How to Pamper your baby

When I was preparing for Fighter’s arrival in the world diapers was at the top of my mind.  Because I don’t want Fighter pooing everywhere with wild abandon and nothing to catch it. Hahaha.

I went looking for Pampers in supermarkets because that was the only brand I know! In Malaysia, Pampers is synonymous with ‘diaper’ and I grew up watching Pampers commercials on TV.  Sadly I couldn’t find any so I chose another brand.

But look what Pampers sent me!  Pampers is back finally. :D



I was very interested to try it cos Pampers, being all I knew prior to having a baby, was almost legendary in its reputation and I didn’t even know it wasn’t available until when we had Fighter.

Anyway, Pampers Baby Dry comes with a 12 hour “overnight dryness benefit” which would be fantastic in order to let baby sleep through the night, and enable the mother to get more rest as well.

I also face this problem! I put on a new diaper for Fighter at 9 pm and change it at 6 am when he wakes up for his morning feed cos I worry about nappy rash.  The problem is, he hates getting his diaper changed when he’s so sleepy so he starts shouting and wakes himself up further. -_-

Even after feeding he ends up not falling asleep and driving me and Fatty nuts as we try to coax him back to sleep.  (We trained him to sleep until 9 am already but maybe he’s older now so he’s less sleepy.)

So Pampers, do you take this challenge? Lol.


My first impression was, hehe cute printing.  I always appreciate cute details on products. ^^ But my second thought was, it’s so thin!  It was honestly about half the thickness of my regular diaper so I was a little doubtful.  Would this lightweight diaper really keep Fighter dry for the whole night?


The inside.  Again, very thin.



Hehe here’s me putting it on Fighter.  Because it’s so thin, it’s also quite comfortable I should think, for a baby.  It’s soft and easy to mould around Fighter’s thighs and butt to secure it.


I think Fighter agrees. Hahahaha.


He was super good mood the whole night.  I took tons of photos of him playing around in his cot and refusing to go to sleep.


Is it that comfy Fighter?


Okay okay Fighter, we know you’re very good at flipping over now.  No need to show off.

The next morning, I took the chance of not changing him at 6 am.  He slept through till 9!  When he awoke I took him and prepared his bath. I placed him on the changing table to check his diaper.  A bit nervous cos if it was wet I cannot write this post already hahahaah.


Fighter is also jittery. Lol.


Took off his pajamas and let him play a bit naked as what he likes.  Hehehe super cheerful.

I could see his diaper was swollen which meant it was full.


Yup really sodden and heavy with pee.



I gingerly touched the diaper.  It was dry!  The pee had all absorbed inside the thin diaper!  I touched Fighter’s butt and it was dry as a desert wtf.


I think Fighter approves. Hehehe.


So from that night, I’ve always been using Pampers for night time. No more worrying about overflow or nappy rash. ^^

Here’s Fighter playing around before bedtime in his Pampers.  Check out his Donald Duck impersonation yo. Hahahaha.



Pampers is available at ManjaKu baby store.

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An open letter to the comedian who’s banning soup kitchens

What idiocy have I just read?

Truth be told I more or less stay away from Malaysian news because… IT FREAKING PISSES ME OFF THAT’S WHY! Our politics are such a joke if one of them ever retire they can always go perform at Comedy Thursdays at Zouk la wtf.

But this one…. THIS ONE. I nearly checked to see if instead of Malaysian Insider, I was on wtf.

OMG this is wrong and insane on so many levels I don’t even know where to start.

First of all, Tengku Adnan. Have you no empathy? Have you ever stopped to think of what it’s like to be homeless? To have no home and to live on the streets? To forage and worry about where your next meal is coming from? Or are you too rich that you can’t imagine? Is money covering your eyes that’s why?

I’m really tried to see things his way but… nah. :(

Tengku Adnan maintained that NGOs feeding the homeless left their litter and  creating an image problem in the city.

Oh so litter and ‘image’ is the big issue? So you’d rather deprive another human of a basic right – food – than to have litter and ‘an image problem in the city’? I see.

You think soup kitchens and homeless people are the only people in the country who litter?  Ridiculous.  If you’re so concerned about litter, why don’t you just ban all food takeaways?  No takeaways = no styrofoam boxes, no paper wrappers, etc = no litter!  Also people drop cigarette butts a lot.  Why don’t you ban cigarettes too?

“NGOs providing free food to the homeless must also fix a location to do so and not distribute the food all over the place,” he said.

