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Goodness I just got back from South Korea and now the North and South are opening fire on each other what is this T_T

But quite morbidly cool because while we were in Korea (South obviously), we visited the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and learned a lot about its history and why it’s even there in the first place.  So now I really understand the seriousness of the situation and how any incident between the North and South can explode so quickly.

Before we went, I’d had a look at our itinerary and this was I thought by far the coolest place we were going to.  No wonder Cheesie keeps calling me Asian Studies nerd wtf.

For those not in the know (and too lazy to Wiki it), the Korean DMZ is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea and is the most heavily militarized border in the world.

Let me show you! *tour guide

The DMZ!

Deceptively cheerful wtf.  This was actually in front of the museum they had there.

Look at HB like swimsuit model!


Sorry picture of me first.  The DMZ was actually the first place we went to right after we touched down at Incheon.  This is the only half decent picture of me cos the whole trip was actually damn tiring and I look like shit every day.


With Mookie and Wafu at Incheon!  I dunno why everyone has nicknames -_-

At work,  this person doesn’t know my name so he calls me Blogger FML.  Just so you know, I’m not owned by Google wtf wtf.


This is it! Entering the DMZ.


Very strict wan.  A soldier got onto our bus and demanded to see everyone’s passports first before they would let us through.


I think this spells Dee Em Zee.


With Desmond and Yvonne.  Ok no nicknames.


Group photo!  That’s Chezzet, Mosquito wtf, Super Pig, and YK.

Behind us is a whole row of binoculars to look out at the DMZ.

No pictures cos we couldn’t take photos beyond a certain line.  But when I looked through the binoculars all I could see was flat barren land with scattered bald trees around.  I saw a bunch of squat ugly buildings too but not sure if that’s already North Korea or the Joint Security Area.  Quite spooky cos I imagined defectors running across the area FTL.

Oh ya our tour guide was damn stupid!  Threatened us that if we didn’t get back to the meeting point by a certain time, the bus would leave without us and we would be considered defectors WTF.


Ok I show you the DMZ WTF.

Hahahahahah no la just a model of the area in the museum. (yesss spell check tells me I can spell “museum” right now wtf)


Some of the weapons used.

Cute soldier!!!!

I thick skinnedly approached him to ask if he would take a picture with me and he said no cos he was on duty 🙁

But then he asked me where I was from (in English!) and I said Malaysia and he said he was born in Malaysia!  Then he asked me where in Malaysia I was from and I said KL.  He asked which part of KL and I said “er just KL” cos I thought he wouldn’t know anyway.  And he said he was from Ampang!!

Our paths could have crossed without us knowing it *dreamy

But I was so surprised that I tried to think of something else to say so I asked him “so why are you here then?”

Then he looked at me incredulously and said “Because I’m Korean?” FML.

I bet under all that camouflage he looks like this wtf.

I’d defect for him *hamsap face but covers Wombeh’s eyes and ears first


Me and Super Pig.  I’m wearing glasses to fit in with Korean society wtf.

No la actually the reason is even lamer.  I brought along fake glasses (super cheap that Xiaxue took me to buy!) to cover my eyes cos we’d spent the whole night on the plane in restless sleep and I feared for my eyebags.

But I must say my nose is fucking nice here.


Also if you’re not in the know, 4 tunnels along the border have been discovered — dug by the North to infiltrate the South damn sneaky!

Some more every time the South found a tunnel, the North would deny it was theirs and blame the South for digging those tunnels WTF.  Even though the orientation of the digging clearly shows that it came from the North stupid lie also dunno how to lie properly.

Visitors can go into the third tunnel though!


Me and Yvie at the entrance of the tunnel.

Photography is not allowed once you go under so no pictures again.  But the tunnel had a downward incline of 11 degrees and was horrible to walk through.

