My affair with shoes

warning: this entry is shockingly shallow. sorry think my brains have degraded

They say there are two types of men in this world – the legs man and the boobs man wtf.

And correspondingly (or not), there are two types of women in this world.

The shoes woman and the bag lady.

I am so unquestionably a shoe person.  That’s the first thing I notice about anybody I meet! (next to their nose bridges)  Then I judge you based on your choice of shoes wtf.

Bags are cute and all but nothing beats the leap my heart takes when I carry home a shoebox wrapped lovingly in a paper bag <3


I aqctually took a photo of some of my shoes the other day WTF *obsessive

Nola actually I happened to walk by my shoe rack.  I looked at my shoes all lined up and I realized that while I can’t remember where a lot of my clothes came from unless I look at the tag, I can remember where and when I bought each and every pair of shoe and the stories that came with the shoe!

So now Imma go all grandmama and tell you long story about some of my favorite shoes! wtf.  Already warned you.


I like special shoes 😀 This pair’s from Takeshita dori in Harajuku last year!  They were horribly uncomfortable at first but like all shoes bought in Japan (the ones I have anyway) they become very comfortable after a while and they’re my go-to shoes for now.

Also the most suay because they’re made of some velvety suede material and every time I wear them sure rain wan and they get wet T__________T Then I get desperate enough to save them so I wipe my shoes with my bare hands WTF.


Pink comfy flats I got with Suetpants at a flea market bazaar thing at Sunway Giza last year.  I usually wear them on casual weekends and delude myself into thinking they kinda look like Ferragamo flats (if you squint and tilt your head to the side wtf)


Every time I wear these out sure got people comment wan!  Sandals from Bakers in San Fransisco with Soulmate Luo.  She has the same pair!


A bit blurry but decided to put them in because they were my favorite shoes for a few years WTF.  Got them in Kyoto in junior year and again they’re damn comfortable!  Somore they’re quite flexible can wear clubbing then to work the next day wtf.

Finally stopped wearing them so much cos the glaze on the patent leather is coming off 🙁


These are a bit hard to match *Captain Obvious.  I bought them from Sungei Wang for the Nuffnang Blog Awards in 09! My dress was a cream color so I wanted something bright to offset the neutrality and you don’t get brighter than fuchsia and orange spots wtf.


Ya an extraordinary amount of my shoes are pink wtf.

These shoes are damn wtf lo!  I don’t really know for what purpose they were made for but they’re very light and quite breathable also cos of all the holes wtf.  Dunno leh for track?  Racket sports? I will never know.

They’re Tommy Hilfiger and I’m ashamed to say I might have bought them just because they were pink and Tommy Hilfiger -_-  I got them in San Fransisco on the way to Mount Holyoke for the first time!  Nearly 6 years ago!!!

I actually still wear them!  The last time was…a year ago to play badminton cos I don’t have any sports shoes -_-


My other pair of sneakers! (also pink).  I love Converse though they’re still about the only brand of sneakers I’ll wear. (although I do remember a suspect period of my life where I wore Adidas Superstars and DC skater shoes D:)

I got these off because during first year at Moho Angela and I would get really bored and would succumb to online shopping.  These were purchased at a time where pink and green was my favorite color combination wtf.  Still wear em pretty often 😀


Bought in Sungei Wang also.  Not that notable besides that Angela loved these shoes when she saw me wearing in photos and I went back to the store to get them for her but no more size.

Also notable (and stupid) because the heel strap kept coming off and I remember once in 1U I had to make Desmond and Matthew go with me to the cobbler to fix my shoe.

And the other time it came off at work so Edmund stapled the strap down for me WTF.


One of the pair of shoes Wombeh got for me when he shut down Shoes Shoes Shoes in Bangsar (during his Romantic Period).

Wear it mostly for work only though cos it’s so classy!


Got in Seoul with Cheesie!  Damn fucking cute!  But also damn fucking painful I guess Korean shoes don’t soften up like Japan’s 🙁

When we were in the store and I was trying on the shoe, we were speaking in Japanese because that’s what the sales assistants spoke to us in.

But then we realized they were actually Chinese!! So I forced Cheesie to speak Mandarin to them hoping to get a discount since our ancestors were from the same place wtf but I don’t remember getting a discount FOL.


My newest obsession!!!  Part of the Obakawa style that Cheesie and I are switching to now!  (fuck florals wtf)

I bought it before Chizu told me that Lena was wearing them in Vivi so yay! i can consider career in fashion buying now wtf.

And one more on the way!  Liz Lisa Style Beige Suede Boots from minimaos ordered already so what if there’s no place to wear them to in KL!

