Yea you knew this post was coming!

As a supportive girlfriend wife Shorty, it’s entirely in my responsibility to tell you what Nuffnang X is. Ahem.

Ok so when we were in the Bay area, I hinted that we were there not just for our honeymoon but because Fatty had work to do.



Actually our honeymoon was supposed to be in Florida (Disneyworld!!!) but because Fatty had to go to Silicon Valley, we decided to just make it one trip and save money wtf.

In fact, we weren’t actually even in San Fran most of the time.  We were in like San Jose, Sunnyvale and Mountain View because that’s where Silicon Valley is (I think wtf).

Anyway the project Fatty was working on was just unveiled yesterday as NuffnangX.

In a nutshell, NuffnangX is an application for reading and communicating on blogs.  The easiest analogy is NuffnangX is Instagram for blogs.

For the last ten years, technology and social media has evolved rapidly, but blogging stayed pretty stagnant.  Sure, there’s Tumblr and whatever else similar platforms, but no new innovations to longform blogging (which is what this blog is!  Full of longwinded stories!).  Fatty and his partner Ming felt that this needed to change, and NuffnangX was born.

For months, Fatty has been in turn excited, nervous, worried and preoccupied with this.  Until I also scared for him.  I think people will love it, but hope for the best, expect the worst right?  Especially because Fatty has invested so much of his time, energy, and money into this – right now the stakes are skyscraper high.  If fail we eat grass for a few years. HAHAHAHAH.

The night before the launch, he tossed and turned, and whenever he cannot sleep, he’ll invariably smack the bed repeatedly I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHY and because of that I won’t be able to sleep either. -______- I knew he was nervous.

But so far, response has been really encouraging!  The NuffnangX team has been receiving tons of constructive criticism; I think they’re working around the clock literally to fix all the bugs users are detecting, and make improvements.  Thanks for all the feedback and keep ’em coming!


Favorite apps!  Ok fine I don’t play TripleTown anymore wtf.  When Fatty first gave me beta testing access to the app, he kept asking me if I was addicted to it wtf.  Hahahah tbh I wasn’t at that time because we were in the US with intermittent Edge connection (slowpoke!) and NOBODY was on NuffnangX, and for me, communication and social elements are always key factors as to whether I’ll love an app.  So there was nothing to keep me pulled back to the app.  But after launch, it was a different story.

I think I’m addicted hahaha :X

Here’s what you can do with NuffnangX.

1) Follow blogs you love

At first I was like what’s different about this from Google Reader?  Well, you can follow blogs that you love just like you follow people on Twitter or Instagram. You can also comment on them, heart them, or share them.


Some of the blogs I follow!

Copied from Fatty’s blog: This is where it differs from a traditional reader. Now traditional readers normally pull the title of a blog and then its first paragraph. We felt though that one paragraph is still too long for people to decide whether they want to read a blog or not on a mobile phone. So we developed an algorithm that will crawl through an entire blog and pick the one most interesting line of the blog entry to display on the app.



So for Wendy’s pregnancy post, this is the line extracted from it so you can decide if you wanna read it.  And yes she’s pregnant!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED AND HAVE BEEN KEEPING QUIET FOR MONTHS OUT OF RESPECT FOR HER PRIVACY BUT SINCE SHE REVEALED IT I CAN SAY I SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR HER. Ok end.

2) NuffnangX Conversations

Again quoting Fatty: The other cool feature about NuffnangX that probably hasn’t been properly discovered by a lot of users yet is NuffnangX Conversations. This feature we hope will change the way people leave comments on blogs and respond to them. Traditionally if you want to leave a comment on a blog, you fill up a form and then you leave a comment there. When a blogger wants to respond to it, he/she leaves a another comment herself like this.

Picture 32

That is one of the most frustrating things about making comments or responding to comments.

What NuffnangX conversations does is that it lumps comments into conversation threads.


So when you leave a comment on my blog via the NuffnangX Conversations plugin below OR via the NuffnangX app, I will get a notification on my phone. When I get that, I can reply your comment from my  phone and you will then get a notification on your phone (if you used your NuffnangX account to comment). Commenting on blogs then become a very direct conversation with bloggers and bloggers can reply comments now when they’re on a bus or waiting for an elevator.

I’ve just installed the NuffnangX conversations on my blog here!!! Try it!!

