So nice when I finally have time to sit back after a long week and blog!

We had a half day off today cos of Deepavali so happy I love holidays!  I don’t think anyone who doesn’t work would appreciate days off as much cos I was so excited at the thought of going home early I was shaking WTF.

(also shaking cos I thought I might have to stay back and work and forego my half day after all wtf)

Work hasn’t let up yet although I thought it would.  If I’m not staying back at night to work, I’m rushing back to eat dinner then write advertorials T____T

Ya ya every entry also I talk about work but what to do my life is monotonous like that wtf.

So today is a blessed reprieve!  I’m huddled under the covers with my laptop while Tim is beside me reading Kite Runner I am such a good book recommender!  Every book that I told him to read he liked *proud

Anyway our first year anniversary was last Saturday!  10 October.  If only it was 2010 then I could ask people what’s 10 plus 10 plus 10?

A: Ten Ten Ten! WTF (aiya dunno if you get it cos it’s not like you can hear my tone on my blog.)

Anyway on the eve on it, I was on the computer when Tim suddenly asked me to go to his cupboard and get him a blanket.

I said “why can’t you use the comforter on the bed?”

He said “cos I haven’t showered so I don’t wanna dirty it.”

So I went to the cupboard and opened it.

There was a gift wrapped box sitting inside!

I closed the cupboard, opened another one and took a blanket from it WTF.

Tim said “not this one!  The other cupboard!” (frustrated)

After a bit of questioning why he didn’t want this blanket when I know this is the only blanket there is wtf I open the first cupboard again and finally see the present inside -____________-

Romantic surprise fail sorry baby T_____T

The elusive package wtf.

New camera!!!! Sankyuu baby <3

I lost the charger for my camera so I took his camera down to Singapore for Beyonce but he was also in Singapore the same time for F1 so he didn’t get to use it -___- So I guess this is a very appropriate present!

Card I got him!

Our portrait wtf.

Later only I tell what I got him!

Testing out new camera.


Next day I am still testing out the camera.

And further testing.

It’s so good!  A lot of the pictures I take with my old camera come out blurry even with flash but I hardly need flash with this one!  Except maybe when in the club.

New jangly wrist thingamajig.

So what did we do for our anniversary?

We went for the Playboy roadshow in Midvalley WTF.

Tim had to drop by cos that’s his client.  But I didn’t mind cos anniversaries are not that important to me and I don’t think it means you need to spend it by yourselves the whole day right?  As long as it’s fun!  And as long as the other party doesn’t hate you for it wtf.

Actually tell you secret.  Oct 10 is not really our anniversary *whispers

Couldn’t remember what the exact date was so I just set it at Oct 10 easier to remember wtf.

I have a great talent for forgetting important numbers.  Like the other day I forgot my ATM pin number and had to get a new card T____T

Playboy Bunny and Hot Car.

With Isabella!


Adele, Isabella and Tzia who all joined the Playboy Bunny contest!  I badly wanted a pair of ears too but they told me I would have to take part too and I backed off in horror wtf.

Yes I am capable of making a unsightly spectacle of myself but I cannot go on stage and be pretty I just can’t T_T

Cos no grace, no feminity and you should see me dance wtf.

Met my readers! *touched

All the Bunnies!  Tzia and Redmummy won themselves a Burberry and Prada bag each!

Oh ya to make our anniversary more romantic we stayed a night at Sunway Resort.  So nice right the view! *nudge Wilfred


Oh ya I remember.  I was waiting for the lady behind the desk to finish talking to an ang moh family who’d just checked in so I could get our parking ticket stamped.

She was talking to them in a very awestruck and reverent voice, nearly whispering, nearly grovelling and I thought “wah the service here is a head over the others.”

Then when she was done, I went up to her and her voice totally changed WTF.

She suddenly sounded quite bored and looked a bit annoyed when I took quite long to fish out my room card from my bag >____>  Hello we are not a British colony anymore!

The room!

Then we went clubbing!

Me and Ringo both in florals!


Beautiful Nara and Hilmi!


Cindy!  We were waiting for Boom Boom Pow to be played but fucking DJ never played it even though we requested it and  he said “ya later” >(((( Some more after that can make announcement over his mic and say that he’s the DJ he knows how to play the songs don’t need to teach him WTF.


Hahahahahahah Nic you go get em! wtf

Ok this one not unsuspecting.  KY why you like this! D:

Oh don’t worry we did have the obligatory couple dinner too.

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  • is the fucking dj that indian guy or patrick oliver,the german sausage?

  • bf and i also simply set a date for our anniversary 😀

    just couldn’t remember where did we start 😀



  • SO HAPPY!! hahaha….

  • me and my boyfriend don’t have any anniversary for anything cause we don’t have an exact date for it LOL!

  • Totally relate to the ‘ten ten ten’ joke. So instead of doing the ‘tadah~’ tone, we can opt for ‘ten ten ten!’. hehehe! sorry, i got those crazy vibes from my husband, he was the one who shared the joke with me. :O
    btw, congrats on the 1st year 🙂 looking forward to read more as the future unfolds 🙂

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