THEY ALREADY DO THAT. You wouldn’t know, obviously never having gone to a soup kitchen.  Kechara Soup Kitchen only move around the city to distribute food on WEEKENDS because that’s when volunteers are available to help them do that.  On weekdays, the homeless can go to the KSK kitchen itself to get food. I haven’t volunteered at other soup kitchens but I would assume they operate the same way because it’s pretty impossible to get volunteers to do the rounds every single night.

“The image of my city is very bad. If I don’t do this sort of thing, society won’t be disciplined,” he told a news conference here today. 

Oh  it’s YOUR city? Is it called Kuadnan Lumpur? It’s not your damn city. It’s OURS.  And like it or not, it’s also the homeless’s.

Could you explain to me how “society won’t be disciplined”? Will we all go mad with the sheer freedom and run around screaming and tossing garbage in the air just because we can? Society won’t be disciplined?  When did Malaysia turn into a communist state?

Oh and since we’re on the topic of “societal discipline”, could you please let us know what you plan to do about rempits tearing down the roads and endangering the road population?  Or how about all those pesky burglaries, snatch thefts and other petty crime still happening in KL?

Tengku Adnan said the decision was taken after a meeting with Kuala Lumpur City Hall and other relevant agencies recently where hygiene issues and concerns for homeless people were among the matters discussed. 

“We give them jobs but they don’t want as it is easy to get food as these street kitchens are feeding them,” he said.

How is removing soup kitchens showing concern for the homeless? What this buffoon and his crew of equally inept colleagues don’t realize is that doing this, they are sweeping the dirt under the carpet.  Literally.  Oh got homeless people who are an eyesore in KL? Just deprive them of food and they’ll die out. Is that their train of thought because it sure seems like it is.

Homelessness is a complex social issue that arises because of varied reasons.  A lot of the time it’s because a person has fallen on bad times that they are unable to rise up from – illness to the point of losing their jobs, no family to lean on, an accident, irreparable injury.  Sometimes older people are thrown out by their families with nothing to their name.  On one of our soup kitchen rounds, we met a woman who was thrown out by her family for being HIV positive – she contracted it from her husband who was sleeping around.  Sometimes it’s just illiteracy or lack of education.  Or not possessing a birth certificate.  A lot of times it’s drugs.

All these are terrible social issues which have an extending impact on society, one of which is homelessness.  You take away their food and what do you get?  Hunger and desperation and then people resort to crime to stay alive.

On Wednesday, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had said that the ministry would impose fines and other penalties on the givers of alms and beggars.

He had said this was necessary to reduce the begging culture that tarnished the image of the city.

Yes, begging can be abused and beggars turned into a criminal syndicate . And yes people worry that money given to beggars will just be spent on gambling/drugs/alcohol.  That is why soup kitchens give FOOD, not money. *rolls eyes* What on earth is he talking about?

Tengku Adnan said Putrajaya had tried to help the homeless by creating jobs for them.

“We give them jobs but they don’t want as it is easy to get food as these street kitchens are feeding them,” he said.

I sincerely would like to know what efforts have been made to help these people.  And what kind of jobs are these?  Not all the homeless people we met were unemployed, but sometimes because there is no minimum wage in Malaysia, they don’t make enough to pay for a roof over their heads.  So if the government is creating jobs, I really would like to know what jobs, how many, how much the wages are, and how many homeless rejected the opportunity.

I cannot believe that a person would rather rely on free food and be homeless than to seize the chance of holding down a good job with prospects to improve their own lives.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be a homeless person?  In the day time, you find somewhere to hide because the police will arrest you.  Even if the police don’t get to you, would you dare to show your face and face the judgment of the public who will look in disgust at your dirty clothes and face?  And what if you see an acquaintance from your previous life?

Then at night you feel safe to venture out and find somewhere to sleep.  Food aside (cos I really don’t know how they’ll get food besides soup kitchens) you probably have all you own in the world inside a plastic bag, or if you’re lucky a backpack.  You may find an empty spot of pavement to sleep but then you can’t even sleep soundly cos your backpack might get stolen. You live in perpetual fear of violence and rape.  Unless you form alliances with other people on the street, you’re on your own.  No friends or family, while even strangers avert their eyes when you pass.

And to top it all off, you have no dignity.  There’s no dignity in begging or being avoided on the street.  Human dignity is what makes someone a person.  It’s no wonder so many on the streets either go mad or turn to drugs/alcohol.

