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Ooib graduates!

Ok guys time to distract yourself from Ooib’s urinary tract activities and focus on something more exalted.

His commencement!


This was taken right after me and Angela had a very un-emo goodbye outside the airport wtf.

Too early in the AM hence the glasses.

My breakfast: hot dog and some milk yummm although by the time I’d finished eating I felt like puking cos of all the air in my stomach fml.

Btw I’d like to say that I freaking hate American airports.  Always don’t know where to go because there are no bloody signs around (or if they are they’re in obscure places where I can’t see) and there’s usually nobody around to ask for directions.  And if you flag down a passing airport staff they usually look annoyed that they have to stop.

Plus if you’re struggling with your oversized luggage and you’ve already dropped your suitcase once on your toe, they still won’t help you to hoist your bag onto the weighing scale fuck you does it take that much to be nice.

(unless it’s like some airport policy that they’re not allowed to touch passenger’s bags or they’ll get sued/reprimanded/incriminated for drugs? somebody American please enlighten me)


Anyway got to Wabash soon enough and was reunited with the Oois!

(sorry about the hoodie draped over me Wabash for some reason was a lot colder than San Fran)

We go over to the Days’ who are Ooib’s host family.

Wabash has this system where they pair up international students with host families who basically act as surrogate families and help them get attuned to America!

And that’s their dog hahahaha they have two who look exactly the same damn cute <3 Forgot their names though this is stark proof that I’m horrible with everyone’s names not just Chinese names. Or human’s names *dark

Playing Beatles Rock Band <3


Another family photo out on the green.  This was where the ceremony was supposed to take place but on the day of commencement, it rained so everything had to be moved indoors -_-

(why does fat her look like mafia hahahaha)

Commencement day!

Everyone gets all dressed up and gathers at Ooib’s house.

L-R: Jerry, Fat Her, me, Mary Ann, Mumsy, Ooib and Lauren.

Jerry & Mary Ann are Ooib’s host parents and Lauren is their daughter.

(Fat Her made a mistake standing next to Jerry wtf)

With Joel, Ooib’s housemate and best friend, and all round emo kid wtf.

Haha he’s actually very nice and goofy!

With Lauren and Mary Ann!

I make the same mistake as Fat Her and stand next to the very tall and pretty Lauren.


Like I said it was unusually cold in Wabash!  I anticipated this and longsightedly brought along a blanket because I knew we’d be sitting outside.

So every picture I was either wrapped in the blanket or carrying it (promptly ruining every nice picture we took) But totally didn’t regret it! I was wearing only a short dress underneath so the blanket came in very handy in keeping me warm and also alternated as an umbrella when it started to rain f Ooib’s l.


We had to move into the gym which was the contingency plan on account of the rain. Ooib was sorely disappointed because he wanted to accept his diploma surrounded by grass wtf.

But I thought it was still very nicely done in the gym!

Note: people at Wabash generally looked a lot better than the people at Mount Holyoke during my graduation.

All the guys (Wabash is a men’s college) were smartly dressed in shirts and ties and blazers– as they should be — and all their sisters/girlfriends wore floral or cocktail dresses and had carefully straightened/curled hair and makeup applied.

In contrast, the class of ’08 at Moho wore shorts and flip flops under their gown and had uncombed hair WTF. How can! A year before I graduated I was already planning with Angela what to wear and even kept my hair long just because I thought it would look nicer with the cap wtf.

Seriously this is where we don’t need feminism wtf they will regret this in 30 years when they look back at their old graduation photos with flip flops and unshaved legs.



Fat Her with Jerry and Mary Ann.

Fat Her weeping even before the graduating class walked in WTF.


The graduating class walks in..


Ooib getting his hood!

(small Asian family is screaming cheers on sidelines at this moment)


Ooib gets his diploma and a firm handshake.


