Jiiiive Talkin’

I’m betting that H s i n ‘s blog entry for today will be titled some song from Saturday Night Fever, am I right?:D Yes, yes, boys and girls, Saturday Night Fever-The Musical = Fantastique!

Watching Saturday Night Fever has given me the inspiration to:

1. Learn disco-dancing (take note: the 70’s type, not Atmos/trance/Melbourne Shuffle dancing) – But this might take some effort since I can’t even walk up the stairs or on a flat ground without tripping most horrendously

2. Buy and wear one of those 70’s style dresses with below-knee, extremely flair hemlines and halter/spaghetti tops

2. Start wearing heels again (Come to realize that height does not really allow not wearing them, anyway)

3. Find lover who can dance, sing, walk and hold women’s waists like Tony Manero (v. swoonworthy)

4. Take singing classes

5. Buy a discoball and hang it in room

For full synopsis of day, you can check out Hsin’s blog. She’s probably very rajinly typed everything out, unlike yours truly. But Brother Ooi is back. Which means we have a cake to bake! (For Mummy Ooi’s Mother’s Day) Besides, I have to practise my pointing-finger-up-at-sky-with-one-leg-cocked move.

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