nobody agrees with you; in fact, we all agree that everything you’ve said is all in your mind, a pure figment of your imagination.

From your comment, you must not be a mother yourself.  If you were a mother there is no way you would pass such a judgmental presumptuous statement, much less to another mom.  Your ignorance is shocking which is why I feel the need to write this for you (and for anyone else ignorant and brazen enough to say what you did).

Just by looking at my blog, Dayre and IG, you calculated the level of love I have for my daughter and judged me for not being loving enough.  Pray, enlighten me what formula you used to measure “love” as viewed on social media as that is really quite magical!  Scientists all over the world would love to know, I’m sure.

You concluded I must not love my daughter as much as I do my son, because she was, in your words, “easier to have”.  Would you dare say this to the face of any mother out there?  It is none of your business but now I choose to tell you for the sake of dispelling your gross ignorance.  I took aspirin daily for nine months to ensure my daughter would be a safer pregnancy and be “easier to have”.  I checked my blood pressure at least twice daily, and did urine tests as needed to make sure she was safe from preeclampsia.  I hopped in and out of the hospital as false alarms indicated that the preeclampsia might have returned.

So yes, if you count avoiding a long hospital stay an “easier birth” then yes I had an “easier birth”.  Penelope made it to full term through luck and by the combined efforts of my doctor and me, which I am terribly thankful for.

But what about uncomplicated pregnancies?  Do you dare say that getting pregnant, staying pregnant and then having a baby is “easy”?  What about having morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, worrying about miscarriages and baby’s health, back aches, water retention, stretch marks, pain, tiredness?  What about pushing a baby through your vagina, or getting cut open and then recovering from a major surgery?  Is that easy to you? I dare you to say that to any woman who has experienced it because you surely haven’t.

You said I complained about her vomiting.  If that is your definition of complaining, I think you better not say anything  IN YOUR LIFE EVER wtf.  Yes I wrote about her constant vomiting and how I’ve been trying to solve this problem.  I did it because I was hoping to get some support and advice from other moms and the Dayre community came through for me. :) Unfortunately you twisted something as innocent as that into “complaining” and “not loving my baby”.  You even dared to suggest I shouldn’t have had her if I’m going to complain.

Again, you don’t deserve to know this but in my efforts to stop her vomiting, I’ve already cut out dairy from my diet, researched essential oils to clear her mucus, and even now pump before feeding her just so she won’t overfeed and throw up.  But of course all this wasn’t jotted down and why should I?  Do I need to trumpet every detail of what I’m doing just so people like you can stop judging?

You said I love Penny less.  I do love them differently – this I admit.  When I had Fighter, I only had him to focus on.  Now I have Penny too and I had to learn to give them both equal attention and care.  I love her in a different way, because she is a different person.  I have to switch up my parenting style because she is a different baby with a different personality and preferences from Fighter.  So yeah, I don’t love them the same but it doesn’t mean I love her any less.  Who are you to say anything about this?

Who do you think you are?  Who are you to demand the privilege of a clarification from me or to request the details of my personal and family life? You are a complete stranger to me which is why you do not know enough to have a say.  And yet you persist in having a misguided opinion of me and my life, and embarrassing yourself in the process.

Don’t you dare tell me or any other parent out there that we did not suffer for, or love our children enough.  You have no right. It was sickening of you  and I hope you never say what you said to me to anyone else ever.


A mother you had the audacity to judge


There. I had a great time writing the above. Hahaha.


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Penny’s surgery

Last Monday began like any other day.

Took Fighter back to school after a long hiatus cos I was busy having Penny and then in confinement.


Hehehe my handsome well dressed boy.  Tshirt from Wild Baby.

I left Penny at home for our nanny to look after.

When I got home, nanny told me worriedly that she’d noticed a lump on Penny’s erm labia.  I checked, and sure enough there was a huge protruding lump on the left side of her groin.  When I gingerly poked it, it felt hard. O_O

I had no idea what it was and since when it appeared.  I’d always noticed her labia was a bit swollen but I thought that was normal since she’s a newborn and it was water retention or hormones from being inside my tummy. I’d certainly never seen a newborn labia before her and never noticed the lump before either.

