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Getting fat

So it’s much better now but I’ve been suffering from a little self esteem dive due to being pregnant. T_____T

First, I didn’t have any sign of a bump for the longest time, but I did notice my waist thickening! D:

This wreaked havoc on my fashion style wtf.  Mostly because all my clothes in recent months were all cropped tops and high waisted pants/skirts. -_-

To my horror, I found myself being unable to zip or button up my bottoms. D:

I thought okay fine I’d go look for shorts with elastic waistbands or loose dresses and headed to H&M.

Five years ago, everything came in babydoll waistlines!  But maddeningly the trend in Malaysia now is all cinched waist dresses fml.  Or high waisted pants.  Or cropped tops.

I tried on like ten dresses and none of them looked good!!! Since they were all waisted dresses, I tried on one size bigger than normal but everything became too long for me and I looked more dwarflike than usual.

Got fed up and reverted to bigger looking pieces in my usual size, and either I couldn’t fit into them (T___________T) or I could fit but probably wouldn’t in a couple of months wtf.

I was so distraught! I felt fat and ungainly and even wished I hadn’t cut my hair so I could hide some fat behind it WTF.  I also thought of getting extensions but I thought Hikky might kill me lolol.

I drove home and cried WTF.

Crazy lo hahahaha.  While I was crying, my rational mind knew it was a very small thing.  But I felt sooooooooooo sad about it.

After I finished crying I felt very ridiculous hahaha.  Fatty meanwhile kept patting my hair and saying “you’re still cute… not fat at all… still very pretty….”

Hahahahaha <3



My current weight sigh.  3 kg up so far from my usual, which I know is really not a lot (my doctor told me I could gain up to 18kg *faints) but while I’ve more or less come to terms with it, it still affected me to see the numbers increase on the scale.

(In fact, I was so sensitive about it that when someone joked on Twitter that from now on it’d be Fatty and Fatty, not Shorty and Fatty anymore that I snapped at her and got all huffy about it, when before I’d laugh it off.)

I posted it on Instagram and got people telling me I should be happy I’m gaining weight because my baby is growing.  I guess they meant well but it’s not something I want to hear la wtf because it came off sounding insensitive and preachy.

You think I’m not happy about my baby meh!  Of course I am or else I wouldn’t have talked so much about it.  But I can be happy about the baby AND upset at the same time that my body and self perception are changing.  These two aren’t mutually exclusive and doesn’t make me a shitty person what.

I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been pregnant before will understand any of this anyway so I’d rather you don’t say anything if you’re not a mommy.  Or if you really want to say something, please couch it in the gentlest, politest terms possible lol.

*end of hormonal rant

Anyway I made do by leaving buttons and zippers undone but it came to a point where that was becoming ridiculous.  Unbuttoned flies invariably stick out and it becomes damn obvious that you forgot to zip your fly.  I was also running out of tops long enough to cover the tops of my pants.

So the best Fatty in the world outlined a budget and told me to go shopping.  I’ve never gotten a free license like that before lo hahahaha.


managed to find quite a few things!  Mostly because this time I went into Zara and Miss Selfridge which I rarely do cos… their things are expensive la wtf.  But their designs somehow a lot of flowy airy stuff very suitable for my needs now!  So buy.

Thank you best Fatty ever!

And I scoured Foruchizu stock and managed to find a number of pieces suitable for big tummy times!



Sweetheart lace one piece!  Victorian style and empire waistline!  For me dress but I guess taller people have to wear something underneath haha.



Moon stone top and checkered pants!  The pants are zippered but extremely stretchy so it fits and is super comfy at the waist.  Top is already available here but pants will only be launched next week onwards!UntitledThen… I also realized the key to looking better during pregnancy is accessorizing and small details!

Actually already said it la but I didn’t heed their advice hahaha.  It’s true though that when we have less to play around with for clothes, what makes an outfit is the accessories and hair and makeup!  All put together then you can still look very well groomed even if your outfit is shit wtf.

Kiss earrings are also Foruchizu haha.


  • faith

    you should get pregnancy clothes from wendy!!!! anyway congratulations audrey!!

  • HuiminL

    You are still pretty anyway 😀 take care!

  • Violet Eevee

    I know I’m just one more reader but other than seeing Wendy, you too are a very pretty and stylish mommy to be. You really do look great 🙂

  • belle

    Totally understand. .. my hub laugh at me when I cry cos my very first stretch mark appear and he told thw whole family abt me….. they just don’t know!! Bt everything will be worth it when u feel their kicks in afew weeks time.. cheer up! n

  • KY

    so who’s the fatty now? hahaha

  • Croco dally

    Whoa. Pregnant or not, that Victorian dress makes you look HOT! i’ve always loved your style best out of your clique of bloggers and the fact that you can tastefully style yourself over the challenge of your changing body makes you all the more awesome.

  • YTE

    Congrats Audrey. I think you still look like your amazing non pregnant self, and you’d be surprised at how you can tweak non maternity clothes to suit your state of gestation. So don’t be disheartened. There are stretchy bands to fit across the buttons of your pants so u can still wear them even though you can’t zip them up. I bought this tube elastic skirt from Topshop which I practically lived in throughout my pregnancy, and paired tunic tops/dresses with leggings. I admit there were days when I felt it was all to hard just want to go to work in my Pjs, but this is just a phase so enjoy it while it lasts. I still subconsciously rub my tummy and my girl is already 2!! All the best to you.

