Our registration of marriage

Be prepared for a visual heavy post!  And I have so many things to say so this might just be the longest post I’ll ever write haha.

This is the story of our ROM from preparation to end!

We actually had three ceremonies going on for the wedding – a more intimate garden wedding where we’d legally get married, a traditional morning tea ceremony where we’d be married in the eyes of god and our relatives, and a dinner reception for all our friends (and parents’ friends).

I have to split it into three at least, so this is just an account of the ROM.

People in Malaysia don’t generally throw a party for the ROM itself; most people just register at the office I think.  But maybe lately more and more couples have been doing it.  We wanted a small romantic ROM because that would be the only part of the wedding which was for US.  The reception and the tea ceremony would mostly be for family and relatives and the whole world wtf so I thought of the ROM as ours.

The ROM was on Friday afternoon so on Thursday we already had friends and family flying in to Penang for the wedding 🙂


Fatty and I picked Angela up from the airport.  She flew in from Vancouver on Thursday and left on Sunday T___T She tahan 46 hours both ways for me *clutches Angie

This picture was taken before bedtime so we’re not looking our best wtf.


As part of the traditional wedding rites, the night before the wedding, Mummy Ooi made me bathe in flowers.

I didn’t ask what this was for but I’m guessing blessings and good luck haha.

Then the hair combing ceremony.

My parents consulted a fortune teller who told us the best time for me to do it was at 2 am -_____- Hence my grumpy face.

The hair combing ritual signifies you becoming an adult.  So when I die and go to the underworld they would recognize me as a married woman.  I told Mummy Ooi I wanted to be forever young but she was having none of it.

My husband is supposed to do it too, but Fatty’s family is a lot less traditional so he didn’t.  So great, when I die and go to hell, not only will I be a divorcee, Fatty will still be a little boy and I’ll be Pedobear.

Mummy Ooi also prepared three bowls of tong yuen, of which I was supposed to SWALLOW WHOLE two balls from each bowl.  Didn’t bother asking the significance of this either.

Here I am negotiating with her to chew instead of swallow -_- I can’t swallow pills!!! I have to mash them up and dissolve them in water (ya damn gross right) so what makes you think I can swallow tong yuen!

The tong yuen.  End up I just chewed them up -_-


Then I wrote my vows.  We were undecided as to whether we wanted to write and recite our own vows, but then this Fatty wrote his IMMEDIATELY in two hours! Show off wtf.

I wrote mine the night before our wedding.  He should be the wife I should be the husband lol.

Mine turned out awesome though I think!  Though nothing compared to overachiever Fatty of course.


My first bridal look ^^

Hahhaah Hikky made me do a mask while she blowdried my hair.  She flew down all the way from KL to Penang to do my hair and makeup for the whole weekend, and her work is just fabulous T___T

EVERYONE said my hair and makeup was amazing! A lot of brides look like they fell into a barrel of flour but I looked like my normal self except ten times hotter. Lololol.  It was very important to me to look like myself and she did made me look like myself!  But ya just ten times cuter and with better makeup.  Hahahahha.

So thank you Hikky for devoting your time and attention the entire weekend T____T I was exhausted so you were probably dying on your feet. 大変だったけど、可愛くしてくれた、ありがとうございました!

All dressed up and ready!  My ROM dress was actually a two-piece – a corset from Queen Chloset, and a matching skirt which they made for me by hand.  Her work is amazing!  It looked like a dress because they matched the fabric and shades so well.

Oh here I was actually panicking because my parents were late -_____- to their daughter’s wedding -_______- I was afraid they’d be late and the commissioner wouldn’t wait around and we couldn’t get married hahaha. But they came in the nick of time and it was saved!


Some of the wedding deco!

I told the decorator I wanted pastel colors and a lot of pink for the ROM.  She delivered with this.  Very worth it too, best money spent because it was actually very affordable but put together, it all looked gorgeous.

I told the decorator I wanted balls of flowers and she asked me if I wanted them in paper or real flowers.  I chose paper thinking it’d be cuter and cheaper but turned out it was the same price, and the decorator suffered for days hand making the paper balls hahahaha fhl.


Think she gave up after that and put in some real flower balls.

Another photo of the deco.

A quiet moment with my Fat Her first before he walked me down the aisle.

Fat Her cried so much hahahah even though we didn’t even play Butterfly Kisses T_______T  As is obvious in the video wtf.

I walked down the aisle to Pachelbel Canon in D btw.  That was always supposed to be my wedding song!

Fat Her deposited me in front of Fatty and I read my vows.  Actually I halfway reading it also want to cry already T______T Touched my own heart WTF.


Then it was Fatty’s turn.  Being Fatty, he had to have something special for me – he read his vows in Japanese!  Cheesie helped him translate the vows into Japanese and he read those.

Then he got his best men (standing beside him as pictured below) to hold up placards with the translation written on them!  At the end of every vow, all of them would say “Hai!” and bow hahahaahha so adorable!!!!

