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Life is beautiful

I was actually going to blog about something else, but Fatty said, “Shorts, go read this blog.”

I read it.  And cried and cried.

I cannot even begin to imagine what Natalie must have gone through.  In fact, I never really did.  In all those excruciating weeks spent on bedrest at the hospital, I knew the risks and danger but I never once really considered what would happen if Fighter didn’t make it.

In my mind, Fighter would always make it, although I was prepared to face whatever health issues he might have.  Now reading Natalie’s blog, I only know realize what a very real possibility that was, and how naive I was.

Fatty and I are also members of a wonderful Facebook support group for preemie parents and recently we were deeply saddened and scared by stories other parents wrote about their preemies facing fatal health problems.

This could have happened to us.  Fighter was a 31 weeker, what could have given him better prospects than other preemies his age or even older?  Nothing.  It’s purely by chance and luck, I believe, that he is thriving and growing so well.

Life is so so so fragile and can slip through your fingers any moment.  My heart broke for Natalie and I cried for her.  But I also cried for all the other preemie mothers, and I cried for me, Fatty and Fighter, that we were so blessed.

And then we both stumbled next door and smothered a sleeping and slightly annoyed Fighter with kisses.

Pictures from another day, during Fighter’s playtime.  Taken by Suet.






He smiles and laughs the easiest with me. 🙂



Thank you for fighting on, little one.


  • Ping Ping

    I am glad fighter is well too. I cannot imagine fighter being less than healthy. Sometimes we can be so oblivious to the risks out there. Life is a gift and we must appreciate our loved ones now that they are here with us. May God bless you and your family as you grow together each and every day.

  • Fanny Surjana

    I didn’t dare to read coz I don’t wanna be caught sobbing in the office lol… I delivered my second baby by c-sect because he’s in a breech position… now to think about it, if I were born in the wrong era, both of us may not survived – I could’ve died due to blood loss (very common) or never walk again, and my baby could’ve not survived his 30-days (very common too). I considered us very blessed to be in this era, where survival rate for mom n baby is very high… 🙂

  • anh

    It was really hard for me to read Nat’s story because I am currently pregnant right now, but I did it anyways… to remind myself to be on guard and careful every step of the way. Four months to go, which doesn’t seem too long, but anything can happen. The first 3 months were torture, going through endless blood, ultrasound, and genetic testing. I was just letting my guard down a little, but reading this story reminds me to be focused and vigilant. A lot of what we may pass off as little ills due to the discomfort of pregnancy can be very tell tale signs. We fought hard to get pregnant in the first place, and I will do anything in my power to keep this little guy…

  • imogen

    thank you for sharing this aud, i cried reading this. i have a 10 month old baby girl and am currently 3 months pregnant with my 2nd. we are indeed very blessed to be able to hold and watch our little ones grow up

  • Mich

    I truly understand how Natalie feels because i had the same experience.. No one knew, even doctors and nurses told me that there is no reason to why did my baby came out at 23 weeks 5 days.. It happen so naturally as if I was full term and ready to deliver but no.. My baby was way too small to come out, till today, doc still tells me that there is no reason why.. It happen so fast, I had contraction and the baby is out.. Way too early.. It’s hard, very hard for me over the years.. And I’m glad now I have a healthy baby girl after the painful experience..

  • siew min

    Hey audrey, nat is my friend. if you follow the stories, you would also find out that not only she didnt lose hope, she started in honour of baby alexa (: you mummies are simply so amazing and admirable!nnMay Fighter be at peace and health always (:

  • ahlost

    just read… 🙁 nnbut glad that she has number two 🙂

  • Shia Lynn

    Hi Aud, just read this, and as I clicked on Natalie’s url, i just realized that this is the same Natalie I know, my college mate. I am touched and sad by her story =;(

  • TenshiChn

    Hi Audrey. Thanks for sharing Nat’s blogpost.nnWe often heard from our mom how hard it is having us in her womb and her giving birth.. but we never knew really…. how difficult it is… until I read about your experience.. Cheesie’s exp.. and now Nat’s exp…nnThanks for reminding us about how fragile life could be and how we should always cherish our loved ones..nn

  • PhoenixMelina

    As a mother, we will never have strength to read such story. I just had my son when Fighter was born. I prayed hard for you as i know how you and tim wud feel that moment, and im really happy andenjoy following Fighter’s development each day. He is indeed one tough fighter!

  • Fourfeetnine

    you’re Shia Lynn from smsu right? is she the same year as us?

  • Fourfeetnine

    I know! I don’t think I could have coped as well as her..

  • Fourfeetnine

    I’m so sorry to hear that. you’re so strong and brave to be able to carry on. happy for you and your little girl!

  • Fourfeetnine

    why Cheesie’s experience? she’s doing really well!

  • TenshiChn

    yea but the sickness at the early stage… doubt that’s a wonderful experience. Hehe… tells me what preggie women go through 🙂

  • Huei Jean

    Natalie is such a strong person. Her post made me cry so hard. I remember being so worried for you when I heard that you were having troubles and the relief I felt when I knew both you and fighter’s were okay was just overwhelming. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leng

    I cried like a mad cow reading the post. I then proceed to watch the video she made in memory of angel babies. I cried somemore. 🙁 so heartbroken. It reminds me to really appreciate my 4mo baby boy and how lucky we are to have him.

  • Shia Lynn

    Hi Aud, Yes, i’m Shia Lynn from smsu. =) How are you doing? Justin and I send our regards to you and your family. Justin as in Justin Victor from smsu too. If i am not mistaken, Natalie is same year as us. I’m also very glad that she is having her no.2 now.