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Turn left, turn right?

*rubs eyes blearily* I’ve been at this for hours (ok lah maybe not hours) and I still haven’t decided what course to take in uni. My entire life depends on this decision and I can’t seem to make it! How did everyone so easily decide what they wanted to study and work as for the rest of their lives?? R u t h happily chose foodtech at RMIT, L o w C h u i Y e n is practising drilling holes in people’s teeth in Melbourne, Orang Melbourne yang lain is counting money and drawing lines for his accounts and H s i n and M i n are uh, attending tutorials and writing bio/chem reports at Monash (sorry women – still can’t pinpoint what exactly you’re studying :P)

How did any of you make those decisions that seem so nerve-wracking and scary to me? Maybe because for eg., R u t h is interested in food and Orang Melbourne does love accounts. So what do I love? My hair, seriously. And makeup. As my close friends know, my dream was always to open a hairsalon. But if I were to bring it up with Daddy and Mummy Ooi, well, there would be a nice funeral to attend. Waste of my talent, as they like to put it.

Just the other day, Brother Ooi asked me, when I was little, what did I want to be when I grew up?

I wanted to be a princess.

I thought when I grew up, I would be superbly beautiful and be tall, with fair skin and long straight black hair and look like Vivian Chow (anyone remember her from old HK serials?). Unfortunately none of anything I mentioned came true. And I thought that since I was going to be superbly beautiful and look like Vivian Chow, well naturally I would then catch the attention of some passing prince and marry him and turn into a princess that way. Other than that, I wanted to be a doctor or draw cartoons alá Disney.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my art talent or computer skills are anywhere or will get to anywhere near what Disney or Pixar is looking for, neither do I think that the fact that I feel faint at the sight of blood is going to change anytime soon. So I turn to other options. Having been in the science stream my whole life, I’ve decided not to touch the sciences ever again. So that rules out pharmacy, engineering, dentistry and whatnot. Then I thought I would go all artsy-fartsy and intellectual and take philosophy (Oh Socrates, Aristotle and Homer Simpson!). But what am I going to do with a degree in philosophy?? Name me one occupation other than lecturing and I’ll kiss your feet.

Can anyone help me out here??

Things I like:
1. Hairstyling
2. Makeup
3. Making people laugh
4. Talking to people
5. Taking photos (of myself or other people)

I could be a comedian who styles the hair and makeup of her audience then takes photos of everyone to send to their grandkids/neighbours/snooty colleagues.

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