The wedding reception

edit: I actually wish this post had more details and more of what I was feeling and what was going on 🙁  But my laptop battery is running out wtf.  Read this for now and later I might do another post about the nitty gritty of it.  Have fun!

Finally getting down to blogging about our wedding reception!

But first wanted to post some photos I missed from the tea ceremony.



Here’s where I bawled like a baby because….

I’m leaving my Mummy and Fat Her T______________T

I don’t know why because I’m not actually leaving them hahaha they’re still around and still my parents what >.>


With my grandma!  Carol did a fantastic job of capturing this moment :’)

Deco pictures first!  Photos are taken from Carol, Fatty’s cousin Michelle or the official photographer.  Carol’s and Michelle’s are both watermarked, and the unmarked ones are from Wayne of Mocco.

This was part of the guest registration table!  My planner (also named) Audrey, from Focal Concepts had the idea of blowing up a photo of us, and getting guests to place their thumbprints in colored ink on the sky of the photo so it’d look like hundreds of balloons above us.

Then she rolled it up and presented it to us as yet another memento of the day 😀

This is how it looks 😀

Also part of the registration table.  Audrey laid out photos of us as deco.

Closer look at the photos.  The globe and old-fashioned air mail letters represent adventure!

The cocktail area, before the guests swarmed in lol.

This is our photo area!!! It’s modeled to look like Carl and Ellie’s living room in Up!  The chairs especially damn accurate right!  Planner did an awesome job of getting these chairs and reupholstering them.

Sadly, not many people realized it was for photos T_______T Ah mas and aunties took over the area and sat there for ages chatting with their friends waste our money doing it up T___________T

So if you’re ever getting married and doing a photo corner that look like it might get mistaken for a resting spot, be sure to put up signs T___T

The deco on the end table in the photo area.  Meant to look as homely as possible!

The seating chart so guests would know where they’re sitting.

Deco on the registration table!  Mailbox also from Up, filled with fresh flowers.

I saw a blackboard showing directions to a wedding on Pinterest so I got Audrey to incorporate it into our scheme :3

On one side of the entrance to the hall was the blackboard.  On the other side of the door was a miniature floating house!!! 😀

I think this was the masterpiece of the entire reception hahahah.

Audrey got someone to create an entire replica of the Up house out of styrofoam.  And then they structured a miniature garden below it to match, complete with dark brown area which is where the house was supposed to stand hahahaha.

The house was held up with….. real balloons.

So yes, the house was really floating!!!!  Is my planner awesome or what!?

She didn’t forget the little details either.  Tiny mailbox.

And a Tim + Aud sign on the house.

Bobo, Wendy, Suet and Ringo!  Bridesmaids sat at the guest registration table the entire time to help out, get people seated and collect angbaos.

Much love to them!!!!!

And…when you enter the ballroom, this is what awaits you. 🙂

I didn’t want a traditionally romantic or glamorous wedding because that’s for other people not us lolol.  So actually I don’t think anything here looks expensive or too classy compared to other weddings.

I scoured Pinterest for ideas and I thought an outdoor wedding would be awesome!  I don’t know man outdoor weddings always look ten times prettier to me, plus Up is pretty much set outside most of the movie.  So we did that!

Audrey rigged big multi-colored paper lanterns down the walkway to the center of the room up to a whole mass of lanterns.  And she interspered with fairy lights.



I couldn’t take my eyes off the lanterns most of the night!!




Main table decor.

The flower arrangement at main table.

Table numbers were mounted on big paper daisies.

We also rigged sheer draping from the center of the room to the corners and hung them up with helium balloons.  Also an idea from Pinterest hehe.

Door gifts!  A jar of honey each for the guests covered in checked fabric and tied with twine.  And the little candle lights were a small touch from Audrey that I didn’t know about!  She printed out our pictures on translucent paper and inserted it into the candle holders so it looked like the sun was shining behind us 😀

View of the hall.  Each table got a different color 😀

The stage!  It’s supposed to look like one of the pages from the Adventure Book torn out.  The countries we’ve both traveled to is marked on the map.  And the balloons are real! lol.

Ok anyway on to the story!

So guests were all coming in.  And Fatty was busy mingling with everyone!  Good to be groom.

Cos I had to hide in a toilet WTF.  To make maximum impact or something, Audrey had me keep out of sight.  I was with Angela so it made it better but still super unglam ok hahahahah.

Because ours wasn’t a hotel but a convention center, the bridal suite happened to be quite far from the hall so I had to wait in the toilet for my cue to come out D:

Then it was time!!!

All our best friends – bridesmaids and best men walked in to the ballroom pair by pair while the band played A Thousand Years.

Don’t like the song initially also what to do become our song already wtf.




Jammie and Ah Quah.





Tze and Leon.




Bobo and Pierre with accidental matching tie and dress!


Hui Wen and Hasan.

Ringo and Melvin.

Suet and Gin.

Wendy and Sin Thean.

Angela and Ming.  The girls are all carrying balloons!


Whole procession.

Then us!

Wah damn awkward ok when everyone clapped as we came in!  Felt like don’t know where to look.  So better look down hahaha in case I trip also.


Another us!


Picture of the whole entourage.  Hi guys!!!

Then cake cutting a bit.

