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My Hair Confession

Once upon a time there lived a girl.

A very cute girl WTF.

Ok I lie.

You know the saying, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones?

Totally true.

To be very honest, I think I’m just okay. But what I do have in abundance is focus and dedication.

On my face and hair. ^_^

Hairstyles make a lot of difference to your appearance! You’ll see what I mean.

So this is the story of my hair.

In the beginning..


Please remember I used to look like this wtf.

But also remember!

No ugly women, only lazy ones.


So as soon as I finished high school, I dyed my hair and never looked back since.


Curled my hair at every opportunity. See the vast improvement? (pretend you can see my face here)

My hair is naturally very very fine so in order to achieve volume, I stick on curlers and rollers every chance I get.

Taipei 2007 132

And I plugged on extensions which are pretty..


But are also pretty damaging to your hair.

They’re tied to your real hair which puts a lot of strain on your scalp.

But what to do!


Unstyled, my hair looks like this. T_T

All the years of styling, teasing and curling my hair have taken its toll.


Maybe you wanna enjoy the beauty for a while more. Cos it sure didn’t last WTF.


When Wombeh met me I had this super nice (from far) long blond hair that he said was my best hairstyle ever (f this shit) but cannot save already by then because my my ends were all split, my whole head was frizzy and worst of all I was dropping hair T_________T


This is was my hair in its natural state. When I say natural I mean as natural as it can be with all the coloring, teasing and styling ehehe.

Straight yet frizzy, dry, no shine and very very fragile T______T

So I chopped it off.

And dyed it dark.

(I wanted to stop dyeing it less frequently so I chose a dark color. Also cos flaws are more obvious in blond hair wtf)


Worst decision ever because I looked like some stupid noob/nerd/kid sitting for their UPSR exam T__________T

My self esteem plummeted. And I had a minor identity crisis fml. The whole time I had black hair, I didn’t feel like myself because for as long as I could remember, I’d had brown or blond hair.

Damn ugly lor seriously! With this kind of hair, even if I go out naked nobody would think I’m sexy *shifty eyed.

So no choice.


Dyed it back ash blond.


And it just got blonder and blonder. This is what my hair really looks like under sufficient light.

I fretted over it. Why my hair so bad condition T______T

I already try to dye it less frequently and try to dye only the regrowth and not the whole head. I curl my hair only on weekends when I’m going out and just put it in a ponytail for work. I wash my hair everyday but I also blow dry it for less than 5 minutes to minimize damage.

Why still so bad leh!!!!! Tell me Hair God, what else do you want from me!!!! Wtf.

So I googled it. And found the culprits.


Let me show you 7 crimes you may be committing against your hair but don’t know.

(Don’t feel bad because I do every single one of them on a regular basis GOD.)


#1Towelling wet hair dry.

Did you know toweling your hair dry can cause friction, breakage and frizzy hair? Neither did I fml. I’d always thought that toweling it dry would be better than blow drying.

Btw, digression but this bunch of photos was taken with a self timer. I didn’t know the self timer was so fast!!!


This was the first picture I took with self timer. Not enough time to pose properly I panicked when I heard the camera clicking and threw the towel on my head so this is the picture that came out HAAHAHAHAHAHAH


Filddled around with the timer a bit then only figured out how to work it!


#2 Blow drying your hair

Drying your hair too much will cause your hair to dry out and break T_T


#3 Excessive brushing, especially when hair is wet.

I do this all the time T_____T Sometimes I forget to put on conditioner (when I say forget, I mean lazy to apply wtf) so I end up fighting with my comb against the tangles. God knows how much hair has broken because of my un-care T__T


#4 Hair coloring

I dye my hair about every 2 months because regrowth is as disgusting as the scum by the side of your bathtub T.T

If you haven’t noticed, I dyed my hair AGAIN. Hellooo sin #4


#5 Straightening or in my case, curling hair

Doing this on a regular basis will cause hair to become drier, more fragile and prone to breakage. I usually spray on heat protectant before curling my hair but I suspect this is what dries my hair out the most 🙁


#6 Using styling products

(I have a fear of hairspray going into my eyes cos once I accidentally mis-aimed and sprayed both my eyes before good job Aud)

Gel, hairspray, wax all basically. If don’t use styling products how is my hair going to stay!!! Already said my hair is super fine and straight already if don’t use wax or spray might as well just wake up and go out la do makeup and hair for what some more T.T


#7 Ponytails or buns.

Aih seriously fml la. Do also cannot, don’t do also cannot. In bid to reduce curling my hair, I put it up in a bun or ponytail. But now I find out very tight braids or pony tails can damage hair, sometimes irreversibly. Buns, in particular, put strands of hair through considerable contortions and are not recommended for fragile or brittle hair. In addition to creating split, frayed ends and irregular broken areas, it pulls painfully on the scalp, causing redness and sensitivity.

Then what should I do! Look like a numbskull everyday ya good idea wtf.

And I know I’m not the only person guilty of all the above right!!


But the way I see it what choice do we have? Going out looking like a suaku is not an option.

  • rachel

    i like the last picture. cute. you look about 4 there.