Wait how moderately angry is moderate? Hahahah this came because I asked him if I could put a Hello Kitty roadtax sticker on the windshield.

He’s acutely aware of my fear of the sun wtf.

And that’s why he’s always taking pictures of my weird sleeping poses.

Say one ah!!!!!!!!!!!


Fatty’s best men were literally the best men ever.  They went out of their way to help Fatty deliver his vows with style, and stuck around for him the entire time even while they were hot and tired.  And they listened to whatever I or the bridesmaids said and dutifully did what they had to do.

And my bridesmaids too of course!  Bridesmaids always have more work to do than the guys, so thank you girls for being there for me the entire weekend and staying throughout everything even though you were exhausted/jetlagged.  Each of you did so much for me and I really appreciate it! Special thanks to Angela who hosted, Ringo for supporting me even though she was so sick, Wendy for making all the games and in such pretty detail, and for refusing to let me lift a finger at all during the wedding, Huiwen for helping me with the outfits, Bobo for handling the flower girls and their petals, Jam with the wedding montage, Tze for the hen’s night and the door gifts, and Suet for fanning the best men hahahaha.

The commissioner leading us through the proper legal vows.

Exchange of rings…

And we’re man and wife!!!!

MAN AND WIFE OMG.  Sounds so sureal hahaha.

Right when he pronounced us married, my bridesmaids all released their balloons into the sky 😀

Then time for bouquet toss!  Shit me, I last minute only remembered I forgot about a bouquet so I hastily called my florist up the day before and asked him to make me a simple one.  He did…. then when I walked down the aisle I forgot to bring it with me WTF.

Then when time for the toss, I realized I don’t have it so I had to frantically signal for someone to find my bouquet and end up looking like I’m campaigning for election wtf.

Every important event of my life, I must do something stupid.

Wedding, forget bouquet and look like Najib campaigning.

Graduation, walk wrong way and had to step over flower pots in graduation gown.

Birth, shat in my mother’s womb WTF.

Then bouquet toss!

Again, not something we usually do here, but Angela wrote it into the program so we did it.  Nobody wanted to catch the bouquet though hahahaha maybe dowan to seem desperate to get married wtf.  In the end Fatty’s five year old niece rushed forward and grabbed it WTF.

Then fun photo taking time!


First picture as Mr and Mrs Tiah!!!!

With some of the bridesmaids!  Cheesie, Angela, Hui Wen and Wendy.

I’m so glad I went with a rainbow theme for the bridesmaids’ dresses!  The colors turned out gorgeous in photos!

The dresses were partially sponsored by Maryjulian of Jipaban in Singapore.  I was gonna do the whole dress in one color, but Maryjulian’s owner Jade came up with this design – colored bodices and white tutu skirts and I’m so glad I went with it!  Now that I think about it, whole dress in bright color might have been a bit overboard.

The best men wore their own clothes but the next morning, they’d have own white shirts and matching bow ties to the girls’ dresses 😀  We got the bowties made in Bangkok cos it’s impossible to find all eight colors ready made.

With Team Japan! L-R: Ayumi, Masato, Hikky and Yuta.

I was so surprised that every single Japanese friend I invited made it T_____T Like no questions asked.  You won’t get that with Malaysians lo.  On the day itself I was still getting calls canceling RSVPs -_-.  I asked Hikky is it that if you invite a Japanese person to your wedding, they’ll come no matter what and she said most of the time T_______T  Maybe they secretly hate me like “fuck you Audrey make me fly to Penang for your wedding” wtf but no choice have to come lolol.

No la I was honestly very touched at their sincerity and effort T__________T

My hair!  By Hikky.  I love my new pinkish orangey color!

When Hikky was doing my hair, I asked her “did you bring the flowers?” (because we decided on flowers in my hair during the ROM) and she looked at me and said “I thought you were bringing the flowers” WTF FOL.

But our florist saved the day T___T I called him up and asked if he had any leftover fresh flowers and he came through hahaha.  The blue and white went so well together!

Team Ooi wtf.  With cousins, uncles, aunts and my Ah Ma.  And Ooib’s girlfriend wtf. Ok la nearly family already hahaha.


Romantic comedy photo.

With Kehrole!!!  Between her and Fatty’s cousin Michelle, they took most of these photos you see here.



My maid of honor <3


With #addiction and Wendy!!! The two of whom hopefully I’ll be in Tokyo with in two months :3

With Mumsy!

With my beautiful bridesmaids.  Damn busy la ok they kept asking us to change pose.

Super glad I told everyone to wear nude shoes too!  I’ve seen weddings where the bridesmaids all wore nice matching outfits but different colored shoes and it came out quite horrendous :X

And super glad everyone is so pretty take photos all come out nice hahahaha.

Kiss the bride!

Best men and bridesmaids.

And that’s how we got legally married.  Lolol.


Due to certain things, I was quite panicky before it started, but Fatty (who is usually the panicky one) said to me “whatever happens, we will be married by the end of the day.  How could this not be the best day ever?”

How can I not love him you tell me!

Read Fatty’s account here.



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