being kinder

So I’ve always narrowed my eyes (and my heart wtf) towards the Kindle and said that Kindle users are all posers and showoffs… and second only to iPad users (sorry mum WTF)

And that having a Kindle sucks because it’s not like you can lend a book you’ve finished to your friend.  Takkan give your whole Kindle ah.  And knowledge is supposed to be shared!  Not kept in a small plastic piece for yourself.

And nothing beats holding the weight of a book in your hands and flipping through real pages!  Plus I like going back and forth and re-reading parts that were nice before I move on to the next chapter wan wtf.  And it’s hard to do that with a Kindle.

But then Wombeh gave me his Kindle cos he got a new one as a present.

And…I can basically get any fucking book I want in less than five seconds off Amazon…


I think it’s growing on me.

  • Love Jade

    Don’t bother with those people, Kindle is just awesome!!!

    iPad is full of bugs!

  • KY

    I think the book lender feature is coming soon, the Nook has that too.

  • ShaolinTiger

    Yah honestly, e-books are the way forwards. I have a habit of reading a few different books at the same time (fiction, non-fiction, science etc) and that gets very cumbersome with physical books.

    With something like Kindle, it’s awesome!

  • C= MJ

    Awwww wish i could have one too 🙁

  • Shin Yi

    I was also quite the anti-e-book person until I die die also cannot find the books that I needed in Malaysia…and in 5 seconds, I got it on my Kindle app =D! So now I’m dying to buy a Kindle myself…

  • Angie


  • Jay

    I was very surprised when the screen actually looks like pages from a book! But then you do pay full price for the books as opposed to getting it cheaply from charity shops & car boots! x

  • Stella

    You’re reading Mini Shopaholic!!! 😀 I just recently finished the er, real paper type one lol. Gigantic Sophie K fan here. Anyway, have fun with the Kindle!! 🙂

  • Audrey

    jade: ipad has bugs??

    ky: wah really! awesome!

    shaolin tiger: yea i remember how many books you had in your iphone hahaha

    c=mj: u can! it’s not that expensive

    shin yi: recommend some books!

    angie: is yours the exact same one!!!

    jay: no you get some books for cheaper or free too!


  • Cheryl

    you might find this of interest then ^_*

    book lender feature – I am not too sure about. It took them nearly 2 years to start on the “gift an ebook” feature.

    p.s. you might like nicholas sparks

  • Chika

    It looks nice 😛 and have read about it a couple of times and it seems really interesting.. But (like you mentioned)nothing beats the feel of holding a real book in one’s hands 😀

    The Kindle is really attractive though, I’m not going to lie.

    But doesn’t getting books off Amazon within five seconds still cost money? How much for downloading each book?.. And the kindle already costs a lot by itself. Imagine not being able to get books for free? 😛 .. hehehhe…

  • Audrey

    cheryl: OOO THANKS! and i hate nicholas sparks he’s too sappy and emo T_T

    chika: yes it costs money but i would have bought them anyway. it just makes it easier 🙂 plus you can actually get some books for free

  • Cheryl

    is a good starting point for recommendations of books (FREE ONES TOO!), also advertisement by new authors (they weren’t as bad as I thought, so far tried 10 new authors only one is stupid).

    OH and lots of ACCESSORIES recommendation *ahem* such as covers, cookbook sharings, coffee to drink with your books…. ahem ahem

  • FionaChan

    I ALSO WANT KINDLE! I HATE reading e-books on computer! and I have quite a lot free ebooks D: Too bad the Kindle 3 doesn’t ship to Malaysia! Or sold here. 🙁 Plus my parents are totally against shopping online.