So you have no money, no house, no security, no safety, no friends, no future, and no dignity.  Tengku Adnan, you think it’s worth giving all this up for one free meal a day on the streets?

And he said this during Ramadhan.

Tengku Adnan, somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.

Original news article here.

My blog post on my soup kitchen experience here. Fatty’s here.



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Touring like an American Tourister


Word of the day starts with S – S for suitcases!

I was invited to attend an American Tourister roadshow the other day.  Dammit!  If I’d known American Tourister got new range, I wouldn’t have bought a fake Disney suitcase that day in Bangkok. T_T



Roadshow set up!


The event launched with some cool B-boys doing their thang.  I say thang cos I’m also cool like them yo.


Then! Emcee called me up.  I always feel very awkward at public events as a blogger cos… How to know how many of the crowd actually read your blog? And emcee usually introduces you as ‘famous blogger’ and I can almost hear the people thinking ‘what small fart is this what is a blogger and why is she famous? is she from Alvivi’ wtf.

LOL no la hahaha I was quite nervous cos like I said, I hate to be presumptuous but the emcee was smooth and funny and the crowd seemed pretty engaged and interested. ^^

I spoke about traveling and what I look for in a suitcase (color and design, hardiness and weight).  Color because… all my things need to be in a cute color la i.e. pink.  Hardiness because you don’t want to pick your bag up from the baggage carousel and find a gaping hole in it.  And suitcases tend to be pricey so I don’t want to replace it that often.  And weight because otherwise I cannot carry it la wtf.

So the emcee asked me to test the hardiness of the new American Tourister Vivolite suitcase.

He gave me five seconds to stand on and stomp on the suitcase as hard as I could.


I did.  With heels.  Stomped on it hard pretending it’s an anonymous troll’s face and no harm was done to it!  The shell merely shifted slowly back into shape and it remained as shiny as ever, which means no scratches even!

Then it was time to showcase it’s weight.  Or lack of it.  There was to be a contest.  And I was to be the judge!


Oh that’s me and the American Tourister gorilla hahaha.  If you look, the ring we were in was encircled by cameras all around.  When the person in the center jumped, the 30 HD cameras would all snap photos, and the photos would be joined together to create a 360 degree ‘levitation’ image.  Like Matrix like that!

The contest was to award the most creative jump featuring the Vivolite luggage.  But first they asked me to demonstrate. *trembles

audrey jump

My jump. T_________T Mad ungraceful.  If you confused me and Gorilla, I understand.



This was the winning jump!!! Such finesse!  It really looked very artistic, especially how he wielded the suitcase hehe.


Congratulations to the winner!


One picture with him and his prize – a green Vivolite carry on suitcase.

They all do celebratory jump.  I give up trying at this point hahaha.

You can also check out the impressive #takeontheworld videos taken at their gallery and vote for your favourite most creative jump shot! The winning entry walks away with RM5,000 to Take on the world and 3 voters of the winner entry also walks away with Vivolite worth RM590! Voting ends 6th July 23:59hr.


One with the suitcases!  The Vivolite comes in four bright summer colors – lime green, hot pink, purple and navy.  Guess which one I picked hehehe.

Also comes in 3 sizes – carry on, a medium size and a large size.

It is really super light – as is evidenced by all the jump shots we did easily with it.



Again with the Gorilla!  See him stomping on the lime green suitcase haha.


American Tourister Vivolite is available at most major department stores now. :)

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Shine bright like a diamond

You know how they say Chinese are yellow?

Well, I guess my teeth are Chinese too wtf.  I’ve been thinking of going for teeth whitening for about a year now because my teeth damn gross la!  You can’t really tell cos I always use my magic Casio camera to camwhore and it whitens everything, but I’d been feeling uncomfortable about the state of my teeth.

Dunno why so discolored!  I don’t smoke or drink coffee also.  And worse, some teeth are grosser yellower than others so the effect is pretty obvious. People aren’t so observant when it comes to other people’s teeth but it bothered me.

But! The sky answered me!  Beverly Wilshire Dental contacted me to try out their dental services.  I didn’t even know they had dental services wtf but they started beginning of this year and they have a very nice clinic on Jalan Tun Razak!

So I went for a consultation where the resident dentist, Dr Anjali checked my teeth and made sure I was suitable for teeth whitening. (If you have really sensitive teeth it might not be such a good idea.)

All was fine so we scheduled an appointment for whitening.