(For those who are a size 4 or size 36 or smaller, no such thing as finding it hard to find shoes your size! You just have to look)

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  • *wahhhhhh* america sucks. minimaos doesn’t ship here AND our shoe selection is not like the asian countries~ cheap, cute, & trendy.

    i want those boots! *obsessed*

    find a way to get these to hawaii and i’ll be your best friend foreverrrrrrr. 🙂

  • Love love love the polka dotted ones and the yellow sandals! 😀 But I think you’re right about the bag and shoe lady thing. I’m definitely a bag lady because good shoes usually hurt your feet!

  • HIGH FIVE! imma size 3.5 and a shoe fanatic also! most shoes dont fit nicely, and hurt like mad, but i buy and wear them anyway cz i LOVE shoes. the price women pay for being vain. hah!

    i like your first and the pair u got with cheesie! m such a sucker for pumps cz they’re so pretty but sadly, hurt like crap!

  • how is the obakawa style adult?? face it lah you’ll never grow up

  • It’s definitely hard to find shoes in size 4/34/22 ><;; I’m sure online has more options, but sometimes they’re a lot more expensive *is a poor student* Even in Taiwan and HK they only stock the smallest as size 22/35. In Australia, gawd, the smallest women’s shoe is size 6.

  • it is super easy to find size 3 shoes in the uk! they have an amazing variety and range!

  • ya u membocorkan my identity in seoul dammit

  • your shoes are all so kiut <3 i can never wear pretty shoes cuz of my stupid bunions T_T

    oh god does that mean you not likes me because of my awful shoes T______T

  • for the yellow one with bling bling, i saw the same design but with stretchable heel strap so it wont coming off..nice shoes!! love the first one.. sweet~

  • a question with no answer – how many pairs of shoes does a girl really need?

  • uwahhhhhhh so manyyyy! i like the Japanese pink bobo suede the most!! but suede is a bitch! no lah actually Malaysia weather is the bitch. hahaha

    baww! there was a point in my life i was really into heels, now im too comfortable on flats that it pains to wear heels again! (literally)

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  • Im a shoe lady too! but my feet is seriously small. Usually I only buy China or Thai size 3 cause even Vincci 3 is sometimes too big T__T

  • why u call me soulmate Luo now ! sounds like Chairman Mao’s driver !

  • ooh super like ur shoe post!!

    and each shoe/sandals have a story behind it.. nice =)

    i heard the fushia spots peep toes! classy and chic!

  • We have the same shoe rack! 😀 Mine’s not enough to fit all my shoes so I try to squeeze 3 pairs of shoes on one shelf, and even hang my heels on the umbrella bar at the side but it keeps falling off!

  • paige: you have nine west and aldo in america!

    belly: haha but good shoes aren’t supposed to hurt! it’s the cheap ones that do

    luvergalviv: ya same here! some of my shoes don’t fit that well but i don’t care wtf

    baz: urusai yo

    lil: no you can really find shoes in stores around here as well!

    lolita: yay! hear that everyone? wtf

    cheesie: gomennasai :X

    fresh: hahahah i don’t remember you having ugly shoes what!

    casley: hehe thanks!

    ky: as many bottles of beer a guy can drink 😛

    yumii: yaya i went through a period like that! but i’ve reverted to heels again 😀

    may: wah i can’t believe you can’t fit vincci size 3 also D:

    angie: HAHAHAHA oh yea what was that about mao’s driver ah ahahahahah

    goingkookies: do a shoe post too!

    faux fashionista: i know! i actually have another two shelves of shoes WTF but these are just the prettier (and newer ones)

  • I like the yellow one you got from Shoe Shoe Shoe (: I think I’m a shoe person too but I’m very choosy cause I like something diff! Teehee

  • Omg! I love your 1st pair! It’s so cute!

  • your shoes are so cute!
    I am totally a shoe lady too~ I mean they’re like an investment cause you can wear them for years and you NEED good shoes.
    at least that’s what I tell myself when I buy them and I know I should be using the money for something else haha

  • hi,last year that i was in your country and since i travel light(with a backpack),and it was winter and snowy in my country (just like now) i wore sport shoes and during first day i thought i had to throw them away because of horrible sweat smell , insofar that they were like putrid carrions.then you should be wonderfully neat that have all of them for a long time…

  • omg i was jus going to email u asking u whr do u get your shoes!!

    im 4’11” and i wear a size 3. very limited options 🙁

  • i always see size 36 in singapore shops lor

    size 37 always SOLD OUT

    the sky walk pair very pretty

  • Cool post!!

    And I met you and Cheesie in Sg Wang today!!! =D

  • oo Love ur first pair and the polkdots one! I am defintely a shoe woman too!! but mine are mostly cheap and painful =( I love shoes that are unique thats why i got quite a few that i haven’t got to wear ever since i bought them lolx! guess i have over 35 pairs already.. >.<

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