Ooib walks off the platform (correctly I might add) 

Hello my graduated brother (and crazy friend Hoang) who is off right now in Boston doing an internship and then going on to do his Masters *blinks back tears

Hokay I might as well admit it I got a bit choked up seeing Ooib get up on stage to get his diploma (which is made of sheep skin btw poor sheep take his wool not enough must take his skin to make people’s diplomas some more)

And I’m very very proud that he got accepted at Tufts and is going on to grad school (which I dunno in my life if I’ll ever get to do) my little brother is all grown  up and making his way into the world T_______T


Family photo with the Days.

They gave each graduate a rose too! honestly Mount Holyoke watch and learn ok wtf.

The Oois the end 🙂

  • Lisa Cheah

    Congrats! 😀

  • Essie

    I’m American! I never heard of a rule where they can’t help you get bags onto scale or whatever, but I’ve heard that they can’t touch anything going through scanners or something like that. Strange rules >_< Air ports are very confusing though, and the people are often grouchy, I agree. 🙁

  • abraxis

    I too am Meiguoyun and can say that people who work in airports for the airlines are union. That means that they don’t have to be nice or customer-centric because they can’t get fired if someone complains. Since it’s not in their contract to help customers that way, they simply won’t do it. It has nothing to do with lawsuits. Simply the American “work” culture, which is to do as little of it as possible while demanding as much money as possible.

  • kehrole

    i like this post!

    other people will remember their unshaven legs but you will remember walking off the stage wrongly WTF and i will remember my dad getting lost in the freaking nyc subway system on commencement day WTFWTF i guess it’s all about remembering graduation.

    my love you look so gorgeous <3

  • the real strawberry

    aww congrats barry! i felt like tearing too when i saw fat her wiping his tears away *emo COLLEGE LIFE IS THE BESTEST EVER!!!!!!

  • sj

    congrats to barry! just out of curiosity, what did he major in?

  • sweatlee

    sj, he majored in economics!

    hahahah mt holyoke watch and learn wtf. seriously ah they dont wear makeup and stuff?? i already planned what to wear underneath wtf. dont care im gonna be the most made up next year!! except i got no hair to curl T______T wear wig wtf

    you look great in this entire album! i think your hair damn nice la the color and curls all

  • Tian Chad

    Woo graduation of male version of Audrey =D

  • fresh

    congrats ooib!!

    btw in the 3rd last pic the expression on his face makes him look uncannily like you ahahahaha!

  • ShaolinTiger

    Haha your dad is awesome, he’s like a 4’10” gangsta!

    And congrats to ooib, good job.

  • fat her

    four feet ten?

  • chuan

    ur bro 6 feet??

  • Huai Bin

    Yup, they are not allowed to touch your bags to avoid allergations of planting stuff. Same in Aussie, they will ask you to open it and rifle through it yourself, they personally will not touch it.

    Congrats Ooib! =D

  • Huai Bin


    I want to be pink.

  • Angie

    I can’t see any of your pictures T__________T I think they’ve been blocked from u know where! *scared to say the word wtf*

  • raina

    why is your brother so tall?

  • Audrey

    lisa: haha he says thanks!.. i think wtf

    essie: but what if it’s a scale and not a scanner:(

    abraxis: are you not malaysian? ohhh that makes sense! but i think it’s every country’s culture – to do as little while demanding as much 😛

    kehrole: FML! and so will your mom remember me like that WTF. Hahahahah is that what happened on your graduation day that’s why u were so angry in your tweets??

    strawberry: awwww why you so easily touched hahaha

    sj: econ!

    sweat: what are u wearing! isit you’re the only person who thinks my hair is nice now /beg

    tian chad: ahahah do we look alike?

    fresh: hahaha and the peace sign right!

    shaolin: see fat her’s reply below HAHAHAHAH. actually he’s 5 feet tall! maybe he just shrunk or something i dunno wtf


    chuan: no he’s 5’7 hahaha he just looks tall cos my whole family is short

    hb: not even when putting it on the scale and checking in? *narrows eyes

    angie: really?? can you use yahoo? *whispers

    raina: he’s not that tall hahaha my whole family is just short

  • lalala

    your bro must be really thankful that he didn’t end up being 4 feet plus or borderline 5!

    disclaimer : not that it’s bad to be short but undeniably, having height is having half the battle won.