This is my teeth before. #noedit.  Told you discolored plus different teeth different color.  As it turns out, tea is another culprit, even green tea.  I drink green tea by the bucket which explains it.  Haih maybe I should start drinking tea with a straw next time.

Anyway. The fake tooth marked B1 is a sample of the shade I want to achieve with this procedure.  There is a whole spectrum of shades to choose from.  I didn’t pick the the whitest shade because I don’t want my teeth to glow in the dark so I settled on something in the middle.



First, the dentist cleans my teeth to make sure no debri.  Or else we bleach the food bits how wtf.



Next step, the Dr Anjali applies a protective layer over my gums which hardens into a shell that blocks bleaching agent from seeping onto my gums.



Possibly the creepiest thing you’ll see today wtf.  This is what the protective layer looks like hahaha.  I look like Stitch.

After that I have no more pictures because it was getting harder to take them.  But the next step involves the application of the bleaching agent.  Next they guided me into a dark room with a bunch of movies to choose from!  I sat back in the recliner while they focused an LED light on my teeth which would accelerate the whitening.

The light ran for 15 minutes per treatment, and Dr Anjali set it for 3 treatments which brings the total time to 45 minutes.  So I got to watch half of Bride Wars while whitening my teeth lol.

Before this there was no pain at all but as the treatments wore on, I started to feel twinges in my teeth!  Like how you’d feel if you ate something reaaaally cold or reaaally hot and your teeth was sensitive. This is the effect of some of the bleaching agent seeping through the enamel into the sensitive dentin.  It’s completely normal but it can be a little uncomfortable.

In the end we cut short the last treatment by five minutes cos I was going crazy with that feeling!  Not exactly painful but very unnerving (pun unintended lol). It differs from person to person though.

This is the end result!


Much whiter and even pearly whites!  See how the color compares to the sample?





With my dentist, Dr Anjali. ^^ Thank you for giving me pretty white teeth!

Then a few weeks later I went back for some routine scaling and cleaning.



Uhh I don’t have any photos of myself but I took a picture of my blog manager Adrian getting his teeth done too hahaha.


Shine bright like a diamond wtf.

Thank you for the treatments, Beverly Wilshire Dental!

Oh and here’s something for Fourfeetnine readers. Readers will get a special promotion rate (valid till 31st July 2014 only)  when they mention ‘Fourfeetnine’ at the dental clinic:

- RM 1,200 for teeth whitening session (instead of RM 2,000)
- Free dental consultation for children aged below 12 years old

They are located at:

Level 9, Dijaya Plaza
No 237, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.145805, 101.721752

Find them on Facebook as well!


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Why I get snubbed at expensive stores

When I was in Bangkok with Bobo and Huiwen we randomly went into Saint Laurent in Siam Paragon.

I saw this wallet and fell in like.

I’d been thinking of getting a new wallet and this one was cute and hardy looking.  Best of all, it was on sale so I think it came up to about RM1300 after VAT returns.

But it was the last piece, and the leather was weird.  Uneven and bumpy cos maybe the stitching was too tight or something.  That was probably why it was on sale wtf.  I didn’t want to pay for a lousily crafted piece so I didn’t buy it.  Also wanted time to think about it because…. even though it was discounted I still felt like drowning thinking about the price wtf.

Anyway when we got back I went to Pavilion to check out the YSL there.  And they had the same wallet.  In many different colors!

The hot pink one completely stole my heart but it was going for full price.  BUT! The helpful sales assistant said, “We’ll be having a sale in June!  The wallets will probably go for 30% off plus you get 10% off again if you’re a Mastercard member.”


Left my number and asked her to call me when the sale starts.

Then it was June already and one day I realized I never got a call about the sale.  So when I was in Pavilion the other day for KLFW I dragged Bobo with me to the store.


I said, “Eh Bobo, teman me to Givenchy, I wanna see if their sale started.  The SA said she would call me but until now didn’t!”

So we went to Givenchy.  Outside the shop I was like, “wow I didn’t come here for just a few weeks but they completely renovated the store! It looks totally different, they’re so efficient!”

And there was a sale sign in the store window.

I said, “Shit!  Sale started already but nobody call me!!!”

Went in, accosted a sales assistant, and asked to see the wallets.  She led me to a corner with a tray of a few measly wallets, all also not nice and didn’t include the one I wanted.

Disappointed I asked, “Do you have the one with a zipper and like shiny leather with lines?”

The SA said, “Oh you mean the XXX?” (Forgot what she actually said)

Me (thinking this must be the one): “Yes! The XXX!”

