New eyes

I got new glasses!

Mehlin took one look at me and said “thank god you got rid of your red glasses.”  And Yvonne came running over to verify -_-

Actually my old glasses were really horrific.

I tell no lies. wtf.

I swear I already tried to make this picture nicer!!

But since all I know how to do is lighten and change contrast, in vain attempt to beautify the picture I ended up just putting the music note and three bunnies at the side.

It’s a lost cause anyway just look at my face.  And I was doing the infamous Ain dance and there is no way anyone can look good doing the Ain dance (not even me WTF)

I tried looking for other pictures of myself with my old glasses and couldn’t find any!

Maybe because whenever I was wearing the glasses and someone approached with a camera I inadvertently did…

This wtf.

Wanted to take picture with my back to the camera WTF but people drew the line.

Anyway my glasses were really bad.  I’m not someone who looks good in ANY glasses.  But mine nearly look like goggles lor.

|・ω・`) *hides behind wall

The first time I wore them out (to work) everybody started calling me “Teacher” T__________T

Or Ah Poh.

Or Liang Popo WTF.  Or things along those lines la wtf.

The only person who said my glasses were nice was my mother (probably blinded – pun not intended – by her love for me wtf)

The frames were actually quite cheap and very light.  But the main reason why I bought them was because I had a fit of insanity and thought since I’m only going to wear them at home where nobody can see I might as well get the weirdest pair I can find (ie. oversized, bright red and see through plastic fml)

But how could I anticipate my eye allergy -_- Or that days in an aircon environment would make my eyes dry.  So I started wearing glasses for at least 1-2 days a week just to let my eyes rest.

I wore them for two years (which is a really long time to look like Liang Popo)..

and then recently I got a new pair! (also because my prescription went up HAIH that is a story for another day la harh)

Hello normality!

  • gypsy-on-the-move

    Hey! Never seen this side of you (as in wearing glasses). In fact you look very different. Like those smarties at the office with high ponytail girls…But you look good. Err…better than the red frame specs.

  • Audrey

    hahaha i guess i’ve hidden it well wtf. ya i look totally different with glasses and no styling wan! see how much makeup does for me T_T

  • sammy

    you look extra adorable in your new glasses 😀
    like it enhances your adorableness wtf serious!

  • elynn_p

    the new glasses are wayyyy better than red one~like seriously~hehe~no wonder they called you liang popo~hehe~^^~anyway, yippee for the new glasses

  • ShaolinTiger

    Cute specs!

  • donna

    haih.. so long no comment edi.. T.T
    sorry… no time.. to write long long, later the bus take off without me. T.T

    oh.. and u look so nice in glasses~~~

  • Genova

    it really looked double different. for some reason, i like the red one better. lol

  • Magnolia

    You actually looked ok with your red glasses. There is nothing wrong with it. I am not being polite here, but seriously you do look fine.

    And you also look ok with the new one (black frame)..maybe a little cuter. 🙂

    These days, many people use glasses as accessories. They say it’s fashionable. No need to wear glasses also will want to get a pair. hahaha

    When you have extra cash, maybe you can consider lasik cos you have beautiful features esp a pair of cheery eyes. 🙂

  • prinsezz

    Your specs look damn nice la wei.

  • Veronica

    look very cute, makes me want to buy glasses hehe ^___^

  • SamuelGoh

    its nice. but little bit smaller will be nicer!

  • TianChad

    harlo big eye teacher.
    Go find GTO [Tim] ya

  • Joshualaw

    Audrey, you look just nice with your new pair of glasses! 😉

  • Angie

    bright red over sized glasses sounds very nice wat !!!

  • jammie

    yay! sorry i sayang you and all but every time you wore your red glasses i just felt like smashing them so you could get a new one heehee. and i say this out of love!

  • celchin

    i like your glasses!! u look great!! 🙂

  • Hayley

    You look like those cute japanese teacher lol..
    what’s your short sighted power?

  • Violet

    Aww I love the last photo of you! They look really beautiful ^_^ I don’t like to wear my glasses either, I even blinged them so I would like them more but I just don’t like wearing them >_<

  • Miss Marquis

    ur new glassess great. seriously.

  • Audrey

    sammy: i wouldn’t say that haha but thanks!

    elynn: yalor really look like liang popo hahaha T_T

    shaolin: thankew shaolinbadboy!

    donna: hahaah faster run get your bus!

    genova: really?? ahahaha ur like my mom!

    magnolia: awww you’re so nice! i’m actually terrified of lasik so i probably won’t do it

    prinsezz: the old or new ones haha

    veronica: if you don’t need them dont!!

    samuel: cannot help it! if smaller cannot cover my eyes WTF

    tianchad: hahaah why is he GTO

    joshualaw: thanks joshua!


    jammie: hahahaa how did you resist jammie wtf

    celchin: thanks!

    hayley: like 725 each eye!!

    violet: i didn’t know you wore glasses! post a picture!

  • iamthewitch

    Nice glasses.. Makes you look very professional-looking 😛

  • Apple

    i thought i saw sixthseal in the group

  • Tey Cindy

    WHY HELLO THERE! hahaha~ Yay to normal glasses lolsss

  • Audrey

    iamthewitch: yay thanks!

    cindy: cindy i think you’re like the only person in the blogosphere who’s seen me with glasses right!! during our beyonce trip. yours also very hot 😉

  • Chingy

    Audrey your glasses seemed really thick O_O

  • abraxis

    The Ain dance was scary! That could be dangerous if done incorrectly… =P

  • KY

    hey the red glasses was cool ok!

  • cherzza

    LOL cuteness.. hahaha.. ain dance… when was that?!! Thank God for new glasses 😉 u look much glammed up now. Anyway, I saw your watever wink eyelash extension in HK today and thought of you. Sooo expensive la. Wanted to buy, but decided not to.. hehe..

  • ohmywtf

    kind of weird to see u shout out my name so many 😛

  • lyn

    heyy.. u knw what.. u look like the gurl, EMMA in Glee. i saw her and i tot of u instantly! =D