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How to Pamper your baby

When I was preparing for Fighter’s arrival in the world diapers was at the top of my mind.  Because I don’t want Fighter pooing everywhere with wild abandon and nothing to catch it. Hahaha.

I went looking for Pampers in supermarkets because that was the only brand I know! In Malaysia, Pampers is synonymous with ‘diaper’ and I grew up watching Pampers commercials on TV.  Sadly I couldn’t find any so I chose another brand.

But look what Pampers sent me!  Pampers is back finally. 😀



I was very interested to try it cos Pampers, being all I knew prior to having a baby, was almost legendary in its reputation and I didn’t even know it wasn’t available until when we had Fighter.

Anyway, Pampers Baby Dry comes with a 12 hour “overnight dryness benefit” which would be fantastic in order to let baby sleep through the night, and enable the mother to get more rest as well.

I also face this problem! I put on a new diaper for Fighter at 9 pm and change it at 6 am when he wakes up for his morning feed cos I worry about nappy rash.  The problem is, he hates getting his diaper changed when he’s so sleepy so he starts shouting and wakes himself up further. -_-

Even after feeding he ends up not falling asleep and driving me and Fatty nuts as we try to coax him back to sleep.  (We trained him to sleep until 9 am already but maybe he’s older now so he’s less sleepy.)

So Pampers, do you take this challenge? Lol.


My first impression was, hehe cute printing.  I always appreciate cute details on products. ^^ But my second thought was, it’s so thin!  It was honestly about half the thickness of my regular diaper so I was a little doubtful.  Would this lightweight diaper really keep Fighter dry for the whole night?


The inside.  Again, very thin.



Hehe here’s me putting it on Fighter.  Because it’s so thin, it’s also quite comfortable I should think, for a baby.  It’s soft and easy to mould around Fighter’s thighs and butt to secure it.


I think Fighter agrees. Hahahaha.


He was super good mood the whole night.  I took tons of photos of him playing around in his cot and refusing to go to sleep.


Is it that comfy Fighter?


Okay okay Fighter, we know you’re very good at flipping over now.  No need to show off.

The next morning, I took the chance of not changing him at 6 am.  He slept through till 9!  When he awoke I took him and prepared his bath. I placed him on the changing table to check his diaper.  A bit nervous cos if it was wet I cannot write this post already hahahaah.


Fighter is also jittery. Lol.


Took off his pajamas and let him play a bit naked as what he likes.  Hehehe super cheerful.

I could see his diaper was swollen which meant it was full.


Yup really sodden and heavy with pee.



I gingerly touched the diaper.  It was dry!  The pee had all absorbed inside the thin diaper!  I touched Fighter’s butt and it was dry as a desert wtf.


I think Fighter approves. Hehehe.


So from that night, I’ve always been using Pampers for night time. No more worrying about overflow or nappy rash. ^^

Here’s Fighter playing around before bedtime in his Pampers.  Check out his Donald Duck impersonation yo. Hahahaha.



Pampers is available at ManjaKu baby store.

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  • Omg Fighter is just so so cute!! I was so stressed up studying for finals and decided to rest for awhile by reading blogs. Then…I saw these photos of Fighter and couldn’t stop smiling 😀 thanks fourfeetnine for sharing with us the cute cute photos of Fighter! 😀

  • ahhhh so much love for this post. Fighter’s such a happysmiley baby!!! 😀

  • hahahaha.. yes.. pampers is the only brand that I know.. and yes.. diaper = pampers.. hahahahahaha.. why hor why like that hor??!! 😀 😀 nnlove pics of you and fighter <3

  • hi audrey, where did you get your green changing tray? i have a changing table but without a tray and my baby wriggles everywhere (clockwise, anti-clockwise) when I change her. ^.^”

  • Hi Audrey! Do you know if Pampers is intending to sell in the big stores soon? or it will only be available at Manjaku? nnThanks!

  • I don’t know actually. Husband bought it! somewhere in pavilion..

  • My name is Bill Edward Messerly will be baby little boy wearing the diapers Pampers change my diapers Pampers for Bill

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