The proposal

This is it!

Our long awaited engagement post!

Sorry to be all continuously gushy about our engagement but surprisingly only one hate comment received!!!

But disappointing cos all he/she could come up with was that my ring looks cheap and my children will be short and fat WTF.  Bitch didn’t even try!!!!

Ok so here goes. Super long post with lotsa pictures btw better sit down and have some tea.

Last Tuesday, Jammie called me and asked if I could have dinner with her and Tze the next day.  Background was that Jam and Tze had a fight a few days before FTL and Jam wanted be to mediate between them at dinner in case they punch each other WTF.

So I said ok dinner on.

Then on Wednesday, Ringo asked me for dinner too.  But I told her cannot cos I have to be peacemaker for my friends.  She said “orh ok”

Like an hour later, Jammie whatsapped me to say she bumped into Cheesie at Midvalley and could she come for dinner with us?

I was like er I don’t think so because you guys had a fight and you’re going to use dinner to talk it out!  How to let Ringo come she’ll feel so awkward there!  How are you guys going to talk it out plus Ringo hasn’t even met Tze sure awkward gao gao.

And Jam was like “oh sorry I already invited her” WTF.

So I said “ok la however you guys want to handle it wtf let me just warn her” wtf.  And secretly I was cursing Jammie for making me look like a bad friend because I didn’t invite #addiction to dinner but instead Jammie did wtf.

Anyway I got to the restaurant and we were in the middle of dinner lalala.

I was very engrossed in my food (arrived late, very hungry) so I didn’t hear anything for a few seconds.  But suddenly Tze poked me in the side and said “eh look over there.”

I looked over and there through the glass doors of the restaurant was Fatty (waving hard), his friends Ah Quah and Sin Thean and some Nuffies.

Fatty told me the day before that he had dinner with Ah Quah and Sin Thean so I thought that they decided to have dinner at Neroteca too.  And I thought the Nuffies were there because they wanted to get dinner after work or something.  But I realized that the three of them – Mimi, Rina and Angeline – all were wearing super nice cocktail dresses with full on makeup and hair.  I remember vaguely thinking “eh is NAPBAS (the Nuffnang blog awards) tonight?” hahahah.

But I didn’t have time to think about it because suddenly Fatty had a bunch of placards in his arms and he was beckoning me to read them through the glass door.


(this is a reenactment)

When I saw this I thought “shit shit what occasion is this is this some special day I forgot ah not my birthday not Valentine’s not Christmas not our anniversary then!?”


First thing that occurred to me: “Socially Awkward Penguin!!”



I thought, Oh god please don’t let this be a break up WTF.



At this point, I should clarify that Fatty and I had talked about marriage before many times.  And every single time he tells me that he’s not ready to get married lo!!!!  And would only be ready in his 30s.

I eventually want to get married but because I’ve never been the romantic type of person who dreams about her wedding and wants to get married by a certain age, I wasn’t too bothered about getting married later.  I think I only said “ok ah but don’t expect too many children” WTF cos old already ma how to have kids hahaha.

I think it could also be because none of my best friends are married yet so I didn’t feel any pressure.

I definitely didn’t feel any pressure from my family who all still seem to think I’m like twelve years old.

So at this point in the signs, I felt pretty sure this wasn’t a proposal.









Here I was like what is this sorcery #INGLIP

Because to add on, Fatty told me before that his fortune teller told him he should get married at a later age in order to have a better marriage.  And Fatty is like the most superstitious person I know so I never questioned it wtf.

So I still didn’t believe where he was heading with this.






Because he was standing a few feet away and my eyes suck, I thought he purposely printed out some words in small font so I couldn’t see WTF.


So this next sign came as a shock.

All the people around Fatty were like smiling and nodding their heads vigorously to indicate yes.

One of my friends prodded me and said “you have to answer!!!” So I blindly nodded.

Then I sat there not moving until an extremely nervous Fatty opened the glass door and came in to the restaurant.  And suddenly Sin Thean appeared behind him with a huge bouquet of flowers wtf.

One of my friends again prodded me and hissed “eh stand up and go to him!”

So I stood up and walked over to him.  I was in shock so I kept asking “eh is this a joke ah are you serious are you joking” ._____.

