The Story of Shorty and Fatty

If you’ve been reading my blog for years and years (:D) you’d notice that I don’t really talk about personal stuff much.

It’s not you, it’s me wtf.  Even sometimes my best friends say I don’t talk much about personal, relationship-y, feelings-y stuff much wtf.

My theory is that I got not much emotions anyway.  Or if I do and they’re negative, I’d rather do more productive things with my time than talk about them.  Like sleep WTF.

But this is something that over the years random readers have asked me to write.  Which is how me and Fatty met ahem.

I always replied I’d write about it if we get married one day cos not only do I not usually talk about personal stuff, I am also lazy wtf.  Now have to fulfil promise!!!!!

Ok here goes.

Fatty and I met max a few weeks after I came back from the US for good.  Initially was supposed to stay back in the US for a while to job hunt but then the economy went to shit so Fat Her made me come back after graduation.

So one day! I was out for lunch and shopping with Pang Tze Ching and Hui Wen.  Still remember what I was wearing some more! Cos got pictures from that day hahahaha.


Anyway we were traipsing all over Telawi looking at shops when Su Ann called Tze and said she was in Bangsar too and did Audrey want to meet Kenny cos Kenny and I were supposed to meet up the last year or something but I think I FFK-ed him *guilt.

So I said ok and we went to meet Kenny and Su Ann.

And turns out it wasn’t just Kenny and Su Ann!  They were with a whole bunch of people I didn’t know.  And awkwardly, they were all there cos it was some fella’s birthday and we were crashing his birthday surprise FOL.

That fella was Fatty.

TLDR: We basically met on his birthday.  Best birthday present ever WTF.  Kidding hahahahahaha.

I heard of him before because Suet had interned at Nuffnang the year before and I knew him as Suet’s boss.  I had even spoken to him over the phone once before passing him to my boss at my own internship wtf.  But I had never met him and had no idea what he looked like even.  Or what his name really was wtf.

Oh that was also the first time I met my #addiction.  Although she lansi sit at the other end of the table never talk to me hahaha.

Anyway Hui Wen, Tze and I gingerly sat down at the side next to them, feeling like shitheads for crashing people’s birthday and talked to Kenny and Su Ann.

But Fatty kept craning his neck over other people to talk to us!  I think he was trying to make us feel at ease since we were practically strangers to everyone else.  So the first impression I got of Fatty was that he was this extraordinarily friendly guy wearing a shirt with ugly cutting wtf.

I thought he was too nice to be true wtf cos I told him I was looking for a joband he offered to send my resume in to some people he knew.  Where got people so nice offer to help people when they first meet! Imagine if he offered to help everyone he first met like that, he’ll probably have to sit in front of the fax machine whole day faxing resumes wtf.

But as it turns out, he did send my resumes in and I got a job 🙂

Then there’s some discrepancy here.  Fatty insists that I asked him for his MSN address so I could send him my resume.  But this is so not true.

I remember very clearly that I got his email address so there was no need to send him anything on MSN.  I’d already emailed him my resume.  But a few days later I got an MSN request from him.

And maybe because I was still unemployed and thus had a lot of free time, we started talking on MSN.  He turned out to be very intelligent although he said he doesn’t like reading wtf and he taught me a lot of things I didn’t know.  He was also very different from other guys I knew… maybe because at that point he already knew what he wanted to do with his life.  I was 23 and all my friends were 23 and none of  us knew where we were going.

I guess we must have talked a lot because I remember Fat Her asking me once “Who is this fella why you always talk to him on MSN?” and I replied “my new friend” wtf little did I know.

Anyway we started hanging out more and more, but usually with other people.  We were very good friends but nothing happened. He may have said a few cryptic things about relationships but because I’m not the kind of person who thinks too much about things, I didn’t think about it -_-

But one day when we were both in Penang (with our respective families) we met up.  And for some reason which I can’t remember now, he brought me to his house.  And met his dad OMGWTFBBQ.  Later he told me he was testing water with his family why cheat me like this!!!!!

And on the same trip, he asked me out for dinner and took me to a super romantic restaurant in Batu Feringghi.  And the rest is history.


