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Hair we go!


Using cool slang like that now because I have multi colored hair and am therefore a hipster wtf.

Dunno why nowadays I’ve been getting very quickly bored of my hair.

From super long ash blond extensions…

To brownish pink for the wedding..


To lavender ash ends and a shorter do.


And now more purple!!!!  Excuse the glasses it was a horrific two weeks of forced wearing of glasses FTS.

Ok Imma hijack this a bit and talk about something I’ve been considering for some time now – LASIK.  I will go into more details later when I finally do it, but I was scheduled for LASIK surgery last Friday, so for two weeks before that I had to lay off contact lenses, as permeable soft contacts distort the shape of your eyeball.  When you undergo LASIK, the eyeball needs to have rested enough to revert to its original shape so the surgery will be more accurate.

So.  I had to tahan wearing glasses through… an entire trip to Singapore where I looked like a migrant worker standing next to Wendy and Qiuqiu and got randomly asked to help a reader take photo with Wendy probably because I looked like a stranger who doesn’t belong to their group hahahaha.  A trip to Penang for Fatty’s dad’s birthday where we took a family photo and again I looked like an outsider next to pleasantly attractive people.  Bobo’s wedding.

Needless to say, I drew the line at Bobo’s wedding and put on contacts at the very last minute, taking them off the minute I left.  Really cannot do it la please some more got professional photographers and videographers plus a dozen iphones around!!! Don’t want to be the token ugly bridesmaid!  Anyway I checked with the clinic and they said as long as not more than a few hours.

So two weeks of feeling horribly unattractive, then I went for my final eye checkup the day before the surgery.

Did a whole barrage of tests… then went for the doctor’s consultation.

The eye doctor looked at me sadly and went, “there’s something of concern here that you should know about….”

He suspected me of having either glaucoma or occular hypertension (abnormally high pressure in the eyeball, which is a big risk factor for glaucoma) because my eyeball pressure tested higher than the normal range.  And glaucoma is the 2nd highest cause for blindness in the world. 

Surgery gets cancelled, I get called back in the next day for eight freaking hours of tests at the clinic to determine whether I really have glaucoma or not FTS.  Occular pressure varies throughout the day so I had to undergo hourly testing to monitor my pressure then only can determine if there’s really a problem.

I panicked for a day or so, nearly cried when telling Fatty, called my dad to check his eyes because glaucoma is usually hereditary, and when I was alone, closed my eyes and tried to feel my way around, to practice what it would be like if I really went blind WTF.

Yalah sometimes I a bit dramatic.

Anyway did the eight hours of testing, and found out nothing is wrong with me. 

Surgery canceled for nothing.  Two weeks worth of wearing specs for nothing.

Scumbag eyes.

Anyway we rescheduled my surgery to January which means two weeks prior, I have to do the whole wearing-specs thing all over again.  Aih Bad Luck Aud strikes again wtf.

But overall good luck la cos what if I really had glaucoma!!! *optimistic

Digression over.  Back to hairy issues!


Another look at hair!  Base color is beige I think, with lavender grey and pink strands thrown in.  I also cut it a lot shorter.

The roots are supposed to be darker but doesn’t show.

Ahhhhhhhh.  Every time I see my hair now, I wanna pick up the phone and thank Hikky again.  Hahahah.


It looks different under different lighting!  Under yellow light.  Can see the purple streaks!


One thing is that the hair is so light that if I have no makeup I end up looking very pale. D:  Lipstick is suddenly a lot more necessary too.


Without makeup and under natural sunlight.

This was the eight hour eye marathon day.  Dressed to be comfortable and even carried a neck pillow to sleep while waiting for the next test HAHAHAH.


Sorry two weeks didn’t take pictures of myself, a bit out of control now.


What I wore for Bobo&Jo/Kim&Gareth’s wedding!  Ninja-ed myself so I attended both weddings during the same night. 


Last picture.  Aiya hair a bit oily here two days never wash plus got rained on HAHAHAH.

I wanted the color to stay longer so I went with two days unwashed hair to the wedding(s).  Hikky was there because she did Bobo’s wedding makeup and she was done so she asked me to take a seat so she could help me style my hair too.

I told her I hadn’t washed my hair since she dyed it for me, and she was like “EHHH EHHHH” and instantly yanked her hands away from my hair HAHAHAHAHA.  Some more she said all her customers who read my blog always say I very cute and look up to me (thank you!!! But her words, not mine) but actually the real Audrey is not cute at all HAHAHAHAH.

Hair done by Hikky from 76style, Plaza Mont Kiara branch.  Call +603 6203 5111/4111 for bookings. ^^

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  • interesting mix of colours!

  • Love your hair!!!

  • i love d color. thot of doing but was wondering how much if i were to do like yours? hope u dont mind telling me the price. so i know my budget. tq audrey ♡

  • sorry i was sponsored so i dunno. you can call them and ask! just say my name they will know haha

  • thank you!

  • ya i was in awe!

  • 😀

  • btw, your hair looks so healthy after changing hairstyle so often! cool!

  • ya the dye doesn’t damage hair one 😀

  • owh ok. thank you dear. will call them soon.

  • YOU ARE SO ADORABLE & OVER DRAMATIC (compliment!!) Glad to hear that your eyes are fine!

  • maybe you should have gotten a more suitable pair of glasses so you can still look all pretty 🙂 <3 your hair by the way. how do you manage to keep them looking so healthy and not dried out?n

  • y comment still off? ahahah u look totally like a japanese doll nowwww!!!!

  • comment still off ah! 🙁

  • i actually thought my glasses were nice when i got them fml. and they’re still perfectly good so no point changing. nni apply serum after every hair wash! also 76style’s hair dye somehow doesn’t damage hair. can dye as often as i want!

  • haha thank you! i will!

  • Yaloooo

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