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Museum day!

Am in New York now!

But I’m so backdated with updates I dunno what to do! *runs around in circles

Nehmind in effort to prove to myself (in 10 years with failing memory) that I did do touristy stuff in San Fran, this is the day we went to not one but TWO museums!

(thank buddha i can finally spell museum right)

In the car on the way there.

I got that big bow I was wearing at Forever 21 and Angela was also wearing a pink bow of her own.

When we stepped into the museum the doorman asked me if we were the performers for the dance show happening later FOL.

With David, Angry White Man #3. Β Although now I think he should be Angry White Man #1 cos Trey and Neal have toned down considerably and he was damn grumpy at the museums!

This is the Asian Art Museum of San Fransisco.

This is the most WTF piece of art ever! Β It’s a piece carved from ivory and features a man struggling with a giant octopus FHL.

Seriously please don’t tell me this is not a waste of some poor elephant’s tusk.

Another carved ivory piece — batshit insane man folds himself into obscure yoga position.

Friendship dolls!

These were sent from Japan to the US to form diplomatic bonds between the two countries.


The dolls were treated like Japanese ambassadors and they came with their own passports and trunk full of belongings!

The outside of the museum.

It was damn windy lor.

That’s City Hall behind us!

Damn touristy okayyy.

In the car heading to the Legion of Honor Musuem! (of fine art)

The Legion of Honor, a three-quarter scale adaptation of the 18th-century Palais de la Legion d’Honneur in Paris, and is supposed to be San Francisco’s most beautiful museum!

I forgot to bring tissue and my sinus was acting up so I had to run and buy this in Forever 21!

Too cute to use and not comfy either cos it’s made of the same paper that paper napkins are.


With Angry White Man #3

The Thinkers

The architecture is gorgeous!

(and so are we WTF)

Great weather for sight seeing too!

The underside of the arch.

Stupid David refuse to take picture and only wanted to stand at the wall and gaze at the scenery.

Another view of the outside.

Soulmate shadows <3

Japanese food for dinner. I suck la come to America and eat Chinese and Japanese food only.

But what food is American anyway! Pizza and burgers but pizza isn’t technically American either.

David using the Mickey pen Redmummy gave me hahahaha his face damn angry!

He also said that I kept bringing up bad memories!

Cos we haven’t seen each other for two years ma and while we’d kept updated on each other’s lives we never got to know the details.

So I’d ask him stuff like “hey how come your host family in Japan didn’t like you again” or “why did you lose your job” WTF or “so how come you and your ex broke up” WTF hahahahaahah I didn’t realize ok I really was just asking to be a friend!!

But it’s all good ok cos he has a new girlfriend now and he’s going to teach English in Shanghai in August so all’s good on the career front too!

Then had to go home be menial labor and help Angela set up her new tv in exchange for a place to stay wtf.

  • KY

    i love museums! went to lots when I was in DC ;D

  • edamame

    Hey Aud,
    This might be a little irrelevant to you current post, but…

    I remembered you posted up your passport picture, and I have the same problem as you, where one eye is bigger than the other, and for me, in the bigger eye, there’s a lot of white surrounding the pupil.

    So I was googling around about one eye being bigger than the other, and came across “exopthalmus”, or bulging eyes.

    The images, are somewhat similar to my problem, and maybe yours also…cos one eye looks normal, and the other eye is a little bulgy. I seriously think I might have this “exophthalmus” thing…do you think you have the same thing as well?

    Erm…just looking for someone to commiserate with… πŸ˜›

  • brick

    i <3 <3 <3 your hairstyle seriously! and the color too!

  • xiaofu

    The interior of the arc looks like the one at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan…

    or are those arc interiors supposed to look alike… πŸ˜›

  • abraxis

    You visited my hood! I live 5 minutes away from the Legion. Great weather when you were there. Next time for a nice GG Bridge picture, visit the 16th hole of the golf course that surrounds the Legion.

  • Tina

    LOL I love your humor!! πŸ™‚

  • Angie


  • ahlost

    soulmate shadows very nice πŸ˜‰

  • Vicky

    Heart to the Big Ribbon on ur head! πŸ˜€

  • chybee

    wow u got really nice picturess!! πŸ™‚

  • Audrey

    ky: me too! yay museum buddy!

    edamame: hahahaah i dont think i have inequal eyes! cos BOTH my eyes have a lot of white surrounding the iris and both eyes are bulgy WTF. and while in the photo one eye does look bigger than the other, in real life they’re actually pretty much the same size! i couldn’t view the photos! is there a cure for it?

    brick: thanks brick! i’ll tell ray my stylist that wtf

    xiaofu: hahaa i have no ideaaa

    abraxis: u should have come out and said hi WTF

    tina: hahaha thanks!

    angie: yerrr if i didnt help u read the instructions how can u set up the tv wtf. and also i helped u screw in the screws ok WTF

    ahlost: yaaa <3

    vicky: yay!

    chybee: haha thanks!

  • Blue

    hey Aud

    I must say that Angie looks so much prettier than you!!

  • Audrey

    blue: haha of course!! i have good taste in friends ok wtf πŸ˜€