  • joey

    wow u look very different back then~!! *jaw drops*
    and why got so many badges one a? reali looks like a model student~
    XD but now u looks gorgeous of course ~~

  • kaylie

    you are getting more and more kawaii wtf. but thats a good thing 🙂 this is out of line but what’s your new hair colour? it’s a very nice shade of brown!

  • sj

    SOOO pretty in the last pic! sigh actually ar you are so damn cute wtf so much so that ppl wont really notice the flaws in your hair so no worries 😀

  • Coco

    You are so cute in the last pic! Should leave your hair like that instead of orangey/blonde.

    Btw, did you have eye surgery or just how you apply makeup, bc your eyes look so much bigger after the first pic…


  • Jay

    Love ash blonde <3 and dark hair looks cuteeee on you! When you’re 40 you’d do all you can to look like you’re taking USPR (maybe??) lol :p

    Haha thanks for your comment the other day keep checking back for more fun stuff!

    …and I hate getting hairspray in my mouth what a horrid taste! xxxxx

  • Tey Cindy

    i like your new hair colour!!!!

  • tze

    hahahaahaha eye surgery hahaahahahaahha coco clearly has not seen your goldfish eyes in real life before wtf

    eh how can u post the picture of your bald head? don’t scare people liddat la! remember once i saw your hair as it really was and i got a shock and said in a very sad tone ‘how can anyone have such little hair’ WTF

    eh how is this an advertorial what are you advertising? u advertising so people will donate hair to you arh WTF

    btw all pics (except first – why u pin so many badges to your shirt) very pretty and i recognize my dress <3

  • quaintly

    nice new hair!!

  • S

    Your hair looks so cute now! I love the last photo 🙂

  • M

    are those lower lashes real in your last photo? they are sooo freaking long! very pretty =)

  • Pu3

    So damn cute la you >◊<

  • strawberry

    ahhh i also have very thin hair like you! and i flatiron it everyday FML cos i dun wanna go rebonding in case the extreme heat & chemicals make my hair weak, not to mention make it look EVEN flatter when it’s already so flat already T____T but what to do what to do!!!!!! i understand COMPLETELY your hair woes!!!!

  • Sam

    #1Towelling wet hair dry.
    – do this everyday.
    #2 Blow drying your hair
    – only when i cut my hair.
    #3 Excessive brushing,especially when hair is wet.
    – i don’t brush my hair.
    #4 Hair coloring
    – twice in my 20years of life.
    #5 Straightening or curling hair
    – once when i was 5 wtf.
    #6 Using styling products
    – everyday put 3tonne of wax.
    #7 Ponytails or buns.
    – used to do this when i have long hair. was too lazy / hate to do anything to it.

  • jy

    i like your ash blond hair colour! die la i just planned to get my hair dyed for the 1st time then u tell me this T____T

  • Yuen

    shit la just bought the new bubble hair dye now scared to dye my hair T_T

  • sweatlee


  • vivienne

    argh my hair is very bad too =_= can die edi. anyway, saw your tweet that day..well have you tried the egg whites method?slap on egg whites on your whole face (smoothing n whatnots effects), especially your nose area. then take watson’s facial puffs (NOT COTTON!) and cut them into shapes, stick it on your nose like biore pore pack, saturate it again with egg whites..then wait until it dries completely which will take around 1 hour..then PEEL IT OFF! its 99% i guarantee if you do it accordingly and wait for it to dry completely..much better than biore pore pack’s or whatnots’ 30%!!you can also do it on chin and forehead! here’s my old post about it:

  • miao miao

    wuah means do what oso die la so what can we do besides washing hair FOL.

  • fresh

    zomg the last time i saw you your hair was still blond!!

    and why you so sakai with the towel and self-timer HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Angie

    hello im saying everything i wanna comment to u on msn now. so hello there wtf

  • mars

    maybe just lay off the styling products, curling and blow-drying for a few weeks? you’re only 25 and your hair is very fine and thin, gotta take care of it! also, eat lots of protein. 😉

    I have a friend who has gorgeous gorgeous hair and when I asked what her secrets are, she said, she doesnt own a hairbrush and she never blow-dry her hair.

  • rara

    i’m guilty of doing all of the above T_T

  • mg

    u look extremely cute!!! <3

  • yumii

    OMG AYUMI HAMASAKI HIJACK THIS POST!!!! Can i kidnap you and make you sing for me? 8D~

  • suraya

    wa… a lot of badge on your blazer. (1st pict)

  • ShaolinTiger

    You’re far too cute, it should be illegal.

  • wl

    Fret not, you’re super cute! Your eyes make up for the lack of hair :p And I, like you, have extremely thin AND little hair! My hair is so mothereffing fine and there’s so little of it that when you touch my head you can feel my scalp immediately. EVERY single hairdresser I’ve been to will say this the first time they meet me: “You have very little hair…” I worry about becoming bald all the time ): I’m scared to eat instant noodles because of that. And I have NEVER dyed my hair because I fear losing hair and tying my hair up gives me a headache (it pulls my scalp).