3) Discovery

Fatty: There are millions of great blogs out there all over the world. Many blogs that you would be interested to read but you just don’t know how to find them. Up till today there still isn’t a really easy way to find good fashion blogs or tech blogs or even sports blogs. We hope to change that in NuffnangX. To make it easy for people to find new blogs in categories they’re interested in. I for example am really interested in technology, gadgets and celebrity news so NuffnangX has helped me find and follow blogs I wish I knew existed before.

NuffnangX is available for download at the App Store and whatever the app store in Android is called. Hahahaha.

If you’re a blogger, go download it, sign up and start using!  You will however have to go to on your computer to claim your blog first.  Claiming means you are identifying yourself as owner of the blog, and will have access to your followers, can set up the commenting system on your blog, and interact.

If you don’t blog but read blogs, download it and add your favorite blogs and let the stalking begin wtf.



My account! Hahahah.



Added Japanese fashion blogs too!  Must read my Momoko wtf.  And Yuria.

Japanese bloggers tend to blog a lot like a few posts a day.  On Google reader they’d pile up and I’d end up not reading, but on NNX it works for the best!  I know when they’ve updated and because of the frequency, I always have something to read on my phone.



So… faster lah.  Download and follow me please.  Hahahaah.  Just search for Fourfeetnine.

Thank you and talk to you soon onNuffnangX!  (and try out the comments below!)

For more info on NuffnangX, see..

Fatty’s blog post

NuffnangX website

NuffnangX HowTo & Bug FAQ

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    hahaha have funn

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    ya i know! hopefully they will create a wordpress plugin for this.

  • Hui Ru

    Help me thank your husband & his partner for their awesome creation please! I really appreciate this app!(:

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    hahaha why you proud! did you already know about it?

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    phone is more work than reading on computer!

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    This is so fun man! Instagram also not so happening sia!!:D

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    Sorry about that hahaah. Yes it’s one of the features I suggested too! Hopefully they’ll put that in soon

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    no of course i didn’t know about it haha. just that i’ve been following the updates from you and tim so closely, it secretly kinda feels like i’ve been watching nuffnang grow up WTF *wipes tears. oh and so cool, i’m notified of your reply 🙂

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    I wish we can blog here! All in one lol

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    definitely a must try app. very sure its gonna be a successful investment for tim

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    Hi!! i’m doing great!! hope you and Audrey are as well~~

  • Katherine Nguyen

    Hope to see you guys again! we’ll go eat pho! haha ^^

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    Suprising good apps… I can read blog post using my phone now! Great job n apps!

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    I cant seem to able to search my blog here

  • The Bakeanista

    Yay finally worked for me! So excited. I am testing it out now and I have only one thing to say – I’m lovin’ it!

  • The Bakeanista

    Yay finally worked for me! So excited. I am testing it out now and I have only one thing to say – I’m lovin’ it!

  • Sue YaLee

    how to claim the blog? ive tried login nuffnangX but once i click my name, theres no menu for me to click Claim My Blog but only LOGOUT…. help…..

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    Hello Aud 🙂 testing testing~

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    Test test..aud i always wanted to be a little taller but after finding you i want to shrink!!! So cute wtf

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    LOL this is a first!!! You’re the first person ever I’ve heard want to shrink hahahaha

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    It works!

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    Under My Profile there’s a Claim your blog ma

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    thanks! I’ve sorted it out! n.n

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    You signed up for nuffnang x so fast too hahahaha

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    Hi Aud! Testing it out here for the very first time. I have always been a silent reader but think NuffnangX is gonna change that with the whole new level of leaving comments! =)

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    I can now easily post comments on your posts. Yay! 🙂

  • Laura Nguyen

    the only thing missing to make it really like “instagram for blogs” is that you cant go to someone else’s profile and see who they are following! it would be interesting to see what blogs you, xiaxue, and cheesie are following

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    hahaha ^^;;

  • chewak

    it’s a bit slow to load in the blog yeah?

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    You mean loading the blog in nuffnang x? Not at all, it could be your connection!

  • chewak

    Hmm my connection pretty fast in Australia… Seems to take awhile to load. Similar to cases of intensedebates and the likes when they were at their early years. Other than that, looks great.

  • Keiko

    I have registered but email confirm still not come ..nthanks for sharing ..

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    Nooooo…. I just found out about this great app but the free wordpress blogs are not supported! FML…. :'( should i jump ship to blogspot?