SA: “Oh it sold out already. It’s very popular.”

Me: “WHAT! Sold out so fast!? When I came a few weeks ago there was still quite a few pieces! Your colleague was supposed to call me when sale started!!! Why nobody called me!!!!!!!”

SA: “I’m so sorry.  Who did you speak to?”

Me: “This tall Chinese lady!” (looks wildly around shop) “She’s not here but it’s a Chinese lady! Haiya why you all do things like this I would have totally bought it…….”

And I dejectedly walked over to Bobo who was browsing other things and said “Haih sold out already let’s go.”

Bobo said, “Which wallet were you looking at?”

I said, “There…. the one we saw together when we were in Bangkok.”

Bobo said, “I don’t really remember…. But have you gone to Saint Laurent yet?”



And that is why we get snubbed whenever we go into expensive shops.


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What you need to know about Astro PVR

For years I haven’t watched TV…


that is until this little fella came along.

It started off with me getting an additional Astro subscription to Baby TV for background noise for when Fighter is playing. Yea I know TV isn’t supposed to be good for babies but I believe in everything in moderation. Plus Fighter doesn’t seem too interested (not to say addicted) to the screen yet so it’s all good.

Anyway we recently got the new Astro B.yond decoder with PVR capabilities and built-in wifi connection!  Yep now can connect to your home wifi already!



To connect your PVR to wifi, just go to Home – Setting – Network – Network Preference. Then pick your preference of wifi and which network.

With wifi, there’s a whole set of new functions and capabilities.


Record your favourite programmes, with a large hard disk space of 500GB capacity for over 290 hours of SD and up to 100 hours of HD recording.


Ehehe the first program I recorded was Glee.  Because Fatty don’t wanna watch anymore, I have to record it and watch myself.

Series Link: With just one click, all the episodes of your favourite TV programmes are queued and set to record automatically.


Hehe that’s what I did with Glee.  Recorded the whole season 5 to watch at my leisure.  Also some episodes of How I Met Your Mother which I hadn’t watched yet.

Pause and rewind as you wish. Catch instant replays of missed action, or simply pause and resume watching whenever it’s convenient.


For times when you watching halfway and suddenly diarrhea strikes you in the butt! Hehehe don’t need to tahan until the commercials, simply click pause and run to the toilet.  Then continue later when you’re ready.

Dual tuner lets you record 2 programmes simultaneously while watching a pre-recorded show.


This is one of the coolest, most high tech sounding features. To me la ok! *feels my age

Basically you’re allowed to record up to two different shows, and then open up one of your other previously recorded programs and watch that, all at the same time.  I don’t watch thaat much TV la so I haven’t really utilized this function.

Remote Record

With Wifi now you can record programs from anywhere – just use the Astro View App or website, choose your program, then click record.  You can opt to record one episode or the whole series like Series Link. Can even record up to 7 days in advance.



Wi-Fi enabled

And if you still forgot to Remote Record, you can still catch TV shows you missed! Once you connect your home internet to the PVR, you can use it to download Video on Demand and Catch Up TV. For busy people, it means that we don’t need to wait for the time the program is running to catch it but can just download them to watch.  Our TV consumption habits are so different now from 20 years ago so it’s wonderful that Astro caught on to that.

OMG classic Disney!! Come to mama!  Uhhh I mean this in a pure motherly sense and it’s really for Fighter. *lying

There’s over 6,000 movies and TV shows available!!!

Super simple la just click on VOD button on your remote control and select a title.

And just key in your PIN to purchase the movie.

More Disney favorites!

Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!

The clawwww.. it moves!

The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake~

Besides Disney, a lot of other genres and languages too of course.

vi) An updated TV Guide


TV Guide is now multilingual, plus with an enhanced Video On Demand (VOD) catalogue (better browsing and search capabilities). and an improved recording experience meaning you can now manage and browse your PVR recordings and VOD purchases, all from one place.



Some of my PVR recordings.  Yea I quite like trashy TV shows hahaha.

UntitledI’ve been having a lot of fun finding shows to record and watch since I’m home most of the time. (hello auntiedom here I come).  I think it’s made me like watching TV all over again! It’s nice to have something play in the background while I go about the daily duties with Fighter. :)

For more info on Astro B.yond PVR, go here.


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Things I didn’t know before becoming a mom

You know, when you’re a mom, people feel totally free to give you all sorts of advice and warnings.  Whether you asked for it or not, they just come FOC. ^^ But mostly it boils down to ‘how you’ll fall in love, so deep a love you never knew you had it in you.’  That is true. But everyone knows that.