  • kak ina kl

    hai audrey..nice meeting are so cute..i wonderlah timothy falling in love with you.

  • Jay

    Ahaha your dad is so cute & funny! Love it! xxxx

  • Grace

    Congrats Brother Ooi! Like I know you … and like you know me. Bleh… like You care… and life I care. 😛

    OK la Good job DUDE! And Good Job Big Jie Jie for capturing it all!

  • jaecywong

    didn’t know barry is ur small brother!! i thought he is ur big brother +___________________+

  • Baz

    oh lawd so many pics i’ve never even seen befoah!

    wtf dad cried! and he accused mom of crying wtf

    and i’m 5’6, not 5’7 wtf

    tankiu for the post kakak

  • fat her

    got some thing in the eye la…..gonna sue my daughter

  • Ashly

    Fuck You If you dont like our airline then dont come to America.

    @abraxis Union-The Employee Free Choice Act.

    abraxis: Simply the American “work” culture, which is to do as little of it as possible while demanding as much money as possible.
    -Jealous Much? Want cheap/underpaid and utterly dedicated labor go to Asia or some other 3rd world continent y”know where minimum wage doesnt even exist.

  • Audrey

    ashly: nobody said anything about airlines, dumb shit. and if people with no minimum wage can do their jobs better than workers under the “employee free choice act” then it says something doesn’t it.

  • Baz

    @ashly: abraxis is american, numbnuts. he/she said so in the comment. why should he/she be jealous? twat.

  • Ashly

    “nobody said anything about airlines, dumb shit.”
    -“I’d like to say that I freaking hate American airports” airlines airports it kinda goes together.

    union or not, is a free act of choice most to all American airlines are under a union (they like to stick to their own kind)because all thru history workers toiled under very unsafe conditions, earning extremely low pay and enjoying little to no legal protection.Unions were successful in bringing about many improvements for such workers, such as more reasonable working hours. They have generally served workers well by helping them avoid being exploited by employers.
    that’s why we don’t have sweat shop labors.(or very little to none)and if you were going to Singapore and not the sates and made a comment like that and say “fuck you” don’t you think singaporean wont say “don’t like our airline serve? then don’t come.”

    @Baz how do you know she’s American? you don’t even know if she’s a girl or a dude but you know she’s American. wow the name must had tip you off right?! the fuck does it matter to you if i wrote she was jealous are not? And what dumb fuck of an American would write ” Simply the American “work” culture, which is to do as little of it as possible while demanding as much money as possible.” if she is one then she must have a job here in America why would you put down the system in which you work in?! and according to her the system is unfair and unjust. you don’t bite the hands that feed you abraxis

    You open a blog to have people comment on what you write i read your blog alot Audrey and I’m sure i might be not welcome any more cause the “rude” comment i wrote. But that’s okay with me.
    I dint write anything mean about your family or friends because i saw a post long ago saying you really can not stand people who do that. But you welcome all comment because a blog is where you voice your opinion and have other respond to you.

  • Audrey

    hi ashly,

    it was a knee jerk reaction to call you “dumb shit” because you threw “fuck you” at me so i apologize for that.

    honestly, airlines do not equal to airports. airlines land in airports all over the world, and american airports don’t just host US planes but planes from every other country.

    i am definitely against exploitation of labor and i understand that unions can do a lot of good for workers’ rights and benefits. but if union workers take it for granted that they won’t get fired because of their union, and do their jobs badly or are rude or unhelpful, isn’t that going against the good of customers then? there needs to be some sort of balance.

    if someone came to malaysia and complained about the airports, if i felt that they could be right i wouldn’t say fuck you. somebody needs to voice out and let people know that there is a problem otherwise no change would be made for the better. it’s the same thing with voting in governments. if your government was doing a bad job, you’d want to say something and be heard to make a change. it has nothing to do with biting the hand that feeds you.

    also, barry knew abraxis was american because he said “i am meiguoren” which means American in Mandarin.

    honestly you’re totally welcome to leave comments anytime you want, especially if you think i’m wrong 🙂 i was just put off by the “fuck you” so let’s just move on from here, call a truce and keep it clean? 🙂