To be safe, I quickly rushed her to our pediatrician.  Doctor looked at her and said it was possibly a hernia. O_O

He ordered an ultrasound scan, and sure enough it was confirmed an inguinal hernia.  Inguinal hernias are more common with baby boys but sometimes girls can get them too. T___T  They’re more likely in premature babies too — but Penny is hardly premature leh so suay she get this even though born at 36 weeks.

Usually it’s the intestine that has dropped into the crotch, but in Penny’s case it was her ovary that had fallen through, which is rarer.  No wonder the lump felt hard and round, it was her ovary I felt. T___________T

The doctors recommended surgery and I nearly fainted.  Surgery at a month old. T_____________T

Apparently it’s a pretty routine procedure and is done to prevent future incidents from happening even if the doctor manages to push back the ovary this time (she couldn’t).  The surgery involves making a small incision at the lower abdomen, pushing back up the ovary, then sewing up the hole in the muscle to prevent future incidents, before stitching up the incision.

So we scheduled the surgery for Wednesday, two days later.


The night before, I packed our hospital bag.  And cried.

I was damn emo thinking SKY AH SKY WHY ME WHY THEM. Why do both my babies at such young ages have to battle health issues serious enough to warrant hospital stays and surgeries.  Most adults haven’t even had surgery, why does my poor little one month old baby girl have to go through one at this age. My heart broke imagining what she would have to go through if I could have the surgery for her I would. T_________T

On the way to the hospital next morning, I cried again wtf.

Anyway I checked her in for admission and got settled into our room to await the surgery.


Uhh. My face don’t ask wtf.

Penny had to fast for at least four hours before the surgery.  She normally drinks every 2-3 hours so that’s like her missing a whole feed cycle.  Imagine denying a hungry baby crying for milk.  I think that was one of the most torturous things for me.  She doesn’t normally take a pacifier but I kept stuffing one into her mouth for two hours straight to give her some kind of comfort. :(


Changing her diaper before going in to surgery.  Later doctor got nasty surprise wtf.

Besides being hungry she wasn’t really in any discomfort thank goodness. And she’s damn cute in this set of photos hahaha.


What face is this!



Still getting her diaper changed hahaha.





Then it was time to head to the Operating Theater.  Instead of a normal hospital bed, the nurses wheeled her in a metal pediatrics cot.

We had to change her into a surgical gown.  Unfortunately the only gowns available were adult size wtf.  So I took an adult gown and wrapped her up in it.

The gown made her look tinier than ever and she looked so vulnerable lying there. T_________T

The OT is always damn cold so luckily the nurses brought a blanket and swaddled her up in it too.

I was all prepared to enter the OT with her.  A  lot of people said they’d rather not see and I also don’t wanna see leh.  But somehow being there in the OT would make me feel less helpless – if anything happens, I want to know immediately.

But the anesthetist said that Penny would be under general anesthetic and she’s too young to notice if I was there or not, so I didn’t need to go in. :( They pushed her in and I started bawling again. T____T

We went downstairs to have a quick lunch while waiting for the operation to be done – they said it’d take about 45 minutes.

Stupid Dome service damn slow so I was going crazy waiting for my food and then gobbling it down.  Then had to wait for them to slowly give us the bill also.  Then suddenly my phone rang and it was the hospital!

They said, “come up to the OT immediately your daughter needs you.”

Wah panicked like crazed wilderbeest.  Cos they made it sound so urgent and as though something went wrong okay!

Left my parents downstairs while Fatty and I dashed upstairs to the OT.  Outside, while waiting to be let in, we heard a baby crying.

Me: “That’s Penny crying!”

Fatty: “Cannot be she shook off the GA so fast.”

*baby cries again

Us: “Oh yea that’s her.” wtf hahaha cos her scream very loud and distinctive one. :X

I was nearly running around in circles cos they hadn’t opened the doors for us yet!  When I finally got in, they put me in scrubs and quickly led me in… and I saw Penny, still wrapped in the blanket, being held by a nurse, squalling away.

The nurses asked me to nurse her for a bit to give her a drink and to calm her down I guess.  And they finally told me everything went well thank goodness say earlier next time please lol.

