The hypocrite speaks

God for the last few days I thought my computer was broken! I couldn’t go online, couldn’t even detect any wifi connections in the vicinity.

I thought I’d never have to blog again. Ngehehehe.

But turns out I just accidentally turned off the wireless button hehehe wtf.

Anyway I’ve been putting off this blog post because I am dreading this wtf.

For like the past two years every time someone invited me to be a fan of their blog or whatever on Facebook, I snickered to myself.  Or to whoever happened to be near me wtf.

Worse when certain people invite you like eight times to be a fan of them and/or insist that you be a fan >:((((((

Cos I didn’t see why people who are not exactly famous should have a FAN PAGE.  Be a fan of what!?

Be a fan of blogshops can.  Be a fan of a brand or a service of course can.  But be a fan of someone trying to maximize their semi fame? Emm… wtf.

(even worse is people who create Facebook profiles for their pets -_____- I feel like shooting myself thinking about it.)

(Oh and I have an ex who got a dog with his girlfriend after me and created a Facebook profile for their dog wtf.  And bloody Facebook keeps suggesting to me to be friends with the dog. FML seriously)

Anyway…. I used to think it was repulsive and narcissistic to have a Facebook page of yourself when you’re not Lady Gaga. Especially if you created it yourself wtf.

But… I have to eat my words and be a hypocrite.

Cos now I have a Facebook page too -_____-

God I feel like a tremendous douchebag even saying this.

fb page

Cheesie created it for me.

So if you wanna add me on Facebook, you can do it…


It’s a Page ok!  Not a fan page!!!!

Over the past few years I’ve easily gotten thousands of friend requests on Facebook from people who probably read my blog.  Don’t know can’t really tell cos most of the time they don’t say who they are and just try to add me. -_-

So most of the time I don’t authorize the requests because I don’t exactly know who they are and I’m not comfortable combining my friends, people from work and people who may or may not be blog readers on one Facebook profile.

So the Facebook page is more like an alternative to my profile.  If you like that page, means you read my blog la wtf.  And not just some sei hamsap lou randomly clicking on girls’ Facebooks *glare.  So that clears up all the perverts!

Plus it alleviates my guilt about leaving all those friend requests untouched.  So now my profile will be for people I actually know in person and the page will be for people I may not know, but don’t mind knowing! (only if you’re nice.  And not creepy)

So now I won’t feel guilty about rejecting requests!  If you still keep adding my profile, means you didn’t read my blog.  Means you don’t know me.  Means I don’t need to authorize you.  #winning

I dunno what to do with it yet anyway.  You can like it or not like it actually either way it doesn’t really matter to me wtf.

But if you do, thank you for your support!!!!  I will…try to write more jokes and stupid incidents there wtf.

And I promise never to spam you asking you to Be a Fan of Audrey wtf.

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  • crazy this is long overdue
    no hypocrisy at all.
    you probably wouldnt ever know me, but its ok, im not creepy =)


  • Long time no comment edi.. not because i quit reading ok.. is because i am lazy… =..=

    i “like” already before you blog..
    and i comment is because this is under “AudDisgusting”

  • i like you if u like me!!!!!!!! lol

  • haha i used to think like you but then here is the ONE exception of facebook page for pets.. this is the cutest EVERR!

  • i thought somebody pretend to be you (again). and realized later, ohh, i think is herself lah.. 😀

  • so now you can delete people u don’t actually know off fb with a message ‘please add me there instead ^^’

  • haha.. i m definitely not creepy!! =p but a great idea for ur blog followers!! =)

  • Become a electric fan standing there and moving head right and left can leh. Is it what you want to say audrey 😛 . Open a fan page can at least satisfy some of fans need. Hope those stalkers will happy by stalking your blog page 😛

  • i like your outfit!!! LOL

  • Audrey Ooi has requested you be a fan of Audrey Ooi

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA don worry you’re not that shameless <3

  • HAHAHA yeah I remember talking about fan pages with you before. 😉

    However, I am thinking about setting one up too. *hangs head

    We’re both hypocrites. T_T

  • Ehhhhh you can spam it out on twitter also! So all your gazillion fifillion followers will go sign up with audfourfeetnine.

  • Ehhhhh you can spam it out on twitter also! So all your gazillion fifillion followers will go sign up with audfourfeetnine.

  • zihwye: hahaha why you call me crazy wtf


    don: wa thank u for your support! and Y U NO COMMENT ANYMORE

    ky: i like u!!!

    h&m: have you seen denver the guilty dog! youtube him! i like him on facebook too hahaha

    eri: hahahaha ya iz me /shy

    tze: ya /beg

    goingkookies: hahaha thank you for your support!

    monk: become an electric fan WTF hahahah

    ilusuens: haha thanks! will blog about that outfit soon 😀

    jammie: Audrey Ooi has requested you be a fan of Audrey Ooi 8 times WTF

    hb: i’ll create one for you!

    yee hou: wanna help me spam! wtf

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