What about the other side of it?  The things nobody bothered to tell you because if they did, the world population would probably drop drastically wtf.  But mothers have short memories when it comes to the crappy (pun intended) side of motherhood.  There are  definitely things I didn’t know about being a mom, UNTIL I became a mom. I realized that if that was me, other new mothers would have experienced the same too.


So I spoke to the lovely ladies of #DayreMoms (the bunch of moms from Dayre whom I met up with) and together we compiled a list.

So here it is! Things we never knew until we became moms.

All those nursery rhymes? They all come flooding back.

All those nursery rhymes and kids’ songs that you thought died with your childhood?  They never went away, merely went into a dormant part of your brain until the emergence of your first child.  Then they all come busting out and you’ll find yourself singing them (sometimes the entire day) with great gusto, complete with exaggerated gestures.  And your biggest reward is a gummy smile.

“Poo has never been a more welcome sight.” – Vickie

Before you become a parent, poo is something at which you screw up your nose in disgust.  If you’re lucky, when you go to the toilet you wipe your butt and the mound of toilet paper you throw into the bowl conceals what’s underneath so you never even have to encounter it with your eyes.  And heaven forbid that poop is discussed anywhere in polite conversation.

Enter a baby and suddenly poop becomes the most necessary, fascinating subject.  We discuss baby poo – the amount, frequency, texture, color – like scientists conducting research.  And nobody is disgusted.

Best of all, when you see a diaper filled with poop, it’s always an occasion to rejoice!  Especially if it’s been a few days!  When Fighter pooped after four days of constipation, I wanted to frame it up.  I never saw a more beautiful sight that day.

“I never knew I could do so many things at once and still feel like I did nothing all day when my husband comes home and asks what I did today.” – Pam

When Pam said this, I was like IKR!!! But the truth is, if you’re not a (stay at home) mom, you don’t.  In the early days, Fatty would come home in the evening and ask me the same question, “So what did you do today?”

And I’d go, “um… I sent out two emails.  And wrote half a report.”  And Fatty would say, “THAT’S ALL?”

And then I’d go into a spiral of self doubt: “Yea seriously. What did I do all day? I suck!” I decided to observe what I did and here’s a rough timetable of my day:

Wake up to baby crying, give him milk. Doze off and wake up again to baby yelling for someone to play with him. Change diaper. Pat him back to sleep unsuccessfully for thirty minutes. Give up and take him downstairs and try to feed him breakfast, shoveling spoonfuls of soggy cereal in my own mouth in between. Wipe up inadvertent mess. Take him upstairs and fill his bathtub.  Give him his bath while singing at the top of my lungs to drown out his IMBEINGDROWNED screams. Wrap him in towel and rock him for five minutes for him to calm down. Put on diaper, moisturize, put on clothes, clean his nose with a Qtip, taking frequent breaks so he’ll stop crying fml. Time for his next feed so I go heat up another bottle and feed him.  Then put him on my shoulder and pat him to sleep for 15-30 minutes.  Gently put him down in his cot or else he’ll wake up and make me repeat the damn patting routing He finally naps! Rush to pump milk for 20 minutes, THEN only brush my teeth and wash my face. I think there’s time to squeeze in a poop but oops no, baby is up and wailing, so sorry sphincter, you’re gonna need to work extra hard to keep it all in wtf.

And all that before lunch.  Repeat for the rest of the day. I get to squeeze in maybe 1-2 hours when he’s napping, or when the helper is free to take him off my hands to get some work done but that’s it.

So in conclusion, my whole day was filled but I have nothing to show for it.  No completed report. I haven’t gotten any further in my latest blog draft.  The baby looks exactly the same as he did when his daddy left in the morning.

Which brings me to the next point…

“I didn’t know I could hold my poo for five days because I was too busy.” – Pam

Yep, back to poop again.  The topic mothers never seem to get away from wtf.

Okay that never happened to me, probably because I’m prone to diarrhea wtf.  But the other day, I actually had to take a dump while holding Fighter in my lap.  I figure that comes close.

“I didn’t know normal movements could make so much noise.” – LC

I stand by the belief that new mommies if ever they need another job, can go apply to be ninjas wtf.  When you’ve just spent an hour coaxing a cranky baby to sleep, you don’t want to f*ck it up by closing the door a little too loudly.  Or accidentally putting the bottle on the table a little too strongly.  The consequences are dire. (i.e. spending another hour rocking baby until your back gives way.)