She was still too sleepy though so her suck wasn’t very strong.  She was merely sucking for comfort which was totally okay with me!


Penny immediately after the surgery. She had a drip in one little hand, and a monitoring device on her other. :(



She continued sleeping for another 1-2 hours and woke up ravenous.  Drank a lot of milk which is a good sign. :)



Penny with Daddy.

The night after the operation was rough though.  She was on paracetemol for the pain but obviously it still hurt so she was horribly grumpy the whole night.

Every time I put her down she’d cry and cry.  She probably felt so insecure and uncomfortable that she just wanted someone to hold her.  So I spent the night just cradling and cuddling her.  She slept in fits and bursts but I think I only got about an hour of full sleep, when at 8 am I finally managed to hug her from the side and we both slept quite peacefully that way.

The doctor okay-ed her discharge the next morning though so home we went!  She was doing much better already, less grumpy and more like her normal self (which can also be quite grumpy wtf)


But she was well enough for us to go ahead with her full moon party over the weekend!

So glad it’s all over.

To other noob parents, please keep a look out for any weird lumps on your newborns.  I didn’t know what to look out for – or even what a hernia was and that it can affect young babies – so I would have missed it if not for the experienced eagle eye of my nanny. Hernias left untreated can be very dangerous. The organ part that slips through the muscle can be strangulated and die off.

Sf you spot anything unusual on your baby and you don’t know what it is, no harm just getting it checked out at the doctor’s.

I’m very thankful we caught Penny’s case early and no damage was done. :)

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Confession of a mom: Vanity edition

This #confessionsofamom tag has been going around on Dayre.  I’m quite motivated to jump on the bandwagon and write a blog post on this too!  But right now there is only one confession Imma make.

I hate what pregnancy has done to my body. T_________T

The misshapen boobs, the extra soft tummy, nipples the size of plates wtf, the stretched out thighs. Extra cellulite on new areas.  I now fail the boob pencil test spectacularly. My lower back actually jiggles when I jump wtf.

(On the bright side, I’ve made my peace with my stretch marks. You guys can stay.)

During my first pregnancy, I was terrified about not getting back to pre-pregnancy weight too.  Luckily I did go back to pre-pregnancy weight — in fact I actually went lower.  Before getting pregnant with Penny, I was 3 kg less than before Fighter. O_o  I attribute it to breastfeeding.

This picture was taken 6.5 weeks after I had Fighter.  I was 40 kg here (my pre-preggers weight was 38 kg). I was pretty astounded myself at how fast I lost it.

This time, 4 weeks after having Penny, I am struggling a little wtf.

Yes I realize 4 weeks is an impossible timeline to expect my body to go back to normal.  I am 42 kg now, and my pre-Penny weight was actually 35 kg.  Which makes me 7 kg off.

But because the first time I lost the weight so fast, I was quite confident the same would happen this time.  But I’ve been stuck at 42 kg for a few weeks already so I started panicking.

That said, there’s a few things different this time which I guess makes the revertal to pre-preggers body a little tougher.

1. I’m older

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but here goes wtf.  I don’t know if this is an actual contributing factor but it makes sense la.  I am two years older now than when I had Fighter so it can be said that my metabolism may have decreased which could be why it’s taking longer for that weight to shift.

2. Penny was born later

Fighter was born at 31 weeks, right at the start of the third trimester.  Penny was born at 36 weeks plus, making her on the border of being full term.  She didn’t need to be admitted into the NICU even!

Most women pack on the most pounds during the third trimester.  With Fighter he arrived too early for me to have much time to really gain weight.  With Penny this obviously wasn’t the case so whatever I gained, was real weight, not just water.

3. I ate a lot more ice cream

Confirm Penny got sweet tooth lor.  My cravings with Fighter were actually pretty healthy – I ate tons of vegetables and clear Chinese style soup.  Not with Penny wtf.  I kept wanting to eat sweet stuff!

I’m convinced I only started baking so I could make myself desserts wtf.

