Ebony and Ivory

The other day I found a stack of old CDs that I’d burned the last time I’d reformatted my computer.(Which explains why these days people on my msn keep seeing me listen to songs that were popular 4 years ago wtf)

These were songs I’d listened to avidly to while I was a firstie at Mount Holyoke and you know how music affects you and brings you back to times before!

First year seems like a lifetime away!

I lived in a teensy single room converted into a double with my roommate Beth.

And I was so homesick you don’t even know. Even when I had like an hour between classes, I would rush back to my room and log on to MSN to talk to everyone because that was the time everyone in Malaysia would be online. L

And god the amount of food I ate. Every dinner I’d have two full plates of chicken/fish and pasta/rice AND a bowl of salad AND sometimes another bowl of cereal!

AND THEN I would come back and eat more snacks. = =

I think part of it was homesickness, part of it was boredom, part of it was my body attempting to pile on the fat to keep warm, and part of it was because I had the freedom away from Mummy Ooi to buy whatever I liked.

And this was my favorite after-dinner, before-dinner, breakfast, after lunch food:

Sinful delight wtf.

I bought huge boxes of Oreos (oh the wonders of living in the US) and would eat it all in two or three sittings. (One box was probably 5 of these rolls put together)

I think my above dietary habits were what caused me to gain 7 kg within 3 months wtf. But I desperately needed it ok because I was 32 kg before I went to the US (32!)

But they were so good! They were my source of energy on blustery blizzardy days when it was too cold to even leave the building to grab food.

They were my comfort food when I cooped up in my room watching sad Korean movies on my laptop.

Or they were what got me through the nights I stayed up writing papers.

Those were the days.

Since then, things have changed.

Firstly, I used to look like this:

And Lolo looked like this:

(With duct tape stuck on his head wtf)

And now, I look like this:

And Lolo looks like this:

“Hi guys.” Wtf. (He’s wearing the skirt I made in Kemahiran Hidup in Form 1 wtf)

And I’ve graduated from college!

But I still love Oreos.

And I don’t even like sweet stuff! I hate cakes of any kind, pastries, mousse, most cookies cos I find most desserts too jelak.

But Oreos are different Oreos are made of chocolate shiny-eyes.jpgChocolate is god shiny-eyes.jpg And so is the white sugar stuffing inside shiny-eyes.jpg I swear to god the people at the Oreo factory put a drug/magic charm into those cookies.

My Oreo and me.

“Why should YOU get to eat all the Oreos!”

“Take that!” *tucks Oreos into skirt

“Si pai kia are you playing with fire” wtf.

But we’ve made our peace now! Share and share alike <3

  • carol

    first! HAHAHAHHA. oh man. do i get pink when i’m first?


    7kgs in 3months = literal freshman 15!

    i love my oreos too. 😀

  • suzie


    Two things:

    1. I think you looked a bit tomboyish in your early days in the States (from the photo). Maybe it’s the hair… maybe it’s the clothes… It’s nice… different.

    2. I think Lolo needs a bath 😛

  • Jia Meei

    HAHAHA the take that face HAHAHA

    Lolo’s skirt very cute can I have it WTF

    And are you bringing Lolo to Redang wtf

  • tzeching

    audvertorial good pun! wtf

  • devina

    haha i realized right, everyone’s favorite dolls are always damn dirty (mine also T3T)

    i cannot bear to wash its scent off wtf.

  • May

    Hey, since you love oreo… why not join Oreo Moment Contest on YouTube. It is still going on.

  • =.=

    i have got two things oso,
    1. Ur eyes are like crazily BIG
    2. Lolo seriously needs a bath. Haha.
    And oh, u look great in the pics >.

  • sweatlee

    audvertorial!!! hahaha and i like the camwhoring pics!
    mmm oreos i loveeee oreos they are just erm..goooood wtf sinful delight

  • Ren

    wonder how much weight i gonna gain over here within 2 months…. hmmmm

  • CK Kho

    Why the beat look so dirty? HAHAHA…

  • mom ooi

    why you make me sound like a monster that you want to get away from?

  • mom ooi

    ya seriously lolo needs a bath but my worry is he’ll disintegrate after the bath.

  • Angie


  • esil3

    lolo is damn dirty…….

    my secuirty blanket got so many holes already, i scared my blankie disintegrate 🙁

  • Brenda

    Hey Aud, are you going to Chelsea’s match or training?

  • abby

    ur eyes so huge lah! hehehehhee mm oreos:9

  • beadsoflav

    Nice…u make me feel like eating oreos..yum yum

  • mustardqueen

    Is Lolo Ebony and you ivory wtf!! why is he so black!!??

  • Neo

    Your eyes are as big as the oreos! Beautiful! 🙂

  • naeboo

    lolo is so dirty and cld be smellyyyyy…

    btw, were u at LYL the other day? i think i saw u

  • Sharon

    Your Lolo so dirty lah, Aud.

  • reader

    U look like Vicki Zhao Wei! same big eyes

  • CraSH

    i agree, the bear needs a shower and scrub!!! hmmm… when was the bear given to you?? is it one of those who you peed on then you were a baby??? eeew… smelly!!! (pinch nose).. haha..

  • chris tock


  • mild

    = =: 1) why u have so much time on ur hand to publish such blog entry wa~
    2) eye bags!
    3) aww.. the good old day of Moho firsty. To be honest – i don’t really remember any of it ^_^:
    oh question – who took these pictures for you la~ please don’t tell me you did a self timeing.. hahahaha

  • shahril mohammad

    huge eyes.

    kawai-ne 🙂