  • Honeybee

    Can totally relate with that! I, myself don’t want to get pregnant again before lose all the baby weight from the previous pregnancy. Don’t panic, you’re not alone. I think all pregnant women have the same dilemma. Look at Kim Kardashian. Her fashion choice at the beginning were great but as months go by her maternity style utter disaster. Her clothes are too tight & she continues to dress as if she is not preggie. I’m glad her maternity fashion has recently improved. Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things a woman could experience. You’ll be fine. In fact, some pregnant women have a different dilemma: not gaining enough weight. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. Take care and congratulations!nn-Honeybeen

  • Anonymous

    Love d pop of pink hair! love the dress and earrings too! Still looking very pretty Audrey! Keep it up! My daughter 5 years old already. I cant remember looking like this pretty when I was preggy T____T WTF!

  • tauyanm

    Love d pop of pink hair! love the dress and earrings too! Still looking very pretty Audrey! Keep it up! My daughter 5 years old already. I cant remember looking like this pretty when I was preggy T____T WTF!

  • Ale

    cheer up aud! I dont know what it is like to be preggers but you still look cute and beautiful! <3 and you seem to be doing great at the non stop challenge of looking fantastic as your body changes. and fatty is so nice to you!! licensed to shop!! <3 :’)

  • rockafella

    i’ve been a silent reader for quite some time, but this post really suitable with my condition right now. i’m 13 weeks pregnant, ad i’ve gained 4 kg so far (which actually considered to be overweight according to Pregnancy weight calculator -_-“) I DO love my baby but being a person who always want to look good, pregnant and or not, it makes me quite depressed to realize that almost none of my clothes fits to me now T_T .i totally feel you audrey!

  • jacjackhoo

    dear cheers up! after 8 months, u can wear back your previous clothes! While now try to become fashion mom indeed! We will always support you! U are the prettiest and healthiest mom indeed!

  • Mandy

    no matter what, you are still cute Audrey! don’t worry. hehe

  • FlapJacq

    Audrey getting fat : still prettier than jacq. 🙁 xD

  • Eunice GM

    u still look pretty! gambate yea? =D

  • SY

    Black jersey/chiffon/pleated/hi-lo/side splits maxi skirts worn quite high up the waist was a closet must have for me during my pregnancy! It’s super comfy and easily dressed up or down with edgy accessories and airy tops and you can still rock the crop tops that you bought. Good luck with the pregnancy and hustle on! x

  • ML

    whuuuuuuut why is this post called “getting fat!”? I was expecting you to look enormous from what you wrote, but you still look unchanged, other than the growing belly 🙂 Even your leggings are loose on you!nnp.s. you could always ask wendy for her maternity clothes…?

  • Anonymous

    As the founder of Furochizu, oerhaps you could consider making your good self as the model to advice many more preggies and young lady about a good sense of fashion. Pregnant doesnt mean have to dress down and look uninteresting. You can take this as a good opportunity to influence many ladies out there about looking and feeling good about yourself. Take care and gambateh…

  • Fourfeetnine

    That’s what this post was about haha, what did you think?

  • Beii

    It’s okay you are not alone! All the pregnant ladies have suffered from these and i believe most of us have succumb to wearing whatever fits at desperate times hahaha. I wore leggings and loose longer tops or loose sleeveless dresses most of my pregnancy and only bought one pregnant black dress when I finally couldn’t fit into the leggings at about 7 months! But you still look way awesome and fits perfectly into being a fashionista momma!

  • Anonymous

    You should look for smock dresses, drop waist dresses, I’ve always think you will look so cute on them! You’re gonna be fine Aud!

  • Mandie

    Love, love those harlequin diamond pants, too cute!

  • Nat

    Try I used this when I was pregnant with my twins. I had a huge belly but managed to wear my normal shorts and jeans with these extension. You look radiant though 🙂

  • ahlost

    License to shop. Haha..

  • Crystael

    stil very pretty! :))

  • Emily W

    When are you due ? My due date is 15th Oct. My bump is also not showing yet… worry and emotional about thickening waistline as well T_T

  • Jules

    U look super cute

  • SmallnHot

    You are still looking cute audrey ! Dun cry… 🙂

  • Fourfeetnine

    haha for first time mothers they said it won’t show until 4-5th month?

  • Fourfeetnine


  • Fourfeetnine

    haha that’s what i was looking for ah. but most designs now are waisted dresses

  • Anonymous

    I was like you before, dear, if you plan for breastfeeding then the best maternity wear you should buy is a quite knee cut dress with buttons to waist, mini dress only works until 5months pregnancies, by that you’ll have to buy more dress because your bump will lift up the dress and shows up your inner thigh. Also dress with buttons helps when you’re nursing. I learn my mistakes, spent a waste on dress. Have a wonderful maternity journey. 🙂

  • jam

    zara and miss selfridges cheaper than foruchizu

  • Fourfeetnine

    Not true and you know it. Give me a price list of their items and we’ll compare.

  • Grace Lee

    Yo. Mumma to mumma. Fat will come and fat will come off. You’ll cry like you’re on a roller coaster because you’re not sure if you’re scared or happy or excited or just wtf. You’ll get angry like puff the magic dragon on weed and you’ll question your style like you’re on a spinning tea cup. See… It’s just like going to Disneyland – only there will be a Minnie to take home at the end of the trip. Not so bad right :). You have a little fighter growing each day – make sure you stay a fighter too. **hugs** Hit me up if you need a punching bag. I’ll make sure… I’m in contact with Fatty and warn him :).