To make matters worse, my heartburn was intense my whole pregnancy.  With Fighter, fresh milk helped but it failed with Penny.  Even Gaviscon didn’t work.  The only thing that did was ice cream. -_-

So I uhh ate some every day.  I tried to minimize the damage by buying mini Cornettos that came in a box but sedikit sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit okay so the fat piled on. T______T

4. I exercised less

Since I’m on a confession kick right now sigh.  During Fighter’s pregnancy I diligently attended pregnacy yoga and pilates and went swimming every week.

With Penny, I was so busy I totally forgot about exercise.  I just hoped running around after a toddler and lifting weights (Fighter) would be enough.  And when I remembered, I randomly did some Kegels. :X

Exercise makes a huge difference leh.  By the last few weeks with Penny even climbing stairs made me pant cos I had no stamina at all.  I’m sure it’s why I’m not bouncing back as quickly post-pregnancy too.


42 kg is probably very light to most people but keep in mind my height and my pre-preggers weight.  My arms and face (and maybe lower legs) are relatively slim but everything in between is all blobby and misshapen and weird.

Here’s photo evidence.  Oh god what am I doing wtf.

2015-04-12 10.52.22 1


Me from the side.

Lies! I’m sucking in my stomach wtf.

2015-04-12 10.52.28 1


This is the real thing. T_________T

2015-04-12 10.52.30 1


Pants from before totally cannot fit.  That’s like five inches difference!?  Cannot even zip up, don’t say button. T______T2015-04-12 10.52.21 1


Skin on my abdomen is damn flabby and pinch a bit also a lot come out.

2015-04-12 10.52.23 1

Erm don’t remember what my thigh circumference used to be but it’s now a whopping 18 inches!  Confirm much bigger than before cos some of my long pants cannot even pull up FML.

2015-04-12 10.52.32 1
Er help?

I know these are badges of honor from housing and growing two babies in two years inside my body. And some of them – like my stretch marks – I do wear with pride.  But I think I can also honor myself by getting back to how I used to look or better lol.

Last time I asked Fatty, “how ah what if I don’t get back to my old body?”

He said, “can always go Marie France” Hahahaha.

Yes I will go there!! Hahaha.  I was already in touch with Marie France Bodyline last year but then I discovered I was pregnant so we didn’t go on from there.

But now I am going back to them for a consultation and see what they can do for me!  If it works, I’m damn excited to do a before and after post hahaha.

(Yes I know disapproving people will say you can just exercise and diet but exercise alone sometimes cannot just target certain areas.  I will of course exercise and eat healthily but I don’t want to rule out any other avenues I have.)

Stay tuned yo wtf.


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Confessions of a mom

The #confessionsofamom tag has been going around on Dayre. I also wanna confess! Pretend you’re a priest ok wtf.

I think I have a pretty lackadaisical approach to parenting.  In fact I am lackadaisical in all aspects of my life la so no wonder I’m so chin chai when it comes to my babies.  Also no wonder if you can already tell what most of my confessions are going to be like. *shifty eyed

1. I try to make Fighter sleep earlier…

so that I can have more ‘me’ time at night to get my own stuff done. Whether it’s blogging or baking or even just watching series in peace. :X  So I’ll make sure he doesn’t sleep too late in the afternoon. Either that or I’ll find some strenuous activity for him to do in the evening so he’ll be tired at night and sleep faster wtf.

For example, swimming in the bathtub. :X

2. Sometimes when Fighter drops food, I pick it up and eat it myself.  But I blow on it first. #likethatmakesitanybetter

If he spits out food, I sometimes eat it too (if there’s not too much saliva on it).  There goes my reputation wtf.

Waste not, want not wtf.  So far haven’t fed Fighter food from the floor la.  But if say drop on the bed then yeah I might feed it to him. :X

Yea and if it’s his pacifier, sometimes I just pick it up, blow on it and give it back to him wtf.

3. I use kids as an excuse to go home early… and as a topic of conversation

In my defense,  not just me!  Fatty does it too!  Sometimes we take Fighter out with us to dinner… so we can excuse ourselves and say “sorry our son needs to go home and sleep.” Perfect unoffensive excuse to go and people won’t give you shit for it!

Uhh but other times we also bring Fighter out because we want to okay hahaha and not just avoiding your company.  Our friends will never know now HAHAHA wtf.

