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28 years

It’s my birthday today. I’m sitting downstairs in our study at 1am typing this.

This is not a normal birthday.  A normal birthday for me would be Fatty throwing a surprise party for me with all my friends and family in attendance.  He does this every year but this year I told him no need this year!  Not really a surprise anymore hahaha.

This year I’m content to spend it with my Fatty and my Fighter, with just a quiet (Japanese) dinner.  And then later some dinners/teas with my parents and other friends. 😀

Kind of regret not planning anything special for tomorrow though.  I don’t wanna just sit at my computer and do work!!! Fatty suggested a full day of pampering but …it’s Monday and 76style and my nail technician are both off wtf.  Also I dunno where to go for a spa/massage and I don’t wanna go alone anyway since all my friends are at work.

Which is just as well because Fighter’s sick! *insert anguished face

No fever but down with a cough and a runny alternately blocked nose which frustrates him because he can’t drink his milk without suffocating himself.  So he pulls off the bottle/nipple and screams. T_______T  Then when he screams, he starts coughing which makes him cry more.  It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s been a very exhausting few days for us but I can’t even imagine what Fighter is going through.  He probably doesn’t know why he’s coughing or his nose is blocked and all he can do is cry and I can’t even help him. T____T  He cried for 10 minutes straight on Friday which scared the hell out of me so I rushed him to the pediatrician.  Ped assured me there’s nothing to worry about besides a little virus but I’ve tried everything I know to ease his symptoms but nothing works completely.

Saline spray/drops. Check.
Decongestant spray. Check.
Nasal aspirator. Check.
Ventolin syrup prescribed by doctor. Check.
Another medicine that comes in powder form to be mixed into his milk (whose name I forgot wtf). Check.
Elevated pillow for easier breathing. Check.
Humidifer in room. Check.

The only thing I haven’t tried is baby Vicks because we don’t have it at home.  (Maybe I’ll go buy some tomorrow, along with some new pajamas for Fighter – he’s outgrowing his 0-3 months ones finally hahahah.  That will be my birthday plan wtf.)

To top it off, both Fatty and I managed to catch Fighter’s cold, from all the coughing he’s been doing in our faces wtf.  I’m hoping my antibodies in my milk will transfer to him but he’s not been drinking much also cos he gets angry every time he drinks and can’t breathe. T______T  So we’ve been feeding him smaller amounts more frequently but I guess there’s nothing else to do now but wait for the cold to pass.

Hope it’s tomorrow!!!! Well later today since it’s midnight now.  Let that be my birthday wish this year!!!!

Anyway this is going to be a long post because I haven’t properly blogged in a long time huh!  I miss this.

I was feeling all introspective about turning a year older and so started thinking about the past year.

Exactly a year ago, two days before my birthday I peed on a stick and discovered the presence of Fighter.  I went for dinner in awe and disbelief and found it was a surprise birthday dinner again hahaha.  So I had to stay silent since we still felt unsure.  Most distracted birthday ever lol.

So a lot happened last year!  Got pregnant, was pregnant.  Only traveled ONCE the entire year (to London and Paris) because we were so paranoid about losing Fighter.

Angela visited!  Disaster hit in the form of preeclampsia.  I can safely say that was the biggest trial of my life.  Hospitalized for a month, underwent a C section, then coped with having a baby in the NICU for another month.

Finally got him home!!!

I can’t believe he used to look like this!


And this is him now.

And then for the rest of the year, I spent learning to be a mom.  (Oh I also learned how to cycle.)


It has been such an emotional, roller coaster of a year.  At times it was exhausting, scary, extremely stressful and depressing, but at other times it was a year filled with excitement, anticipation, hope, friendship and love, lots of it.


They say your past shapes your future and after this, I agree.  Whenever I feel like something is too hard I just remember my friend Eric who said upon knowing I was learning how to ride a bike: “you got through preeclampsia. What else can be more difficult?”

He’s got a point. 🙂

Happy birthday Aud!!! *thick skinned


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  • Hello Aud!nnHappy birthday! You’ve been through a lot last year and I pray that this year will be a better one with Fighter and Tim by your side. More blessings to your family and good health. 😀

  • Happy birthday! 🙂 Hope that you have a beautiful day ahead. If you wanna just relax. I love thai odyssey’s food massage <3 teehee. Anyways have a lovely day tomorrow! 🙂

  • Happy birthday Audrey !!! You are a strong mum . Jia you. nnAnd the powder form medicine is it singular ?nHope fighter recovers soon !

  • Vicks is very good at relieving blocked nose and itchy sore throat resulting from the cold. After rubbing it on chest back and throat the kids usually feel more relaxed and sleep better, my experience so far anyway. Happy birthday Audrey!

  • Aaawww.. Happy birthday Audrey <3

  • Happy Birthday to you Audrey and to myself…hehe 🙂 Hope you stay pretty as always and Fighter get well soon <3 Although you are petite, but you as strong as the mountains, you showed us you fight through everything and today you have a happy cute pretty handsome family. nnHave a wonderful celebration with your beloved family and friends. I believe this year will be a blast for you !!

  • Happy birthday Audrey…..

  • Vicks rub on bottom of foot and wear socks. Alternately, cut a thin slice of onion and place it at bottom of foot and wear socks. Works great on my kids when they are having cough and flu.

  • I suck my baby’s phlegm. Believe it or not, I feel better to unblock her nose. Hehe.nnTry it, its not gross at all :p

  • Happy birthday Audrey!!

  • happy birthday aud. sounds like the perfect way to spend birthday, with loving hubby and a healthy bouncy baby (ya i know he’s got a cold it’s just his body building immunity!). stay pretty!

  • dear audrey, you can try garlic socks or garlic oil technique. i tried to my baby and it works though it took 2-3 days to work but you can see the difference.

  • Happy birthday Aud! :))

  • Happy Birthday Audrey ! You had been a great mum throughout 2013. May God bless you and your little family with good health and strength.

  • Happy Birthday, Audrey!nnHave a great year ahead with lots and lots of fun times with the kiddo 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Audrey!!

  • Happy Birthday Audrey!! nnEucalyptus Oil (or so call kangaroo oil) does help alot when they sleeps. and try to sleep without turning on the aircond.. helps alot.. and i know how u fell. my daughter is having blocked nose as well >.<

  • Huwaa! Been reading your blog for years and I’ve only realized now that we share the same birthday. Happy birthday, Aud!! Stay healthy & happy! Keep writing, I love reading your stories. 🙂

  • happy birthday Aud. May God bless u with even more love, laughter and fun!nnCheers to a lovely mom!

  • happy birthday to you too!

  • Happy birthday dear Audrey!

  • Happy birthday sweet 28, Aud! 🙂

  • happy blessed birthday! praying you’ll get better soon.

  • happy birthday ^_^

  • Happy Birthday Audrey! ^^ Hope fighter will get much healthier and less sick so that he won’t be worrying you so much :Dnn

  • Happy birthday Audrey! Get well soon and have a blast after!!! 🙂

  • Happy birthday Audrey! Best wishes 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday

  • 誕生日おめでとう aud ちゃん! ^_^




  • Happy birthday Audrey!!! Missed hearing you write about Angela, how is she?

  • i saw u at the Glen hosp. last month. was about to say hi but u seems to rush.. happy belated birthday n big hug for ur baby..

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