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I’m going to Gold Coast tomorrow!

And I’m also having intense diarrhea so everybody stay away from the plane toilets please wtf.

What’s good in Gold Coast? I know nothing about it except that it has a theme park..

Never been anywhere in Australia except Melbourne either!  And I hate Melbourne ya I know I’m so unpatriotic since Melbourne is Malaysians’ second home wtf.

Anyway since I’ll be gone a week I thought I’d post backdated photos to liven up my blog abit!  Also since it’s Friday night I know you don’t wanna think just wanna see pictures right right.

Also for you to see the um growth of my bangs WTF.


Johnnie Walker party a few weeks back! With Cheesie and Mimi.

I must be the last person in the world to post about the party.


With the Biggest Head in the World.


With Cindy! Both of us so gross looking cos the aircon broke down dark face


With Cheesie and Jamie who both have magnificent hair.  Cheesie got like countless compliments from strangers for her hair bow that night.

*looks on in envy wtf

My bangs may grow fast but I have half the number of hair strands an average person has dark face

Ok that’s that for this party!

Next one is….

a geek themed party!

We all had to come dressed our geekiest best!  Or as the best geeks.  Quite fun la hahaha geek glasses were a requirement and there was plenty of plaid shirts, big socks and suspenders to go around.

But nobody can look good with this theme wan lor it’s not sexy librarian ok let me remind you it’s geek wtf. I mean just check out Johann on the left wtf.

Except Eileen who somehow looked damn cute as a geek from the 60s!  And Yvonne on the right..


And Bobo.



With Stephanie… and Kanye West on the left doing her thing wtf.

Hahahahahah dress code fail lo how is Kanye West geek!

For that matter, Desmond showed up with his feet clad in flip flops WTF dunno what parallel universe he lived in where he thinks geeks are people who wear jeans and flip flops WTF.

In the normal world, those people are called DVD sellers WTF.

After a while he realized his jeans were too long and he was stepping all over the hem so he rolled them up and converted from a DVD seller to a paddy farmer hahahahaahah.


Mookie’s geek glasses! #winning

Of course all of us just had to try them on.


FTS. #losing




Stephanie actually looked quite good in them!

I think she should wear them for her wedding WTF.


Me and .. (pick one)

a. Lady Gaga
b. Stevie Wonder
c. Robocop

Can’t tell which.


Speaking of Lady Gaga, all of them suddenly said strike a Lady Gaga pose.  They all spread their hands and looked up so I did that too wtf.

What on earth is a Lady Gaga pose!!


Er I’m not sure what everyone else was doing but *I* was doing the Robot. wtf.

Mookie’s face behind me hahahaahahah.


Ok tt was actually an office party.  And we had Office Awards and voting for it everything.

I won Most Likely To Be Mistaken As A Teenager. Apparently by like a landslide -_-

And my prize was someone’s daughter’s pinafore (borrowed) and a High School Musical folder (price tag RM3 still unremoved wtf)

The pinafore damn huge ok!  Reached like the middle of my shins seriously what do kids eat these days.


Another group picture!  With Nadia, Jesrina (who won Best Dressed All The Time AND Hottie of the Year AND she was on the cover of Tatler Malaysia a few months back), Edmund (who is a real geek his mother tongue is HTML wtf), Des, Steph and Edhir.


Mookie keeps photobombing me I swear… *clenches fist wtf

Off to Gold Coast! Will try to update when I’m there!

P/S: I categorized this as AudNerd hahahahaah I am so funny.

  • Angie

    hahahah why u sound so excited in this whole post ! were u in a joke/laughing mood ! I swear i can tell !

    and why suddenly ur outfit change when u go up n take the prize !!!!!!! Y U NO EXPLAIN !

  • Tey Cindy

    that pic of us is so gross T__________T

  • Audrey

    angie: ya hahahaha you still know me so well /boo

    cindy: ya! but the other pics of us look even worse T_______T

  • Belly B

    Have fun in Gold Coast!! You have to go to all the theme parks there- Dream World, Movie World, Sea World. Even if you don’t like rides, you should still go to Sea World. Super fun!

  • Belly B

    Oh and the beaches too, definitely! The weather is usually super awesome around the year 🙂

  • Claudia

    Hey Audrey! There’s lots to do in Gold Coast! There’s the theme parks of course, but there are also the beaches and the Gold Coast hinterlands with nice places to eat and look at the fields.

    Oh and right now the weather is really nice! Too cold to swim though 🙁

    And you can always visit Brisbane which is an hour away from Gold Coast by car. I’m at Brisbane studying at the moment! So excited that you’re coming here! Or at least the vicinity. HAHA!

  • L

    Aww, you don’t like Melbourne. Most people love it because it’s so artsy. Ever been to Sydney?

    Gold Coast has beaches. That’s all I know. XD

  • hui wen

    I hate to say this… But Desmond looks a bit like a Philippino maid in the first geek-themed party photo, hahaha!

    Have fun in gold coast, love! <3

  • Linda

    Shopping! Pacific Fair and Robina Town Center is awesome for shopping. Check out the brand Review in Myers. Awesome sales atm and really cute dresses!There’s a storm forecast coming in this weekend so the beach might not be so great unfortunately =( And monday is labour day everything will be closed. Hope you have fun! I’m from malaysia but have been living here for the past 5 years.

  • Jan

    I’m assuming you’re not staying too long; here’s a quick list. Most happening beaches – Broadbeach, Burleigh, Surfers. Inland – Springbrook, Natural Arch
    North – Brisbane (markets along the South Bank riverside on Saturdays), Sunshine Coast.

    And remember everything closes at 5pm (if not earlier)! Late night shopping on Thursdays. Many places will have half priced/ cheaper lunches. Harbourtown for outlet shopping, but better still the DFO near the Bris airport.

  • Bisque

    The gold coast is a wonderful place if you’re into beaches, there’s surfers paradise which is a place for tourist where theres shopping and night clubs. You can do rain forest walks or snorkel in the coral reefs.

  • Monk

    I wonder how celes***l walk with glasses like that :P. Congratulation for your award btw. So excite when you receive your price till wear the school uniform terbalik 😛

  • tze

    if really wanted to be geeky right u would have worn my old glasses (the one with smudge stains) and go with hair super gel-ed to one side lor. seriously bluff wan all the guests wtf

  • TikkoSS

    LOL.. kinda funny seeing all of you in this geek glasses.. maybe i should buy one and start wearing it.. surprisingly.. many wear it here in china.. dont know is it a coincident or merely fashion..