    Out of the seven sins written, I do #1 (they say if you leave wet hair to dry naturally the heaviness of the hair – it is wet after all – will cause pressure on the scalp, which may lead to breakage! so dry or don’t dry!?!?!?!) and #2 (only if I have to leave immediately for school or going out). I brush my hair, but because I have such fine and little hair, by the time I put on my clothes/apply moisturiser and whatnots, my hair is already semi-dry.

    If I can end up looking half as pretty as you, happy alreadyyzzzzz

  • cheesie

    Popteen should totally ditch Kumiko. They dunno Msia got cute gyaru also wtf.

  • wy

    i used to dye my hair very frequently and it got so damn frizzy that i chopped it off and kept it short and black for a whole year. then i swear never to dye it again so i just kept it long. it was like virgin hair – never went through any chemical process but the quality still sucks! the ends remain so frizzy they are like the telephone cords T____T and i don’t even use styling products, comb it when its wet or use the dryer. every day and night i apply serum faithfully but the frizz never go away. so i resort to tying it up like you. worst of all, my precious hair started dropping a few months ago and the hair fall never stopped since then. i really don’t know what to do with it anymore fml.

    the woes of being a woman.

  • melody

    but then like that what can we do?
    dun blow, dun towel so come out soaking wet? and then wait for it to dry? i think fall sick will b faster? hahaha

  • hui wen

    Hahahaha that towel picture!! But I can so imagine, if I panicked, I would have done the same thing too. T__T

    LURVEEE the new hair color! 🙂

  • Audrey

    rachel: i will take that as a compliment!

    joey: hahaha it was cool back then to stick as many pins on your blazer as possible!

    kaylie: haha i have no idea what color it is!

    sj: hahaha how about if im bald WTF

    coco: haha i didnt! i think in the first picture i was squinting in the sun plus it’s just makeup and angling that makes my eyes look big now 😀

    jay: how come you know about upsr aren’t you british!

    tey cindy: thanks babe!

    tze: um how come your whole comment sounds mean but you tried to make up for it in the last line wtf 🙁

    quaintly: thanks su ann!

    S: hehe thanks!

    m: no they’re not! haha they’re fake lower lashes from diamond lash

    pu3: thank u >///< sam: why you put so much wax!! jy: dye only la! takkan don't color your hair even once in your life! yuen: dye only i wanna see! sweat: i dunno how what should i do!!!! wtf vivienne: yaya i know about it too! but i was too lazy to prepare the egg white T.T miao miao: hahahaha ya but what to do must stay cute wtf fresh: just dye only!!! angie: hello goodbye wtf mars: my hair has always been fine and thin! at age 5, 15 and 5 wtf. thank goodness it's not thinning onlyT.T rara: me tooooo mg: thanks! yumii: HAHA WHY YOU SO CUTE suraya: ya we all collected badges hahaha shaolin: HAHA you're far too tall it should be illegal too! wl: your hair cannot be finer than mine! and wah i must say you take a lot better care of yours than mine! cheesie: we should start a gyaru magazine ourselves!!! RINGO to ODORI wtf wy: really?? why do you think it's dropping? 🙁 good luck to you 🙁 melody: ya hahahah cannot la die die still have to blow dry hair hui wen: thanks love!

  • Charles Lim

    You didn’t were cute 🙂

  • cherry

    ash blond color looks nice. so also is your current/new hair color! =D

  • Huai Bin

    I like the blond Aud too! Ash blond is really different as well. 🙂

  • Chloe


    i’m having hard time with my hair too… not satisfied with it… wanna curl it/dye it and dye it again… =X and more split ends coming out… ):

    but this is us ba… at this age and with our height, we care more on how we look like…
    especially hair!!

    btw u look more pretty with long hair curls ^^

  • rose

    can i know whr do u get your lower lash?
    i saw u commented that it’s from diamond lash
    i google-d but cannot find whr to buy in kl
    pls advise?
    u look really pretty!

  • KY

    all these hair thing making me pening, so compricateddd

  • mouseyin

    got “like” button or not?

  • Mandy

    I don’t understand #1 and #2. After you wash your hair, you can neither towel your hair dry nor blow dry, then how are we gonna dry our hair? Let it drip dry?

  • Dizzy Lizzy

    guilty of all of the above!!! ='( but how? unlike u, i have super thick bushy hair and if left unstyled…i’d look like a jungle woman haha (no srsly fml). le sigh~

    if u find a solution lemme know kthxbai <3

  • vvens

    why do you look so different from the first picture now! hahaha. your eyes are so much bigger!!!

  • Gin

    eh omg!! damn nais lor ure hair colour now!!
    and ure this set of camwhore pics damn cute leh!!!! i laikkeeeee

  • sharon

    Hi there, whats the color that u’ve recently dyed? I was looking for the color like tat but it always turn out as another color after I dyed. ;(

  • Jessie

    lemmeguez, is this a Dove advert? quite similar concept with the Dove commercial of Patty ;P

  • nisa

    waaaaa..u look totally different
    like Suet..she wasnt that pretty when she was a kid 😀

    now, both of u look fabulous!

  • Cimilicious

    Hey, u really look kawaii like the japanese. U look great with long or short hair. U r fantastic in your styling 🙂
    Can teach us how u do your hair? 😉