I don’t remember this part wtf but Fatty says he took out the ring box from his pocket, opened it and asked “so do you think this is still a joke?”

Rina took this picture.  My stupid friends all sobbing behind wtf.

I cried T______T Fatty was on his knees looking at me holding up the ring and I dunno I just couldn’t believe this was happening and that he really wanted to marry me T_______T

Everyone was urging “say yes say yes!” So I said yes.  And Fatty put a ring on it.

Then he held up this sign.


He said if I said no, he’d put this up:




So that’s the story 😀


Why we have all these nice pictures is because there were cameramen hidden all over the restaurant!

Fatty planned it so we could have the memory documented for the future.  And maybe to use in our wedding video wtf.  Told you he’s a super planning type!

No wonder halfway during reading the signs, I realized some asshole in front of me had turned around in his seat with his camcorder and was recording my face!!!

I was a bit pissed hahahaah cos why is he so kepoh go and film people’s moments with their other half!  Didn’t know he was part of the crew.  But I was trying not to miss any  of the signs so didn’t have time to show him fierce face hahahaha.

Even scarier, there was another cameraman hiding behind me the whole time in the corner recording us eating!! Super not aware of my surroundings lo I sure become a victim of crime wan cos people will just sneak up on me and rape/rob/stab/kidnap me easily.


Then we all sat down with our friends and had dinner together 🙂








Oh things I should note:

1. I would never have said no 🙂


3. Neroteca is usually quite dimly lit, but on that day it was so brightly lit up!  I kept commenting on it “eh why today so bright wan” while everyone ignored me.  Later I found out it was so the cameramen could film properly.

4. Fatty asked two friends – Angela and Ringo – to find out my ring size.  Angela remembered it as size 4 from our college days, and Ringo one day asked me how come I didn’t wear rings.  I told her it was because no ring fits me and she asked me what size I was.  I told her size 4 and she sneakily reported back to Tim!  Angela even showed me ring designs and asked me which ones I liked wtf but I didn’t suspect anything because her best friend in Vancouver is also getting married and she was helping to plan the wedding.

5. Size 4 ring turned out to be wrong FTL.  I went to check at a jeweler’s and found that I am actually size 1 -________- Any smaller and I won’t have fingers wtf.  So we’ll have to get it resized.

6. I loved that Fatty’s proposal was so … us.  If it was any bigger or glamorous it would have been too much.  A bit geeky but whatever ok!!!! He knows I’m a meme freak so he went to research memes and rage faces so he could put it all together. He used Philosoraptor wrong though hahaha.  And that it was at a restaurant we always go to, and that most of our best friends were there made it all the better :):)

7. After our dinner, Fatty and I rushed back to my house so he could ask my parents for my hand.  We got there to see Fat Her and Ooib both with one leg up on the couch, brandishing a samurai sword WTF HAHAHAHAHA. But don’t worry, no blood was shed, Fat Her and Mummy Ooi gave their blessing, and Ooib and Fatty shared their first bro-hug.



To (in alphabetical order) Angeline, Jammie, Mimi, Ah Quah, Rina, Ringo, Sin Thean and Tze, thank you all for helping Fatty put something like this together, and for being there with us 🙂 Also to my Angie who was there in er heart and soul wtf.

To my Fatty,

Some of our sequence and memories of the event may differ so you can go see Fatty’s blog for how he remembered it ^_^

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  • I came across your video and I express my heartiest congratulations to both of you. I hope you both go on to live happily and enjoy each other’s company for a lifetime. Good luck to both of you and Happy Holidays!

  • nicely done. good luck to both of you, can i blog this? all credits goes to you of course

  • I saw the video a few days ago, and it was such a sweet and amazing moment for both of you. Congratulations!

    (it’s even funnier/cuter when I read your blog :P)

  • best marriage proposal ever xD

    you my lady got an epic man as your husband haha

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    I cried and cried after watching the video. I also want a marriage proposal in this style. 😀
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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    OMG it’s so sweet !!!

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  • Hey,

    Thats the most awesome proposal I had ever seen! I was wondering what would have happened if you had said NO! but yea it was awesome!

    I hope the both of you would have a wonderful life ahead!

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    Smoke…eyes…got in…:)

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  • Yes we did!

  • thanks ! just wanted to know since i remebered it was with memes o/

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