Vickie says she sneezes into a pillow to muffle the sound, but I go one step further and pinch my nostrils shut so I don’t even sneeze wtf.  I’ve mastered the art of walking on tiptoes across a room and turning a doorknob all the way while pulling the door shut millimeter by millimeter.  I’ve learned how to slide an object slowly onto the table instead of just placing it down to avoid any knocking. I shush anyone talking downstairs in case Fighter’s bionic ears pick up a decibel.

And if Fatty bursts into the room while I’m rocking Fighter to sleep, I slaughter him.

 ”I didn’t know kids could make friends out of all of us.” – Pam

Vigorous nod.  I knew Wendy from her days in Nuffnang, Pam from blogging events but we never went beyond hi-bye.  LC was my high school senior and I used to read her Livejournal but we didn’t know each other and probably never would if we weren’t all new moms.  We’re all from different backgrounds and in different fields of work but we became friends just because we share the one common bond of motherhood.

I remember one time after Fighter was born, I saw Wendy at a wedding. We never really went beyond small talk before but I remember spending a large chunk of time chatting with her about babies while she fed Caden in her lap.  And when we went home, Fatty said to me, “wah suddenly you and Wendy have so much to talk about now.” Hehehe.

And it goes beyond that too.  If I  have Fighter with me, women of all ages inadvertently smile at us and goodwill is born.  If we’re at the pediatrician’s, we always end up chatting to the other parents there, as though we’re all long lost friends.  I’ve never seen it happen without kids involved.

It’s a strange, new, wonderful world, is parenthood.  If you’re planning on kids, here’s a starter guide into that world.  If you have kids already, go ahead and tell the rest of us what else you didn’t know before becoming a parent!

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Since we’re on the topic of auntie topics, I’d just like to brag that I did my grocery shopping on the Tesco Online Shopping app on my phone WHILE blowing my hair dry.  Multi-tasking at its finest! (Tesco Online app can be downloaded at Google Play Store nowww.)

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I’ve got Fitnesse

Let’s talk about cereal today.

This is my usual breakfast cereal.

Under Tesco, it’s classified as children’s cereal. >_>

I decided it’s time to grow some balls up and switch to a healthier, more age appropriate breakfast.



Enter Nestle Fitnesse breakfast cereal!  I got two options – Honey & Almond, and Fruit.



To be honest, I haven’t tried the old Nestle Fitnesse but it currently comes under a new recipe! Cereal flakes are lighter and crispier but still made with whole grain.



Because of that, Nestle Fitnesse comes with 16g of whole grain per serving.  That’s super filling!  And low fat and low calories, besides being high in dietary fiber of course.



Poured myself a bowl of Fitnesse Fruit flavor this morning.



Oooh looks a lot like frosted cornflakes! My other favorite breakfast cereal hehehe.  But this is a way healthier version obviously, and not actually frosted with diabetes-inducing sugar.



Cereal ALWAYS goes best with cold milk! Which is what I poured into it.

I used low fat milk because I prefer the taste but if you’re watching your weight, a bowl of Nestle Fitnesse and skim/low fat milk can be a wonderful breakfast choice.



Took my first bite.


Cereal pieces were thin and crispy! Enough so they don’t get soggy and stick to my teeth like other brands I’ve tried hahaha. Also loved the fruit pieces which lent a refreshing sweetness to the grain flakes and the milk. :)



Very happy I’ve found an adult cereal I can stick with! The reason why I buy Milo cereal is cos I’ve tried other healthy adult cereals and hated all of them. :X All either tasted funky or had a strange toughness about it, as though the makers think adult jaws can take harder cereals wtf.



And Nestle Fitnesse is a healthy option for those who want to manage their weight!  Fitnesse has a weight management program ongoing called the Fitnesse 14 Day program.  They recommend having Nestle Fitnesse for breakfast and for one other meal in a day for 14 days and see what happens!


Info can be found on the back of the Nestle Fitnesse box or on their Facebook page.


*This is a sponsored post from Nestlé FITNESSE® Malaysia *


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Online shopping at its best

So guess what’s the best thing to happen to me besides the invention of Tesco Online? Untitled   Third row, first on the left. The invention of the Tesco Online mobile app!!! (god I am so auntie right now I should just create a new blog category.  In fact, I think I will.) Ok confession time. Using Tesco Online cut my grocery shopping time by 90% and freed up my time to do things like stalk people on Instagram, eat Fighter’s happy puffs, and other constructive things like that. But humans get complacent and take things for granted. And I am human.  And very lazy.  So whenever it came time to make groceries order, I’d be like, “man, what a chore.” So Tesco Online mobile app is an answer to the dreams I never knew I had!  Tesco, you really spoil me. Hahahaha. Here’s why I’m loving the app.