We were laughing cos the cake was hard and difficult to cut!  There’s a lot of photos of us laughing actually thanks Wayne :’)

Oh ya the cake!  Decorated with colorful macarons, a gift from 1997.

Then it’s just random happy pictures of people from here.

Not including a LOT of photos of relatives, family members and family friends cos they love their privacy.

With his best man, and MY best man. *witty

Me laughing.

Camwhoring with Bobo hahaha.

With the people I used to work with love you guys for coming!!!!!! Darren, my boss Edmund, Ed’s wife and my client Li Ling, Naddy, and Izzah in green.

With Grace, Lindy, Lay See, and Ming’s sisters Jia Yi and Jia Wen.

Random shot of bridesmaids at their table.  Wendy, Qiuqiu, Huiwen and Cheesie!  And Patrek Kuah wtf.

Ooib with Ah Ma, Suet and Sherlyn.  Totally not awkward at all if that’s what you’re thinking hahaha.

I thought this was an adorable picture!

Another photo of the back of my dress.  So gorgeous thank you Gilbert of Weddinspired!!!


Another one sorry bear with me!!

And another :3

Only me will trip on my wedding day T_________T

Then second entrance.

This dress was made a week before the wedding!! There was a problem with a previous dress and Gilbert came through for me with this silver lace qipao.  I love it T________T


But front slit super high the whole night I scared I show the world my secrets wtf.

Champagne toasting time!  I was cringing in fear of the bottle cos it wouldn’t open and Fatty already shook it so much.




Fatty giving his speech which is only the best wedding speech ever lolol.  Transcript here!


Us laughing about something dunno what.  I think it was at Ming’s speech.

Beautiful shot of my parents <3

With Tze, Suet, Angela, Huiwen and Jam.  And Latat!  Blocked by Tze’s head wtf.

HAHAHAHAH best photo of Fatty toasting.  With Siwat and Joanne!

With Coring.  Sorry I just really like my side profile HAHAHHA.


How can not have photo with them!!!! Kenny and Su Ann, the people who introduced a Shorty to a Fatty.

Kenny said “it’s like watching my daughter grow up.” Fml hahahah.


Ooi family photo.

With Yuta and Shintaro.


And Suanie, Chee Ching (who did our invites and video!) and Huai Bin.


Tze and Kuan Hoe.  Thank you for bringing down 700 pots of honey all the way from KL to Penang for us!


With Fatty’s cousins, Rachelle & Michelle, Angela and Ayumi!


Team Singapore! Except Cheesie lol.  Josh (Qiu’s fiance), Mike, Qiu, Wendy.


Suet and Karthik!


By the end I’d kicked off my shoes :3  Shoes also designed by Gilbert!!! Very comfy but I was exhausted already let me rest please!


And with Wayne and his team of photographers!



Impossible to put into just a blog post how the wedding was, to be honest.

Exhausting? Yes.  Magical? Fun? Surreal? Yes, yes and yes.

And above all, happy. 🙂

Too many details!!! If I had more time to sit down and write properly, maybe I’ll try to put it into words so I don’t forget.

Okay la this Fatty chasing me to publish wtf.

So that’s the story of a wedding between a Shorty and a Fatty.

Fatty’s account here.




One of the reasons why Fatty and I loved our wedding so much is because it came out not just like how we envisioned it to be… but even better. We couldn’t have done it if we didn’t have the right people working with us for all these things and I think we were blessed to have the right planner, photographer etc etc.

So I want to share our contacts with you. If you’re a bride to be… let me see if I can help you out in making your wedding awesome.

Here are some resources if you’re looking to plan a wedding of yours soon. I’ll list our wedding planner, photographer and wedding dress designer.

Wedding Planner – Focal Concept. They’re a Penang company. Who we worked with was a girl named Audrey Chow. She’s awesome. Her email is It’s so important to have a wedding planner who not only understands how important your wedding is to you but totally understands what you want and know how to build on to it. Audrey was one such planner.

Wedding Dress Designer – My wedding dress which Fatty thinks is the most beautiful of all dresses and I agree was done by Gilbert. You can check out his site Weddinspired here.

Wedding Photographer  – Wayne from Wayne and his crew were awesome and I think he managed to capture the emotions of our wedding so well. There are so many other pictures but I can’t post them all. He’s great.

Videographer – And of course, our video grapher was Crazy Monkey Studios. Ask for SK. They did the meme proposal video and the meme proposal sequel. They also did the video for our wedding dinner but they’re still working on that so it’s not out yet. You can also reach them on Facebook here.

Hair Stylist and Make-Up – quote Fatty: “Shorty seems to think that I look good that night only because Hicky from 76Style did a great job in styling my hair. Hicky was awesome, she was with us all weekend and took good care of Audrey’s make-up throughout. She wasn’t just like a stylist… but like a friend. She helped Shorty with everything she needed.”  It’s true!  Hikky was more than a stylist and you can expect the best service and treatment from her. You can check out 76 Style here.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot – One Way Ticket was the company we used. They’re new and I heard we’re one of the first couples they did. We didn’t want to go for the tried and true and famous photographers. We wanted to go for the rebels… the new kid on the block that would be passionate about doing a quirky shoot. And do a great quirky shoot they did. You can reach them here.

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    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breathe away”

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