Yvie and I are slightly claustrophobic so once the tunnel started getting smaller and wetter we turned around and fled back up the tunnel T______T

11 degrees sounds like nothing but when you’re running from a tunnel behind you that increasingly gets smaller, and the tunnel is like 200m long or something, and you have no stamina whatsoever, it’s pretty terrible.

Some more weather so cold by the time I got out I was wheezing for my life T_T

Then it was time to head back to Seoul!


Another group picture 😀

  • Rabiatul Adawiyah

    hukhukhuk.. i wish i can go to Korea.. But.. now they nak perang.. scared to go there.. T_T

  • tze

    u told me most of this on bbm ady! *in the know

  • KY

    sounds so fun without the bombs!

  • Angie

    won bin is mine!

  • cheesie

    *pushes angie off the cliff.

    Ohai Wonbin 😀

  • yumii

    ehh why the abrupt end!!!! so terkejut ok i read read read so happy then suddenly the post end liao! 8D

  • norick

    so ur cute soldier is actually a korean but born in malaysia == =)did he smile with u?.. i bet if he is not on duty he will take photo with u haha..

    suddenly the patriotism issue.. by our minister z_h_d come in mind..

  • yvie

    yeh, i’ll tell your wombeh you weren’t only having that hamsap face, you were drooling and your mouth wouldn’t close! i have pictures to prove it!! hmph, i’m bitter.

  • fresh

    ‘Then he looked at me incredulously and said “Because I’m Korean?” FML.’

    HAHAHAHAHAHA aiyo why you always got stories liddis wan *wipes tears from eyes*

    but yeah if he really looked like that i would defect for him too wtf *joins hamsap face*

  • Audrey

    rabiatul: ya wait until it calms down first T_T

    tze: of course /boo

    ky: or shooting!

    angie: did you see cheesie’s comment hahaha

    cheesie: why you all fight over something that is not yours leh (ie. mine)

    yumii: HAHA cos sleepy adi!

    norick: no lor he looked like he wanted to avoid me FML

    yvie: hahahahaha my mouth was open ah HAHAHAHA

    fresh: HAHA ok let’s run over some landmines for him wtf

  • elizabeth

    hello audrey I saw you in mid valley and I thought that was not you coz I thought you were in korea! hehe nice to see you in real life. Love ur blog! 😀

  • Desiree

    I really like your parka! Where is it from? Oh and I have to admit, the guy’s cute. I feel cheated – why aren’t the Koreans in my school nowhere as cute? ):

  • Jay

    Ive been to DMZ before – isn’t it so interesting?? the tunnel is scary though and climbing back up killed me slightly!!!

  • Crystal

    from ampang~because Ampang there is a korea village~=D

  • Angie

    *falls down the cliff into wonbin’s arms /shy

  • Tey Cindy

    i like your glasses! i can never look good in ’em ):

  • mei

    what skin care and makeup do you use? your photos project nearly flawless skin, even when you don’t have makeup on! i think you should make a separate blog post about it 🙂

  • Audrey

    elizabeth: next time say hi! 😀

    desiree: the army green one? it was from kyoto 3 years ago. and maybe you’re used to the boys you see everyday that’s why!

    jay: i know! totally regretted going into the tunnel

    crystal: ya mont kiara also isit?

    angie: OH CLEVER AH

    cindy: haha they’re fake! and you look good in yours what!

    mei: no my skin is super dry! maybe i’ll do a tute on it someday 🙂

  • hildamilda

    Ampang has a lot of cute korean guys 😛 and that soldier is one of them lol

  • xes

    i LOLed at the Korean soldier part! HAHHAA

  • Bubbic

    I usually just lurk around your blog, reading posts but not commenting..
    However~ I just have to comment now..
    That pic of WB is so hot! *drools.
    Have you watched him in ‘Ajusshi’, by any chance?
    And did you get to spot any Korean celebs??

    Anyways, Thanks for another fun read~


  • Author:thisisthediaryofanotmadblackwoman

    So many pictures!
    You must have been having the time of your life.