First of all, everything on the Tesco Online website is inserted nicely into this little handy app.  Super convenient! It’s laid out very simply and so userly friendly that even Fighter could use it. #waitwhat Click on the Groceries icon and you’ll see…


A list of very self-explanatory grocery categories. Really, just click on whichever suits your fancy and it will pull up sub-categories and then a complete list of products complete with photos.


Adding them to your cart is as easy as tapping the Cart icon on the right.  You can also create Shopping Lists for future checkouts. What I really like about the app is that it’s so fast! The Tesco Online website is a website after all, so you have to account for some minimal loading time, not really their fault but depending on your Internet connection.  For the lazy (aka me), minimal loading time = too much loading time!!!! So I love that adding to Cart and loading items on the app is instantaneous! Untitled

There’s also a Promotions section which you can click on to check ongoing promos, same as on the website (except much easier). Speaking of promotions, the search function on top lets you not only search for all products, but you can also filter it to search for promotion items only.


The Favorites category lets you add products to your Favorites so you can go back and click on those to purchase them on later shopping trips.  I haven’t added any items to my Favorites but I tapped on the Bought tab and it pulled up a list of all the things I’ve ever purchased. D: Yea we eat a lot of eggs.  Who’s judging!!!


Another very interesting function is if you look on the top next to the search field, there’s a bar code icon on the far right.  Tap on it and it brings you to a camera.

Untitled   If you use the camera to scan the barcode of a product that’s carried by Tesco, the app finds that product and pulls it up for you. I tried scanning my Mamee Monster pack…


Voila!! Impressive.  Fine, barcode scanning technology may have been around forever but I’ve never seen a better way of using it than this. :D


And what a pleasant surprise this is!  Did you know we can pay via credit card online in the near future?! I’m so happy for this because now I don’t need to wait at home with my card to receive the delivery, I can just get our helper (or someone else in the family) to receive the goods and I can just pay online later.

Anyways, I’ve used this app once so far and I love the mega convenience of it!


I actually did my grocery shopping while on my bed with a Fighter lying on top of me.  How often do you get to say THAT? :D Give it a try yo! Tesco Online MY mobile app is now available on Google Play (sorry iPhone users, wait a while more wtf)

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The one thing that matters to me

When Allianz posed this question – what is the one thing that matters most to you, the first thing that came to mind was without doubt, my Family.

I never thought about death before.  But after Fighter was born, he became so precious to me, the most valuable thing I have.  And when something is so precious, the fear of ever losing it increases.  From worrying that I’d drop him down the stairs (yea wtf right) to him falling sick to SIDS, that little nugget of worry is omnipresent.

And that extended to the rest of my family.  For some weird reason which I’ve never understood, Fatty thinks he’ll die earlier than me.  Die earlier than me never mind since statistically women outlive men.  But not just die earlier, he thinks he’ll die young WTF.  So he’s always talking about making a will (why!? He got premonition ah!?) which obviously freaks me out.

And my parents are also not young anymore. :( As a kid they were invincible to me and I still can’t believe someday they may not be around. Neither have suffered any major illness so far thank goodness but anything could happen as we age. Every time I think about it I wanna cry wtf.

Once in a while I’ll have these morbid thoughts about one of them (none about Ooib cos he seems pretty immortal) and go cold all over.

So I guess what really matters to me is that my family is well.


I wish that Mummy and Fat Her Ooi will live to a ripe old age with their health and faculties intact.  I hope that they won’t worry about their future and retirement because Ooib and I will take care of them. *thumps chest.  I hope that if someday they have to leave me, it will be with their dignity and in peace, without suffering.


For Fatty, I hope we grow old together.  I hope we remain best friends and partners and sweethearts until the end of our days, come what may. And that he doesn’t die before me WTF.


And Fighter, I hope he grows up well and healthy.  Mostly I hope he grows up kind. He doesn’t have to be rich but he has to be smart enough not to get cheated wtf.

What’s the most important thing to you? It could be family, health, a dream. Or even money wtf.  Here’s the ad bit of this post: Share what’s the 1 thing that matters to you at and get a FREE umbrella from Allianz. While stocks lasts.


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