Fatty and I are two extremely different people.  And we were even more different three years ago!  When we first started going out, I was 23 and he was 24.  We liked each other and could hang out together just talking for hours and hours and that was enough at that point.  I don’t think we ever thought about a future and definitely not about marriage.

How were we different ah.  First of all, he didn’t laugh at my stupid jokes!!! For example the extremely lame ones where I usually nudge people and say “GEDDIT GEDDIT”, he’d just go “hmm” and change the subject WTF. I thought that even though he was smart, he had the most hopeless sense of humor in the world.

2ndly, on weekends he’d wake up at 7am GOOD GOD. Who does that? Our time difference was off by at least 5 hours.  Thirdly he is super organized and meticulous and plans every single thing in his life to a… P (for plan).  Even going for a movie he’d need to know the time, day, place and what movie.  While for me I needed just to wake up and roll over to wherever we were planning to meet then decide what to do.

And 4thly, he was (and still is ) extremely romantic and thoughtful.  While I am cold and act macho and have the romantic capacity of a slug.


Three years later, he laughs at ALL my jokes!!! #successkid.jpg.  I think it’s because he finally dumbed himself down to my level -_-  And if he didn’t hear or didn’t laugh enough, I nudge him “GEDDIT GEDDIT” so he can laugh again and satisfy me WTF.  I think he also used to be more serious but he’s sillier now so I think I was a good influence 😀

Now instead of waking at 7am, he wakes up at 9-10am and quietly goes off to the next room to play Starcraft or Battlefield or whatever until I wake up.  Our time difference has been reduced to 2-3 hours.

And thirdly, he is still super organized and meticulous and still plans everything.  The difference now is that I’ve learned to plan more instead.  I learned to appreciate punctuality and to never let myself be late (when before I was never early for anything).  He also taught me to think about the future more (although not sure how much of that I learned) and he showed me new ways of looking at things (although we still disagree on a lot of topics, for a lot of other things we’ve learned to meet each other in the middle)

Oh and while still quite unromantic, I’ve learned to think more about him and do more things for him. *girlfailure

Oh ya I also changed his dressing because when I met him all his shirts were ugly and about a billion years old!  I threw them out, bought him new stuff and instilled a love of shopping in him <3  So now when girls compliment him on his shirt or whatever he says to me “see you created a monster” WTF hahahahaha idiot.

Every day is something new for us, even if we’re just having dinner together after work and bitching about our days.  I never get tired of talking to him and even shit chores like buying groceries or mopping the floor becomes fun(ny) when we do it together.

And now there’s a million days more ahead of us 😀 that is if one of us doesn’t die suddenly WTF CHOI TOUCH WOOD.

And that’s the story of Fatty and Shorty.

Go here for Fatty’s version of events.

  • nicole

    SO CUTE!! *wipes away tear*

  • amy

    Congratulations! 🙂

  • me

    i remembered last time Tim wrote on his blog that he would chase you for a certain time (forever?) and when you and tim were at his house, you kissed him first and that’s how you guys became a couple.. 😀

  • Liz

    Awwwwwww. Even though you were being silly and witty the entire post, I couldn’t help getting emotional by the end. It’s such a sweet story. Congrats to you both, and wish you the best 😀

  • ap

    oh dearme i just rmbred i forgot to comment…… die die must be be happy in marriage ok! its strange when u said u two started off kinda without fanfare and non-committal(as in not dying for commitment)but from what we see it seemed like a an inevitably naturally progressive relationship lol whatever that means, i guess us readers didnt get too up close and personal just as u said, good mission achieved! ohhhhh he is so lucky to have u

  • bendan

    Am really super duper happy for you!! It’s like u’re going to be a princess… Ahhh!! How I hope I’ll be invite to your wedding dinner, WTF!! Just kidding.

    Feels touch reading to your story, the journey. Somehow, I think my relationship failed much. ='[


  • goingkookies

    can u both be any cuter than this?? lol.

    i like TIm’s entry.. and i like urs too! it’s like watching a movie but seeing it from two different sets of eyes.. hehe

    congrats and all d best to the now and future!!

  • vvens

    congratulations again and again! <3 <3 <3

  • samantha

    Congratulations! + You guys got on 9gag!

  • Yana

    I read your version, then read Tim’s. Now I have goosebumps! I’m so glad you’re happy Audrey. omg it rhymes.