Funny Fat Her stories

Bad influence

Haven’t done a Funny Fat Her story in ages!  Here’s one for you Fat Her fans out there wtf.

Fatty was away last week for a conference and Mummy Ooi was away in Penang so I went back to my parents’ house to spend some quality time with Fat Her.

(digression: aircon in my room was broken fml so I had to sleep on the couch *sad)

Nothing good happens when you leave me and Fat Her alone together wtf.

Incident 1

Fat Her and I were leaving the house in the morning at the same time.  Our driveway only has room for two cars and Mummy Ooi’s and my car were parked in the driveway while Fat Her parked outside the gate.

So Fat Her had to move his car out first before I could back out of the driveway.  I backed out and Fat Her waved to me from inside his car and used the remote key to close the gate.

I wound down my window, beckoned furiously at Fat Her and bellowed, “OI DADDY YOU DIDN’T CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR!!”

Fat Her said, “OH ISIT!? Okay okay I’ll go close it.”

As I drove off, I saw in my rearview mirror, Fat Her reopening the gate and going back in to the house.

Five minutes later I got a text.



(the other Libran is Fighter.  Fatty will have his hands full wtf)

Incident 2

The next morning, Fat Her and I again left the house at the same time.  I got out to the main road and the traffic light and was coasting to a stop when my phone rang.  It was Fat Her.

Fat Her: “eh I can’t remember if I’ve locked the gate.  Can you drive back and check?”

Me: “I didn’t see la!  But anyway I’ve left already la cannot turn back!” *lazy

Fat Her: “Can la you’re right behind me.”

And sure enough, when I looked up, it was Fat Her’s car in front of me wtf.  So I had to grumpily turn back home to check on the gate.

The gate was locked wtf.

Incident 3

At night, Fat Her and I thought we’d catch a ceramah that was happening near our house.

(in the run up to our elections in Malaysia, political parties running for seats will have ceramahs or lectures/dialogues nearly every night for the public to hear out their policies and promises so we can decide who to vote for)

Fat Her insisted I don’t carry a bag and just carry my phone and IC in my pocket.  So off we went to the neighborhood mall for dinner first before the ceramah.

The mall is literally 5 minutes away.  And Fat Her still managed to overshoot it and go to the mall next door wtf.  So we had to make a big detour to get back to the first mall.

When we got into the mall parking, Fat Her let out a scream.  He forgot to bring his wallet WTF.

Ask me not to bring wallet he ownself also didn’t bring!!!!!!!!!

Then he started trembling all over at the thought of not being able to pay the parking fee and having to walk back home to get his wallet wtf.  I insisted they’d let us out for free because we were in there for less than 15 minutes but he was still all trembly as we drove up to the exit.

Of course they let us go la wtf.

But I was damn angry hahahahah because he already took a wrong turn, wasting our time, and I was hungry and we had to drive back home to get his wallet again!  We ended up being like an hour late for the ceramah wtf.

But then halfway through scolding him I remembered earlier that day I took a wrong turn going back to our house too (two minutes away from the house) WTF.

We’re a bad influence on each other.

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  • JiaLingChan

    Omg hahahaha i laughed so hard on this post!!! Was having a bad day and this just made me feel so much better!!! Awwww you and your daddy is just so awesome!!!

  • jinggbell

    Love reading yours and Timothy’s blog! Always make people smile. 🙂

  • Sherlyn

    The conversation all damn funny. made me laugh alot. XD aww. such a pity that I’m living in singapore, so cannot apply for the model position. XD

  • fat her

    no la, i did not tremble! you are giving me a bad name

  • Amelia

    Hahahahahaha!! I laughed soo hard reading this! It made my morning XD

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    Hello Aud, I happen to stumble upon this very cute news about Corgi Beach Party 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. nn

  • Mandy

    hahahaha this post really made me laugh. seeing your dad’s comment down there made me laughed harder.

  • Jessie

    Should keep rm 10 / coins in your car… For emergency..

  • Jocelyn Lum

    The way you describe your incidents with Fat Her sounds like “Father and Son”:)nn

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    Im only 16. Can i join? Haha

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    you guys are so cute 🙂


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