Sometimes if we’re out with people I don’t really know, it’s great having a kid there too so I can focus on him if I got nothing to say to them wtf.  But that hasn’t happened too often la hahaha but it’s always a good fallback plan.  The bad news is that I get lazy to think of topics of conversation.

4. I cannot excuse bad behavior in adults anymore

Cikumuffin from Dayre actually said the same thing and it hit me like a revelation.

Within the past year or two, I found myself getting increasingly intolerant of friends or even strangers who behaved badly.  I’m not even talking about people who do actual evil things, but those who are rude, or selfish or just aren’t nice.

Take my Kempen Sopan Santun for example. If I didn’t have kids yet I don’t think I’d be so worked up over strangers being rude.  And don’t say strangers, friends also. I’ve been friends with some people for years and years, and I’d obviously always known what they’re like.  I was okay with the way they acted before but after having kids, I found my patience for certain antics had finally run thin.

I was a little troubled to be honest.  I thought how come I was okay with this behavior before but now all of a sudden, I’m not and get so annoyed? They’ve always been like that and I’ve always been fine with it — why now am I not?  I’d already known what they’re like ma so it’s my fault that I’m angry, not theirs.

And Ciku put it very succinctly.  It is us, not them.  And what changed was us having kids.  It’s as if with kids, all my patience has been used up by them and I don’t have any more left for adults.  Because our expectation has become that adults should know better than kids, and therefore should behave better.

I am trying to not be so judgmental because nobody likes a judgmental bitch wtf but it’s hard.  I keep thinking my kid would know not to do this, so why wouldn’t you, as a grown-up?

5. Every time I’m stuck at home for too long I want to leave the kids for a little while but when I’m out, I just want to come back and curse myself for leaving them

And then I get angry at whoever/whatever is preventing me from coming home quickly.  I can never win.

6. I’m super lackadaisical with germs/danger etc

On a scale of 1 to 10 of paranoia, I think I’m at -2. Partly because my personal motto is basically Alfred Neuman’s – “what, me worry?” and partly because I don’t want to be that crazy paranoid mother who prevents her children from doing everything because “it could be dangerous” I don’t want him to remember a childhood of No’s and miss out on having great kid adventures!  Also I’m scared if I keep saying no or telling him of bad things that could happen, I’d stem his curiosity and create irrational fear in him.

So unless he’s holding a knife, I usually don’t tell Fighter no.  I just tell him to be careful, let him touch and explore whatever he wants and wash his hands later.  Also, I expose him to discomfort a little bit at a time so he understands.  For example, I kept telling him the water dripping out of our distiller was hot but he didn’t want to listen.  He kept on wanting to touch it.

So I let him touch the water WTF.  And he screamed the house down. :X But after that every time I told him something was hot, he believed me and never fought to touch it again.  Or if he did, he’d graze his fingers on it quickly and remove them.  Letting him experience it himself definitely taught him more effectively than just telling him.

But then this laissez faire attitude backfired la when we took Fighter to an indoor playground and he contracted stomach flu and then passed it on to all of us wtf.  So after that incident I started sanitizing any public surfaces he might touch hahaha sigh.  But overall I still believe my chin chai parenting is on the right track hahaha.

7. The same goes for food

Super chin chai with food too.  After Fighter turned a year old, I fed him Mcdonald’s fries and nuggets.  I also give him sugar and chocolate and ice cream and random junk food. :X *waits to be judged

I give it in moderation la not so bad!  But maybe my moderation equals to other people’s extreme-tion wtf.  I know plenty of mothers who don’t let their kids touch outside food at all and everything has to be home made/home grown/home fertilized wtf.

Again, why I let him try everything is because I don’t want him to get used to a certain kind of taste and texture only.  I want him to be adventurous with food (so I don’t have a hell of a time getting him to eat) ].  I think it worked!  Cos he’s always eager to try anything I give to him; if he doesn’t like it he may spit it out, but he’s always happy to just take a bite rather than refuse at the start.  He’s also okay with most different textures.

So those are my Mom Confessions.

What are yours? (if you’re a parent la wtf.  If you’re not also never mind can anyhow confess anything hahahaha)

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